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Vacuum Trucks

KOR Equipment Solutions offer vacuum truck which helps in fulfilling the objective of cleaning the pollutants and waste and maintaining the ecological balance. It is primarily a type of truck which has a huge tank loaded over it.

Vacuum Truck Spare Parts

We are renowned for providing vacuum trucks and other spare parts. Famous for distribution of high pressure water jetting pumps and accessories.

Vacuum Trucks

KOR focused on creating long term customer relationship that's why offer the quality services and product. We are very well known for distribution of high pressure water jetting equipment.

Vacuum Trucks KOR featured in Scania truck magazine – In this edition, Scania features KOR Equipment Solutions and Cappellotto as a main feature article. The vacuum truck is used to clean the spills while petroleum drilling and is also used to clean the crude oil or other such storage tanks. In fact, these vacuum trucks are so important in the natural gas and oil drilling industry that such trucks are permanently stationed at the drilling site for cleaning and removing the spills, cement, drilling mud, brine water, drilling cuts and all such industrial waste and pollutants from the site.

Vacuum Trucks

KOR prides itself on providing the best support, service and vacuum trucks to the market. When selecting KOR or other vacuum truck suppliers the following items need to be discussed; •

Application and product to be vacuumed

Vacuum pump type

Vacuum pump size/performance

Preferred chassis and size

Size of sludge tank

If an overhead boom is needed

Rear door vacuum

After sales support structure

Technical support structure

Vacuum Trucks Our business is unique because we understand the requirements of the industry.

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Vacuum truck  

KOR equipment solutions are renowned as a distributor of industrial vacuum truck and vacuum loaders in Australia and New Zealand. For Detail...