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Haining China Leather Market photo sacha maric ISSN 1901-731

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H>BEANI=:LDGA9ÉH;>C:HI;JG Kopenhagen Fur’s label designs integrate the newly launched, international Origin Assured programme (OA) with the existing four Kopenhagen Fur quality labels. The new Kopenhagen Fur labels are a two-fold consumer assurance. It is an assurance both that the fur is of superior quality and an assurance that the fur has been produced in countries where fur farming is regulated.

Garments carrying a Kopenhagen Fur quality label have been made from fur skins that are unrivalled in quality. Only skins sold through Kopenhagen Fur and graded by Kopenhagen Fur’s graders can carry the Kopenhagen Fur quality label. Most skins sold through Kopenhagen Fur are mink skins, but Kopenhagen Fur’s quality labels extend equally to fox, chinchilla and swakara skins.

Editorial Not a word about the crisis

Maybe the world is flagging, and the price

is only one of several cities experiencing

for recent years’ dissipation on loans must

this growth. China is indeed on its way up.

be paid back now.

China. Two years ago, Kopenhagen Studio

The collapse of the American

Kopenhagen Fur is very visible in

financial market has raised an international

opened at Tsinghua University - China’s

tidal wave, which has brought countries

best and most prestigious university. By

and old well-established, international

opening Kopenhagen Studio in China, the

financial companies to their knees.

framework of one of our most important

activities, namely our quality and design

The economic growth is declining

and people are starting wondering if it is

programme, was established.

about a beginning recession in large parts

Kopenhagen Fur’s design and quality

of the world.

programme rests on three foundations,

namely: the certified boutiques, the

Just returned from a business

trip to China - and eleven days without

Purple Club, including the co-operation

talking about economic catastrophes - it is

with the best Chinese fashion brands

amazing to see the incredible development

and Kopenhagen Studio. The purpose of

China has undergone during the last 15 to

the design and the quality programme

20 years.

is to strengthen the Chinese companies’

designs in order to create both design and

Replaced by cars, bicycles have

almost disappeared from the streets of

quality with an international strength. The

Beijing and the small grey houses do not

Chinese people have a solid tradition of

exist anymore. In return, you can see


skyscrapers all over the city, one more

imaginative than the other. Shopping malls,

to turn their back on their own design

international hotels, the new airports and

tradition in the search of a more western

University and a large number of young

so on prove that China within a very short

lifestyle. Design is often defined as foreign

designers show that there are huge

period of time has risen from being a poor,

countries’ brands like: Italian, French or

amounts of talent in China. During the last

underdeveloped country to being a global

American. Fashion or great designs are

10 to15 years the American and European

power centre.

often created from various sources of

designers have contributed to the

inspiration. In a global world, the sources

establishment of a strong market for fur in

Because of the growing wealth the

However, the Chinese people seem

language with respect for the traditional and rich Chinese design tradition. The students at the Tsinghua

Chinese people have begun to have a

of inspiration are almost immense. The

China. The talented Chinese designers will

taste for art, gastronomy and fashion. The

whole secret is to be inspired without

ensure that fur is to stay in fashion in China,

great art environment inside and outside

being tempted to copy others designs.

but certainly also on the more traditional

Beijing offers incredibly exciting art, a

The designer is first of all influenced by


large number of new restaurants refine

his cultural background and his definition

the Chinese kitchen into so far unknown

of design, but is also inspired by other

heights, and the first Chinese fashion

things. It is Kopenhagen Fur’s ambition to

brands with an international calibre are

encourage this process and to inspire the

showing themselves off large scale. Beijing

Chinese designers to create a new design

december 2008


News In Brief


again arranged Sorting and

Next season’s Kopenhagen Fur 2008/2009 calendar is available

Sorting and Auction Procedure


courses. The courses are well-

You are welcome to pick it up

attended and very popular.

from one of Kopenhagen Fur’s

The trainees will gain in-depth

service counters during the

Sorting courses 2009 > Kopenhagen Fur Academy has

knowledge of the principles


December 2008 auction.

of sorting raw mink skins as

You can register to participate

The calendar contains

well as considerable practical

in the courses online on www.

information about

training when choosing the on the

3-week course.

Auction site under About

Auction schedule 2008/2009

Kopenhagen Fur/Sorting

Offering 2008/2009

The sorting course takes place:


Information on

12 to 16 January 2009

You are also welcome to contact

The sorting and auction

the Customer Department on

procedure course 2009 takes

+45 4326 1444, fax no.


+45 4326 1449 or mail to

October 2008 to December

20 May to 14 June 2009


Visa applications - Change of rules

Malta, Netherlands, Norway,

Kopenhagen Fur’s reception

customer needs to apply for one

Poland, Portugal, Slovakia,

whether he has plans to visit

visa only for visits to both auction

Slovenia, Spain, Sweden,

both auction houses or only

houses, when the visit will take

Every year, Kopenhagen Fur

Czech Republic, Germany,

Kopenhagen Fur’s auction.

place on the same journey.

assists the customers with

Hungary and Austria.

The invitation letter will then

Please contact the reception at

invitation letters concerning

In the future, the customer

be issued in accordance or

visas to Kopenhagen Fur

must go to the country’s

with the customer’s travel to

phone +45 43 26 11 26 when

auctions. In a season,

representation abroad, where

both auction houses or only

applying for a visa through

Kopenhagen Fur sends more

the main part of the visit should

Kopenhagen Fur’s auction

Kopenhagen Fur.

than 400 invitation letters to

be paid, if he wants to visit


Applicants from China/

the customers.

both Finland and Denmark

Kopenhagen Fur will still give the

Hong Kong should contact

Danish Immigration Service

If the stay in the two countries

usual service and send invitations

Kopenhagen Fur Beijing to

has published that the rules

is of equal length, the visa

to the customers who want to

obtain an invitation letter.

for the visas to the Schengen

must be applied for at the

visit Kopenhagen Fur auctions.

Phone +86 10 8447 6804/Fax

countries are changed.

representation of that country

The concerned embassy will also

+86 10 8447 7284.

The Schengen countries are:

in which the stay begins.

be advised.

Denmark, Estonia, Finland,

When the customer applies

In cooperation with Finnish Fur

France, Greece, Iceland, Italy,

for visa through Kopenhagen

Sales and Danish Immigration

Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg,

Fur he should always tell

Service, we can confirm that the


Kopenhagen Fur quality labels •

Week planner from

Year planner from 2008 to 2010

Contact persons

Yours faithfully Kopenagen Fur


Las Vegas Party at Kopenhagen Fur By Patricia Wilson

Champagne, gambling and delicious food. This was the scene the day before the September auction, when Kopenhagen Fur on 6 September held a huge Las Vegas party for customers and employees in Glostrup.

The party was held in a big

marquee, where more than 400 guests and employees dined, gambled and partied all night long with the Danish singers Zindy and Monique. Besides gambling at the poker or blackjack table, the guests could place their bets in the lottery, where prizes like iPods, digital cameras and Iphones were at stake.

In the following pictures you can see

and feel the great atmosphere from the Las Vegas party.

december 2008


Your freight forwarder at Kopenhagen Fur • Inhouse freight forwarder at Kopenhagen Fur • Global Coverage • More than 500 branches in 53 countries • Multiple transportation modes


• Dedicated fur staff throughout Europe and Asia • Professional and personalized service • Your local partner in a global market

Telephone: Mr Frederik Ahrensberg +45 4326 1142

Contact info: Tel.: +45 4326 1274 E-mail:



Ms Sisse Wrobel +45 4326 1143 Mr Kim Nielsen +45 4326 1167 Mr Kurt Bach +45 4326 1168 Ms Lisbeth Thode +45 4326 1169

Fax +45 4326 1144/ +45 4345 4093 E-mail:



preliminary sales programme Sunday 14 and Monday 15 December 2008 Inspection from Friday 12 December Due to a more effective offering

The qualities of PLATINUM, BURGUNDY

be offered for sale.

programme and a sorting system adapted

AND IVORY will be offered at the

The sizes to be offered this auction will

perfectly to the market, Kopenhagen Fur

December auction. Also the quality range

appear from the Kopenhagen Fur Offering

will arrange the December sales in two

of Quality I, Quality II and CHIP will be put


days only.

up for sale.

quality, will not be put up for sale until the

The December offering of mink skins


is scheduled to 1.4 million mink skins with

the quick-growing share of Kopenhagen

collections of the main mink types.

Fur’s greatly requested Velvet group will

Sunday, 14 December Skins Chinchilla Var. foxes Redfox Marten Seal skins Greenlandic Seal skins Canadian Karakul Afghan/Uzbec Sapphire M - F Silverblue M - F White M - F Brown M Glow M Brown F Glow F

PURPLE, Kopenhagen Fur’s top

February auction 2009.

Lots Showlots

13,000 650 3,500 750 7,000 2,800 10,000

275 55 50 15 50 35 75

240 55 50 15 25 30 50

15,000 15,000 25,000 25,000 65,000 65,000 190,000 210,000 200,000 220,000 1,030,000

200 200 200 200 300 250 500 500 500 500 3,350

100 100 100 100 75 75 250 275 200 275 1,550

65,000 65,000 20,000 20,000 35,000 45,000 60,000 60,000 370,000

450 350 200 200 225 225 350 300 2,300

150 150 125 100 150 125 225 200 1,225

Monday, 15 December Pearl M - F Black Cross M - F Black M - F Mahogany M - F

To finish at approx. 15:30 Total number of mink skins


We reserve the right to change the quantity and the order of the sale.

December 2008


Kopenhagen Fur Offering 2008/2009 In the previous season Kopenhagen Fur

mink will be reduced by almost 50 per cent.

sold a total of 17.8 million mink skins.

nap) will still be dominating, but the

Kopenhagen Fur expects to offer an

almost unchanged number of mink skins

To plan your purchase at Kopenhagen

The hair length CLASSIC (medium

Fur best possibly the estimated offering is

of fering of Velvet (short nap) makes

stated in types and number in the below

an increasingly larger share of the

in the season 2008/2009. However, the

survey. Furthermore, the sizes to be


composition of the mink types will be

offered at the auctions concerned appear

different. The offering of Black, Mahogany,

from the below table.

PURPLE which is selected among the finest

Brown, Glow and Silverblue will be

increased whereas the number of White,

shades in Platinum, Burgundy and Ivory as

under the hammer at the February and the

Pearl, Sapphire and Cross mink skins will be

the dominating qualities will be offered at

June auctions where also the TOP LOT of

reduced. The major change will be that Cross

all five auctions.

the season will be sold.

A comprehensive offering in colour

Black, Mahogany, White and Silverblue December 2008 February 2009 April 2009 June 2009 September 2009

Brown and Glow December 2008 February 2009 April 2009 June 2009 September 2009

Pearl December 2008 February 2009 April 2009 June 2009 September 2009


Kopenhagen Fur’s top quality

female skins of the Velvet quality will come



30-00-0 40-30-00-0 30-00-0-1 50-40-30-00-0 30-00-0-1-2-3

1-2 0-1-2 1-2-3 00-0-1-2 1-2-3-4-5



30-00-0 40-30-00-0 40-30-00-0-1 50-40-30-00-0 30-00-0-1-2-3

0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2-3 00-0-1-2 1-2-3-4-5



30-00-0 30-00-0 30-00-0-1 50-40-30-00-0 30-00-0-1-2-3

1-2 1-2 1-2-3 00-0-1-2 1-2-3-4-5


Dec 14-15

Selling days

FEB Apr 3-6 2-6

Jun 14-19

Sep 12-17 In Total

Mink (1,000 skins) Black 80 330 350 500 340 Mahogany 120 530 600 600 450 Brown 390 730 1,120 800 1,360 Glow 430 830 1,260 890 1,490 Pearl 130 230 300 400 140 Golden Pearl 30 70 White 130 280 300 350 140 Sapphire 30 150 100 20 Silverblue 50 200 200 370 80 Black Cross 40 160 100 70 30 Var. Cross 110 65 35 10 Pastel 40 110 10 Violet 20 Blue Iris 20 Jaguar 30 Palomino 70 130 10 Stardust 15 5 Var. mutations 20 Total mink 1,400 3,500 4,500 4,500 4,100

1,600 2,300 4,400 4,900 1,200 100 1,200 300 900 400 220 160 20 20 30 210 20 20 18,000

Other skins (1,000 skins) Chinchilla 15 15 Rex Rabbits Swakara Foxes 10 30

15 15 15 4 4 60 80 10 20

75 8 140 70

We reserve the right to make changes.

septEMBER December 2008 2008


Kopenhagen Fur at creative fair Strong Danish lineup at creative fair in Shanghai, where the Danish Prime Minister took part By Chen Weixian

Riding on the growing interest of the Chinese people in Danish design, an impressive line-up of 28 Danish companies participated in the annual Shanghai International Creative Industry Week. Kopenhagen Fur had one of the biggest booths, and was visible in other aspects: Joint promotion with Nordic Living magazine and sponsorship of the Luxury Market Seminar.

Kopenhagen Fur showed nine styles

created by Danish designer Soren Bach. The stylist-turned-designer has a brush with cartoon and uses mink to create these eye-opening styles, including a mink helmet that reads BOOM. The visitors, Chinese and foreigners, saw the styles with great interest.

One of the visitors was Danish Prime

Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen who spent quite a while at Kopenhagen Fur’s booth, which pleased Managing Director in Kopenhagen Fur Torben Nielsen.

- It is important to us that the Prime

Minister spends time here with us on an


Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen (left) together with Torben Nielsen, managing director of Kopenhagen Fur


official Danish visit in China, because it is an acknowledgement that we are a serious company, Torben Nielsen said, who had had a number of Kopenhagen Furs business associates flown in to Shanghai during the fair.

The Shanghai International Creative

Industry Week brings together design and creative firms from around the world, and aims to be a premium platform for creativity and ideas to reap economic benefits. It ended on October 22.

To all companies with faith in the future Whether it is small or big business, conducted locally or globally, you always ďŹ nd us close at hand. We are located in 21 countries, our main market being the Nordic region, the Baltic States and Poland. As a customer, you get one, single contact person with the total resources of the bank at your disposal. We utilise our entire network to together create solutions that provide your company with real competitive advantage. You are welcome to discuss with us the most interesting topic of all – the future. Get in touch with your nearest branch ofďŹ ce. Making it possible

december 2008




december 2008


Facing a new world order: China goes creative Being the world’s manufacturing plant is no longer enough for China. The country, that has a long tradition for brilliant inventions, is becoming a player in the global knowledge economy. That makes the domestic demand for fur likely to accelerate further – in spite of the international economic downturn By Mick Madsen and Chen Weixian

It was a somewhat reverse scene that took

(OECD) from September this year states

and carve out. Many of the parks were

place at the waterfront in Copenhagen in

that China now spends 30 billion USD

first started by private investors and later

October: Danish models walked the catwalk

on research and development each

gained the support of the government after

wearing styles in fur and leather designed

year, making the country the sixth

having proved themselves.

by Chinese designers. The bigwigs in

largest research nation in the world. The

the Danish fashion world were amazed,

investments in R&D are increasing at an

had an output of 45 billion USD, and the

says Event Manager in Kopenhagen Fur

incredible annual rate of 19 percent. The

creative industry grows at 16-17 percent

Christina Wolff-Jürgensen:

giant has proved that muscles can come

annually in Shanghai - far faster than the

with brains too.

city’s overall economic growth.

show truly opened their eyes to the talent

in China. They were positively surprised by

real profit is at the end of the production

the high level of standards.

chain. Design and branding are more

fashion magazines have exploded in recent

valuable than simple production, China-

years suggesting that the ever growing

- Several people commented that the

And the world might as well get

- The Chinese have realized that the

Last year, Shanghai creative industry

On the fashion side the strong stake

is paying off. The number of Chinese

used to it. The Chinese giant, primarily

expert at Copenhagen Business School,

Chinese middle class is paying more and

known to the world for its pure strength

Kjeld Erik Brodsgaard, says. According to

more attention to their appearance – and

and manufacturing power, has decided

Chinese experts, the core of the knowledge

that they have the means to buy clothes

to become a serious player in the global

is scientific and technological innovation

that is in fashion. Moreover, Chinese

knowledge economy, and as has been

and cultural creative industry.

fashion designers have started to enter

the case with the economic growth, the

the catwalks and brands like Mary Ma and

Beijing and Shanghai lead China in

Jefen by Frankie Xie are now well known in

speed of which China is gaining terrain, is

the creative industry, with Beijing having


21 creative parks and Shanghai having

international fashion circles.

more than 10. The creative parks provide

conditions for creative talents to gather

the action too. The demand for fur has

A report from Organisation for

Economic Co-operation and Development


And as for fur, it is taking its part of


been on the rise for a while and the arrow seems to point only one way: upwards. Not least because the innovative efforts in fur designing are bringing fur out of the wardrobe and into the living rooms.

- Fur is a very sought after article in China and fur is now

spreading to other areas such as furniture, interior and decoration, says Deputy Director in China National Light Industry Council, Mr. Xu Yong.

He also points out that fur has a positive impact on the

fashion industry as a whole, because the Chinese fur business has become a “mature” industry, succeeding with rational production methods, a firm hand at all aspects that has to do with branding and marketing as well as a goal-oriented focus on the development of unique design.

Not even the current financial crisis, which has sent entire

economies towards recession in countries like USA and Japan and put Iceland on the brink of bankruptcy, seems to make any particular impact on domestic consuming in China.

Even with the economic growth slowing down a bit in the

third quarter of 2008, China still managed to achieve a growth of 9 percent, and apparently the Chinese still have appetite for consuming, which the international business magazine China Economic Review weren’t late to point out, when the cover of the October issue carried the rather bold headline “What Downturn?”. The magazine documents that the value of Chinese retail grew by 16.7 percent in 2007. From January to August 2008 another rise – this time of 21.7 percent – was experienced. The numbers have to be held together with the fact that Chinese shares in the same period have nose-dived and that it is 18 months since the stock exchanges of the world went red the first time due to dramatic falls at the stock exchange in Shanghai.

So whereas most experts forecast that Chinese export will

experience a fall due to the global financial turmoil, the engine of Chinas economy - the domestic market – paradoxically seems only marginally affected. As one female consumer said to China Economic Review:

- My shopping habits may be influenced by my mood, but

not by the economy.

december 2008


Colourful Chinese Fur Fashion in Copenhagen By PATRICIA WILSON photo by sacha maric

In the middle of October, Kopenhagen Fur held a great fashion show in co-operation with Haining Leather Market in China at Langelinie Pavillon in Copenhagen.

At the fashion show you could

experience a lot of colourful leather and fur on the beautiful runway, which was kept in gold colours in a true east meets westambiance.

The designs from the catwalk were

made by various designers from Haining Leather Market in China – a large shopping mall in Haining, which retails fur and leather.

The idea behind the fashion show

was to show the Danish fashion crowd that China as well can design and be ‘a creative nation’ .

And the fashion show did really show

that the Chinese designers are getting a more and more ‘western’ look in their designs:

- I think it was a very festive and

beautiful show. But it also clearly showed, that China is getting better and better in designing western styles, says trend expert Ulla Skjødt from the Federation of Danish Textile and Clothing Industries, who was especially fond of the more simple styles at the catwalk:

- Personally, I was especially fond

of the more simple styles in toned down colours like black and white— like the black fur jacket with a hood, whose colours shimmered beautifully, says Ulla Skjødt.



december 2008


Antifur is not about animal welfare According to lecturer at the Danish Design School Erik Hansen-Hansen, antifur is not only about compassion for animals or animal welfare. On the contrary, it is more about religious morals preaching that women should not be sexually attractive, and about the socialistic idea that all share alike. By Patricia Wilson

Advocates for animal rights and opponents

says, and refers to leather goods. Goods

properly treated, he says.

of fur proclaim that they are engaged

that are also made out of animal products.

in animal welfare, when it comes to

opposition to fur. But is that the whole

that the opposition can be reasonably

truth? What if the opposition to fur was

explained by fur being a luxury product

antifur attitude derives partly from the

predominantly about a relic from religion

unnecessary for human survival.

disrepute of different religions to luxury

and socialistic ideas that all share alike?

fur as a luxury product unnecessary

making themselves sexually attractive

Erik Hansen-Hansen, who has written

for human survival is a sidetrack. Nor is

to the opposite sex. A view that you find

the thesis: “Lust, feeling and beauty of

meat essential for human survival. You

in Christianity, but also in other religions,

women�, which is about moralism in

can become a vegetarian and have your

where womanly seduction is not welcome:

fashion, says;

protein requirement covered elsewhere.

find the attitude that women should not

Lecturer at the Danish Design School

- It is remarkable, but odd, that the

Nor does Erik Hansen-Hansen think

- Motivating the opposition to

Furthermore, Erik Hansen-Hansen

A question about religion Erik Hansen-Hansen thinks that the

products and women, who decorate them

- In both Christianity and Islam you

animal protectors have made fur industry

thinks that animal welfare is given a very

make themselves sexually attractive as it

a scapegoat. If animal welfare was the

high priority in Denmark, and especially

disturbs the religious submission and the

reason for the resistance to fur, even more

mink farming demands that the animals are

public order, says Erik Hansen-Hansen.

focus should be on the food industry, he

given the correct treatment.

says and explains:

maltreatment in fur farming when it

- If you consider how small a

- It is totally absurd to talk about

He finds this attitude very odd, as

sexual attraction is the foundation of the mammal, and therefore human, survival.

percentage of the industrial use of animals

comes to industrial use of animals. It

But Erik Hansen-Hansen thinks it is a very

is used in the fur industry, it is only a

would immediately appear from the fur

strong moralistic tradition, which has had

fraction compared to the food or the

if the animal was maltreated. Therefore,

its cultural influence in hundreds of years,

clothing industry, Erik Hansen-Hansen

everybody has an interest in mink being

and which also has had its impact on how



Photo: AFP/Scanpix

people see the fashion industry.

the extreme religious right wing, where

luxury is a deep sin.

- Clothing, and subsequent fashion,

has always been the target of different moralists in course of time. But the wish to

More fur in the future?

decorate the body with beautiful clothes

and jewellery seems to be essential for

difficult to predict, if the fur industry will

mankind. You will find this attitude in all

expand or the opposite. But he thinks

Erik Hansen-Hansen finds it very

cultures. So it is almost contrary to nature

that the attitude to fur will split up in two

that some circles distance themselves

directions: One who will love fur and

from the clothing industry, he says.

continue to buy many fur garments, and

one who will beg to differ from fur and

Erik Hansen-Hansen thinks that

when experiencing the opposition to the

animal products.

fur industry today, it is also about the left

wing’s hatred of all symbols of capitalism

will expand further one of the reasons

He predicts that the Asian market

and abundance. Fur is considered a luxury

being that Asia does not have any religious

item, and understandably fur is so hated in

motives for not wearing fur. Asia almost

some circles.

praises articles of luxury to an extent

unseen in Denmark:

- Fur has for many years been

considered a luxury item reserved for the

upper class women. As a socialist, you

the same moral qualms as Europe, and

- Obviously, Asia does not have

want to share alike. Naturally, fur becomes

they love luxury items out there, says Erik

the symbolic target, he says and adds that


you will also find antifur movements on

december 2008




Events in copenhagen 12 - 15 DECember 2008



Bodies’ in Copenhagen

13 December Wozzeck, The Opera

Christmas market at Tivoli

Experience the spectacular exhibition ‘Bodies’ at

Alban Berg’s musical adaptation of Georg Büchner’s cynical story of the clinically insane antihero Wozzeck and the humiliations to which he is subjected is one of the most intense masterworks of 20th-century opera. It takes us on a journey into the outer limits of the callous human psyche and into the dark world of victimisation. The performance is conducted by the leading German conductor Michael Boder and directed by Keith Warner, who also staged the performance at the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden in London where it was an immense success and received an Olivier Award.

Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen. At the exhibiExperience the friendly atmosphere at Tivoli

tion, that has caused a lot of debate around the

in Copenhagen, when Tivoli opens their yearly

world, you can see how your body looks under-

Christmas market in the middle of November.

neath the skin and how it will look, depending on

Experience the real Santa Claus and use the op-

what you eat and drink.

portunity to buy some of the beautiful Christmas

The exhibition is open from Sunday-Thursday

decorations for your Christmas tree, or just

from 10 am. to 7 pm. And Friday and Saturday

hang around and smell the scent of a Danish

from 10 am. to 9 pm. The tickets are sold at the


entrance and cost 150 DKK.

The exhibition is open Sunday- Thursday from 11 am. to 10 pm. And from Friday-Saturday from 11

> H.C. Andersen slottet, Rådhuspladsen, Copen-

am. to 11 pm. The entrance costs 85 DKK.


> Tivoli, Vesterbrogade 3, Copenhagen.

> The Opera, Copenhagen

Wozzeck will be performed in German with Danish subtitles.

THEATre Picasso at ‘Arken’ The noticed art museum ‘Arken’, located near

11-14 December The Nutcracker, The Royal Theater, Old Stage

Copenhagen, shows a large variety of the famous artist Picasso’s work, at an exhibition

All 25,000 tickets were sold even before the

dedicated to the famous artist.

ballet premiered in 2007. Tap into the Christmas

The beautiful paintings showed at the exhibition,

spirit with the Royal Danish Ballet with this ever-

are mainly about his relationship with women and

green family favourite. Children are at the heart

shows Picasso as the great seducer, he truly was.

of Kenneth Greve and Peter Langdal’s lavish new

The museum is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10

staging of the yuletide classic, which offers ma-

am. to 5 pm. And on Wednesday from 10 am. to

gic and fairytale for even the youngest children.

9 pm. The tickets are sold at the entrance and

Karin Betz’ original mirrored set design trans-

cost 85 DKK.

forms the Old Stage into a Christmas party, a howling blizzard and a colour spangled circus

> ’Arken- Museum of Modern Art’, Skovvej 100,

tent where Uncle Drosselmeyer is the ringmaster

2635 Ishøj.

of exotic dance and refined ballet performed with humour and magic.

december 2008



Holiday closing

< Please note that Kopenhagen Fur is closed ••

Wednesday, 24 December


Thursday, 25 December


Friday, 26 December


Wednesday, 31 December


Thursday, 1 January

due to Christmas and New Year holidays

Visit from Tsinghua University

from Kopenhagen Fur Lone Andersen. The professors also seemed

> During the September 2008

very glad about the sorting

auction, a group of professors

Andersen for her very

from the design school

professional and instructive

Tsinghua University visited


Kopenhagen Fur in Glostrup

- Lone is a very good educator.

to get an impression of the

I have learned a lot about skin

company, and to learn more

qualities and lengths, which

about skin qualities, lengths

I did not know before, says

and colours.

professor Li Dangqi.

During the visit, the professors

He himself has never tried to

sorted the skins themselves.

sort raw skin, and is very happy

This took place in deeply,

about the knowledge he got

December 2008

focused concentration.

from the course.

Inspection: From 12 December

June 2009

- They are extremely focused

- I think that it is very interesting


Inspection: From 8 June

and detailed. When they are

sorting skin. I know a little bit

examining the skin, you can

about it from back home, but

February 2009

not get in contact with them.

not so much about working

Inspection: From 30 January

September 2009

They are in their own world, so

with raw skins, says Li Dangqi.


Inspection: From 6 September

to speak, says skin consultant


course, thanking Lone

Auction schedule 2008/09

April 2009 Inspection: From 28 March Sales:

14 to 15 December


3 to 6 February


2 to 6 April

14 to 19 June

12 to 17 September


copenhagen hotels

Buying skins at kopenhagen fur?


Cat. Address Telephone

Norlandia Star


Colbjørnsensgade 13,

1652 V

+ 45 3322 1100

Comfort Hotel Europe


Colbjørnsensgade 11,

1652 V

+ 45 3321 3333

Interested in an even faster service?

Du Nord


Colbjørnsensgade 14,

1652 V

+ 45 3331 7750

Have you informed Kopenhagen Fur about



Vesterbrogade 23-29,

1620 V

+ 45 3378 8000

your e-mail address? If not, please send your e-mail address to for Glostrup Park


Hovedvejen 41,

2600 Glostrup + 45 4396 0038

Kong Frederik


Vester Voldgade 25,

1552 K

+ 45 3312 5902



Toldbodgade 24,

1253 K

+ 45 3374 1414

Scandic Glostrup


Roskildevej 550,

2600 Glostrup + 45 4343 4200

Scandic Sydhavn


Sydhavns Plads 15,

2450 SV

+ 45 8833 3666

Radisson SAS Falkoner


Falkoner Allé 9,

2000 Frb.

+ 45 3815 8001

Scandic CPH


Vester Søgade 6,

1601 V

+ 45 3314 3535

Scandic Hvidovre


Kettevej 4.

2650 Hvidovre +45 3686 0400

Scandic Webers


Vesterbrogade 11B

1620 V

+ 45 3331 1432

Skt. Petri


Krystalgade 22,

1172 K

+ 45 3345 9800

Hilton Airport - 5 stars


Ellehammersvej 20,

2770 Kastrup

+ 45 3250 1501

Marriott - 5 stars*


Kalvebod Brygge 5,

1560 V

+ 45 8833 9900

Amager Blv. 70,

2300 S

+ 45 3396 5000


*Copenhagen Marriott Hotel Radisson SAS Scandinavia* (G)

Please note that the rates in June and September 2009 will be DKK 1995, - / 2195, -

Hotel rates 600-800

Please note



All reservations will be cancelled at 4pm if not guaran-



Cat. D



Cat. E



We kindly ask you to inform us 24 hours prior to arrival

Cat. F



if you need to change your reservation.

Cat. G



Cat. A


Cat. B Cat. C

december 2008

teed for late arrival.


Contact Kopenhagen Fur E-mail: Phone: +45 4326 1000

Management Torben Nielsen Managing Director

Erik Neergaard Sales Director

Inge Ă&#x2DC;stermand Secretary (Management)

+45 4326 1042 (secr.)

+45 4326 1201

+45 4326 1042

Customer department

Cashier Brian Tufvesson Customer relations manager +45 4326 1401

Birgit friis Secretary, seating plan

Annette hindborg Accounts and invoicing

Laila webler Cashier

+45 4326 1431

+45 4326 1440

+45 4326 1413

Anne Lunn Accounts and invoicing

Christiane Rautenberg Accounts and invoicing +45 4326 1442

+45 4326 1443


Communications department

Kathrine engberg Front office manager

Lis elleby Receptionist

Sander jacobsen Communications manager

+45 4326 1112

+45 4326 1280

+45 4326 1063


Area Managers

Paul Pedersen Sales manager, auctioneer

Stig Reinhold Sales manager, auctioneer

Per Knudsen Sales manager, auctioneer

Andrej Rumjancev Area Manager, Russia

+45 4326 1203

+45 4326 1209

+45 4326 1206

+45 4326 1103

Klaus Harlev Auctioneer

Kasper S. Reinbacher Project Co-ordinator, Auctioneer +45 4326 1422

+45 4326 1415

Leo Boutis Area Manager, Greece mob. +30 693 242 5858

Beijing Office

Quality Manager

Phone +86 10 8447 6804 /Fa x +86 10 8447 7284


Weixian Chen Area Manager, China

Lisa Yu Representative, China

Chris Cui Representative, China

Bjarne Rasmussen Qualit y Manager

mob. +86 135 0118 1720

mob. +86 139 1156 8019

mob. +86 139 1093 7964

+45 4326 1342

Thomas C. Andersen Product development manager +45 4326 1110

Michael Holm Design- and production manager

natia linnemann retail Marketing Manager

+45 4326 1158

+45 7213 5013

MArketing department Patrizia v. Christensen Marketing Director +45 4326 1102



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december 2008

oyster perpetual day-date ii


David morgan

michael lepski

Jack felber

Infelber (Exports) Ltd 4 Elthorne Road, London N19 4AG Tel +44(20) - 7281 1966


Fax +44(20) - 7281 2398

Eurasia Furs Ltd Unit O, 10/Kaiser Estate Phase III 9-11A Hok Yuen Street, Hunghom, Kowloon, HK Tel +852 2311 9803 28


Fax +852 2721 3081 KOPENH AGEN FUR NE W S


Kopenhagen fur december 2008 KOPENHAGEN FUR NEWS 2 9 Preliminary Sales Programme Cover RED-DyED bLACK CROSS miNK, HAiNiNG CHiNA LEATHER mARK...

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