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The will and ambition to obtain technological excellence have motivated and characterised years of intense work, study and research. Our systems are a concentration of the most innovative products currently available and have been conceived to guarantee our customers maximum flexibility, productivity and investment value over many years.

• 3D machining • Work range from Ø 20 to Ø 254/305 mm • Any profile loadable automatically • Intelligent unloading system into different containers • Structured, conceived and created to guarantee maximum reliability and autonomy • Up to 60000 kg of solid technological innovation

• Belt lifting tubes with automatic winder. • Stop-gate with double motor drive and automa tic tube diameter adjustment. • There are three independent control levers hou sed in the structures which allow the mandrels, the tubes from the bundle load and profiles from the chain load to be loaded.

The chain loading system also allows open section profiles to be loaded. It is made up of chains with V-supports. The chains are driven at variable speed according to the diameter and weight of the tube. The chains run on wheels in order to prevent noise and wear.

Tube pick-up system from bundle

Chain loading system

The satisfaction of laser

Unlimited performance Automation The products are of top quality, all latest-generation, and can guarantee precision and durability over time. CNC 840D numerical control, SIEMENS drives and motors, HEIDENHAIN optical lines and transducers. Also in the mechanical part, particular attention has been paid to identifying components that can guarantee maximum reliability, using guides, bearings, crossed and pre-loaded roller mandrels, recirculation screws, and precision reducers with zero-clearance.

Unlimited performance

Fixed and Mobile Mandrel

• Made up of a solid structure where the four sliding self-centring jaws allow a tube of Ø 20 to Ø 254/305 mm to be locked without needing to replace the claws. It is driven by a precision rack with helical hardened and rectified toothing, operated by a brushless motor and precision reducer with zero-clearance. Inside the mandrel, the suction duct is housed, connected to a system that allows the fumes and cutting slag to be sucked up in order to ensure that they are totally absent in the work environment.

Unloading System Particular attention is paid to managing the machined pieces, which can be differentiated according to length, size, quantity or type of machining. The “intelligent� unloading allows the productivity of our system to be enhanced, as well as substantially reducing down-time for stowing the pieces produced. For long pieces, the system has boards for containing and sustaining any tube or profile during machining. The philosophy that all our systems share is their total autonomy for production without human supervision.

3D Laser Head The rigid structure, combined with motors of great dynamics and high quality transducers, allows maximum speed to be reached with absolute precision. The 3D laser cutting head allows the beam to be directed in almost any direction inside a semisphere. The head movements are made using direct-drive torque motors without the interposition of any mechanical transmission. The exact distance of the nozzle from the cutting surface is controlled by a capacitive sensor which corrects the positioning of the machine axes in real time. Particular care is given to the optical path, where highly efficient mirrors are housed. The pressurisation of the system and the integrated cooling guarantee maximum precision.




Automatic discharging portal The new FL300 3D allows to discharge the cut piece in a organized and safety way. Through the integrated portal with double clamping device it is possible to execute a palletizing of pieces which is programmable directly via CNC by the operator.



/ FL300


FL 250 3D / FL 300 3D EVOLUTION Loading tube length Unloading tube length Sections Tube weight Max round section sizes Max square section sizes Max rectangular, oval section sizes Max tube diameter for loading from bundle Laser resonator power Mobile mandrel translation speed Controlled axis Axis acceleration mobile mandrel CNC Tube Tech Motion numeric control Plant total weight

6500 – 8500 – 12500 mm 4000 – 6000 – 8000 - 12000 mm round, square, rectangular, oval C, L 50 (60) Kg/m Ø 254 mm or Ø 305 (324) mm max up to 220x220 mm max up to 250x150 mm max Ø 254 mm max up to 4000 W 130 m/min from 16 up to 27 13 m/sec2 1 up to Kg 60000

Tube Tech Machinery S.r.l. via Bonfadina, 33 25046 Cazzago S. Martino (BS) / Italy tel. +39.030.7256.311 fax +39.030.7256.333

Stroji za laserski razrez cevi in profilov  

Tube Technology Machinery - FL 250 3D & FL 300 3D

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