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6 December / Desember 2019

Whose lane is it anyway? Heading west (toward the CBD), these two lanes become one, but are unmarked and the merge is not indicated anywhere.

With two lanes suddenly turning into one lane, visiting motorists and chance takers are moving directly into the lane of oncoming traffic. No road markings and only one warning signal that is obstructed by branches, is visible to draw the attention of motorists to this potential life hazard. Red markings are for illustrative purposes. STANDERTON - The main route between Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal, Dr Nelson Mandela Drive in Meyerville, bears no road markings and only one warning signals obstructed by branches where the two lanes, when you travel in a westerly direction, suddenly become one lane. Visitors driving on that road unknowingly drive

into the second oncoming lane leading up the incline. This is a severe hazard as motorists travelling in the opposite direction use that lane to pass trucks and other slower moving vehicles and do not have any way of swerving out. Heavy traffic is expected over the Festive Season, with most of the vehicles passing through Standerton

belonging to travellers who have no idea about this life threatening situation. Would it be too much to ask Lekwa to mark the road and to erect the appropriate warning signs in an effort to save lives and to curb accident claims? No attempt was made to reach Lekwa’s communication officer, because Cosmos News rarely gets a reply. JD


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6 December / Desember 2019

Inwoner maak lande op munisipale eiendom

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Dit is onder die aandag van Kosmosnuus gebring dat ’n inwoner van Kosmospark lande tussen die woonhuise en die dammetjie in Impalastraat maak. Die lande se doel sou wees om mielies vir die inwoner se beeste te groei. Volgens raadslid De Ville is die saak dadelik onder Lekwa bestuur se aandag gebring en die inwoner se aksies is summier gestop. ’n Positiewe uitvloeisel is dat die bewerkte gedeelte nou gelyk en skoon is.

Two arrested for tractor theft On 26 November at 23:00 Kasselman Security received a movement signal from a NoJack tracking unit installed in a Massey Ferguson tractor on a farm between Standerton and Greylingstad. All stakeholders responded and two arrests were made. One of the suspects was involved in stealing seed valued at R370 000 on a farm near Platrand earlier during the same month. Well done to all stakeholders with this successful arrest.

6 December / Desember 2019

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Suspects in possesion of stolen car arrested STANDERTON Members of Lekwa Community Safety Forum led by Brigadier MA Mngomezulu and HOD Makazas Radebe, arrested two suspects in possession of a stolen vehicle on Thursday, 28 November. During their operation, members spotted a suspicious looking BMW X3 with only one registration plate on the back of the vehicle in Marais Street in Azalea.

Upon investigation, the car was reported stolen in Eldorado Park in Gauteng on Sunday, 24 November where the owner was robbed at gun point at his home and a case of robbery was registered in Eldorado Park. As police were still questioning the two male suspects, the driver managed to flee the scene. But his dramatic escape was short lived as police gave chase and the suspect was seen

HOD Ms Makazas Radebe holding rounds of ammunition found in the car with Colonel Fanie Motubane and Warrant Officer Mogane looking on.

running into somebody’s house and subsequently police found him hiding in a wardrobe. 47 rounds of ammunition were found in the car. The two residents of Lenasia in Gauteng aged 29 and 34 were detained and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and illegal ammunition. The suspects appeared in court on Friday and were remanded in custody for further investigation. DM

The recovered BMW, that was stolen in Gauteng, at the scene in Marais Street.

Retired teacher shot and killed in driveway STANDERTON - News of the fatal shooting of a former teacher sent feelings of shock through the community of Sakhile. A retired school teacher, Mrs Makhosi Sybil Mncube (65), was shot and killed while sitting in her car in the driveway of her house at Mncube Street in Sakhile on Friday, 22 November, at about 10:00. According to information at police

disposal, the deceased was sitting in the car while her husband, a well-known retired school principal, Mr Switch Mncube, reportedly went back into their house to fetch a bank card before they would drive off to town. An unknown assailant allegedly came to the car and fired four shots and hit the deceased in her left shoulder, behind the left ear and two times in

the right shoulder. According to an eye witness, the suspect fled the scene in a silver BMW. When Mr Mncube returned from the house, he found his wife was already dead. SAPS communication officer, Constable Duduzile Zwane, said that four empty cartridges were found on the scene and a case of murder was opened for investigation.

The motive for this murder is unknown and Mrs Mncube was laid to rest on Saturday. According to sources arrests are expected soon. Police are appealing to anybody with information to reach out to the investigating officer, Detective Warrant Officer Dicks Chiloane, on 076 185 4038 or the Sakhile Police Station on 017 714 7888. DM


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Feeling overwhelmed? “Do all things without grumbling and faultfinding and complaining (against God) and questioning and doubting (among yourselves).” (Philippians 2:14 (AMPC)) The scripture above tells us not to complain against God. Since God is our Father, our Provider, and the One Who watches over us, when we complain about anything, we are basically saying we don’t like what God is doing and we don’t trust His leadership in our lives. Even if what is happening in our circumstances is not something God is doing, it is something He can fix if we will trust Him to do so. We can judge by our words if we are thankful and appreciative of God’s goodness or if we are discontent. If we truly trust God, then we won’t murmur and complain, but instead we will voice our thankfulness to Him for working in our lives and giving us the strength to do whatever we need to do while we are waiting. Trusting God, needs to be accompanied by a habitual posture of submission. In our daily walk God loves to be the one we fully depend on for all our needs. Allow Him to show up for you while you simply focus on enjoying His presence.

6 December / Desember 2019

College hosts successful digital guideline road show STANDERTON - Gert Sibande TVET College hosted the A21 Digital Guidelines road show at the college’s Skills Academy and Artisan Development Centre on Friday 15 November. The purpose of the roadshow was to advocate for Centres of Specialization (CoS) in the country. The roadshow was officially opened by the College’s Acting Principal, Mrs Portia Mange, who talked about the background of the college. She further stated the college’s vision, history and she outlined the courses that the college offers. She stated that the college is happy about this road show as it will enhance relationships amongst apprentices, TVET colleges, and employees. She concluded her welcoming address by a

quote from Dr Nelson Mandela: “It always seems impossible until it is done.” Next on the podium was Ms Makhosazane Mngadi, Project Manager (I-Work) from the British Council. She gave a brief explanation of what the workshop seeks to achieve. She gave lessons on the responsibilities of employers, apprentices and colleges to making this apprentices program a success. She played a video featuring a twenty-two-year-old woman by the name Molèmo from North West Province who is already a beneficiary of the program. Mr Nick Joubert, National Training Manager from The Institute of Plumbing SA (IOPSA), gave a presentation on Centres of Specialisation. Mr Joubert has emphasised

the importance of producing artisans in large numbers as South Africa is losing hundreds of artisans to other countries. He also highlighted the efficiency of this program on acquiring suitable workers for employers. “When employers are with an apprentice for a period of three years, they get a chance to really know the person they are looking to employ, unlike in advertised positions where there is limited interaction with a potential employee.” Ms Regina Mampye gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the college. She echoed the sentiments of Mr Nick Joubert that artisans must remain in South Africa to make the country a better place to live in. She concluded by thanking everyone who attended the road show. JD

Delegates from different industries listen attentively to different presentations during the road show.

Struggling residents donate food to student On Saturday, 30 November, a few caring people decided to donate food to a local student studying Clothing Construction N4. Only a few people attended the hand-over of the donation, but promised that they will assist on the next journey. Some of the donors are struggling themselves as they are without work, but they still found it within themselves to make a donation. The help of the community is called in to assist these caring people on their quest to assist local residents who really do not have anything at all. Pictured are some of the attendees with the donation that was made. They are Buti Moloi, Gavin Dlamini, Giggs Motaung, Thabo Mokoena and July Jantjie. To protect the identity of the student, he is not featured in the photograph. To assist, or for more information, Buti Moloi may be phoned on 078 8191 580.

6 December / Desember 2019

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Home Affairs in Standerton a pleasure to visit STANDERTON After several compliments were received at Cosmos News about the service excellence at the Department of Home Affairs in Standerton, the offices were visited on Friday morning, 29 November. It was found that several people were sitting in comfort in the waiting area and they were efficiently and speedily helped. Mary Maiko, the Home Affairs Manager in Standerton, swiftly attended to an interview with Cosmos News. She said that she is very pleased to hear that residents are positive about her office and said that there will always be someone available at the counters to assist visitors. When they are very busy, even management jumps in to serve the public. All personnel can do any of the different jobs at the different counters, and as such, will be rotated as the need for assistance arises.

Mary stated that she would like to thank visitors for their patience when the system is down and for returning with a positive attitude after the system is back online again. Unfortunately, the office in Standerton does not have control over when specifically the systems go offline, but they will still try their utmost to assist everyone. Mary started in this office in 2011 after she was transferred from Elukwatini Home Affairs Office. She, and her whole office are striving to handle queries on time and to sort out the needs of visitors as soon as possible. On top of the cabinets in her office several framed letters of appreciation are displayed. She also invited residents to come and apply for their Smart Identification cards and to register births within a month after the baby is born. JD The manager of the Department of Home Affairs in Standerton, Mary Maiko, with pen-in-hand is ready to serve visitors to her office. She also invites locals to come and apply for their Smart Identification Cards as soon as possible.


Skepper van Werfbobbejaan en Louis die Laeveld Leeu oorlede NASIONAAL - Wim Bosman (82), skepper van die gewilde strokiesverhaal Louis die Laeveld Leeu, is Donderdag, 28 November na ’n siekbed van etlike maande oorlede. Volgens sy dogter Chantal Hoole “het sy liggaam hom na jare-lange osteoartritis stadig maar seker in die steek gelaat. In Junie het hy sy eerste groot terugslag gehad en sy onafhanklikheid prysgegee. Dit was geweldig moeilik en frustrerend vir hom om nie meer te kon bestuur nie of om sy dag te kon beplan soos hy die afgelope 60 jaar gedoen het nie”. Dinsdagoggend het die ouetehuis in Wolmaransstad, waar hy gebly het, laat weet dat hy ernstig siek is en hospitaal toe geneem word. Hy is later in die hospitaal dood. Met verwysing na al die strokieskarakters wat Bosman oor die jare geskep het, het Hoole in ’n huldeblyk gesê:

“Paps kan nou skryf en teken sonder al die pyn en bekommernisse. Mag Louis die Laeveld Leeu, Kekkel en Kloek, al die Bosveld-bure en ou Werfbobbejaan na hartelus saam met Paps baljaar tussen die strome van vrede en liefde aan Jesus se voete.” Volgens Hoole sal ’n gedenkdiens vir Bosman eers vroeg aanstaande jaar gehou word, aangesien sy familie wyd verspreid is. Wanneer sy as ontvang word, sal ’n gedeelte daarvan in die Laeveld gestrooi word, “want dit is waar sy hart was”. Bosman het die gewilde Louis die Laeveld Leeu, wat tans steeds in Beeld verskyn en waarvan nog enkele maande se strokiesprente oor is, in 1976 vir die eerste keer geteken. Benewens sy vrou Celest, laat hy drie kinders en ses kleinkinders, asook sy broers Paul en Danie agter. (Netwerk24) JD Vir menige was die strokiesprente van Wim Bosman die hoogtepunt van die koerant of tydskrif. Helaas, is die pen neergelê nadat Wim Bosman, skepper van hierdie karakters, oorlede is.


Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

6 December / Desember 2019

Afgetrede pastoor in selle na beweerde terreurkomplot

MIDDELBURG - Die Valke het 60-jarige afgetrede pastoor, Harry Johannes Knoesen, selfverklaarde leier van die National Christian Resistance Movement (NCRM), ook bekend as die Crusaders, op Donderdag 28 November by sy huis in Middelburg in hegtenis geneem in verband met ʼn beweerde terreur-komplot en misdaad teen die staat. Brig Hangwani Mulaudzi, woordvoerder van die Valke, het gesê Knoesen se inhegtenisneming kom ná ʼn twee jaar lange uitgebreide intelligensie-gedrewe ondersoek na ʼn beweerde terreur-komplot wat glo deur die groep gekoördineer is om nasionale sleutelpunte, winkelsentrums en informele nedersettings te teiken. Knoesen word aangekla van terreurverwante aktiwiteite wat verband hou met die Wet op die Beskerming van die Grondwetlike Demokrasie teen Terrorisme en Verwante Aktiwiteite en die onwettige besit van ʼn vuurwapen en ammunisie. Hy het reeds in die hof verskyn en die saak is tot Maandag, 2 Desember uitgestel wanneer hy om regshulp sal aansoek doen. Volgens Mulaudzi is ’n huis in die Oos-Kaap, wat aan ’n ander lid van die Crusaders behoort, ook deursoek en is daar beslag gelê is op springstof, elektroniese toestelle, ongelisensieerde vuurwapens en 5 300 rondtes. Daarna is ʼn lasbrief uitgereik vir die inhegtenisneming van Riana Heymans in verband met die saak. Die Valke het egter Vrydagaand, 29 November, nog drie verdagtes in hegtenis geneem in

verband met ʼn beweerde terreur-komplot om nasionale sleutelpunte, winkelsentrums en informele nedersettings aan te val. Volgens Brig. Mulaudzi is die drie verdagtes in Kliprivier, in die suide van Johannesburg, deur ʼn geïntegreerde span van misdaadintelligensie-beamptes en lede van die Valke se eenheid vir ernstige misdaad in hegtenis geneem. “Daar is op verskeie vuurwapens, ammunisie, dokumente en ander items beslag gelê,” het Mulaudzi gesê. Riana Heymans is een van die verdagtes wat Vrydagaand in hegtenis geneem is nadat die Valke vroeër ʼn lasbrief vir haar inhegtenisneming bekom het. Die drie verdagtes, Riana Heymans (54), en die twee broers, Eric Abrams (55) en Errol Abrams (49) het Maandag, 2 Desember saam met Harry Johannes Knoesen (60) in die landdroshof in Middelburg verskyn op aanklagte wat verband hou met die Wet op die Beskerming van die Grondwetlike

Demokrasie teen Terrorisme en Verwante Aktiwiteite. “Hulle wou bomme by winkelsentrums en ander plekke laat afgaan op Swart Vrydag,” het brig Hangwani Mulaudzi, woordvoerder van die direktoraat vir prioriteitsmisdaadondersoeke (die Valke) aan die D PA - n u u s a g e n t skap gesê. Volgens hom het dié dag, waar handelaars groot afslag aanbied, “maklike teikens” vir die groep gebied. Die verdagtes is glo almal lede van die National Christian Resistance Movement (NCRM), ook be-kend as die Crusaders. Die saak is tot 21 Januarie 2020 uitgestel en die beskuldigdes bly in aanhoud i n g . Mulaudzi ver-

wag nie dat hulle op borgtog vrygelaat sal word nie. Enigiemand met meer inligting word versoek om die ondersoekbeamptes, adjudant offisier Jaco Koekemoer, te skakel by 082 778 9157 of lt kol Koos de Klerk by 071 481 2982. (Maroela Media) JD

Die 60-jarige afgetrede pastoor, Harry Johannes Knoesen, wat deur die Valke in hegtenis geneem is op aanklag van terreur teen die staat. Nog drie verdagtes is op dieselfde aanklagte aangekeer en het Maandag, 2 Desember saam met Knoesen in die Witbank landdroshof verskyn. Die saak is uitgestel tot 21 Januarie 2020 en die beskuldigdes sal in aanhouding bly. (Foto: Facebook)

Black Friday fever hits Standerton

STANDERTON - Hundreds of people were already in the queues at various retailers hours before opening as Black Friday fever gripped the country and everybody wanted to lay their hands on anything and everything that their money could buy ahead of Christmas. Most retailers had advertised special deals for consumers, some reduced by as much as 50%. By midday, the town was congested and parking was a nightmare for motorists. Long queues were visible at all ATMs and marshals at various retail stores had their hands full to control the large crowds to avoid stampeding. Some consumers expressed their delight in the annual

Black Friday deals, while others expressed disappointment. Cosmos News conducted random interviews with consumers, and this is what they had to say: Zanele Mthombeni (33) said she managed to get a huge bargain for her children’s clothes. Joyce Moloi (42) said she used R1 300 to stock her grocery cupboard that should last her until Christmas and beyond. Many consumers bought television sets, fridges and washing machines at reduced prices. Chris van Wyk (35) said he was very disappointed because Black Friday is nothing but a marketing tool to boost businesses. Many retailers extended Black Friday deals to 1 December. DM

SAPS and CPF members in the thick of things patrolling the CBD on Black Friday.

6 December / Desember 2019

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Bylaws still not in place for stray animals STANDERTON Residents in Standerton, Meyerville, Kosmos and Flora Park are fed up with stray animals destroying their gardens. A huge concern to these residents and motorists too, is that these animals are walking freely in the streets in town and cause some traffic problems. A media statement issued by Councillor Rosier de Ville from the DA is below: “The Speaker, Lekwa Municipality. Will you kindly note that I, Councillor Rosier de Ville, will ask the following questions at the next Council Meeting. (1) In answer to a written question that was asked and answered on 31 July 2018 as to whose responsibility it

was to impound stray animals, the answer was that the Municipality was responsible and that they need to review the bylaws and to cater for this. (2) My question now is: (a) Did the municipality, since 31 July 2018, revise the bylaws. If not, why not? (b) What is the municipality going to do to keep stray animals like cattle and goats away from the municipal areas like streets, residential areas and business premises? Thanking you. Duly signed by Cllr de Ville.” Cosmos News will keep its readers up to date regarding the outcome of these deliberations. JD

Initiations schools cause kidnapping nightmare STANDERTON - Police have their hands full when going around visiting farms, hills and mountains to look for children allegedly kidnapped by initiation school operators. Since school pupils finished their final examinations a week ago, parents have been flocking to the police stations to report their teenagers, both male and female, kidnapped to the initiation schools without parental permission. Scores of initiation teachers have been arrested and charged with child kidnapping,

while dozens of teenagers have been rescued by the police. It is against the law for initiation school teachers to enforce the customary practice without the written permission of parents. A trend is increasing where initiation schools claim that teenagers come voluntarily. In most cases it has been proved as false claims. Police are appealing to parents to report missing children immediately, as this kidnapping nightmare is widespread during school holidays. DM

Photo for illustrative purpose: Wikipedia


Voorgestelde resolusies ‘blatante rassisme’ in eiendomsbedryf NASIONAAL - AfriForum het op 3 Desember, ’n skrywe aan Lindiwe Sisulu, die minister van menslike nedersettings, en die Raad vir Eiendomsagentskappe gerig wat aandring dat dié raad se voorgestelde resolusie om “voorheen benadeelde individue” onregverdig te bevoordeel, geskrap word. Die burgerregteorganisasie is ook besig om regsadvies in te win, sou die resolusie in werking gestel word. Tydens ’n voorlegging oor die nakoming van eiendomswetgewing het die raad die inwerkingstelling van ’n resolusie voorgestel om sy “mandaat van die minister van menslike nedersettings te vervul om die eiendomsbedryf te transformeer”. Hierdie resolusie behels dat “voorheen benadeelde” eiendomsagente kan aansoek doen om: (1) vrystelling van betalings vir getrouheidsfondssertifikate, voortgesette professionele ontwikkeling (VPO) en boetes; (2) vrystelling van voldoening aan VPO-

vereistes; (3) vrystelling van voldoening aan opleidingskwalifikasies; en (4) vrystelling van die indiening van ouditverslae vir trustrekeninge. “Volgens hierdie voorgestelde resolusie geld verskillende reëls vir verskillende groepe mense, na gelang van velkleur. Dit is onaanvaarbaar dat sekere mense basies daarvan vrygestel word om verantwoordbaar te wees, terwyl ander verplig word om aan sekere standaarde te voldoen,” sê Monique Taute, hoof van AfriForum se teenkorrupsieeenheid. Volgens Taute sal die inwerkingstelling van hierdie resolusie ’n gevaarlike presedent skep ten opsigte van ander professionele liggame. “Kontrolemaatreëls soos dié bestaan juis om die publiek te beskerm en te keer dat hulle ingeloop word. Dit maak geensins logies sin dat sekere mense daarvan kwytgeskeld word nie. Inteendeel, dit is ’n skreiende onreg,” sluit Taute af. (Maroela Media) JD

8 8

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25 October / Oktober 2019 6 December / Desember 2019

Yet another drowning in eMbahlenhle ...

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The body of an unknown man was recovered on Thursday, 28 November, by members of Delta 1 Rescue Diving and Mpumalanga Inland Water Wing. The body was found between Gate 7 and Gate 8, in Embalenhle at the Wellas River. The circumstances leading to the drowning are still unknown and an investigation is pending. Thanks to Langamed South, Mpumalanga Pathology Services and the eMbahlenhle SAPS for your assistance during the recovery operation. Both Delta 1 Rescue Diving and Mpumalanga Inland Water Wing were once again called to Wellas River on Sunday at around 17:15. A driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the river. Luckily the driver managed to escape from the vehicle before it went under with just the roof still above water.

Illegal dumpsites are spreading in Lekwa

STANDERTON - All residents in Lekwa should know that it is illegal to dump their refuse in just any spot. Unfortunately, this is becoming a common practice in Lekwa. DA Councillor, Rosier de Ville, said that if this trend is on the rise, it will become a serious health risk for residents of Lekwa and this will eventually also end up affecting our children.

Cllr De Ville further said that it is time for the municipality to start implementing our bylaws, but Cllr De Ville also pondered whether the bylaws might be outdated. Cllr De Ville is curious whether Lekwa is serious about keeping our town clean and safe and whether the municipality has the capacity to enforce the bylaws. (Media statement, signed 29 November 2019 by Cllr De Ville) JD

NASIONAAL - Geloftefees word steeds jaarliks deur duisende volksgenote op 16 Desember gevier. Hierdie jaar sal daar op die Paardekraal Feesterein in Krugersdorp ’n vroeë oggenddiens vanaf 06:00 tot 07:00 aangebied word. Vanaf 08:45 vind daar samesang plaas asook die vlaghysing en die ontplooiing van die vlae. Om 09:00 sal die 1880 Gelofte voorgelees word en ’n boere beeld sal deur Jaco van Niekerk ingehuldig word. Daarna sal

Rudie Rousseau ’n Feesboodskap aan die feesgangers lewer. Om 10:45 sal daar weer samesang plaasvind waarna ’n kollekte opgeneem word. Vanaf 11:00 tot 11:50 sal die Geloftediens deur Ds Christo Jooste van die AP-kerk Groblersdal waargeneem word waarna die vlagstryking sal plaasvind en ‘Die Stem van Suid­Afrika” gesing sal word. Die verrigtinge sal daarna deur die voorsitter van die Paardekraal Feeskommissie afgesluit word. JD

Geloftefees-viering by Paardekraal gehou

6 December / Desember 2019

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Sasol Junxion announces latest winner

Maak ontbyt sonder skottelgoed Ouers staan met die lang skoolvakansie, soms met hul hande in die hare en wonder wat om vir ontbyt voor te sit. Hier volg ’n maklike resep wat vir ’n glimlag en ’n vol maag sal sorg. Vir een porsie benodig jy die volgende bestanddele: 1 wrap, 2 velle ham, gerasperde kaas, 1 eier, sout en peper. Maak dan so: Rol ʼn stuk foelie af en plaas die wrap plat daarop neer. Sit die

Sasol Junxion, Standerton is running a competition where, when you spend R500 or more on fuel, you get entered into a lucky draw. Seipati Lehoko (middle) was this week’s winner in this competition and she won groceries and fuel to the value of R500. Part of her winnings is that she can nominate a municipal water or sewage leak to be repaired by Sasol Junxion in cooperation with Central Plumbing. This competition will run until 16 December and winners will be drawn every Monday. Featured with Seipati is the petrol attendant Luazi Nqavela (left), who picked up the winners name and on the right is one of the managers, Terrence Russel.


twee velle ham bo-op die foelie en plaas die kaas bo-op die ham. Maak ʼn holte in die kaas en breek die eier in die holte en geur met sout en peper. Sonder om die eier te breek, vou die wrap toe en vou die foelie daarom. Bak vir 30 minute by 180 °C of tot die eiers na wense gaar is. (Foto: Janie Monsieur: Resep Maroela media) JD


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Stannies neem gesogte hoofposte van 2020 op 1

6 December / Desember 2019

Top akademikusse by Goedehoop aangekondig


Hierdie leerlinge aan Laerskool Goedehoop is onlangs aangewys as die leerlinge wat eerste op die Top 10 staan vir 2019. Hulle is Danankia Lesch (Graad 4), Melani Slabbert (Graad 5), Mia du Toit (Graad 6) en Kayla Hurter (Graad 7). Laerskool Standerton se jaarlikse merieteaande wat tussen 4 en 6 November in die skoolsaal gehou is, het vanjaar weer vir net soveel emosies soos altyd gesorg. Behalwe vir die toppresterende akademie-, sport- en kultuurleerlinge wat vir hul harde werk deur die jaar vereer is, het die skool ook hul verteenwoordigende leerlingraad van 2020 bekendgestel. (Foto 1) Michael Kalell en Christelle le Roux is deur die skool verkies om die hoofleierleisels oor te neem en is só met trots in hul nuwe verantwoordelikheid ingestel. (Foto 2) Hierdie ses leerlinge is as onderhoofleiers verkies en sal elkeen as voorsitter van ’n verskillende area van die skool dien. Agter, van links na regs, is Chraeten Lategan (sport), Rhico van der Walt (kultuur) en Montie Viljoen (akademie). Voor is Leanell Loots (akademie), Mikaela Hand (sport) en Mia Prinsloo (kultuur).

Medupi and Kusile cost in excess of 200% more PROVINCIAL - Eskom said the Medupi power station’s Phase 2 stage is in operation, making it part of the power supply’s overall electricity output. This announcement comes 12 years after the first donation was made to set up Medupi, but during that time, South Africa paid much more for the erection than initially budgeted. In addition to building the power plant more than 200% more expensive, the cost of more than R150bn has shown that South Africa is not only irresponsible in managing its spending, but

is also equally irresponsible in appointing those who had to do the construction. Economists say the construction of Medupi and Kusile power plants eventually totaled R234 billion, but informed sources indicate that much more money is needed to bring the two power plants to full capacity. The cost of the two exchanges further increased South Africa’s enormous debt burden, and analysts reckon it will take at least 40 years before Eskom’s two exchanges will be paid, but by that time they have also been served. ( JD

6 December / Desember 2019

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Stannie-drie speel spogspanplekke los

Hierdie drie hokkiespelers van Laerskool Standerton het die jaar op ’n skitterende noot afgesluit toe hulle Saterdag, 16 November, aan die proewe vir die Mpumalangahokkiespan by Ligbron Akademie vir Tegnologie in Ermelo deelgeneem het. Die meisies het die keurders só met hul vernuf op die baan beïndruk dat hulle daar-endan in die o-12-span van 2020 opgeneem is. Van links na regs is Katlego Mavimbela, Thando Zikalala en Success Nkosi.

Larozane ontvang provinsiale tafelbeampte-status

Tydens die Skisa Three Swords karate klub se jaarlikse prysuitdeling, het Larozane Scheepers haar aanstelling as senior provinsiale tafelbeampte ontvang. Larozane het verskeie kursusse suksesvol deurloop en het reeds by menige provinsiale kampioenskap as tafelbeampte opgetree.


Nuwe Liggie ‘Brand’ helder

Ligbron Akademie vir Tegnologie kondig met trots hul nuwe hoof aan. Mnr Gerhard Brand en sy vrou, Erika, word in 2020 deel van die Liggie-gemeenskap. Mnr Brand is tans hoof van KHS (Klerksdorp Hoërskool) en deel dieselfde waardes en beginsels wat die kern vorm van Ligbron. Ligbron wens hulle voorspoed toe met die groot trek na die Hoëveld en glo dat hulle ’n ware tuiste gaan vind by die Blou Masjien.


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6 December / Desember 2019

Edelvalk jagtersvereniging Theuns wen Sun sluit die jaar swierig af City Gholftoer

STANDERTON Die Jagtersvereniging se Edelvalk-tak het op Saterdag, 23 November, hul jaareindfunksie en prysuitdeling met groot sukses aangebied. Die Edelvalk komitee wens almal

wat op welke vlak ook al trofeë verwerf het geluk en bedank almal vir hulle positiewe deelname aan Edelvalk se skietdae. Sonder die skuts se ondersteuning sou dié tak nie kon voortbou op ’n reeds suksesvolle

tak nie. Die komitee wat baie opofferings gedurende die jaar gemaak het, is ook bedank en die klub wens almal ’n wonderlike feesseisoen saam met geliefdes toe. JD

Gerrit Coetzee (links) oorhandig die trofee aan Theuns Adendorff nadat Theuns die jaarlikse Sun City gholftoer gewen het.

Die Edelvalk komitee is van links na regs Helen Ellis, Carla Lues, Stoffel Bester, Elri Bester, Jako Steenkamp, JC Steenkamp en Evert Genis. (Inlas) Jako Steenkamp is tydens die Edelvalk-tak se prysuitdeling aangewys as die veelsydigste skut van die jaar.

STANDERTON Die gholfklub in Standerton bied jaarliks ’n gholftoer na Sun City aan waar spelers vir drie dae lank teen mekaar kompeteer. Na afloop van die derde dag se kompetisie, wat alles in IPS formaat gespeel word, is Theuns Adendorff aangewys as die Standerton klub se Sun City-toer wenner. Tydens die plaaslike IPS wat op Saterdag, 30 November, aangebied is, het 22 spelers die

baan betree. Deon Grimsell wen die dag met 38 punte en word gevolg deur Alex Pieterse met 37 punte. Theuns Adendorff (37), Patricia Lombard (35) en Aldo Arnaldi (33) was onderskeidelik derde tot vyfde. Spogtwees is aangeteken deur Alex Pieterse, Johan Pieterse en Louis Gravett. Die maandbekerkompetisie sal op Saterdag, 7 Desember, plaasvind. JD

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6 December 2019  

All the local news for the week of 6 December 2019.

6 December 2019  

All the local news for the week of 6 December 2019.