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If you afford to make an effort,

You can be his/her

“Foster Family.”

““Do not put off your love!””

FOSTER FAMILY Foster family is a family who takes care of children, taken under protection by the state, voluntarily/paid, for a short term/long term under state supervision.

WHY FOSTER FAMILY? Foster care system, formed for the sake of having a healthy social structure, aims to raise individuals with the following qualities: ♥ Happy ♥ High self-esteem ♥ In harmony with the society ♥ Able to take responsibility ♥ A positive sense of belonging ♥ Academically successful ♥ Learned the role of a Mother/Father ♥ Having an awareness of family ♥ Capable of facing with and handling problems

Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989) emphasizes that a child should have the right to live primarily with his/her “family”, if this is not possible, with “other families.” Foster care system has been carried on in our country since 1949 with different visions. Only 1325 out of 14000 children who are in need of care presently live with a foster family. In institutional care, physiological needs of our children such as Sheltering, Alimentation, Clothing, Education and Health are fulfilled. However in institutional care, It has been demonstrated with scientific researches that social and cognitive functioning abilities, and attachment and sense of belonging would not develop since electrical activity of the brain does not develop sufficiently. Yet our children also have psychological and social needs. These needs are satisfied by parents in a safe family environment

Denizli Foster Care Association (DEKAD) Denizli Foster Care Association was founded on 03.06.2009 by individuals who regard the interests of the child as his/her growing up in a loving, safe and well-supported family environment and who underline whenever possible the fact that life preferences giving priority to children should be made. DEKAD aims for happy family environments where all the children can grow and continues its activities for the development of foster care system.

Awareness and consciousness raising activities

Our periodical magazine DÜŞLERİM (MY DREAMS)

Activities for developing a sense of belonging and common vision among foster families

A frame from foster family meetings A frame from sharing experiences workshop

Activities in the field of child rights

Cooperation with Pamukkale University

Cooperation with NGOs in local, national and international scales

XIX. ISPCAN International Congress on Child Abuse and Neglect

Exchange of ideas about good methods and implementations

Activities for creating a sense of belonging to foster care system and DEKAD, and activities for providing support

Our breakfasts which have become a tradition


Activities for organizing scientific studies and taking part in projects

“Do not put off your love� 1st International Foster Care Workshop


Gazi Mustafa Kemal Bulvarı, Yıldız Apt. No: 112 Kat: 4, DENİZLİ TEL+90 258 241 3388 FAX: +90 258 241 3388 GSM: 0 505 395 6625 or

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