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Summer 2011 The Survey Newsletter from KOREC

Synchronize this issue: n Introducing...the new Trimble TSC3 Controller n Meet the Technical Support Team n The World in Motion Monitoring News n KOREC Opinion - BIM

KOREC Opinion a Trimble ‘App’ store the next big step?

KOREC Launch The Trimble TSC3 controller is here!

The recent launch of the iPad 2 clearly illustrates that the world of technology never sleeps and as a result, is often hard to keep pace with. I had only had my iPad for a month or so before it was outdated and replaced with a superior product!

As part of Trimble’s portfolio of Connected Site survey solutions, this new controller allows surveyors and geospatial professionals to collect, share and deliver data for improved accuracy, efficiency and productivity between the field and office.

Mobile devices have to be smaller, faster and lighter than their predecessors and high definition cameras, video capabilities and fast internet access are taken as read – a prime example being our latest release, the Trimble TSC3 controller. The survey industry is increasingly reliant on technology and the pace of change is unrelenting. Total station technology has brought us robotic instruments and now we are even seeing some robotic total stations using digital imaging and video streaming to assist in the collection of data by allowing the surveyor to see everything the instrument sees without having to walk back to the instrument. Progress indeed from the days when it took several hours to survey a base line using an EDM. However, the biggest evolution over the last 10 years hasn’t actually been with the total station hardware but with the software which drives these total stations. As the interfaces became more graphical and menu driven, the focus in software development has shifted to streamlining workflows designed for specific projects, reducing learning curves and improving efficiencies in the field. Add to that the wireless synchronization of data from the field to the office and back again and it’s clear to see why the power is well and truly with the software. Robotic total stations are now used in a wide range of applications such as roading, tunnelling, mining and monitoring and software such as Trimble Access with its modular approach, allows data collection to be streamlined for each specific cont...

Optimised for use with Trimble Access field software, the TSC3 combines a variety of features and functions into a single handheld: a digital camera, integrated communications as well as a GPS navigator, compass and accelerometer. Now surveyors can easily include on-site photos in surveys, communicate more efficiently between field and office and streamline stakeout activities. They’re proving so Key features include a 4.2 inch, high-resolution, popular, Trimble can’t sunlight-readable touchscreen display, get them out of the integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities, ruggedised bumpers and long factory quick enough! battery life. The controller is shock, dust and water resistant for durability. Users can also Rob Hudson, choose either a QWERTY or ABC alphanumeric KOREC Sales Consultant keyboard. Delivered with Trimble Access software installed plus ample power to run third-party applications on the Windows® platform, the TSC3 is a comprehensive data collection solution for the survey industry. nnn

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Newcastle University expands its Trimble range of surveying equipment with the addition of Trimble M3 Total Stations, an R8 GNSS and a VX Spatial Station.

KOREC Opinon: application. It is this sort of technology that has provided the means for surveyors to expand into new markets. For example, monitoring was one area that, due to the large initial investment into hardware and software, was deemed too costly for most surveyors but is now far more accessible. Advances in technology mean that surveyors, even in small practices, can provide the answers to common survey challenges. What is moving? How fast? In what direction? Is it accelerating? The answers come from reliable, precise measurements from these modern total stations combined with robust data management and analysis using powerful field and office on-board software such as the step-by-step Trimble Access specialised module for Monitoring and for even more monitoring functionality, Trimble 4D. So what does the future hold? For Trimble users, it is something called Trimble Access SDK and the opportunity to create personalised ‘Apps’. If you’ve ever wished that Access could do something specific for your work flow, your on site health and safety requirements, or a specialist area of survey work, then Trimble Access SDK is the answer. In short, SDK provides the tools to third party developers to quickly build customised Trimble Access applications. The process is simple. Approach KOREC with your particular software requirement and, subject to Trimble’s approval and an agreed charge, this application will be developed on your behalf for both your use and potentially other Trimble customers. A perfect example of how SDK can work is by an Australian who has already written a risk assessment application that must run in Trimble Access before a survey can be initiated. It forces the surveyor to tick boxes to say that they have carried out a list of legally required tasks that are usually done on a paper form. Every surveyor in Australia is required to do this by law and consequently this has proved both a useful and lucrative application for the developer!


Missed our webinars? You can use our website to revisit any of our survey webinars that you may have missed. The following titles can all be accessed through our ‘Events’ section.

Trimble’s SDK Vision SDK is a Software Development Kit; for developers to build specialised applications Build new applications for Trimble Access

Custom workflows

Specialised Applications

How Trimble monitoring can grow your business

Modern methods of surveying for rail projects Find out how the range of Trimble surveying systems are being used to improve methods of survey in the rail sector.

Challenging conventional approaches to transportation route planning. KOREC’s GIS Mapping Consultant Martyn Palmer explains how Trimble’s Quantm Alignment Planning System works and what benefits it will bring to route planning and alignment. nnn

Oliver Brooks, Technical Director, KOREC

KOREC News - Rail “Only Positives” K J Hall reports on the GEDO CE Track Measuring Device repeatability of the sensors which measure the gauge and inclination is so much better than using a hand pole and rail shoe. We particularly liked the direct ouput from the GEDO field software on the Trimble TSC2 control unit – there was simply no need to feed anything through office software to produce the measured 3D coordinates. Overall, the system was reliable and much better for the surveyor, cutting down on the amount of walking up and down the track. We were very impressed with the way the TMD worked and importantly, so was the client’s representative who was on site with us. It was all positive, in fact I can’t think of any negatives; there is no question that from now on, any project involving more than the shortest amount of track will see us using the GEDO CE TMD.” nnn

Trimble acquires the GEDO CE Trolley System Trimble has announced that it has acquired the GEDO CE Trolley System and software from Sinning Vermessungsbedarf GmbH of Wiesentheid, Bavaria, Germany. The system remains available from KOREC as before. Ron Bisio, Director of Trimble’s Railway Solutions Business underlines the reasons behind this move. “We offer integrated processes and workflows for complete railway lifecycle management—from the planning phase, through design and construction, and now to the subsequent maintenance phase with the addition of the Trimble GEDO CE Trolley System.”

Trimble acquires the GEDO CE Trolley System For further information on this system, please see (left) our ‘Only Positives’ article based on information kindly supplied by Ken Hall of K J Hall Chartered Land Surveyors. nnn

Rail Sales

Ken continues, “Although we considered other options and manufacturers, the TMD was the best solution for us and we hired it, along with a Trimble S8 Robotic Total Station, for use on the Yorkshire job. On the day of the work, we took possession of the track at around 10.15pm on a Saturday night and began the survey. We already had some control in but spent about 45 minutes adding to this and by 11.00pm we were ready to go. We surveyed around 1850m metres of track, carried out some traditional surveying using the S8 over 400m of the track to pick up welds and joints and were completely finished in just 2.5 hours! I estimate that using the TMD cut our survey time in half, maybe even by two thirds. Not only was the TMD easy to use, it also delivered far better accuracy than traditional survey methods. The

A complete guide to this new field and office solution for surveyors that expedites data collection, processing, analysis, and project information delivery through improved workflows, collaboration and control, all enabled by constant wireless connectivity between the project team members.

Introducing Trimble Quantm

For further details on Trimble Access SDK, please call your KOREC Sales Consultant. nnn

Committed to using the latest and most suitable technology for the job, K J Hall recently contacted KOREC to hire a GEDO CE Track Measuring Device (TMD) and a Trimble S8 Robotic Total Station. Having used Total Stations and GPS for many years, the company had previously encountered a problem during a Switches and Crossings survey which saw them having to return to a job due to discrepancies in an over lapping survey following movement of the rails. “We had to return to sort out the problem and this underlined the “....I estimate that challenges of carrying using the TMD cut out a survey during a short possession time, our survey time in typically on a Saturday half, maybe even night,” explains Ken Hall. “Technology moves on by two thirds....” and we were keen to Ken Hall, Principal, look at alternative methods of surveying K J Hall track, sometimes in excess of 1km, during very short possession times. A RICS contact mentioned that Network Rail had been looking at the TMD and so we were keen to take a closer look at the technology for ourselves. KOREC arranged an evaluation and we tested it out on a 16 span viaduct at Leamington. Once familiar with the technology, we were convinced that the TMD would be the best solution for upcoming jobs on the Settle to Carlisle line in Yorkshire and at Old Oak Common just outside of London.”

Introducing the next generation of Trimble field software – Trimble Access for Surveyors

An introduction to Monitoring and how Trimble’s flexible monitoring solutions are being used by surveyors in a variety of projects around the world.

The next big step for the survey industry? It has to be the Trimble ‘App’ store!

Established since 1987, Somerset based industry experts K J Hall Chartered Land Surveyors have specialised in railway surveying for over 20 years under the guidance of Principal, Ken Hall.

KOREC Webinars

Network Rail’s Track Design-Track Survey & Investigation Team, led by Chris Preston and Steve Cooper, has placed an order with KOREC for four Trimble S8 Total Stations and 2 Network Rail approved GEDO CE Track Measurement Devices

Rail Software K J Hall Chartered Land Surveyors with the GEDO CE

New versions of the GEDO CE Field software are available for the handheld TSC3 Controller– call KOREC’s Matthew Lock on 07974 255597.

The Survey Newsletter from KOREC

Customer stories The World in Motion What is moving? How fast? In what direction? Is it accelerating? The answers come from reliable, precise measurements combined with robust data management and analysis. Undoubtedly the demand for monitoring in the UK is on the rise and the recent growth of this discipline can be attributed to several key factors.

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• Safety—A monitoring system can detect motion and alert the project team in real-time. This enables project managers to move people and equipment away from hazardous areas and prevent accidents before they occur. • Better decisions—Understanding the dynamics of structures and work sites leads to improved decisionmaking based on information about motion-related events and long-term trends. • Compliance—Many contracts have conditions for project safety, management and the requirement that existing structures should not be adversely affected by current construction. These regulations often call for monitoring to detect movement. Monitoring is the fastest growing discipline in the survey market and thanks to both the versatility of high end robotic total stations on the market and new accessible step-by-step on-board software such as the Trimble Access specialised module for Monitoring , learning curves are short and land surveyors can now bid and perform for jobs previously denied to them due to the high level of investment involved. A perfect example of this is a recent monitoring project carried out by Brunel Surveys on behalf of Swindon Borough Council. In this instance ‘Safety’ was very much the key factor behind the decision to monitor work on a dilapidated building in the town centre. Stuart Gilling, Team Leader at Brunel Surveys provides the details.

Monitoring The Mechanics’ Institute Based in the centre of Swindon is The Mechanics’ Institute, one of the town’s most recognizable buildings and an important part of the area’s history. Officially opened in 1855, the building was initially used by railway workers for classes, lectures and reading and was an important part of Swindon’s heritage, housing a library, a theatre and a market place. Sadly by 2010, The Mechanics’ Institute had reached such a level of dilapidation that fears over the collapse of its roof led Swindon Council to seize control of the privately owned building after being granted the legal right to carry out urgent works. The poor state of the roof meant that it was impossible to support it from below and therefore the only option was to dismantle it from above using cranes, one with a cage suspended beneath it for workers to carry out the

Instruments were set up in a screened area to protect them from wind and rain demolition work and another with a skip suspended beneath for the debris.

this up by taking coordinates every a.m. and p.m. to detect any movement overnight.

Before demolition could begin, Swindon Borough Council contacted Brunel Surveys to undertake the monitoring of the roof whilst the work was being carried out. From the outset, we were aware that three of the six roof trusses had already failed it and therefore it would be vital that we could detect even the smallest amount of movement during the works. The obvious solution was for us to fix calibrated targets on the ridge board of the roof and to monitor them around the clock. Initially we planned to have instruments on both sides of the buildings but with restricted space and the proximity of the cranes, we opted instead to fix all six of the targets at the front of the building. During the early stages, each one would be monitored individually with six of our KOREC supplied Trimble Total Stations, ranging from the Trimble 3600 mechanical total station with Direct Reflex (DR) reflectorless measuring through to our top performing Trimble S6 DR robotic total station. To protect the instruments from wind and rain, we constructed a scaffolding and board shelter and they were set up in this screened area. Out of all the instruments, it soon became clear that the S6 was the star performer for this task, absolutely rock solid with no drift whatsoever. This was backed up by the repeat readings which were very accurate and far better than we would have expected for a 5” instrument.

We knew already knew that half of the trusses had already failed so we really were shooting in the dark. It was definitely a case of watching and waiting with air horns and radios at the ready.

The job was scheduled over three weeks in September 2010 and initially Brunel Surveys supplied two surveyors to ensure that even the tiniest movement of the roof less than 5mm - could be immediately detected and reported to the on-site structural surveyor. During the day it was a fairly straight forward process of monitoring the targets in real-time, noting down the results and keeping the structural engineer informed. We backed

KOREC Opinion BIM Since the start of 2011, we’ve seen all the major industry publications from NCE to CES take a closer look at BIM (Building Information Modelling). Our own Technical Director Oliver Brooks has even had his say in GeoConnexion. But what is BIM and why the sudden flux of articles, many of which highlight the fact that almost half of those involved in our industry are unaware of it? Put simply, BIM is not a suite of slick software but a process, a process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle. Typically BIM is a 3D representation of a building, made up of individual building components that contain specific information about themselves... location, material, dimensions, manufacturer, fire rating and carbon footprint to name a few. Proponents of BIM state that the

Synchronize | Summer 2011

benefits of taking this collaborative approach with everyone - from surveyors to contractors - working from the same 3D model speak for themselves: n Improved visualisation n Improved productivity due to easy retrieval of information n Increased coordination of construction documents n Embedding and linking of vital information such as vendors for specific materials, location of details and quantities required for estimation and tendering n Increased delivery speed

n Reduced costs So why is the UK significantly behind in the adoption of BIM when compared to the USA and other European countries? One possibility is that in an industry sometimes conservative in its adoption of new technology, many of us are simply not aware of BIM and its benefits. Couple this with the economic downturn and the fact that many companies have already invested in systems that cannot handle BIM, the

Three Weeks Later Despite our trepidation, the roof actually rebounded and became more stable as the process continued so by the final three days we had reduced our instrument usage to just the S6, conventionally monitoring every few minutes and continuing with our a.m. and p.m. readings to cover us overnight. The Trimble S6 really came into its own during the final few days. Manually we could type in an angle and it was a simple process to use the “Turn to” function in the software and check each of the six targets every 15 minutes with just the S6. We were constantly checking back to a reference shot to ensure there was no angle slip and the S6 was always spot on which meant that we had total confidence in the results we were getting. Whilst most of my jobs tend to be topo surveys, the monitoring of the Mechanics’ Institute really gave me the chance to test our equipment’s capabilities and functions, as well as getting to ride in a basket dangling from a crane! nnn With thanks to Stuart Gilling who is an ICES graduate member. *Based just outside Swindon, Wiltshire, Brunel Surveys Ltd are one of the country’s premiere land surveying companies. The company operates nationally and offers a wide range of services for clients who include many major companies and authorities.www.

desire to invest in additional technology is low. However the early adopters already embracing this collaborative approach are undoubtedly paving the way for BIM to become a critical tool of the future and indeed this seems to be the belief of Trimble. In February of this year Trimble announced that it had been selected as a preferred distributor for the new Tekla BIMsight model-based project collaboration tool and in May offered to acquire all Tekla’s

shares. If you are interested in finding out more about BIM, Trimble is offering a free download of the 3D modeling solution on, a Trimble Website dedicated to helping building owners, contractors, and engineers better understand the potential of solutions that allow the transfer of Building Information Modelling (BIM) data to field level systems for increased productivity and cost savings. nnn

NCE reports that BIM was used on Heathrow’s Terminal 5 where the entire project team worked off one BIM model shaving 10% off project costs.

Technical Support n Using Trimble Access on the controller? Remember to keep it up to date by regularly connecting it to your PC and running the Trimble Access Installation Manager (TAIM). TAIM can be downloaded (for free) from http://www.trimble. com/survey/Trimble-Access-IS-support.aspx along with various other useful items (style sheets, etc…) for use in the Trimble Access software. n Running TAIM will also add a new device named “General Survey” in Trimble Data Transfer, and Trimble Link Engine, that can be used to download and convert survey jobs from the controller into formats that are suitable for import into various software packages. n Keep an eye on resources.php?cat=software for GeoSite updates and various other utilities that we think may prove useful to customers. n Anyone using the new TSC3, have you found the “flashlight” (torch) function yet? It uses the pair of LEDs on the back of the logger and chucks out an impressive level of light (just remember not to have it pointed at a colleague’s face when you test it out – sorry Darius!). This function can be assigned to one of the soft keys located below the screen rather than having to search for it in the settings every time you need to see what you’re doing. We think that this will prove very useful for those long dark night shifts, tunnel work, etc…

KOREC Know How Selecting your Trimble Monitoring Solution Trimble’s scalable system lets you create monitoring solutions that can change and expand with your needs. It’s an easy way to start or expand your monitoring business and take advantage of new opportunities. Get Started with Deformation Measurement Your existing Trimble surveying system is a powerful monitoring tool. In the field, you can use your Trimble total station and the streamlined monitoring workflow in Trimble Access field software to collect precise, consistent monitoring data. It’s ideal for monitoring projects that don’t require real-time measurements. Back in the office, import your data into Trimble 4D Control software for fast, detailed analysis. Make the Move to Automated Monitoring Ready to take on projects that demand frequent or continuous measurements? Trimble total stations deliver precise monitoring measurements, with exceptional speed and reliability. Trimble 4D Control software controls the instruments—even in remote locations—and provides advanced real-time measurement, analysis and alerting capabilities. Add GNSS Monitoring in Large Areas When monitoring a dam, bridge or large structure, Trimble GNSS receivers produce rapid, accurate measurements across large areas. Rugged Trimble GNSS receivers— controlled by Trimble 4D Control software—are ideal for long-term, high-precision monitoring projects.

Trimble Monitoring Solutions

And don’t forget... Trimble’s 4D Control monitoring software has been recently upgraded and includes a new web module providing remote and distributed access to Trimble 4D Control from virtually any location worldwide via the internet. It centralises multiple monitoring sites into one dedicated control room or simply enables access to the system within an organisation. The module is visually based around the same concept as Trimble Access meaning a recognisable format. nnn

Other monitoring stories can be found in Trimble’s excellent ‘Monitoring’ section at

Events Visit KOREC stands at the following events: The tenth Railtex exhibition will take place in London in June (14-16). Firmly established in the rail industry’s calendar as the only UK showcase for technological innovation across all sectors of the supply market, the show returns to London’s Earls Court exhibition centre, the venue for the highly successful 2009 event. ...and one for your diaries; later in the year we will again be attending the Infrastructure Show in October (17-19) at the NEC. ‘Hubs’ with their own seminar program will include Roads, Rail, Airports, Utilities and Cities and Regeneration. nnn

Blogs to visit... Machine guidance systems have replaced many surveying job activities. So are surveyors still needed on the job site? How can they modernise their skill set and re-brand themselves to stay relevant? Visit Software Advice’s blog to read Houston Neal’s point of view on how the modern surveyor’s role is changing and how they can adapt. The link is too long to reproduce here so visit our own blog at and click through from there. ...And don’t forget to take a good look at our own blog at Here you’ll find news, tips, snippets and opinion. nnn

Meet the Technical Support Team In the first issue of our new look Synchronize, we introduced our Survey Sales Consultants. Now it’s time to meet the Technical Support Team. They’re busy people so we’ve kept this issue’s ‘Meet the Team’ question short and sweet! Q. Why Trimble? RS: The key to effective use

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settle for anything less?

smooth integration of data.

Richard Selby Training Manager

Martin Freeman Technical Support Analyst

Alan Cliff Technical Field Support

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Synchronize Summer 2011 Survey Newsletter  

Introducing...the new Trimble TSC3 Controller as well as Meet the Technical Support Team, The World in Motion - Monitoring News and KOREC Op...