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How we came to be It was September 1957, Lorie Brown was sitting at the kitchen table eating “Cheerios”, her mom was doing the dishes after her brothers and sisters. She was sitting and picking at her food thinking how are the nine going to do today at school. “They’ll be fine, ”said her mother in a reassuring voice. “You still have to have hope for Minnijean Brown, Elizabeth Eckford, Gloria Ray, Carlotta Walls and all the others too, Terrance Roberts, Melba Pattillo, Jefferson Thomas, and Ernest Green, but if Bates hadn’t taken Little Rock to court we still would have segregation laws.” “Yeah I know but mom the National Guard is coming to escort them into the school. Who knew that President Eisenhower would be sending National Guard to Little Rock, Arkansas just for them, mom this is big!” She looked at the time 8:20, she picked up her stuff waved good-bye to her mom and headed for school, she passed a bunch of white kids going to school who yelled at her, saying her black friends will be lucky to get out alive. By the time she got to school and sat down in Mrs.Gallow’s, classroom everyone was silent they prayed,they prayed for the students,their families,and mostly for their safety. Minutes,then hours, before it was finally time to leave. On her way home, Lorie had somewhat of a peaceful walk she lived only 2 blocks from school and white school still had 30 minutes left, but when she saw Elizabeth getting on the bus that said Lurie street and Animo Lane. Hey thats the street Thelma lives on but school is still in session why is she getting on a bus to go to Thelma’s home? I thought. When I got home, I told mom about how I saw Elizabeth getting on the bus, “Oh dear, you didn’t see the news in school today, they didn’t let them in, not a single one Elizabeth was the most abused, but since Thelma’s mom knows a little something ‘bout medicine, she went to get fixed up.” “Mom do you think they’ll ever let them in, you know into school with Ernest graduating and all.”

An hour later Lorie’s mom went to work she worked the night shift as a nurse in a Provident Hospital, where Lorie’s sister was born 2 years ago while her mother was working her shift. The next day when Lorie got up she saw some people moving out, the man had a box in his hand,probably related to a one of the nine.... but her thought quickly shut off by the neighbor with the box slowly looking up at her she realized he was black but he wasn’t looking at Lorie he was looking at the man walking down the street the man was her father, but the man was uncle Bill he had the box because he was was moving into the house across the street the house the girl that Melba used to live in, the house that has brought her all the trouble.


Author’s Note

The Little Rock Nine took place in 1957, when president Eisenhower said that the schools over the nation are going to integrate African-American students into their schools, but one school was doing that too slowly it was Little Rock Central High School, Little Rock was not big on the idea of integrating students into their school but in the summer of 1955, Daisy Bates won her case she argued that they should let nine African-American students attend school. In the summer of 1955 the school board said that the Daisy’s argument was going to go into effect September 1957. Before school started in September the nine students had to be chosen there were five girls and four boys they were Minnijean Brown, she was later expelled from Little Rock Central High because she threw chilli on a white girl who later told on her and got her expelled, Elizabeth Eckford, she was the black student who walked to school because she didn’t have a phone in her home, so Daisy Bates couldn’t reach her to tell her that she was driving the others, and she was verbally and physically abused, Elizabeth Eckford,Gloria Ray,Carlotta Walls,Melba Pattillo, and the others were Jefferson Thomas,Terrence Roberts, Ernest Green. Ernest was the first ever African-American Student to graduate from LRCH. During the Little Rock nine people sent out death threats to the kid’s parents especially Ernest Green’s parents after he graduated, he ended up as assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban affairs to Jimmy Carter, Elizabeth ended up as a parttime social worker and has two sons, Jefferson ended up as accountant with the US Department of Defense, Terrence earned a doctorate degree and teaches at the University of California at Los Angeles and Antioc College, Carlotta is now working as a Real Estate Agent and graduated from Michigan State University, Minnijean is a social worker and writer in Ontario, Gloria was a computer science writer and at one time successfully published many magazines in 39 countries, Thelma graduated college and started a program for abused women, and last but not least Melba is an author and ex journalist for People Magazine and NBC.

-Kornelia Suchan

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How We Came To Be  

This is about an African American girl whose going through some stuff with people.