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19 April 2019

Surprise visit catches Lekwa with its pants down The minister has given clear instructions and expects fast work. STANDERTON - On Monday, 15 April, the Minister of Cogta, Dr Zweli Mkhize, arrived unannounced at Lekwa Local Municipality in Standerton where he was conducting a site visit of sewage spills that he had asked the municipality to fix during his previous visit. Minister Mkhize, accompanied by the Executive Mayor, municipal officials and MISA Engineers inspected sewerage spills in Extension 4, Rooikoppen, in Standerton. The minister is demanding answers from all the stakeholders involved for the slow pace of the implementation of the project despite having given the

Municipality funds to fast track service delivery. The community has welcomed the Minister’s follow-up visit, saying it confirms that the ANC-led Government is serious about service delivery to the people. As part of the unannounced visit, Minister Mkhize has also inspected the Rooikoppen Pump Station 1 at Lekwa Local Municipality. The minister has given clear instructions to the contractor and the Municipality to fast-track the implementation of the project so that it can relieve the community from the sewage spillages in the area. (Information: Cogta Mpumalanga) JD

The minister of Gogta in Mpumalanga paid an unannounced visit to Standerton to inspect how the sewage spills he instructed to be repaired and he made funds available for, were handled. Needless to say, the sewerage is still flowing all over and the minister wanted answers from the municipality and from the contractors on why it is taking so long. Whether he received answers remains unclear.


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19 April 2019

Police recover stolen academy goods

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STANDERTON - Thugs stole all the furniture and computers at the Academy of Business and Computer Studies on the corner of Beyers Naudé and Princess Street over the weekend of 12 April and a case of business burglary was opened at the police station on Monday, 15 April, for investigation. The detective unit received a tip-off from the community and raided a house in Sakhile where they recovered 6 computers, 2 printers, 50 chairs, 50 desks and various other office items. Two Zimbabweans, who are employees of the Academy, were arrested. The academy’s

Principal, Mr Emmanuel Heywood (30), originally from Zimbabwe, expressed his gratitude towards the police and Kasselman Security and expressed his disappointment that his fellow countrymen could steal from him. The academy was opened in 2017 and Mr Heywood employed four South Africans as staff members, the two suspects were only employed in February 2019. The estimated value of the recovered goods is R75 000. Captain Johannes Nhlabathi said that the suspects will be charged with business burglary and theft. They will appear in court as soon as possible. DM

From left to right are, Dumisani Radebe (from KSS) Nonhlanhla Malinga (student at the academy), Emmanuel Heywood (Principal), Detective Constable TL Matula and Detective Constable L Nzimande with all the recovered goods.

Diesel tenkwa drywer gearresteer

ERMELO - Die polisie in Ermelo het ’n saak van diefstal geopen nadat inligting ontvang is dat die drywer van ’n dieseltenkwa ’n ongemagtigde hoeveelheid diesel aan ’n busmaatskappy gelewer het. Die eienaar van Quantum Energy in Standerton, Mnr De la Rey Tonkin, het gesê dat die spesifieke drywer 23 000 liter diesel by Nu-Skotland saagmeule moes aflewer. Danksy die wakende oë in die beheerkamer, waar al die voertuie gemonitor word, is daar gemerk dat die kameras in die vragmotor skielik wanfunksioneer en dat die voertuig van die beplande roete afgewyk het. Die

vragmotor kon gemoniteer word tot by ’n depot van ’n busmaatskappy in Cassim Park, Ermelo. ’n Sekuriteitsmaatskappy in Ermelo is gekontak om ondersoek te gaan instel en daar is gevind dat die vragmotor bestuurder 6 500 liter diesel, met ’n waarde van bykans R100 000, by die depot afgelaai het, waarskynlik vir eie gewin. Daar word vermoed dat die bestuurder se medepligtige by die saagmeule ontvangs sou erken vir die volle 23 000 liter diesel. Volgens Kaptein Carla Prinlsoo, woordvoerder van die polisie in Ermelo, is twee

verdagtes deur die polisie gearresteer. Die saak teen een van die verdagtes is teruggetrek maar die saak van diefstal van diesel teen die 43-jarige Mzikayise Jannie Nkambule gaan voort. Hy het op 11 April in die Ermelo landdroshof verskyn waarna hy op R1 000 borgtog vrygelaat is. Die saak is uitgestel tot 13 Mei en die polisie is nog besig met verdere ondersoek. Mnr Tonkin wil graag al sy kliënte die versekering gee dat sy beheerkamer elke voertuig, en die vrag, monitor en dat alles gedoen word om ‘n herhaling van hierdie voorval te voorkom. JD

19 April 2019

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Six weeks without water – and counting STANDERTON - A business in Standerton, Midcity Testing Centre, has been trying, in vain, for the last six weeks to get their water back. The problem has been reported several times - sometimes by a worker of Midcity, reporting the situation in the Water and Sanitation Department’s staffers’ home language - and two main responses have been received. The first is that the Department cannot find the premises (visible from the main road) and the other is that the department does not deliver services that far out on farms (where the business is not located). The water problem arose when construction work started in Brits Street, and the water supply to the two businesses was for some reason cut. The manager of Midcity Testing Centre said that he will even bring the plumbers to the address and show them where the problem is, only to hear that it will receive “immediate” attention. When Cosmos News visited the sites on 16 April, it was clear that there was no water, and on the directions given, were able to drive directly to the water problem area. A certain Ms Mapaseka even replied on 1 April that the water supply was fixed, only to later say that it was an April fool’s joke. JD

The scene where the water supply to two businesses were cut off. Replies from the municipality are that they cannot find the address, but anyone driving in Brits Street towards the railway line, exactly where the tar road ends, can find the scene.



Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Just do love! Because of laziness the building decays, and through idleness of hands the house leaks. (Ecclesiastes 10:18 (NKJV)) Do you truly believe that love can change the world? I do. But I also know the events and accomplishments that have brought lasting change to the world have not been accidental; they have been things people thought through and acted on deliberately. The Bible is filled with instructions for us to be active. Wishing for something does not produce the results we desire, but we must aggressively do what needs to be done to achieve them. We will never find a successful man who spent his life wishing for success and attained it. The same principle applies to loving God, loving ourselves, and loving others. If we want to love people as Jesus instructed, we will have to do so on purpose. It will not happen by accident. If we seek opportunities to love people, we are sure to find them, and that will protect us from being idle and passive. We must ask ourselves if we are alert and active or passive and inactive? God is alert and active! I am glad He is; otherwise, things in our lives would deteriorate rapidly. So much good can happen in your life and in the lives of those around you if you’ll simply decide not to be passive, but to follow the Holy Spirit as He leads you. God-inspired, balanced activity will keep you from being idle and bless many people in the process.

19 April 2019

Politicians attack journalists more frequently The most patriotic thing a journalist can do is to ask questions of politicians. This has been more necessary and urgent today, when the journalistic profession is under siege more than ever before. It has become the fashion for politicians to attack journalists denigrate them, call them names and demand “patriotism” from them. Politicians demand that their hypocrisy and their misdeeds be ignored and that they be treated with kid gloves. Many move around with armies of communications personnel and yet they demand to be treated with deference when they have to account for their actions or just tell the truth. In this way, they wish to swat away the one profession that stands between them and outright plunder and looting. It must not be allowed to happen. Lately we saw egregious behaviours here at home. Is the ANC’s Ace Magashule guilty of bribes from the Gupta family and creaming off millions from every contract entered into by the Free State government while he

was in charge of the Province? Instead of responding to the very serious charges put to him, Magashule chose to say that there was a conspiracy against him by the media. A group of protesters on Wednesday wearing ANC regalia flocked in Exclusive Books bookshop in Sandton where they carried placards and protested in song “Hands off SG Ace Magashule, Stratcom State” some placards read. The ANC Youth League in the Free State said it was forging ahead with its plan to hold a book burning event in protest against the book Gangster State: Unravelling Ace Magashule’s Web of Capture by PieterLouis Myburgh. Another question might be, does the EFF’s Floyd Shivambu have his snout deep in the trough at VBS, alongside his brother and various other ANC politicians and businesspeople implicated in the looting there? Instead of the EFF dealing with these serious allegations we are told by party’s president that the leaders of “white monopoly capital” have unleashed their media puppets

to tarnish the organisation’s name. Answer the question, did Shivambu go to Stellenbosch with the same bosses of “white monopoly capital” and try to establish a business using money looted at VBS? Will the media’s vigour be cowed and its operations curtailed by the ANC, which is expected to win elections? What is incredible is that the organisation over the past century stood with the great journalists of our timesfrom Nat Nakasa to Zwelakhe Sisulu. This was the statement from ANC spokesperson Legoete on the Magashule matter:” We have therefore taken it on the chin when the media and other opponents of the ANC have deliberately sought to attack certain leaders of the ANC and spread doubt about the unity of purpose of the leadership. However, the maturity the ANC has exhibited is not being reciprocated, rather it seems that our good nature is taken advantage of. As the ANC and the leadership, we are growing weary.” What will the ANC do when it’s weary? Kill people? Sonwabile Luwaca

In 2016 I was so happy that I was going to have a baby, but when the second and third months of pregnancy came, I got stressed. A lot of stress wondering how am I going to handle the rest of my pregnancy. How am I going to take care of my baby and my tenyear-old son. Basically, there were a lot of questions in my head on how I was going to do it. I went to Maximed where I met Miss

BM Sebua. I talked to her and offloaded all my worries. She managed to calm me down and introduced me to sister A Alberts who was friendly and gave me good advice. The time went on and I attended the high risk clinic at the hospital. I then heard that I has go for a caesarean section by Dr Zayadi and was admitted on 10 April 2017 by Sister Sesi Annah of Standerton Hospital. I got

my beautiful baby girl on 11 April and was so happy. Not forgetting Dr FC Louw who I used to go to for the sonars. A big thumbs-up to the caring sisters and doctors in Standerton. May God bless you. Please keep on doing the good work. Emmerecia “Thank you for helping my mom to bring me into this world. I am two years old now” Baby Samukelisewe Sinenjabulo Nhlapo.

Good service at Maximed and hospital

Spar acknowledges its long term staffers STANDERTON - Standerton SuperSpar handed out certificates to three of their long serving personnel on Monday, 15 April. Zandile Dlamini started her career at the Standerton branch on 1 February 2009, and Nick Iacovou started as manager on 1 May 2009. Both received their ten year certificates of appreciation. Magda Beetge, a well-known

face at the shop, started her career at Spar in Standerton on1 April 1999. She received her 20 years certificate and a commemorative mug. With Standerton SuperSpar doing business for well over 30 years in Standerton, this is a huge accomplishment and shows the dedication and commitment of their staff and management. JD

Store manager Nick Iacavou and Zandile Dlamini received their certificates for 10 years of service at the Standerton SuperSpar branch, while Magda Beetge received her 20 year service certificate on 15 April.

19 April 2019

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News


Mncedisi off to Kazan in Russia STANDERTON - Gert Sibande TVET College, Skills Academy and Artisan Development Centre held a function on 10 April to officially show their appreciation for the three students who represented the Province in the National leg of the World Skills Competition in Durban recently. Mncedisi Mkhaliphi, Nomalungelo Khumalo and Siphesihle Masina were given certificates of appreciation and tablets as a token of appreciation for their commitment and dedication in representing the province in the national leg of the World Skills Competition. Siphesihle is a level 4 plumbing student at the Bethal Skills Centre. She participated in the plumbing category. Nomalungelo is an NCV level 4 electrical engineering student at Standerton Campus, she participated in the electrical category. Mncedisi is a bricklaying apprentice at Skills Academy and he participated in the bricklaying category. According to Nechie Manombe, Project Manager, all the college students who participate in the national competition are guaranteed apprenticeship training at the Skills Academy. The Centre Manager, Monica Swart, together with the College Acting Principal, Portia Mange also announced that Mncedisi will be representing South Africa in the International Leg of the Competition in Kazan, Russia on 22 - 27 August. World Skills South Africa (WSSA) is an initiative that is championed by the Department of Higher Education and Training and was formally established in April 2013 by the former Deputy Minister of the Department of Higher Education and Training. Mncedisi was born and bred in Fernie where he completed his primary and secondary school. He was raised by a single parent after his mother passed away while he was young. He is the sixth child out of 10 siblings. “My father was very strict and he was a firm believer in education,” alluded Mncedisi. Becoming a civil engineer has always been his dream. “I always wanted to do something related to civil engineering because I am an artistic person and I enjoy drawing. In civil engineering, there are drawings of house plans and other structures. Studying civil engineering provides me with an opportunity to express myself artistically,” stated Mncedisi. He matriculated in 2014 and took a gap year due to the fact that he wanted to assist his father by providing for his family. “I later realised that I was making a mistake because I will not be able to provide for them without proper education,” he continued. In 2016, he enrolled for civil engineering at Ermelo Campus through the assistance of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme

(NSFAS). “I decided to join a TVET College because of the fact that it provides a lot of opportunities in terms of financial assistance as compared to a University,” alluded Mncedisi. He made the choice to join a TVET College even though people kept saying that TVET Colleges are for people who are not clever. He completed his qualification in 2017 and he was faced with the realities of unemployment. “I got a job at a local retail shop. I went to my lectures at the campus to inform them because I wanted to know the application process for a diploma. I was told that working at a retail shop will not help me get my Diploma because it is not related to the qualification and that is when I was advised to apply for an apprenticeship at Skills Academy and Artisan Development,” stated Mncedisi. He applied and he was successful. He began the apprenticeship at the centre in April 2018. His facilitator at the centre, Sello Paille, pushed him to enter the competition because he was the only person who qualified to enter the competition in his class. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands. “I took the opportunity because of the prospects of learning new things and see other countries,” continued Mncedisi. Participation in the World Skills competition holds a huge potential to influence the development and employability of the South African Youth. In addition to this, it acts as an effective vehicle to increase awareness of apprenticeships and artisanal skills, raising the standard of vocational education and training. Mncedisi is proud of the fact that he will be representing the country in the International leg of the competition. “I feel that I have a responsibility in my shoulders to represent my country well and make everyone proud. I want to give it my best and bring the trophy home,” he said. His future plans are to open his own company that will specialise in civil engineering and building construction and to continue studying. His advice to young people who are not doing anything at the moment is “young people need to grab all the opportunities that are presented to them with both hands and work hard.” According to Paille, he is a well-behaved boy who carries out instructions correctly. “I would like to say to him, he should continue working as hard and listen to his trainer by doing what he is told,” advised Paille. The college management is proud of his achievements. “We appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in this competition and we are proud of Mncedisi Mkhaliphi, we know he will make us proud again in Russia,” concluded the college Acting Principal, Portia Mange. JD

The 22-year-old Mncedisi Mkhaliphi, a bricklaying apprentice at Skills Academy in Standerton, will be representing South Africa in the International Leg of the World Skills Competition in Kazan, Russia on 22 - 27 August.


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19 April 2019

Oud-Standertonner, ’n Liberty Radio Awards-wenner

Die Liberty Radio-toekennings is die enigste toekennings in die Suid-Afrikaanse radiobedryf. Sedert die eerste toekenning van sy soort in 2010, was daar aansienlike groei in die aantal inskrywings en in die aantal stasies wat deelgeneem het. Bedryfsterugvoering het ’n belangrike rol gespeel in die vordering van hierdie toekennings. Dit is te danke aan die vooruitsig van ’n groot groep soos Liberty, dat hierdie toekennings voortreflike uitnemendheid in die radiobedryf kan bevorder en erken. Die Liberty Radio Awards erken die beste van die beste in die bedryf en stel ’n maatstaf vir alle radiostasies en professionele persone om na te streef. ‘Gister Se Grootes’ met Francois van Rensburg het gewen in die kategorie ‘Best Weekend Radio Show’. Die ander genomineerdes in die kategorie was: HOT 91.9 FM

vir die Mark Pilgrim Show, Saturday Edition, HOT FM 91.9 FM se Easy Sunday with Bunny, MIX 93.8 FM se 360 Brunch, asook Radio Cape Pulpit 729 AM se Saterdag Samesyn. Francois se program het ál die bogenoemde programme geklop. Daar was meer as 1900 inskrywings vir die Liberty Radio Awards waarvan daar slegs ongeveer vyf titels per kategorie genomineer word. So selfs ’n nominasie is ’n prestasie as ’n mens die hoeveelheid inskrywings in ag neem. Estel Terblanche se program Klankkoerant Bylaag saai weeksdae uit tussen 08:00 en 09:00 op Pretoria FM. Die program wat deur haar saamgestel en uitgesaai word, is genomineer vir ‘Best Daytime Show’ by die Liberty Radio Awards. Die program bestaan uit aktualiteit, vermaaklikheid en ander interessante insetsels. Estel is die afgelope vier jaar ’n omroeper by Pretoria FM. JD

Estel Terblance, oud-Standertonner, se program ‘Klankkoerant’ is ook genomineer vir ’n Liberty Radio toekenning. Met meer as 1900 inskrywings, is dit reeds ’n groot mylpaal om te bereik deur bloot genomineer te word. Hier kan sy saam met Francois van Rensburg, wenner Francois van Rensburg is aangewys as wenner van die van die ‘Gister se Grotes’ program gesien word tydens die Liberty-toekenning vir sy ‘Gister se Grootes’ program. galageleentheid.

Lekwa receives plumbing consumables from Sasol

STANDERTON - A statement made on Facebook by Lekwa Communications, reads as follows: “Yesterday the 10th of April 2019, Sasol handed over 1000 plumbing consumables to Lekwa Local Municipality to show appreciation to the Municipality for giving workplace exposure to plumbing learners. The programme is called ‘War on Water Leaks’ with plumbing as a key trade. Mr Nechivave Monombe from TVET College indicated that the programme started in 2016 in partnership with Sasol, Goven Mbeki Municipality, Lekwa Municipality, Cobra and the Rand Water Foundation. It initially started in Goven Mbeki and was expanded to

Lekwa. The main purpose of this programme is to try and reduce water leakages within the region. Lekwa Municipality has a plant that pumps 27 mega litres a day and can be extended to 37 mega litres. An infrastructure backlog requires all of us to resolve it as the collective as the town has expanded. Ms Portia Mange, CEO of Gert Sibande College said: “As the College within Gert Sibande Region we support the key economic drivers of the region. The college has been selected as one of the 13 specialization colleges within the country for the millwright trade. “A state of the art building is being built at the Skills Centre in Standerton,” said Ms Mange. She further thanked the Municipality for hosting students in the workplace, as practical learning is important for their learners. The College is also exploring other programmes that will support the economy of Lekwa. Programmes such as farming, security and tourism opportunities. Partnership with Sasol and the Municipalities is always appreciated by the College. “It takes an entire community to build the town,” concluded Ms Mange. At the end of the programme Sasol officially handed over the consumables to the Executive Mayor of Lekwa Municipality. It now remains to be seen if these items will be put to the correct uses to alleviate the innumerable water leaks throughout the municipal area. JD

Deadline: Mondays at 14:00

19 April 2019

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News


GS alumnus enrolled at Oxford University STANDERTON - It is a dream to study abroad for many South Africans, this dream has become a reality for Sizwe Mkhwanazi (24), Gert Sibande TVET College alumnus. Sizwe received the news early in 2018 that he was admitted to study towards a doctorate in education at Oxford University in the UK. Sizwe was raised by his 72-year-old grandmother, Poppy Mkwanazi, in the rural area of Platrand, just outside Standerton in Mpumalanga. Like any other child raised in the rural area, he herded cows, fetched water from the river and sometimes cooked for his family. He was known for his excellent grades at school which is why the rural fog never clouded his mind because he had great plans for his life. In 2007 he joined Gert Sibande TVET College, Standerton Campus, and enrolled for a National Vocational Certificate (NCV) in office administration. He had just completed his grade 9 at Qondulwazi Secondary School. Sizwe was a top achiever from his first year at the college. In an interview after he received a laptop for being a top achiever, he said: “One day I am going to build a mall in Platrand.” At the time, we were surprised as to how such a young man could have such large dreams. ‘’I wish more parents would encourage children in grade nine to join TVET Colleges to improve their employment chances and better their skills. In South African public school we get a deficient matric results due to insufficient resources that causes a lot of young people not to qualify for University admission,” said the concerned Sizwe. Sizwe has maintained the discipline

throughout the years. In his final year, he applied to study at the University of Johannesburg for a diploma in 2011, which he completed in 2013. Joining the University of Johannesburg was not easy. The University told him that they do not recognise his NCV qualification. Gert Sibande TVET College had to intervene. This was disappointing to him, but he saw it as minor setback instead of an obstacle. The matter was resolved in no time and he was admitted. He continued studying and he completed a bachelor of technology degree at UJ in 2014. In 2015, he was awarded a Mandela Rhodes scholarship to study towards a master of technology degree in operations management at UJ’s engineering faculty. He was conferred the degree with distinction in 2017. During 2015 he simultaneously studied for a postgraduate diploma in management at NorthWest University through correspondence, which he completed in 2016. While studying he lectured in business management at UJ from 2015 to 2017. After receiving another scholarship, he left lecturing at UJ in September last year to pursue a Master of Science degree in business management entrepreneurship at Oxford Brooks University. He completed in September 2018. Sizwe said “being accepted at Oxford University was a step towards building his profile as a fully-fledged academic. My hope is, when I finish, I would have published enough and supervised enough master’s students so that I can apply for a professorship in the field of entrepreneurship education. JD

24-year-old Sizwe Mkhwanazi is on his way towards building his profile as a fully-fledged academic. When he completed grade 9 as a top achiever, he said that one day he will build a mall in Platrand, a dream that may very well become a reality.


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19 April 2019

Huidige situasie Bek en Klou in SA / Current situation Foot & Mouth in SA

Neem asb kennis: Alle geklassifiseerde advertensies moet asb per faks, per e-pos of per hand gelewer word. Geen telefoniese advertensies word geplaas nie. Die spertyd vir geklassifiseerde advertensies is Maandae 14:00. GEEN ADVERTEN­ SIE SAL GEPLAAS WOR D S ON D E R BETALING NIE! _______________ Please take note: All classified adverts must be submitted by fax, e-mail or by hand. No telephonic adverts will be published. The deadline for classified adverts are Mondays 14:00. NO ADVERTISE­ MENT WILL BE PLACED WITH­ OUT PAYMENT!

Klavierstem en repa rasies. Koop en verkoop van tweedehandse klaviere. Skakel Kobus by 082 893 4099/ 013 243 0702. _______________ Hidro Kleen. Skoon­ maak van matte, los matte, blinders, sitstelle en hardevloere. Diepreiniging van huise. Valet van voer­ tuie. Skakel ons vir spesiale aanbiedinge. Tel: 017 712 2499. Sel: 082 406 3190 / 084 299 3654 ________________ A M Cooling (Pty) Ltd, spesialiseer in alle verkoeling, koelkamers, vrieskamers, afdakke en hekmotors. Industriële wasma­ sjiene en industriële tuimeldroërs. Nuwe lugreëlings, en algemene herstelwerk. Skakel gerus vir Gerhard of Martin 079 897 5192/ 081 529 7150. ________________ A B C Driving School. Specialising in Code 8, 10 and 14. Pre employment assesment. Standerton Area. Phone 082 939 8136 / 082 260 3093.

_______________ Willie’s Pest Solu­ tions is ready to help with al your pest problems. Homes, business premises and guest houses. specialising in ant, cocroaches, lice, rodent control and lawns. Contact Willie 082 978 4874. ________________ Benmore Services. Building, renovating, plumbing and roofing. We also do roof repairs, waterproofing, ceilings, tilling and painting. Free quotation. Professional service call Ben 084 732 3319 / 072 218 3894.

Awesome Wendy’s at a very low price. Log cabin, Knotty Pine and Pallet wood. Prices for for Pallet wood, 2m x 2m R4 000, 3m x 3m R5 000, 3m x 4m R5 700. We move Wendy houses from point A to B. 5 Year quarantee. Phone Sam 073 091 6680. ________________ Klopper Meubelver­ voer. Groot en klein meubelvragmotors beskikbaar vir enige meubelvervoer. Eie­ naartoesig en drywer met vriendelike diens. Skakel Conrad Klopper by 082 774 6952. hcklopper@ ________________ A A B C D Wendy’s: Quality and affordable wendy’s made from pallet wood. All sizes availible. Treated for ant, rats, termites and waterproof. Pallet wood prices; 2m x 2m R4 000, 3m x 3m R5 000, 3m x 4m R5 700. Phone Joe 073 283 5945 / 072 928 1724

Erf met woonstelreg­ te te koop in Meyerville. Erf is 2 407 m². Skakel 079 494 5194. ________________ Die Plaasmeule: 50 kg Heel Mielies R150 en 50 kg “crushed” mielies R170. Kantoorure Maandae tot Saterdae vanaf 14:00 tot 18:00. Skakel 082 301 2518. ________________ 4 U Fine Fragrance: Get the best for less. Do not settle for anything less. Get your 4 U Fine Fragrance today. Call 083 3773 379.

________________ Aranda komberse te koop. Skakel 017 712 6165.

Khosi’s Kidz / Teens Party hire: We offer themed party packages for 20 kids or more. Package includes: 5 kiddies tables, 20 kiddies chairs, 20 themed paper plates, cups, serviettes and tablecloths. 10 Heliumballoons, 20 hats, 20 party packs and a jumping castle. We also do decor for baby showers and hire out equipment. Phone 073 158 5176 / 082 554 2822. ________________ Khosi Hiring Ser­ vices: We hire out mattresses / sponges for events such as funerals, camps, conferences, sleepovers etc. We also hire out stretch tents and catering equipments such as big pots, gas stoves,food warmers, table clothes, cutlery and more. Contact numbers 082 554 2822 / 073 158 5176 / 065 656 3686.

1 Slaapkamer “batchelor” woonstel te huur, 4 km vanaf Standerton op die Bethal pad. Water en ligte is ingesluit. Toesluit afdak vir motor. R1 600 huur per maand. Dadelik beskikbaar. Skakel Theuns van der Merwe 072 415 1545. ________________ 2 Slaapkamer woon­ stel met klein erf en tuin te huur. 1 Badkamer, oopplan kombuis en sitkamer. Toesluit motorafdak. Ten volle gemoniteerde alarmstelsel en basiese tuindienste ingesluit. Beskikbaar vanaf 1 Mei 2019. R4 700 huur per maand en R4 700 deposito. Skakel 083 253 5714.

WhatsApp us on 076 438 1404

Shotokan Karate­ klasse word Maandae en Woensdae by Robertstraat 46 aangebied. Die Tiny Tigers (3­6 jaar) oefen van 16:45 tot 17:15. Normale klasse vanaf 17:15. Skakel Jannie by 082 6087 219. Lid van MPU Karate en Karate S A.

NASIONAAL - Na aanleiding van onlangse inligting deur Cape Wools SA (CWSA) rakende die Bek en Klou situasie in Suid­Afrika, het die nasionale voorsitter, Guillau du Toit die volgende boodskap vir produsente : 1. Produsente moet kennis neem dat die afhandeling van die proses om die Bek en Klou situasie tot normaal terug te bring, tyd gaan neem weens onderhandelinge tussen die regerings van Suid Afrika en China. 2. Indien moontlik moet produsente poog om die wol so lank moontlik op die rug van die skaap te hou, indien korter as 65 mm vetwol geskeer word. 3. Dit is veral kortwol wat onder prysdruk verkeer. 4. Bespreek die opsies met jou makelaar Guillau du Toit is tans in die buiteland en is alleenlik beskikbaar op WhatsApp 083 561 6325 vir enige verdere navrae en kommentaar.

NATIONAL - Following most recent information by Cape Wools SA (CWSA) regarding the Foot and Mouth situation in South Africa, the national chairman, Guillau du Toit has the following message for producers: 1. Producers need to take cognisance of the fact that negotiation to restore the status of Foot and Mouth disease in SA is a timeous process between South Africa and China governments. 2. If at all possible, producers must attempt to rather keep wool on sheep instead of shearing wool shorter than 65mm greasy. 3. It is the short wool in particular that is currently under pressure in the market. 4. Discuss all the options with your broker. Guillau du Toit is currently overseas and only available on WhatsApp 083 561 6325 for further questions or commentary. JD

PROVINCIAL ­ In less than two weeks, members of the South African Police Service and SANparks Rangers as well as Protection Services at Skukuza managed to arrest a total number of twelve suspects in the Kruger National Park for poaching related activities, in separate incidents. The latest incident involved three Mozambican men aged between 33 and 36, who were arrested on 25 February, at Stoltznek after being found in possession of a .458 rifle and ammunition without a licence as well as a silencer. They are appeared at the Bushbuckridge Magistrate’s Court. On Thursday, 21 February, SAPS members arrested three Mozambican nationals who were also found in possession of a hunting rifle and ammunition, a knife, a silencer and an axe. They appeared at the Bushbuckridge Magistrate’s Court the following day, Friday, 22 February, on charges of possession of a firearm and ammunition without a licence, trespassing, as well as possession of dangerous weapons. In the very same week on Wednesday, 20 February, two men, Phillip Mzimba aged 33 and Difference Mahlaule aged 34 appeared at the Skukuza

Periodical Court where they were remanded in custody after their arrest on Tuesday, 19 February, for possession of a firearm without a licence and trespassing charges. The pair was remanded in custody and appeared at the Bushbuckridge Magistrate’s Court on 28 February, for a formal bail application. Four men, Solly Silaule aged 35, Oddis Maluleke aged 43, Sam Khoza aged 26 as well as a SANParks employee, Phillip Gumede aged 48 were nabbed at the Kruger National Park before they could exit, with a freshly cut set of rhino horns, a hunting rifle and ammunition. They made their second appearance on 25 February at the Bushbuckridge Magistrate’s Court and were remanded in custody, with the case postponed for a formal bail application. The Provincial Commissioner of the SAPS in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, welcomed the arrest of the suspects and appreciated the good work being done by the members as well as other role players at the Kruger National Park. “Elephants and rhinos are a natural resource which needs to be preserved for future generations in the country”, said General Zuma. JD

12 Poachers behind bars since February

19 April 2019

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School renovation project halted STANDERTON - A project to renovate school toilets has been halted by a lack of cooperation from Lekwa Municipality’s Water and Sanitation Department. Leseli Combined School in Sakhile faces a shortage of toilets for the pupils after John Thompson, a division of Actom Pty Ltd, offered to renovate and repair the school toilets. The project was given to the local contractor, Asakhe Ndoda Pty Ltd, to render the work on behalf of Actom. In the process they discovered that the manhole on the sewer had been blocked completely and needed the attention of Municipal Water and Sanitation Department. The site

manager, Mr Jabulani Maseko, told the media of their frustration in trying to complete the project. He said that he had been continually reporting the problem to the municipality from 3 April, and he has been to the office more than five times and had also reported the problem to the ward councillor. No intervention seems to be forthcoming and as a result everything has come to a complete halt. Meanwhile hundreds of pupils are sharing one toilet. The hand-over of the project to Actom, scheduled for Friday, 12 April, was cancelled. Ward councillor E Nhlapo could not be reached for comment. DM

Contract workers are unable to replace these pipes due to a major sewer blockage. Inset: Blocked manhole at Leseli Combined School.

Properties raided by an unauthorised group

Food parcels destined to supply illegal miners found in a house in Evander.

Another day, another murder

STANDERTON - Police have expressed serious concern over the continuing trend of murders. This follows the discovery of yet another body on Sunday, 14 April. Communication officer, Captain Johannes Nhlabathi, reports that the body of an unknown man aged between 30 and 40 was discovered in a drainage ditch along the R23 by a passer-by in Extension 6 at about 06:00. The body was found with multiple stab wounds all over the body. People in the vicinity could not identify the deceased. He was found wearing blue jeans, a pair of tekkies and a white T-shirt. A case of murder was opened for investigation and Capt Nhlabathi appeals to the community members, who might have a family member missing or can assist with valuable information, to contact the investigation officer, Detective Warrant Officer Phillip Motaung on 083 526 7107 or 017 719 1250. “The body can be identified at the government mortuary,” Capt Nhlabathi said. DM The body of an unknown man was found dumped next to these water pipes along the R23 in Extension 6.

EVANDER - Police are investigating several cases of malicious damage to property and thefts following an unauthorised raid conducted by a group of people who call themselves “Govan Mbeki Municipality Forum”. It is reported that on Friday, 29 March, a group of people from eMbalenhle raided several residential properties, claiming to be clamping down on drug dealers. During the raids, they damaged property and looted the houses. SAPS communication officer, Sergeant Mbuli, said when police received the complaint and subsequently tracked down the group, they caught them (red handed) at a certain property, conducting searches in the house. A haul of packaged foods such as maize and canned foods were found in the house. The items were destined to supply illegal miners operating at various abandoned mines. He denied rumours that drugs and drug production equipment were found at the properties of foreign nationals, but confirmed that there were no drugs involved and the affected houses belong to both South Africans and foreigners. He urged residents to report to the police immediately if their properties are invaded by the so-called forum. DM


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Lourie gets to wear the green jacket STANDERTON - The yearly Sonskyn Masters golf challenge took place in Standerton on Saturday, 13 April. Thirty five eager golfers entered, all with the hope of being crowned the winner and given the prestigious green jacket. It was however Lourie Nel that kicked sand in his fellow golfer’s eyes and he was crowned the 2019 Sonskyn Master Championship winner with his 39 points. Lourie was followed by Louis Gravett, also with 39 points with Nico Lombard in

19 April 2019

Stannies skop seisoen met plekke in spogspanne af

third place. Jannie Nichols landed closest to the pin on number 2/11 as well as on 9/18, while Ruan Brink landed closest to the pin on 8 and 17. The longest drive on 5 / 14 was played by Ruan Brink and on 3 / 12 Theuns Adendorff played the longest drive. Standerton Golf Club will be closed on Friday, 19 April, but on 20 April there will be a family golf day and on Monday, 22 April, a normal IPS competition will be hosted. JD

Vanjaar se wintersportseisoen is skaars in aanvang of Standerton Laerskool se fikse spelers is besig om die bul by die horings te pak. Die o-12-rugby- en -netbalspelers (onder) het Maandag, 8 April, aan proewe vir twee gesogte spanne deelgeneem en hierdie agt leerlinge opgelewer wat almal daarin geslaag het om die keurders met hul lewendige spel te beïndruk. (Bo) Van links na regs is die drie rugbyseuns wat ’n plek in die Ermelo-streekspan losgeslaan het: Chris Schoeman, Ruan van der Sandt en Amu Thanjekwayo. Hulle kwalifiseer nou om eersdaags aan die proewe vir die Gert Sibandespan deel te neem. Lourie Nel, winner of the 2019 Sonskyn Master Golf championship in Standerton, receives the coveted green jacket from golf captain, Theuns Adendorff.

Leanell Loots, Christelle le Roux, Kimla Welmans, Alisha Uys en Kyla Steenkamp is elkeen op hul beurt in die Lekwa-Oosspan opgeneem en kan nou ook hul visiere op ’n plek in die streekspan rig.

Local clubs play riveting matches over weekend MORGENZON - On Saturday, 13 April, the following matches were played: Giya 2 - 2 Lions, Giya won 5 - 4 on a penalty shootout. Flamingo 0 - 2 Bright Future Stars and Classic 1 - 3 Juventus. The following teams played on Sunday 14 April: African Eagles 2 - 1 Holmdene

United, Inner City 2 - 1 Peacelovers, Sakhile Express 0 - 1 Festive and Killers 2 - 2 Broom Boys. Killers won 4 – 2, also on a penalty shootout. Finally Sivukile Shining Stars won 4 - 2 Kwaitos, Young Stars 4 - 1 Giya. (Results by Pat Amza Lukhele) JD

19 April 2019

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GS College hosts R5,6 miljard myn first ever workshop deur Sasol geopen

STANDERTON - Gert Sibande TVET College in partnership with Purchasing Consortium South Africa (PURCO-SA) hosted its-first-ever supplier’s workshop on 2 April 2019 at Standerton Campus. The purpose of the workshop was to educate suppliers on the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and College supply chain policy. This was done to equip suppliers to help them submit highquality quotations or tender documents when bidding. The workshop was also aimed at informing suppliers about the role of PURCO at the college, which is to implement DHET policy and provide other additional support services. Stephen Preston, a representative from PURCO gave a brief background of the company. PURCO was established in 1971 to assist universities with their tender administration processes. According to him, the company assist with tender processes in line with the Department of Higher Education and Training policy. He also mentioned that over 22 TVET Colleges in the country have joined PURCO to administrate their tender processes. He emphasised that the role of PURCO is to assist TVET Colleges, but the responsibility of taking the final decision lies with the colleges. The presentation by PURCO focused on the competitive bidding and committees that seat to award quotations, proposals and tenders. According to Preston, competitive bidding is a process of issuing a public bid with the intent that companies will put together their best proposal and compete for a specific project. “By law, this process is required for every government agency that issues a bid. Competitive bidding creates a transparent environment that is open and fair,” continued Preston. He mentioned that there are three types of committees, which are; a bid specification committee, a bid evaluation committee and a bid adjudication committee. Preston continued to state that the committees are appointed by the accounting officer. A bid specification committee is composed of a minimum of three members, one or more officials of the college, preferably the manager responsible for the function involving the end user for projects that exceed R30 000 to the maximum of R300 000. A bid evaluation committee consists of at least two officials from the college requiring the goods or service and at least one supply chain management official for projects that exceed R300 000. A Bid adjudication committees consist of at least three senior managers which include the Chief Financial Officer, at least two supply chain management practitioners and a technical expert in the relevant field for projects that exceed R500 000. Preston also emphasised the importance of furnishing all the required documents to be

uploaded on the college database. According to him, the following documents should accompany a bid; company registration documents, BBBEE certification, Latest Municipal account and a valid tax clearance certificate. Most suppliers were concerned about the proof of address due to the fact that it is needed for every bid and they are located in rural areas which present challenges when they need to bid. However, Preston stated the importance of such a document. According to him, it is needed to confirm the address and existence of a service provider. Centre for Entrepreneurship Rapid Incubator (CFERI) also gave a brief presentation that focused on the services of the centre. According to Sabelo Malindisi, Marketing Officer from the centre, the centre aims to develop local people with their small businesses. According to Malindisi, the centre was established in 2015 under the umbrella of the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD) with the supervision of the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA). The reason behind the establishment of such centres is to reduce the level of unemployment by reducing poverty and build good socioeconomic status and health by advocating entrepreneurship education. The centre achieves this through its incubation programmes. The audience remained on their seats throughout the presentations as the information they were given added value. The time for Question and Answers came, and Madoda Besani, Infrastructure Manager, was tasked to respond to questions on behalf of the college with the assistance of Pollet Nhlapo, Acting Procurement Manager. The engagement proved to be more valuable as further clarification and details were explained to suppliers who seemed happy and satisfied. One of the suppliers, Villy Mhlahlo indicated that the workshop was informative and it really did add value because they now understand some of the processes. The Acting Procurement Manager stated that the workshop helped most of the suppliers because it gave them a background about the supply chain processes. “We are happy as a college that the workshop was informative and it helped most of the suppliers see that the supply chain processes are followed,” concluded Nhlapho. (Media statement) JD

PROVINSIAAL - Die petrochemiese reus Sasol het Vrydag, 12 April, aangekondig dat hy amptelik ’n R5,6 miljard-steenkoolmyn in Mpumalanga geopen het. Impumelelo, wat “sukses” in Zulu beteken, is volgens Sasol een van die drie wêreldgehaltemyne wat hy in die afgelope dekade as deel van sy R14 miljard-mynvervangingsprogram gebou het. Die ander twee is Thubelisha en Shondoni. Die bekendstelling van die myn is deur Gwede Mantashe, minister van minerale hulpbronne, bygewoon. Volgens Sasol het Impumelelo die kapasiteit om 10,5 miljoen ton steenkool per jaar te produseer. Daar is tans 1 760 mense in diens van die myn, meestal van nabygeleë gemeenskappe in Mpumalanga. “Afgesien van die sowat 4 000 werksgeleenthede wat deur die nuwe myne onderhou word, is die nuwe myne ook noodsaaklik om steenkoolvoorraad vir Sasol Secunda se Synfuels-bedrywighede tot minstens 2050 te verseker,” het Bongani Nqwababa, gesamentlike president en uitvoerende hoof van Sasol gesê.

Volgens Nqwababa is ’n unieke aspek van die myne die beleggings in tegnologies gevorderde maatreëls wat Sasol aangeneem het om die veiligheid van sy werknemers én die omgewing te verseker. “Dit sluit in afstandwaarnemingstelsels op ons elektriese spoorlose-vervaardigingsmasjiene, wat ’n waarskuwing gee en uiteindelik tot stilstand kom indien iemand te naby aan die masjien is,” het hy gesê. Nog ’n tegnologiese maatreël is dat die myne elektroniese ligflikkeringstelsels het om die veiligheid van ondergrondse bedrywighede te verbeter. Hierdie stelsel trek visueel myners se aandag wanneer daar beweging in die dag is. Ander beleggings is verskeie soorte tegnologie om klankvlakke te verminder. Danksy Sasol se mynbedrywighede is hy die derde grootste steenkoolprodusent in Suid-Afrika met sowat 40 miljoen ton steenkool per jaar. Die produksie dra 13% tot Sasol se algehele inkomste by en is, volgens die maatskappy, integraal tot die energiemaatskappy se langtermynvolhoubaarheid. (ANA: Maroela media) JD

Sasol se Secunda-aanleg. Die R5,6 miljard Impumelelo myn is Vrydag geopen en beskik oor ‘n kapasiteit va 10,5 miljoen ton steenkool per jaar. (Foto: Jóhni Steenkamp)


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19 April 2019

Ghongskietdag trek 200 ervare skuts STANDERTON - Die skote het Saterdag, 6 April, by die skietbaan op Stoffel Bester se plaas naby Perdekop geknal toe ’n indrukwekkende totaal van 192 deelnemers vir die jaarlikse Höningvallei-ghongskietkompetisie aangelê het. Die geleentheid is deur die Suid-Afrikaanse Jagters- en Wildbewaringsvereniging se Edelvalktak (voorheen bekend as die Kosmostak) aangebied en het uit mansen vroueskuts van alle ouderdomme bestaan wat almal vir ’n totaal van 800 punte gemik en stérk kompetisie gebied het. Johan de Jager, Frederick Maritz en Callie Duminy het die kompetisie met ’n ongeëwenaarde puntetotaal van 800 uitoorlê en is aan die einde van die dag met die wentrofee huis toe. Al die ander skuts in die top vyf het daarin geslaag om die 700-merk te haal en dit was Jako Steenkamp wat met 780 punte die naaste aan die wentotaal geëindig het. Theunis du Plooy is derde met 760 punte, gevolg deur Stoffel Bester (750) in die vierdeplek en Riaan Booysen en Jean van den Berg in die gesamentlike vyfdeplek met 720 punte. Wat die vroue-afdeling betref het Sanet Schoeman stof in haar teenstanders se oë met 680 punte geskop en daarmee haar wenposisie met meer as 100 punte verseker. Celestie Bailey is tweede met 530 punte, terwyl Carla Lues en Lisa Smit die derdeplek met ’n totaal van 510 deel. In spanverband het die ‘Ratels’ met ’n gekombineerde puntetotaal van 2 820 geseëvier, terwyl die ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ met 2 230 punte as die beste vrouespan van die dag gekroon is. Een van die kompetisie se hoogtepunte was ’n superghong-afdeling van 505 m op die sesde baan wat net deur 38 van die 192 skuts getref was. Die name van die suksesvolle skuts is in ’n hoed gegooi vir ’n gelukkige trekking wat deur Dawie Bester gewen is. Hy is met ’n ultrasoniese skoonmaakmasjien vir sy geweerparte huis toe, terwyl Callie Duminy aan die einde van die dag as die lootjiewenner vir ’n splinternuwe geweer aangekondig is. Die Jagters- en Wildbewaringsvereniging van SuidAfrika nooi alle belangstellendes en jagentoesiaste vriendelik uit om met Standerton se Edelvalktak in verbinding te tree. Elri Bester is beskikbaar by 083 673 1473 vir meer inligting oor die klub se bedrywighede en vir enigeen wat by die skuts wil aansluit. Die volgende ghongskietkompetisie by Höningvallei word vir 3 Augustus beplan. DK

Tientalle van die omgewing se beste skuts het Saterdagoggend, 6 April, by Stoffel Bester se plaas, Höningvallei, aangemeld om hul plekke vir een van die Suid-Afrikaanse Jagters- en Wildbewaringsvereniging se jaarlikse ghongskietkompetisies in te neem. Die geleentheid was ’n wegholsukses met 192 skuts wat meesterlik vir die ghongteikens aangelê het.

Goud en silwer vir karatekas

Twee karatekas van die Skisa Three Swords dojo in Standerton, Jannie Degenaar en Reghardt Burger, het op 13 en 14 April aan die Karate Suid-Afrika se eerste ligabyeenkoms vir 2019 in Bloemfontein gaan deelneem. Reghardt verower ’n silwermedalje in sy kumite-afdeling en die klub se instrukteur, Jannie, verower ’n gouemedalje in die meester kataafdeling. Mpumalanga provinsie, waarvan hierdie twee deel was, het altesaam drie gouemedaljes, drie silwermedaljes en nege bronsmedaljes verower.

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19 April 2019  

All the local news for the week of 19 April 2019.

19 April 2019  

All the local news for the week of 19 April 2019.