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Kopenhagen Studio 2011/2012

Trends by Kopenhagen Studio 2011/2012 In today’s world of uncertainty, we want to connect with nature and escape for a moment from the rapid pace of everyday life. A fringe poncho or a silk jacket covered with mink stones gives us a safe yet light feeling. The styles suit the hectic life of a strong, modern woman. Kopenhagen Studio honours the classic, natural types of mink and combines them with fabrics like silk and leather. The colours centre on grey, brown and blue, mixed with sandy beach colours, which allow the natural mink types to shine through. Let yourself be inspired by these styles designed and developed by Kopenhagen Studio with techniques imitating the rough elements of nature. Like feathers on the beach, or waves on the ocean, the styles are airy and light. With love of Nordic nature and the sea, we present to you Trends by Kopenhagen Studio.

Poncho in dyed brown, natural brown, mahogany and black Kopenhagen Platinum mink. Combined with cashmere.

Dress in arctic marble Kopenhagen Platinum Fox.

short Jacket in Violet and steelblue Kopenhagen Platinum mink.

Men’s jacket in stardust, steelblue and mahogany Kopenhagen Platinum mink.

Skirt and jacket in dyed blue and bleached Kopenhagen Platinum mink. Combined with stretched metallic leather and suede.

Shopper Bag in Steelblue kopenhagen Platinum Mink.

Jacket in violet, silverblue and sapphire Kopenhagen Platinum mink. Combined with silk and cotton.

Ring and headpiece in black, pearl and dyed yellow Kopenhagen Platinum mink. Combined with silver, stones and diamonds.

Kopenhagen Studio Kopenhagen Studio was established in 2005 as Kopenhagen Fur’s centre for creativity, innovation and craftsmanship. The creative house, located in Langelinie, in the centre of Copenhagen, houses not only a workshop but also the marketing department of Kopenhagen Fur. Kopenhagen Studio supports innovation within the fashion and design industries, inviting everyone from students to representatives from some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, as well as other creative industries, to come and develop new ideas and techniques for using fur. Here, both established and up-and-coming designers have the opportunity to work with in-house furriers, who offer their professional expertise. These collaborations challenge traditional perceptions of what can be made out of fur. The development of new techniques means that fur can now be found in haute couture, prêt-à-porter and street fashions. Kopenhagen Studio also cooperates with the world’s top design schools in the training of designers. In addition to Kopenhagen Studio in Copenhagen, there is also a Kopenhagen Studio at Tsinghua University in Beijing, where fur designers are being educated. The results of the studio’s creative collaborations can be seen gracing the catwalks at international fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris.

Trends by Kopenhagen Studio 2011/12  

Trends by Kopenhagen Studio 2011/12

Trends by Kopenhagen Studio 2011/12  

Trends by Kopenhagen Studio 2011/12