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SOCCER NEWS AT OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF KORA , WWW.KORA.COM When the term football rumours and football news comes to mind the first name that comes up is of the English premiership. It’s one of the most famous football leagues around the globe because of the long retention history of its teams as well as due to presence of great players like Wayne Rooney, Cesc Fabregas, Fernando Torres etc. Name of the clubs-Manchester United and Liverpool are even famous among the people who are not even football fans and these names have diehard fans around the globe. The English premiership is one of the oldest football leagues, almost a century old and that’s why it’s the home to juiciest football news and football rumours. Football players are not just sports persons today, they are super stars. Their popularity does not confine itself to the pages of sports magazines and channels. They make it to front pages of the most famous tabloids due to their relationships with celebrities of the tinsel town and belonging to other

Daily newspapers are a major source of catching up on the latest football news and football rumours but due to the popularity of internet over the time, online portals have replaced newspapers among the technologically aware people to a great extent plus websites keep updating information which makes them more appealing to the readers comparatively to the newspapers for which the reader has to wait for the morning. Whether you are a Manchester United fan or a Newcastle United FC, the most preferred source on catching up on the hot juicy rumours and gossips is the internet. is one of the best one among them and is one of the most popular websites due to its high quality and authenticity. Articles and blogs on Kora are very rich source of information about football and other famous sports. Any form of breaking news or football rumours appears for the first time online on sports websites. Example of the transfer rumour of Fernando Torres to Chelsea is a live example if this revolution of the sports websites and their preference over conventional newspapers. Right after the announcement of the transfer full-fledged informative articles were available online right before the midnight and reached newspapers next morning. Due to the rising popularity and success in attracting the readers towards

The great part about the online news and articles is that apart from providing news super quick they act as platforms of communication and interaction among the fellow readers as well as author and readers, a facility that conventional newspapers and tabloids cannot provide. due to its highly interactive and clean cut structure is preferred by a large pool of audience globally. Keeping in mind the football craze among the fans, Kora has dedicated the forum section for the sake of interaction among the football buffs and acts as a platform for the exchange of football news and football rumours in a very interactive manner.


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