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The year for fur got off to a mixed start. Let us begin with the positive: The December auctions in Copenhagen and Helsinki show that the fur market is burning hot characterized by massive demand and high prices. China is the motive power, assisted by Russia, but the consumption of fur for especially trimmings on the traditional markets is not to be underestimated. As we have said for many years now – fur is in fashion like never before. The negative is that the Dutch government has decided to phase out fur farming in the Netherlands. The ban has been on its way for a long time and the prohibition debate took off for more than a decade ago. It is interesting to follow the debate, because the proposers have difficulty in justifying why fur should be banned. There is nothing wrong with animal welfare, say the proposers, and certainly not in comparison to other commercial animal husbandry. Fur production should be phased out because fur is not a necessary product and it is unethical to cause even the smallest inconvenience to the animals when the production is superfluous. It is a bit difficult to understand that fur is not necessary when consumers demand fur like never before. Frankly, it is weird that the elected representatives in a democratic country are concerned about with what is necessary consumption and what is unnecessary consumption. One has to assume that when consumers are willing to pay a lot of money for fur, it is because they attach a high value to the product. An unnecessary product would not be valued that high. When the same politicians believe that the welfare of animals in fur production are in order, the obvious thing to do is to let the consumers decide whether fur is useful or not. It is also strange to hear these politicians talk about ethics in a country where prostitution and drug dealing assume considerable proportions. However, many years of strenuous efforts by various animal rights groups have unfortunately born fruit. While Holland apparently accepts the arguments about animal rights

Februa ry 2013

An unnecessary product would not be valued so high. When the same politicians believe that the welfare of animals in fur production are in order, the obvious thing to do is to let the consumers decide whether fur is useful or not. Photo: Helle Moos

organization, it is a little more difficult in Denmark. The green and red political groupings have a common website called Modkraft. The editors only let so-called progressive groups get access to the website. A new animal rights organization, Go Vegan has applied for admission but has been denied access on the grounds that vegans and animal rights people are not progressive because they take the same view of human nature as the Nazis. Germany implemented the first animal rights laws in 1934. Animals were given the same rights as human beings. It meant that you could treat humans as animals and so were certain people. People were used for experiments on an equal footing with animals, breeding programs were launched with a view to breeding a special noble Aryan race and people were exterminated as if they were vermin. How can they talk about human rights if animals have the same basic rights as human beings, ask the editors of Modkraft. Therefore, they will not accept animal rights groups in their discussion forum. They are a bunch of reactionary people with Nazi attitudes. It went a little easier in Holland, but members of parliament are normally not

chosen because of their intellectual skills. Animal rights activists are generally not Nazis. Most are probably just fond of animals, but they are also fond of fashion. We saw that in November in Copenhagen as various animal rights organizations demonstrated in front of Tivoli protesting against Tivoli and Kopenhagen Fur who signed a partnership agreement. The demonstration assembled only 150 young people, of whom 30-40 wore fashionable winter clothes, i.e. jackets with fur. It is a strange sight seeing a protester carrying a sign with the text “Ban fur industry� when that same young man is wearing a Canadian Goose jacket with the most beautiful fox collar that money can buy. The press laughed a lot. The common denominator of Dutch politicians and the Danish demonstrators is that it is difficult to take their knowledge of and attitudes to the fur industry seriously. You can laugh at the Danish protesters, but you must weep over the Dutch politicians.


New times call for a new structure Kopenhagen Fur merges Business Development and Marketing. This initiative has been taken to create distinctive division between core business and new ventures. The optimization will strengthen Kopenhagen Fur in a prosperous future for the fur industry.

By Hans Løgstrup Poulsen

During recent years, Torben Nielsen, CEO of Kopenhagen Fur, has invested much time and personal energy in new business developments. Furthermore, new activities in China have been established as well as the formation of the strategic partnership with Danish Fashion & Textile, Danish Jewellers Association and Copenhagen Municipality to create an innovation centre in Copenhagen. Torben Nielsen has now decided that he wishes to focus even more on the core activities of the company - collection, sorting and sale of skins. It has therefore been decided that Kenneth Loberg takes the overall responsibility of new business development and the marketing of Kopenhagen Fur. The new organisation structure will ensure continued focus on these important areas and their support of Kopenhagen Fur’s general strategies. - It is now time to consolidate these new business areas. Kenneth Loberg will therefore be giving these areas his full dedication, while I will be focusing on the


core business aspects. We believe that this model will provide even better interaction between different business areas, Torben Nielsen states. New subsidiaries In addition to marketing functions, Kenneth Loberg’s new organisation will also include Kopenhagen Fur’s activities in China, logistics in Hong Kong/China, Global Fur Finance, Kopenhagen Studio and the new innovative partnership with Danish Fashion & Textile and Danish Jewellers Association. Kenneth Loberg’s title is now Director of Marketing and Business Development. These areas of activities also include the new product line, Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, and the new Chinese company, Furward. These will – as planned – be marketed as two individual subsidiary companies with a strictly commercial focus. However, both companies will continue to have a high level of synergy and relations to Kopenhagen Fur’s general marketing.

As a consequence of the decision to merge business development and marketing activities into one organisation referring to Kenneth Loberg, the core functions in the Customer Department and the Quality Department of Kopenhagen Fur will now refer to Torben Nielsen directly. Torben Nielsen looks forward to having a full focus on core activities at a time, where he envisages great development and perspectives in the global fur market. - In these years, we are seeing some interesting developments. Traditional markets in Europe and the USA show that fur is in fashion. At the same time, brand new markets are emerging. Kopenhagen Fur sees great perspective in a number of countries, stretching from Central Asia to Turkey. Furthermore, the big markets in Russia and China still show high levels of demand. Kopenhagen Fur is ready to be an active operator in all these markets, Torben Nielsen states.


Februa ry 2013


News in brief

The purchase of Top Lots in mink and Swakara at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions The buyers of the top lots and their designers will be given the opportunity to attend an inspiring seminar at Kopenhagen Studio on one of the inspection days of the forthcoming April auction. The latest fur techniques will be presented and next winter’s trends from all over the world will be introduced during the seminar. Furthermore, the top lot buyers will be given the following opportunities: • Interview for articles in the English and the Chinese Kopenhagen Fur News magazines • Promotion on the top lot buyers’ website at www. • Participation in Kopenhagen Fur’s fashion show at the Beijing Fur Fair 2014 with up to three styles in mink or two styles in swakara/chinchilla respectively. By this initiative, the buyer will get strong press coverage, international exposure and also become acquainted with the development of techniques in fur design at the Kopenhagen Studio.


Posters For the 2012/2013 season we have produced some new fashion posters that are available for our customers. Moreover, we can offer you a poster with Kopenhagen Fur’s various mink types.


Chinchilla Top Lot at the December auction The Chinchilla Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur’s December auction was bought by Braschi Fur Collection for 560 DKK. The purpose of the purchase is the Milan Show on 4 March in Palazzo Clerici. Braschi represents exclusive furs made of Scandinavian mink, fox and chinchilla. The company has its roots in the 70’s of last century. For almost 40 years a small family business grew into a company well known all over the world. Braschi first won fame and recognition in its native Italy, and soon the whole world was dreaming of stylish, original and flawless Braschi fur coats. In 2000 Lorenzo Braschi, the company founder, handed over the reins to his son, Maurizio Braschi. Thanks to his talent and entrepreneurial spirit, the company went to the next level of quality, achieving international fame.

The calendar 2012/13 with next season’s auction dates is available at the service counters during your visit at Kopenhagen Fur.


First Top Lot purchase by third generation manufacturer At Kopenhagen Fur’s December auction, the White Velvet Females top lot went to Mr. Zhe Jiang of Shanghai-based Juntai Fur Technology Co., Ltd. The purchase will be used to promote the company’s 200 stores all over China. For 1,100 DKK per mink skin, Mr. Zhe Jiang bought the White Velvet Females top lot at Kopenhagen Fur’s December auction. However, the company has 200 stores spread all over China’s larger cities such as Beijing and Harbin, with the highest concentration in Shanghai and nearby cities and regions. The top lot purchase will be used for promoting the quality of the top fashion fur garments, which Juntai Fur Technology Co., Ltd. produces. Mr. Zhe Jiang sees a value to stand out in an industry that continues to grow. - There is a strong demand for quality fur garments in China. With this top lot purchase, Juntai Fur Technology CO., Ltd. sends a signal for using the best quality possible, Mr. Zhe Jiang says.

The company is also called Juntai 1923 to illustrate its long story, and the number represents the year of the company’s foundation. Mr. Zhe Jiang leads the company as third generation succeeding his father and grandfather. With many years of expertise in the company, Mr. Zhe Jiang has a vision of an even brighter future for Juntai Fur Technology Co., Ltd. - I wish to expand the production and the number of stores. When I open a new store, a top lot certificate from Kopenhagen Fur underlines the high quality of the fur garments present in the store, Mr. Zhe Jiang says.

Keep Fur in Top Fashion From 29 November to 1 December, the First Wuhan Fashion Week attracted thousands of people and achieved great success. Working with Inlife International Group and five famous designers, Kopenhagen Fur played an important role in this significant event and showed Wuhan people the world’s finest fur.

Februa ry 2013

Being the largest inland port on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River and a major stop on the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Wuhan is one of China’s most important hubs of water and rail transportation and communications. The city of Wuhan has an old history and rich cultural traditions and strives to make its voices heard in modern fashion and creative industries. Thus the First

Wuhan Fashion Week came into being. Wuhan Fashion Week was a top-end international fashion festival, organized by Wuhan Municipal People’s Government and co-hosted by Wuhan Municipal Development & Reform Commission, Jiang Han District Government of Wuhan, Wuhan Textile University, and Inlife International Group.


News in brief

Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur joined the World’s Greatest Catwalk 343 models, 158 Danish fashion styles as well as the same number of styles from Hong Kong. This was the recipe when the record for the World’s Greatest Catwalk was acquired on a 3.2 kilometres Iong runway in the middle of Hong Kong. The World’s Greatest Catwalk was the result of collaboration between Danish Fashion Institute and Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association. The new world record is an improvement of the previous world record set at the 2010 Copenhagen Fashion Week on a 1.6 kilometres long runway with 220 models. This time, the newly launched brand Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur joined in on the record breaking runway. Political support all the way from Copenhagen The Copenhagen Mayor of Culture, Pia Allerslev, opened the event alongside the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong. She told the press:

Kopenhagen Fur supports the fight against children’s cancer Kopenhagen Fur supports the fight against children’s cancer.In Denmark, we say that Christmas is the feast of hearts, by which we mean that Christmas is the time of benevolence. With that in mind, Kopenhagen Fur is sponsoring Børnecancerfonden, a Danish foundation that helps children, who suffer from cancer. As a result of Kopenhagen Fur’s partnership with the Tivoli Gardens, Kopenhagen Fur sold decorative hearts made of mink during Tivoli’s Christmas opening, which lasted a month. The revenue went uncut to charity. - Kopenhagen Fur fully supports Børnecancerfonden and we believe that we are able to contribute with more than just a sponsorship. We are therefore always on the lookout for opportunities to raise money in the fight against children’s cancer, Torben Nielsen, CEO at Kopenhagen Fur says.


- I am here today to endorse the creativity and professionalism of the Danish fashion industry. Furthermore, I am here to promote the ambitions of Danish Fashion Institute, who once again and with great success has promoted Danish Fashion on an international scale. Pia Allerslev also stated that the event was a terrific way to show the gathering of two great cultures. - I find the experience of Asian models dressed in both Danish and Hong Kong fashion to be a great symbolic metaphor for the gathering of Eastern and Western culture.

Tackling the Top of the Top

Through a creative fur salon held in Harbin, Kopenhagen Fur successfully left an unforgettable mark on the minds of the top of the top luxury consumers in the city. It opened up another powerful channel to further penetrating this traditional fur market in the years to come. The creative fur salon themed ”luxury attempt” included a fur exhibition and a small but exclusive fur show. It was held on 22 November, 2012, in Harbin, north-eastern China’s Heilongjiang Province. Undoubtedly, the salon amazed 50 exclusive fur fans by showcasing top-quality fur from Kopenhagen Fur and creative designs from Tsinghua University - Kopenhagen Fur Studio and Kopenhagen Fur Studio in CPH. Aiming to present the world’s top-level fur consumption culture, the salon was co-organized by Kopenhagen Fur, the Private Bank of Bank of China-Heilongjiang Branch and the Heilongjiang Fur Industry Association.


Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur webshop is online

Kopenhagen Fur Academy hereby announces the dates of the popular courses this season;

Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, Kopenhagen Fur’s fashion brand, is ready with its first collection and has launched a new webshop.

Sorting course: 14 to 18 January 2013 Sorting and auction procedures course: 28 May to 18 June 2013

Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur is the result of many years of innovative working processes in Kopenhagen Studio. Designers and furriers from all over the world have come to Kopenhagen Studio to innovate and evolve the way we use fur in modern design. Now, this hybrid of knowledge and fur innovation materializes in the first collection by Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur.

The courses are well attended. You can register online at

The new collection can be seen at: You can buy the luxury styles at:

SORTING COURSES – AUCTION - ABOUT US - SORTING COURSES. For more details, please contact: Annette Hindborg Phone: +45 4326 1440 Fax: +45 4326 1449 E-mail:

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Februa ry 2013


A success expands Kopenhagen Fur has changed location for its Hong Kong storage facility. With a well-attended opening ceremony, an important step has been taken towards an even higher capacity for helping customers get their skins in a fast and simple manner. By Hans Løgstrup Poulsen

In the fall of 2010, Kopenhagen Fur started to offer transportation to and storage in Hong Kong for skins bought at the auction house in Denmark. Since then, the number of skins being transported to Hong Kong by Kopenhagen Fur on behalf of the customers has been continuously increasing.


In fact, the number of skins has ended up exceeding the capacity in the original warehouse location in Hong Kong. For Kenneth Loberg, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Kopenhagen Fur, it is a pleasant development for a concept, which makes perfect sense for the customers.


- When the customers have bought their skins at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions, they of course wish to possess the skins as soon as possible in order to benefit from the skin’s value. As in many other aspects of our customer relations, we established this shipping solution in order to create added value for our customers, Kenneth Loberg says. As soon as the hammer has fallen and a lot has been sold in the auction house in Copenhagen, the customer can request to get the purchased skins shipped to Hong Kong. As soon as the payment has been completed, the skins can be released from Kopenhagen Fur’s cold storage facility in Hong Kong. New facility, same expertise It is the cold storage facility, which has been moved to a new location with bigger capacity. However, the transportation and storage management are still in the competent hands of A.P. Moller – Maersk Group’s logistics provider, Damco. This means that over two years of experience the expertise in handling the skins has been transferred together with the staff, who was thoroughly educated

Februa ry 2013

I would like to thank the many customers, who came to the opening of our new cold storage facility. The success of this transportation and storage concept is measured by the numbers of customers, who find it appealing. at Kopenhagen Fur in Denmark before the cold storage facility was originally established in 2010. For the opening ceremony in November, many of Kopenhagen Fur’s customers graced the traditional Chinese event with their presence. Torben Nielsen, CEO at Kopenhagen Fur, was the host of the opening ceremony. He was very pleased with the high attendance. - I would like to thank the many customers, who came to the opening of our new cold storage facility. The success of this transportation and storage concept is measured by the numbers of customers, who find it appealing. The need for an even larger capacity makes it obvious that this is the case, Torben Nielsen says.


NEW X-RAY TECHNOLOGY IMPROVES SORTING PRECISION Developing new technologies to improve the sorting process has always been of key importance for Kopenhagen Fur. This season the technological leap forward is greater than ever before. With the introduction of the new X-ray sorting facility Kopenhagen Fur has taken a big step towards indisputable sorting precision. By Christian Serritslev Riis



Februa ry 2013


- This season we have combined two sorting processes for the X-ray facility the length measuring and sorting of the length and the hair length. The process of length measuring had already been automated, but the measurement of the hair length was previously manual, says Thomas Gabriel, Production Director at Kopenhagen Fur. The facility is feed with skins from two stations. They are sorted by length and, before the skins enter one of the four X-ray scanners, they are blasted with air to raise the guard hairs. A large conveyer belt then distributes the skins into 24 specified cells. Finally, they are distributed to the sorters, who finalize the sorting. The new technology has been three years in the making. Brown males to go first This X-ray facility assists the sorters by dividing the skins into Classic and Velvet. Afterwards, the sorters use their expertise to assess the volume of the underwool and focus on the final quality sorting for Velvet and Velvet 2. This season, however, not all skins will be sorted by the new X-ray machine. - The facility will handle 10 million skins


this season, seven million of which will be Brown males. The more skins of a specific type, the more sense it makes to calibrate the machine for a new type of skin, Thomas Gabriel explains. He is confident that the capacity of the facility will improve and estimates that 75-90 percent of all skins will be sorted by the X-ray machine next season. Objective sorting For the buyers the greatest advantage of the new facility is its ability to give an objective assessment. The skins are measured and sorted by the same standards every time. This will contribute to an even more reliable assessment than earlier. - We are currently working on how to

This X-ray facility assists the sorters by dividing the skins into Classic and Velvet. Afterwards, the sorters use their expertise to assess the volume of the underwool and focus on the final quality sorting for Velvet and Velvet 2. This season, however, not all skins will be sorted by the new X-ray machine.


The X-ray facility is the first step to a new level of sorting precision by which the quality and volume of the skin are measured by the exact same standards.

implement this feature. Eventually, the buyers will be able to get a detailed analysis of each skin they have bought. This facility and new technology will help improve all parts of the production chain and help Kopenhagen Fur maintain its position as the world’s leading fur auction house, Thomas Gabriel says. The future aspect of quality sorting The X-ray machine offers yet another possibility. This season, the final sorting is done by the sorters but tests of specific quality parameters on the X-ray facility will be made in order to measure the volume of the underwool. The tests are not only based on the volume of the underwool but also on an objective assessment of the guard hairs. - We are currently running tests on these parameters with our partners, says Thomas Gabriel and continues; the results are very good but not yet calibrated to be a part of the auction sorting process. At the December auction, the buyers also had the opportunity to see the new X-ray facility. The questions were many, and Thomas Gabriel as well as Torben Nielsen, CEO at Kopenhagen Fur, did their best to answer. Pierre Lipski, Director of Hurwitz Exports Limited, participated with great interest. - In England we have a saying – the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I cannot judge the machine until I see the results. The facility looks like a big improvement though, and as a buyer, it will make my job easier, and give me more confidence in my purchases, he said. The X-ray facility is the first step to a new level of sorting precision by which the quality and volume of the skin are measured by the exact same standards.

Februa ry 2013


Seizing South Korea Kopenhagen Fur’s eye has been caught by South Korea as a market for high quality fur products. In November, a VIP event demonstrated an increased venture, which will be led by the new subsidary Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur. By Hans Løgstrup Poulsen



With space in Seoul’s leading department store, Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur could not have wished for a better place to open its first store. This siting will make the products visible for the consumer segment, which we wish to reach, Kenneth Loberg says. The VIP event in November invited the Hyundai Department Stores’ Gold Club members, consisting of some of the wealthiest, powerful and trendsetting people in South Korea’s capital, Seoul. A fashion show, entertainment and a lucky draw fascinated the VIP guests. - This event received a great deal of interest. The event only confirmed that South Korea holds a potential, which we will explore, says Kenneth Loberg, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Kopenhagen Fur. During 2012, Kopenhagen Fur has increased its activity and relations in South Korea. Kenneth Loberg refers to an interesting South Korean consumer segment, who is

Februa ry 2013

looking for luxury goods and has a strong opinion when it comes to quality. - We have experienced great interest from Korean retailers for our high-quality mink skins. Now, we are moving towards the South Korean consumers, who are very focused on quality products also in terms of luxury. This is a perfect match for fur originating from Kopenhagen Fur, Kenneth Loberg says. Korea ready for Oh! At the VIP event, the South Korean fur brand SungJingFur showed a string of beautiful fur creations. The first product line by Kopenhagen Fur’s commercial subsidiary, Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, was

also displayed on the catwalk. Bags and accessories from Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur immediately caught the interest of the ladies present at the event. Actually, the demand for buying the products was more overwhelming than anticipated. Luckily, the solution for that challenge was imminent since Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur opened its own store in Hyundai Department Store in December. - With space in Seoul’s leading department store, Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur could not have wished for a better place to open its first store. This location will make the products visible for the consumer segment, which we wish to reach, Kenneth Loberg says.


Danish companies speed-date for export “Trade between Denmark and China has grown exponentially over recent years, but I believe we have so much more to offer.� The words of the Danish Minister of Trade and Investment were once again put into action by Kopenhagen Fur. For the second time in 2012, Chinese associates and Danish fashion companies were invited to date each other in the name of trade and design. By Christian Serritslev Riis



In attempt to help the companies get started, Kopenhagen Fur invited their Chinese business partners and 14 Danish companies to speed-date each other and expand their network in order to start their own network in China.

The creative industry in Denmark is respected all around the world for its design and marketing skills. As an example, the fashion industry takes home over 80 percent of the earnings in exports – mostly within the borders of Europe. With their economic growth, China has caught the focus of numerous Danish fashion and design brands. Several Danish companies are trying to expand their activities and make partnerships in China, but the cultural barriers are sometimes difficult to break through. In an attempt to help the companies get started, Kopenhagen Fur invited their Chinese business partners and 14 Danish companies to speed-date each other and expand their network in order to start their own network in China. Once again the event was a great success. Chinas great export potential The speed-dating event is a great opportunity to get over the doorstep to the lucrative Chinese market. Last year, the total Danish export was 524 billion DKK, but only 24 billion DKK came from China. To mark the importance of the evening and new opportunities, Ms. Pia Olsen Dyhr, the Danish Minister of Trade and Investment, participated in addressing the Danish government’s interest in the relationship between China and Denmark. - This event is a new and innovative way of a get-together. Hopefully, this will lead – not only to new businesses – but also to new partnerships, perhaps even new friendships. I believe that our two countries have a lot to offer to each other in the coming years. A good and fruitful example of this is within design, Pia Olsen Dyhr said. After her opening address, she “dated” Chen Wangsheng, CEO of Tianjen Baerdi.

Februa ry 2013

Mutual opportunities Since 1993, Kopenhagen Fur has made a great effort on the Chinese Market. The huge network and great deal of experience it has led to is invaluable for the participating Danish companies. Mads Heindorf, Danish jewelry designer, was one of the participants. His company, Mads Heindorf Jewelry, makes exclusive gold jewelry mixed with fur, and the sale is going very well on the Danish market. His dating expectations were modest, but he got more than he came for. - China is a very interesting market. Since I have success at home, it is only natural to look at international expansion. Therefore this event is a superb opportunity for me – I have no idea if I could meet these influential people elsewhere. Everyone has been very interested in my jewelry, and I have

received several invitations to visits in China, Mads Heindorf says. Mads Heindorf was not alone. Most participants got what they came for, and some interesting partnerships are already in the making. The pairing of the ‘couples’ was made by Kopenhagen Fur and Dansk Fashion & Textile to make sure that mutual interests met. - This type of setup is an ideal platform to meet new partners. The Danish companies have a great amount of knowledge when it comes to marketing and branding. When it comes to resources, we are very strong, so the event makes very good sense for the Chinese as well, says Chen Wangsheng, CEO of Tianjen Baerdi, who found common ground with Danish fur fashion house Birger Christensen, but wouldn’t give out any details.


Kopenhagen Fur Celebrates Royal Visit to China On the occasion of HRH Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary’s December visit to China, Kopenhagen Fur hosted a fashion show to salute the royal couple’s dedication to strengthen bilateral ties and the growing influence of Danish fashion industry in China. By Hang Liu

The royal couple has paid frequent visits to China in recent years. Their current visit is to promote Danish businesses in China and in particular the Danish fashion and design industry, which enjoys world-wide reputation for high quality and dynamic creativity. The catwalk show was staged at the Royal Danish Embassy in Beijing, attended by 400 Danish and Chinese businessmen and company representatives. Dozens of media also participated in the fashion


event, enjoying the feast of sights and sounds. Decorated by Christmas trees and warm lights, the Danish Embassy was immersed in strong festive atmosphere. The exclusive and elegant feel at the Embassy as well as the chilling Beijing weather were fully tapped, providing a perfect backdrop for the creative and trendy fur styles by Kopenhagen Fur. Equally eye-catching at the event was a Christmas tree decorated with fur accessories by Kopenhagen Fur. Together

with all guests, the royal couple witnessed the opening ceremony of the silent bidding. The tree was auctioned off, the proceeds being devoted to the Danish Embassy’s charity programme in China. It is not the first time that Kopenhagen Fur is given the honour of making events for the Danish royal court, thanks to its leadership in the Danish fashion industry and its trail-blazer role in the Chinese market. Kopenhagen Fur was one of the first Danish companies to enter into the Chinese market


and has during the last two decades shown consistent commitment to support the Chinese fur and fashion industry through a wide range of programmes and activities. - We are extremely proud and honoured to be part of the official visit of HRH Crown Prince and Princess in China. We strive to be the best and deliver the best mink skins to the industry and serve as inspirations for the consumers, says Kenneth Loberg, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Kopenhagen Fur.

Februa ry 2013

We are extremely proud and honoured to be part of the official visits of HRH Crown Prince and Princess. We strive to be the best and deliver the best mink skins to the industry and serve as inspirations for the consumers,says Kenneth Loberg, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Kopenhagen Fur.


Events in copenhagen 30 January 7 February 2013

Concert Opera


The Léonie Sonning Music Prize 2013

Bizet’s classic master piece returns to the Opera

Sir Simon Rattle is the year’s recipient of the 2013

House – the spectacular and zesty Carmen. Hot

Léonie Sonning Music Prize. Witness the award

Spanish passions and sensual eroticism are evoked

ceremony where Sir Simon conducts works by Carl

when the girls from the cigarette factory fall prey to

Nielsen, Hans Abrahamsen and Jean Sibelius.

soldiers on the prowl.

The highly acclaimed Music Director of the Berlin

Carmen stars one of the world’s most celebrated

Philharmonic has over the last decades distinguished

opera singers, Anna Caterina Antonacci, opposite the

himself as one of the world’s greatest conductors. Sir

charismatic Andrew Richards, who has appeared as

Simon Rattle has chosen to feature several works by

Don José at La Scala in Milan.

Nordic composers at the award ceremony where he will conduct the Royal Danish Orchestra.

〉30 January, 4 and 6 Feburary

〉2 February

〉The Opera

〉Concert Hall




Carl-Henning Pedersen

To mark Carl-Henning Pedersen’s 100th birthday, ARKEN is showing a major exhibition by this Danish Cobra artist. Like many other artists of his time, Carl-Henning Pedersen drew freely on inspiration from the art and artifacts of other times and other cultures. In his wildly imaginative imagery, widely different visual idioms flow together across time and place. In his art, the artist sought the same special, universally human primal force that surged through his own being. The exhibition elucidates this theme through the selection and presentation of his works. 〉2 February – 11 August 2013 Exhibition


Andy Warhol - Early Drawings


It is extremely rare for the discovery of an art treasure to point to new directions in an artist’s oeuvre, but Concert

Dvorak, Wagner and Strauss

that is exactly what has happened – as something of a sensation – with the unusual unearthing of more than

A rare opportunity to hear the Piano Concert by

250 drawings from one of the most important artists of

Antonín Dvorák. This piece compliments the rest of

the twentieth century – Andy Warhol.

the programme with music by Wagner and R. Strauss.

Many of the drawings are of a sketch-like character

Directed by Marc Albrecht and Kun Woo Paik on piano

with subjects which the artist, with his acute eye,

together with the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra.

selected and traced from newspapers and magazines and transformed with his simple line into images.

〉31 January 〉Danish Radio Concert Hall 〉

〉Until 21 February 〉Louisiana 〉

Februa ry 2013


kopenhagen fur

Auction schedule and Offering 2012/13

Sizes to be offered

Males December February April June September Black 40–30–00–3 30–00–0 30–00–0 50–40–30–00–0–1–2–3 Mahogany 30–00 40–30–00–0 40–30–00–3 30–00–0 50–40–30–00–0–1–2–3 Brown 40–30–00 40–30–00–0 50–40–30–00–3 30–00–0 50–40–30–00–0–1–2–3 Glow 40–30–00 40–30–00–0 50–40–30–00–3 30–00–0 50–40–30–00–0–1–2–3 Silverblue 30–00 40–30–00–3 30–00–0 50–40–30–00–3 0–1–2–3 White 30–00 40–30–00–3 30–00–0 50–40–30–00–3 0–1–2–3 Pearl 30–00 40–30–00–3 30–00–0 50–40–30–00–3 0–1–2–3 Females December February April June September Black 0–1–2–3 1–2–3 1–2 00–0–1–2–3–4–5 Mahogany 1–2 0–1–2–3 0–1–2–3 1–2 00–0–1–2–3–4–5 Brown 0–1–2 0–1–2–3 0–1–2–3 1–2 00–0–1–2–3–4–5 Glow 0–1–2 0–1–2–3 0–1–2–3 1–2 00–0–1–2–3–4–5 Silverblue 1–2 0–1–2–3 0–1–2–3 00–0–1–2 3–4–5 White 1–2 0–1–2–3 0–1–2–3 00–0–1–2 3–4–5 Pearl 1–2 0–1–2–3 0–1–2–3 00–0–1–2 3–4–5

Other sizes will be offered when appropriate numbers of skins are available. Types not mentioned above will be offered in those sizes, where appropriate quantities are available. Breeders and breeders lowgrades in the main types Males size 40, 30, 00 and 0 and Females size 0, 1 and 2 will be offered at the June auction.



Auction dates 2012/13 December 2012 Inspection: 9 – 11 December Sales: 12 – 14 December

April 2013 Inspection: 15 – 19 April Sales: 20 – 24 April

February 2013 Inspection: 30 January – 2 February Sales: 3 – 7 February

June 2013 Inspection: 12 – 17 June Sales: 18 – 24 June

September 2013 Inspection: 1 – 6 September Sales: 7 – 13 September

December February April June September Selling days 12–14 3–7 20–24 18–24 7–13 Mink Black Mahogany Brown Glow Pearl Beige Golden Pearl White Sapphire Silverblue Black Cross Var. Cross Pastel Violet Blue Iris Jaguar Palomino Stardust Cinnamon Var. mutations Total mink

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

1.0 – 1.6m

4.5 – 5.5m

4.5 – 5.5m

4.5 – 5.5m

4.2 – 5.2m

• •

• •

• • • •

• •

• • •

• •

OTHER SKINS Chinchilla Swakara Foxes Rex Rabbits

Breeders and breeders lowgrades will be offered at the June auction. We reserve the right to make changes.

Februa ry 2013


Mayfair Hotel – Feel at home Stay at Clarion Collection Hotel Mayfair, a modern hotel in a historic setting inspired by the trendy boutique hotels in Soho, London. Hotel Mayfair is situated in the vibrant Vesterbro district, just a few minutes’ walk from the Copenhagen Central Station and Tivoli. You will find a lively selection of restaurants and cafés just around the corner. In addition, you are close to Copenhagen’s main attractions, Sucgas Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Strøget and Rådhustorvet. The hotel is located in a building dated to the early 1900s, but underwent a major renovation in 2008. The furniture

is Scandinavian, but inspired by the boutique hotel culture. The interior design is inspired by traditional British living rooms. Everywhere you will find original works of art by Danish, Italian and Asian artists. Staying with us should be like home. We want to create an inviting and generous atmosphere. Therefore, we offer you a light meal every evening between 18:00 and 21:00. That way you never have to worry about dinner and can always expect to get something to eat when the day is over. At Mayfair hotel we strive to make your stay as pleasant and cozy as

possible and therefore we offer all our guests the following for free; • A full breakfast buffet is served in the restaurant 6:00-9:00 am • A light evening buffet dinner is served in the restaurant • Late arrival sandwich • In room movies • Wireless internet access and guest computers • Afternoon tea, coffee and cake served in the restaurant 3:00-6:00 pm • Coffee, tea and fruit all day • Newspaper of the day and magazines

Pelsnoer A/S Langagervej 76 DK-2600 Glostrup VAT.: DK81685517 T.: +45 43960148 F.: +45 43962040



copenhagen hotels We urge you to make your hotel reservations as early as possible.


Cat. Address Telephone

Du Nord


Colbjørnsensgade 14,

1652 V

+ 45 3331 7750



Vesterbrogade 23-29,

1620 V

+ 45 3378 8000

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen


Molestien 11,

2450 SV

+ 45 7012 7373

Glostrup Park


Hovedvejen 41,

2600 Glostrup + 45 4396 0038



Toldbodgade 24,

1253 K

Scandic Glostrup


Roskildevej 550,

2600 Glostrup + 45 4343 4200

Crown Plaza Hotel


Ørestads Blvd.

114-118 2300 S +45 8877 6655

Scandic CPH


Vester Søgade 6,

1601 V

Scandic Hvidovre


Kettevej 4.

2650 Hvidovre + 45 3686 0400

Scandic Sydhavn


Sydhavns Plads 15,

2450 SV

+ 45 8833 3666

Radisson Blu Royal



1611 V

+45 3342 6000

+ 45 3374 1414

+ 45 3314 3535

Radisson Blu Scandinavia* (F)

Amager Blv. 70,

2300 S

+ 45 3396 5000

Marriott - 5 stars**


Kalvebod Brygge 5,

1560 V

+ 45 8833 9900

Scandic Webers


Vesterbrogade 11B

1620 V

+ 45 3331 1432

Skt. Petri - 5 stars


Krystalgade 22,

1172 K

+ 45 3345 9800

Februa ry 2013

Hotel rates Cat. A

Dkk 600-800

Cat. B

Dkk 800-900

Cat. C

Dkk 900-1000

Cat. D

Dkk 1000-1100

Cat. E

Dkk 1100-1200

Cat. F

Dkk 1200-1400

Cat. G

Dkk 1400-1800


Contact Kopenhagen Fur E-mail: Phone: +45 4326 1000 fa x: +45 4326 1126


Cashier kenneth loberg director of marketing and business development +45 4326 1201

Inge Ă˜stermand Secretary (Management)

Laila webler Cashier

+45 4326 1042

+45 4326 1413

Brian Tufvesson head of Customer dept.

Birgit friis Secretary

line spang Freight Manager

+45 4326 1401

+45 4326 1431

Christiane Rautenberg ke y Account manager +45 4326 1442

Annette hindborg ke y Account manager

Anne Lunn ke y Account manager

Ahmet Aydin ke y Account manager

+45 4326 1440

+45 4326 1443

+45 4326 1441

Torben Nielsen CEO +45 4326 1042 (secr.)

Customer department


Beijing Office

area manager

Paul Pedersen Chief auctioneer

CHRIS CUI general manager

Andrej Rumjancev Area Manager, Russia

Leo Boutis Area Manager, Greece

+45 4326 1203

mob. +86 139 1093 7964

+45 4326 1103

mob. +30 693 242 5858

Per Knudsen Chief auctioneer


+45 4326 1208

mob. +86 139 1156 8019

Stig Reinhold Sales manager, auctioneer

angela Liu Customer Coordinator/Visa

+45 4326 1209

mob. +86 138 1055 4761

lars Skjoldega ard Auctioneer


+45 4326 1021

mob. +86 159 0143 7370

Kasper S. Reinbacher CONTROllER, GLOBAL FUR FINANCE, Auctioneer +45 4326 1021

Inge liu MARKETING COORDINATOR Tsing hua mba mob. +86 139 0106 0450

kopenhagen studio Jesper Mathiesen STUDIO DIRECTOR +45 4326 1102


+45 4326 1472

Reception/Booking K athrine engberg Front office manager

Lis elleby Receptionist

+45 4326 1112

+45 4326 1280

Quality department

qualit ydepartment@ Bjarne Rasmussen head of Qualit y dept. +45 4326 1342

farmer service


jesper Lauge Christensen head of farmer service +45 4326 1376

Communications department Michael Holm Design- and Production Manager +45 4326 1158

Sander jacobsen Communications director

Søren Jespersen Media Manager

+45 4326 1063

+45 4326 1289


oys ter perpe tual cosmog r aph day tona

VESTERBROGADE 6 | 1620 CPH. V | +45 33 11 53 10 ØSTERGADE 22 | 1100 CPH. K | +45 33 15 53 10

David morgan

michael lepski

Jack felber

Infelber (Exports) Ltd 4 Elthorne Road, London N19 4AG Tel +44(20) - 7281 1966


Fax +44(20) - 7281 2398

Eurasia Furs Ltd Unit O, 10/Kaiser Estate Phase III 9-11A Hok Yuen Street, Hunghom, Kowloon, HK Tel +852 2311 9803 32


Fax +852 2721 3081 KOPENH AGEN F UR NE W S

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International magazine for the fur industry - published by Kopenhagen Fur

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