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pring is here again. The seeds have been planted and the flowers are ready to bloom. Nature’s cycle is consistent. Plant the seeds, care for them, knowing someone will never take root while others grow full bloom. Such is life.. What would it take for us to have that trust and know without a doubt our dreams will come true. Not all of them but many of them. Some dreams were to begin until others took hold. They gave us hope and vision but eventually fade away.

South Bay Woman Magazine is here to help you believe in your dreams, have faith in yourself and provide support in everything you do. You always have a friend. Each edition is full of ideas and inspiring ways to move forward with your hopes, desires and have faith even with the dreams that never fully developed. You trust in the knowing that they were there for a very good reason even for the short time..

Volume 6 Edition 5 Spring Edition Visionary: Linda Koss Content: Stephanie Koss E-Coordinator: Amanda Roquemore Cover Photo & “The Good Doctor” Photo Credit: Erik R. Soto Photography Contributing Writers: Amanda Roquemore, Laurie McDermott and Dayla Cabeza de Vaca

-Linda Koss

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The Flattering Boyfriend Blazer

he flattering boyfriend blazer is a super versatile and classy jacket. Originally, the boyfriend blazer was derived from the man’s power suit back in 80’s as a way to keep the growing population of women in the work-force looking professional in the corporate world. The original boyfriend blazer had many unflattering features. It was very long (about mid-thigh), shapeless (think boxy), and bulky. It did nothing for a woman’s figure except hide them. The new version is much sleeker. The length has shortened a bit, but is still longer than your average blazer. A modernized boyfriend blazer will sit near the top your hip. Any lower and you might have an un-flattering boyfriend blazer from the 80’s!

The boyfriend blazer flatters women’s figures because of the structured fit in the seams of the blazer narrowing the waistline.

By Amanda Roquemore

In addition, the button at the waistline highlights your teeny-tiny waistline, which creates an oh-so flattering hour-glass shape. It’s truly amazing how one simple jacket can slim your figure by to 10 lbs.- quite a flattering feature, right? Not only is the boyfriend blazer slimming, it is super versatile! I LOVE pairing my boyfriend blazer with jeans. It is safe to wear your flattering boyfriend blazer with ANY type of jeans... capris, skinny, flare, white jeans, and, even, neon jeans! Not to mention dresses, skirts, and shorts! Needless to say, the boyfriend blazer is flattering, fabulous and ultra-feminine piece you must get your hands on! Many retailers have the flattering boyfriend blazer at prices suitable for your budget. Thank you for reading! Love, Your Fashion Coach Amanda Roquemore Coach | Spring Edition | South Bay Woman 


“Some women get their nails done every week, some will spend hours, even days, or weeks finding the perfect shoes. Yet how much time to they spend on their internal body? -Dr. Carline Louis-Jacques


South Bay Woman | Spring Edition |

The Good


Doctor By Laurie McDermott

he laughed before I saw her. But she saw me! And her voice, surprisingly young, told me that Dr. Carline Louis-Jacques (aka Dr. LJ), was not at all what I expected when I was told I’d be interviewing a woman gynecologist. Growing up in Haiti, Dr. LJ’s Mom bravely left her husband and 13 children to go to New York to forge a better life and opportunity for her family. As she gained financial ground, working two, sometimes three jobs a day, she began immigrating her family in ‘batches’ until they were all secure in the US. An extremely close family, Dr. LJ’s mom steadfast determination to open the door for her numberous children allowed many of them to become doctors, engineers, nurses, architects and accountants. Dr. LJ knew she wanted to be a doctor because she liked to fix things and interact with people. When becoming a surgeon only accomplished part of that goal, she moved into gynecology because it involved surgery and helping people. Dr. LJ knew, as a doctor, if you know a patient, really know them, you are always able to come up with a better diagnosis. Since 1993, Dr. LJ has become more than just the average OGYN. She makes it her mission to try and help patients stay healthy and achieve their personal health goals quoting the national statistic; obese people will die on average fifteen years early. “I can’t die…!” She said with a laugh, as she thinks about how many people actually depend on her practice each and every day. Dr. LJ’s newly formed Center For Healthier Living ( allows her even more opportunities to help patients get excited about looking and feeling better saying, “This is it! You only have one life!” Adamant with her patients about taking care of their bodies Dr. LJ shakes her head and laughs, “Some women get their nails done every week, some will spend hours, even days, or weeks finding the perfect shoes. Yet how much time to they spend on their internal body?” Here are some fun bits from Dr. LJ; Always Enjoy Sex: Dr LJ thinks it’s unusual for woman not to like or want sex. There are many reasons women stop having sex; psychological,

hormones, punishment to husband, weight gain, or sometimes women just never learned how. If this hits home for you, you aren’t alone, Dr. LJ encourages all women to get diagnostic testing to determine hormone levels. But adds, “No pill will help if mentally you don’t like sex.” To overcome this, women must believe and actively participate in creating a better sex life. Dr LJ’s Secret to Looking Young: “Being happy and living a healthy happy life will keep you young. And exercise. The older you get, all the Botox in the world won’t change the way you feel, but exercise will. If you are happy, you will look and feel younger.” Did you know? The top ten drugs people take these days are all stress induced: weight problems, sleep disorders, diabetes. Limit stress and life improves. Be thankful: Currently single with three boys ages 14, 12 and 10, Dr. LJ is so grateful, after a recent trip to Hawaii on Adventures by Disney, she was so happy, the busy doctor sat down and wrote a letter to tell Disney how much they enjoyed their trip. Disney in turn contacted her to use her family in one of their commercials! Proving there are benefits when you share your appreciation. Dr. LJ honors the sacrifices her mom (now deceased) made by the work she’s doing for women today. To schedule an appointment with Dr. LJ for an exam or wellness visit contact them at: 310-371-4994

Laurie McDermott, a standup comedian, is an award-winning reality columnist and television host. Credits include; “The Bookie Mom,” “Living With Jackie,” Lifetime’s “Mom Comics,” and acclaimed radio show at Classic Hits 97FM. To see if Laurie can perform or host your next event, benefit or conference email her at or call 310374-7777. | Spring Edition | South Bay Woman


Key Choices for the


Woman By Dayla Cabeza de Vaca


et’s face it, today’s woman is amazing! You juggle changing and growing roles in the workplace with responsibilities on the home front. On top of this, you may have made deliberate decisions to care for your family that may have sidetracked your career and personal investment potential. To top it all off, generally, you are living longer than your partner and not only have to provide for right now but also the future, which could include providing for parents and kids. So what are some of the financial challenges that you face? •Generally Longer life expectancies which can necessitate more money for a comfortable retirement. •Savings shortfalls due to career and family situations may mean that your assets need to work smarter. •Without a solid financial strategy – and the right guidance in the process, you may find yourself, or your family, coming up short. Finding a financial professional who understands you, what you want, and how you want to work with them can make the process less stressful and more efficient! Seek guidance from a local, knowledgeable financial professional who never pushes products, but rather one who takes the time to listen carefully to your needs, explains your options, and customizes a strategy for you. ---------------------------------------------------------

Dayla Cabeza de Vaca, CFP®, is a Financial Services Professional with Walker Financial Group. She has built a successful practice here in the South Bay for the last seven years by proving to be a valuable, trusted financial professional that her clients can depend on. To schedule a no obligation financial review, please call: (310) 792-7078 or email: daylac@financialguide. com . Dayla Cabeza de Vaca is a registerd representative of and offers securities and investment advisory services through MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. 31111 Agoura Road, Suite 100 Westlake Village, CA 91361 (818) 7066002 CA Insurance License #OE96504 10 

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Disney Wonder:

The Best No-Fly

Vacation By Laurie McDermott

“I’m FREEZING!” “But it’s 60 degrees…” When did I suddenly get old-lady-blood? I live in Southern California, isn’t it supposed to be hot all year long? And uh, sorry. 60 degrees is not what I consider ‘hot,’ specially when my kids keep asking, “Can’t we go someplace warm?” Recently I’d heard that Disney Cruise Lines had moved their Disney Wonder Cruise Ship from Florida to the Port of Long Beach, making it the perfect opportunity for my family to try. Best part of this local Disney cruise? A vacation to hot and sunny weather without a ten-hour drive or the major hassle of getting on a plane! The mere joy and excitement of it all had me talking to the travel agent even before they picked up the phone line. (Another sign of being an old lady?) Everything was set for our weeklong Mexican Rivera vacation until seven hours before we were to leave; I bolted awake in a sweaty panic at 2am. One thought raced through my mind: I forgot to pack little bottles of toiletries! Two seconds later it was as if a huge warm blanket straight from the dryer coddled me as I remembered my happy reality; “The Disney Wonder is out of Long Beach. Twenty minute drive and we’re on vacation!” It was the best night sleep I’d had in years. And the best decision I’d made on a family vacation ever. The following day, my family headed to the car, drove twenty minutes to the Port of LA, walked through security, checked in and walked aboard our vacation paradise. I looked at my cell phone; 57 minutes from my door to ahhhh. Once on the boat, it was as if my crazy life was left behind and the magic began. My top favorite reasons to take a


South Bay Woman | Spring Edition |

Disney Wonder Cruise, besides the little one I mentioned above, are the following: 1) Characters. At the parks, you compete with 50,000 fans. On the ship you’re one of 2,700. Mickey, his pals and princesses are yours for photos and hugs for a week! 2) 3)

Rooms. The beds are heavenly comfy (sorry Westin). Kids are happy, busy and sleep well. There are kid clubs, teen clubs, tween clubs (11 to 13) and even stuff for adults only. Kid clubs are fun, free and open till midnight. 4) The ship is spotless. They clean, vacuum and sanitize constantly! 5) The shows. Every night they have a professional amazing Broadway-type hour long show that are so stand-on-your-feet good, you’ll be booking your next Disney Cruise before you even get off the ship!

Bottom Line: It’s hard to travel anywhere these days, yet alone with little people in tow. Disney Cruise Lines make life easy. And if single Uncle Bob or Aunt Suzie comes along, there are so many Adult Only activities (even their own pool!) they both will be asking when they can join you on your next trip as long as you come back to a Disney Cruise! Seriously, if you do one big vacation in the next five years, make sure this is on your list. Tell Grandma to get the whole family onboard (maybe she’ll even pay!)

Laurie McDermott, a standup comedian, is an awardwinning reality columnist and television host. Credits include; “The Bookie Mom,” “Living With Jackie,” Lifetime’s “Mom Comics,” and acclaimed radio show at Classic Hits 97FM. To see if Laurie can perform or host your next event, benefit or conference email her at or call 310-374-7777. | Spring Edition | South Bay Woman



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