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FL400 3D

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FL400 3D


Commitment, passion and application of what the most advanced technologies can offer, make the FL400 3D the most innovating plant presently available for the laser cutting of tubes and profiles. A plant which combines the flexibility of a wide range of activity (from Ă˜ 40 to Ă˜ 406) and the highest degree of precision. With the FL400 3D, Tube Tech Machinery integrates the already wide range of products for the machining of tubes and profiles with laser technology, thus offering the optimal solution of every need_

designing and mechanical construction for the planning and the designing the most up-to date hardware and technologies have been used, to properly dimension the different stress zones, to choose the most appropriate materials, to accurately consider the relevant masses which influence the machine’s dynamics and performance_

great performance

FL400 3D

mobile mandrels

the movements of the piece along the working axis are guaranteed by four self centring mandrels, activated by synchronized hydraulic cylinders. The advancement takes place through a helicoidal toothing hardened and ground rack, activated by brushless motors coupled to hepicicloidal precision gear reducers. The rotation is run by direct drive torque motors, which combine high precision with excellent dynamic performance. The mandrels are designed to allow the machining of different diameters and sections_

floating system

an integrated system, allowing to compensate the piece uneven straightness during the machining. An innovation in the laser cutting, it enables precision machining even on particularly irregular tubes, preventing dangerous mechanical stress on the mandrels_

Tube Loading System from bundle • Tube lifting with automatically rewinding belts • Singlizer with double motoring and automatic adjustment to the tube diameter • The structure accomodates three independent manipulators, which allow the mandrel feeding of both tubes loaded from bundle and tubes and profiles loaded from chain_

3D Laser Head

the stiff structure, coupled with highly dynamic motors and high quality transducers, allows to reach maximum speed and precision. The 3D laser cutting head can orientate the beam in whichever direction within a semi-sphere. The head movements are operated by torque direct - drive motors, without any mechanical transmission. The exact distance between the nozzle and the cut surface is controlled by a capacitive sensor, which adjusts the machine axis in real time. Particular care is reserved to the optical path, where high efficiency mirrors are fitted. The system pressurization and the integrated cooling guarantee the maximum working precision_

FL400 3D

Laser satisfaction

Software CAD-CAM

thanks to a precise 3D representation of the machine (kinematics, axes limits etc.) and of the environment, act/cut 3D allows a very fast definition of the cutting paths for pieces imported from CAD. The software generates the head movement sequence, using a very powerful procedure, which optimizes the paths so as to prevent collisions. The resulting cutting program is validated by a realistic simulation, which visualises possible irregularities.

The main act/cut 3D features are: • import of CAD files, in IGES and STEP formats; • definition of the cutting paths, through a graphic selection or using macro figures (circles, rectangles, ellipses, etc); • automatic creation of starting and exit points; • automatic research of the paths which prevent collisions; • realistic simulation of the cutting procedure, with detection of collisions on the complete model of the cell components (pieces, tools and machine); • production of the program in numeric control language; • issuing of an in-house document containing all the technical information related to the cutting program (cycle time, number of profiles, speed, etc); • reading of a program modified on the cutting machine_


automatic rear loading system from bundle automatic front loading system from chain 3D head 4 mandrels automatic front discharge on chain automatic rear discharge into 4 boxes longitudinal stroke (X axis) 2000 mm tube length tube section round section size square section size rectangular section size tube diameter for loading from bundle

14000 mm max round, square, rectangular, oval ø 406 mm max 300 x 300 mm max 350 x 200 mm max ø 254 mm

mandrel max linear speed controlled axis gantry X, Y, Z axis speed gantry X, Y, Z axis acceleration plant total weight

70 m/min max 30 120 m/min max 12 m/sec2 max 95000 kg

Tube Tech Machinery S.r.l. via Bonfadina, 33 25046 Cazzago S. Martino (BS) / Italy tel. +39.030.7256.311 fax +39.030.7256.333

Stroji za laserski razrez cevi in profilov  

Tube Technology Machinery - FL 400 3D

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