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Marsz na ROM [English: March on ROM], a poetry volume by Piotr Puldzian Płucienniczak, is a collection of short, ciphered poetic and visual forms. Samples of text, just like music sampling, create an unequivocal multi-narrative. We can find here both cleverly weaved criticism of the present (politics, literature, Internet society) and an account of the living conditions in the digitalized reality. The reader is hit with illustrated texts describing deviations and social pathologies, balanced with formally minimalistic erotic pieces placed next to them. The author of the Marsz na ROM experiment created an original poetic language, founded on programming languages and digital text processing. The pieces, composed in the spirit of neoconcretism, are full of intentional errors (of file saving, print or style), interference (glitch), digital and graphic treatment, sign prostheses, replacement characters normally considered typographically incorrect, blurry texts bordering on incomprehensibility of meanings and visuals, and finally – complete “annihilation of the system”. Apart from the purely cyberpoetic model, there are also some pictograms in traditional form, diacritics, diphthongs and

Polish cybernetic poetry. Refresh [chapbook]  

The first English-language publication about the Polish cybernetic poetry includes the most important theoretical texts, manifestos, graphic...

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