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KOREC KNOW HOW– Knutsford 2012 Mapping Focus

Survey Focus

09:30 - 10:00


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10:10 – 10:45

Mouchel Presentation

10:45 – 11:20

Trimble Municipal Reporter Presentation

Outdoor Trimble & FARO Demonstrations

11:20 – 11:45

Outdoor Trimble Demonstrations

Trimble Vision & SPAR 300 Presentation

11:45 – 12:15 12:15 – 12:45

Coffee break

Sensefly Presentation

Outdoor Trimble & FARO Demonstrations

12:45 – 13:30

Sensefly Flight demonstration

13:30 – 14:00


14:30 – 15:00

FARO Presentation

15:30 – 16:00 16:00 – 16:30

Trimble Geo XH

Outdoor Trimble & FARO Demonstrations Aibot on show/ Round Up & Thanks

John Booth Team Leader Traffic Management

Unlocking Business Opportunities

“If you always do what you always did you always get what you always got”

Our vision

Today’s presentation • • •

“To be recognised for excellence”

Introduction Structure Q&A


Our Values Innovation

Objectives • • •

To look at the challenges we all face An example of creating new business How this contributes to improving financial performance


Our Values

Background • • • • • • • •


Mouchel / My office GPS experiences - the inaugural meeting Challenging landscape we operate in Raise our profile Win work - Competitive trading conditions Provide clients with services that they need and can afford Work efficiently Increase margins / increase utilisation


Our Values

Maximise Opportunity for New Business • • • • • •


Talk to clients about their needs and add value Innovate be creative (unlock opportunity) Expand service offering Work with Korec to identify equipment and support Develop marketing collateral Present to clients


Our Values

Contribute to improving financial Performance • • • • •


Unlock the opportunity Secure the work Identify the potential work Work efficiently Keep it simple


Execute the plan • • • • • •


Initial discussion on what we needed and why (needs v’s options) Identify equipment (geoexplorer 6000) Try it – try it again Buy it Get on with it Make sure the support is there


The Results • • • • • • •

Clients have better understanding 3 projects secured Increased reputation Presentations on scope Reduced costs Increase margins Increased utilisation

Think Win-win

Example 1 – 6 month period


Traffic Management GPS Design Related Survey Work £450,000, 100%

General Net Sales Secured survey related sales


£2,000, 0%

Campaign Plan #1 - Traffic Management GPS Design related £450,000, 85% Growth Target

General Net Sales Secured GPS related Pipeline GPS related

£50,000, 9%

£30,000, 6%


Example 2 – Project A


Typical Project Margin Value

£25,000 £20,000 £15,000

Margin Value

£10,000 £5,000 £0 Project A prior to Trimble

Project A after Trimble

Typical Project Margin %

15.00% 10.00% Margin Percentage

5.00% 0.00% Project A prior to Project A after Trimble Trimble



Example 3 Strategic sign Design £10,000 £5,000 Design £0

City centre sign

Route 1

Route 2

Route 3

Route 4







Survey element












Survey element Maintain

Summary • • • • •

“If at first you don’t succeed try try again”.

Challenging trading environment Engage our clients Work and operate efficiently Embrace technology Suppliers of choice


Thank you for your time



Trimble Municipal Reporter Martyn Palmer Mapping and GIS Sales Consultant

Why Digital Data Capture? • Capture Once Use Many Times • Control on Data Capture using forms • Verify data accuracy on site • Increases field and office productivity by at least 50% • Reduces overall cost of data capture

Simple calculation of a journey to site • • • • • •

Average field worker salary £25k Hourly rate £13, mileage rate 40p/mile 20 miles to site – 30mins average drive time 4 days per week spent on site Weekly cost £116.00 Yearly cost based on 40 weeks £4,640.00 per year One client we are in discussions with at the moment says 70% of their engineers working week is spent driving to and from site.

Is wireless data transfer practical? • In the past there have been many issues with wireless data transfer – Dedicated servers – Firewall issues – Communications – Cost of devices – Speed of data transfer – Limit of data that could be sent – Network availability = ££££££££££££

What has changed? • www hosted data and acceptance of cloud computing • Removes Firewall issues • Cheap devices including Modems / GPS / Digital Cameras • GPRS / 3G / HSDPA for speed • Communication costs greatly reduced • Data transferred on minimal signal or holds until network available • Create a complete 2 way data flow of work instructions, mapping, GIS data, photos and other information

Trimble Municipal Reporter

• Replace paper forms with electronic forms for issue reporting

System Components

The Internet

Hosted Web service  View and manage issue reports  Assign tasks  Track field workers  Send messages  Build and deploy issue forms  Download data to database/GIS

Field software on Juno/Nomad handhelds • Capture new issue reports • Receive task assignments • Navigate to location • Receive messages • Send urgent location updates

Extremely simple user interface

View position of workers in the field

See data as it is recorded on site

Get instant reports on the data

Key Features • Low cost and easy to deploy – Complete hosted solution – No IT infrastructure requirements • Scalable solution – Manage field workforces of any size • Faster resolution of issues – Identify and deploy the closest crew – Electronic reporting means data is in the system in real-time • Complete and consistent data capture – Pre-defined issue forms that can mirror existing paper forms/checklists – Easy-to-use, easy-to-learn field software designed for nontechnical field workers

How does this impact on your business • Delivers on efficiency – Time & Money • Could greatly reduce travel costs • Duplicates existing processes currently done with Pen & Paper • Streamlines the processes between Site & Office • Data accessed faster • Added benefits of Worker Management for Health & Safety

Trimble Municipal Reporter

Any Questions?


Trimble Trimble Municipal Reporter Juno Series Martyn Palmer Mapping and GIS Sales Consultant

Trimble Juno Series Handhelds • Introduction to Trimble Juno Series Handhelds

• Key Features & Benefits

• Customers & Markets

Get more out of the field than ever before • Enable any employee to input data into your GIS • Ensure the quality of your GPS data • Guarantee the consistency of data collected • Increase productivity by collecting positions in any location • Stay in contact with office and field for real-time results

Product Improvements • Ruggedised

A-Z Archaeology – Zoology

Bringing You Mobile Mapping to Enhance Your Work Flow Line

Martyn Palmer Mapping and GIS Sales Consultant

Product Improvements • In-built 5 mega pixel camera / video (Flash – 3D)

Product Improvements • In-built 5 mega pixel camera / video (Flash – 3D) • 2GB internal memory – External expansion up to 32GB

Product Improvements • In-built 5 mega pixel camera / video (Flash – 3D) • 2GB internal memory – External expansion up to 32GB • 10 hour lithium-Ion battery – Swappable

Product Improvements • In-built 5 mega pixel camera / video • 2GB internal memory – External expansion up to 32GB • 10 hour lithium-Ion battery – Swappable • Windows mobile 6.5

Product Improvements • In-built 5 mega pixel camera / video • 2GB internal memory – External expansion up to 32GB • 10 hour lithium-Ion battery – Swappable • Windows mobile 6.5 • Wireless connectivity

Product Improvements • In-built 5 mega pixel camera / video • 2GB internal memory – External expansion up to 32GB • 10 hour lithium-Ion battery – Swappable • Windows mobile 6.5 • Wireless connectivity • Phone capability (3D)

A powerful, fully integrated device Trimble Juno series handhelds: When you need an all-in-one mobile solution:

• Purpose-built for mobile workforces • Light weight, compact and fully integrated • Replaces carrying and maintaining several devices: – High-yield GPS receiver – Integrated camera – Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi – Phone model available

When productivity matters • Mapping & GIS software and GPS workflow compatible Maximize your workforce returns and productivity:

• Seamless field and office data exchange • Consistent, robust data returned • High-yield GPS receiver • Rugged for work in any environment • Easy to use, easy to setup, no complicated connections • Designed to run all day in the field

When price matters Value for any size of workforce or budget with:

• Competitive pricing • Integration to provide savings • Simple and easy to use, reduced training • Reduced overheads with less equipment to manage • Trimble quality product


Integrated GPS GPS ACCURACY Real Time (SBAS using EGNOS) Post Processed

2-5 metres 1-3 metres

Real-time communications • Enables real-time data transfer Worldwide 3.75G cellular connectivity with data and voice:

• Ensures up to date data in the field • Increased collaboration between field and office • Save time with high-speed data transfer even of large files/maps • Increases worker safety • Allows rapid response for emergency or time-critical issues

Connectivity options • Laser rangefinders Complete connectivity for the enterprise field workforce with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, broadband data and voice cellular:

• Sensors • Wireless hotspots • Internet • Office/corporate network • Database updates • Call for next job • In case of emergencies

Capture all the details in the field • Adds value to data collection 5 megapixel autofocus camera / video:

• Records details of assets or incidents • Used to meet regulations, provide proof of completion • Integrate automatically at time of capture with Trimble TerraSync software • Geotagging – location,date and time to maintain point of reference • Aids decisions and analysis

Build into higher accuracy solution Complete connectivity for the enterprise field workforce with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, broadband data and voice cellular:

• Sub-metre solution when combined with Trimble Pro 6T receiver • Decimetre solution when combined with Trimble Pro 6H receiver

Customers & Markets

Public Sector • Asset management – Lightweight GPS solution with camera for sign inspections, facilities management, etc. • Issue reporting – Eliminate pen and paper with a real-time digital reporting tool • Emergency management – Durable solution for documenting damaged areas, with connectivity for rapid response

Utilities • Asset management – Handheld solution for inspection of key infrastructure. – Navigation software to assist with asset location • Rapid response – 3.75G cellular modem voice calls for advice or emergency assistance, contact on call workers 24/7

Environmental management • Data collection – 1 to 3 metre post-processed accuracy even in dense forest canopy. • Environmental Assessments • Trimble LaserAce™ 1000 rangefinder – Difficult-to-access areas – Instantly check tree heights & clearance, to determine if work required – Easily calculate forest yield


Overview Parts of the handheld

Back view


A-Z Archaeology – Zoology

Bringing You Mobile Mapping to Enhance Your Work Flow Line

Martyn Palmer Mapping and GIS Sales Consultant

Trimble SPAR 300

• Precision 3D Mapping • Model based calculation method

Challenges in EM Utility Survey • Accuracy • Have to trace or follow the signal “peak” • Assumes signal is circular • Not related to site plan • Chalking the road • Re-survey with GPS • Provable quality of results?

Conventional methods also…..

• ….Rely heavily on skill of user….

Why SPAR 300? • The volume and quality of position is far greater than existing methods • Accurate to 5% of true position (relative to GNSS rover)

• 3 m depth range

• Reduce time on site • Reduce labour cost • Enhance quality of data delivered to your client

How SPA 300 works - Each collected point is georeferenced per the measured offset, range, and depth to a utility line target. - This data is modelled against horizontal and vertical RMS values detected from underground electromagnetic signal distortion.

Trimble Access Software • The Utility 3-D positions are fully integrated into Trimble Access software • Export job to DXF, CSV, AutoCAD etc… • Same software platform • SAVES FIELD and OFFICE TIME

Where does the SPAR 300 fit in? Trimble GNSS

Trimble VRS Now

Why VRS? • “The most widely used network RTK solution in the world” ( 2010)

C.A.T. versus SPAR 300

• Depth calculation only possible when the C.A.T. is held vertically over the line

SPAR 300 • Actual position –Red Line • Path walked –Green Line • You don’t need to be over the utility

C.A.T. versus SPAR 300 With C.A.T…… • Depth information not continuous • ….COSTING TIME • Depth information changes with C.A.T. orientation • ….LESS ACCURATE

Why SPAR 300? • Depth information is continuous and independent of the orientation • …NO ORIENTATING.. • …FEWER OUTLIERS.. • …SAVES TIME

C.A.T versus SPAR 300 C.A.T. method

SPAR 300 method:

• Method provides no confidence metrics

• RMS confidence metrics from the positioning process • Enhance the quality of deliverable to client

SPAR Feature Code Library • Configure your library

• Lessen site time

SPAR 300 graphical map • Graphical display • Integrate DXF site plan • Confidence of accuracy display

SPAR 300 Signal strength • Gives graphic of signal strength • …FASTER SURVEY • …SAVES TIME

Profile display • Displays relative profiles • Check job before leaving site • Helps reduce costly mistakes

SPAR Measurement Options… •

Manually: line coded, connected utility line

• Individual utility points • Depth and current recorded as attributes for every point • …Increasing reliability..

SPA Measurement Options • Continuous Topo utility line points. • Can be coded according to the detection accuracy • …JUST WALK TO SURVEY… • …SAVES TIME

Trimble Business Centre software

SPA 300 Summary

• Much Easier • More Accurate • Significantly Faster

Starts from under £20,000

plus vat

Trimble VisionTM – Bringing Photogrammetry to your surveys

Dominic Gregory – BSc Hons MRICS Survey Sales Consultant - Northern Area Tel: +44 (0) 7721 647 015


 Addressing Your Business Needs  What is Trimble Vision?  Vision Timeline & Instruments  Trimble Business Centre  Photogrammetry - Overview  How can it help your business  Summary

Your Business Needs Are you looking for the following:  Increased Productivity?  Improved Efficiency?  Cost Savings?

Do you remember?  DR Measurements  Robotic Technology  Integrated Survey

Steps into Trimble Vision

Steps into Trimble Vision

Steps into Trimble Vision

Trimble Vision Technology  Approximately half of all instruments sold into the market are equipped with video technology.

Trimble Vision Technology  Why have people already invested in Trimble Vision Technology?

Control the instrument via video screen

Control the instrument via video screen

Control the instrument via video screen

Control Survey data in the Field

Make DR measurements easier

Make DR measurements easier

There are more benefits to using a calibrated camera

Benefits of Trimble Business Centre

Benefits of Trimble Business Centre

Benefits of Trimble Business Centre

Benefits of Trimble Business Centre

Trimble Business Centre - Overview  GNSS Processing  Total Station Processing  GNSS Site Calibration  Feature Code Processing  Alignment and Corridor Creation  Surfaces, and Volumes  Aerial and Field Imagery  Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry Theory 1. Image Pixels from Trimble VISION = Horizontal & Vertical angle observations 2. Intersections of 2 or more photo observations create survey points 3. Accuracy depends on - starting positions / orientations, distance, and network geometry

Photogrammetry Theory

Station 2

Station 1

Photogrammetry Theory Observation 1

Station 2

Station 1

Photogrammetry Theory Observation 1 Observation 2

Station 2

Station 1

Photogrammetry Theory Observation 1 Observation 2 Photo Point

Station 2

Station 1

Trimble VISION White Paper Nav=Collection-87433

Trimble Vision Examples: (1) Measure “Complex” Objects

Drainage Structures

Antennas Bridges and Tunnels

Trimble Vision Examples: (2) Measure “Difficult” Objects

Treetops Power Lines

Trimble Vision Examples: (3) Expedient Data Capture


Trimble Vision Examples: (4) Traditional Photogrammetry


Monitoring Volumes

Trimble Vision Examples: (5) Topo Surveys and Forgotten Points



 Increased Productivity


 Increased Productivity  Improved Efficiency


 Increased Productivity  Improved Efficiency  Cost Savings

Outline 


Business Needs

DR, Robotic, Integrated

Steps In Vision – Geo-Ref, Calibrated, Software

50% Instruments with Video

Why Vision?

Control Instrument from Control Unit

Topo Data on Screen

DR measurements – Gantry

Calibrated Camera Offers More when combined with TBC

TBC Overview

Photogrammetry Theory

White Paper

Examples – Complex, Difficult, Time, Photogrammetry, Topo surveys


KOREC Group Introducing the Swinglet CAM

Martyn Palmer Mapping & GIS Sales Consultant 07721 919912

Swinglet CAM from senseFly

Existing Solutions

Man’s view Time consuming Lack of perspective Access

Satellite’s view Untimely Weather dependent

Airplane’s view Polluting Noisy Expensive

Existing Solutions

What is the Swinglet CAM?  Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)  Hand launched  No remote control required  No pilots licence required  Automatic flight and landing  Onboard Sensor Options  

12 MP Digital Camera Other Sensors on Consultation

 Lightweight, Safe and Yours

Inside the Swinglet CAM 3 rate gyro & 3 accelerometers

Pitot Embedded Auto-pilot

LiPoly Battery 12MP CANON camera Embedded GPS Flexible EPP Foam

500g total weight

Speed regulator and Electric motor with detachable propeller Aileron

Flight Planning - demo Emergency Information

Flight Controls

Swinglet Diagnostics

Live tracking

Waypoint Editor

Flight Path

What Can it Do?     

Flight time of 30 minutes Over 100 hectares in a single flight Up to 20 kilometres in a single flight Down to 2cm resolution on imagery Adjustable flight altitude to suit resolution  Automated image processing & modelling  Imagery auto stitched and ready for GIS  DEM modelling down to 10cm (relative)

100+ Hectares 30 minutes

What are the Key Benefits?  Easily deployable for any user  Fast and effective surveying / mapping     

Identify key issues fast Pre survey your site before field work Complete full survey from the air Minimise field work on the ground to key areas Potential site visit of less than hour for large site

 You own the kit so you can survey when you like  Fast ROI (as quick as 3 surveys!)  Fully automated flight planning, flying, landing  & image processing  Extremely durable product for longevity of investment

Digital Elevation Models (DEM)  Auto upload of images to server  Auto analysis of matching points  Bundle block adjustment completed for matching points  3D points verified and co-ords calculated  Geo-referenced to WGS84  3D interpolation for TIN model  DEM created  Imagery overlaid for geo-reference orthomosaic (Orthophoto)

What are the Potential Uses?         

Forestry Archaeology Coastal Surveys Agricultural, Crop surveys Route Mapping Construction Monitoring Surveillance / Enforcement Survey / Mapping Projects Quarry, Landfill, Environmental  Humanitarian  And the list goes on

Examples Flight at 100m and stitch of 50 images


Summary  Cost effective  Easily deployable for anyone to use  Fast surveying/mapping  Fully automated  DEM modelling  Swift return on investment And of course


Q&A Further Information Search for KOREC Group

Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 Series • Introduction to Trimble Geo Explorer 6000 Series Handhelds • Key Features & Benefits

• Trimble VRS Now

Trimble GeoExplorer 6000 Series ®


 Handheld computer with integrated high accuracy GNSS  Exceptional GNSS performance in difficult environments  A completely integrated data capture solution  Optimized for mapping and GIS data collection activities  Windows Mobile® versatility

Configurations and receiver options Geo XH

Geo XT

GeoXH™ standard edition

GeoXT™ standard edition

GeoXH 3.5G edition (adds cellular modem)

GeoXT 3.5G edition (adds cellular modem)

GeoXH receiver options

GeoXT receiver options

NMEA output upgrade

NMEA output upgrade Floodlight Technology upgrade

Trimble Floodlight™ technology is included as a standard feature of the GeoXH configurations

Key Features & Benefits

Integrated high-accuracy GNSS system    

Decimetre H-Star™ accuracy in the hand(XH Model) Available in real time and after postprocessing Fast accuracy and at longer baselines Better precision estimates

Integrated high-accuracy GNSS system  Trimble Everest ™ Multipath Rejection Technology

Integrated high-accuracy GNSS system  Trimble Floodlight Satellite Shadow Reduction Technology  More positions and better accuracy in obstructed GNSS conditions

Minimum 3 Satellites

Integrated 3.5G cellular data modem  Internet connectivity in the field

Integrated 5 megapixel autofocus camera  Capture photo attributes directly in the field without additional equipment

4.2 inch sunlight readable display  Crystal clear maps and forms  Easier to operate

Long-life field swappable battery pack  Up to 11 hours operation on a single charge  Field swappable without shutting down

Powerful computing and rugged hardware  Efficient operation in all conditions – IP65

Accessories             

Tornado™ L1/L2 external GNSS antenna (Geo XH) Tempest™ L1 external GPS antenna (Geo XT) Range pole bracket Null modem cable (DB9-F to DB9-F)* External antenna cable (1.5 m) External antenna cable (5 m) Hard carry case Backpack kit Monopole kit 2 m carbon fibre range pole 2 m carbon fibre range pole with bi-pod attachment Quick release mount attachment for external antenna Quick release mount to 5/8” adaptor

* Requires USB to Serial converter cable

Detailed Specification

GeoExplorer 6000 Series Forward facing camera GNSS receiver and antenna

Ext. GNSS antenna port

Auto brightness sensor

Touch panel & display

SIM card slot

SD/SDHC card slot

(3.5G edition handhelds)

LED status panel Backlit keypad Microphone Mini-USB socket

Stylus Speaker Removable battery

GeoExplorer 6000 Series



GNSS accuracy specifications




Multipath Rejection






H-Star with VRS using L1 & L2 codes


Centimetre: 1cm H-Star: 10cm

Floodlight Technology



Trimble Floodlight Satellite Shadow Reduction Technology Increase satellite availability

Multi-constellation positioning Stabilise acquisition and tracking

Advanced tracking algorithms and filters Improve accuracy and limit position outages

Altitude-constrained positioning * Standard on GeoXH, available as an optional upgrade on GeoXT

Floodlight in action

Floodlight in action

Supported software versions  Microsoft® desktop software:  Windows® XP: Microsoft ActiveSync® technology version 4.5 or later  Windows Vista® and Windows 7: Windows Mobile Device Centre (WMDC)

 Field software:        

TerraSync™ software version 5.10 & later FastMap Mobile version 8 Esri ArcPad version 10 GPS Controller software version 2.40 & later Trimble GPScorrect™ extension for Esri ArcPad version 3.40 Trimble SSF + DDF extensions for SAFE FME version 2.10 Many third party applications for Windows Mobile Applications developed with Trimble Pathfinder Field Toolkit

 Office software  

GPS Pathfinder® Office software version 5.10 & later Trimble GPS Analyst™ extension for Esri ArcGIS version 3.40

Geo XH Centimetre Edition            

Floodlight technology Centimetre output Zephyr Model 2™ L1/L2 external GNSS antenna Antenna cable TNC to SMB (1.5 m) Range pole bracket Lithium Ion battery AC adaptor/charger USB cable Hard carry case 2 m carbon fibre range pole NMEA output (decimetre) Terrasync Centimetre Edition software

GeoExplorer 6000 Series Applications Geo XT – general mapping where sub 1m accuracy is required e.g. highway asset inventory, street lighting, urban trees & parks, rights of way, archaeology, asset inspection for compliance, geophysical, ecology surveys, waterways, coastal, event & incident mapping Geo XH 10cm – utility pipe & cable ‘as laid’ mapping, drainage & irrigation, archaeology where greater precision is required, cemetery/grave mapping Geo XH 1cm – survey grade accuracy where GIS attribution is required, control for aerial mapping projects

Trimble VRS Now™ / H-Star VRS Now™

Trimble VRS Now™ / H-Star VRS Now™ CONNECT, CORRECT AND MEASURE • Subscription Service • RTK Solution • Minimum 5 Satellites • Decimetre Accuracy • No Base Station required • H-Star precision (XH Model)

Trimble VRS Now™ / H-Star VRS Now™

Trimble VRS Now™

Trimble Solutions

High Accuracy and Ease of Use to improve to your work force productivity and increase data collection efficiencies

Martyn Palmer Mapping and GIS Sales Consultant

Trimble Solutions  Update – Sept  2012. Anthony Mills, Trimble

Agenda » Hardware • Total Stations • GNSS » Software • Field • Office » Services


Gatewing – Rapid Mapping Tool.

Mapping & surveying Light UAS Compact camera New‐generation  photogrammetry • Vision software tools  & automation • • • •

Trimble and FARO Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) and FARO (NASDAQ: FARO) announced today that they have signed an OEM and distribution agreement for 3D laser scanners. Under the agreement, FARO will provide Trimble with an OEM differentiated product based upon its successful FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D platform. Trimble will offer the OEM product throughout its worldwide survey and building construction distribution networks, serving the needs of surveyors, contractors, engineers and geospatial professionals. As part of the strategic relationship, future versions of the FARO Laser Scanner Focus3D platform will also be made available to Trimble

Trimble Hardware

What is new?

• Trimble S6 – MagDrive™ Servo – MultiTrack™ – SurePoint™ – Trimble Vision™ (since Intergeo 2011 in the Trimble S6) • Trimble VX, Trimble S8, Trimble S6

What is new?

• Trimble M3 – Trimble Access (since Intergeo 2011) – Upgrade from Trimble Digital Field Book to Trimble Access possible – 1“-Version available

What is new?

• Trimble S3 – Trimble Access (Servo & Autolock) – MultiTrack™

What is new?

• Trimble GeoXR (since Intergeo 2011) – Flexible Network-Rover-Solution – Compact, easy handling – Centimetre accuracy in form of a handheld

Trimble Software

Trimble Access v2012.10 • Release date: 23 April 2012

Surfaces and Volumes • Same functionality as available on  the Trimble Tablet – Create Triangulated Terrain Model  file – Compute Volume  • Supports 5 volume calculations

Interrupted target measurements • Use Interrupted target measurements if a  measurement is likely to be interrupted, for  example measuring across a busy road – Autolock measurements do not stop if the target is  obstructed – You can start Autolock with an obstructed target – During an automated measurement, if the instrument fails  within the Interrupt timeout period the instrument will turn  back to the target and attempt the measurement again  – Supported during station setup plus, resection and  measuring rounds

Label colour

SnakeGrid coordinate system The SnakeGrid Concept • Fit a gently sinuous trend  line to the project route,  adjusting for height scale  effect. • “Unravel” the Earth along  this line, keeping the scale  factor equal to 1. • Within ~ 20 km of this  trend line, scale factor  distortion is less than 20  ppm.

SnakeGrid coordinate system Trimble Access  now supports  SnakeGrids – Requires custom SnakeGrid parameter file – SnakeGrid parameter files are obtained through a  licensing arrangement from the UCL Department of  Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering  Each SnakeGrid parameter file is customized for a  specific project alignment envelope See for more information

Additional Improvements • GDM data output and Pseudo NMEA  GGA output: – Timestamps in GDM and Pseudo NMEA  GGA format to sub‐second resolution – The age of the differential correction data  is now included in the NMEA string

• FXL v3 file Polygon support:  – Polygon features are similar to line  features with the additional property that  they are automatically closed

What is new – Trimble SDK?


Optimal Ranging Utility Survey • Functionality:  – Integrates ORI’s solution into a  Trimble Access workflow – Combines 3‐D positioning from ORI’s  SPAR and the Trimble R‐Series GNSS  Receiver to more accurately record  utility positions – Stores data in the Trimble Access Job  file for easy import into Trimble  Business Centre

Trimble Business Centre. 1. GNSS and Optical Control  Surveying 2. Field Data prep for CAD and GIS 3. Design Data Prep for Stakeout 4. Stake‐out Survey QA/QC 5. Terrestrial Photogrammetry

Getting Started with Tutorials Including Sample Data!

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

What’s New Setting up a New Project Importing GNSS Data Processing GNSS Baselines Importing Digital Level Data Importing Total Station Data Adjusting the Network Processing Feature Codes

9. Using Spreadsheets, Selection Sets, and COGO 10. Working with Trimble VX Data 11. Working with Corridors 12. Working with Superelevations 13. Calibrating a site 14. Working with 3D Data and Trimble RealWorks 15. Importing As‐Staked Points 16. Measuring Photogrammetry Points

Trimble Services

Trimble Services: VRS Now •

A range of Real Time correction,  subscription options, including:  – 120 hours a quarter. – RTK Unlimited. – European Licence. 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 second  Post‐Processing data – RINEX and  VRS‐RINEX – as a single file. Purchase online:

Trimble Services: GNSS Forecast

Trimble Services: AccessSync. Data is synchronised between the field and office. • A controller is no longer licensed to a specific TCC  organization • At login, you can now enter the organization that you  want to synchronize data with using AccessSync – Still need your Username login, Password and  Organization short‐name

• Sub‐folders can now be synchronized – Previously you could only synchronize the user folder and all  project folders within the user folder, and the export folder

• Low, Medium, High and Off are now available as  priority settings for synchronization on individual files • Synchronization using a GPRS 2G connection with  larger files.

Trimble Services: TCC. TCC: Trimble Connected Community. • Connected Community from Trimble is a web‐based  service that enables businesses to manage and share  information via their own unique website.


Trimble Update. • A range of Total Station and GNSS  solutions with a common user interface. • Trimble Access: Powerful Field software  solution with specialised workflows. “Trimble Solutions”. • TBC: Office software supporting multiple  workflows • Services supporting both your field and  office activities.

Thank you.

Focus3D a Revolution in 3D Laser Scanning Neil Barnett – Account Manager

Design Intentions of the Focus3D

The Focus3D is the first 3D Laser Scanner with a Design Goal of a lightweight Digital Camera in mind!

Size matters ‌..

Weight matters ‌.

3D DigiCam

Final Design

How does 3D-Laser Scanning Work?

Color Picture Performance

Field of View: Number of Shots: Max. Number of Color Pixel: Overlay accuracy: Dynamic Range: Focus: White Balance: Parallax free: Time: Color Overlay:

360째 x 305째 80 70 mio < 1 pixel HDR-Emulation via Scene V4.8 Software fix, no manual intervention auto, no manual intervention yes, coaxial set up with laser beam 2.2min in Scene V4.8

Touch Screen User Interface

• very easy to use • resistive touch screen • finger Operation / glove operation • resolution 480 x 640

Level Sensor

The Level sensor levels the scan • saves 1 target in registration • dual axis • +/- 5° range • 0,015° accuracy • automatic use in scans

SD-Card – Data Management SD-Card why? • now huge memory capacity (e.g. 32 GB goes 1 week in avg.) • no moving mechanical parts like in formerly used HD • SD hard also transfers project, operator, scanner upgrade, log data • Secure: all data on one medium – NO SCAN DATA ON SCANNER!!

SDHC: SD high capacity

Speed = 15 Mbit/sec

Memory supplied: Address Space: Scanner Reader:



Battery • Autonomus scanning operation for up to 5/6 Hours  14,4V, 98 Wh, 7,65 Ah • Charge possible during scan operation • Quick charge in 1 hr  with quick charger and Cradle • Car Adapter • separate Batteries • Battery and Cradle Bundle


Carbon Fiber Tripod

Tripod Dolly

Surveyor Kit

Please ask questions! andâ&#x20AC;Ś

Trimble Express 2012 - Knutsford  
Trimble Express 2012 - Knutsford  

Trimble Express 2012 - Knutsford