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What we had expected but obviously not hoped for finally happened, namely that prices of fur fell sharply. Unfortunately, the first auctions of the season also showed so much uncertainty in the international fur market that we did not succeed in establishing a credible market price. The price drop was expected for many reasons. Basically there is a very good and stable demand for fur. Fur is in fashion, not only as fur garments but also as trimmings. It is also gratifying to see that fur is increasingly used in non-traditional contexts like for instance the shoe industry, the furniture industry and for accessories like bags. Fur is so popular that even in traditional anti-fur countries and cities like Germany and London, fur sales are soaring. At the same time, we can rejoice in the fact that the economy and consumer spending in China and Russia and other important markets have been in top form in recent years. All this is still in effect. Moreover, there is a positive outlook for our industry in the medium term. The problem is that we have seen a dramatic expansion of the capacity in our industry, among others in China. One fur centre after the other has shot up at a rate far exceeding the growth of the actual consumption of fur. The new centres are stocked with goods that have helped to create an excess demand for skins and thus for a period, the total demand for fur skins has been greater than the growth in the total fur sales to consumers. The fur production has been unable to keep up with the demand for the

Februa ry 2014

These price fluctuations are, of course, highly undesirable, but it is a consequence of the nature of our business. This is the way it is and will always be. The good news is that consumers still love fur and that the lower prices will enable even more consumers to invest in a piece of fur. Photo: Helle Moos

sole reason that it takes time to expand production. It takes time to get the necessary permits, it takes time to build farms and it takes the time that nature requires to make a fur animal ready for harvest. It is like getting ketchup out of a bottle. You shake and bang the bottle and suddenly there is hole and ketchup is pouring out in excessive quantities. That is exactly what will happen this season. The supply of skins will almost explode while capacity at the sales level will no longer be expanded. When demand decreases while supply is growing rapidly, the bubble bursts and prices fall significantly. This trend is accelerated by the mild winter.

These price fluctuations are, of course, highly undesirable, but it is a consequence of the nature of our business. This is the way it is and will always be. The good news is that consumers still love fur and that the lower prices will enable even more consumers to invest in a piece of fur. Simultaneously, the sharp decrease is an important signal to farmers to reduce production. However, I think that the market relatively quickly will recover its balance.


AAA - The new black Kopenhagen Fur introduces an extension to the existing range of fur types at the February auction - AAA mink. By Michael Abilon

Black is back. The North American Black is a special type of mink which is slightly different from the European Black. Originally from North America, the name AAA refers to its heritage from the Arctic Region, North America and the Atlantic Ocean. The skins will be available during the February auction. The AAA label represents a skin that fulfills the perception of a North American mink type; it has thick underwool and short , fine top hair. - We are dealing with a type of skin which is different primarily due to the thicker wool in combination with the shorter nap which will give designers an added dimension to work with, says Per Knudsen,


Chief Auctioneer at Kopenhagen Fur. It is not the first time North American black mink will be sold at Kopenhagen Fur, but it is the first time that buyers have the opportunity to purchase them in large quantities. The introduction of AAA by Kopenhagen Fur is an effort to create a signature label that runs parallel with the other skins. However, AAA differs from our collection, not only by originating from a different type of mink, but also by having their own label. Skins sold under this brand will be graded individually as part of the new collection. The collection will primarily be intersorted and thus enabling Kopenhagen Fur to offer large

quantities of identical skins than previously seen anywhere in the world. - The skins will be graded by Kopenhagen Fur’s staff specifically trained for the task. These graders have extensive experience in fine grading and Kopenhagen Fur’s own labelling programmes, says Per Knudsen. - I am very excited that we are able to bring this new product into play. Kopenhagen Fur has the widest range of mink types in the world and by adding the AAA label we have made it even wider. At the same time we are able to strengthen our offering of Black mink. By presenting the AAA label at the February auction, we will be


even better at accommodating the needs of our customers. Addressing the needs of farmers Kopenhagen Fur is known for supporting the farmers in improving their production, which is why the Danish auction house is also interested in supporting US and Canadian farmers in producing even better North American mink skins. For this purpose a committee with members from Denmark, Canada and the US has been set up and will begin working from January 2014. - This has been done in order to give ranchers in that region of the world the benefit of our expertise. We are fortunate

Februa ry 2014

enough to employ some of the most talented experts within the world of fur trade and we consider it quite natural to assist ranchers who are working with us and to give them an opportunity to draw on our expertise, says Per Knudsen. - The logic is simple, he says. – The more the mink ranchers can increase their skills, the more it will benefit their production which will ultimately benefit the auction house. This cooperation will also give ranchers an opportunity to have influence on the marketing of their skins.

a bright future. He has previously seen other types of skins, such as Swakara, make a noteworthy impact in the auction room. - I´m sure that the market will react positively to this new initiative for two reasons. First of all, it will give the designers we cooperate with an interesting design aspect to work with. Secondly, we have a good reputation when it comes to sorting skins. This means that our buyers have great faith in our ability to evaluate and label various skin types. What our buyers see on the inspection table is what they will get in the lot, he says.

A positive market Per Knudsen believes that the AAA label has


News in brief

Tasari Kürkmod. GATA FUR is the brand of the company. The Köluk family is no stranger to the auctions at Kopenhagen Fur, and Mr Atalay Köluk has previously purchased top lots with his father. - We purchased this top lot for our customers. We know they appreciate quality and that is what we represent. We have a product selection focusing on quality. We have talented designers that treat the products with respect. Thereby we end up with final designs that can be equally appreciated by our buyers, says Mr Atalay Köskun. The top lot will not be used for garments just now. Initially, the skins will be displayed at the Hong Kong Fur Fair.

The third generation took the Chinchilla top lot Mr Atalay Köluk and his father Mr Coskun Köluk were the buyers of the Chinchilla Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur’s December auction. The two Turkish skin manufacturers purchased the Chinchilla skins for 840 DKK per skin. Mr Atalay Köluk is the third generation of the family company

- We are not in a rush. Quality demands patience and we want our buyers to be part of the creative process, he says. Mr Atalay Köluk is only 30 years old, but his experience of fur manufacturing is wide. He started in the business when young to follow in his father’s footsteps. He graduated from Pennsylvania State University in Supply Chains and Information System. However, in spite of his impressive track record he still considers his father as his best teacher. - He still teaches me new things every day. In fact, you learn something new in this business all the time. You never stop learning, says Atalay Köskun.

Kikukawa Rei awarded ”Fur of the year 2013” The “Fur of the year award 2013” went to Kikukawa Rei, television presenter, actress and model. The event was arranged in Tokyo by JFA (Japan Fur Association) which held its ninth annual meeting in November. Miss Rei wore a white mink fur coat by Kopenhagen Fur during the award ceremony. - I’m very happy to be given this award. I never imagined that I would ever be nominated, so this is truly a surprise, she said when she got the news. The “Fur of the year award 2013” was given to Kikuawa Rei due to her extensive work with cultural entertainment programmes. During the award ceremony, Kopenhagen Fur arranged a design contest and designer Hara Nami took a prize of 100,000 yen and a visit to Kopenhagen Studio for her design of a floral fur jacket. The contest was extremely successful with over 2,000 participants from the whole world.



Top lot for top shop

Top lot improves new fur shop

Mr Jacky Ying, owner of the company Tianjin Yingdak Co., Ltd., Tianjin, North China, bought the White Velvet Female Top Lot at Kopenhagen Fur’s December auction. The hammer fell to their bid of 690 DKK per skin. The top lot was bought by broker Mr Si Cheung Wan from Dragon Fur for Mr Ying.

The Palomino Velvet Male Mink Top lot was sold at 860 DKK per skin at the December auction to Mr Simon Li from Lanca Fur Trading Co.Ltd in Hong Kong. He bought the Top Lot with the specific purpose of improving his new shop in Harbin, North China.

- We have been at auctions at Kopenhagen Fur many times, but it’s our first time buying a top lot here. We bought the top lots for promotion, Mr Jacky Ying says.

- I purchased these skins for my new shop. To show my customers how exclusive it is. It am very happy about the purchase of this top lot, says Mr Simon Li.

Tianjin Yingdak Co., Ltd. is a 20 year old company, but they started trading fur 10 years ago.

Mr Simon Li’s company is located in Hong Kong, and he has 40 years of experience in fur business. Visiting Denmark for the auction is not new to him.

Sorting courses for 2014 Kopenhagen Fur Academy is pleased to announce the dates of the sorting courses 2014: Sorting course : 3 to 7 February 2014 Sorting and auction procedures course: 24 March to 9 April 2014 Sorting and auction procedures course: 27 May to 19 June 2014 Sorting course : 20 to 24 October 2014 The courses are well attended. You can register online at – Auction/About us/ Sorting Courses. For further information please contact Ms Annette Hindborg in the Customer Department Phone no. +45 4326 1440 Fax no. +45 4326 1449 E-mail to

Februa ry 2014

- I have visited auctions many, many times. But this time is my first buying a Top Lot, and I will do my best to buy another one next year, says Mr Simon Li.

2013/2014 calendar he 2013/2014 calendar with next season’s auction dates T is available at the service counters during the auctions at Kopenhagen Fur.

Posters For the 2013/2014 season we have produced new fashion posters which are available at the service counter during the auctions at Kopenhagen Fur.


Glostrup location turns 50 Kopenhagen Fur in Glostrup was inaugurated with royal pomp and ceremony 50 years ago on 9 December 1963. King Frederik, Queen Ingrid and Princess Benedikte were guests of honour at the inauguration ceremony. The house abounded even then with customers in white coats. Valdemar Olsen, Chairman of the Danish Fur Breeders Association, gave the dedication speech. He said among other things:


- Fur farming in Denmark is a very young trade, but a trade that has proven to be far more meaningful to our economy than anyone would have imagined just 25 years ago. Previously, the auction house was located in the centre of Copenhagen, but the auction was growing and needed more space. The choice fell on a ploughed field in Glostrup, and on 5 February 1962,

construction began. The total construction included offices, auction room (the current Kopenhagen Room) and an inspection hall totalling 8,659 square metres. Now, 50 years later, Kopenhagen Fur has over 70,000 square metres. A new extension to the restaurants is now underway and with a renovation of customer facilities, the 50-year-old house is undergoing yet another face-lift.


Micillo stands for quality, making everything else just an accessory!

AC C E S S O R Y C R E ATO R S Visit our website Februa ry 2014


Kopenhagen Fur explores new ground During the Kazakhstan Fashion Week, Kopenhagen Fur held a seminar in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The interest in innovative clothing design and quality of the fur is growing and Kopenhagen Fur sees great potential in the Central Asian country. By IZA HAVELUND



There are so many techniques that I have not seen before. I’m very surprised and I will definitely use fur in my future designs, says Rakhmet Mussakhanova, student at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts.

The interest in fur grows in Kazakhstan both because of the rising economy and because warm clothing is necessary during the long and cold winters. Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, attracts promising young designers. After a seminar in fur techniques organized by Kopenhagen Fur there is no doubt that the designers want to learn and develop. That is one of the reasons why Kopenhagen Studio visited Kazakhstan. - There are so many techniques that I have not seen before. I’m very surprised and I will definitely use fur in my future designs,

says Rakhmet Mussakhanova, student at the Kazakh National Academy of Arts. 22 year old Rakhmet Mussakhanova would like to see more European fur fashion in the future. Right now, the majority of consumers in Kazakhstan find the price more important than the quality. Lyudmila Nulberger owns EGO, a fur business located in the Kazakh capital, Astana. With ten years of experience in the Kazakhstani market she believes that the country’s mentality is special. - It takes a long time to get this country

to dress exclusively. It can be difficult to understand the way of thinking here, she says. Development and hope The visit to Kazakhstan took many positive turns. Not only has Kopenhagen Studio established a three-year collaboration with the Kazakh National Academy of Art, an artistically oriented university, which among other things trains young professionals in clothing and interior design. Kopenhagen Fur also saw that the Kazakhstan Fashion Week guests are not afraid of innovative fur design.

Rent a car at your special “fur rates” Please call +45 32 50 30 90 or or contact Kopenhagen Fur at +45 43 26 10 00 or

Luxury cars, automatics, busses - we will provide you with the car you need during the auction.

KopenhagenFUR_190bx135h_februar.indd 1

Februa ry 2014

19/11/13 12.29


Danish fur wins Kazakh hearts Fur design in the best Kopenhagen Fur quality was showcased in October in the Kazakh city, Almaty. Kopenhagen Fur organizes fashion shows and seminars in Kazakhstan to explore the potential market. By IZA HAVELUND

The fashion show was held at an exclusive hotel with beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and patterned carpets covering the marble floors. Press, affluent consumers and designers praised the Greek designs. The Danish fashion brand DAY Birger et Mikkelsen’s coats were recently developed in collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur. - People asked where they could buy


the fur. This interest really surprised us, and it’s great that quality and Scandinavian design sell in Kazakhstan, says Anna Kalituha, Market Development Manager at Kopenhagen Fur. One of the guests this evening was Aidana Kozhageldina, winner of the Open Way Young Designers Contest 2013, a competition supported by Kopenhagen Fur,

and the only one of its kind in Kazakhstan. The contest aims to give young designers the opportunity to showcase their talent to a wider audience. This way they can kick-start their careers by being exposed to the Kazakh fashion industry. - My own design is characterized by minimalism, clean lines, colours and geometric shapes, says Aidana


Kozhageldina. She continues: - I would love to work with fur. I think it is exciting to work with the dyeing of fur and at the same time see the combinations that can come from focusing on texture and surface. I hope that something unexpected and unusual comes from using fur in my future collections. It is luxurious, but still simple and aesthetic, which is also in the Scandinavian spirit.

Februa ry 2014

Scandinavian fur fashion and fur innovative techniques must constantly be developed. Potential auction guests Anna Kalituha sees a promising future in Kazakhstan. - Kopenhagen Fur continues to expand its contacts by attending press conferences, interviews, organizing

seminars and sponsoring the awards for the design competitions, says Anna Kalituha. - The Kazakhs are especially inspired by European design. With the interest we experienced from potential auction customers, it is likely that we will see customers from Kazakhstan at the auctions in 2014, she emphasizes.


Positive Energy for International Fur Industry The 2013 Annual Meeting of International Fur Industry was held in Beijing in November. Jointly organized by Kopenhagen Fur and China Fur Association, the meeting attracted over 300 international fur industry elites.

Themed as “Product and Market”, the 2013 Annual Meeting of International Fur Industry focused on analysis of the fur industry in various aspects including market environment, industry and product development with positive response from the global fur trade. Mr Torben Nielsen, Managing Director of Kopenhagen Fur, opened the meeting with a strategic remark on the structural and development challenges of the international fur trade. Later, Mr Kenneth Loberg, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Kopenhagen Fur, presented the latest research done by Kopenhagen Fur’s Beijing office and third-party agency on the consumer development of the Chinese fur market. The report has given not only the international stakeholders but also the Chinese furriers a deep insight in the consumer behaviour.


- We are dependent on each other and therefore it is important that as a global industry we can cooperate across borders. This is the reason why China Fur Association is important, not only for the Chinese fur industry, but for the entire global fur industry, said Mr Torben Nielsen. An Outstanding Contribution Award China Fur Association is a member of CFNA (China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce) which is directly under the Ministry of Commerce. CFNA provides service to enterprises making agriculture and animal products. During the Annual Meeting, CFNA granted an Individual Outstanding Contribution Award to Mr Torben Nielsen, in appreciation of his devoted contribution to the fur industry. As the only foreign company,

Kopenhagen Fur also entered into the Council of China Fur Association. Mr Torben Nielsen and Mr Kenneth Loberg were appointed Honorary President and Vice President of China Fur Association, which means that Kopenhagen Fur is actively involved in the new platform that serves for the healthy development of the Chinese fur trade. - Over the years, Kopenhagen Fur has been committed to promoting Chinese fur industry to the international level through knowledge sharing, resource consolidating and platform establishing etc. These issues are very important to the Chinese fur industry. I think Mr Torben Nielsen deserves the Individual Outstanding Contribution Award and Kopenhagen Fur is undoubtedly the leading motivator of the international fur trade, said Bian Zhenhu, President of CFNA.


GOOD prices for sealskins Already at the December auction, customers reaped the benefits of the partnership agreement between Great Greenland and Kopenhagen Fur. Sealskins were sold at good prices.

The new agreement with Great Greenland means that Kopenhagen Fur will offer sealskins at all five annual auctions. The skin is not the primary reason for seal hunting. Seal is eaten all year in Greenland, and seal hunting is central to Greenlandic culture. Fur grader Finn Marqvardsen is acutely aware of what this means for the skins. – Seals are caught all year in Greenland. The skin is a by-product of the seal, as the seal is actually caught for its meat. No

Februa ry 2014

attention is therefore paid to whether the seal has its summer or winter coat, which is something we consider in our sorting. Besides the difference between the summer and winter coat, sealskin is also sorted according to its density and whether the skin is damaged. The quality of sealskin may differ greatly as seals are not farmed. The skins are sorted into three clarities distinguishing between blue, brown and yellow shades. The yellow shade mainly dyed.

50 sealskins per box The sealskins are in bundles of 25 or 50 respectively to meet the request of the customers. – The primary reason for this is the weight of the skins. The skins weigh 0.5 kg on average, so the boxes will weigh about 25 kg, making them easier to handle. If we bundled 100 skins, it would make it difficult for Kopenhagen Fur to organise and dispatch the boxes from the warehouse, says Finn Marqvardsen.


F USION COL L EC T ION Be creative. Bring a unique expression of jewelry to life.

AM A G E R T O R V 4


+ 45 70 12 3 4 2 0


Februa ry 2014


Skiing in fur SOS Sportswear recently entered into a collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur to incorporate fur in their design. This new line of ski wear and outerwear was presented at a fashion show in November.

Over the past 30 years, SOS Sportswear has been one of the most remarkable Scandinavian brands in the international marketplace for ski wear and outerwear. The new owners have a new vision for the brand


– and quality fur from Kopenhagen Fur is now an important part of the design. - Kopenhagen Fur is a Danish business with in-depth knowledge of the international requirements to be met by a Scandinavian

design company. We have chosen to set the standards ourselves, and they have attracted attention. The purpose of our relaunch was to tell everyone that we’re introducing something really new and to create


Over the past 30 years, SOS Sportswear has been one of the most remarkable Scandinavian brands in the international marketplace for ski wear and outerwear. The new owners have a new vision for the brand – and quality fur from Kopenhagen Fur is now an important part of the design.

expectations and surpass them. Kopenhagen Fur is a valuable partner on our mission to rethink sports fashion, says Ole Damm, CEO and owner of SOS. SOS’ collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur has already borne fruit. From the very first season, Barneys and Scoop in New York City, Neiman Marcus in Dallas and Performance Ski in Aspen have made massive purchases of the Danish brand, which is therefore represented in some of the most upmarket fashion and ski stores in the world.

- We are uncompromising in our selection process of fabrics, patterns and qualities. Our collaboration with Kopenhagen Fur allows us to offer our customers the finest skin qualities, combined with our unique Cold Mountain Technology™. A ski jacket is a ski jacket. However, by adopting a more fashion- and detail-oriented approach to design, we’ve hit the mark when it comes to what the modern consumer wants, Ole Damm concludes.

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The fur lobby unites to gain more influence By søren jessing jespersen

A new structure of the political work of the international fur trade has been created to strengthen the ties between producers and trade. The purpose is to streamline the political work making it more efficient and thereby securing the trade’s public voice globally. Historically, the trade has had IFTF to look after its interests internationally and the major fur producing countries in Europe have had EFBA to look after their interests. There was a similar situation in North America with breeder organizations, auction houses and IFTF all doing lobby work. At times, co-operation has been sparse. In order to change this and make trade and producers stand united Kopenhagen Fur and SAGA Furs, including the Finnish and Danish Fur breeders Associations, have initiated and gained overall backing from the industry to modernize the organizational structure, especially in Europe. The new international structure for the political work divides the world in four regions. IFTF changes its name to IFF (International Fur Federation) with regional branches called IFF Americas, IFF Eurasia and IFF Asia. IFF in London, the main office of IFTF, will have a coordinating role for the IFF regions. In Europe, the independent regional office will be named EFIC (European Fur Information Center) and its headquarters will be Brussels, the political capital of Europe. EFIC has its own board and CEO with direct funding from the auction houses and the breeders associations. At the moment the position as CEO of Europe is open and a recruiting process is going on.

- The time is right for the international fur community to move closer together. This must be done first and foremost at regional level since the challenges the industry faces are regional. In Europe, the challenges are national political bans against fur farming and fur on fashion weeks. With the new structure we gather the resources in one office to turn around this wrongful development, says Kenneth Ingman, Chairman of Finnish Fur Breeders Association and Chairman of EFIC. IFF´s international main function is to secure co-operation between continents and implement best practices across. Political issues of a regional character will be dealt with regionally, whereas global issues will be coordinated by IFF. The seal matter is an excellent example. Both IFF Americas and

EFIC will be involved in political work but IFF in London will have the coordinating role to ensure an efficient issues management. The regional IFF offices in Americas, Eurasia and Asia are up and running. - I am delighted that IFF has now set up a new regional structure which will allow us to give much more focus to delivering projects with our members at a local level. The aim of the new structure is to strengthen the involvement members have working with a regional board and CEOs in each region. We are already seeing the benefits in the Americas, Asia and Eurasia with members planning joint projects. In Europe we have gone a step further and set up EFIC, which is a joint new venture between producers and the trade. These new regional structures

Funding has been one of the issues that has been discussed thoroughly in the process leading to the forming of IFF and EFIC. The auction houses are traditionally major contributors to the international work and will also be that in the future.

will allow us to meet the challenges coming ahead, says Steven Hurwitz, Chairman of IFF. The EFIC-board will have representatives from both trade and fur producers. - The composition of EFIC’s board and specific committees make sure that both

the voices of trade and producers are heard. EFIC represents the European fur industry as a whole, and close cooperation with the IFF will be maintained and developed in the future, says Kenneth Ingman. Funding has been one of the issues

that has been discussed thoroughly in the process leading to the forming of IFF and EFIC. The auction houses are traditionally major contributors to the international work and will also be that in the future. Funding will be divided equally between IFF and EFIC.

IFF Americas show the way

IFF Americas, headed by Rob Cahill as Regional Vice-President is now going into its second budget and joint work-plan year. The Americas Board is comprised of the two Auction Houses (NAFA, ALC), the two IFF Elected Members and the one Producer Representative who sit on the IFF Executive Board, plus one Director at-Large and Legal Counsel. IFF Americas Membership is comprised of the three auction houses, the trade associations operating in Canada, the United States, Brazil and Argentina and farm and wild fur producer groups in all countries. The Board drives the direction, while the Regional VicePresident handles day-to-day liaison with the Members and is working to increase efficiencies and effectiveness of program activities, by linking common programs in all countries, reducing overlap and sharing activities and issues will all members in all sectors. Cohesion and understanding across the membership has increased significantly since meeting together as a Region on several occasions. Following the ratification of the IFF By-Laws in October, the Region is exploring its options to be an official entity, underneath the Global umbrella of the IFF. The Americas is currently reviewing 2013-14 activities and preparing its 2014-15 budget/workplan for presentation to the IFF Executive Board in February. The first full Regional Members assembly will took place on January 2-3, 2014.

Februa ry 2014





Copenhagen Amber Museum & Shop by Nyhavn, 2 Kongens Nytorv House of Amber on Stroeget, 6 Nygade House of Amber by Tivoli, 1A Vesterbrogade Open Monday-Sunday •


Events in copenhagen 2-15 February 2014




Madame Butterfly takes place in Nagasaki, Japan

Evita is a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim

Jorn and Pollock are two important artists who

around the year 1900. It tells the romantic story of

Rice. It concentrates on the life of Argentine political

never met, but each in their own way revolutionized

a beautiful amorous encounter between a young,

leader Eva Perón, the second wife of Argentine

painting during and immediately after World War

innocent girl and an experienced man, while also

president Juan Perón. The story follows Evita’s

II. This exhibition focuses on the period 1943-1963.

delineating the meeting between two very different

early life, rise to power, charity work, and eventual

For both artists there was a ‘before’ this period, and

cultures – and a dreadful societal tragedy.


for Jorn also an ‘after’. It was in this period that the

Madame Butterfly - a chamber opera - is arranged

two artists’ work was defined and they achieved the

for a chamber ensemble consisting of piano,

〉2, 5-9, 12-15 February

greatest international attention – and it was in these

cello, clarinet, double bass and violin. The opera is

〉Det Ny Teater

same years that a new, spontaneous-abstract painting

performed in Italian.



Jorn & Pollock


style arose. 〉3-4, 6-7, 9 February

〉Until 23 February 2014

〉The Opera



〉 Concert

Deep Purple

Deep Purple has existed since the 1960’s and the band is still going strong. They have produced hits like Highway Star, Smoke On The Water, Speed King and Hush, and albums like Deep Purple In Rock, Fireball and Machine Head are classics in the history of rock. 〉11 February 〉TAP1, Carlsberg 〉



The Flying Dutchman is the story of Senta, who as a

The Austrian painter, architect, ecological activist,

Influenced by artists like Björk, Lauryn Hill and Kanye

child is told the tale of the Flying Dutchman’s tragic

designer, poet and philosopher Friedensreich

West, British singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding is

destiny. As an adult she is obsessed with the love-

Hundertwasser dreamed of creating a better world

recognized for her high piercing vibrato, breathy tone

hungry ghost captain, and her longing becomes so

and a better life through the beauty of art. ARKEN

and emotive delivery. As of June 2013, she has sold

strong that he steps into her reality – with disastrous

invites the public to share the artist’s visions in an

an estimated 3 million albums and 10 million singles


exhibition of paintings, architectural models, graphic


The Flying Dutchman is performed in German with

art and design.


Ellie Goulding



Danish subtitles. 〉2 February

〉Until June 2014

〉TAP1, Carlsberg

〉2, 4, 8 February



〉The Opera


Februa ry 2014


kopenhagen fur

Auction schedule and Offering 2013/14

Sizes to be offered Males December February April June September Black 40-30-00-0 40-30-00-0 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 Mahogany 30-00 40-30-00-0 40-30-00-0 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 Brown 40-30-00-0 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 Glow 40-30-00-0 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0-1-2-3 Silverblue 30-00 50-40-30-00 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00 0-1-2-3 White 30-00 40-30-00-0 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00 0-1-2-3 Pearl 30-00-0 40-30-00-0 30-00-0 50-40-30-00 0-1-2-3 Sapphire 30-00 30-00-0 50-40-30-00 0-1-2-3 Palomino 30-00 40-30-00-0 50-40-30-00-0 1-2-3 Females December February April June September Black 0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 0-1-2 00-0-1-2-3-4-5 Mahogany 1-2 0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 0-1-2 00-0-1-2-3-4-5 Brown 0-1-2-3 00-0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 00-0-1-2 00-0-1-2-3-4-5 Glow 0-1-2-3 00-0-1-2-3 0-1-2-3 00-0-1-2 00-0-1-2-3-4-5 Silverblue 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 00-0-1-2 3-4-5 White 1-2 0-1-2-3 0-1-2 00-0-1-2 3-4-5 Pearl 0-1-2 0-1-2 0-1-2 00-0-1-2 3-4-5 Sapphire 1-2 0-1-2 00-0-1-2 3-4-5 Palomino 1-2 0-1-2 00-0-1-2-3 4-5

Other sizes will be offered when appropriate numbers of skins are available. Sizes of types not mentioned above will be offered when appropriate quantities are available. All breeders and breeders lowgrades will be offered at the June auction.



Auction dates 2013/14 December 2013 Inspection: 11 - 13 December Sales: 14 - 16 December

April 2014 Inspection: 4 - 8 April Sales: 9 - 14 April

February 2014 Inspection: 2 - 8 February Sales: 9 - 15 February

June 2014 Inspection: 10 - 16 June Sales: 17 – 24 June

December Selling days 14-16

February 9-15

April 9-14

September 2014 Inspection: 1 – 7 September Sales: 8 – 15 September

June 17–24

September 8-15

Mink Black Mahogany Brown Glow Pearl Beige Golden Pearl White Sapphire Silverblue Black Cross Var. Cross Pastel Violet Blue Iris Jaguar Palomino Stardust Cinnamon Var. mutations Total mink

• • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • •

• • • • • • • • • •

1.2 - 1.8m

6.0 - 7.0m

5.0 - 6.0m

• •

• •

• • • •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 5.0 - 6.0m

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 3.5 - 4.5m

OTHER SKINS Chinchilla Rex Rabbits Swakara Foxes

• •

• • •

Breeders and breeders lowgrades will be offered at the June auction in types where the winter skins are also offered. Therefore, breeders in Pastel and Palomino will be offered in September. We reserve the right to make changes.

Februa ry 2014


Comfort Hotel Vesterbro

Comfort Hotel Vesterbro is located in the centre of Copenhagen, the city’s coolest district Vesterbro. 5 min by foot from Rådhuspladsen (central square) and central train station or 15 min by cab from the airport. Every morning we offer great breakfast buffet with healthy organic selection. We also offer WiFi free of charge. At Comfort Hotel Vesterbro you always get a cup of organic Fair Trade coffee, free of charge of course.

Skt. Petri Hotel


“If location is everything, we’ve got it all. Skt. Petri is located at the very heart of Copenhagen’s lively Latin Quarter”

WE MAKE YOUR DAY We pride ourselves on making you a breakfast you will come back for. Homemade and wholesome, rich and tasty.

CREATIVE HOUSE A reconstructed and refurbished department store, the interior of Skt. Petri will strike you as elegantly different and surprisingly familiar. The hotel boasts 268 rooms in Scandinavian contemporary style, 55 rooms have a private terrace or balcony – enjoy the view.

RESTAURANT & BAR Enjoy our international cuisine. Simply high-end food which we love ourselves! A comprehensive wine list includes wines from classic European wine districts and international appellations. We would love to welcome Kopenhagen Fur on Hotel SKT PETRI in 2014 !


copenhagen hotels


Radisson Blu Royal

Toldbodgade 24,


1253 K

1611 V

Crown Plaza HoteL

NEW cancellation policy for 2014 :


For individual reservations you can change or cancel 48 hours prior to arrival, or you will be charged with the first night.

Amager Blv. 70,

For group reservations :

Radisson Blu

Ă˜restads Blvd. 114-118, 2300 S

2300 S


Scandic CPH

Ellehammersvej 20,

Vester Søgade 6,

2770 Kastrup

1601 V


Scandic Glostrup

Vesterbrogade 23-29,

Roskildevej 550,

1620 V

2600 Glostrup

Glostrup Park

Scandic Hvidovre

Hovedvejen 41,

Kettevej 4.

2600 Glostrup

2650 Hvidovre


Skt. Petri - 5 stars

Kalvebod Brygge 5,

Krystalgade 22,

1560 V

1172 K

Until 45 days before the first arrival, the reservation can be cancelled without any cost. After this date a maximum of 50% of the original reservation can be cancelled after the below mentioned rules: - Until 15 days before the first arrival, 50 % of the original reservation can be cancelled without any cost. - Until 10 days before the first arrival, 25 % of the original reservation can be cancelled without any cost. - Rooms not cancelled seven days before the first arrival will be charged 100 %. Date changes will be accepted without any cost on the condition that the hotel has available rooms on the alternative dates. If the rooms, as a result of lack of available rooms, are cancelled, the hotel refers to the above listed cancellation terms.

Mayfair hotel Helgolands-gade 3, 1653 V

Februa ry 2014

We urge you to make your hotel reservations as early as possible.


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oyster perpe tual cosmogr aph daytona in platinum

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Kopenhagen Fur News / February Edition 2014