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Spring 2011 The GIS Mapping Solutions Newsletter from KOREC

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Welcome Welcome to the first issue of our new look mapping newsletter, Sub-dio. During the last two years our industry has experienced the harshest trading conditions for a decade and with new government spending cuts kicking in, we can expect much of the same in 2011. There will be no room for complacency and councils and contractors alike will be looking to minimize their operating expenses and maximize their resource efficiency. If Intergeo 2010, held in Cologne, and Trimble’s own Dimensions event held in Las Vegas are anything to go by, then the survey and mapping industry is certainly not short on innovative technology – it’s all out there and in fact we announce seven new Trimble releases in this newsletter alone! We’re therefore using this issue to take a closer look at how we can become more efficient in our work practices and identify which technology will really earn its keep in 2011.

“...the mapping industry is certainly not short of innovative solutions...”

Trimble Delivers

Six New Releases for 2011 So what does 2011 hold? This is the question that we put to Pete Wilkinson, Head of Technical Solutions Group, ESRI (UK) and Mauricio Jaimes, Trimble’s Mapping & GIS Division, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) Sales Manager. Their answers, respectively, were a trend towards an increase in mobile working and increased GPS accuracy for mapping users. With these new releases, Trimble delivers! New Juno SD – now with voice capability! 4 units in 1! PDA, GPS with SatNav, Camera and Phone are now combined into just one solution. The new Juno SD offers voice capability, but don’t be mistaken – it shouldn’t be compared to the average consumer grade GPS Smartphone. Unlike similar feature rich units, the Juno SD has a high sensitivity GPS receiver which allows users to maximize yield of positions in difficult environments

Designed and priced for equipping whole workforces, all Juno SD series models include integrated GPS, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth® connectivity, a 3 Megapixel camera, a 533 MHz processor, 128 MB of onboard memory, a MicroSD/SDHC memory card slot, an all-day battery (8 hours continuous use on site) and a 3.5 inch sun light readable display. And don’t forget...the Juno SD handheld builds on this core functionality with the addition of integrated 3.5G High-Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) cellular SMS and voice capability. nnn

So what does 2011 hold? We’ve asked KOREC’s Mapping Sales Consultants for their opinion and they fill us in on the ‘one to watch’ for 2011 on our back page.

Continued inside

Interesting times lie ahead and I hope that this issue of Sub-dio gives you an exciting taster of some of the new technology out there. nnn

Andrew Beckerson, Director of Sales, KOREC

such as forest canopy and adjacent to tall buildings and offers real time 2–5 metre positional accuracy, or a post-processed accuracy of 1–3 metres.

Stop Press: KOREC wins tender for 30 Trimble Juno SC handhelds Trimble Juno SD

Trimble Delivers

Sofware update

Releases continued...

FastMap Mobile v8.5 Municipal Issue Management System - a complete hosted solution for managing issues found throughout a municipality Ideal for use on the Trimble Juno or Nomad G series, the system allows field workers to accurately and efficiently document issues and receive tasks to resolve them. With the handheld’s integrated GPS and camera, location data and digital photographs can be embedded in the issue record, confirming exactly what field workers saw in the field before and after resolution, providing evidence for compliance reports or in liability situations. Ideal for potholes, broken streetlights, graffiti, pest infestation, vegetation, illegal dumping etc. Issues sent wirelessly from the field are managed in the office via the Municipal Reporter Web service, where field workers can be tracked, assigned tasks, or located in case of an emergency. nnn

The new Nomad G 900 Series includes the extras you’ve been waiting for! The Trimble Nomad 900 series handheld’s improved camera and flash mean that low light and night images are crisp and bright so that mobile workers can capture and geotag assets with confidence - even the fine print associated with an asset, such as a fire inspection tag, can be easily read. Tuned to maximize the integrated GPS receiver’s performance, the Trimble Nomad 900 series handheld has an enhanced antenna design which provides a rapid Time-to-First Fix (TTF) to improve GPS productivity in difficult GPS conditions plus GPS data can now be post-processed to an accuracy of 1-3 metres. nnn

• Has speed improvements for the collection of post-proccessing data • Includes the ability to receive direct data from RTK receivers including the Trimble R4

• New simplified GPS Controller interface • Improved wireless functionality now allows the transfer of SSF and JPG files

Terrasync v5.0 • Faster rendering of maps up to 25 times faster on some images, typically 10 times faster than the previous version • The ability to display larger background files • Support for the R8 Model 3 and the ProXRT Model 2 • NB: if you are logging data in Terrasync v5.0 you will need Pathfinder Office v5.0 to download it

Nomad G 900 Series

Pathfinder Office v5.0 • New Data Dictionary Editor that supports the new Terrasync v.5.0 data capture controls and conditional attributes

MX8 Mobile Spatial Imaging Solution KOREC is delighted to announce that Trimble has launched the Trimble MX8 Mobile Spatial Imaging System, an advanced mobile data capture system that combines imaging and laser scanning capabilities to measure objects in 3D to produce 3D, 4D and 5D data sets for spatial imaging projects. Trimble Nomad with Municipal Issue Management System

Next Generation ProXRT High Accuracy Real Time GNSS Receiver Trimble’s next generation GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver is a versatile decimetre receiver combining dual-frequency GPS with Trimble H-Star technology, along with optional OmniSTAR and GLONASS support. In addition, the GPS Pathfinder ProXRT receiver is now capable of tracking Galileo test satellites for signal evaluation and test purposes.

Featuring a pod-type design, it is easily redeployed and installed on a variety of vehicles as project demands change. A ground-based sensor such as the Trimble MX8 that delivers centimetre positioning accuracy, 3D measurements and video imaging at highway speeds is ideal for as-built modelling, inventory, inspection, encroachment analysis, and asset management for roadways, bridges, railways, utilities, and other infrastructure. nnn

• New Terrasync Studio utility that allows the user to configure the Terrasync software interface. • Includes the new Delta Phase post-processing engine (available from v4.2) which improves post-proccessing accuracy

Hints and Tips – FastMap Mobile • When you want to capture data for post-processing make sure you have Capture PP ticked from Main Menu>Management>Setup>Preferences>GPS – Note Pathfinder Office software is required for any post-processing • When wanting to return SSF and photos wirelessly, make sure you have Full Wireless Send checked from Main Menu>Management>Setup>Preferences >Opts

t Trimble MX8 Mobile Spatial

Imaging System

• To capture Delta Phase data for extra accurate Post-processing, check this option from GPS Status>Options>Application – Note because of the larger SSF size, this could significantly slow down wireless transfer

The Trimble GPS Pathfinder ProXRT is supplied with the Tornado antenna which uses improved antenna technology and incorporates a magnetic base. nnn t Trimble GPS Pathfinder

• If your Trimble device is online you can now demand a square of Google Aerial mapping wherever you are positioned. Simply add the Demand layer to the map manager and hit the ‘M’ on the main map screen


Hints and Tips – FastMap Workflow • When sending data to a device, you can separate the features that need inspecting from those that don’t by using a drag-zoom with Ctrl held down • Double clicking in the top left corner of the map screen will quickly load in your last job

Release of Next Generation of TerraSync GPS Data Collection Software These updates have been requested by users to better address their changing needs and include intelligent data capture based on conditional attributes, a customisable user interface and faster raster map display.

• You can filter out edited features from non-edited from the Edit/View menu

In conjunction with the TerraSync software, a new version of Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office software is available which includes enhancements to the Data Dictionary Editor to support conditional attributes as well as the new TerraSync Studio utility to develop and test customised user interfaces. nnn

Technical Support How To...Seamlessly integrate a digital camera into your field data collection workflow Improving your GPS survey data by adding photos to surveyed data using the Trimble Geo Explorer series used to be limited to cameras which had a WiFi mode, and finding one of these could be tricky. However, the introduction of the Eye-Fi SD card means lots of models from many different companies are now capable of WiFi (see for a full list). Eye-Fi is a modified SD card which not only stores photos but has WiFi capability to send pictures as soon as they are taken. This means you can link a high quality camera to the Geo Explorer series and in both TerraSync and FastMap Mobile, link the photo directly to the survey data, at the point of

survey, allowing you to confirm that the image is linked properly and the quality is acceptable before moving to the next field asset. The Eye-Fi card can be linked directly to any Trimble Windows Mobile MGIS Mapping device using TrimPix Pro 2 and used in any number of cameras, but only assigned to one Trimble device.

Updates of GNSS Processing Tools to Support Esri ArcGIS 10 Technology Trimble has introduced updated versions of its Trimble GPScorrect extension for Esri ArcPad and the Trimble GPS Analyst extension for Esri ArcGIS Desktop.

Trimble Geo with Eye-Fi SD card

These tools now support the latest Esri technology, including ArcPad 10 and ArcGIS 10 Desktop software. nnn

The GIS Mapping Solutions Newsletter from KOREC

Customer story JP Tower Detailing - Trimble Yuma The Trimble Yuma rugged tablet has been designed to safeguard software and data in the face of even the most inhospitable heat and dust conditions and December might have been an excellent opportunity to test out the Trimble claim that the Yuma really can withstand ‘bitter cold’!

method I estimate that on a tower of 200 angle section members, as much as 5% of the information could be incorrect and consequently repairs would be delayed and even the wrong replacement pieces manufactured. Our solution to eliminate these errors was to take the process digital.”

High Expectations Established over ten years ago, JP Tower Detailing, in close collaboration with Opus Technical Solutions, is one of the companies that undertakes Tower Inspections for the National Grid, carrying out steel condition assessments of the 32,000 transmission towers (pylons) in the UK. Four years into this ten year project, John Palmer has recently made the switch from pen and paper data collection to working digitally.

Back in the office John processes the data. Each member has its own part number and defective members are recorded on the Yuma. A material list can be produced from this data via an excel spreadsheet and sent to a manufacturer to fabricate the steel work.

“Steel works are graded between 1 and 6, with one being very poor condition indeed,” explains John. “Every defect has to be accurately recorded and using a pen and paper method just wasn’t proving practical. Paper would become soggy in the rain, the colour coding would run and inevitably paper records would be lost. On top of this, back at the office, information could be misread or keyed into an excel spreadsheet incorrectly. Using this old

John concludes “We are still introducing this technology but already have six Yumas in operation. Our aim was always to improve the accuracy of the work we were doing but an added bonus has definitely been felt back in

KOREC opinion Who Dares, Wins Our top three tips for maximizing your productivity and reducing your costs. This article first appeared in GisProfessional magazine and a full version is available at in the news section.

Work Wirelessly

With the arrival of 3G and 3.5G mobile communications, the technology is there for providing faster internet speeds at a lower cost. Make use of a two-way data flow of work instructions, mapping, GIS data, photos and tasks. End result? You can cut your fuel costs and keep your workers productive in the field. Check out our latest new release, Trimble’s Municipal Issue Management System


Many thanks to John Palmer, Managing Director of JP Tower Detailing who supplied this information. nnn

“Pylons can range in height from 30m – 50m and we knew that we wanted a device that was practical for our engineers to carry whilst climbing, be of rugged build – we simply can’t afford to lose data through dust or water getting in the unit, this is a costly data capture operation – and be a good all round platform for the Site Data Collection software (SDC) that I had developed for this work,” continues John. “We had to reject some units as too heavy to be practical, some as having too small a screen and some as insufficiently rugged. However when KOREC showed us the Yuma, it really stood out. At 1.4kg it was easy for our engineers to carry in a four point harness and had a 7” sunlight readable touch screen display. This was perfect for our software which features a diagram of a pylon on which the engineers can pin-point any defects. Additionally, the unit offered all day battery life and the GPS ensured that we were always working on the correct pylon. We simply can’t afford to lose data so also use the SD card slot for back up.”

However, for a more practical view of what the Yuma Tablet can offer users in the UK, we caught up with John Palmer, Managing Director of Croydon based JP Tower Detailing, to find out why he selected the Yuma over other rugged options on the market.


the office. Processing work that was previously taking up to 2 days can now be done in 15 minutes! The Yuma is a perfect size and weight and of course incredibly tough – it really is spot on.”

Trimble Yuma

Keeping the City of Rome safe and clean by using wireless working, a multi-function device and customised software A combination of customised Trimble iCapture software and Juno SC handhelds means that lone workers can be safely tracked back at the office as they wirelessly capture data on incidents such as the location of graffiti, illegal dumping and vagrants. This customised solution was developed for the City of Rome to include a ‘panic button’ that can be used to alert the office and mobile staff if assistance is required immediately. Further productivity may be realised by analysing recorded information. Tracks of individual workers can be combined with time worked and incidents recorded to measure and compare productivity and output. nnn

Customise Your System

Trimble Juno SC

We’ve seen a number of requests for specialist solutions where the cost of customising the system is clearly offset by the benefits it will bring. A typical example of this is the tweaking of existing data capture software to replicate established workflows and therefore ease the way for new digital working practices. Visit the National Grid case study at for a great example of this and take a look at our new UK customised solution featured in this newsletter, Trimble’s FastMap Mobile Drainage Network Surveyor System.


Switch to multi-function data loggers

The latest Trimble handhelds are packed with features but also offer high accuracy GPS, a sturdy design and are priced for equipping whole workforces. The best example of all has to be the new Juno SD – 4 units in 1! It’s a PDA, GPS with SatNav, Camera and Phone all combined into just one solution. Or if you are after something even more rugged, the new Trimble Nomad G 900 Series could be the solution.

Web Watch We’ve rounded up a few highlights from the KOREC website along with anything else that’s recently caught our eye. Don’t forget to visit the KOREC blog for the news ‘as it happens’! nnn KOREC Articles For full versions of our KOREC articles ‘Who Dares, Wins’

Sub-Dio | Spring 2011

(see above) which was published in GisProfessional and ‘Utility Mapping’ which appeared in CES’ GIS-GPS supplement, please visit the news section at www. We’re also delighted to announce that KOREC’s Technical Director Oliver Brooks will, for the second year running, be contributing a regular column to GeoConnexion UK. Find all

his previous columns at under the heading of ‘Modern Surveying’ for 2011 or ‘GNSS and Data Collection’ for 2010 contributions.

Mapping the Olympic Park Ordnance Survey and the ICE have launched a new map to recognise the contribution that civil

engineers have made to the development of the Olympic Park. Originally created for distribution to ICE members and as an educational resource, the original print run has already proved so popular that they have run-out! Helpfully the OS have provided a pdf version for download on their Blog and are already looking at producing a high-res version.

Take a look at the original at http://blog.ordnancesurvey.

BBC The BBC recently ran a programme entitled ‘The Secret Life of the National Grid’. For further details on this and some useful information on the National Grid visit news/uk-politics-11619751


Trimble Quantm Desktop Trimble’s Quantm Alignment Planning Software has been used extensively throughout the world and will be the latest addition to the KOREC portfolio. Recently covered in a one page article in NCE magazine (, this powerful Trimble software supports road planners and engineers through the complex process of selecting and generating 3D corridors and alignments. Its unique route optimisation technology generates millions of alternative alignments and returns a range of 5-20 best options for review by various stakeholders. And the result….savings of up to 25% in the cost of building a new road can be achieved by getting the route optimization right. Bill Lazaris, Trimble’s Quantm channel manager is keen to emphasize that Quantm should be seen as a decision-making tool and not as a replacement for engineering judgement.

Improved community relations Better environmental outcomes Reduced planning time and delays Road Construction cost savings Trimble’s Quantm Alignment Planning Software

Meet the Team KOREC is delighted to announce that Andrew Blogg has joined the KOREC Mapping Team as a GIS Mapping Sales Consultant. Looking after the South West of England region, Andrew has a degree in Geography and a Masters degree in GIS from Leicester University as well as extensive experience in planning and carrying out flood risk mapping projects and habitat surveys in his previous role within the environmental industry.

Q: What is the single most exciting technological advance we have seen in the mapping industry that should be used in 2011? MP: Photographs are an ever important attribute to GIS data – a picture says a thousand words……… For customers with Trimble hardware that supports Windows Mobile v6 or 6.1, why not investigate Trimble TrimPix Pro. TrimPix Pro is a combination of software running on the Trimble hardware and a WiFi enabled SD card which ‘beams’ the photograph from the camera to the Trimble hardware. The photograph is then assigned as an attribute to the feature being recorded by Trimble FastMap, Trimble Terraysnc or ESRI ArcPad software

Trimble FastMap Mobile Drainage Network Surveyor system is a high accuracy mapping solution developed by the Trimble Professional Services group. The system offers industry specific functionality for highways and drainage contactors working in the UK on behalf of the Highways Agency or utility water companies and it’s available now! The new system is ideal for any contractor carrying out HADDMS (Highways Agency Drainage Database Management System) surveys and has been developed as a direct response to new legislation due to be implemented in 2011, which requires water and sewerage companies to adopt and survey all previously un-adopted sewers, for example, on private property. The solution is pole mounted and is comprised of a Trimble R4 GNSS receiver capable of centimetre accuracy, a Trimble VRS Now real-time corrections service license (to achieve this accuracy in real-time) and Trimble FastMap Mobile Drainage Network Surveyor software running on a rugged Trimble Nomad 900 G handheld GPS data collection device.

Trimble clearly highlight the benefits of using Quantm software:

Call KOREC now! nnn

KOREC Launch: Trimble Drainage Network System

saving on the office time of manually attaching photos to data. TrimPix Pro enables industry standard digital cameras to be used in the field offering high quality images where the user deems appropriate. RG: Data Collection really can cost a lot less than you think… Trimble’s new Municipal Reporter system requires no IT infrastructure, is scalable to easily manage field workforces of any size, and offers a low-cost and low-risk way to record important data and to resolve issues faster.

Improved customer satisfaction from faster response times, increased worker productivity and accountability makes this brand new system extremely attractive to any business striving to achieve similar or greater levels of service to customers, with less resources available to them. AB: Field workers need to spend as much time in the field capturing data as possible. Using wireless technology in Trimble handheld GPS devices and software, data can be sent and retrieved wirelessly between the field and office maximising efficiency, production and saving on transport costs. Send data not people.

collection. An area of high need for GPS technology is in and around forested locations. However this is also one of the hardest locations to utilise GPS effectively due to tree coverage. Traditionally this was a slow process using pen and paper with offsetting and lasers where possible to locate features. With the onset of the Trimble Pathfinder ProXRT with GLONASS, the boundaries have changed. By utilising the dual constellations of GPS and GLONASS, field workers can easily work in heavily forested zones with the comfort of still being able to position themselves quickly and easily. nnn

BR: Forestry need not be a no go zone for data

Key functionality includes the option to move a manhole position to a current GPS position and automatically move all connecting pipes, complete an STC25 list of attributes about the manhole, draw a sketch of the assets and take a photograph of the exposed manhole chamber using a hi-resolution camera. Additionally, the software can be used to draw each connecting pipe by FastMap Mobile Drainage locking upstream and Network Surveyor system downstream manholes, record details of the pipe, and automatically calculate the pipe length and fall. All collected data can be output as Esri shapefiles in the specific STC25 format of the sewer network. nnn

Events Geodata 2011 Geodata 2011 is kicking off in London on 30 March. KOREC will be supporting these FREE events with a talk entitlled “Cloud Assisted GIS”. Find out more in the Events section of

ESRI Annual Conference The ESRI (UK) Annual Conference 2011 is a two day conference which will explore GIS technology as the key business enabler for better informed decision making and how this provides real world solutions to real world problems. Visit us on May 16 – 17, 2011 at the Hilton London Metropole, London, W2 1JU For further information on registering, email:

KOREC Webinars We have a number of webinars planned. Register in the Events section of our website: Martyn Palmer, GIS Mapping Sales Consultant, SE & East

Richard Gauchwin, GIS Mapping Sales Consultant, North

Andrew Blogg, GIS Mapping Sales Consultant, South West

Brock Ryder, GIS Mapping Sales Consultant, Ireland

Contact us: For further information on any of the products or services mentioned within Sub-dio, please contact your nearest Mapping Sales Consultant or visit our website

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Sub-dio Spring 2011 Mapping Newsletter  

In this issue - Six new releases from Trimble, Who's using what - the Trimble Yuma and Hints and Tips for maximizing your productivity