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Quality Road: A certified success News in brief Chinese Vogue visited Copenhagen Fashion Week

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Editorial getting sense into the political debate

Copenhagen Fashion Week was a gratifying event. Kopenhagen Fur has been the main sponsor of the fashion week for several years with the aim of ensuring that fur is visible in fashion and on the catwalk. The fashion week was officially opened at a reception at the Copenhagen Town Hall with governmental representation by the Minister of Economic and Business Affairs. Subsequently, Kopenhagen Fur hosted a fashion show where one Danish and eight international designers showed their collections. 700 guests attended the show and many MPs, ambassadors and a large number of representatives from the official Denmark made the day a remarkable manifestation of the fur industry’s acceptance and recognition in Denmark. Of course, this was gratifying in itself, but the best was that the fashion fair proved that fur is in fashion as never before. After the fashion week, the Danish media concluded that the trend is the brown shades and fur, and Denmark is not alone. Fur is in fashion in all countries and the sale of real fur rises sharply. During our February auction, we witnessed an unusually keen interest in our business and company from the international press. It was remarkable and gratifying that the journalistic angle was not to describe a controversial business in deep trouble politically and economically, but instead to describe a business in prosperity with great success in exports to for instance China. I am convinced that the vulgar anti-fur movement in Europe has lost its influence. That does not mean that people do not care about animal welfare, but it means that people relate more objectively to our trade. A recent Danish survey shows that on a scale from 1 to 50, public

A PRIL 2011

It was remarkable and gratifying that the journalistic angle was not to describe a controversial business in deep trouble politically and economically, but instead to describe a business in prosperity with great success in exports to for instance China. Photo: Helle Moos

confidence in the press and politicians take up the position as number 48 and 50 respectively; politicians having the honour of being the tail lamp. Business leaders and experts such as academics were pretty high on the list. I am convinced that the list will look almost the same in all European countries. The fact is that in times of significant political and economic changes globally, the uncertainty about the future is so predominant that people ask for leadership based on knowledge and insight, not on faith and prejudices. The industries are forced to run their businesses rationally, i.e. based on knowledge. Politicians are not burdened by the same requirements, and the majority of the media makes a living by selling the good story, which does not necessarily have to be correct. Therefore, their reliability ratings are so low.

As an industry, we should therefore have an excellent opportunity of getting some sense into the political debate. In the Netherlands a proposal to ban fur breeding is put to vote within the next few months. The ban is not due to lack of animal welfare but to a political desire to protect public morals or in other words, a frivolous and very totalitarian political initiative. The Dutch breeders, EFBA, the IFTF and the auction houses have agreed to fight the Dutch politicians all the way. We cannot allow sick political decisions to stifle a healthy industry.


the quality road

A certified success Certified boutiques are one of Kopenhagen Fur Beijing offices greatest successes. In only four years, the certified boutiques have spread the knowledge of the brand of Kopenhagen Fur, and thereby Kopenhagen Fur has gained better contact with the retailers in China. By Marie Grabow Westerga ard

In 2007, Kopenhagen Fur Beijing office faced a new challenge. Kopenhagen Fur wanted to have a relation with the most important retailers in China. Therefore, they developed a concept of Kopenhagen Fur certified boutiques. The aim is to drive sales at retail level and support Kopenhagen Fur’s brand with the fast growing number of Chinese fur consumers. The certification is based on a cooperation between Kopenhagen Fur and the retailer. The certified boutiques use fur skins sold by Kopenhagen Fur, display commercials supplied by Kopenhagen Fur and have received special training in fur skins. In return, Kopenhagen Fur assists the retailer to organize events and fashion shows and to market the branding. The boutiques are trained in how to arrange a professional fashion show, and they borrow styles from Kopenhagen Studio and Tsinghua University. - We help the retailers brand themselves and make their events professional. Kopenhagen Fur’s staff learn them anything from how to set the light


“Their boutiques need to be successful and be located in central places in town. For the most part we certify shopping malls or mega stores. Common to them is their leading positions in local markets. We only want the best.”


to choose models for the show. And then we lend them new and creative styles to give their show a unique expression. In that way we both brand the retailer and Kopenhagen Fur, General Manager Weixian Chen says. The idea of cooperating in a sort of brand partnership has been very successful. Not only has the knowledge of Kopenhagen Fur been spread among the largest retailers in China, the certified boutiques are also very proud of having a connection with Kopenhagen Fur. The programme also spurs certified boutiques on to greater sales. - In the beginning, Kopenhagen Fur Beijing office had to arrange events itself, but now many of the long-time certified boutiques know how to spark off an event, and they still market the Kopenhagen Fur brand, Chen says. A retailer held a “Kopenhagen Fur night” and another held a “Kopenhagen Fur week” without any assistance from the Beijing office. - They are proud to use the name of Kopenhagen Fur in their events, so we

A PRIL 2011

have managed to link our name and good

Common to them is their leading positions

There are seven large markets and centres which make up the Certified Boutiques.

Last year the Certified Boutiques sold more than 176,000 fur coats.

Haining China Leather market is by far the largest Certified Boutique. The whole centre is certified. There are in total around 500 fur shops in the centre, most of which are regular customers of Kopenhagen Fur. The centre is about 2 1/2 hours’ drive from Shanghai and neighboring rich areas

quality together, Weixian Chen says. Only the best boutiques can be certified Even though some retailers contact Kopenhagen Fur by themselves to become certified, most of the boutiques are chosen by Weixian Chen and his staff. Kopenhagen Fur has established some criteria for the retailers before they can be considered potential certified boutiques. - We want the Chinese buyers to look upon us as their local brand, so if we certify a boutique, the retailer also needs to have local interest. Their boutiques need to be successful and be located in central places in town. For the most part we certify shopping malls or mega stores.

Common to them is their positions in local markets. We only want the best, Weixian Chen says. And it is really a success. Many retailers already have a relation with Kopenhagen Fur because of the certified boutique concept, and almost all the big markets in China are represented in the chain of certified boutiques. But Weixian Chen is not resting on his laurels - he and his staff in the Beijing office has new aims. - We need to keep expanding the concept of certified boutiques and the brand of Kopenhagen Fur, and involve retailers in every major city in China. But we need to get started in the small cities also. The Chinese market is growing incredibly fast, and we hope that we can keep the lead, Weixian Chen says.


News in brief

SORTING AND BUSINESS COURSES Sorting and auction procedures course: 24 - 28 October 2011 Please register for the course online on – ‘AUCTION’ – ABOUT US - SORTING COURSES. You are welcome to contact Ms Annette Hindborg in the Customer Department for further information: Fax: +45 4326 1449 or Mail: BUSINESS ACADEMY SOUTHWEST In order to introduce the main areas of business and design related to the fur industry, Kopenhagen Fur has entered into a co-operation with Business Academy Southwest. The main subjects covered at the course are the value chain of the fur business and design in an international context. The next course is: Fur Fashion and Business III: 31 October - 4 November 2011 The course is held at the Business Academy Southwest. You can register for the courses online on Fee: EUR 600 Accommodation: Business Academy Southwest can recommend Dan Hostel. We have negotiated a special price at EUR 395 covering: 5 nights in single rooms 5 x breakfast 4 x evening meals

Marketing package for top lot buyers To strengthen and support the purchase of top lots at Kopenhagen Fur, the top lot will include the following marketing package. Besides a certificate, the buyer of the top lot will be given the opportunity to • Spend an inspiring and educational day with Kopenhagen Studio’s designers. • Be interviewed for announcements in the English and the Chinese Kopenhagen Fur News magazines and also on Kopenhagen Fur’s website • Create his image in the Chinese lifestyle magazine Feng Ge • Opportunity to present their styles at Kopenhagen Fur Show. By this initiative, the buyer will get strong press coverage and also become acquainted with the development of techniques in fur design at Kopenhagen Studio.

The Fur Book The Fur Book is available in English, Chinese and Russian. In order to collect a copy of The Fur Book, please contact the Customer Department at customers@ or by phone +45 4326 1444.

Contact and registration: Lotte Steffensen – Phone +45 74 12 41 41 Enrolment form on



Photo policy at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions Kopenhagen Fur introduces a new in-house policy for broadcasting and photographing in the auction room, i.e. recording or photographing in the auction room is no longer permitted via private web-cams or cameras.

Revised offering and dates for the April auction

In return, to service the customers, Kopenhagen Fur will provide a professional platform for the auction to be streamed worldwide on the internet. It only takes a logon to access the streaming from the auctions. Please contact the Customer Department, if you want your individual password to get access to the broadcasting. Strict security will of course be upheld.

Please be informed, that we have made some changes of the April auction.

With this initiative, we are pleased to give buyers and customers the opportunity to strengthen their business relationships.

Dates of the April auction 2011 The April auction will be moved one day forward. Therefore, the dates of the April auction 2011 are: Inspection: 3 to 7 April Sales: 8 to 12 April

Holiday closing

The change has been made to accommodate our Jewish customers’ wish to be home for Passover. April offering The April offering is reduced to 4.5 million mink skins. Stardust and Jaguar will not be offered in April as announced previously. Instead we will offer this season’s total offering of Stardust and Jaguar at the June sale thereby making a more attractive collection to the benefit of both farmers and customers.

A PRIL 2011

Easter holidays: Thursday 21 April to Monday 25 April National holiday: Friday, 20 May Ascension Day: Thursday, 2 June and Friday, 3 June Whit: Monday, 13 June

Wireless internet access In order to access Kopenhagen Fur’s wireless network, you need to type in a code to the network GUEST. The access code is AUCTIONxx2010.


News in brief

Top lot buyer for the second time

Male top lot bought because of Danish fur history

The buyer of the female top lot, Mr. Di Guofang is not a novice buyer. At the February auction, he bought a top lot for the second time to benefit from the new initiative taken by Kopenhagen Fur

The buyer of the male top lot has made ambitious plans for his new buy; he will expand his company world-wide

I bought the top lot because of your new attractive programme, Mr Di Guofang says. He is the founder of his Chinese company’s brand, Saint Vied. He bought the Black Velvet 2 female top lot for 1,170 DKK per skin. He is the establisher of Saint Vied Fur Company in China, which creates exclusive fur garments for both men and women. In connection with the February auction, Kopenhagen Fur introduced a new marketing programme for the buyers of top lots, which includes an educational day with Kopenhagen Studio’s designers in April and also presentation of up to five styles in the Naffem Show in Montreal. - We are looking forward to working with top fur technicians as well as your assistance in promoting our brand, Saint Vied. I thank Kopenhagen Fur for the consideration for customers, Mr Di Guofang says.

Already on Mr Lu Bicun’s arrival at the February auction, his focus was set on the Glow Velvet male top lot for a specific reason. - I bought the top lot because of Danish fur’s great history. It is the best quality in the world, Mr Lu Bicun said about the top lot, which he bought for 810 DKK per skin. He is the owner of London-registered company SHELIS U.K., for which he has ambitious plans- It implies a close cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur, and that is where the new marketing programme, that goes with the top lot, comes into the picture. - The new programme is very interesting for SHELIS. We are looking forward to getting new inspiration from Kopenhagen Studio. Hopefully, their and our designers can compliment each other, says Mr Lu Bicun. The best fur quality and new designs shall strengthen SHELIS’ profile.

Mr Di Guofang is a loyal customer, and he goes for the best possible skin quality. Usually, he buys skins of Kopenhagen Purple and Platinum qualities, because he wants to show the Chinese customers the best fur in the world, he says. The top lot is bought for a very special purpose. - I want to make a wedding gift for my daughter. Furthermore, I want more young people to fall in love with luxury fur from Denmark, he says.


- The most exclusive fur company with the most luxurious styles in the world is my ambition. We want to combine fur with other exclusive materials, and the garments will cost approx. 500,000 DKK each, says Mr Lu Bicun. SHELIS is already a well-known company in China. A new office will be opened in Beijing with the ambitious object of promoting exclusive designs to the whole world. - I have a desire to achieve the best in the world, and therefore I buy skins at Kopenhagen Fur’s auctions, Mr Lu Bicun says.


Chinese Vogue visited Copenhagen Fashion Week It is not an everyday occurance that a managing editor of one of the world’s most famous fashion magazines visits a Danish fashion week. But not only did the managing editor of Chinese Vogue, Ms YanBing Zeng, visit Copenhagen Fashion Week, her attention was especially drawn to designs with fur. By Marie Grabow Westerga ard

In her capacity of managing editor of Chinese Vogue, Ms YangBing Zeng, has probably seen a lot of fashion around the world. But even before she became managing editor of Vogue, she had an opinion of fashion as she graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. With her knowledge and experience, YangBing Zeng is not easy to impress, but some of the shows at Copenhagen Fashion Week really impressed her. - The designer Ole Yde’s show at the Royal Danish Theatre was really beautiful. The atmosphere, the music and the clothes all came together in one big symbiosis, YanBing Zeng says. She also liked the creativity behind the young designer David Andersen’s show. He showed his male clothes line in a movie theatre as a 3D movie. Both designers used fur in their collections, and they have both worked together with Kopenhagen Studio to get a creative expression using fur in their designs. Creativity and new ideas are often what impresses YanBing Zeng when she sees fashion shows. Even though she liked most of the shows performed during Copenhagen Fashion Week, she thinks that Chinese designers take more notice of the creative expression. - A lot of the shows I have seen here are more commercial than Chinese fashion shows normally are. The Chinese designers do not think so much about selling the clothes when they put on a show as they do about showing

A PRIL 2011

worth seeing. - The Chinese designers can really learn something about details in the clothes from the Danish designers. The Danes are really excellent with details, and that makes the clothes much more interesting, YanBing Zeng says.

“I believe that it is every woman’s dream, Chinese or no Chinese, to have a fur coat.” their ideas. Therefore, their shows are often quite spectacular to see, YanBing Zeng says. She thinks that Danish designers can learn something from the Chinese designers, i.e. how to make their shows entertaining and

Every girl’s dream Even though YanBing Zeng had a busy schedule during the fashion week, she had time to pay a visit to Kopenhagen Studio to see how fur is used in new and different ways. She was very impressed by all the new techniques in fashion designs. - There are so many possibilities with fur, it is not just for coats. I can see great potential in the Chinese market for accessories made of fur, YanBing Zeng says. Not that she thinks that fur coats will no longer be fashion soon. She just thinks that accessories may be another field for fur articles in the fashion industry. - I believe that it is every woman’s dream, Chinese or not, to have a fur coat, YanBing Zeng says. She considers Kopenhagen Studio a great help for designers to learn how to use fur in innovative ways, and believes that places like Kopenhagen Fur can help fur become part of the fashion future. - Some people consider fur to be mainly for the mature woman, and the challenge is to make it just as attractive for younger women. Places like Kopenhagen Studio meets that challenge, YanBing Zeng says.


“It was amazing! It’s almost art. It was very inspiring.” Iben Hjejle said.

FUR IN focus at copenhagen fashion week With a splendid show, Kopenhagen Fur released the Copenhagen Fashion Week at the town hall of Copenhagen. During the week it became obvious, that fur is an important actor in fashion By Rasmus Palsgård RPB@KOPENHAGENFUR.COM

Great surroundings, expectant guests and high-level fashion embellished Kopenhagen Fur’s opening show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. To demonstrate that Danish fur is leading in international fur fashion, Kopenhagen Fur had invited nine high profile designers from six different countries, who individually illustrated the versatility of fur. - Lars Wallin, who has designed dresses for the Swedish crown princess Victoria, says that “Danish fur is very delicate in use. It is vivid in appearance and has many dimensions”. Swedish designer Lars Wallin has been working with Danish fur on his latest collection, which is designed in cooperation with Kopenhagen Studio. Lars Wallin has been praised by many


for his designs, which combined several colours. Award winner Anne Valerie Hash was another of the designers who among other things presented fur through innovative swakara waistcoats. Gaspard Yurkievich is also worth mentioning for his exciting green and yellow mink gloves. Silas Adler, who is behind the menswear brand Soulland, was the only Danish designer at the show. He was chosen because of the international break-through of his suits inspired by the American Civil War. He presented a brown mink coat and a backpack with elements of mink in the design. - Actually, I based my design on the classic women’s mink coat, with a stamp of

street-wear. When it comes to menswear it is important, that it is not gaudy and weird, Silas Adler said. Show celebrities The Danish government was wellrepresented at the show. Among them, Minister for Economy and Business, Brian Mikkelsen. He was very enthusiastic about the show. Furthermore, the guest list included the ambassadors of China, Russia and Italy. Several Danish celebrities were also in attendance. Actress Iben Hjejle, who is the face of Kopenhagen Fur this season, was very impressed by the show. - “It was amazing! It’s almost art. It was very inspiring” Iben Hjejle said.


A demonstration of the versatility of fur During the week, a large group of Danish designers, the well-established as well as upcoming talents, supported by Kopenhagen Fur, revealed their version of fur in fashion. This involved everything from modern street-wear to classic haute couture, and the designers were wellreceived by the press. - We chose to support a wide range of Danish designers. We have a lot of talent in Denmark with great distinction, which gives us the possibility of showing the potential variety in the use of fur, Patrizia Venturelli Christensen, Marketing Director of Kopenhagen Studio, said.

Kopenhagen Fur Design and Production Manager, Mr Micheal Holm and Swedish

Lars Wallin, who has designed dresses for the Swedish crown princess Victoria, says that “Danish fur is very delicate in use. It is vivid in appearance and has many dimensions�.

designer, Mr Lars Wallin

A PRIL 2011


“We want to be on firm ground. It is important not to get complacent and lose focus. Our most important task is to take good care of Kopenhagen Fur’s customers and to show responsibility in the industry. ”

portrait of weixian chen

Education is the best security against uncertainty Mr Weixian Chen, General Manager of Kopenhagen Fur Beijing Office, believes in education which has brought him from the poor Chinese countryside to big business in Beijing By Rasmus Palsgård

Since January 2005, Mr Weixian Chen has been General Manager of Kopenhagen Fur Beijing Office. He has played an important part in the growing success that Kopenhagen Fur has had in China since his employment. Today the Beijing Office’s eight employees are spreading the knowledge of Kopenhagen Fur among the increasing number of customers in China. - We want to be on firm ground. It is important not to get complacent and lose focus. Our most important task is to take good care of Kopenhagen Fur’s customers

and to show responsibility in the industry, says Weixian Chen. Never stops studying His humble attitude is due to his adolescence on a modest scale in the countryside of Southern China. His parents worked as fruit growers in a small village with about 900 residents. They did not make much more than enough for a living, but they gave education a high priority. The earnings from the sale of fruits could just finance Weixian Chen’s university education. He studied diplomacy

“ We have built our relations with the customers on trust. They know that Kopenhagen Fur is the best place to buy fur; not only because we have the best fur skins, but also because we are reliable and help them do profitable business.”



Mr Weixian Chen, general manager of Kopenhagen Fur Beijing Office (second from left) is introducing Chinese VIP guests to Prince Joachim and Pricess Marie in an event called Danish Fashion At Its Best in the Danish embassy in November 2010.

and the English language at the Beijing Foreign Affairs University from 1994 to 1998. In high-school he got the best grades among all students taking the highlycompetitive college entrance examination in his city of approx. two million residents. Furthermore, he was the first child from his home village to go to university. During his working life he has first studied French language during weekends, and then completed an MBA programme at Peking University from June 2007 to December 2009, and a Master of Science in Global Finance at Fordham University New York in 2010. - My parents always told me to study hard. That lies deep in me. I believe that it is very important to become wiser. Therefore, I will never stop studying, Weixian Chen says. He also believes that his personal example is a good case of the social mobility in China. Into fur business via journalism After his graduation in August 1998 he worked on the Chinese newspaper Xiamen Daily. He started writing about finance and business, and in 2000 he became editor of China’s respected English business magazine, China International Business. His articles and knowledge resulted in an enquiry from Kopenhagen Fur, who asked him to write articles for Kopenhagen Fur News on a freelance basis. His work impressed Kopenhagen Fur’s Communications Director

A PRIL 2011

Sander Jacobsen, and he offered Weixian Chen the job as general manager of the Beijing office from January 2005 which Weixian Chen accepted. He is very honoured that he was chosen for the job. - Chen had wide experience from his job as an editor for a magazine with an international profile. His efforts convinced us that he was the right person for the job, Sander Jacobsen says. Sander Jacobsen has been very satisfied with Chen and the staff so far. - They do a fantastic job. They have taken their work seriously and are very independent today. It is important to Kopenhagen Fur that we can get good advice from China; they know what is going on, both politically and businesswise, Sander Jacobsen says. Personal values recur in working life The competition on the Chinese fur market is very tough. The demand for fur is still growing. As a fur design company it takes a lot not to vanish in the crowd. The Beijing Office makes it attractive and valuable to cooperate with Kopenhagen Fur when establishing a company on the market. - We have built our relations with the customers on trust. They know that Kopenhagen Fur is the best place to buy fur; not only because we have the best fur skins, but also because we are reliable and help them do profitable business, Weixian Chen says.

This attitude is part of his upbringing. - You can cheat a person once or twice, but then it must end. It is better to show people respect. I have chosen to be a helpful person, whether I am at home or in the office. People appreciate this, and I believe I am a happier person because of that, he says.

Innovation is important Since his employment at the Beijing Office, he has started several initiatives to show variety in the fur industry. Kopenhagen Fur is the first company among all Danish companies to sponsor a university. The cooperation with the art academy at Tsinghua University creates quite new ideas of how to use fur. - It is the best art academy in China. The mix of designers and artists creates new thinking on fur. Now furniture and other home wear come into the picture. To increase the use of fur we have to appeal to other industries, and I see positive perspectives, Weixian Chen says. Overall he sees a great future for China; the partnerships with other industries and a growing number of customers are good indications. - Fur has always been a strong part of the Chinese culture; it lies deep in our customers’ minds. We are also beginning to see more young people wearing fur coats, Weixian Chen says.


“Kopenhagen Fur is the leader in its industry and keeps fur fashion in the spotlight. “

Kopenhagen fur entered the spotlight with gala show Kopenhagen Fur arranged its own gala show at this year’s Beijing Fur Fair. The effect was terrific and so was the interest in Kopenhagen Fur’s stand at the fair. By Rasmus Palsgård and hans løgstrup poulsen

The aim was to give the audience a broad insight into both the Chinese and the European fur fashion scene. According to Sales Director at Kopenhagen Fur, Mr Kenneth Loberg, it required an event hosted by Kopenhagen Fur alone. - We wished to give our customers the widest possible exposure through an interesting show different from other shows, Kenneth Loberg explains. The choice fell on the theme Fur & Music; a combination of beautiful folk music performed by the locally famous Snow Lotus Sisters from Tibet mixed with rock music played by the Danish band Polyphonics. The two musical performances complemented the fashion show presenting fur styles worth more than 10 million DKK. Kopenhagen Fur had invited 400 guests on Tuesday, 11 January. They witnessed five styles from each of the 13 brands and designers ranging from Danish Birger Christensen, the most fashionable Chinese brand NE TIGER, Greek Avanti Fur, Turkish GATAFUR to SENS Elsabeli with roots in England. - Kopenhagen Fur is the leader in its industry and keeps fur fashion in


the spotlight. The presence in China is remarkable thanks to the unique cooperation with Tsinghua University and the support to Chinese fur brands, said the Danish Ambassador to China, Mr Friis Arne Petersen, as he opened the gala show. Several journalists and photographers from 35 Chinese media such as Web TV, television, fashion magazines and newspapers covered the gala show. After the show, Kenneth Loberg received positive response from everyone. - Kopenhagen Fur has generated much applause for this initiative. It has really brought publicity and attention along, he says. At the Beijing Fur Fair, Kopenhagen Fur gave a series of seminars focusing on elements such as auction participation, sorting and skin qualities and also fur techniques and trends. The seminars also experienced massive participation. - Throughout the fair, all seminars were fully booked by potential new auction customers. Furthermore, we were able to meet a wide range of regular customers on their home turf, which always makes a good dialogue about future expectations possible, Kenneth Loberg says.


Two of the 13 invited design companies tell about their experiences during the Beijing Fur Fair:

Mr Jens Birger Christensen, Birger Christensen Birger Christensen is one of the most traditional fur design companies in Denmark since the establishment in 1869. The owner, Mr Jens Birger, was very pleased with the invitation from Kopenhagen Fur. - I thank Kopenhagen Fur for giving me the opportunity of attending the show. I experienced a great interest from Chinese customers. Just after the show we sold six or seven mink coats, Jens Birger says. He adds that the participation in the show solidified Birger Christensen’s knowledge of private customers, and that can pave the way for new engagements in China. - The cooperation with Kopenhagen Fur has been magnificent, and hopefully it will continue. We are planning on the opening of a franchise store in China due to the success at the show, Jens Birger says.

A PRIL 2011

Mr Coskun Köluk, Gata Fur The Turkish company Gata Fur bought the White Velvet Female Top Lot at the December auction. Because of the company’s great consciousness of quality it was selfevident to invite Gata Fur to the show. - We are happy about Kopenhagen Fur’s invitation. Our participation attracted much attention from international customers, Coskun Köluk, Manager of Gata Fur, says. Mr Coskun Köluk underlines that the top lot buy has brought prestige and value to the company, and he comments on the idea of bringing fur companies to international fairs. - It is good advertisement for us. It was a bright idea to invite us and other companies to Beijing. Continue that, Coskun Köluk says.


ANIMAL RIGHTS FOOTAGE WILL KEEP REAPPEARING In recent years, Nordic animal rights groups, now more political than ever, have succeeded in making bans on fur farming political themes by handing activist footage to news hungry media. The activists’ successful strategy is bound to make the films continue to reappear. By Mick Madsen

It went as he predicted. In November 2010, Ulf Enroth, Chairman of the Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association, told the Danish Fur Breeders’ Magazine that, come February this year, the Finnish fur breeders’ would face a new series of footage from Finnish fur farms: footage collected by Finnish animal rights group Oikeutta eläimille and broadcast on national television with headlines suggesting widespread animal abuse in the Finnish fur sector. Ulf Enroth predicted that it would happen on 17 February, two months before the national election, and exactly one

2008 The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has inspected a large number of fur farms during the fall. Only to a small extent, the results correspond with the impression created by the documentary ‘Ett skinn av velferd’ (a skin of welfare). Norwegian Food Safety Authority, December 2008


year after the Finnish fur breeders took beatings for alleged animal abuse in the national media. He was wrong on that one, however. The footage was released on 16 February 2011, which, however, did not interfere with the animal rights groups’ strategy to make a ban on fur farming a theme for national elections. - The activists want to create a polarization where you are either for or against. They want to put a single theme on the political agenda which activates people. It is easy to set up an electronic voting poll where people condemn fur farming, when the activists are

campaigning together with the media, Ulf Enroth says. Though straight on the gain, Ulf Enroth is no fortune teller. His ability to predict the future is merely a matter of common sense. Since 2008 national animal rights groups have broken into almost 300 fur farms in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland to film the animals. After every series of trespassing, the vegan groups have succeeded in ‘selling’ the pictures to national media who have published ‘news’ of widespread animal abuse in the sector afterwards. Predictably, the

2009 The conditions in Norwegian fur farms are generally in accordance with the regulations. Norwegian Food Safety Authority, June 2009

Although the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has uncovered deviations during the last weeks of inspection, we have not uncovered issues to the extent and as serious as the material submitted by Nettverket (the Norwegian animal righs group) shows. Norwegian Food Safety Authority, September 2009


Danish animal rights group Anima demonstrates outside the

news stories have been followed by a public outcry and a number of political parties demanding a ban on fur farming – the ultimate goal for the animal rights groups. COMMON NORDIC ANIMAL RIGHTS STRATEGY Even though state authorities have subsequently controlled animal welfare in the herds after each ‘scandal’ and found that injuries similar to those found on the animal rights footage represented a minute fraction of the total number of animals, the public image of Nordic

fur farmers has suffered severely. The national animal rights groups are obviously working together, promoting each others’ footage in their respective countries, supporting each others’ anti-fur demonstrations, distributing electronic petition forms between members and so on. Simultaneously with each media news release, the national vegan groups have launched extensive anti–fur campaigns, which have been carefully planned well in advance. At the two opportunities possible, the recent one in Finland and in Sweden in August 2010,

Swedish Embassy in Copenhagen in August 2010. The Nordic animal rights groups work closely together, share strategies and distribute each others’ anti-fur propaganda. Photo: P. Jørgensen

2010 Danish Veterinary and Food Administration has not identified the picture that was uncovered in connection with the Operation X programme (Danish critical documentary programme) about mink this fall. Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, December 2009

A PRIL 2011

During the inspections, no sick or injured animals, which should be slaughtered, were found. Finnish Food Safety Authority, March 2010

The evaluation of the Swedish Board of Agriculture is that the images of widespread neglect could not be confirmed and no general poor animal welfare has been noted in the inspections carried out. Swedish Board of Agriculture, August 2010


the footage releases and the campaigns were timed to make fur bans a theme at national elections. The four Nordic animal rights groups Oikeutta eläimille, Anima, Djurrättsaliansen and “Nettverk for dyrs frihet” have successfully shared the same strategy since 2008 and it is bound to continue. - The tactics are the same for the simple reason that they work. It creates a political conversation which is what they want, says animal rights expert Steve Solley, a former officer in the animal rights office at Scotland Yard, who now counsel companies in the animal industries on animal rights issues. He has observed that the animal rights movement has changed their tactic from demonstrating in public places and outside animal industries to now going straight for politicians. - Their target is politicians, there’s no doubt about it, he says. Public relations expert Johanna Look, Political Communications Counsellor in Swedish consultant agency Westander, has also noticed the change of strategy within the animal rights movement. She points out that it is a major advantage for


NATIONAL ANIMAL WELFARE AUTHORITIES DO NOT CONFIRM THE IMAGE of animal abuse Nordic media and animal rights groups have painted a picture of widespread animal abuse in the Nordic fur farming sector. State animal welfare authorities, however, do not confirm the images of widespread abuse.

the animal rights groups to have national media to break the stories for them: - They get it through the media, and that gives the pictures a lot of credibility, Johanna Look says and points out that the marketing value could not be bought for money. Steve Solley acknowledges the skills of the animal rights movements political work too, at least to some extent: - They are strategic thinkers and quite creative. They don’t miss an opportunity, I can assure you. But of course their job is easy. The easiest job in the world is to be a critic. Anybody can pick at folks

Following the campaign releases, authorities have checked close to 2,000 farms in the four countries. In all four countries the authorities have registered breaches of regulations. They concern primarily missing or incorrect files and lack of cage enrichment.

in any walk of life and that’s what the animal rights people do, he says and points out that, yes, activist footage is more than likely to pop up again. A point of view Kopenhagen Fur Communications Director Sander Jacobsen fully agrees with. - Of course it will happen again. We, the fur farmers, have to have completely clean inspection reports, because the media don’t bother to explain the difference between lack of cage enrichment and a mink missing an ear. They just love the pictures, he says.


Events in copenhagen 3-12 April 2011


Roméo et Juliette Roméo et Juliette, Shakespeare’s immortal play about two young lovers born under a fateful star inspired Gounod to compose enchanting beautiful music for the story of Roméo and Juliette’s passionate love affair and tragic end. Roméo et Juliette is performed in French with Danish subtitles. 〉 6 and 11 April 〉 The Opera 〉 〉


Madame Butterfly Two cultures meet and ignite a passionate love affair in Puccini’s heart-rending opera Madama Butterfly which tells the tale of a romance between a Japanese Ballet

geisha and an American naval officer. But it all goes

A Folk tale A Folk Tale is a classic Bournonville ballet with a new

wrong in this opera known as the tearjerker to end Exhibition

them all, when Butterfly finds herself betrayed and all

and that of the dangerously demonic underworld. In

Tour de France-French landscapes

Nikolaj Hübbe’s version of A Folk Tale, the stage is set

This special exhibition is a tour of the regions and

〉 9 April

for a dark and disturbing narrative on enlightenment

landscapes in France, where avant-garde artists like

〉 The Opera

versus superstition in a country still battling with the

Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley and Auguste Renoir


fear of the unknown.

settled down and painted.

approach by Nikolaj Hübbe. A story of mistaken identity inspired by ancient Danish folk tales, the ballet is suffused with romantic tension between this world

〉 4, 5 and 8 April

〉 From 8 April until September 2011

〉 The Opera

〉 Ordrupgaard Museum



her dreams crushed into dust. Madame Butterfly is performed in Italian with Danish subtitles.


La Boheme La Bohème is Puccini’s most popular opera, telling the story of young poet Rodolfo and Mimi, the seamstress, who fall in love in Paris on Christmas Eve. La Bohéme is performed in Italian with Danish subtitles. 〉 12 April 〉 The Opera 〉

A PRIL 2011


Kopenhagen Fur Auction schedule and Offering 2010/11

Kopenhagen Fur Offering 2010/2011 In the season 2010/2011, Kopenhagen Fur expects to offer a total of 20.5 million mink skins. Types and Sizes to be offered at the individual auctions 2010/2011 appear from the schedule below.

Sizes Males Black Mahogany Brown Glow Silverblue White Pearl






30-00 30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 30-00 30-00 30-00

40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 30-00

30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 30-00 30-00 30-00

50-40-30-00 50-40-30-00 40-30-00 40-30-00 50-40-30-00 50-40-30-00 50-40-30-00

30-00 30-00 50-40-30-00 50-40-30-00






1-2 1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2

0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 1-2

1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2

00-0-1-2 00-0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 00-0-1-2 00-0-1-2 00-0-1-2

1-2 1-2 00-0-1-2 00-0-1-2

Sizes Females Black Mahogany Brown Glow Silverblue White Pearl

Other sizes of the above males and females

As regards other types, sizes to be offered

Black Velvet short nap 2 will be offered

will be offered at the relevant auctions when

will depend on the number of skins

at the February and June auctions. Other

a sufficient number of skins is available.


Velvet types will be offered in June.



Auction Schedule 2010/2011 Kopenhagen Fur is pleased to announce the auction schedule 2010/2011: December 2010 Inspection: From 12 December Sales: 15 and 16 December

April 2011 Inspection: Sales:

From 3 April 8 to 12 April

February 2011 Inspection: From 7 February Sales: 11 to 14 February

June 2011 Inspection: Sales:

From 13 June 19 to 24 June

Selling days

December 15-16

February 11-14

September 2011 Inspection: From 8 September Sales: 14 to 19 September

April 8-12

June 19-24

September 14-19

Mink Black




Pearl Beige

Golden Pearl




Black Cross

Var. Cross



Blue Iris




Var. mutations

1,2 - 1,5m

4,0 - 4,4m

4,8 - 5,2m

4,8 - 5,2m

4,8 - 5,2m


Rex Rabbits

• •

Total mink

Other skins



Specific figures will be published on our website later. We reserve the right to make changes.

A PRIL 2011


copenhagen hotels We urge you to make your hotel reservations as early as possible.


Cat. Address Telephone

Norlandia Star


Colbjørnsensgade 13,

1652 V

+ 45 3322 1100

Du Nord


Colbjørnsensgade 14,

1652 V

+ 45 3331 7750



Vesterbrogade 23-29,

1620 V

+ 45 3378 8000

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen


Molestien 11,

2450 SV

+ 45 7012 7373

Glostrup Park


Hovedvejen 41,

2600 Glostrup + 45 4396 0038



Toldbodgade 24,

1253 K

+ 45 3374 1414

Hotel Mayfair


Helgolandsgade 3 ,

1653 K

+ 45 7012 1700

Scandic Glostrup


Roskildevej 550,

2600 Glostrup + 45 4343 4200

Scandic CPH


Vester Søgade 6,

1601 V

Scandic Hvidovre


Kettevej 4.

2650 Hvidovre + 45 3686 0400

Scandic Sydhavn


Sydhavns Plads 15,

2450 SV

+ 45 8833 3666

Radisson Blu Royal



1611 V

+45 3342 6000

Radisson Blu Scandinavia* (F)

Amager Blv. 70,

2300 S

+ 45 3396 5000

Marriott - 5 stars**


Kalvebod Brygge 5,

1560 V

+ 45 8833 9900

Scandic Webers


Vesterbrogade 11B

1620 V

+ 45 3331 1432

Skt. Petri - 5 stars


Krystalgade 22,

1172 K

+ 45 3345 9800

A PRIL 2011

+ 45 3314 3535

Hotel rates Cat. A



Cat. B



Cat. C



Cat. D



Cat. E



Cat. F

Dkk 1200-1400

Cat. G

Dkk 1400-1800


Contact Kopenhagen Fur E-mail: Phone: +45 4326 1000 fa x: +45 4326 1126


Cashier Torben Nielsen Managing Director

kenneth loberg sales director

Inge Ă˜stermand Secretary (Management)

Laila webler Cashier

+45 4326 1042 (secr.)

+45 4326 1201

+45 4326 1042

+45 4326 1413

Customer department

Area Managers Brian Tufvesson head of Customer dept.

Birgit friis Secretary

Andrej Rumjancev Area Manager, Russia

+45 4326 1431

Christiane Rautenberg key Account manager +45 4326 1442

+45 4326 1401 Annette hindborg key Account manager

Anne Lunn key Account manager

Ahmet Aydin key Account manager

Leo Boutis Area Manager, Greece

+45 4326 1440

+45 4326 1443

+45 4326 1441

mob. +30 693 242 5858


Beijing Office

Paul Pedersen Chief auctioneer

Per Knudsen Chief auctioneer

Weixian Chen general manager

Lisa Yu manager, customer service

+45 4326 1203

+45 4326 1208

mob. +86 135 0118 1720

mob. +86 139 1156 8019

Stig Reinhold Sales manager, auctioneer

Klaus Harlev Auctioneer

Chris Cui manager, marketing

ariel tan Customer service

+45 4326 1209

+45 4326 1415

mob. +86 139 1093 7964

mob. +86 138 1002 2921

Kasper S. Reinbacher controller, Global fur finance, Auctioneer +45 4326 1422

Quality department

qualit ydepartment@

angela Liu Customer service mob. +86 138 1055 4761

farmer service



Bjarne Rasmussen head of Quality dept.

Ole B. Larsen Head of farmer service

Kathrine engberg Front office manager

Lis elleby Receptionist

+45 4326 1342

+45 4326 1207

+45 4326 1112

+45 4326 1280

MArketing department Patrizia v. Christensen Marketing Director +45 4326 1102


+45 4326 1103

Communications department natia linneman Partnerships & Alliances Manager

Sander jacobsen Communications director

Søren Jespersen Media Manager

+45 7213 5013

+45 4326 1063

+45 4326 1289


The Fusion between Ceramic, 18K Red Gold and Rubber.

Klarlund is proud to present Hublot in Copenhagen. Experience our selection of their exclusive watches at our premium stores



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T. 33 11 53 10 27

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Kopenhagen Fur News, April 2011  
Kopenhagen Fur News, April 2011  

Kopenhagen Fur News, April 2011