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Editorial testing the limits

In keeping with tradition, Kopenhagen Fur opened Copenhagen Fashion Week with a spectacular show followed by press conference and reception at Copenhagen City Hall. Like previous years, the show drew 800 spectators including many ministers, members of parliament, city council, employers’ associations and trade unions, fashion people, business people and of course many Danish fashionistas. Also according to tradition, there was a couple of teeth chattering beauties lying on the town square stammering that they would rather be naked than wearing fur. They coped for two minutes only. Inside, the spectators enjoyed styles created by seven young, very talented and enthusiastic international designers. The show received overwhelmingly good coverage in newspapers, magazines and on the internet. On the front cover, Denmark’s largest newspaper brought a very large photo of a young beautiful Chinese model wearing a fantastic coat designed by a young Greek woman. The model was Weiwei, winner of Kopenhagen Fur’s big model competition, Ms. Happiness, in China. Weiwei walked the catwalk on seven shows during Copenhagen Fashion Week, a very impressive debut for a young woman, who was an ordinary student from a university in Shenyang just a few weeks ago. Weiwei is predicted a great future on the international catwalks and has already been hired by a major international model agency. The show was a true demonstration that the fur industry is international in the true meaning of the word and that we can achieve great results by collaborating across borders. It is precisely this realization that is the driving force behind Kopenhagen Fur’s new marketing and

A PRIL 2012

We believe that it is important to test the limits for the use of fur. We take the commercial risk and hope that the industry will not make the same mistakes that we inevitably will make and vice versa that the industry will be inspired by our successes. Photo: Helle Moos

development initiatives. Kopenhagen Fur has formed a strategic partnership with the industrial associations, Danish Fashion & Textile and Danish Jewellers Association to build a large development centre for creative industries. The idea is to invite other companies, Danish as well as foreign, to establish their creative teams in the centre, as we expect the common framework to be perfect to create interdisciplinary synergies. The centre is a part of Copenhagen’s growth and development plans as an important strategic priority. We hope that the centre will be an important platform for the fur industry to build strategic alliances and find new ways of using fur. Hopefully, the centre will be ready to receive its first residents in September. At the same time we try something

new, namely to launch our own production of what could be called risky fur products. Risky because they are typically products that no one else in the fur industry has dared or wished to make. We believe that it is important to test the limits for the use of fur. We take the commercial risk and hope that the industry will not make the same mistakes that we inevitably will make and vice versa that the industry will be inspired by our successes. Similarly, we start commercial activities in China with the intention of offering the Chinese fur industry a range of services that will help to professionalize and internationalize our trade further.


A life of happiness for Niu Weiwei Back home in China, Ms Niu Weiwei was crowned the winner of Kopenhagen Fur’s Miss Happiness competition. It has already changed the 19-year-old beauty and happiness queen’s life. By kRistoffer veggerby

- When the catwalk doors opened for the first time, it was like the doors opened to my new life. These were the thoughts of Niu Weiwei, the winner of the Miss Happiness competition, just before her opening catwalk at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Away from the podium, the smiling 19-year-old can be very unassuming. Actually, she comes off as a bit shy. But that changes as soon as she gets on the catwalk. With steady feet and a proud appearance at Kopenhagen Fur’s opening show she demonstrated why she won. The Miss Happiness competition has changed her life significantly. She opened Copenhagen Fashion Week 2012, and for a whole year she will be the official face of Kopenhagen Fur in China.


The competition changed everything According to Niu Weiwei herself, the competition has given her some possibilities that Chinese girls normally only dream of. As an only child, it is very important for her to make her parents proud and she has praised the contest. - Miss Happiness is the only one of its kind in China. It is fair to the bone, the organizers care for the girls and they keep their promises. Weiwei says that she is honoured by the opportunity she has been given through Kopenhagen Fur. - I come from a very ordinary family. Thanks to the title, I have been given a unique possibility to establish a career in modelling and this is already more than I

“When the catwalk doors opened for the first time, it was like the doors opened to my new life.” KOPENH AGEN FUR NE W S

could have hoped for. Weiwei is important Weiwei will be promoting Kopenhagen Fur on the Chinese market which is the largest buyer of fur skins from Kopenhagen Fur buying up to 80 percent. Sales Director of Kopenhagen Fur, Kenneth Loberg says: - The Miss Happiness competition is a way to communicate Danish values to a large international market which is traditionally very materialistic. We also give the participants, especially the winner Ms Weiwei, something more than just the opportunity to win a competition. The calmness of the country First thing Ms Weiwei noticed on her arrival was the calm atmosphere and the

A PRIL 2012

clean air. - In China people are really busy and the air can be really heavy. People are calmer and seem less stressed in Denmark, says Ms Weiwei with a charming smile, before she continues: - In Denmark everybody is riding bicycles just like people used to do in China. Unfortunately, the car has replaced many bicycles in China. But it was not only the clean air and the bicycles that appealed to her. Besides showcasing the newest collections on the catwalk, Weiwei was also given a grand tour of Kopenhagen Fur’s facilities in Glostrup, to gain an understanding of the company she would be representing in the future. - Before I participated in the competition I only knew Kopenhagen

Fur as a consumer. I now appreciate the hard work that goes in to creating a fur. The amount of fur at Kopenhagen Fur was inconceivable, and the sorting machinery was immensely impressive and sophisticated. Ms Weiwei had been looking forward to visiting a fur farm, but she did not have time for that. - I know that the animals live under proper conditions and that the animal welfare is very important on the farms, and I would have liked to visit a fur farm. When asked if she would like to continue working with Kopenhagen Fur, there was no doubt in her mind. - I would love to continue working with Kopenhagen Fur – even when my obligations cease to continue.


A credible competition By kristoffer veggerby

Kopenhagen Fur’s Miss Happiness competition in China is the only one of its kind. The purpose is both to spread awareness of Danish happiness in everyday life, but also to link the happiness to fur. For 20 years, Kopenhagen Fur has been active in China in order to increase the sale of fur skins to the Chinese market. But the company took a different direction last year. Instead of the usual advertising campaigns, Kopenhagen Fur chose to arrange a model competition with 1,500 contestants from seven different regions in China. The 22 finalists competed for the grand prize at the finals in Beijing to become the new face of Kopenhagen Fur in China, and to be chosen for commercials


and fashion shows in the central fur regions. Better than TV The General Manager of Kopenhagen Fur in China, Ms Chris Cui, explains that the campaign has helped increase the younger generations’ interest. Furthermore, the competition helps attract attention to the product. - Holding a model competition you reach a larger crowd than when communicating one-way like for example a TV-commercial. Moreover, we have benefited from the social media as a way of creating more publicity. We do not just talk to the consumers, we communicate with them.


The well-being of the contestants But it is not just the non-traditional approach to marketing that has made the competition a success. The Chinese have observed that we care for the contestants, the competition is transparent, and, most important, the competition is fair, Chris Cui says. The competition was conducted in a fair and transparent manner, and that matters a great deal when it comes to the interest of the Chinese public. - They draw parallels between what they have seen and experienced in the competition and the company that arranged it. Their opinion is that Kopenhagen Fur does business in the same way as it arranged the competition, and that it has healthy, responsible business values. Kopenhagen Fur stands as a very trustworthy company. The purpose of the competition was not only to give young Chinese girls an opportunity to live out their modelling dreams. - The competition is also a means of involving our business associates in China. It is essential that they support the project, says Kenneth Loberg, Sales Director at Kopenhagen Fur. Money seeking happiness The interest does not decline when you look at the financial aspect. China has experienced a massive economic growth which has created a middle class with sufficient financial resources looking for something that can bring them happiness. - People have a lot of money at the moment, but they need something to spend it on. It has to be something a bit more personal and not some inanimate object like a car. In this context a soft fur is perfect, especially as a gift, because people put a lot of emotions into it and thereby they feel happier. - We have received many requests from our customers who want another show next year. They actually demand it, so we have already started planning the next competition, says Kenneth Loberg.

“Holding a model competition you reach a larger crowd than when communicating one-way like for example a TV-commercial. Moreover, we have benefited from the social media as a way of creating more publicity. We do not just talk to the consumers, we communicate with them.�

A PRIL 2012


A crown worthy of Ms Happiness When the winner of Ms Happiness was proclaimed at the grand finale in January in Beijing, the lucky girl won the much coveted contract to be Kopenhagen Fur’s spokesperson in China. She was also crowned with a precious tiara made of fur and amber which was made especially for that occasion. The crown was made by Kopenhagen Studio, Kopenhagen Fur’s centre for creativity and innovation. To give the crown the right appearance of exclusivity, Kopenhagen Studio cooperated with Danish jewellery designer Josephine Bergsøe and the renowned Danish


The choice of using amber in the tiara seems obvious because it is so typical Danish. jewellery company House of Amber. Amber is one of the most versatile materials and comes in all shapes and colours. Therefore it is a dream for most jewellery designers to use amber. Together with House of Amber, Josephine has

carefully selected some very fine faceted amber pearls and has combined pearls and amber in a graceful tiara worthy of Ms Happiness. The choice of using amber in the tiara seems obvious because it is so typical Danish. Amber was the world’s first recognized gem and the only one to be found in Denmark. The golden gem is fossilized resin from ancient pine trees which existed more than 45 million years ago. Around the world, amber is known as ‘the Nordic gold’, and for many centuries amber has been cherished for its beauty, individuality and warm glow.


To give the crown the right appearance of exclusivity, Kopenhagen Studio cooperated with Danish jewellery designer Josephine Bergsøe and the renowned Danish jewellery company House of Amber.

Pelsnoer A/S Langagervej 76 DK-2600 Glostrup VAT.: DK81685517 T.: +45 43960148 F.: +45 43962040

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News in brief

Palomino Velvet Females at dkk 1,600 per skin Mr Li Yanqi from China bought his first top lot at the February auction for an impressive 1,600 DKK per skin. At 1,000 DKK the rest of the buyers dropped out of the race, which left Mr Li Yanqi and another buyer in the final sprint for the top lot. When the price hit 1,600 DKK Mr Li Yangi won the race. The fur skins will to be used for promotion and will hopefully make mink fur even more popular in China.

Chinchilla for China - We will promote the chinchilla skins in China, where they are not that common - yet. Mr Kam Lam of KC Enterprises from China bought the February auction’s last top lot - 28 prime chinchilla skins at the price of 1,030 DKK each. The buyer, Mr Kam Lam, who has over 90 boutiques specializing in first class fur products, wants to use the skins for promotion in his 40,000 square feet store in Harbin. In time he hopes that the customers will have a liking for chinchilla, just as they have for mink. He has been attending the Danish auctions since 1983, and has bought the top lot four times.

- The Palomino is a very popular type in China at the moment. They are definitely worth the price.

Auctions live You can follow the auctions live on selling days. The streaming is available on the AUCTION site of www. by use of your usual personal login. When you have logged in you choose LIVE AUCTION in the top menu. You will be able to view the light board of the ongoing sales. The light board shows the lot number and the type of skins being sold, and the hammer price in DKK and USD, with eight seconds’ delay only. If you need a password, please contact Kopenhagen Fur’s Hotline on


Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur is a groundbreaking fashion brand being launched by Kopenhagen Fur at Mifur. The brand will be focusing on accessories and home-wear, and will initially be sold in Europe and North America. The launch of the new brand makes Kopenhagen Fur a part of every phase in the supply-chain, and plays a vital role in strategic development of new markets.


Black Velvet Males went to second time visitor - The Black Velvet skins are intended for a new business profile and will be turned into special garments for the most important customers. Mr Xiao La Zhou of Haining Gladiator Dress Co. Ltd., second time visitor, first time top lot buyer, has a clear idea of what to do with the newly purchased skins. Mr Xiao La Zhou finds the Black Velvet furs worth the price and does not mind spending the extra money because of the prestige that accompanies the sought-after skins. -When you want to draw attention to yourself and your business, you have to be ready to pay extra for the goods. The Black Velvet Males went for 1,480 DKK per skin.

Namibian Government changes breed name from karakul to swakara By New Year 2012 the government of Namibia has agreed to officially change the breed name of Namibian karakul sheep to swakara. This has been requested by the swakara board of Namibia which for the last couple of years has worked strategically to ensure this change of name which is a great recognition that the Namibian farmers through hard work and upgrading in karakul breeding have changed the genotype of the karakul breed in Namibia successfully. The new name emphasizes that skins from Namibian karakul breeders should be recognized for what they are – skins from sheep with characters that differ from the original karakul sheep. The swakara skin production is a very exclusive production with a limited number of skins per year. These skins are sold exclusively at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions twice a year, in April and September. As a natural cause of the change of name, the name of the Karakul Breeders’ Society has been changed to the swakara Breeders’ Society and the Karakul Board of Namibia will be changed to the swakara Board of Namibia.

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CHINESE YUAN TO ENTER EUROPEAN FUR RETAIL BUSINESS In Europe, the fur retail business suffers from the economic downturn and lack of serious investments. In China, the fur retail business has both the ambition and the means to expand beyond China. We will invest in Europe, the Chinese say - but the time is not quite right yet. By mick madsen

While the fur market is booming in China and large fur shopping centres pop-up in major Chinese cities around the country, the situation is rather different in Europe. The global economic downturn has hit Europe hard, and at the same time the European fur retail sector is characterized by small-scale businesses without the financial power to take on the investments needed to develop the trade. - Europe is approaching a recession, and the traditional fur stores are not renewing


their businesses at the moment. They are busy just with surviving, Torben Nielsen, Kopenhagen Fur’s Managing Director, says. He sees an opportunity for Chinese fur manufacturers and retailers to establish their businesses in a rather weak European market. - The competition in China is hard and it is Chinese manufactured fur goods that are sold in Europe. Why wouldn’t a Chinese manufacturer want to be present at the European market? Torben Nielsen asks.


It is just a matter of time. There is every probability for Chinese companies to gain a foothold on markets outside China. JUST A MATTER OF TIME According to Chinese manufacturers, the introduction of a Chinese fur retail chain in Europe will take place. - It is just a matter of time. There is every probability for Chinese companies to gain a foothold on markets outside China. The prices at our local market are low, and the government encourages companies with the capability to enter foreign markets, says Stanley Chen, owner of Hong Kong-based Cadano Fur & Fashion Co. Ltd. The times, however, are characterized by uncertainty, and that takes the edge of the Chinese willingness to spend venture capital outside China. - It is hard to say something about the time perspective. The world economy is changing. People are waiting for the right moment, Mr Chen says. Mr Sek-Lung Ng, owner of Ottino Internation Ltd, agrees that Chinese companies will enter Europe eventually, but

he believes that it will take some time because the structure on the Chinese market has not been settled yet. - Chinese companies will be interested in moving to Europe, but it will take 5-10 years. At the moment, big Chinese companies are taking over the smaller ones. But within 10 years there will be companies with the strength to go outside China, Sek-Lung Ng says. ACCESS TO DISTRIBUTION IN EUROPE However, Torben Nielsen is confident that the Chinese move will happen faster than that. He points out that Kopenhagen Fur is about to build a creative cluster in Copenhagen in cooperation with Danish Fashion & Textile and the Danish Jewellers Association. The partnership represents Danish companies exporting for some 10 billion USD, and the vision for the creative cluster, already nicknamed the Creative Valley, is highly commercial.

The fact that Kopenhagen Fur’s two partners have extensive distribution networks in Europe makes Copenhagen and the Creative Valley a perfect starting point for entering the European fur retail market. Establishing the European headquarter in Copenhagen will give Chinese pioneers in Europe access to this network which, according to Torben Nielsen, will prove a major advantage in establishing business in Europe, and the Chinese manufacturers are positive about the prospects of the creative hub. But neither Sek-Lung Ng nor Stanley Chen is jumping into Europe at the moment. - It is a very good idea to build a bridge between China and Europe. Gaining access to the distribution network will provide additional value, but we need to balance the costs and the profitability. First step of the vision is good, let us hear about the next step, Stanley Chen says.

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Flashy fur from Milan to New York The world’s most powerful fashion houses love fur. That was made obvious when winter fashion 2013 was shown at the prominent catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Never before has fur been seen in such quantities used by so many designers in so many different ways and styles as was the case during these fashion weeks. Dior and Fendi attracted attention showing beautiful and traditional fur collars and robes. But fur was also applied in a

more unconventional way. Marc Jacobs had created an oversized, red fur hat which drew much attention during New York fashion week. So did the hip, pink men’s fluff jacket with fur sleeves from Astrid Andersen that impressed London’s fashionistas. The fur came in many colours – green, lilac and pastel shades. There is no doubt about it: fur in all shapes and colours is in style.




Jo No Fui

Albert Ferretti



A PRIL 2012

New york



Marc Jacobs

Barbara Bui


Mac Posen


Astrid Andersen

Christian Siriano





Kopenhagen Fur works with the best For the fourth year in a row, Kopenhagen Fur opened Copenhagen Fashion Week in February. Each year we have presented a new concept embodying different designers. This year we invited the top up-and-coming talents from all over the world. BY JOSEPHINE CHRISTINE HALD

‘New Talents’ was the theme of Kopenhagen Fur’s fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion Week. Seven newly graduated designers from various countries showed their preeminent fur designs. The designers graduated from design schools that work together with Kopenhagen Fur. Kopenhagen Fur’s Design and Production Manager, Michael Holm, initiated the partnerships with the schools. The cooperation is now almost four years old. The schools number the renowned Chinese university Tsinghua in Beijing, the Royal College of Art in London and the London College of Fashion. Michael Holm knew exactly which schools should be selected. – I targeted them specifically. I chose these schools because they are the best, he explains. fur training at the schools Both schools and students welcomed the partnership idea with open arms. Eliana Dimitrakopoulou from Greece was one of

A PRIL 2012

“ I targeted them specifically. I chose these schools because they are the best, he explains.” the seven designers to show her designs at Kopenhagen Fur’s show during the fashion week. She drew her first collection at the age of five and has studied at the London College of Fashion, one of Kopenhagen Fur’s partners. She firmly believes that the partnership has greatly impacted her career. - I could never have created the collection without Kopenhagen Fur. I feel that people know me because they’ve seen pictures of the collection that Kopenhagen Fur helped sponsor, she says. The same goes for Jennifer Murray, another graduate from the London College of Fashion. – Without Kopenhagen Fur, I would never have worked with fur, and my collection would have had a completely different look. This has

been a fantastic opportunity, she says. Many of the design schools are unable to teach their students how to work with fur. Fur is a costly material and hard for schools to obtain. This is why they find it difficult to accumulate knowledge about it. As a result, many of the graduating designers know nothing about fur and may therefore never incorporate it into their collections. - The schools get a knowledge of a material that they wouldn’t normally be able to lay their hands on, an opportunity they have keenly embraced. Very few schools have in-depth knowledge about fur, so we are pleased to be able to help, explains Michael Holm. The Royal College of Art in London deeply values the partnership with Kopenhagen Fur. The head of the Fashion Programme, Wendy Dagworthy, knows how much it means for a designer’s development. - The cooperation is extremely important, and we truly appreciate it. Without it, our students wouldn’t be able to realise their full potential as designers.


“Without Kopenhagen Fur, I would never have worked with fur, and my collection would have had a completely different look. This has been a fantastic opportunity.”


Kopenhagen Fur works with 10-15 design

Most of the design schools are located in

schools all over the world. The number

Europe and the Far East, including coun-

of schools may vary from one year to the

tries such as Sweden, Denmark, Germany,


Switzerland, Britain, Italy, Russia, the Ukraine, China and Argentina.

Our students keep pushing the limits for what fashion can do, using fur in new and inspiring ways, she says. TALENTS ARE MEANT TO PROVOkE US The schools and their students are not the only ones for whom the partnership is productive. Kopenhagen Fur also gains from it. The schools provide a forum in which students are being pressed to think out of the box, a process that engenders innovative ways of using fur. - I do what I can to provoke them to think innovatively. I would like to see something unexpected. They approach fur from new


angles and see new possibilities in using the material. That’s why it is so inspiring to work with new emerging talents, says Michael Holm. The young talents have noticed that working with fur differs from working with other materials. - With fur, it’s actually best to lean back and let the fur do the job. Creating a garment like a suit jacket, you need painstaking attention on minute details. You need to focus on the lining and the lapel to achieve the ideal result. Fur as a material is much more impulsive. Fur has an indefinable factor, an ‘instant’ aura and status, says

Danish Morten Underbjerg. Eliana Dimitrakopoulou agrees that patience is a virtue when you work with fur. - Fur is a unique material. It takes time to learn the new craft, and you learn something new at every turn of the process. You’re not only working with another material, you’re learning a completely new craft. The more you get to know fur, the more ideas you get, she declares. Pushing the boundaries Jennifer Murray thinks that shifting the boundaries of fur design into new realms is the key factor. She keeps in mind that experiments should ideally culminate in a saleable product, but to her this is more an added bonus. - The experimental aspect of working with fur is what interests me the most. We focus on constantly pushing the limits in our quest for new uses for fur. Even if the end-result is not always apparent in the initial phases. You can do so much with fur, explains Jennifer Murray.


Helping your industry with social media Social Media is not just a buzz-word. It is an effective tool for you to use your network in matters that are important to you.

What is social media? Basically, social media empower the user with dialogue-based communication. You may encounter social media as being Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, LinkedIn, Flickr, Youtube, etc. Every time you enter into an online dialogue with another user, you use social media. The fur industry has been subject to much discussion, whether it comes to ethics, animal welfare or fashion. Unfortunately, the fur industry has not been proactive when it comes to internet communication, and the possibilities of web 2.0 have not been used to its full potential in the communications with the industry. Kopenhagen Fur is now intensifying its online communication by

including social media to the platform mix. We are already cooperating within the industry, and now we would like to include our business partners. Social media is efficient Every user of facebook/twitter/blog/etc. is a medium to his network. Whenever you communicate on social media, your communication is available for your network. Furthermore, studies show that people find information from their network more trustworthy than information from traditional media. And this is where social media has its strength. Communication through social media is personal, trustworthy, and travels far.

How to spread the word For many years, anti-fur protesters have used the internet to communicate random stories that are false. We need to communicate the positive and truthful stories – and social media can help us do that. Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, a forum or a blog it is important to enter into discussions about the industry. Only by a continuous dialogue about the fur industry can we ensure a balanced debate in the future. We urge you to connect with Kopenhagen Fur and other key-players in the fur industry. Do you have an interesting story, a good picture, movie or the like? Share it with us, and we will help you bring your message to a large public.

Connect and share with Kopenhagen Fur at: @KopenhagenfurDK

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A world of shoes By kristoffer veggerby

They have made a mink shoe that costs USD 1,800. After only five years they sell their shoes in thirteen countries all over the world. They would like to be different from others. Shoe The Bear is a Danish company with no intentions of slowing down. - The new shoe brand was Jakob’s idea. Frankly, I thought it was a terrible idea as there were already enough brands on the market.

For us it was important to make something unique. That is why we have created a universe where each shoe has its place, and we try things that other companies do not. We also spotted Scandinavia, but we focus on the rest of the world.

Why introduce another one? So says Thomas Fredriksen, co-owner of Shoe The Bear, about his business partner Jakob Fuglsang’s idea back in 2007. However, Thomas changed his mind. Today their shoes can be found on shelves as far away as Australia and Japan and also most of Europe, and Thomas has a clear idea why they succeeded. - For us it was important to make something

unique. That is why we have created a universe where each shoe has its place, and we try things that other companies do not. We also spotted Scandinavia, but we focus on the rest of the world. The desire to have a unique design made itself felt for during the cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur. In the matter of how to combine mink leather and shoes, Shoe The


Bear were called for to share their visions and ideas. The finished product was meant as promotion prior to Copenhagen Fashion Week in February. Mink skins with no hair? - The idea was to make it cool for men to wear fur without making it metrosexual. The mink leather was fantastic to work with and far more


There was a desire to just let go from both sides. Kopenhagen Fur was incredibly solutionoriented. If we wanted to try something with the material we just did it! People and companies we want to work with must have the same open mentality and motivation as we have, and Kopenhagen Fur has that.

malleable than regular leather. Furthermore, it is just so special in itself. Normally, you never see the leather of the mink skin, because mink are bred for the fur. On top of that, it is just an exclusive shoe, says Thomas Frederiksen, describing how special he felt making a shoe of mink leather – leather without the soughtafter hairs. Besides this, the shoe is handsewn in Portugal and will only be made in 40 pairs - a number that cannot be altered. As a result of the special material, the production and the limited number of shoes, the price is high. Therefore, the shoes cost USD 1,800 a pair, and even with a price of that size, 18 out

of 40 pairs are already sold. The idea of working with Kopenhagen Fur was well received by the guys behind Shoe The Bear, and they appreciated it very much that Kopenhagen Fur gave them a free hand in the process. - There was a desire to just let go from both sides. Kopenhagen Fur was incredibly solutionoriented. If we wanted to try something with the material we just did it! People and companies we want to work with must have the same open mentality and motivation as we have, and Kopenhagen Fur has that.

The future in the shoe game Even though Shoe The Bear is successful at the moment there are still things that Thomas Frederiksen would like to tick off from the todo-list. - Three months ago we launched a women collection. The buyers are going crazy and it is going really well. So there is some work to be done. Whether the future holds more opportunities for cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur is unknown, but Shoe The Bear is ready. - We would very much like to work with Kopenhagen Fur again.

Bredgade 19, 1260 Copenhagen K Tlph.+45 3314 4069 //

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Events in copenhagen 15-24 April 2012



Women of the Avant-garde 1920-1940

The Lady of the Camellias is a real tearjerker about the

The Lady of the Camellias

The exhibition Women of the Avant-garde 1920-1940

tuberculosis-stricken Parisian courtesan Marguerite

presents an exciting, but hitherto under-illuminated

Gautier and her unrequited love for Armand. She

chapter in the history of art to the public. Works by

sacrifices herself for her beloved but dies in solitude,

eight of the most prominent women avant-garde

misunderstood and outcast. Based on a true story, the

artists of the inter-war period reveal the story of a

ballet is set to Chopin’s amazing musical world.

network of striking artists who were pioneers and driving forces in the avant-garde movements that flourished in Europe in those years.


> 17, 19, 20 and 21 April

Andreas Gursky

> The Royal Theatre, Old Stage

Louisiana presents 40 giant photographs and a


> Until 28 May 2012

number of smaller works created by the world-famous

> Louisiana

German photographer Andreas Gursky. For more


than twenty years he has worked with large-format photography that matches the large, composed pictures of painting and seduces viewers into believing that, with the technically perfect photo, they have come close to reality. But this is not the case. > Until 13 May 2012 > Louisiana > Opera Opera

La Traviata

Parsifal Renowned director Keith Warner has created an

When you say opera, you must also say La Traviata, one

entirely new production of Wagner’s masterpiece,

of the world’s most popular operas. Verdi’s tragic love

staged for the first time at the Opera House in

story of the mortally ill courtesan Violetta and her tragic

Copenhagen. Parsifal was Wagner’s last opera and

infatuation with the young Alfredo is a deeply moving

features some of the most beautiful music he ever

experience where the music lingers long after curtain fall.

wrote. It is a magnificently erotic and symbolically

La Traviata is performed in Italian with Danish subtitles.

charged tale about faith, guilt and redemption. Parsifal is performed in German with Danish subtitles

> 16 April > The Opera

> 18 and 22 April


> The Opera



The series of small, concentrated exhibitions under


Louisiana on paper: Ellsworth Kelly of America’s greatest living artists, Ellsworth Kelly.

THE ESSENCE OF COLOUR – The Art of Queen Margrethe II

The exhibition consists of 40 drawings of plants and

With 135 works, THE ESSENCE OF COLOUR is the

flowers from the decades during which the artist

biggest exhibition to date of H.M. the Queen’s art. At

has been active. A stay in France in 1948-54 laid the

the exhibition we enter a personal universe and follow

basis for Kelly’s lifelong fascination with and close

the Queen’s artistic development over 35 years. The

observation of nature, and this was where Kelly

subjects range from the close surroundings through

developed his abstract visual idiom, inspired by artists

imaginary landscapes to the most recent depictions of

like Monet, Hans Arp and Matisse.

radiantly coloured rocks and bones

> Until 29 April 2012

> Until 1 July 2012

> Louisiana

> Arken



the heading ‘Louisiana – on paper’ continues with one

A PRIL 2012


Kopenhagen Fur Auction schedule and Offering 2011/12

Kopenhagen Fur Offering 2011/2012 Sizes to be offered.







Black Mahogany 30-00 Brown 40-30-00 Glow 40-30-00 Silverblue 30-00 White 30-00 Pearl 30-00

40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00

30-00-0 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0 30-00-0 30-00-0 30-00-0

30-00 30-00 30-00 30-00 50-40-30-00 50-40-30-00 50-40-30-00

50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3






Black Mahogany 1-2 Brown 0-1-2 Glow 0-1-2 Silverblue 1-2 White 1-2 Pearl 1-2

0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2

1-2-3 0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 1-2 1-2 1-2

1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2 00-0-1-2 00-0-1-2 00-0-1-2

00-0-1-2-3-4-5 00-0-1-2-3-4-5 00-0-1-2-3-4-5 00-0-1-2-3-4-5 3-4-5 3-4-5 3-4-5


Other sizes will be offered when appropriate numbers of skins are available. Sizes of types not mentioned above will be offered when appropriate quantities are available.



Auction dates 2011/2012 December 2011 Inspection: 11 to 13 December Sales: 14 to 16 December

April 2012 Inspection: 15 to 19 April Sales: 20 to 24 April

February 2012 Inspection: 3 to 6 February Sales: 7 to 10 February

June 2012 Inspection: 13 to 18 June Sales: 19 to 25 June

Selling days

December 14-16

September 2012 Inspection: 2 to 7 September Sales: 8 to 14 September

February 7-10

April 20-24

June 19-25

September 8-14

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • •

• •

• •

• • •

in total

Mink (IN MILLIONS) Black Mahogany Brown Glow Pearl Beige

• • • •

Golden Pearl White Sapphire Silverblue

• • •

Black Cross Var. Cross



Blue Iris


• •

• • • •

1,1 – 1,4m

3,8 – 4,3m

4,7 – 5,1m

4,7 – 5,1m

4,7 – 5,1m

• •

• •

• • • •

• •

• • •

Palomino Stardust Cinnamon Var. mutations Total mink

• • • 20m

Other skins Chinchilla Rex Rabbits Swakara Foxes

Breeders and breeders lowgrades will be offered at the June auction. We reserve the right to make changes.

A PRIL 2012


Sustainable Scandinavian design and high quality Do you wish to travel with a clear conscience while having a hotel experience beyond the ordinary then Hotel Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is the right hotel in Copenhagen for you! The hotel is located just a few minutes drive from the airport. For optimal comfort and ease on the journey, you can take our free shuttle bus directly to the hotel from the airport. The Deluxe Rooms, which are 28 square meters, are all furnished with designer furniture from Paustian and equipped with flat screen televisions, CO2-neutral air-conditioning plant, mini bar, safety box, ironing facilities and high speed Internet. Furthermore Breakfast and parking is included in the rate. Hotel Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers is located centrally in Ørestad, which is Copenhagen’s new district, and with the metro close to the hotel, you can easily and comfortably get to all of Copenhagen’s attractions in less than 10 minutes – as well as Kopenhagen Fur’s office can be reached within 10 minutes by car. Please visit for further information.



Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers | Ørestads Boulevard 114-118 | DK-2300 København S Tel. +45 8877 6655 | Fax +45 8877 6611 |



copenhagen hotels We urge you to make your hotel reservations as early as possible.


Cat. Address Telephone

Du Nord


Colbjørnsensgade 14,

1652 V

+ 45 3331 7750



Vesterbrogade 23-29,

1620 V

+ 45 3378 8000

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen


Molestien 11,

2450 SV

+ 45 7012 7373

Glostrup Park


Hovedvejen 41,

2600 Glostrup + 45 4396 0038



Toldbodgade 24,

1253 K

Scandic Glostrup


Roskildevej 550,

2600 Glostrup + 45 4343 4200

Scandic CPH


Vester Søgade 6,

1601 V

Scandic Hvidovre


Kettevej 4.

2650 Hvidovre + 45 3686 0400

Scandic Sydhavn


Sydhavns Plads 15,

2450 SV

+ 45 8833 3666

Radisson Blu Royal



1611 V

+45 3342 6000

Amager Blv. 70,

2300 S

+ 45 3396 5000

Radisson Blu Scandinavia* (F)

+ 45 3374 1414

+ 45 3314 3535

Hotel rates Cat. A



Cat. B



Cat. C



Cat. D



Cat. E



Marriott - 5 stars**


Kalvebod Brygge 5,

1560 V

+ 45 8833 9900

Scandic Webers


Vesterbrogade 11B

1620 V

+ 45 3331 1432

Cat. F

Dkk 1200-1400

Skt. Petri - 5 stars


Krystalgade 22,

1172 K

+ 45 3345 9800

Cat. G

Dkk 1400-1800

A PRIL 2012


Contact Kopenhagen Fur E-mail: Phone: +45 4326 1000 fa x: +45 4326 1126


Cashier Torben Nielsen Managing Director

kenneth loberg sales and marketing director

Inge Ă˜stermand Secretary (Management)

Laila webler Cashier

+45 4326 1042 (secr.)

+45 4326 1201

+45 4326 1042

+45 4326 1413

Brian Tufvesson head of Customer dept.

Birgit friis Secretary

Line Spang Freight Manager

+45 4326 1401

+45 4326 1431

Christiane Rautenberg key Account manager +45 4326 1442

Annette hindborg key Account manager

Anne Lunn key Account manager

Ahmet Aydin key Account manager

+45 4326 1440

+45 4326 1443

+45 4326 1441

Customer department


Beijing Office

Area Managers

Paul Pedersen Chief auctioneer

Chris Cui general manager

Andrej Rumjancev Area Manager, Russia

Leo Boutis Area Manager, Greece

+45 4326 1203

mob. +86 139 1093 7964

+45 4326 1103

mob. +30 693 242 5858

Per Knudsen Chief auctioneer

Lisa Yu chief financial officer

+45 4326 1208

mob. +86 139 1156 8019

Stig Reinhold Sales manager, auctioneer

angela Liu Customer Coordinator/Visa

+45 4326 1209

mob. +86 138 1055 4761

lars Skjoldegaard Auctioneer

andy chen manufacture programme

+45 4326 1021

mob. +86 159 0143 7370

Kasper S. Reinbacher controller, Global fur finance, Auctioneer +45 4326 1422

Inge liu Tsing hua mba

Bjarne Rasmussen head of Quality dept.

mob. +86 139 0106 0450

+45 4326 1342

kopenhagen studio Jesper Mathiesen Studio director +45 4326 1102


+45 4326 1472

Reception/Booking Kathrine engberg Front office manager

Lis elleby Receptionist

+45 4326 1112

+45 4326 1280

Quality department

qualit ydepartment@

farmer service


jesper Lauge Christensen Head of farmer service +45 4326 1376

Communications department Michael Holm Design- and Production Manager +45 4326 1158

Sander jacobsen Communications director

Søren Jespersen Media Manager

+45 4326 1063

+45 4326 1289





No other watch is engineered quite like a Rolex. The Day-Date, introduced in 1956, was the first watch to display the date, as well as the day in its entirety. A powerful expression of elegance and style, its classic design quickly became a favourite among world leaders. The 36 mm Day-Date can display the day in a wide choice of languages and is presented here in platinum.

t he day-date

Vesterbrogade 6 | 1620 cph. V | +45 33 11 53 10 Ă˜stergade 22 | 1100 cph. K | +45 33 15 53 10

David morgan

michael lepski

Jack felber

Infelber (Exports) Ltd 4 Elthorne Road, London N19 4AG Tel +44(20) - 7281 1966


Fax +44(20) - 7281 2398

Eurasia Furs Ltd Unit O, 10/Kaiser Estate Phase III 9-11A Hok Yuen Street, Hunghom, Kowloon, HK Tel +852 2311 9803 32


Fax +852 2721 3081 KOPENH AGEN FUR NE W S

Kopenhagen Fur News April 2012  

Kopenhagen Fur News April 2012