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During the last months we have had many different sport events‌

Every May we organize Traffic rules competition which is focused to knowledges of transport (traffic) rules and bike riding skills.

Talented pupils are involved in Beskydy League for young people. In this international league they can try a lot of athletic disciplines (for exemple: short and long runs, high jump, long jump, shot-put etc.)

Very popular at our school are „night sports“ - children do some sports during one night in our school gym. Then they sleep here.

McDonald cup is a competition in very popular Czech sport football. Our team usually qualifies in higher levels of the cup.

At the end of school year we had a duathlon for children. They could try their physical form by running and riding a bike.

When we start at school we usually organize The day of sports. Children can choose from five activities: football, floorball, aerobic, volleyball and hiking.

4th October was very special day for our school. One of our Olympic winners visited us. His name is Jaroslav Kulhavý and he won gold medal in Mountainbiking – Cross country. It was very nice experience for a lot of children.

We have beautiful nature in our country so teachers from 1st stage organize trip on the bicycles.

The Children festival - children show their dance performance to their parents. They can taste some typical meal which is prepared by mothers and fathers.

We also informed all of our pupils about research of eating habits at our school Two members of Comenuis club propagated club´s activities and healthy lifestyle, too. The boys went to all of classes and spoke about our work.

Thank you for your attention.


CZECH REPUBLIC - Comenius activities at our school from May to October 2012

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