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Fur Techniques Kopenhagen Studio constantly challenges the approach to working with fur. The development of new techniques inspires top designers around. Let’s hope it inspires you too.

From technique to style: Black Cross Male and leather gallons

Step 1: Making a calico in order to secure an easy process

Step 2: Sorting skins by colour variation and hair length

Step 3: Collated skins are now sewn together according to hair length

Step 4: Planning and measuring the sizes for shreds

Step 5: The assembled skins are cut in shreds

Step 6: The leather used in the front panel is cut into shape

Step 7: The shreds are now sewn onto the leather. The leather controls the rounding of the style

Step 8: The front panel is sewn onto the body of the style and then nailed

Step 9: The padding is applied on the inside of the style in order to maintain the shape of the style and protect the lining

Step 10: The finishing touches are made to sleeves

From technique to style: Mink dots

Step 1: Double adhesive film is applied to the warm skin side

Step 2: To protect the hair side, the skin is placed on a nailboard before cutting

Step 3: A drilling machine is used to cut out the mink dots

Step 4: Mink dots are applied to the skin in a carefully thought pattern which ensures balance in the hair and tones

Step 5: The mink dots are now aligned

Fur fabrication  

Fur fabrication