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September 2013

Issue 1,Volume 2

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Towards the D-day.. Monisha Advani

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Why Entrepreneurship?

September Issue Volume 2, Issue 1

Editorial E-cell has been functioning in SIMSR since 2006 and the journey through all these years has been interesting and adventurous. The endeavor is to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem @ SIMSR through various E-cell events and competitions. The E-cell is constantly working to engage students into entrepreneurial activities, motivating students to develop entrepreneurial thinking and helping students to find funding for their most enterprising ideas.

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Towards the D-Day

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I am happy to see that over all these years the excitement and interest of students in E-cell has increased and this magazine is a proof of the same. ‘Enspire’ aims at providing people an insight into the working and activities taking place in E-cell, also, providing students with interesting stories of entrepreneurs in the campus. There are many apprehensions in our minds about entrepreneurial ventures but, it has always been the mix of new ideas and actions that has brought about a change in the world. Independent ideas and independent thought process not only brings out an entrepreneur but also, opens up gates to think the unthinkable, to recognize the challenges and develop an idea into business. I congratulate members of the E-cell committee on the third issue of this magazine and wish them all the very best for the upcoming events. -Dr. Radha Iyer, Associate Professor Entrepreneurship & HR Development Area, Program Coordinator PGDM Executive Chairperson Innovation & E-cell.

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Volume 2, Issue 1

Why Entrepreneurship?

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Entrepreneurship. It’s a heavy, hard to spell word that is fast emerging as the new global dream. We see movies like “The Social Network”, “Rocket Singh Salesman of the year” and think how cool would it be to be successful entrepreneurs like them, but then again few have what it takes to take the plunge and turn this dream into reality. So why should we choose entrepreneurship? After all, it involves a lot of risks. We have to start a new venture; we have to plan for it. We have to arrange finances and capital for every stage of this new venture. We have to implement the plans successfully and also in case of a failure we have to be bold enough to bear the brunt of it and take responsibility. So why shouldn’t we stick to the tried and tested paths that has a lot less risks involved? To answer that I would like to ask, how did it feel when you were given an assignment of which you had no clue about, and in your limited knowledge you choose to do the assignment somewhat differently from the rest of your classmates (read ctrl C & ctrl V), being fully aware that this may lead to a big “0” in your score sheet; but your assignment turned out to be the one most appreciated by the professor? Well, being a successful entrepreneur gives you nearly the same heady feeling manifold a thousand times!

Volume 2, Issue 1

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Interesting facts about entrepreneurship:  Creative autonomy  Financial independence  Self actualization  Sense of accomplishment  And finally creating something that leaves your mark into this world

FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE: Some may say, even doing a job will give us financial independence, but to what extent we will feel independent depends upon the paycheck we receive at the end of the month. But entrepreneurship will help us decide our own earning potential; we decide our own pay check. So it means we command our money and it’s not the other way round. OPPORTUNITY: How often have we heard people complaining about their job profiles? Even if the pay scale is good, doing a job that doesn’t excite you or entice you will lead to job dissatisfaction. But being an entrepreneur we get the opportunity to decide what the work is like and what we get to do. FREEDOM: Freedom is one of the most important motivations to become an entrepreneur. Freedom from corporate red tape, freedom from office politics, freedom from arrogant bosses. Being an entrepreneur we call our own shots, we set our own destiny. Also the creative freedom associated with it is a driving factor.

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CHALLENGING JOB PROFILE: We have heard and seen innumerable times people joining the corporate world and getting transformed into a corporate robot. You do the same job, in the same way, without many challenges, without many variations throughout the year. Entrepreneurship is challenging and rewarding. We are likely to face a lot of problems and challenges like competition, funding, planning etc, but challenges breed solutions and experiences and these experiences act as pillars to success. LEGACY: What is a legacy? A legacy is something you create during your own lifetime solely for the benefit of the future generations. Being an entrepreneur we get to leave a lasting personal legacy that can be carried forward by our future generations. It’s like carrying the fruits of your hard work forward for generations to come. FULFILLING YOUR PASSION: Unlike many employees reporting to thankless jobs , day in and day out , and entrepreneur gets the opportunity to pursue what he is passionate about and if he is good enough he can successfully convert it into a thriving business venture. FAMILY: In an age where rising work pressure is causing a rise in divorces and decline in family sizes, with “nuclear families” being the new “it” word , entrepreneurs get to spend more time with their family because they can choose when to work, how to work and where to work from. Entrepreneurs have the option of having home based businesses or working from home too. ACCOMPLISHMENT : How does it feel when you have a brain wave and you work hard to implement that idea to perfection and your hard work is appreciated by everybody ? You feel an unparalleled sense of accomplishment. That’s what entrepreneurship promises us.

Volume 2, Issue 1

Starting the business, tackling all the risks and competitions and earning a profit give a huge sense of accomplishment that only an entrepreneur can get a taste of. CONTROL: Being in the driving seat of your own venture gives you a sense of control. This control leads to a sense of security that every entrepreneur hopes for. This sense of security and control gives a strong boost to self confidence and self motivation of the entrepreneur because the venture is his/her baby.

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Volume 2, Issue 1

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TOWARDS THE D-DAY When you click on the “About Us” tab of, three words grab your attention completely; “We make movies”. It is to the point, crisp and something that will be on your mind for a long time. That’s what Monisha Advani is up to these days. She is dynamic, enthusiastic and an epitome of entrepreneurial acumen. The more you read about her, the more inspired you get. Her unique selling proposition is her ideas; new, innovative and considered the pioneers of their time. When she first read out her business plan to the prospective investors, some demanded control in her venture while others advised her to scrap the idea and get married. Yet she went on with her idea and entrepreneured a one of its kind career counselling enterprise, Emmay Consultants in 1989.

She regularly wrote a column on Career Strategies for a leading publication in India from 1992 to 1998. She was featured in Persons to Watch – AsiaWeek 1993 and was awarded “Savvy Woman of the Month” in 1992. In 1996, she entered the world of recruitment with EmmayHR Ltd., an end to end HR solutions company. Starting with a small bank loan, she started yielding small cheques for petty jobs in the beginning. After some time she got a big break and revenue generation started the revenue system started picking up pace. She led some key international clients in the banking and financial services sector, telecom sector, real estate sector, BPO sector, to name a few.

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Volume 2, Issue 1

In 2005, EmmayHR Ltd. was acquired by Randstad Holdings NV, the world’s second largest HR services company. Ms. Advani had the primary responsibility of designing the strategy and services of the firm. She has a gift of the gab that she put to use by undertaking the task of training and motivating people. Moreover, she mentored some of EmmayHR Ltd.’s key employees. In 2009, she hung up her employee ID and decided that it was time for something new. She has been a strategic advisor to HSBC, British Airways Countrywide Financials, AND Data, Capita plc, State Street Global Advisors and Banca Sella. Ms. Advani co-founded MyFirstCheque, an angel investing and venture capital firm which looks at potential businesses as co-founders and not as investors. This model is popularly known as “co-fun investing”. Ms. Advani silently stepped away from the corporate scene to pay back to the society by providing an active support to many NGOs. Currently, she is serving on the board of MITRA, an NGO focused on mobilising human capital for social development sector. Even after a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures, her creative soul couldn't resist itself from her family love affair; movies where she has taken up marketing management as the job profile and will be working along with Madhu Bhojwani and Nikhil Advani. The most recent production of the house, DDay was a success and there are many more awaited successes. The company is dedicated to their four point value proposition- ‘Imagine. Inspire. Engage. Entertain.’ (The proposition she has imbibed all through her versatile career.) It is Monisha’s first foray in film production and we wish her success in her future endeavours.

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Volume 2, Issue 1

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I am a gym maniac ! Apart from the time I am manufacturing self driving cars and low priced tablets , you will find me in the gym sweating it out pondering over new innovative ideas!!

Sergey Brin, co- founder, GOOGLE I have a craze for dogs and I am obsessed about my adorable sheepdog, Beast. I love posting cute photos of her on my Facebook wall and Beast has a Facebook page of her own which has more than 16 lakh likes !

Mark Zuckerberg , CEO Facebook.

Ever wondered why the Twitter employees are always happy and smiling ? Its because I keep them in splits all the time ! I am a stand up comedian and an actor . Now do you know where twitter gets its humor from?

Dick Costolo , CEO Twitter

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Volume 2, Issue 1


If I was a country , I would be the 37th richest country in the world !!! Beat That !

Bill Gates , Co-founder and Chairman of Microsoft.

I do not carry a cell phone nor do I have a computer on my desk ! I never travel on a private jet though I own the largest private jet company in the world !!

Warren Buffet, CEO and Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway

I was the first man to ever cross the Pacific and Atlantic in a hot-air balloon ! I also own an island called Necker Island, which coincidentally is located in the British Virgin Islands !

Sir Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Group

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