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Jaar/Year 6

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Matters in own hands

Verspreidingsgebied: Standerton, Morgenzon, Balfour, Trichardt, Secunda, Bethal, Volksrust, Ermelo en omgewing

STANDERTON - Several business owners in Standerton are fed up with the incompetent management of the storm water drainage system. After severe damage by two successive flash floods was caused by the small stream meandering through the central business district, these business men decided to take matters in their own hands and to clean the garbage that block the flow of water trough the stream. This stream originates next to Extension 6 and 7 and huge amounts of rubbish are being washed into town, blocking grates and narrowing bends in the stream’s flow. An excavator was used in Coligny Street to remove dirt and all other types of refuse in an attempt to widen the water flow and bulldozers were used in Vry Street to clean the stream. It remains to be seen if and when the local municipality will rebuild the screen walls that were pushed over by water on the Coligny Street bridge. This poses a severe threat to motorists and pedestrians alike as it is a couple of metres from the road surface to the water level below and could result in a fatality should a person fall from the unprotected bridge. JD

17 Februarie/February 2017

An excavator was used to remove excess dirt and huge amounts of rubbish after two successive flash floods caused major damage to businesses in town. The flow of the stream was hampered by the blockages caused by rubbish that piled up in the stream. (Inset) The stream meandering through the central business district was cleaned and the banks widened in an effort to get water to flow to the Vaal River and not to get clogged and overflow into adjacent businesses.


17 Februarie/February 2017

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Lekwa Clean-Up Crew to the rescue

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After the extremely poor road conditions were published on the front page of the previous issue of the Cosmos News, it was once again Lekwa Clean-Up Crew that came to the rescue. LCUC filled the potholes with rocks and soil in an effort to make the road passable. Unfortunately, it seems as if the situation was like water off a duck’s back to the responsible authority.

School plunged into darkness STANDERTON - Education MEC, Reginah Mhaule, must urgently intervene at Retsebile Primary School in Lekwa Municipality after their electricity was disconnected due to nonpayment by the Mpumalanga Province’s Department of Public Works. The school has been without electricity since 12 January this year after being informed by the municipality that Public Works has not paid rates and taxes to the value of R105 000. Without electricity, food provided by the feeding scheme cannot be prepared or refrigerated. It makes it difficult to conduct lessons without the help of electricity. While the school is responsible for paying its municipal account for basic services, it is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works to make sure that the rates and taxes are paid to the municipality. The Department of Education must ensure that the pupils and teachers don’t bear the brunt of the Department of Public Works’ ineffectiveness. The needs of pupils must come first. The suffering that is being endured by the pupils at Retsebile Primary School is a direct result of the government’s failure to pull together in order to support schools and pupils. Our pupils are the future leaders of this province and this country. In order to succeed, they must be given opportunities to learn and grow in a conducive environment that is focused on ensuring that they do well. MEC Mhaule must ensure that these pupils are assisted immediately so that they can get back to effective learning. The DA has written an urgent letter to the MEC urging her to intervene at Retsebile Primary School before it’s too late. JD

Taps run dry in Yet another Thuthukani truck stuck

STANDERTON - Angry members of the community from Thuthukani, a residential area close to the mine and Eskom’s Tutuka Power Station, have resorted to talking to the media on Tuesday, 7 February, to highlight their plight and frustration about the failure of Lekwa Local Municipality to restore the water supply in the RDP residential section of Thuthukani. They claim that the water supply was cut off after pipes burst three weeks ago. The problem was reported to the local ward councillor several times, but at print the community was still without running water. When contacted for comment, the Executive Manager of Technical Services, sent a text message that he could not talk. A text message was forwarded to him for a response about whether he was aware of the problem. Still there was no response. It is not sure if his office is aware of the problem in Thuthukani and whether the matter is being attended to. DM

This truck loaded with lengths of stolen railway lines got stuck in the mud two kilometres out on the Vrede road close to De Kuilen on 8 February,. This truck was found a few metres from the previous truck that was found on 6 January with stolen railway lines. The first truck mysteriously cought fire later the same day.

17 Februarie/February 2017

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Illegal medicine confiscated

MORGENZON - Members of the Morgenzon Police received an anonymous tip-off on Wednesday, 8 February, about a bakkie driving erratically on the Amersfoort road. Sergeants Nel and Mofokeng, as well as warrant officer Khubeka, responded and approximately 10 kilometres out on the Amersfoort road, they found the suspect vehicle. Inside the vehicle they found a South African man and two women hailing from Zambia. While searching the vehicle, a huge stash of illegal medicine was found and the three suspects was arrested and escorted to Morgenzon Police Station.

Illegal medicine to the estimated value of ­R800­ 000­ was­ confiscated­ by­ the­ Morgenzon­Police­on­Wednesday,­8­February,­after­ they­ received­ an­ anonymous­ hint­ of­ a­ vehicle­ driving­ erratically.­ ­ Two­ women­ from­ Zambia­ and­ a­ man­ from­ South­Africa­ was­ arrested­ and­ already­ appeared­ twice­ before­ Morgenzon­ Magistrate’s­ Court.­ ­ They­ were­ denied­bail­and­will­remain­in­custody.

Attempted murder on R23

STANDERTON - On 12 February, at about 01:30, a local resident left his workplace for home. While en route, it is believed that he became aware that he was being followed and at the Walter Sisulu Drive and Krogh Street crossing, the vehicle following him tried to push him from the road. The victim continued driving on the R23 up to where the old weigh bridge used to be, when he was forced to make a right turn into the weigh bridge area. Four men attacked the victim, stabbed him several times and left him for dead in the long grass next to the tarred surface. Apparently one of the suspects told another suspect that they must shoot the victim, but the second suspect replied that he (the victim) is already dead and they should leave the scene. After they left, the victim managed to crawl to the R23 main route and was able to flag down a passing motorist who summoned Standerton ambulance services. The victim was transported to the hospital with eight stab wounds. Early Sunday morning the police were still on the scene, searching for the knife as well as the victim’s car keys that was thrown into long grass. The police are investigating a case of attempted murder. JD

Huge quantities of schedule 4 and schedule 2 medicine, including Betasol cream (antiinflammatory, anti-allergic, antipruritikum) that can only be prescribed by a doctor to treat skin problems, Apetitio tablets (anti-allergy and appetite stimulant) only obtainable from a registered pharmacist and Epiderm crème (bacteria and fungus scalp treatment) to an estimated street value of R 800 000 were found. These prescription medicines are illegal in South Africa but are available in Zambia and India. It is assumed that the medicines were destined for street vendors where consumers may buy it over the counter without any doc-

tor consultation of prescriptions. Some of the ingredients contained in these medicines are cyproheptadine chlorine and clobetasol propionate. The three suspects appeared in Morgenzon Magistrate’s Court on Thursday and Friday, 9 and 10 February, and they were denied bail. Upon inspection of the two female suspects’ passports, it was noted that they only landed at King Shaka Airport in Durban on 8 Febru-


ary. The male suspect claimed that he was only hired to do the transport and does not know the two women or the buyers. While the two women were speaking to themselves in their own language, one of the police officers was able to deduce that the vehicle was one of three vehicles transporting medicine. The second vehicle was tracked down but at print the third vehicle was still not found. JD


Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

‘Ek Is’ gee om vir ons

Drie jaar gelede het ‘n 68-jarige Britse man, Roger Wilday, met sy Duitse skaaphond genaamd Jade in Birmingham, Engeland, in ‘n park gaan stap. Hulle was skaars in die park toe Jade skielik in die rigting van digte bosse begin hardloop. Ten spyte daarvan dat Roger haar telkemale teruggeroep het, het sy eenvoudig geweier om op te staan van waar sy tussen die bosse op die grond gaan lê het. Eers toe Roger nader stap, het hy die verlate plastiek-inkopiesak langs Jade gesien lê. Geskok het Roger besef dat dit beweeg. Toe hy dit oopmaak het hy ‘n pasgebore baba ontdek. Hy het dadelik die polisie gebel wat die baba na ‘n nabygeleë hospitaal geneem het. Die baba (wat later na Jade vernoem is), het gou aangesterk. Die polisie het in ‘n verklaring gesê dat hulle vermoed dat Jade 24-uur oud was toe sy gevind is. Indien Roger en Jade haar nie gevind het nie, sou sy heel moontlik nie die koue wintersnag oorleef het nie. Ek kan nie help om te wonder wat deur die ma se kop gegaan het toe sy haar pasgebore baba “weggegooi” het nie? Was daar trane? Verligting? Of was sy dalk geforseer om dit te doen? Dit sal ons nie weet nie. In Jesaja 49:15 lees ons: “Kan ‘n vrou

Clean audit efficiency is leadership ownership

haar eie baba vergeet, haar nie ontferm oor die kind wat sy in die wêreld gebring het nie? Selfs al sou so iets kon gebeur, Ek sal jou nie vergeet nie.” Wanneer vriende en familielede wat veronderstel is om ons lief te hê ons verwerp, word dit vir ons soms moeilik om God se groot omgee vir ons te verstaan - en daarin te glo. In Jesaja 49:16 sê Hy egter: “Ek het jou naam in my handpalms gegraveer.” Ook in Lukas 12:7 lees ons: “Selfs die hare op julle kop is almal getel. Moenie bang wees nie.” En in Psalm 139:13-16 staan geskryf: “U het my gevorm, my aanmekaargeweef in die skoot van my moeder... Wat U gedoen het, vervul my met verwondering... U het my al gesien toe ek nog ongebore was, al my lewensdae was in u boek opgeskrywe nog voordat ek gebore is.” Die ‘Ek Is’ gee om vir elkeen van ons. Hy het ons uniek gemaak en het planne van voorspoed en nie teenspoed vir ons elkeen se lewens. Mag ons vandag ons oë op Hom hou met die wete dat al voel ons ook eensaam, verstoot of verwerp weens uitdagings in ons lewens of verkeerde besluite uit ons verlede, Hy sal nie van ons vergeet het nie. Hy kom red ons en gebruik soms selfs ‘n hond in ‘n park om sy liefde aan ons te demonstreer.

Luister elke Dinsdag om 16:10 na die hooftrekke vanuit ons omgewing op Radio Kragbron

17 Februarie/February 2017

Again Lekwa Municipality has not received a clean audit for the financial year 2015/16. Key reasons for failing to receive clean audits are poor governance and oversight. Effective internal control systems are paramount to enhancing and improving the audit outcomes and consequently contribute to effective service delivery by the municipality. Ownership, accountability and the right example set by the Council, the Mayor and the MM in designing, implementing and maintaining an effective internal control system within the municipality cannot be underestimated when we deal with an internal control environment by the leadership of the municipality. A culture of good governance, honesty and ethical business practice needs to be implemented in the financial and performance management areas. Consistent monitoring of action plans which address the internal control deficiencies is critical. The compliance with laws and regulations should be the golden thread. The challenges facing the municipality include: robust risk management is not in place to allow leadership to identify those risks that could prevent the municipality from achieving its objectives. Action plans to address the internal control deficiencies of audit findings for financial and performance reporting, as well as the compliance with laws and regulations are not established or are not effectively monitored by leadership. Often there is a lack of ownership by leadership to establish, implement and monitor a key control process – a function often relegated to the CFO. Inadequate engagement with the internal auditors and the audit committee on their as-

sessment of the internal control environment results in the neglect of key findings which would need to be addressed. Closer assessment and monitoring of the Audit Committee’s performance against the Audit Committee Charter is required and taking remedial action, when necessary. The lack of implementation is caused by a lack of capacity, skill and accountability by leadership. Leadership must have a clear understanding of the requirements of an effective governance framework in order to fulfil their oversight functions effectively. The implementation of municipal specific codes of ethics and conduct, the leadership must be seen to be promoting this behaviour through leading by example. Positive leadership behaviour can be replicated throughout the municipality. Leadership can demonstrate their positive behaviour through the development of credible action plans to address the internal control deficiencies of audit findings. Development of the key control process, monitoring the action plans and key control processes on a regular basis. Accountability when the action plan targets are not achieved and the key control processes are not executed accordingly. The relationship between the Audit Committee, the MPAC, the internal audit function and leadership, requires nurturing and direction. The Audit Committee’s invaluable experience and insight on the organisation’s internal control environment, based on the work performed by the internal audit function, must regularly be assessed by leadership to ensure that the recommendations are implemented by line managers. Sonwabile Luwaca

Naambord by aftree-oord onthul

Kosmos Aftree-oord, geleë in Mbonani Mayisela Straat in Standerton, het Vrydag, 10 Februarie, hul nuwe naambord onthul. Inwoners en gaste is baie beïndruk met die mooi en duidelike naambord en is na die onthulling met koorsang en heerlike eeten drinkgoed bederf. Me Paula Borges het almal wat betrokke was bedank vir hul hulp en spesiaal melding gemaak van Kosmosnuus vir die skenk van die naambord. Omgee Kosmos niks!

17 Februarie/February 2017

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Grandmother’s idea turns into great business plan

ERMELO - Philani Simelani (21) took his grandmother’s simple idea and turned it into a brilliant business plan. It all started when Philani was a student at Gert Sibande TVET College in Ermelo where he studied Electrical Engineering. One morning he asked his grandmother for pocket money, the old lady told him that she did not have cash but she gave him coriander seeds instead and told him to go and sell them to make money. He knew that the old lady was growing and selling coriander plants for a living. He started selling the plants to people using the door-to-door technique. His customer base grew fast and thick. He then decided to seek advice from the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) at the Ermelo Campus. Ms Shereen Dindar, CFE Director, was very supportive and took him under her wing. Today Philani is the director of The Dwellers Agriculture and he plants and sells coriander leaves. Coriander seeds are traditionally used in cooking. The CFE assisted him with market research, a business plan and they put him in different programmes to help him

understand the basics of running a successful business. Ms Dindar advised him to package his products because packaging plays a very important role in product recognition and appearance to the eyes of potential customers. In 2016, Philani won an entrepreneurship competition and from there his confidence grew. He then approached a local Pick n Pay and asked if he can supply his product to them. Pick n Pay CEO, Mr DJ Koch, was impressed with the product and how Philani presented his idea. In January he was afforded the opportunity to supply his product to the supermarket twice a week. “We are very happy with this product and we believe in supporting young entrepreneurs like Philani who are making things happen for themselves,” said Mr Koch. Since then things have been going well for the young entrepreneur. According to Philani, the deal with Pick n Pay will enable him to expand his business by providing a variety of products such as green peppers and lettuce. He has since entered into a lease agreement for 9 hectares of land that he wants

Wil jy in 2017 ‘n verskil maak? Baie van ons het Nuwejaarsvoornemens en van dit mag wees om ‘n verskil te maak in jou gemeenskap. Solidariteit Helpende Hand kan jou help om by hierdie Nuwejaarsvoorneme te hou. Met méér as 165 takke landswyd is dit maklik om in te skakel en werklik ‘n verskil te maak. Solidariteit Helpende Hand se fokus is spesifiek om ‘n verskil in die gemeenskap te maak. Hulle kan dit egter slegs doen as mense soos jý aanmeld en betrokke raak. Dalk het jy net ‘n uur per week of dalk kan jy slegs ‘n finansiële bydrae van R50 per maand maak. Maak nie saak hoe nie, maar dit wat jy wel het, kan hulle gebruik en vermeerder. Verlede jaar het Helpende Hand 1 443 projekte aangepak ter waarde van R3.3 miljoen. Hier-

die projekte het die Afrikanergemeenskap se armoede verlig, verhoed en soms selfs verbreek. In jou area is Alisha de Lange die streekorganiseerder wat jou na die naaste tak kan verwys. “Dis so vervullend om betrokke te wees by Helpende Hand en te kan sien hoe mense verander as jy begin omgee,” sê De Lange. “Ons is ‘n stem vir hulle wat nie ‘n stem het nie. Ons het tans 165 takke landswyd met 36 000 ondersteuners wat almal net jy ‘n verskil wil maak.” Kom word deel van ‘n organisasie wat nie net kla en sit en wag dat dinge gebeur nie. Ons rol moue op en raak betrokke daar waar die nood gróót is. Skakel vandag nog vir Alisha de Lange op 082 923 1438 of stuur ‘n e-pos na JD

Graduation ceremony held at Thusong Centre

Basic Computer Studies students received their certificates on Wednesday, 9 February, during a graduation ceremony held at Thusong Services Centre. 17 graduates completed their courses which started in September last year. Seated in the front row, from left to right, are Mr Kenneth Nxumalo, Bishop Peter Sibeko, Mr Joseph Mahlangu, Ms Jahbile Nkosi (facilitator), Mrs Zakithi Makhubo, Mr Thabo Sebiloane, Mrs Thokozile Ndlovu, and Ms Pinkie Avontuur with the rest of graduates in the back.

to turn into a farm that will supply his own supermarket that he intends to open in five year’s time. Ms Dindar says that she is proud of Philani’s achievements. “He has shown perseverance


and fortitude in that it only takes a simple idea that starts small and ends up to grow very big indeed,” she said. Philani thanked his mother and grandmother for all the support they have given him. DM

CFE Director, Ms Shereen Dindar, with young entrepreneur Philani Simelani, who has turned a small idea into a big business plan that is lowly taking shape.


Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

17 Februarie/February 2017

Lekwa Municipality’s refuse removal nightmare Has a practical solution been found?

STANDERTON - Lekwa municipality has released a text message to the community appealing for patience regarding the interrupted refuse removal schedule as a result of five refuse tucks that have been grounded, leaving one truck serving the entire population of Lekwa. According to the text message in question, a new schedule has been drafted to accommodate the entire area. Many residents were left disgruntled and angry about the mess in the streets. To save the situation AfriForum and the Lekwa Clean-up Crew in cooperation with AfriForum and Go-Garbage organised assistance to the community and business sector to remove the mess from the streets. Kasselman Security Services sponsored a tractor to pull a trailor upon which garbage was loaded. One resident who preferred to remain anonymous complained bitterly to the media that the five refuse trucks cost millions of Rands of tax payers’ money to render these services on a lease agreement with the municipality. “Hardly two years into the lease agreement and we are told that the trucks are grounded,” he lamented. He further complained about reckless thinking of the Municipal Manager who preferred to lease vehicles rather than buying a fleet for the municipality. “In the many years before his fateful arrival at the

municipality, Lekwa Local Municipality had purchased a fleet of its own which lasted many years and would be taken to the municipal workshop for repairs. The workshop was very much economical and created employment for local people. Every vehicle was purchased on warranty for a certain period, but these lease vehicles are a waste of money and only enrich certain companies in Gauteng,” he concluded. Mr Jappie Kekana lambasted the Municipal Manager for his lack of vision, capacity and competence. He accused him for failing everything in the municipality including the CBD area’s roads that are ravaged by pot holes. He went on to say: “Due to a lack of competence and poor financial management, all monies collected as revenue goes toward the municipality’s Eskom account that leaves maintenance money dry. Before long all lease vehicles will be grounded, there will not be vehicles for traffic inspectors or maintenance. As the community we must give credit to the Lekwa Clean-up Crew for keeping our town clean. I share the same views with people who want this man out,” he concluded. According to reports on 10 February, two refuse trucks are back in service. One of these two trucks is new and the other was repaired. DM

This Lekwa Clean-up Crew employee is busy placing all the collected rubbish in refuse backs for removal at a block of flats in Paarl Street after refuse removal trucks have been grounded, leaving only one vehicle available to work in the whole area.

Two die in separate road accidents over the weekend

STANDERTON - Police are investigating two culpable homicide cases after a man and a woman died in two separate accidents on Sunday, 12 February. In the first accident, the 61-year-old Mr Boy (Bizza) Maboea, a resident of Sakhile, lost his life when the car he was driving collided head-on with a bakkie on Robertsdrift road near Extension 7. According to the police, the deceased was driving in the direction of Sakhile with three other occupants in a VW Golf at about 01:00 when a bakkie travelling in the opposite direction overtook another car on the barrier line and drove straight toward the Golf resulting in a collision of the two vehicles. The driver of the VW Golf died on impact and his body was found trapped behind the

steering wheel. Emergency services had to use jaws-of-life to retrieve his body. A female passenger in the front seat suffered serious injuries to her lower body, while the two passengers in the back seat sustained minor injuries. The injured woman was reportedly in critical condition when they were taken to hospital for treatment. The driver of the bakkie reportedly fled the scene without injuries. In another accident, the 33-year-old Paulina Shongwe, died on the scene after the VW Polo she was travelling in allegedly crashed into a bakkie on the R38 just 10 km outside of Standerton at 06:30 also on Sunday morning. According to the police the deceased had just knocked off from night duty at a local filling station and was hitchhiking to Bethal.

She apparently got a lift in the VW Polo. Along the road a BMW was travelling ahead of the Polo and the driver of the Polo allegedly overtook the BMW and crashed into an oncoming bakkie that was turning into the Grootdraai Dam dirt road. The woman reportedly also died on impact, while the survivors were taken to hospital for treatment. Police could not establish the extent of the injuries of the three people that were evacuated to hospital for treatment. Captain Johannes Nhlabathi, Communication Officer at Standerton Police Station confirmed the two accidents and that the police are still looking for the driver of the bakkie, who is allegedly The wreck of the VW Golf that the late Mr Boy a known resident of the Extension 6 RDP Maboea was driving on the Robertsdrift road when he was involved in a fatal accident. houses. DM

Clinic patients will not be turned away, despite rumours

MORGENZON - The DA has learned that residents in Morgenzon near Standerton have been requested to make appointments at the local clinic to access basic healthcare services. It is alleged that patients who have not made appointments are refused treatment even in emergency cases. The municipal clinic reportedly circulated a notice recently indicating that in order to consult an

appointment has to be made. When Cosmos News visited the clinic, it was confirmed that an appointment system is now in place and patients will have to make an appointment, at a time and date that suits them, to visit the clinic. However, it was clearly stated that emergency cases will not be shown away and will be treated. The same goes for people who did not make an appointment.

Patients must however learn to make an appointment and to keep to that time and date. Should you fail to honor your appointment, an unscheduled visitor may be treated in your place and you will have to make a new appointment. Patients with an appointment will have priority over other patients, but once again, no patient will be turned away and treatment will not be refused. JD

17 Februarie/February 2017

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News



Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

17 Februarie/February 2017

DA claims win over luxury vehicle for Executive Mayor EMALAHLENI - eMalahleni Executive Mayor, Councillor Lindiwe Ntshalintshali, will soon be chauffeured in a luxury R1.5 million SUV while the people of eMalahleni live without basic services. The Municipality has recently advertised a tender for the supply and delivery of the luxury vehicle for the mayor despite growing pressure from the community to stop the purchase and focus on improving the municipality’s declining status. The municipality is likely to face its sixth consecutive disclaimer audit opinion from the Auditor-General after making a net loss of R392 million in 2016, up from R226 million in 2015. Despite this, Mayor Ntshalintshali and Municipal Manager, Theo van Vuuren, were able to take money intended for service delivery and direct it to the purchase of a luxury vehicle for the mayor. According to eMalahleni’s latest financial statements, the percentage of electricity distribution losses has increased from 37.24% in 2015 to 41.17% in 2016. This amounts to over R497 million worth of electricity lost in

the last two years. Since Theo van Vuuren was appointed in 2013 the municipality’s debt to Eskom went from R185 million to R963 million between March 2013 and September 2016. Yet, when Eskom switches off the lights it will be the people that suffer and not the mayor or her cronies. By continuing with the purchase of this R1.5 million luxury SUV, Mayor Ntshalintshali is failing to show decisive leadership but is instead demonstrating that as long as she and her cronies are still able to drain municipal coffers for their own benefit, the people of eMalahleni do not matter. Mayor Ntshalintshali has also defended, Theo van Vuuren, by not suspending him pending the outcome of his fraud and corruption charges that are currently being investigated by the Hawks. The DA reiterates its call for eMalahleni Municipality to be placed under administration in terms of Section 139(1)(b) of the Constitution to ensure that the gross mismanage-

Business robbed

SECUNDA On Wednesday, 8 February, at about 09:30, a cash loans outlet was robbed by three men armed with a handgun. The robbers pretended to apply for a loan and subsequently one assailant pulled out a handgun, pointed it to the cashier and demanded the money. The cashier’s hands were then bound with cable ties and kept at the back of the outlet. The security guard who was deployed on patrol duty at the business, was also tied up. After the robbery, the culprits escaped in a vehicle. Nobody was injured or shot during the robbery. The following items were looted during the robbery: three Nokia cell phones valued at R 2 000, two HP laptops valued at R 9 000 and cash amounting to R 1 600. The police are appealing to the community to provide any information that will assist them in their investigation in order to bring these suspects to book. The South African Police Service is greatly concerned about the safety of the community. Therefore the office of the Station Commander of Secunda Police Station would like to sensitize all businesses to be vigilant and to apply precautionary safety measures when running their businesses. They should also be alert when doing business transactions to restrict easy access by the perpetrators of crime. The business owners or managers are invited to visit security companies for further information regarding how to protect and safeguard their property and surroundings through tight security means like alarm systems, panic buttons and security fencing including electricity fencing, cameras and other new technology security devices. JD

ment of public money comes to an end. We will continue to hold Mayor Ntshalintshali to account and ensure that the foundations of corruption that have crippled eMalahleni are rooted out. It is time to deliver services and not cars. The Democratic Alliance (DA) claimed a win in the local government “car wars” following a decision by the eMalahleni Municipality to reverse the purchase of the R1,5-million luxury vehicle for its new mayor. “This is not only a victory for the people of eMalahleni, but also for accountability and the principle that the people come first, not political elites,” the party’s Naritha Naido said. She also noted that the decision comes after the DA publicised this wasteful expenditure and called on Mayor Lindiwe Ntshalintsahli to reject the car. The money for this luxury vehicle was to be sourced from service delivery budgets. A report from Ntshalintsahli office said a suitable vehicle for her has a typical price range benchmark between R1million and R2-million. JD

17 Februarie/February 2017

Flinke denkers vat raak

Ludwig Venter (links) en Kyle Steynberg, leerlinge van Laerskool Standerton, het Saterdag, 11 Februarie, aan die Gert Sibande Valentynskaaktoernooi in Secunda deelgeneem en deelnemers van regoor die streek op hul tone gehad. Venter het skoonskip in ál vyf sy wedstryde gemaak en as die algehele wenner van die E-afdeling uit die stryd getree, terwyl Steynberg drie uit vyf suksesvolle wedstryde beleef het.

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Erries slággereed vir tuisinterhoër Atlete maak skoonskip in twee byeenkomste

ERMELO - Hoërskool Ermelo se atlete het die afgelope twee weke bewys dat hulle in topvorm is vir die Interhoër­ byeenkoms wat eerskomende naweek op hul tuisveld gehou word toe die skool as algehele wenners uit twee byeenkomste getree het. Die eerste byeenkoms het in die vorm van Hoërskool Ermelo se jaarlikse Pres­ tigebyeenkoms afgespeel en is Saterdag, 4 Februarie, gehou met die topatlete van Hoërskool Lydenburg, Hoërskool Volks­ rust en Hoërskool Oosterland wat in Er­ melo kom deelneem het. Die Ermelo­ atlete het ‘n oortuigende oorwinning be­ haal en verskeie individuele trofeë vir die dag se bestes ingeoes. Kelly­Ann Bourne het die trofee vir die beste senior naellope­meisieatleet ont­ vang en is aan die einde van die byeen­ koms as junior Victrix ludorum gekroon. Hardus Rothmann het kop­en­skouers bo die seuns uitgestaan en die trofeë vir die beste junior naellope­ én worpe­seuns­ atleet ontvang en is ook aan die einde van die dag met ‘n ludorumtitel vir die junior Victor toegeken. Ander trofeë het aan die volgende agt atlete gegaan: Zuzu Mabuza (junior spronge­seunsatleet), Charis Brundyn (junior middel­ én langafstandseuns­ atleet), Ernst de Waal (senior worpe­ seunsatleet), Lana Herholdt (junior

Liggies verwelkom krieketmeester

spronge­ én naellope­meisieatleet), Jana Nel (junior middel­ én langafstand­ meisieatleet), Amy Greyling (junior wor­ pe­meisieatleet), Lydia Landman (senior hekkie­meisieatleet) en Berné de Kock (senior spronge­meisieatleet). Die volgende byeenkoms waaraan Hoërskool Ermelo se atlete deelgeneem het, is Vrydag, 10 Februarie, in Hart­ beespoort gehou en het gesien dat die Ermeloërs teen ses groot stadskole af­ gereken het – Hoërskool Hartbeespoort, Hoërskool Pretoria­Noord, Hoërskool Wonderboom, Willowridge High School, Hoërskool Gerrit Maritz en Hoërskool Brits. Die Ermelo­atlete het weer eens die al­ gehele meeste punte behaal en die stads­ japies ‘n ding of twee gewys met Hoër­ skool Hartbeespoort in die tweedeplek, gevolg deur Hoërskool Brits, Wonder­ boom, Pretoria­Noord, Gerrit Maritz en Willowridge in die sewendeplek. Die 2017 Interhoërbyeenkoms, wat ver­ skeie Hoëveldskole elke jaar vir uithaler­ atletiek bymekaarbring, word vanjaar deur Hoërskool Ermelo aangebied en sal eerskomende Saterdag (18 Februarie) vroegoggend afskop. Enigeen is welkom om dit by te woon en toeskouerkaartjies sal by die ingang beskikbaar wees. Hoërskool Ermelo is beskikbaar by 017 811 5866 vir navrae. DK

Ligbron Akademie vir Tegnologie het die afgelope week ‘n nuwe sportafrigter by hul dinamiese span verwelkom en stel hom graag aan die publiek bekend. Mnr Anton Bakker is as medebestuurder van die skool se krieketakademie aangestel en sal ook voortaan privaatafrigting behartig. Hy is ‘n gekwalifiseerde krieketafrigter- en skeidsregter en beywer homself om ‘n positiewe verskil in die lewens van die jeug te maak. Die skool is beskikbaar by 017 811 5906 vir enige navrae oor krieketafriging.

Tientalle kwalifiseer vir streeksbyeenkoms

Laerskool Standerton se atletiekspan het Vrydag, 10 Februarie, só goed gevaar tydens die Lekwa-Oosbyeenkoms by Hoërskool Standerton dat 36 leerlinge eerste- en/of tweedeplekke behaal het en vir die Gert Sibande-streeksbyeenkoms kwalifiseer. Agter, van links na regs, is die leerlinge wat eersteplekke behaal het: Kyle Steynberg, Sumari Schutte, Michael Pretorius, Louw de Wet, mnr Ludwich Kock (atletiekorganiseerder), Jacolien du Preez, Grace Sompi, Zandré van Wyk en Jana Swart. In die middel is Taylor Ritchie, Marius Jordaan, Ané Prinsloo, Teninke van Niekerk, Kamo Yende, Lirina Pretorius en Jaden Breytenbach. Voor is Chraeten Lategan, Leanell Loots, Mikaela Hand, Brendon Groenewald, Juné Lombard, Quein Joubert en Kamgelo Masemola.

Hoërskool Ermelo is slaggereed vir vanjaar se Interhoërstryd! Die skool het die afgelope twee weke koning in twee atletiekbyeenkomste gekraai en verskeie plaaslike én groot stadskole geklop. In aksie is Lourens Erasmus, ‘n o-14-atleet, wat ‘n tweedeplek in die skyfwerpitem tydens die Prestigebyeenkoms behaal het.


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17 Februarie/February 2017

Die rekords spat!

SPERTYD DEADLINE Neem asb kennis: Alle geklassifiseerde advertensies moet asb per faks, per e-pos of per hand gelewer word. Geen telefoniese advertensies word geplaas nie. Die spertyd vir geklassifiseerde advertensies is Maandae 14:00. GEEN ADVERTENSIE SAL GEPLAAS WORD SONDER BETALING NIE! _______________ Please take note: All classified adverts must be submitted by fax, e-mail or by hand. No telephonic adverts will be published. The deadline for classified adverts are Mondays 14:00. NO ADVERTISEMENT WILL BE PLACED WITHOUT PAYMENT! DIENSTE SERVICES

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Woonhuis in Meyerville. Naby dorp geleë. 2 Slaapkamers, 1 Badkamer, Sit en eetkamer, kombuis. Groot stoep. Huurgeld R3 200 per maand. Skakel 072 577 2119.

BALFOUR - Die atlete van Laerskool Balfour het behoorlik gepronk toe die tyd vir die jaarlikse interlaerbyeenkoms Saterdag, 11 Februarie, aangebreek het. Die byeenkoms is vanjaar op dié skool se tuisveld gehou en het tientalle atlete van ses besoekende skole vroegoggend reeds uit die vere gehad. Laerskool Balfour het swaarde met Laerskool Heilbron, Laerskool Balmoral, Morgenzon Landbou Akademie, Carolina Akademiese Skool, Balfour Primary School en Curro-skool Secunda gekruis en uiteindelik vier atlete opgelewer wat saam vyf rekords laat spat het. Die uitblinker, Maxine Dreyer, het koning(in) in twee items gekraai en die byeenkoms met die titel van Laerskool Balfour se enigste atleet wat meer as een rekord gebreek het, afgesluit. Dreyer, ‘n o-10-atleet, het die 70 m-hekkie-item in 15:84 voltooi en die vorige rekord wat in 2016 opgestel is, met 0:47 verbygesteek. Haar tweede segetog was tydens die 80 m-wedloop toe sy die 2015-rekord van 12:75 na 12:73 verbeter het. Laerskool Balfour se ander drie rekords is deur Elrie Herbst, Zian Engelbrecht en Geané le Roux – almal o-11-atlete – aangeteken. Herbst het 70 m-hekkie-item in 14:73 klaargemaak en die 2016-rekord met 0:93 aangepas, terwyl Engelbrecht dieselfde item in 14:59 voltooi het en die 2016-rekord van 14:66 met 0:07 verbeter. Le Roux, die vierde rekordbreker, het haar staal in die gewigstoot-item gewys en die 2014-rekord van 7 m na 7,44 aangepas. Hou Kosmosnuus gerus in die volgende paar weke vir nóg atletiekprestasies van Laerskool Balfour dop. DK

Hierdie vier atlete van Laerskool Balfour het Saterdag, 11 Februarie, altesaam vyf rekords tydens die interlaerbyeenkoms op hul tuisveld ingepalm. Van links na regs is Maxine Dreyer, Elrie Herbst, Geané le Roux en Zian Engelbreght.

Gold medals for Thandeka

Thandeka Primary School in Sakhile won five gold and four silver medals during a Lekwa West Circuit athletics competition held at Hoërskool Standerton on Thursday, 9 February. 10 schools competed in various sporting codes. The following pupils went home with gold medals: Siyabonga Zondo for the 800 m and 1500 m races respectively, Dineo Mashiloane for discus, Sipho Ngwenya also for discus and Lulama Thwala for shot-put.

17 Februarie/February 2017

Kosmosnuus / Cosmos News

Standerton klop Amersfoort oortuigend STANDERTON - Standerton se ‘Ou Toppies’-ligaspan het Saterdag, 11 Februarie, teen hul eweknieë van Amersfoort op Standerton se bane te staan gekom. Standerton gee na afloop van die kompetisie nuwe betekenis aan die uitdrukking: “Oud maar nog nie koud,” deur Amersfoort met 6-0 te wen. Ook op Saterdag, 11 Februarie, het Standerton Gholfklub ‘n vier-balRJ Kinnear, ‘n juniorgholfspeler van Standerton, het Saterdag 41 punte tydens sy ronde gholf aangeteken. Hier lê hy aan op die 234 meterlange vyftiende putjie. RJ en sy pa, Ronald, het algeheel derde geëindig.

Sportsterre, toppresteers in hul veld

Ligbron Akademie vir Tegnologie is besig om ‘n uitnemende jaar te beleef – eers met die matriekuitslae wat bevestig het dat die skool die meeste A-simbole in wiskunde in die hele provinsie behaal het en nou met verskeie unieke sportprestasies. Die eerste hiervan het aan Chanté Boonstra gegaan toe sy Saterdag, 4 Februarie, vir die derde agtereenvolgende jaar as die Middelburg Ope-gholfkompetisie se bruto-wenner aangewys is en die trofee weer eens trots opgeraap het. Steph du Toit is op sy beurt die afgelope naweek tydens die driekampkampioenskap in die Mpumalangaspan opgeneem wat die provinsie later vanjaar tydens die Suid-Afrikaanse-kampioenskap gaan verteenwoordig. Hy neem aan die o-17-ouderdomsgroep deel en moes swem, fietsry en draf om sy staal te wys.

beter-balkompetisie aangebied. Jaco Sutherland en Gerrit Coetzee wen die kompetisie met 48 punte. Hulle word gevolg deur Kobie Coetzee en Tertius Brits met 47 punte. Pa-en-seun span, Ronald en RJ Kinnear, raap die derde posisie op, ook met 47 punte. Spogtwees word gespeel deur Johann Janse van Rensburg (x2), Innocent Dhladla, Jaco Sutherland, Ter-


tius Brits en Louis Gravett. Eerskomende Saterdag, 18 Februarie, sal daar weer ‘n beter-balkompetisie aangebied word. Die ‘Coffin Dodgers’ speel teen Greenside en Standerton se Netto Aligaspan speel teen Piet Retief se Aligaspan. Vir meer besonderhede kan Joanne Adendorff by 073 743 2711 geskakel word. JD


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17 Februarie/February 2017

Runners from afar go the distance VOLKRUST - Over 500 runners from Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal competed in the first marathon of the year on 7 February. Amongst the familiar competitors was Joyce Tshabalala, who is her late fifties. She has competed in numerous races across the country, such as the Two Oceans, the Mandela, the Soweto, the Pietermaritzburg City and the Spar Ladies Marathon. Results of the marathon are as follows for the 42.2 kilometres in the men’s division: Bongani Msimango (02:47:20) and Joe Khumalo (03:02:43). In the women’s division for the same distance: Natasha Malan (03:30:46) and Makhosazana Nkala (03:58:50). In the 32 km race, men’s times were: Perfect Sithole (01:55:29) and Sandile Gwede (02:20:05). In the women’s

division: Rika Rossouw (02:42:56) and Zanele Mbongwa (02:48:03). First and second places respectively for the 21 km race: Men - Mandisa Kubheka (01:13:40) and Mandla Vilakazi (01:29:24) and Hlobisa Madida (01:40:38) and Alma Geldenhuys (01:40:38) for the women’s division. In the 10 km race the men’s results are as follows: Nhlakanipho Ndaba (00:34:10) and Lungisa Ximba (00:36:51) and the women’s results with Xoli Madida (00:44:39) and Jo Claassen (00:46:39). Lastly in the 4 km distance race the results for the men’s division are Tristan Griffiths (22:20), Phalasande Sithebe (00:24:31) and in the women’s division Sulice Geldenhuys was first with a time of 24:45 and Yvonne Alexander in second place with a time of 24:51. DM

Rolbalklub beplan besigheidsliga vir 2017

Veteran runner, Joyce Tshabalala, in Biggarsberg Athletic Club colours.

Teer, tekkies en tye

STANDERTON - Tydens Standerton Maratonklub se tydtoetse wat op Dinsdag, 7 Februarie plaasgevind het, het Themba Radebe eerste die agt kilometer in ‘n tyd van 42.00 afgelê. Hy word gevolg deur Shawn de Jager (43:48), Kobus Green (43:55), Lukas van der Merwe (43:55), Sandile Mazibuko (44:00), Thapelo Joel Selepe (44:00) en Paseka Tsotetsi (56:00). Die vier kilometer tydtoets word voltooi deur Lennox Mfenqa (18:02), Joshua Moloi (21:03), Tshepo Nsibanda (22:42), Joseph Khumalo (24:15) en Heidi van der Merwe (24:53). JD

STANDERTON - Hiermee word alle besighede genooi om ‘n span of twee in te skryf vir die besigheidsliga wat sal strek vanaf 7 Maart tot 13 April by Standerton Rolbalklub. Die maksimum hoeveelheid spanne wat kan inskryf is veertien. Elke span sal vyf spelers inskryf waarvan een ʼn reserwe sal wees. Vier spelers sal dus per wedstryd deelneem. Die spel word elke Dinsdag- en Donderdagaand stiptelik om 18:00 gespeel. Twee kompetisies per aand (12 koppe elk) sal gespeel word sodat alle ingeskrewe spanne teen mekaar kan uitspeel. Die idee van ʼn besigheidsliga is om nuwe lede te werf, spanbou binne die besigheid en netwerk met ander besighede te bevorder. Selfs in die Hoëveldarea sal so ʼn geleentheid geskep word. Inskrywingsfooi per span sal ‘n voorafbetaling van R500 wees en is betaalbaar by Standerton Rolbalklub op Donderdagaande om 18:00, tydens die gewone aandspel waar enige lid van die publiek as ‘n gas welkom is om deel te neem of selfs as ‘n span te kom oefen voordat die liga in aanvang neem. Ten einde finale reëlings te tref word versoek dat die laaste betaling voor of op 23 Februarie afgehandel sal word. Die liga sal met ‘n braai afgesluit word. Die rolbalklub sal spanne van rolbalballe en basiese opleiding voorsien. Enige navrae kan aan die kompetisiesekretaresse, Annatjie de Bruto by

082 881 8259 of 017 712 9349 of per e-pos by debruto@ of aan die sekretaresse, Elrina Greaves by 082 322 4360 of 017 714 0820 of gerig word. JD

Standerton Rolbalklub bied vanaf 7 Maart tot 13 April die besigheidsliga aan. Slegs 14 spanne wat uit vyf spelers elk bestaan kan inskryf vir hierdie unieke manier van spanbou. Louis Bibbey is as Oktober 2015 se beste speler tydens die liga aangewys.

17 February 2017  

All the local news for the week of 17 February 2017

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