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Organisers Kortrijk 2022 - 97th International Session of the European Youth Parliament

1 European Youth Parliament

Kortrijk 2022 is the 97th International Session of the European Youth Parliament. This session will gather around 300 participants from all over Europe in autumn 2022 in Kortrijk, Belgium. We are looking for ± 15 Organisers. The call is open both for Belgian and International organisers. We are encouraging every interested individual to send in an application.

VISION “In a different light” This reflects our commitment towards innovation in all areas of the event. By deliberately rethinking common practices while maintaining the organisation’s integrity, we hope to take a step towards a bright future together. In order to do this, we will leave assumptions behind and make all our decisions from the ground up, starting with ‘why’. Our aim is to set the first steps into uncharted waters and with that find unexplored routes within our society.

Organising Team structure Kortrijk 2022 will opt to work with a circular team structure consisting of five departments, with each their own respective field and responsibilities as can be seen on the picture below. With this structure, big tasks can be decentralised into multiple departments when necessary to decrease the high workload and stress. Within these departments there will not be a designated core-organiser, everyone will be equally responsible for the workload and should be aware of everything that is going on in their respective departments. However, a Head of department will be nominated by each department on a three-month basis to ensure communication with the head-organisers.

Organisers will also be given the opportunity to switch departments during certain key points if they would like to and are free to give their input on the current structure as we are always open to improve where we can.

2 European Youth Parliament

HOW TO APPLY If you are available and interested in attending, you should follow these steps to apply: 1. Log on to the EYP Member Platform (if you do not have access or encounter any other problems with the platform, please, get in touch with; 2. Update your personal profile on the platform. Please, make sure your full name, country, Home National Committee and contact information are available and updated. 3. Sign up for the 97th International Session in Kortrijk and fill in the 'additional fields' in the application form (questions are listed below). All officials are also asked to make sure they are aware of the relevant policies of the EYP as listed in the official EYP Info Section on the Member Platform. 3 European Youth Parliament

Questions 1. Motivation to organise: What do you wish to get out of organising Kortrijk 2022 and what can you contribute to the session? How will ensure a well-functioning and healthy work-life balance bearing in mind the scale of the project and your other long term commitments for the next 2 years? 2. Kortrijk 2022 introduces a new working structure for organisers called ‘departments’ rather than using the common core-organisers team (see vision above). Name 2 departments you want to be part of and clarify why you would be a good fit for those specific roles. 3. The theme of the session is "In a different light". What are some concrete ideas you want to implement with/during Kortrijk 2022? 4. Elevator pitch to us 1 company that Kortrijk 2022 must have as a sponsor. (80 words maximum). 5. Please leave your contact details here (email, phone number). We will use them to get back to you with the selection results. Any other comments or things you want to share with us (such as an incomplete session history), drop it here!

The deadline for submitting an application is Monday 5th of July at 23:59 CEST. The selection will only begin once the application deadline is over. All the applicants will be informed individually about the outcome of the selection process.

Good luck!

4 European Youth Parliament

Call for applications - Organisers for Kortrijk 2022  

Call for applications - Organisers for Kortrijk 2022  


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