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Autumn/Winter 2009


Trisecta Associates, Inc. 262 West 38th St. Suite 302 New York, NY 10018 Tel 212.780.0300 Fax 212.780.0301


Photographer Chris Callaway Model Amanda George Stylist Alejandra Hernandez Hair/ Make Up David Rodriguez Cinematographer Marcus Jones Graphic/Web Design Lauren Kosteski Creative Direction Renee Patron front cover

Wool/ Leather “Victus” Sweater Wide Leg Pleated Pant back cover

Long “PLEAT” Trench Coat

“Vixen” Double Layer Tank “Wu” Multi-wear Pant opposite

“Madeline” Pantsuit

“Vala” Skirt Jumper Turtle Neck Tunic opposite

Tuxedo Jacket “Archer” Tunic Dress

Turtle Neck Tunic, “Chopped” Blazer with Pinched Back

“Grasie” Tunic Dress

“Flying A” Chiffon Top “Genie” Wool Pant

“Suzy” Boy Jacket with pleated back Turtle Neck Tunic “Cardigan” Shirt opposite

High Waist Jumper Pant Turtle Neck Tunic

Long “Cape” Coat in Cream “Fly Away Tunic” in Mustard

Layered “Haze” Tunic Sandra Chi for SECTA Leggings opposite

“Alexa” Light Coat “Mailei” Dress

“Andy” Vest “Olivia” Tube Top Pantsuit opposite

“Asia” Top Chiffon “Genie” Pant

“Parisian” Tunic Dress

Wool Gauze “Cory” Dress

“Cape” Hooded Jacket “Haze” Tunic Sandra Chi for SECTA Leggings opposite

“Merino” Poncho Turtle Neck Tunic

SANDRA CHI for SECTA Adorning the garments for Autumn/Winter 09 are drawings by artist Sandra Chi. Sandra Chi is an American born artist, who was raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. Chi’s work focuses on the physical unconsciousness and human sexual desire. Her paintings on paper explore the physical unconscious of phantom limbs and unattainable sexual desire, which are exploited with lines. Her seemingly otherworldly drawings appeal to the SECTA’s Autumn/Winter 09 collections as it serves as a perfect backdrop for SECTA’s modern take on a fantasy world. The drawings are reminiscent of surreal landscapes that are purely comprised of fine lines that are inspired by fluid organic forms. Sandra Chi currently resides in Brooklyn, NY .



SECTA // Autum/Winter 2009  

Autumn/Winter Collection

SECTA // Autum/Winter 2009  

Autumn/Winter Collection