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with Nobel Peace Laureate

betty williams

Welcome to the 2012 PeaceJam Northeast

Youth Conference. You will be sharing a powerful weekend with Betty Williams, who received the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize for her work with Mairead Corrigan Maguire to create a grass roots movement to end the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. These magnificent women showed the world how two “ordinary” people could use their power to accomplish something truly extraordinary. You’ll have many opportunities to interact with Betty, PeaceJammers from around the Northeast, the college student Mentors who will guide your Family Group, and a fabulous group of workshop leaders. Have a great weekend! The PeaceJam Northeast Conference Team This conference is dedicated to the people in grassroots movements everywhere who are changing the world. It is also dedicated to 1989 Nobel Peace Laureate, the Dalai Lama, and the people of Tibet, and 1991 Nobel Peace Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, and the people of Burma who continue their struggle for freedom.

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saturday, MARCH 24 8:00 AM Conference Check-in, Service Project and Workshop Sign-up

8:45 am Welcome and Opening Ceremony / Rome Ballroom 9:00 AM Family Groups

10:00 AM Speech by Betty Williams followed by Question & Answer / Rome Ballroom 11:30 AM Lunch / South Dining Hall 12:30 PM Family Groups 1:30 PM Service Projects and Activist U / Rome Ballroom 4:45 PM Family Groups 6:00 PM Dinner / South Dining Hall 7:00 PM Evening Activities 8:45 PM Return to Hotel or Home

sunday, MARCH 25 Continental Breakfast 7:45 AM Schenker 55 / Ceremony of Inspiration 8:30 am

with Betty Williams Workshops 10:00 AM Family Groups 11:30 AM Lunch 12:30 PM Team-building Activities 1:15 PM Schenker 55 / Global Call to Action Projects 2:15 PM

presented to Betty Williams Family Groups 3:30 PM Closing Ceremony 4:15 PM Return Home 4:30 PM

workshops W-1: Bringing in the Bystander with Jessica Diaz

Arojna 119

Join Violence Against Women Prevention Program peer educators for an interactive session on what to do when you see something objectionable happening. It’s up to us to build a community where we all take responsibility as bystanders. Participants will build their intervention skills and be able to more effectively intervene in times of crisis.

W-2: Civil Disobedience or Divine Obedience? with Sr. Jane Morrissey, SSJ

Arojna 139

Sometime in life, the question arises: Must I dissent? With whom do I side? Why? How? Changing from bystander to public witness at the cost of arrest can open a new world. This workshop is an opportunity to engage in dialogue facilitated by someone with real experiences of public and civil disobedience.

W-3: Deadly Words: Bullying & Suicide Prevention with Mel Linden

Arojna 237

Recently media has been shining a light on the issue of bullying and suicide. Through interactive games and group discussions we will explore different types of bullying, bully prevention, the consequences of bullying and how to raise your own self-esteem. Through personal experiences and ideas, together we will raise awareness on bullying and suicide.

W-4: Global Warming and You with Austy Wilde

Arojna 241

From diminished air quality to degraded food and water supplies to catastrophic weather events, global warming affects human health worldwide. Find out about events that have already occurred due to global warming, why they happened, and what you can do to reduce the amount of global warming in the world today.

W-5: Healthy Food, Healthy Planet with Rachael Shenyo

Arojna 243

We’re all part of Earth’s ecosystem, and we need to stop taking and start giving back. Everything we eat and drink impacts the environment. This workshop discusses the world of healthy, sustainable foods and how we can all live a more sustainable lifestyle.

W-6: Homophobia in High School with John Avitable

Arojna 245

This workshop will start with an open discussion of issues that LGBTQ teens face in their daily lives, followed by an exploration of what it means to be an ally, and concrete ways that you can address homophobia and create a safe environment in your school and community.

W-7: Hot or Not? Changing Perceptions of Male and Female Beauty with Kate Bonci Monteith 101 We’re surrounded by movies, songs, images, and messages of what it means to be attractive. From Channing Tatum to Megan Fox, we’re told by the media that a certain body image and specific clothes will make us accepted and desirable. Join us to learn about different perspectives of beauty, campaigns that confront society’s standards of attractiveness, and ways that you can confront these perceptions and honor true beauty in yourself and in others.

W-8: Human Trafficking and Commercial Sex Exploitation with Nicole von Oy Monteith 115 This workshop will focus on the issue of Human Trafficking and Commercial Sexual Exploitation. It provides information on how teens can protect themselves and their friends. We will break down myths and misconceptions about prostitution and look at how the media plays a large role in glamorizing the culture.

workshops W-9: Life as a Deaf Teen with ASD PeaceJammers

Monteith 213

Using a panel discussion format, hearing-impaired teens will share their experiences of life in a “hearing” world. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn first-hand about discrimination toward those with “disabilities.” A short sign language lesson will also be included.

W-10: Pay Attention to Us! with Ethan Senack As America’s youth, it’s easy to feel like decision makers don’t listen to us. The fact is, we’re disenfranchised by our leaders, and it’s time we speak up about it. Whether it’s your Principal or your Senator, we’ll develop and practice effective tactics to reach out and influence decision-makers. It’s time we broke the cycle and made our leaders pay attention to us.

W-11: Please See Me with Muneer Panjwani

Monteith 217

Every day we are judged by the color of our skin, the clothes we wear, who we love, the way we walk, act and who we hang out with. We are taught to think a certain way about certain people. If someone asked you to answer the question “who are you?” without using any of your social identities – how would you answer it? How do you see yourself compared to how others see you? This workshop will explore the ways stereotypes form our prejudices about ourselves and people who are “not like us.” Through group sharing and interactive activities the participants will explore their own biases and get the opportunity to share their “Please See Me” stories with others.

W-12: Real Hunger and Homelessness in America: Dispelling the Myths with Kathleen Page Monteith 221 Over 46 million Americans live in poverty. We live in the wealthiest country in the world and still 1 in 5 American children live without knowing where their next meal will come from. It doesn’t have to be this way, and we can do something about it. This workshop will focus on fighting stereotypes about the homeless and organizing for change in your community.

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thank you to everyone who came together to make this conference possible: Betty Williams Rusti Findley Brett Engle Our Mentors, Workshop Leaders, and Volunteers Major Supporters The members of the UConnPIRG student organization The Seedlings Foundation The PeaceJam Northeast Conference Team John Avitable, Kate Cumbo, Barry Felson Chelsea Gelardi, Ryan Hanschen, and Gabby Valentin

The UConnPIRG Team Jasseigh Ingraham, Ashley Kendrigan, Drew Lyon, Arthur Nowell Josh Pagan, Allison Schilling, Ethan Senack, and Marc Walsh

Jessie Miller and the Public Interest Network Training Center Todd Mack and Music in Common UConn Food Services and Facilities teams Professor Natacha Poggio and her Issues in Design students at Hartford Art School for designing the t-shirt, poster, and program

designed by nadya koropey

2012 PeaceJam Northeast Youth Conference Program  

Visual communications material for the 2012 PeaceJam Northeast Conference.

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