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We have your back.

About Us Services Overview We have established many relationships with medical providers, and are not limited to the products listed on our site. For brands not listed, please contact the sales team so that we can further assist you. All of our sales reps maintain the necessary credentials from RepTrax and VCS to have access to hospitals and surgery centers. Continuous education is important to our company so that we can continue providing the best service to our customers.

Providing Leading Medical Services - GTR Medical is committed to ensuring quality performance throughout the life of every instrument. - Ensures sets are ready, removing the worry of instrument readiness. - Provides new technology to surgeons quickly and without capital investment. - Provides high-quality surgical products and services on a fee-per-procedure basis.

Helping With all of Your Medical Device Needs If the surgeon would like a different footprint on the cages, we can work with him or her and make that recommendation possible. Eminent Spine has the ability to customize trays and/or instrumentation specifically to what the surgeon needs. Every item is manufactured in-house, giving Eminent Spine an advantage over its competitors. If the surgeon has an idea they want to present, Eminent Spine can provide engineers to work with surgeon on the design. Eminent Spine is Texas-based, privately owned company, with no outside investors. Founded in 2008, Eminent Spine formed with the idea of combining a surgeons medical expertise with an engineers experience of manufacturing design. Since 2009, Eminent Spine has designed and brought to market over 12 products that are FDA approved. - GTR Medical Group is a Texas-based distributorship that is dedicated to providing a wide range of innovative medical devices and equipment to many fields in the medical community. - GTR Medical Group was created for the purpose of distributing quality Durable Medical Equipment, Biologics and Medical Devices to it's final place of implantation, while abiding by FDA and AATB standards. - We are a free standing entity, responsible for receiving, storing and distributing each of our products to the necessary end user.

Black Mamba Retractor System

Biologics Biologics: - International Biologics - DBM Putty - DBM Chips - Cancellous Chips - Specialty Grafts - Custom Cut Grafts - Cortical Bone - Soft Tissue - Surgilogix - DBM Product Line - Amniotic Tissues - Soft Tissue - AmnioFix - Purion products - AmnioFix Patches - AmnioFix Injectable - AmnioFix Sports Med - AmnioFix Wrap - EpiFix - EpiFix Micronized - Arteriocyte - BMA - PRP - NovaBone - Synthetic Bone

DME DME: - DeRoyal - Cervical Braces - Lumbar Braces - Foot/Ankle Braces/Boots - Hand Braces - Knee/Shoulder braces - Bledsoe - Knee - Foot & Ankle - Shoulder - Elbow - Wrist & Thumb - Spine - Hip - Cold Therapy - External Bone Growth Stimulators - Foot & Ankle - Shoulder - Spine - Hip - Knee

SpineView SpineView, INC - enSpire Flex- MIS Surgical Discectomy System - enSpire- Interventional Discectomy System - enSpire- Microdiscectomy System - FlexLite- Decompression System - EnCise- Bone Cutter

Topical Pain Cream Compounding Pharmacy: - External Topical Pain Creams - Wound/Scar Creams

We have your back.

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