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Copenhagen, decorated by Georg Jensen and Kopenhagen Fur

2 The least conservative place in 1 the fur industry

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3 Two exhibitions, two countries – 1 one designer 4 Danish mink will bring ‘happiness’ 1 to China 6 Colours triumphed at The Golden 1 Fur Pin 9 New cooperation to secure 1 knowledge sharing 0 The travelling fur trade, a major 2 consumer 3 Fur breeders take Namibia project 2 to new heights 24 Christmas tables at Georg Jensen 25 Events in Copenhagen 26 Auction schedule and offering 2011/12 2 9 Copenhagen hotels 3 0 Contact Kopenhagen Fur

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Editorial knowledge and insight

A democracy basing its decisions on faith and prejudice rather than knowledge and insight is a very dangerous form of government. The fact is that the value of a given decision depends on the knowledge, on which the decision is based, and therefore knowledge and insight are the cornerstones of an efficient democracy. Prejudice and ignorance is democracy’s worst enemy. The media’s social role is therefore not only being the fourth state checking that those in power do their job properly. Their role is in particular to ensure that the public debate takes place based on knowledge and to edit the flow of news in a way that ensures that people get a fairly accurate picture of the situation in the world. To sort the flow of news in an orderly and professional way, the journalists must, of course, have a solid knowledge of the subject they cover. Unfortunately, they do not always have that, so we experience again and again that journalists take the easy way and build their story on what you might call current views or non-knowledgebased foundation. That is what you in ordinary parlance might call prejudices – and there are thousands of them: Blondes are stupid, women cannot drive, and men are untidy; just to mention a few innocent prejudices. No matter how much knowledge there is on the subject, it is almost impossible to exorcize this type of bias. To put a stop to the worst prejudices, many countries have attempted to make legislation that solves the problem. In Denmark, we have a law prohibiting racist speeches. Unfortunately, fur farming is not covered by racism laws. Unfortunately, because most journalists’ attitude to fur farming

december 2011

We are proud of our profession and we are proud of the way we exercise it. And we will never give up the belief that openness, enlightenment and dialogue are the best weapons against prejudice. Photo: Helle Moos

is based on prejudices and beliefs rather than knowledge and insight. Despite the existence of an extensive documentation from various research institutions on animal welfare in fur farming, too many journalists take the easy way and base their reports about our business on prejudices and beliefs rather than knowledge and insight. EFBA, IFTF and the national trade organizations have made significant efforts to bring knowledge into the debate, but because too many journalists choose the easy way, prejudices against our profession are rampant in too many media. It is very frustrating and sometimes our communication of information seems to be too much uphill.

There is a proverb saying that against stupidity even gods struggle in vain and some media will probably continue to misinform their readers despite our massive information effort. However, we will not stop our publicity work. We are proud of our profession and we are proud of the way we exercise it. And we will never give up the belief that openness, enlightenment and dialogue are the best weapons against prejudice.


ONE INDUSTRY, ONE VOICE Mr Mark Oaten, Head of IFTF, is about to introduce some landmark changes in the organisation. He wants to bring the trade and the producers closer together, turn IFTF into a much stronger political lobbying and implement a new communications strategy. By Mick Madsen

He was amazed by the beauty of the fur material and he was touched by the proud industry that he met. But Mark Oaten, 10 months the new CEO of the International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF), also met a divided industry where trade and producers are split up - and that calls for a change. - I think that the trade and the producers should merge. I would like to see that we start quote ourselves as one fur industry, and that we don’t think of ourselves as farmers or retailers. It is really important that we speak to the media and to the politicians with one voice, Mark Oaten says. The 47-year old Brit has been headhunted to lead the comprehensive reform work in IFTF which was sealed at the General Assembly meeting in September, when the producers (farmers) and the trade were represented equally on the IFTF board. It is a key task to the ‘new’ IFTF to strengthen the political lobby work, and as a former member of the British Parliament for the Liberal Democrats, Mark Oaten knows that a united industry has a stronger case. - The politicians are confused if they receive different messages from the industry. I used to be a Member of Parliament, and it would really annoy me, if an industry sends four or five different parts of the industry to meet me. I would say to them: “Why can’t you just come



Luxury products tend to do well during recession, but the international fur business needs to be alert to serious financial instability in the European market.

There is a danger of becoming overdependent on China. The fur business should be looking at emerging markets, for example some of the Russian states and Northern India. The challenge is to find new markets and re-ignite old ones like North America.

The industry must do all it can to engage with politicians and make them realize that the industry is a good industry that can regulate itself. Politicians should not need to waste time and money in getting involved in banning fur.

together and give me a clear message?”. It is really important that the politicians consider us as one fur industry, not as being trade or producers, says Mark Oaten. improving welfare standards - Fur is doing really well during a recession, so one of our key messages is that we are an economically successful industry creating jobs, and politicians shouldn’t put that at risk. Secondly,

fashion is embracing fur like never before. Fur is appearing on the catwalks with some amazingly beautiful designs, and fur has never been more popular in terms of designers throughout the globe. Thirdly, we will focus on improving welfare standards. I personally want the IFTF to do more to help raise standards, particularly in some parts of the world where they are not as high as they are in Europe. I am really committed to make



Born 1964 in Watford, UK. He is married and has two daughters.

Member of Parliament for the Liberal Democrats in UK from 1997 to 2010.

Has been employed as a lobbyist by various Westminster public affairs companies, including Westminster Communications where he became Managing Director of Westminster Public Relations in 1996.

Has also been Director of Oasis Radio, a British commercial radio station.

“I think that the trade and the producers should merge. I would like to see that we start quote ourselves as one fur industry, and that we don’t think of ourselves as farmers or retailers. It is really important that we speak to the media and to the politicians with one voice.” sure that we are tough on farms that don’t respect standards. - Norway recently expelled a farm, and I think that was the right thing to do. If we are to persuade the politicians that this industry is able to regulate itself, then we have to show that we have teeth and that we can take tough decisions, if somebody fails to meet the standards. If that means expelling a farm, then we should do that. ALL MEMBERS ARE IMPORTANT Under the leadership of Mark Oaten, IFTF will encourage member organisations to get involved in more political activity and raise the profile of fur with national politicians. This happened last month, when IFTF launched the international lobbying month. The aim is to move the fur industry to “the front foot rather than the back foot”. - What I mean by that is that we get involved politically too often, when

DECember 2011

there is a problem. I want us to be involved all the year round engaging with politicians, making them visit shops and farms and inviting them to fashion shows on a much more regular basis, Mark Oaten says. He acknowledges that the fur industry is diverse and that some countries have strong organisations, while other countries are somewhat weaker. No countries however, are to be left out of the loop. - We can’t ignore small countries with small memberships, as a problem in a small country affects the whole industry. They are also important countries and we must meet the demands of resources sometimes, Mark Oaten says. Another important part of the IFTF reforms is the implementation of a new communications strategy. This includes a strengthened focus on social media as well as traditional media, but some restructuring is needed in order to carry out the communications strategy.

- IFTF, as a global body, has often tried to cover the whole world, and it has been very difficult, not to say impossible, to have a global message on all sorts of things. We need to restructure, Mark Oaten says. The idea in play is to introduce four IFTF regions counting North America, Europe, Eurasia (Russia and the –stahns) and Asia. Mark Oaten underlines, however, that the possible regional offices are some time ahead and has yet to be approved by the IFTF board. - We are starting to do the regional stuff bit by bit. The North American Communications Group and a European Communications Group are being established. So we have started thinking about doing things regionally, but the longer term issue is to restructure the industry so that it thinks of itself in regions. The other big thing is bringing the producers and the trade together. I am really pleased that EFBA (European Fur Breeders Association) and IFTF have opened a joint office in Brussels. We can be much more effective when we meet with civil servants and politicians in Brussels, because when they meet with us now, they can talk about everything from a seal ban to welfare standards to textile labelling rather than having separate organisations. There are so many advantages of working together.


CEO of Kopenhagen Fur, Mr Torben Nielsen, has been given an Honourable Citizenship of the Chinese city of Yuyao for ”outstanding contributions to the fur industry in Yuyao”. Torben Nielsen is the first foreigner to win this recognition that has been given to less than 10 people.

Honorable Citizen Nielsen

CEO of Kopenhagen Fur, Mr Torben Nielsen, has been given an Honourable Citizenship of the Chinese city of Yuyao for ”outstanding contributions to the fur industry in Yuyao”. Torben Nielsen is the first foreigner to win this recognition that has been given to less than 10 people. The Honourable Citizenship was suggested by Yuyao’s Mayor Mao Xihao and approved by the 34th meeting of the 15th Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of Yuyao. - It’s a great honour for me and for Kopenhagen Fur to receive this recognition for our work with the fur industry in Yuyao. In a very short period of time, the people of Yayao have achieved tremendous results and Yuyao is now a thriving centre for the fur industry


in China. Kopenhagen Fur has been working closely with the fur community in Yuyao and it makes me proud to have been part of this development, says Torben Nielsen. The main reasons for granting Torben Nielsen the Honourable Citizenship as expressed by Mayor Mao Xihao are: 1. Torben Nielsen has long supported the development of the fur industry in Yuyao and Yuyao China Fur Market. He travels to Yuyao every year to keep up the communication with the local industry. Torben Nielsen appreciates Yuyao’s unique fur traditions and the entrepreneurial spirit of the people of Yuyao, and has been fully confident about the fur industry here and has great expectations for its future. 2. Torben Nielsen greatly supports the development of Yuyao’s fur industry,

enhances the global influence of Yuyao’s fur industry and even the city of Yuyao, pushes forward the transition and upgrading of the fur industry, and makes outstanding contribution to the economic and social development of the city of Yuyao. 3. Under the leadership of Torben Nielsen, Kopenhagen Fur provides facilities in the auction house for Yuyao China Fur Market to promote itself towards more than 500 auction buyers. Kopenhagen Fur organizes high-end fashion shows with supermodels and latest international styles during the annual China Fur Fair in Yuyao. Kopenhagen Fur has signed agreements with Yuyao China Fur Market to share resources and knowledge, .e.g. seminars that have accumulatively attracted over 600 participants.


News in brief

improved catalogue search At Kopenhagen Fur’s home page under auctions - offering/catalogue, results & statistics we have added more features to help customers find needed information.

Catalogue pages in groups by lot number The types are divided in groups. The report shows the types and the first lot number of the group. When pressing the lot number you get the catalogue pages of the chosen group. This is a great help if you wish to print out many pages from the catalogue instead of choosing only one type at a time.

Flexible catalogue search Here It is possible to search the catalogue via different parameters. When Tage Pedersen, Torben Nielsen and HRH The Crown Prince

Kopenhagen Fur joins Russian state visit

choosing something in a parameter and pressing ”View Report” you will find the types within the chosen criteria. In this report you can e.g. search for Purple across all types, and print out a breakdown for the chosen type.

Lot search This report allows you to search for a specific lot by entering the lot number. You will then get the catalogue page containing the lot and the following two pages.

Russia has traditionally been one of the biggest markets for fur. So, naturally Kopenhagen Fur participated in a Danish state visit to Russia with HM The Queen of Denmark, HRH The Prince Consort and HRH The Crown Prince in September.

Sales results – Breakdowns – Easy print In this report you choose an auction, a currency and the group for which you want to print out a sales result breakdown. This is a function for printing breakdown for all Velvet types or all Cross types at one time

Close to 100 businesses participated. The purpose of the visit was to strengthen the Danish-Russian relations and contribute to the enhancement of the possibitities of Danish industry in the Russian market.

instead of printing the types one by one.

Flexible catalogue search – Prices This function is the same as for Flexible catalogue search, but it shows the sales result breakdowns instead of normal breakdowns.Furthermore,

Kopenhagen presented an exhibition with Kopenhagen Fur styles and designs and held a seminar about Kopenhagen Fur and international fur trends.

the buyer can log-in to view his own reports with his personal password.

Sorting courses 2012 Auctions live You can follow the auctions live on selling days. The streaming is available on the AUCTION site of by use of your usual personal login. When you have logged in you choose LIVE AUCTION in the top menu. You will be able to view the ongoing sales. The light board shows the lot number and the type of skins being sold, and the hammer price in DKK and USD, with eight seconds’ delay only. If you need a password, please contact Kopenhagen Fur’s Hotline on hotline@

december 2011

Kopenhagen Fur Academy’s sorting courses take place on: Sorting course: 16 to 20 January 2012 Sorting and auction procedure course: 28 May to 19 June 2012. Please register well in advance, since the courses are very popular. You can register online on – AUCTION – ABOUT US – SORTING COURSES. You are welcome to contact Ms Annette Hindborg for further information: Fax: +45 4326 1449 Mail:


News in brief

Buying the top lot is exciting

Final top lot sold to Turkish buyer

There was a keen competition for the top lot of Mahogany Velvet males at Kopenhagen Fur’s September auction.

-I am not joking. I have got so used to buying the top lot that I just kept on bidding, says Coşkun Kölük, the General Manager of Tasari Kürkmod.

After some hectic bidding in the auction room Friday morning the top lot of Mahogany Velvet males was bought by Panidis Panagiotis for Ioannis Michaltses, owner of V. G. Collection for 1,120 DKK (208 USD).

He bought the last top lot of the September auction, the Sapphire Cross females. He paid 690 DKK (128 USD) per skin.

It is the first time the Greek broker has bought a top lot at Kopenhagen Fur, although Panidis Panagiotis has been buying skins here since he attended the Sorting and Grading Course at Kopenhagen Fur ten years ago. And the broker enjoyed the experience. - It was exciting to buy the top lot, not knowing whether I would get it or not. And I like the tradition of everybody applauding after the buy. That is nice, says Panidis Panagiotis. He bought the top lot for Ioannis Michaltses who is going to use the skins for advertising purposes in his luxury store in Moscow, where he sells styles in mink, sable, lynx and other furs.


He intends to use the skins for his company brand Gata Fur for a special collection that can be on show at various fairs. There has been a long tradition for fur in Turkey, but the industry flourished in the last five years. -Our company is old, but it was relatively unknown till now, says Coşkun Kölük. This is not Coşkun Kölük’s first top lot buy, and he hopes, that by buying the top lots, his company will achieve more publicity.


Panidis Panogiotis believes that the fur industry is going to see more of him and other Greeks in the near future.

For the season 2011/2012 we have produced some new fashion posters. Moreover, we can offer you a poster with Kopenhagen Fur’s various mink types.

- The Greek fur market is strong right now, and we will have more influence on the market in the future, Panidis Panagiotis says.     

You are welcome to collect the posters from our service counter downstairs during your visit.


Bourtsos Bros.SA bought Black swakara top lot

Swakara is and will always be in fashion

It is the ninth time that Bourtsos Bros. SA have bought a swakara top lot. They bought the Black swakara top lot for 1,450 DKK (266 USD) per skin. At previous auctions they have bought both Black and White swakara top lots.

The owner Maurizio Braschi of the high-end quality brand Braschi Fur Collection had no doubt about buying the White swakara top lot. In his opinion, swakara never goes out of fashion.

-We only want to work with the best quality of swakara, says Anastasios Bourtsos.

The White swakara top lot was sold for 940 DKK (172 USD) to Maurizio Braschi from Braschi Fur Collection, and the lucky buyer knew beforehand what the skins were going to be used for.

Bourtsos Bros. SA work only with swakara, and they want the best quality for their customers. The company has been buying skins at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions for nearly 15 years.

- We have already started designing our new collection for Mifur in Milan in March, and the designers and I want to use swakara in that collection, Maurizio Braschi says.

Bourtsos Bros. SA intend to use the lots for a special collection.

He thinks that you can use swakara to make really special designs because it is easier to create form-fitting garments in swakara than in other furs. Besides it is always fashionable.

Calendar 2011/2012 The calendar 2011/2012 with next season’s auction dates is available. You are welcome to take a calendar at the service counters during your visit at Kopenhagen Fur.

DECember 2011

- My mother wore swakara when she was young, and today fashionable young people still wear swakara. It will never go out of fashion which is why I bought the top lot. It is fashionable, and it is also the best quality, and in my company we only use the best, Maurizio Braschi says. Braschi Fur Collection was started in 1990 by Maurizio Braschi and his parents in San Marino, but seven years ago he took over the company from his parents. The company makes styles for the catwalk and retail and it has franchise stores in Milan, Moscow and Dubai.


The least conservative place in the fur industry Top lot buyer of the June auction Mr Coskun Köluk and one of his company designers accepted the invitation to visit Kopenhagen Studio in September; a visit that took them far away from traditional fur design. By Marie Grabow Westerga ard

There was both laughter and serious questions when Mr Coskun Köluk, owner of the Turkish company Tasari Kürkmod, and his designer visited Kopenhagen Studio. After a short presentation of Kopenhagen Fur’s creative house the guests were introduced to the latest techniques, styles and accessories. And they liked what they saw. - Accessories are of supreme importance in our work to make more people wear fur. We already make lots of accessories and will keep doing that. It is also very inspiring to learn how Kopenhagen Studio is exploring other markets like homewear and furniture, Coskun Köluk says. Both guests took photos of the interesting fur techniques, but suddenly the temptation to try for himself was too much for Coskun Köluk, who asked for a piece of fur and a knife, so he could try out the technique. But even though the techniques and the exploration of new markets impressed Coskun Köluk, the first thing he wants to implement in his own store is neither of them. -Of course it is interesting to see the new techniques, but what impressed me most was the feeling you get when you visit Kopenhagen Studio. The moment you step inside the creative house you feel that they have a good knowledge of fur here, they really know about it. They are experts. Before anyone has even said anything, you just know it because everything here illustrates exactly that. From the décor,


couches, cushions and throws of fur to the pictures on the wall. I will try to invent the same athmosphere back home so my customers will get the same feeling when they visit my store, says Coskun Köluk.

“Of course it is interesting to see the new techniques, but what impressed me most was the feeling you get when you visit Kopenhagen Studio.“

A house with a feeling of fur expertise Coskun Köluk also thinks that Kopenhagen Studio has other special qualities besides its special atmosphere. It is creative and not in the least conservative. - The fur industry is a conservative industry. Most companies do things the same way, and that is the way they have always done it. But there are no limits here. They are innovative and test new ideas and I like that. It is the least conservative place in the fur industry, says Coskun Köluk laughingly. His company is like many others a family concern. Tasari Kürkmod was established by Coskun Köluk’s father in 1954, and now Coskun Köluk’s son Atalay is also involved. It has been a fur company from the beginning, and Coskun Köluk has no plans to change that. He feels that the fur industry is a very exciting business. - I love this business, because nothing can be taken as granted. You never know if you have bought the right skins or it is no longer the fashion, it is like playing roulette. But in the end you hopefully have a happy customer, and then everything feels right, says Coskun Köluk. It is worth noting that Coskun Köluk also bought the Sapphire Cross female top lot at the September auction.


Two exhibitions, two countries – one designer The Chinese designer Mr Zhu’s furniture was exhibited in Copenhagen and Shanghai simultaneously.

“It was a stand that really stood out compared to others. ” Opal Furniture’s chief designer and owner Mr Zhu has developed beautiful furniture of fur in cooperation with Kopenhagen Studio. This September his furniture was exhibited in two different ways in two towns. In Copenhagen the furniture was implemented in an art exhibit in a gallery, and in Shanghai the furniture was part of the leading furniture exhibition in Asia “Furniture China 2011”. The idea of making simultaneous exhibitions came about by accident. - Danish Design Centre was organizing the yearly event Copenhagen Design Week, which is becoming a top relevant, international happening. It was natural for us to support this initiative by showing that one of the great things Denmark is capable

december 2011

of is bridging cultures and combining different design traditions among others through one of its internationally most appreciated products, namely fur. And what was a better way to do that than to use Mr Zhu’s beautiful furniture pieces. We realized that the Chinese furniture exhibition in Shanghai was taking place at the same time, and we found it an interesting twist to organize the two exhibitions simultaneously, says Patrizia V. Christensen, Marketing Director of Kopenhagen Studio. The Danish part of the exhibition was held at Countess Cath Alexandrine Danneskiold-Samsøe‘s gallery, where the countess had matched each piece of furniture with at painting so it became a

new experience to see each piece. Mr Zhu decided himself how his furniture was going to be exposed in Shanghai, and he made sure that his furniture of fur was eye-catching at the fair. - It was a stand that really stood out compared to others, Marketing Communications Coordinator of Kopenhagen Studio Ms Helene Nilsson says. She reports that it attracted great attention from the visitors. In Copenhagen the exhibition was open for a week while Furniture China was open for five days. The Danish gallery was visited by 230 people, whereas 74,564 guests visited the Furniture China exhibition.


DANISH MINK WILL BRING ‘HAPPINESS’ TO CHINA Kopenhagen Fur has launched its largest campaign in China so far. The ‘Ms. Happiness’ competition shows Denmark’s fur status as a happy nation. By Chen Weixian



“Kopenhagen Fur is of the opinion that happiness is people’s ability to choose their own lifestyle while maintaining a harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.” During the autumn 2011, seven ‘Ms. Happiness’ competitions have been arranged in Harbin, Changchun, Shenyang, Dalian, Beijing, Shanghai and Taiyuan. Among the 21 winners, the finalist will be announced as ‘Ms Happiness’ in Beijing on 11 January 2012. The purpose of the competition is to invite more people to be engaged in discussions and the sharing of happiness. Besides their physical appearance, the contestants are expected to be enthusiastic about sharing ideas about and insights into happiness and to be willing to influence people positively. - Kopenhagen Fur is of the opinion that happiness is people’s ability to choose their own lifestyle while maintaining a harmonious relationship between human beings and nature. Kopenhagen Fur is very proud to provide designers and creative houses with quality fur for wonderful fur garments and other products like furniture, which are proof of Danish happiness, says Ms Patrizia Venturelli Christensen, Marketing Director of Kopenhagen Fur. She refers to the fact that Denmark often gets a very high or the highest score, when research

institutes or universities do surveys on who are the happiest people in the world. Ms Ni Zijun, President of the Positive Psychology Research Institute in Asia, who also acts as Happiness Consultant for the competition, interprets happiness from a positive psychological perspective. In her opinion, warmth, tactile sensation, nature and creativity are all closely related to people’s sense of happiness, and these features correspond perfectly with Kopenhagen Fur. Ms Ni says:

- A happy person knows how to accept herself happily and has the self-confidence to lead the life she likes. If she likes fur, why not have it? On 11 January 2012, Kopenhagen Fur will announce the winner of the ‘Ms Happiness’ competition at a major event in Beijing. The winner will participate in Kopenhagen Fur’s events in China aiming at spreading happiness. Furthermore, ‘Ms Happiness’ will be Kopenhagen Fur’s face in the season 2012-2013.

Bredgade 19, 1260 Copenhagen K Tlph.+45 3314 4069 //

december 2011


Charlotte Bodil Hermansen used a variety of materials for her design including swakara, mink and fox, which were sewn together in different patterns to resemble corals and seaweed.



A red car drove onto the stage to show Marie Louise Udby Blicher’s fox poncho.

Colours triumphed at the Golden Fur Pin A cushion and a curtain, a poncho style cover for your car and a jersey inspired by Native American dolls. By Josephine Christine Hald

Kopenhagen Fur’s auction house in Glostrup was transformed into a fashionable, white stage for the Golden Fur Pin 2011. The winners were inspired by very different things: Native American culture, the deep seas and a beaded seat cover. Ms Charlotte Bodil Hermansen, who won the homewear category, was inspired by the beautiful and colourful corals. She created three cushions and a curtain resembling seaweed floating on the bottom of the ocean. She used swakara, mink and fox for her design. The winner of the clothing category was Ms Tine Winther Rysgaard, who presented a jersey at the show. She found her inspiration in Native American Kachina dolls. The judges in this category were very impressed by her control of colour. -It could have gone horribly wrong with all the different colours and textures, but we

december 2011

think she put it very well together, they said. Then came the presentation of the accessories category. The biggest surprise came after the first two designs. The lights were dimmed, and at one side of the stage a garage door opened and a car drove onto the stage to show Ms Marie Louise Udby Blicher’s design. She was the winner of the category, and she had created a removable poncho for a car seat which the judges found very innovative and usable. -She performed the task, and the result is both beautiful and functional, they said. All three winners receive an internship at Danish design companies in addition to a visit to the exhibition Première Vision in Paris.

Tine Winther Rysgaard used red and blue dyed mink and fox for the jersey.




New cooperation to secure knowledge sharing Kopenhagen Fur has established a partnership with Danish Fashion & Textile and Danish Jewellers Association which will lead to the establishment of an innovation centre in Copenhagen. By Josephine Christine Hald

It has been in the making for a while, but now is the right time for an innovation centre. Kopenhagen Fur, Danish Fashion & Textile and Danish Jewellers Association got together in a partnership to create this innovation centre. -Companies used to be quite isolated and closed. But we have to be open for knowledge sharing. The companies are ready for it, and that’s why we have established the cooperation now, says the Managing Director of Danish Jewellers Association, Mr Christoffer Ritzau. We can use each other All three companies have high hopes for the innovation centre. They hope that the synergy between the companies will develop by the cooperation. -We want to create a Silicon Valley for fashion in Copenhagen, says Mr Torben Nielsen, Managing Director of Kopenhagen Fur. -It gives us a possibility to support the industries. We will get better tools and facilities to strengthen the companies. We can use each others skills, says Mr Preben W. Friis, Managing Director of Danish Fashion & Textile. Christoffer Ritzau agrees. -We all have different experience to share. In this kind of cooperation we can benefit from knowledge sharing in order to develop and test new techniques, he says. Want to attract international companies Kopenhagen Fur, Danish Fashion & Textile

DECember 2011

“Companies used to be quite isolated and closed. But we have to be open for knowledge sharing. The companies are ready for it and that’s why we have established the collaboration now, ” says the Managing Director of Danish Jewellers Association, Christoffer Ritzau.

and Danish Jewellers Association also hope that the innovation centre will attract foreign companies to Denmark. -We hope it will attract international companies, especially Chinese companies. We think the innovation centre could be a gateway to Europe for the Chinese companies, says Torben Nielsen. -We definitely have to work with foreign companies. It’s a very important element, says Preben W. Friis. Kopenhagen Fur, Dansk Fashion & Textile and Danish Jewellers Association hope the innovation centre will open in time for Copenhagen Fashion Week in February.


THE TRAVELLING FUR TRADE, A MAJOR CONSUMER Five annual fur auctions generate almost 18,000 bed-nights at Copenhagen hotels in Denmark, and the food consumption at Kopenhagen Fur adds up to 45 metric tons a year. By Mick Madsen

It certainly makes a strong impression when the international fur businesses meet at fur auctions all over the world. Despite being a relatively small global industry, the travelling fur community contributes quite a lot to local economies. In Copenhagen, fur buyers attending the five annual auctions account for almost 17,900 bed-nights, boosting economies in Copenhagen businesses. The figure is based


on the estimate that 550 customers each spend 6.5 nights on average in Copenhagen during each of the five annual auctions, including the inspections. The Chinese customers account for 11,400 bed-nights alone, representing 20 percent of the 57,000 annual Chinese bed-nights. Such numbers make an impact on Copenhagen businesses. - We observe far more Chinese guests than usual when there is a fur auction. In


In Copenhagen, fur buyers attending the five annual auctions account for almost 17,900 bednights, boosting economies in Copenhagen businesses.

general, there is an increase in Chinese visitors, but it is rarely as concentrated as during the fur auctions, says Mr Erik Jensen, Operations Manager at Casino Copenhagen. According to Senior Consultant Mr Christian Ørsted Brandt from the national Danish tourist organisation VisitDenmark, business tourists are more attractive than holiday tourists because they spend twice the amount of money when in town. Official figures state that business tourists spend approximately 2,000 DKK per day (370 USD). Although Copenhagen restaurants are

december 2011

certainly visited by the fur customers, a considerable amount of food is consumed at the auction house. At times as much as 2,000 covers are handled three times a day. The average number, however, is closer to 1,500 covers including fur breeders and other auction guests. - There are enormous logistics to be solved as regards meals for all the guests visiting the fur auctions. It requires a huge amount of food, says Mads Præstmark, Kopenhagen Fur’s Chef. Thus food consumption during an auction adds up to 9 metric tons of food, served

at up to five different in-house locations. This includes 750 kilos of fish, 250 kilos of cheese and 480 kilos of meat. It also includes 200 boxes of cherries and 100 boxes of strawberries, while those with a sweet tooth may revel in 50 kilos of chocolate. The whole thing can be washed down with some 400 litres of freshly squeezed fruit juice or 3,600 litres of mineral water. - It is noisy, stressful and a great challenge - especially because the composition of guests is so diverse. We had guests from five different continents in September, says Mads Præstmark.



Shoe and bag institute goes hairy Kopenhagen Fur has entered a two-year cooperation with Ars Sutoria, a design school in Milan which has won great renown for its technical focus on accessories design. This cooperation includes courses in fur techniques for Ars Sutoria’s teachers so they can pass on the knowledge to their students. By Dina Lukic





Fur breeders take Namibia project to new heights When Kopenhagen Fur’s Charity organization started its kindergarten project in Namibia in 2006, it supported 4 kindergartens with 180 children. Since then, the project has expanded every year and today 1,400 children take preparatory lessons for school in 29 kindergartens in Katutura, a squatter area just outside Namibia’s capital, Windhoek. Originally, the project was supported by employees at Kopenhagen Fur and Kopenhagen Fur only. However, two years ago fur breeders from Holland decided to donate some low quality skins, and the following year the Danish breeders embraced the idea. Last season Danish and Dutch fur breeders donated 3,400 skins. The skins

were sold at the June and September auctions and brought in 74,000 USD. Adding donations from Kopenhagen Fur employees, Kopenhagen Fur and others, the annual donation easily exceeds 100,000 USD. Among other things, the money provides a free meal on weekdays to all 1,400 children. The kindergarten teachers receive proper training and education material for 800 children. Moreover, the donations have made it possible to take the children on small excursions to a.o. the local fire station, the zoo, a nursery and the town centre – experiences they would not have had without the funds from Denmark. The project is possible on such a large

scale because some 50 local volunteers are contributing to the project with a.o. distribution of food, building and repairing playing apparatus, painting the kindergartens and participating in the excursions. The success in Namibia has encouraged project leader Inge Østermand to raise the ambitions of the project. The goal is now to provide preschooling for 4,000 children. - It may look like a tall order, but considering how far we have come since 2006, I am sure we will reach the goal within a foreseeable future, Inge Østermand says. Customers at Kopenhagen Fur also have a chance to contribute to the Namibia children through the savings box at the Cashier’s Office.

“ It may look like a tall order, but considering how far we have come since 2006, I am sure we will reach the goal within a foreseeable future.”

Christmas tables at Georg Jensen One of the nicest recurring Christmas events in Copenhagen is the presentation of the Christmas tables at the Royal Copenhagen store at Amagertorv. Several hundred thousand visitors are inspired, amazed and astonished by the annual Christmas tables. Each year has its own theme, and the table layers are all well-known personalities who have been given the opportunity to let themselves go wild in the abundance of Royal Copenhagen products in order to create their very own


interpretation of the theme. In relation to this exhibition, Georg Jensen makes its own table by use of fantastic silver wear by Georg Jensen. This year, Georg Jensen has cooperated with Kopenhagen Fur in setting the table. Georg Jensen has created a giant bunch of grapes made of silver and amethyst – the “amethyst” grapes being made of purple coloured mink! This is timed with the launch of a series of jewellery with a silver/ amethyst bunch of grapes. Moreover, Georg Jensen has a

special area with the top notch cutlery, so expensive that it is behind glass. In this area, Georg Jensen will decorate with furniture by Opal Furniture, hats from milliner Søren Bach and pillows and throws by Kopenhagen Studio. The exhibition is open during ordinary opening hours of the store at Royal Copenhagen and Georg Jensen at Amagertorv, in the centre of Copenhagen. The stores are adjacent.


Events in copenhagen


Cavalleria rusticana/ pagliacci


Concert with Nikolai Znaider The Danish violinist virtuoso Nikolaj Znaider is back

Tempers flare under the blazing sun of Southern Italy

at the Old Stage in concert with two colleagues from

in two popular operas dealing with hypocrisy and

the elite of chamber music, Palestinian-Israeli pianist

murder. Both are musically and dramatically in tune

Saleem Abboud Ashkar and German cellist Mathias

with Puccini’s Tosca and La bohème and feature such


operatic highlights as the ‘Easter Hymn’ in Cavalleria

The three star musicians follow up on last season’s

Rusticana and the tenor aria in Pagliacci.

Brahms theme with Brahms’ first great trio contrasted

One of the world’s leading opera stars, tenor José

by the great Romantic composer Felix Mendelssohn.

Cura, will appear in the first four performances of both operas.

〉 12 December

Cavalleria Rusticana/Pagliacci is performed in Italian

〉 The Royal Theatre, Old Stage

with Danish subtitles


〉 12 and 15 December 〉 The Opera 〉


Klee & Cobra Fascination with children’s ability to express themselves in pictures is a recurrent theme in the work of the Swiss artist Paul Klee. The Louisiana’s KLEE & COBRA exhibition brings together the artist and the Cobra movement in an interesting encounter with


around 120 of his works and with around 100 works by

The Nutcracker

other Cobra artists such as Corneille, Appel and Jorn.

The magical story of Clara, who on Christmas Eve dreams of her Nutcracker Prince as he whisks her

〉 Until 8 January 2012

off to Candyland, has for many years been a true

〉 Louisiana

Christmas highlight at the Royal Danish Theatre.


〉 11, 14 and 16 December 〉 The Royal Theatre, Old Stage 〉




Messiah is an oratorio composed in 1741 by Georg

Ai Weiwei

Friederich Händel. Messiah remains Händel’s best-

Ai Weiwei is one of China’s most famous

known work, with performances particularly popular

contemporary artists. Few have equalled Ai Weiwei in

during the Christmas season

an artistic practice that leaps from traditional artworks

Performed by the Danish National Symphony

to conceptual design and architecture. Moreover, he is

Orchestra and the Danish National Vocal Ensemble.

known for his political commitment.

〉 15 December

〉 Until 12 February 2012

〉 DR Concert Hall

〉 Louisiana



december 2011


Kopenhagen Fur Auction schedule and Offering 2011/12

Kopenhagen Fur Offering 2011/2012 Sizes to be offered.







Black Mahogany 30-00 Brown 40-30-00 Glow 40-30-00 Silverblue 30-00 White 30-00 Pearl 30-00

40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00

30-00-0 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0 30-00-0 30-00-0 30-00-0

30-00 30-00 30-00 30-00 50-40-30-00 50-40-30-00 50-40-30-00

50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3






Black Mahogany 1-2 Brown 0-1-2 Glow 0-1-2 Silverblue 1-2 White 1-2 Pearl 1-2

0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2

1-2-3 0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 1-2 1-2 1-2

1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 00-0-1-2 00-0-1-2 00-0-1-2

00-0-1-2-3-4-5 00-0-1-2-3-4-5 00-0-1-2-3-4-5 00-0-1-2-3-4-5 3-4-5 3-4-5 3-4-5


Other sizes will be offered when appropriate numbers of skins are available. Sizes of types not mentioned above will be offered when appropriate quantities are available.



Auction dates 2011/2012 December 2011 Inspection: 11 to 13 December Sales: 14 to 16 December

April 2012 Inspection: 15 to 19 April Sales: 20 to 24 April

February 2012 Inspection: 3 to 6 February Sales: 7 to 10 February

June 2012 Inspection: 13 to 18 June Sales: 19 to 25 June

Selling days

December 14-16

September 2012 Inspection: 2 to 7 September Sales: 8 to 14 September

February 7-10

April 20-24

June 19-25

September 8-14

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • •

• •

• •

• • •

in total

Mink (IN MILLIONS) Black Mahogany Brown Glow Pearl Beige

• • • •

Golden Pearl White Sapphire Silverblue

• • •

Black Cross Var. Cross



Blue Iris


• •

• • • •

1,1 – 1,4m

3,8 – 4,3m

4,7 – 5,1m

4,7 – 5,1m

4,7 – 5,1m

• •

• •

• • • •

• •

• • •

Palomino Stardust Cinnamon Var. mutations Total mink

• • • 20m

Other skins Chinchilla Rex Rabbits Swakara Foxes

Breeders and breeders lowgrades will be offered at the June auction. We reserve the right to make changes.

december 2011


Scandic Copenhagen

is undergoing a major renovation. When the renovation is completed in May 2012, Scandic Copenhagen will have a whole new – and much lighter – look.


• • • • • With 18 floors, the hotel is one of the tallest buildings in the city and it lets you discover Copenhagen from above. The renovation themed FROM ABOVE will capture everything Copenhagen is about. The interior design will be soft and elegant with a touch of coolness adding to a unpretentious atmosphere.

486 rooms Lobby bar Restaurant Fitness Free Wi-Fi

The reception desk and bars look like they are almost floating in the room and playing with your perception. So are the cool swings encouraging you to be playful and see the world from different perspectives. When you enter the elevators you will be met by the sound of birds singing giving you the feeling of flying high above. The transformation will also include the restaurant and bars.

When the renovation is completed in the end of May 2012, Scandic Copenhagen will have a whole new – and much lighter – look.


Visit to follow the creation of the new Scandic Copenhagen.


copenhagen hotels We urge you to make your hotel reservations as early as possible.


Cat. Address Telephone

Norlandia Star


Colbjørnsensgade 13,

1652 V

+ 45 3322 1100

Du Nord


Colbjørnsensgade 14,

1652 V

+ 45 3331 7750



Vesterbrogade 23-29,

1620 V

+ 45 3378 8000

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen


Molestien 11,

2450 SV

+ 45 7012 7373

Glostrup Park


Hovedvejen 41,

2600 Glostrup + 45 4396 0038



Toldbodgade 24,

1253 K

+ 45 3374 1414

Hotel Mayfair


Helgolandsgade 3 ,

1653 K

+ 45 7012 1700

Scandic Glostrup


Roskildevej 550,

2600 Glostrup + 45 4343 4200

Scandic CPH


Vester Søgade 6,

1601 V

Scandic Hvidovre


Kettevej 4.

2650 Hvidovre + 45 3686 0400

Scandic Sydhavn


Sydhavns Plads 15,

2450 SV

+ 45 8833 3666

Radisson Blu Royal



1611 V

+45 3342 6000

Radisson Blu Scandinavia* (F)

Amager Blv. 70,

2300 S

+ 45 3396 5000

Marriott - 5 stars**


Kalvebod Brygge 5,

1560 V

+ 45 8833 9900

Scandic Webers


Vesterbrogade 11B

1620 V

+ 45 3331 1432

Skt. Petri - 5 stars


Krystalgade 22,

1172 K

+ 45 3345 9800

december 2011

+ 45 3314 3535

Hotel rates Cat. A



Cat. B



Cat. C



Cat. D



Cat. E



Cat. F

Dkk 1200-1400

Cat. G

Dkk 1400-1800


Contact Kopenhagen Fur E-mail: Phone: +45 4326 1000 fa x: +45 4326 1126


Cashier Torben Nielsen Managing Director

kenneth loberg sales director

Inge Ă˜stermand Secretary (Management)

Laila webler Cashier

+45 4326 1042 (secr.)

+45 4326 1201

+45 4326 1042

+45 4326 1413

Customer department

Area Managers Brian Tufvesson head of Customer dept.

Birgit friis Secretary

Andrej Rumjancev Area Manager, Russia

+45 4326 1431

Christiane Rautenberg key Account manager +45 4326 1442

+45 4326 1401 Annette hindborg key Account manager

Anne Lunn key Account manager

Ahmet Aydin key Account manager

Leo Boutis Area Manager, Greece

+45 4326 1440

+45 4326 1443

+45 4326 1441

mob. +30 693 242 5858


+45 4326 1103

Beijing Office

Paul Pedersen Chief auctioneer

Per Knudsen Chief auctioneer

Weixian Chen general manager

angela Liu Customer Coordinator/Visa

+45 4326 1203

+45 4326 1208

mob. +86 135 0118 1720

mob. +86 138 1055 4761

Stig Reinhold Sales manager, auctioneer

lars Skjoldegaard Auctioneer

Chris Cui marketing manager

Lisa Yu customer manager

+45 4326 1209

+45 4326 1021

mob. +86 139 1093 7964

mob. +86 139 1156 8019

Kasper S. Reinbacher controller, Global fur finance, Auctioneer +45 4326 1422

Quality department

qualit ydepartment@

farmer service


Bjarne Rasmussen head of Quality dept.

Ole B. Larsen Head of farmer service

Kathrine engberg Front office manager

Lis elleby Receptionist

+45 4326 1342

+45 4326 1207

+45 4326 1112

+45 4326 1280

MArketing department Patrizia v. Christensen Marketing Director +45 4326 1102



Communications department Pia thurau office manager/pa

Sander jacobsen Communications director

Søren Jespersen Media Manager

+45 4326 1102

+45 4326 1063

+45 4326 1289





No other watch is engineered quite like a Rolex. The Day-Date, introduced in 1956, was the first watch to display the date, as well as the day in its entirety. A powerful expression of elegance and style, its classic design quickly became a favourite among world leaders. The 36 mm Day-Date can display the day in a wide choice of languages and is presented here in platinum.

t he day-date

Vesterbrogade 6 | 1620 cph. V | +45 33 11 53 10 Ă˜stergade 22 | 1100 cph. K | +45 33 15 53 10

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michael lepski

Jack felber

Infelber (Exports) Ltd 4 Elthorne Road, London N19 4AG Tel +44(20) - 7281 1966


Fax +44(20) - 7281 2398

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Fax +852 2721 3081 KOPENH AGEN FUR NE W S

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