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povandeninė istorija The underwater story

Illustrator and author: Kęstutis Kasparavičius Target reader: 5–7 years old Year of publication: 2013 Publisher: Nieko rimto, Vilnius, Number of pages: 32 ISBN 978-609-441-100-7 This time the artist’s imagination transports the reader into blue sea waters, a home for a host of funny little fish. Heavy storms raging at sea leave plenty of mess in their wake, and the little fish have to restore everything back to order. When the storms come frequently, the little fish have no time to rest – boy, they look alive! When the storm grounds the steam boat, they have to grab the anchor and give it a good pull. When steep waves carry away a lonely island, the fish have to bring the poor strayed soul back. And when dark clouds cover the sun, they have to scatter them away immediately. And though the little fish toil with joy, sometimes they too dream of a decent vacation in a different sea. Luckily, the Octopus who lives at the very bottom of the sea, lends his helping arms…

braškių diena the strawberry day

Interactive ebook Illustrator and author: Kęstutis Kasparavičius 6 animated stories Professional narration, background audio Released:, 2011 Language: Lithuanian, English, Turkish Available on the Apple App Store for iPad and on the Amazon Appstore for Android An iconic story of a little Crocodile who loved strawberries so much that he asked a Strawberry Fairy to ‘strawberrize’ the world surrounding him followed by five other humorous educational stories. An opera singer Piglet, a greedy coconut-eating Fish, a heroic Prince the Sharpnails of the Miaowland, and the Good Hare getting mixed up with the Bad Hare at the Hare School will inspire the readers to analyze events, people and issues surrounding them. Children can move the colorful objects on the touch screen and hear the objects make funny noises.

kęstutis kasparavičius (b. 1954)

Internationally celebrated Lithuanian illustrator and writer of children’s books. The world of his illustrations is familiar to the little readers in Europe, Asia, North and South America. He drew his first illustrations for children’s books in 1984, and since 1989 he began cooperation with the publishers in countries like Germany, Denmark, Greece, France, Mexico, the U.S., Taiwan and South Korea. He has gained a widespread recognition for his illustrations of classic works by Hans Christian Andersen, Carlo Collodi, E. T. A. Hoffmann, G. A. Burger and Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Kęstutis Kasparavičius has branded himself through subtle colour scheme of his watercolour paintings, his neat drawing and meticulously rendered detail, his innovative and ingenious composition, witty humour and finesse. In 2003 he debuted as a writer. The impressive list of 60 books illustrated by the artist embraces a wide variety from the world classics and contemporary authors to his own stories. He is the author of 11 books that can be read in over 20 languages. The illustrator has given over 20 solo exhibitions and was featured by legions of international group exhibitions. He is the winner of numerous national and international awards, premiums and prizes, the Children’s Literature Award for the Corpus of Work (2009) from the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science, The Golden Badge of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, the Baltic Sea Region Janis Baltvilks International Prize in Children’s Literature and Book Art for The White Elephant, the Children Literature ‘Atrapallibres’ Award by Catalan Council for Children’s and Young Adults’ Books for The Short Stories and other. Interesting facts • The Silly Stories (Grimm Press, 2003), the first book he authored, was first published in the Chinese language. • In 2013 he was nominated for the International Astrida Lindgren Memorial Award. • He has been twice nominated as an artist for Hans Christian Andersen Awards in 2008 and 2010. • For his book The Little Winter (2010) he was included on the IBBY Honour List of 2012 as an illustrator. • He participates in creative workshops with children worldwide and is part of the traveling studio You Can Create a Book. The illustrator is inseparable from the Bologna Children’s Book Fair: since 1998 he has participated 13 times in the Illustrators Exhibition. On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Fair, the Lithuanian stand presents a special exhibition of his books in the Lithuanian and foreign languages.

educational-creative studio for children you can create a book The creative studio You Can Create a Book has been in motion for entire 12 years. It is a brainchild of the book artist Sigutė Chlebinskaitė. While studying in Prague, she enjoyed creating books so much that she felt  like sharing that good with all, big and small, by telling them You Can Create A Book. This is how a creative studio emerged. Since then the studio team takes part in every Vilnius Book Fair and invites its youngest visitors to the Book Land. It is a place for children to participate in creative workshops and book readings and to meet the creators of children’s books from Lithuania and abroad. In the Book Land the history of the book is there to touch and experience: clay and wax tablets, woodblock, leporello books and pop-up picture books. Children can learn of the ancient photography processes and the secrets of handmade paper, of the Braille system, Morse code, the sign language and the maritime signal flags. They can also try out drawing and binding a book, and can chat with real writers and artists. Sigutė Chlebinskaitė and her team visit other Lithuanian towns, kindergartens, libraries, bookstores and sanatoriums. The Book Land team was part of the Lithuania as Guest of Honour Programme at the International Turin Book Fair (2007) and the International Bologna Children’s Book Fair (2011). Participants: Sigutė Chlebinskaitė, Kęstutis Kasparavičius, Ieva Babilaitė, Agnes Indre, Lina Dūdaitė, Marius Jonutis, Jurga Šarmavičiūtė, Mikalojus Vilutis, Vanda Padimanskaitė and many others.

Contact: Sigutė Chlebinskaitė

Photo by Aurimas Ĺ andaris

kiškis pranciškus be abejo pranciškus the hare, without doubt

Illustrator: Ieva Babilaitė Author: Vytautas V. Landsbergis Target reader: 4–10 years old Year of publication: 2011 Publisher: Dominicus lituanus, Vilnius, Number of pages: 127 ISBN 978-9955-811-41-1


Vytautas V. Landsbergis is a master of the nonsense tale, the genre that suits best his unorthodox view of life. This book is a series of joyful and witty stories about a hare called Pranciškus. This childishly naughty offspring of the hare family wakes up one morning all alone, as his parents have gone to the forest to pick bilberries. Determined to find them, Pranciškus sets off for the Bilberry Meadow, and has unexpected and frightening adventures on the way. He finds out many strange things about the forest, and receives much advice. He is now a wise and experienced hare, who knows that no matter what, the rules of the hares should prevail. Then he succeeds in everything, in fighting ghosts, rescuing the Sun, and finding his parents.

čiauškančios raidės Chattering Letters

Illustrator and author: Ieva Babilaitė Target reader: 3–7 years old Year of publication: 2010 Publisher: Žara, Vilnius, Number of pages: 48 ISBN 978-9986-34-246-5

In this book, toy-letters are alive. The little readers will not only get acquainted with the letters, but also learn to put them together into simple words and read them. The cheerful and warm illustrations will catch children’s attention, transporting grown-ups back to the world of childhood.

vaizdai iš gyvenimo bobulytės ir kt. the scenes of the grannie’s life and other Illustrator: Ieva Babilaitė Author: Antanas Šimkus Target reader: 7–9 years old Year of publication: 2012 Publisher:, Vilnius, Number of pages: 44 ISBN 978-609-8086-02-7

ieva babilaitė (b. 1973)

Photo by Jokūbas Jacovskis

Antanas Šimkus tinges with humour his story of old age he tells to kids. The book features episodes and events from the life of an elderly woman. The poet uses broken verse to show how “cool”, “wild” and “different” this grannie Stasė is: she shovels snow in the yard of blocks of flats, climbs the ladder in search of spring, she invents something unseen to rescue a cat and finds her own way to take pupils and the “statistical crowd” across the street. Daily problems and difficulties are just a piece of cake for this smart little woman, unrivalled even by the biggest pranksters.

Award-winning, prolific illustrator of engaging talent. Ieva Babilaitė creates prints, art objects, photography, paints, illustrates and writes books, organizes exhibitions and projects, takes part in the educational programme of the studio You Can Create a Book. Fascinated with calligraphy, she uses handmade paper for her work. She has given over a dozen of solo shows and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad (Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Belgium, Russia and elsewhere). She has illustrated six children’s books and has also created the text for the book Chattering Letters. The book Ulė and a Little Mouse (Tyto alba, 2005) received an incentive award of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition in 2005. The Lithuanian Section IBBY recognized Vytautas V. Landsbergis’ Pranciškus the Hare, Without Doubt (Dominicus Lituanus, 2011) as the most artistic book of the year. The Scenes of the Grannie’s Life and Other (, 2012), her most recent book, has been awarded first premium of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition.

Scenes of the Grannie’s Life and Other, illustration by Ieva Babilaitė

kakė makė ir netvarkos nykštukas

kakė makė ir pabėgusios ausys

Illustrator and author: Lina Žutautė Target reader: 4–7 years old Year of publication: 2008 Publisher: Alma littera, Vilnius, Translated into languages: Russian, Тося-Бося и Гном Чистюля, Moscow: Clever, 2011 Number of pages: 36 ISBN 978-9955-38-765-7

Illustrator and author: Lina Žutautė Target reader: 3–7 years old Year of publication: 2012 Publisher: Alma littera, Vilnius, Translated into languages: Russian, Тося-Бося и сбежавшие уши, Moscow: Clever, 2012 Number of pages: 36 ISBN 978-609-01-0269-5

Googoo Moogoo is the nickname of a little girl, Kornelia. Googoo Moogoo is a cheerful little girl. However, she has one problem – she does not like to pick up her toys and put them in place. ‘I am not a toy picker-upper’, announces Kornelia. Unexpectedly, her toys are taken away by Elf the Mess. Googoo Moogoo has to accomplish three things before she can get her toys back. She gets her toys back, but then Elf the Mess turns his attention to her dad’s things… Lina Žutautė’s illustrations and text supplement each other and create an unobtrusively didactic story for preschoolers.

As Googoo Moogoo would not listen to her mummy or daddy, nor even hear her granny, one day her ears found they were for naught, so they jumped to the floor and slipped out through the door. Googoo Moogoo searched the town for her ears, as far as the Zoo. As the girl’s ears were nowhere to be found, she tried to borrow a pair from a rabbit, an elephant and a monkey, but none fitted her… The Zoo director took pity on the teary little girl and gave her a piece of advice how to bring her runaways back.

Googoo moogoo and elf the mess

Interactive ebook App for iPad Animated educational story Professional narration, background audio Released: Alma littera, 2012 Language: Lithuanian, English

googoo moogoo and her run away ears

ferdinandas ir pū fred and paw

Illustrator and author: Lina Žutautė Target reader: 6–9 years old Year of publication: 2012 Publisher: Alma littera, Vilnius, Number of pages: 92 ISBN 978-609-01-0688-4 It is a story of a friendship when a friend risks into a life-time adventure, for the sake of friendship, can even sacrifice all of 23 whiskers. Such were the two pals: Fred the cat, “temporary stuck on the threshold of glory”, and his friend, Paw the doggie. Through force of circumstance Fred decided to leave the Dump and hit the road, so Paw, like one’s best friend would do, braved to accompany him as far as the edge of the world. Together they wandered in the woods, waded across the creek. It was bad – or maybe good – luck that Paw got caught in a trap, but their strong friendship got over it, and finally they both found a home. Full and happy, they doze on the law, pondering a philosophical question: why the season when spider webs drift in the air is called ‘Indian summer’ and not ‘cats’ summer’? or maybe ‘dogs’ summer’?

patarimai atbulai advice in reverse

Original title: Vriednyje soviety Illustrator: Lina Žutautė Author: Grigorij Oster Target reader: 6–9 years old Year of publication: 2012 Publisher: Alma littera, Vilnius, Number of pages: 76 ISBN 978-609-01-0279-4 There are quite a few kids in the world who always do the opposite of what they have been told. The humorous, sarcastic and original poems by the Russian writer Grigorij Oster are for such wrong-headed kids and teach them all the ill-doings: ‘don’t go to bed in the evening’, ‘each day give a thorough half-hour beating to your friends’, ‘it is fun to play with matches’, ‘step into the pool in the yard and roll in dirt all over’. The writer believes that if kids follow this advice in reverse, all should work out fine. Some time ago people thought such type of advice was needed only for disobedient kids, but these days scientists are of the opinion that dutiful children can profit from them as well.

lina žutautė (b. 1973)

Prolific and promising book author and illustrator of the young generation. She has written and illustrated four children’s books and is currently working on her fifth. Her book Googoo Moogoo and Elf the Mess (Alma littera, 2010) was awarded by the Lithuanian Section of IBBY as the best book of the year for the smallest readers and her most recent book Fred and Paw (Alma littera, 2012) was awarded a diploma of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition. Three of her picture books are published in the Russian language (Moscow publisher Clever and Ast), two books are printed in Danish. She has illustrated over a dozen of books by other writers, including textbooks and teaching aids for schools published in Lithuania (Alma litera, Nieko rimto, Šviesa), Russia (Alosha Dmitrijev, Pro koshek i myshek, Мoskow: Clever, 2011) and Spain (Darabuc, A partes iguales, Pontevedra: OQO editora, 2012).

Advice in Reverse, illustration by Lina Žutautė

žiemos išdaigos

avinas liudvikas besarabijos stepėje

Illustrator: Rimantas Rolia Collection of poems Target reader: 5–8 years old Year of publication: 2012 Publisher: Alma littera, Vilnius, Number of pages: 32 ISBN 978-9986-16-795-2

Illustrator and author: Ula Šimulynaitė Target reader: 9–11 years old Year of publication: 2012 Publisher: Petro ofsetas, Vilnius, Number of pages: 48 ISBN 978-609-420-247-6

the winter frolics

liudvikas the sheep in the bessarabian steppe

A collection of poems by the Lithuanian poets and folk tales about the hoary winter and its frolics. The festive verse by Kostas Kubilinskas, Salomėja Nėris and Julius Janonis evoke the smell of weeping fir trees and freshly fallen snow. Wrapped into a fairy-tales blanket, gnomes sleep in the snow dunes; the animals of the forest dance in the grandpa’s dropped mitten, while the mischievous hare laughs at the cold until his eyes pop out.

The story created in 2010 at the Magnus Ducatus Poesis workshop in Frumushika Nova (the Ukraine) is about Liudivikas the sheep who got bored with the living on a farm in Bessarabia and decided to leave it and see the world. The pelicans encountered down the road advice Liudvikas to hurry down to the sea where all sheep disappointed with life are getting together with a secret plan to travel to Europe in search of happiness. On his way to the sea, he meets steppe Gomez. While wandering in the steppe, looking for the sheep boat, they experience some fearful adventures.

rimantas rolia (b. 1970)

ula šimulynaitė (b. 1983)

Designer and graphic artist. He works in poster, cartoons and is an internationally recognized book illustrator. He has illustrated ten children’s books, published in Lithuania, UK (Hutchinson, London) and USA (Alfred A. Knopf, New York). The artist has taken part in the international illustration exhibitions in Italy, France, Japan, USA and Portugal. He has received the Kyoto International Cartoon Exhibition Prize in 2000, 2002 and 2004, and two diplomas of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition, for his illustrations for Martynas Vainilaitis’ book Mauliukas (Žara, 2009) and his recent book The Winter Frolics (Alma littera, 2012).

One of the most intensely working illustrators of the young generation; writes, illustrates and designs books. She has given several exhibitions of illustrations, has written and illustrated five children’s books. Her book A Private Life of a Ghost (Petro ofsetas, 2008) won a premium in the category of children’s and young adults’ literature of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Books Competition. Cotons á Paris (Petro ofsetas, 2010) won a diploma of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Books Competition of 2010.

bumba dumba ir visatos sukūrimas bumba dumba and the creation of the universe

Illustrator and author: Tomas S. Butkus Target reader: 6–10 years old Year of publication: 2012 Publisher: Vario burnos, Vilnius, Number of pages: 48 ISBN 978-609-95464-0-7 New-born surprise, childish playfulness, adult logic and old age wisdom have been woven together into this book. The book is poetic and abounds in fantastic images – these are seen in a different way each time by the constantly amazed protagonist – a little man in the shape of an egg – a symbol for life. The author tries to show how unique appears this world when seen through the eyes of a child every morning, upon his first moment of awakening: familiar to some extent, but yet-to-be-experienced, brimming with promises of strange events and encounters. The book introduces, in an exciting manner, the key figures of the surrounding world: the triangle, square and circle.

tomas s. butkus (b. 1975)

Writer, architect, publisher, designer, performance artist. In 1992, he founded Vario burnos, workshop of ideas, for design, publishing and interdisciplinary arts. Doctor in Humanities, Tomas S. Butkus has engineered over two hundred artistic and publishing projects. He writes poetry and essays. The book Bumba Dumba and the Creation of the Universe is his debut in children’s literature and it is already awarded a diploma of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition.

Bumba Dumba and the Creation of the Universe, illustration by Tomas S. Butkus

erelio sakmė

varlė bunkeryje

Illustrator: Rimvydas Kepežinskas Author: Vytautas V. Landsbergis Target reader: 9–10 years old Year of publication: 2012 Publisher: Dominicus Lituanus, Vilnius, Number of pages: 76 ISBN 978-9955-811-44-2

Illustrator: Kristina Norvilaitė Author: Vytautas V. Landsbergis Target reader: 8–12 years old Year of publication: 2011 Publisher: Dominicus Lituanus, Vilnius, Number of pages: 50 ISBN 978-9955-811-23-7

The book depicts events set in 15th-century Lithuania. The romantic tale transports us to the legendary times when the Duchy of Lithuania was attacked by the Teutonic Order. Historic figures and events are woven in the book together with invention, while at the centre of the story is the friendship of King Gediminas and his pagan priest Lizdeika from their childhood to the king’s death. The tale is composed of several smaller narratives, telling about the defence of Anykščiai village, the finding of the baby, the Eagle nurturing a human baby, about the Good Bear, Gediminas’ Death and Lizdeika’s Non-death and the immortalization of his lord.

A story about a 12-year old boy Adam, whose parents go to Ireland to work and leave him behind with his aunt in a remote Lithuanian village. Unexpectedly the boy finds himself tangled in a post-war detective drama.

Internationally recognized Lithuanian illustrator, Professor and head of the Department of Graphic Art of the Lithuanian Art Academy. He is active in book illustration, calligraphy, fine prints, and graphic design. Since 1979, Kepežinskas has given 15 solo shows in Lithuania and abroad and has participated in group exhibitions in graphic art, poster and book illustration in Poland, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Germany and elsewhere, among them, repeatedly, at the Bologna Book Fair Illustrators Exhibition. He has illustrated around 50 books, 20 of them are children’s books. In 2006 he was awarded the Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Art. He was awarded Unicef prizes at the Children’s Book Illustration Exhibition in Bologna (1992) and the European Book Illustration Biennial in Japan (2001), a medal of Tallinn’s Graphic Art Biennial. His illustrated books, Vytautas V. Landsbergis’ The Apple Tree Tales (Vaga, 1999), Vytė Nemunėlis’ A Hundred Years Shall I Live (Gimtasis žodis, 2006), and The Merry-go-Round (Gimtasis žodis, 2007) are diploma winners of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition.

Interactive ebook Available for download with iBooks Released: Apps Libri, 2012 Language: English, Swedish The beautifully illustrated book features a diary of a real partisan along with historical photos, videos and other contextual material.

kristina norvilaitė (b. 1977)

Photo by Butautas Barauskas

rimvydas kepežinskas (b. 1956)

a frog in the bunker

Photo by Jokūbas Jacovskis

the tale of an eagle

Graphic artist and book illustrator, curator of exhibitions. She has given over 20 solo exhibitions and participated in nearly half a hundred group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad (Denmark, Sweden, France, Great Britain, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Austria Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway). She has illustrated five children’s books. Vytautas V. Landsbergis’ A Frog in the Bunker was selected by the Lithuanian Section of IBBY as the most artistic children’s book of the year.

nojaus arka

kuosos kro gyvenimas ir atvirkščiai

Illustrator: Evaldas Mikalauskis Author: Aldona Vasiliūnienė Target reader: 7–10 years old Year of publication: 2011 Publisher: Bokartas, Vilnius, Number of pages: 16 ISBN 978-609-95203-0-8

Illustrator: Sigutė Chlebinskaitė Author: Vladas Braziūnas Target reader: 8–12 years old Year of publication: 2011 Publisher: Versus aureus, Vilnius, Number of pages: 72 ISBN 978-9955-34-289-2

The book tells kids the biblical story of the Noah’s Ark – the vessel Noah used to rescue people from the flood. The Bible tells us of the time when the number of angry and corrupt people on earth increased too much, and God resolved to destroy it by flooding, destroying also the people and animals and everything alive. Yet willing to save the righteous man Noah and his kin, God commanded him to build a vessel and gave him orders how he should rescue himself. The flooding lasted 40 days and 40 nights, and everything on the earth perished, except those in the ark were rescued. Noah built an altar as a sign of his gratitude to God, and God set a rainbow in the clouds as the sign of peace and blessing.

The poet Vladas Braziūnas likes birds, and is especially fond of jackdaws. He has written a cycle of poems about the life of Kro the jackdaw. Together with the artist Sigutė Chlebinskaitė, they have produced a book intended to help the reader learn about shapes, birds and poems. The poet evokes a unique world of the jackdaw, and tells us about the bird’s thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the jackdaw is a “Home-bird”, sometimes Kro travels “To the Baltic Sea”, visits the “Writers’ Home” in Sweden, or goes on “A Journey across Vast Oceans”. Sometimes the bird “Sees the Movement of the Universe” and reflects “On Love and Death”. Some days Kro is an “Optimist”, but can also be a “Pessimist”. These cheerful poems, brimming of philosophical wisdom, will be equally appreciated by children, parents and grandparents.

evaldas mikalauskis (b. 1959)

sigutė chlebinskaitė (b. 1977)

Graphic artist, book illustrator, teacher of drawing and graphic art. Since 1990, he has taken part in around 50 exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. He has illustrated three children’s book and around 10 textbooks, teaching aids for pupils and parents. The book Noah’s Ark was recognized by a diploma of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition, at the Book Art Exhibition in 2012, it was awarded a Prize of Algirdas Steponavičius, the Lithuanian classic of book illustration.

Graphic artist and book designer, illustrator, at the helm of her-own founded creative project The Book Land and the education programme You Can Create a Book, inspirer and conductor of plentiful other projects dedicated to the promotion of the art of the book in Lithuania and abroad. Sigutė mainly works as a book artist and designer and is frequently awarded for the artistry of her book designs. Her debut children’s book, the illustrations for Kazys Jakubėnas’ What’s Inside, What’s Outside (Gimtasis žodis, 2003), was selected as the most artistic book of the year by the Lithuanian Section of IBBY, and the artist was put on IBBY Honour List of 2006. These illustrations won the Prix Octogone in France. The Life of Kro the Jackdaw and Vice Versa (Versus aureus, 2011) won a diploma at Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition of 2011.

the noah’s ark

the life of kro the jackdaw and vice versa

pasakos. broliai grimai the grimm brothers’ fairy tales Original title: Kinder- und Hausmärchen Illustrator: Lina Dūdaitė Authors: The Grimm brothers Target reader: 5–10 years old Year of publication: 2011 Publisher: Alma littera, Vilnius, Number of pages: 236 ISBN 978-609-01-0173-5 The fairy tales collected in the early 19th century by the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, two celebrated linguists, have become famous all over the world with readers of all generations. This collection includes 40 fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm: Hans the Hedgehog, The Musicians of Bremen, The Twelve Brothers, Brother and Sister, The Fisherman and his Wife, Cinderella, Tom Thumb, and others. Although some of the tales are known in other countries too, the collection by the Brothers Grimm reflects the spirit of the German people, their life and their traditions.

Interactive ebook – demo version App for iPad 3 animated fairy tales Professional narration, background audio Language: English

apie žuvėdrą ir katiną, kuris išmokė ją skraidyti

about a seagull and the cat who taught her to fly Original title: Historia De Una Gaviota Y Del Gato Que Le Enseñó A Volar Illustrator: Lina Dūdaitė Author: Luis Sepúlveda Target reader: 8–12 years old Year of publication: 2008 Publisher: Nieko rimto, Vilnius, Number of pages: 84 ISBN 978-9955-683-55-1 A seagull, dying from the effects of an oil spill, lands on a balcony where Zorba the cat promises her not to eat the egg she is about to lay, to take care of the chick until it hatches and to teach the chick to fly. This moving and funny story tells how the cat and his friends keep their promises. The book deals with several themes and questions, including life and death, friendship, devotion, courage, the importance of keeping one’s word, damage that humans inflict on nature, but the biggest message of the book involves diversity and tolerance.

lina dūdaitė (b. 1974)

One of the most promising young book illustrators in Lithuania. She has illustrated seven children’s books by the Lithuanian and foreign authors, published in Lithuania and Russia (Mir detstva media, Moscow). Her illustrations for the book The Story of a Seagull and the Cat Who Taught Her to Fly (2008) by Luis Sepúlveda won a diploma at the 2009 Tallinn Illustration Triennial. For the same book, in 2010 the artist was included on the IBBY Honour List in the category of illustrators. The Grimm Brothers’ Fairy Tales (Alma littera, 2011) were selected by the Lithuanian section of IBBY as the most artistic book of the year. It won the main premium in the category of children’s books of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition.

ar bijai sušlapti?

pieštukinė sraigė

Illustrator and author: Laisvydė Šalčiūtė Target reader: 3–7 years old Year of publication: 2010 Publisher: Baltos lankos, Vilnius, Number of pages: 24 ISBN 978-9955-23-443-2

Illustrator: Agnes Indre Author: Aistė Vilimė Target reader: 8–10 years old Year of publication: 2012 Publisher: Kauko laiptai, Kaunas Number of pages: 54 ISBN 978-609-8092-01-1

are you afraid to get wet?

Where to look for a rainbow? The Little Bear and Little Elephant only know that to find it would cause them to get wet. Ah, that’s not too scary! They invite little readers to join them in their journey over the seas and oceans to look for the rainbow. The adventurous graphic artist Laisvydė Šalciutė’s picture book is warm and cosy like a bee-hive, and her pictures will put a smile on the faces of both their little and grown-up readers.

laisvydė šalčiūtė (b. 1964)

Bold and distinct artist, works in different media: painting, printmaking, photography and installation. During 20 years of her artistic career she gave 30 solo shows in Lithuania, Denmark, UK, USA, and participated in over a hundred group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. She writes and illustrates books, organizes and curates exhibitions and projects. She is the author and illustrator of four children’s books. The Red Ball (Baltos lankos, 2004) won diplomas from the 8th International Venice Book Illustration Exhibition ‘Round Red’ and Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition of 2005. Her book A Little Elf’s Hat (Baltos lankos, 2005) was selected by the Lithuanian Section of IBBY as the best book of the year for the youngest readers.

a snail that used to be a pencil

This snail is a creature made of pencil shavings left in a pencil sharpener. But it turns out to be a bewitched forest god, who inspires the artists’ daughter Elsė to create a happy end for the Green Forest’s story. Long ago an impenetrable, murmuring Green Forest surrounded the village of Green Forest. Enticed by Mr. Vinfridas to find and cut down the Tree of Luck, the villagers rushed to chop one tree after another. When the Tree of Luck was felled, the unrestrained destruction of the woods stopped for a while. Yet there was a need for wood, and the people continued crippling the Green Forest in cold blood. It was the end of the forest tale: humans destroyed the vegetation of the forest and turned the forest animals out of their homes, so the Green Forest village now became a Clear-Cut village. After many years the god of the forest wishes to revive the woods and tries to reach human hearts. Only when he finds a child who believes in miracles, does he know that it is still possible to change the world.

agnes indre (b. 1963)

A participant of the Bologna Children’s Books Fair Illustrators Exhibition, the International Illustration Biennial in Bratislava (BIB), Premi Internacional Catalonia D’Illustracio (Barcelona) and other exhibitions. As book illustrator, she collaborates with publishers in Lithuania, Germany (J.F. Schreiber Verlag), Taiwan (Grimm Press). Agnes Indre has illustrated 10 books. Her illustrations for The History of the Constitution for Kids by Andrius Vaišnys (Valstybės žinios, 2003) received, in 2003, a diploma from Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition; the book was recognized by the Lithuanian Section of IBBY as the most artistically illustrated book of the year.

kirminas paukštis: tavo pirmoji knyga apie skraidymo meną the worm bird: your first book about the art of flying Illustrator and author: Marius Jonutis Target reader: 14–16 years old Year of publication: 2009 Publisher: Tyto alba, Vilnius, Number of pages: 96 ISBN 978-9986-16-686-3

marius jonutis (b. 1965)

Artist, highly distinct in his manner and style, embracing different unorthodox mediums: sculpture, polychromous wood reliefs, paintings, theatre decoration. From 1989 through 2012 he has given over 50 solo exhibitions (most of them together with the artist Nomeda Marčėnaitė) in Lithuania, Germany, Denmark, France, and participated in over 50 group exhibitions. He has illustrated seven books for children and young adults, and has also written three of them. Rudnosiukas’ Stories (Vaga, 2004) by Vytautas V. Landsbergis was selected by the Lithuanian Section of IBBY as the year’s most artistic book for young adults. The Worm Bird: Your First Book about the Art of Flying (Tyto alba, 2009) won a special Lithuanian Section of IBBY prize for originality, in 2012, Marius Jonutis was included into the IBBY Honour List as a writer.

This unusual book by the artist and writer consists of two layers. Every second double page spread is coloured and tells an allegorical story about a worm who asked a bird to teach him flying. The monochrome double page spreads contain questions on the worm’s story and practical assignments for the readers. They also explain some of the words in the story. However, these are not their primary, but some unexpected and possible meanings of the words that are explicated. This exploratory or even philosophical dimension of the book encourages young readers to think actively, and to observe the world surrounding them as well as themselves.

slibinas jurgis ir kitos istorijos jurgis the dragon and other stories Illustrator and author: Marius Jonutis Target reader: 15–17 years old Year of publication: 2010 Publisher: Tyto alba, Vilnius, Number of pages: 208 ISBN 978-9986-16-795-2 Third book from the famous artist. It includes three fairy tales based on the Bible, the ancient Lithuanian tales, and stories from antiquity. An intellectual and playful narrator wittily interprets the well-known motifs and provokes readers of all ages to think. In the stories, some readers will recognize their own unbridled imagination and enjoyment in making serious adults give inconvenient answers; still others will have an opportunity to cast a fresh look on mundane things through the eyes of a child untarnished with preconceived notions.

Jurgis the Dragon and Other Stories, illustration by Marius Jonutis


žvaigždėtasis arkliukas ir meškiukas panda

the doll Illustrator and author: Nomeda Marčėnaitė Target reader: 5–8 years old Year of publication: 2011 Publisher: Tyto alba, Vilnius, Number of pages: 81 ISBN 978-9986-16-862-1

starred horse and panda the bear

A five-year-old girl, whose mother has left to work abroad, lives with her grandmother in a country village. In the attic of her grandmother’s house, she discovers the head of a porcelain doll and creates a body for the doll from sackcloth. The doll is now the girl’s best friend who never leaves her side. While waiting for the girl’s mother to return, the two of them explore the surrounding village. The girl (who likes changing her name) keeps looking for a new body for her doll. Though told through the eyes of a child, the story however deals with serious issues. The author talks about a search for identity by each individual person, about parent-children relationships, about love and faith, old age and death, and does so in a delicate and sympathetic manner, just like a little child perceives these things.

Illustrator and author: Rasa Joni Target reader: 5–8 years old Year of publication: 2010 Contact: Number of pages: 64 ISBN 978-609-401-075-0 It is a story brimming with love and affection. The Panda and the Starred Horse enjoy true friendship and take care of each other. Being together they are not afraid of any hardships, monsters or crocodiles. Every day they have tea and ginger biscuits, every evening they tell gentle words to each other. There are lots of friends and happiness, lovely scents and adventures in the story.

Interactive ebook – demo version App for iPad 4 animated stories Professional narration, background audio Language: English

nomeda marčėnaitė (b. 1965)

Photo by Monika Požerskytė

Interactive ebook – demo version App for iPad 5 animated stories Professional narration, background audio Language: English

Ceramic artist, public figure, charity project organizer and host of TV discussion and culinary programmes. She has given 55 solo exhibitions in Lithuania, Germany, France, Denmark, most of them in collaboration with the artist Marius Jonutis. Her first written and illustrated book The Doll (Tyto alba, 2011) was recognized as the most significant debut in children’s literature by the Lithuanian Section of IBBY and was awarded a diploma in the category of children’s and young adults’ literature of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition of 2011. The author was also awarded the Patriots’ Prize for The Doll.

rasa joni (b. 1984)

Animator and illustrator who runs an animation studio. She has illustrated 19 children’s books and has written two of them. Books with her illustrations have been published by Lithuanian, South Korean (AGA World Co), Swedish („HörOpp“ Stockholm), UK („Bookva Press OU“) and USA („KAR-BEN“ Minneapolis) publishers. The book Starred Horse and Panda the Bear (Kronta, 2010) was selected the most artistic book of the year by the Lithuanian Section of IBBY. The History of Lithuania by Zigmas Vitkus (Alma littera, 2008) and Once Upon A Time by Sigitas Poškus (Alma littera, 2009) are diploma winners of Lithuania’s Most Beautiful Book Competition, in 2008 and 2009.

book series: lithuanian history for younglings The series of educational colouring books ‘Lithuanian History for Younglings’ is conceived as the first introduction, for seven-yearolds and above, to key events and figures in the history of the Lithuanian State. By reading these books and colouring illustrations, children will get the feeling of the historical context, political, everyday life and culture of the times. Four books in the series have been published. By telling a family story of a little boy, Jonas, the Forest Soldiers relates of the anti-Soviet resistance fights in Lithuanian forests. The historian Gediminas Kulikauskas in The Battle of Grunwald tells of the 1410 engagement when the Lithuanian and Polish troops lead by the valiant military leaders Vytautas and Jogaila defeated the German Order. In the book Barbora Radvilaitė, the little readers will find plenty of colourful detail from the life of duke Žygimantas Augustas and his beautiful wife Barbora Radvilaitė, and the everyday life of the nobility in 16th-century Grand Duchy of Lithuania. King Mindaugas is a simple and vivid recount for kids how the first and only king of Lithuania Mindaugas would not be intimidated by his foes, but unified Lithuanian lands, creating the Lithuanian State. Publisher: Aukso žuvys, Vilnius,

non fiction

barbora radvilaitė: karališkosios meilės istorija barbora radvilaitė: a story of royal love Illustrator: Birutė Zokaitytė Author: Aukso žuvys Target reader: 7–11 years old Year of publication: 2012 Number of pages: 31 ISBN 978-609-95287-3-1

birutė zokaitytė (b. 1968)

Book illustrator and fine print artist. She has given eight exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, two of them in the USA, and has participated in the international printmaking and the art of book illustration exhibitions in France, Estonia, Sweden, Rumania, Slovakia, Japan, Russia, Argentina Portugal, Finland, Belgium, Ukraine, Turkey, Scotland, Norway, USA, Germany, Poland and elsewhere. Her prints and illustrations have won different diplomas and prizes. Birutė Zokaitytė has illustrated seven children’s books.

karalius mindaugas: lietuvos valstybės kūrimo istorija king mindaugas: the story of building the lithuanian state Illustrator: Antanas Dubra Authors: Lina Kulikausienė, Gediminas Kulikauskas Target reader: 7–11 years old Year of publication: 2012 Number of pages: 31 ISBN 978-609-95287-4-8

antanas dubra (b. 1987)

Graphic artist, book illustrator, art teacher. He employs different mediums and processes: drawing, printmaking, painting, graffiti, stop motion and other. Antanas Dubra illustrates books, teaches children different drawing techniques, runs creative workshops, directs stage productions for children and creates stage sets for Vilnius Puppet Theatre Lėlė. His current interest is in street art – public spaces, the relationships between the city and humans, visual noise and visual expression in public spaces. King Mindaugas is his debut in children’s literature.

King Mindaugas, illustration by Antanas Dubra

miško kariai: lietuvos partizanų kovų istorija forest soldiers: the story of lithuanian partisan resistance struggle Illustrator: Karolis Strautniekas Authors: Aukso žuvys Target reader: 7–11 years old Year of publication: 2012 Number of pages: 31 ISBN 978-609-95287-1-7

žalgirio mūšis: lietuvių karinės pergalės istorija the battle of grunwald: the story of the lithuanian military victory Illustrator: Karolis Strautniekas Author: Gediminas Kulikauskas Target reader: 7–11 years old Year of publication: 2012 Number of pages: 31 ISBN 978-609-95287-2-4

karolis strautniekas (b. 1988)

Freelance book illustrator, artistic director and designer. He illustrates books, creates cartoons, 3-D objects from paper and clay, collaborates on production of video clips. He has given a solo show and participates in group exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. His work is featured by different Lithuanian and foreign publications (Etereo, Italy; KABINETT magazine, Austria; Lüerzer’s Archive, Austria and elsewhere). He has illustrated three children’s books.

Forest Soldiers: the story of Lithuanian partisan resistance struggle, illustrations by Karolis Strautniekas

book series: ‘discover the world of birds’ and ‘discover nature’ The book series on nature introduces the young readers into the world of birds and animals encountered in their everyday life and fairytales. Four books have published in this series: on pigeons, magpies, eagles and wolves. Such books encourage a better informed look at the world and a more open and intimate relationship with nature. Professor, philosopher Alphonso Lingis invites to take a closer look at pigeons – the birds that we notice around so often. The book tells the reader not only what they feed on, where they build their nests, but also of their ability to feel painting styles – and distinguish between a Renoir and a Monet. The books by the ornithologist Algirdas Knystautas invite for a closer acquaintance with the magpie – the bird well familiar from Lithuanian folklore and frequently seen in Lithuania, – and introduce children into different varieties of the eagle, its hunting and fishing habits. The naturalist Selemonas Paltanavičius encourages not to fear to learn more of the wolf: to understand its nature, how different is wolf’s hunting art and where the grey fellow’s hut is hidden. Such books on birds and animals serve as good introduction for children interested in the observation of nature. Publisher: Baltos lankos, Vilnius,

balandžiai / pigeons Illustrator: Vanda Padimanskaitė Author: Alphonso Lingis Target reader: 7–11 years old Year of publication: 2011 Number of pages: 36 ISBN 978-9955-23-444-9

šarkos / magpies Illustrator: Vanda Padimanskaitė Author: Algirdas Knystautas Target reader: 7–11 years old Year of publication: 2011 Number of pages: 40 ISBN 978-9955-23-336-7

vilkai / wolves Illustrator: Vanda Padimanskaitė Author: Selemonas Paltanavičius Target reader: 7–11 years old Year of publication: 2011 Number of pages: 44 ISBN 978-9955-23-433-3

ereliai / eagles Illustrator: Vanda Padimanskaitė Author: Algirdas Knystautas Target reader: 7–11 years old Year of publication: 2011 Number of pages: 40 ISBN 978-9955-23-576-7

vanda padimanskaitė

Graphic artist and illustrator. She has illustrated five children’s fiction books, several school textbooks. She has written and illustrated the book A Dotted Tale (2012). The artist participates in the You Can Create a Book educational programme.

Children‘s Books from Lithuania Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2013 Texts by Roma Kišūnaitė and others Translation by Irena Jomantienė Design by PRIM PRIM Printed in Lithuania by Petro ofsetas Circulation: 550 Supported by The Ministry of Culture of The Republic of Lithuania Published by The International Cultural Programme Centre, Lithuania, 2013 /

Children's Books from Lithuania / Bologna Children's Book Fair 2013  

Catalog of the best recently published Lithuanian books presented at the Bologna Children's Book Fair 2013. Published by the International C...

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