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Verspreidingsgebied: Standerton, Morgenzon, Balfour, Trichardt, Secunda, Bethal, Volksrust, Ermelo en omgewing

18 Mei / May 2018

’n Gru-botsing op die Leeuspruitbrug verlede Vrydag het die lewe van ’n bekende boer in die Standerton-omgewing geëis. Die pad is later vir verkeer gesluit sodat nooddienspersoneel kon voortgaan om die oorledene se liggaam uit sy bakkie te verwyder. Inlas: Wyle Mnr Jan Goosen STANDERTON - ’n Botsing wat op Vrydag, 11 Mei, net buite Standerton op die Morgenzon-pad net na die Leeuspruitbrug plaasgevind het, het die lewe van ’n bekende boer, Jan Goosen (56) van die omgewing geëis. Volgens inligting op die toneel het ’n vragmotor vanaf Standerton in die rigting van Morgenzon gery

en die oorledene was in sy dubbelkajuit bakkie op pad in Standerton se rigting. Daar is ook op die toneel genoem dat die oorledene se bakkie skielik uitgeswaai het en reg van voor met die vragmotor gebots het. Nooddiens personeel en Standerton Polisie was spoedig op die toneel en die pad is later vir verkeer

gesluit. Die erg geskokte bestuurder van die vragmotor is op die toneel vir sy veelvuldige beserings behandel en sou, op sy aandrang, later deur sy eie huisdokter in Bethal ondersoek word. ’n Saak van strafbare manslag is geopen en die polisie-ondersoek duur nog voort. JD


18 Mei / May 2018

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Sakhile man sentenced to ten years behind bars STANDERTON - Tshepo Thomas Mhlongo (33) will spend the next decade behind bars after the court found him guilty of the murder of a 27-year-old woman in Sakhile in 2016. The case was heard at Standerton Regional Court on 7 May. It is alleged that the suspect and the de-

ceased were involved in a heated argument at a party in Extension 4 in the early hours of 4 September 2016. During the brawl the suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed the deceased in full view of the other party goers. When police and paramedics arrived on the scene the woman was declared dead. Detec-

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Die polisie in Bethal het om ongeveer 07:15 op 10 Mei inligting ontvang dat ’n voertuig in die Bethal Dam beland het. Polisieduikers van Secunda is dadelik ontplooi en hulle kon daarin slaag om die liggaam van ’n 49-jarige man uit die voertuig te verwyder. Die man is op die toneel deur paramedici dood verklaar. Geen verdere besonderhede is nog bekend nie. (Foto verskaf)

tive Sergeant Shadrack Ngema tracked down the suspect who was found in a hiding place on 5 September. He was arrested and charged with murder. Although the suspect was convicted for the murder, the community feels that he received a lenient sentence for a brutal murder of a defenceless woman. DM

Husband, wife and child shot

EVANDER - Evander police were summoned by neighbours in the Leopard Trees flats in Evander to a possible suicide. Upon their arrival they found the door locked and nobody responded to their knocks. The police then used a ladder to enter through a window on the second story and saw a woman lying on a bed with a baby girl lying next to her. The husband was found lying slumped over the woman. All

three family members were shot and they were certified dead by paramedics on the scene. A 9 mm firearm was lying next to the man (suspect). With further investigation, it is alleged that the man shot his wife and child at close range before turning the gun on himself. Police believe the incident seems to be a family murder. Three spent cartridges were also found on the scene. JD

Stolen vehicle found near town

STANDERTON - A blue Ford Fiesta was reported stolen in Piet Retief on Wednesday, 9 May. After intensive search actions undertaken by Kasselman Security Services, the vehicle was found just outside Standerton on the Ermelo road at about 20:19. It is suspected that the vehicle broke down and it was towed by

another vehicle. Three suspects, one of whom was found in the stolen vehicle and two in the towing vehicle, were arrested. Constable Sibiya is the investigating officer and you can call him on 082 847 5034 should you have any additional information regarding this matter. JD

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

18 Mei / May 2018

Missing girl found dead

SECUNDA - The search for a missing 11-year-old girl ended tragically when her body was found just two days after she went missing. Information at police disposal revealed that on Monday, 7 May, the girl was sent to a nearby shop and her mother became worried when she never returned back home. The family went to search for her but with no success and the matter was then reported to the police. A missing person’s inquiry was opened and a search team consisting of detectives, members

of the K9 Unit and police divers were assembled immediately. The search continued unsuccessfully until late on Tuesday where the team combed the area including a nearby river. On 9 May, at approximately 06:30, police were summoned to a house in Extension 15, Embalenhle, after community members spotted the body of a child lying next to the house. A short probe by police revealed that the lifeless body was the one of the girl who was reported missing.

According to the police spokesperson, no obvious marks were found on the child’s body which could indicate the cause of her death and a post-mortem examination will be conducted. The Police are looking for information that could lead to the arrest of a suspect or suspects responsible for the death of the 11-year-old girl. Any person with information is urged to call Detective Captain Sakhile Mlotshwa at 071 738 4148 or to call the SAPS Crime Stop number 08600 10111. JD

16 firearms stolen, suspects sought

This 11-year-old girl, whose name is known to the Cosmos news, went missing on 7 May after her mother sent her to a shop close-by. Her lifeless body was discovered at 06:30 on 9 May and police are still investigating this suspected murder. (Photo supplied)

PROVINCIAL - Police are looking for three suspects that broke into a house at Matekula Farm in Waterval Boven and stole 16 firearms on Thursday, 10 May. Information at police disposal revealed that the suspects allegedly got into that house through a widow by forceful means, where after they held the owner at gunpoint, before tying him to a chair. The suspects then went into the victim’s workshop, where they took a crowbar and proceeded to smash a glass door of a neighbouring house belonging to the victim’s brother. The intruders ransacked

the house, found two safes which they broke open and stole 16 firearms from. 11 were hunting rifles, four were shotguns and one a pistol. They then loaded all the firearms, ammunition, a TV and a computer in a silver Volvo, with registration number HCN 528 MP, belonging to the victim and fled the scene. Police urge any person(s) with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to contact Detective Warrant Officer Raymond Mammaila at 072 023 1542 or call the SAPS Crime Stop number 08600 10111. JD



Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

18 Mei / May 2018

Mnr Petit SA staan sy skoene vol You become who you surround yourself with As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens [and influences] another [through discussion]. (Proverbs 27:17) If we listen, God will speak to us about our relationships – our marriages, friendships, business associations, and even casual acquaintances. He may ask us to sever friendships or relationships with people who can tempt us to stray from His plan for our lives. We can easily become like those we spend time with. If we spend time with people who are selfish and self-centred, we may soon find ourselves often focused on ourselves, thinking about what we can do or get for ourselves. In contrast, God may encour-

age us to make friends with someone who is a giver. If we spend time with such a person, before long, we will be givers, too. It is enjoyable and beneficial to spend time with someone who really hears from God, someone who truly senses what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing. It is not fun to spend time with people who are dull in their spiritual hearing, and we can tell when we are with someone like that. The verse for today says that “iron sharpens iron,” and we can sharpen our ability to hear the right things by being with people who practice listening for God’s voice and obeying Him.

STANDERTON - Jean-Roux Flack (7), Mnr Petit Suid-Afrika 2018, is volstoom aan die gang om sy doelwitte wat hy vir sy jaar gestel het, te bereik. Verskeie instansies en persone het hom reeds vir optredes bespreek en hy sal ook teenwoordig wees, by onder andere, die jaarlikse Standerton Skou. Daar is egter ’n beroep wat hy op Standerton se inwoners wil doen. “Ten einde my doelwitte te bereik en soveel moontlik mense te kan help, het ek ’n paar skenkings nodig. Hierdie skenkings kan nie-bederfbare voedsel, klerasie en sagte speelgoed insluit en sal voorwaar ’n groot verskil in behoeftige mense se lewens kan maak.” Vir meer besonderhede, skenkings of besprekings kan Jean-Roux by 083 468 5172 geskakel word. Hy maak staat op sy gemeenskap se hulp en bedank almal by voorbaat vir hul broodnodige bydraes. JD Die sewe-jarige Jean-Roux Flack, wat vroeër vanjaar aangewys is as Mnr Petit Suid-Afrika is besig om hard te werk om sy doelwitte te bereik. Ten einde al sy doelwitte te behaal, het hy egter die hulp van Standerton se gemeenskap nodig. Selfs sagte speelgoed word deur die jongman aan behoeftige kinders uitgedeel en vir sekere van dié kinders is dit hul enigste speelding.

Akademie maak hul harte oop

Standerton Akademie het Woensdagoggend, 9 Mei, ’n vrolike Hemelvaartfeesviering in die skoolsaal gehou wat die leerlinge, personeel, ouers én inwoners van Kosmos Aftree-Oord op ’n heel gepaste wyse betrek het. Die leerlinge het deur die loop van die week fondse ingesamel en dit Woensdagoggend, ná ’n geestelike boodskap vanaf dominee Henk Boshoff van die NG-Wesgemeente en voor die hele skoolgemeenskap, aan verteenwoordigers van die ouetehuis as die skool se bydra tot die belangrike verantwoordelikheid wat hierdie instansie teenoor die bejaardes van die gemeenskap volstaan, oorhandig. Die hoof, Steve Swanepoel, kan heel agter saam met die leerlingraad gesien word en voor, van links na regs, is die inwoners van Kosmos Aftree-Oord, oomblikke ná die oorhandiging: Barnie Viljoen, Anette Wessels, Bettie Visagie, Natie Strydom, Fransie Crouwkamp en Karina Urquhart (bestuurverteenwoordiger).

18 Mei / May 2018

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News



Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Sewage crisis stays as is Lekwa’s troubles are nowhere near over

STANDERTON The ANC in Mpumalanga has rejected a motion calling on the Department of Cooperative Governance to resolve the sewage crisis that has plagued Lekwa Municipality for the past nine years. They also refused to consider the possibility of constructing a new Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the municipality. During a recent in-loco inspection of the waste water treatment plant in Standerton and at Rooikoppen, the DA, accompanied by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC), found that the sewage crisis in Lekwa had deteriorated since they requested an investigation by the SAHRC in 2016. It is deeply concerning that the ANC would allow for the people of Lekwa to continue living under such inhumane conditions where their health and safety is under constant threat. Some of the issues that the DA and the SA Human Rights Commission witnessed in Lekwa include the following: • Raw untreated sewage continues to overflow from manholes and pipes into the people’s homes and down streets in Rooikoppen and in town; • Despite improvements made by the Department of Water and Sanitation, faulty

pumps at the old plant divert untreated sewage to a dysfunctional new plant in Standerton; • Due to faulty pumps the air required to keep the microorganisms, that break down waste, alive cannot be produced; • The sludge pump and dry beds have not been working for many months; • The readings on the chlorine gas bottles are not up to standard; and • There are no operators to work night shift and in the event of an emergency the WWTP is bypassed and water is diverted into the Vaal River. The ANC has made it clear that there will be no new dawn for the people of Lekwa who under the ANC are forced to live with raw sewage flowing between their homes. The SAHRC is currently investigating the Lekwa sewage crisis and the DA will continue to support this investigation by providing all the necessary evidence and cooperation until there is a finding on this matter. Nobody deserves to be subjected to the inhumane conditions that the ANC has forced the people of Lekwa Municipality. The people of Mpumalanga’s needs will only be prioritised by a DA-led government, which will bring total change by delivering quality services, creating jobs and stopping corruption. (Media statement) JD

18 Mei / May 2018

Four nabbed for possession of firearms and ammunition SECUNDA - The Secunda Flying Squad pounced on four men aged between 36 and 47, who were found to be in unlawful possession of firearms and suspected stolen property near the Trichardt Toll Gate outside Secunda. The flying squad were executing their routine patrol duties on 8 May, at about 19:00, when they stopped a black BMW X3 with four occupants for a search. During the search, police found three firearms with serial numbers filed off, ammunition, packs of cigarettes and airtime

vouchers and as a result, all four were arrested on the spot. Several of the cigarette packs had blood stains on them. Police further seized the suspects’ vehicle including the loot. The profiling of the suspects is underway to check for their involvement in other crimes and the firearms will be sent for ballistic testing for further investigation. The suspects appeared before the Secunda Magistrate’s Court facing charges of possession of unlicensed

firearms and ammunition, as well as possession of suspected stolen property. The Provincial Commissioner of the police in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, applauded the Flying Squad for the arrest of the suspects and for confiscating the firearms which could have been used in the commission of crime. He encourages police members to increase their visibility and execute more stop searches, which will assist in eliminating illegal items and lethal weapons. JD

Unknown man found floating in river STANDERTON - Police responded to a report about a man floating in the Vaal River behind the industrial area on Monday, 7 May. Upon their arrival, the man’s partially decomposed body was found floating close to the banks of the river with his hands tied behind his back with a rope. Although an inquest was opened, police believe the man was murdered and Captain Johannes Nhlabathi revealed that the case is more likely to be investigated as murder

because of the circumstances surrounding his death. The deceased who is estimated to be between 25 and 30 years old was wearing a red t-shirt, brown leather jacket, brown belt, pair of navy trousers and brown boots. Capt Nhlabathi is appealing to the public or relatives of a missing person to visit the government mortuary to identify the body. Please call 017 719 1250 for more information. DM

18 Mei / May 2018

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News


Operation Coronation nabs 29 suspects STANDERTON - Sakhile police embarked on Operation Coronation during the month of April. The operation was intended to bring down crime that has been skyrocketing in the past months. The Crime Prevention Unit assisted by the K9 Unit followed leads from the community and suspects implicated in various criminal activities were nabbed during the month-long operation. One suspect was arrested for the murder of the late Roy Dlamini who was stabbed to death in April. 20 suspects were arrested for drug dealing and a haul of drugs was seized from the suspects. Three suspects were arrested for the possession of illegal firearms and ammunition. One suspect was arrested for stock theft and

another suspect was found in possession of stolen security gates. Two suspects were arrested for assault and two nabbed for drunken driving. One suspect was arrested for the possession of a stolen vehicle, an illegal firearm and ammunition. Constable Duduzile Zwane said that the community was very helpful in providing police with information. The success of the operation is attributed to SAPS members who worked long hours every day to track down criminal activities. The Crime Prevention Unit mounted various stop and search maneuvers and random patrols at so-called crime hot spots. Cst Zwane calls on members of the community to rally behind the police to fight crime. DM

Drugs, dagga and illegal firearms and ammunition were part of the exhibits confiscated from suspects during Operation Coronation.

Detective unit moves to new premises STANDERTON - SAPS’ Communication Officer, Captain Johannes Nhlabathi, released a media statement to inform the public at large that the Detective Unit that was based in Beyers NaudÊ Street has been relocated to Standerton Police Station in Charl Cilliers Street. The Detective Unit is now on the third floor of the building. The embattled unit has been embroiled in a controversial incident recently where six de-

tectives were arrested for alleged business robbery and released on bail of R1 000 each. The suspects have since been served with letters of suspension. Inside sources claim that members defied a provincial instruction to relocate to the new premises and in reaction the provincial Commissioner of Police, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, made an unannounced visit to Standerton on Tuesday, 8 May. He reportedly instructed all members to

move to the new premises and those who defy his instructions must pack their belongings and leave the institution. As a result members moved to the new premises on Wednesday, 9 May. The community is calling on management to act decisively to bring stability to the embattled unit to render better services to the people. The public is therefore urged to call station number 017 719 1250 for more information and to access the Detective Unit. DM


Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

18 Mei / May 2018

Firearm recovered after search BALFOUR - On 11 May, a 35-year-old male briefly appeared before the Balfour Magistrate’s Court for possession of an unlicensed firearm. Local businessman, Zakhele Maya’s arrest follows a random stop and search by the railway police. While searching the car that was driven by Mr Maya police found a firearm and ammuni-

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tion and when asked for his licence to possess a firearm, police were told that the firearm belonged to Maya’s friend. He was arrested on the spot. During his court appearance, Maya was released on R1 000 bail and his case was postponed to 16 July, pending the outcome of the ballistic results from the forensic laboratory. JD

18 Mei / May 2018

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

MEC inspires pupils at Khunjuliwe STANDERTON - MEC of Education in the province, Mr Sibusiso Malaza, made a follow-up visit to Khunjuliwe Secondary School on Thursday, 3 May after the transport issues they had to inspire and motivate pupils to work hard to achieve the best results they can in the end-of-year examinations. Lekwa West Circuit Manager, Ms Jesmeen Mahomed, acknowledged the presence of Lekwa Local Municipality’s Executive Mayor, Councillor Linda Dhlamini and welcomed MEC Malaza. In the keynote address of the day, MEC Malaza said every person must strive to be the architect of his or her own future, regardless of family background and circumstances. They must be the change of their circumstances at home and their communities. “Education is the only weapon that can defeat poverty. Make use of the opportunities presented to you for a better and brighter future,” he said. He urged them furthermore to respect their

teachers as if parents when they are away from home. He warned female pupils not to allow their male counterparts to use them as sex objects. MEC Malaza warned them about the consequences of teenage pregnancy which is detrimental to their future. In conclusion, the MEC asked matriculants to commit themselves so that the school can deliver a 100% pass rate. In return he committed himself by offering a full bursary for the best student at school. A team from Imbumba Foundation, led by Ms Ntombi Mabaso, distributed sanitary towels to all the girls at school. MEC was accompanied by the department’s Chief Director, Ms Nono Maribe, Provincial Spokesperson, Mr Jasper Zwane, and Gert Sibande District officials. The School Governing Body’s chairperson, Mr Jabulani Maluleke, and school Principal, Mrs Zakithi Makhubo, thanked the MEC for his support and motivation. DM

Girls at Khunjuliwe Secondary School received sanitary towels from Imbumba Foundation members after a visit from Provincial MEC of Education, Mr Sibusiso Malaza. In the white jacket is Mr Jabulani Maluleke (SGB chairperson), Ms Jesmeen Mahomed (Circuit Manager), and on the far right is Mr Sibusiso Malaza (MEC), Cllr Linda Dhlamini (Executive Mayor) and Mrs Zakithi Makubo (Principal).


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18 Mei / May 2018

Nuutaangestelde adjunkhoof neem haar plek in

Mariëtte Koen

STANDERTON - Hoërskool Standerton is trots om aan te kondig dat Mariëtte Koen – ’n geliefde onderwyser en departementshoof – pas as adjunkhoof aangestel is. Sy vul die pos wat sedert die aftrede van haar pa, Deon de Villiers, aan die einde van 2017 vakant gelaat is. Koen stap al ’n lang pad met Hoërskool Standerton. Sy het in 1999 as hoofmeisie én duxleerling gematrikuleer en daarna haar studies by die Universiteit van Johannesburg afgeskop. Sy is ’n foendie in die ekonomiese vakgebied en haar

lys van indrukwekkende kwalifikasies sluit ’n BCom-rekeningkundegraad en ’n honneursgraad in BCom-finansiële bestuur in, waarna sy haar nagraadse onderwysdiploma deur die Universiteit van Suid-Afrika voltooi het. Koen se onderwysloopbaan het in 2005 by Hoërskool Monument in Gauteng afgeskop. Sy het egter die volgende jaar teruggekeer na haar tuisdorp en by Hoërskool Standerton se onderwysspan aangesluit waar sy die leer vinnig geklim het. Sy is in 2012 as departementshoof van eko-

nomiese- en bestuurswetenskap aangestel en het die pos vir die volgende ses jaar vlytig volgestaan. As onderwyser is Koen vir haar toewyding en passie vir haar vakgebied bekend en het sy in 2015 die tweedeplek in die nasionale onderwyserstoekennings vir uitnemendheid in sekondêre skoolonderrig ontvang. Sy het haarself voorgeneem om hierdie nuwe posisie by Hoërskool Standerton met toewyding aan te pak en die skool wens haar alle sterkte met dié groot taak toe. DK

Nóg Erries bevorder tot provinsiale vlak Stratege haal streekspan



Kosmosnuus het in verlede week se uitgawe oor 15 van Hoërskool Ermelo se hokkiemeisies wat in vanjaar se Mpumalangaspanne opgeneem is, verslag gelewer. Die o-14-spelers se finale spanne was op daardie stadium nog nie bevestig nie, maar die meisies is sedertdien van hul spanplasing in kennis gestel en die skool stel hulle hiermee graag aan die gemeenskap bekend. (Foto 1) Agter, van links na regs, is Deidre van der Meyden (A-span), Kayla van der Meyden (A-span), Caylin Loock (B-span) en Carla Ferreira (A-span). Voor is Chloë van Wyngaardt (B-span), Sinethemba Nkosi (A-span) en Danel Olivier (A-span). Hoërskool Ermelo is ook trots om aan te kondig dat drie van hul beste netbalspelers gekeur is om Mpumalanga tydens die 2018-seisoen te verteenwoordig. (Foto 2) Agter is Tegan Panos (o-18 B) en Amy Greyling (o-16 A) en voor is U-Lené Nortjé (o-14-span).

Laerskool Kalie de Haas se skaakspelers het Vrydag, 4 Mei, uitsonderlik presteer toe die tyd vir die jaarlikse Lekwa-toernooi waarin die Oos- en Weskringskole mekaar die stryd aansê, aangebreek het. Die skool se o-11-seuns, o-13-meisies en o13-opespan het almal algehele top drie-plekke behaal en hierdie drie leerlinge is daar-en-dan in die Gert Sibande-streekspan van 2018 opgeneem. Junior Mudau (wen vier uit vier) en Marli Wolmarans (wen twee uit twee). Ingelas is Wolmarans in aksie waar sy teen ’n leerling van Laerskool Jeugkrag speel.

18 Mei / May 2018

Georgies go for gold

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Stannies lewer drie Liggies maak skoonskip Pumaspelers op


Now that the 2018 netball league for LSEN schools is in full action, Hoërskool George Hofmeyr is taking on one school after the other. Last week they crossed swords with Platorand School from Belfast and achieved a decisive victory with the following results: u-15 team (24-14), u-16 team (16-8), second team (13-5) and the first team (16-17). Mandisa Khalishwayo of the first team can be seen in action as she is scoring one of her team’s 16 points against Platorand on Thursday, 10 May.



Vrydag, 11 Mei, was ’n baie belangrike dag vir Laerskool Standerton se top wintersportspelers, aangesien die finale proewe vir die provinsiale netbal- en rugbyspanne in Middelburg en Witrivier gehou is. Die spelers het reeds vroegoggend vertrek en uitsonderlike uitslae vir Laerskool Standerton opgelewer toe drie die gesogte Pumaspan gehaal het. (Foto 1) By afrigter Charlotte Gouws is Teninke van Niekerk, Laerskool Standerton se uitblink-netbalspeler wat noukeurig vir vanjaar se o-12-Mpumalangaspan uitgesoek is. (Foto 2) Van links na regs is Laerskool Standerton se provinsiale rugbyspelers van 2018 – Xander Fourie en Marius Jordaan. Hulle is ná drie strawwe rondes in die o-12-Mpumalangaspan opgeneem.

Drie van Ligbron Akademie vir Tegnologie se fikse langasems het Saterdag, 5 Mei, aan Atletiek Suid-Afrika, oftewel ASA, se vierde landloopliga by Laerskool Wittenberg in Piet Retief deelgeneem en breëbors met twee nasionale oorwinnings en ’n tweedeplek huiswaarts gekeer. Van links na regs is Eugene Oosthuizen met sy gouemedalje in die o-15-ouderdomsgroep, Wandile Makhanya met sy gouemedalje in die o-14-afdeling en Kemaine Venter met haar silwermedalje in die o-17-groep. Dit wil gedoen wees!


Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

18 Mei / May 2018

Jonge RJ kraai Judoka’s gradeer koning

Standerton Judoka’s het onlangs gegradeer. Agter van links na regs is Braydon Gifford (geelbelt), Daniël Matthews (geelbelt). In die tweede ry is, Nico Jordaan (geelbelt), Harold de Beer (sensei), Gerald Frohlich (geelbelt), Jan Jordaan (geelbelt) en JJ van Zyl (geelbelt). Voor is Izan Frohlich (geelbelt), Zander du Toit (witbelt), Divan Matthews (geelbelt), James Alcock (geelbelt), Zian Erasmus du Toit (witbelt) en Waldo van Zyl (geelbelt). Bradly Alcock (oranjebelt) en Katelyn Alcock (oranjebelt) was afwesig toe die foto geneem is. Judo-klasse word elke Maandag- en Woensdagaand aangebied by die NG-Wes kerksaal. Woensdae van 17:30 tot 18:00 is die Judo Akkedissies, met ouderdomme van 4 tot 6 jaar welkom. Indien iemand belangstel kan sensei Harold de Beer gerus geskakel word by 082 040 8186.

Plaaslike karateka’s presteer Die jong en kranige gholfspeler, RJ Kinnear, het tydens Saterdag, 12 Mei, se IPS kompetisie, die ouer garde ’n ding of twee gewys toe hy as die dag se wenner aangewys is. RJ behaal altesaam 39 punte en word gevolg deur Lourie Nel (38), Attie van der Westhuizen (36) en Stephen Nortjé (35). RJ kan hier gesien word waar hy op die eerste bof afslaan. Op Saterdag, 19 Mei, sal daar ’n Bonus Bogey-kompetisie plaasvind met die New Denmark Colliery-kompetisie op 25 Mei. Die jaarlikse Kansa Gholfdag sal op 16 Junie aangebied word en belangstellendes word reeds aangeraai om hul name op die inskrywingslys te plaas aangesien daar beperkte afslaantye is.

Reney Raven en Amy-Lee van Wyk het op 12 Mei aan die jaarlikse Ku Yu Kai Suid-Afrika karatekompetisie in Witbank gaan deelneem. Dié twee kranige karatekenners is lede van die Skisa Three Swords karateklub in Standerton en het twee goue en een bronsmedalje huis toe gebring. Amy-Lee ontvang goud vir kata en brons vir kumite en Reney word aangewys as die wenner in haar kata-afdeling.

18 May 2018  

All the local news for the week of 18 May 2018

18 May 2018  

All the local news for the week of 18 May 2018