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Rallying Regional Innovation: Forging Future Success in the Columbia Basin Jim Bottomley June 6, 2013 Jim








The ? ? Future

+ e g n a h C


Change results in both opportunities and threats


The key to managing change is determining how to react to it... Actions Actions

to embrace opportunities to minimize or avoid threats


What business are you in?


Work = Meeting Needs

Success = Need Satisfaction


Evaluating an Opportunity Is it on trend? - a need that is growing Need Satisfiers identified? - target groups / defined goals Better Benefits provided? - solutions delivered in a better way than other options


Better Benefits: Attract attention in the age of information overload – drive branding Our reason for buying anything Drive motivation & investment Define the value of each step in a process and drive cluster collaboration

Better Benefit delivery is our collective and individual reason for being!


Strategy for $$$$$ Moving from lowest price to providing added-value ? ¤ Requires focused better benefit strategies ¤ Involves providing specific high-priority need satisfiers better than competition… and proving it over time… your sales “story” should reflect this


Trend Areas 1. Technology 2. Economic 3. Social/Cultural 4. Demographic 5. Political/Legal

Technology is the lead-edge of change‌


Technology Changes + or + Higher levels of productivity based on new technologies - Industry redefinition; often job loss, followed by increased career shifting


Major World Economic Eras 1. Hunter Gatherers 2. Agricultural Age (90% to 2%) 3. Industrial Age

% of Jobs 1900 1951 1986 1999 2005 2008 2012 in Production 69% 53% 30% 15% 13% 11% 7%

4. Information Age A whole new set of opportunities and challenges...


The Rise of Small Business Transitions between economies – maximizes opportunities for small business creation Small business has been the major generator of job growth in Canada – education must be more entrepreneurial Home offices and wired homes – can the office of the future be virtual… and at home? Clusters help! Angel networks and biz supports … aids research… aids growth


The History of Conflict 1. Hunter Gatherers – we fought the other tribes 2. Agricultural Age - we fought the other city states 3. Industrial Age - we fought other nations 4. Information Age - a global collaboration – striving to forge common values for human rights, environment and trade… WOMEN POWER!


The Global Picture 7 Billion to 9 Billion by 2045 ? 1 billion more people in middle class – increasing demand for meat (takes 4-8 units of grain for 1 unit of meat) Developed world pop. growth dependent in large part on level of women empowerment‌ Most important strategy to improve our world: Worldwide empowerment of Women through education


We are in an era of maximum change! We are entering the 5th Economic Era

Trend Convergence: The Age of Innovation


Wealth = Technology X Resources

New Technology comes from Collaboration -Maximum potential now for innovation‌ Jim


Industry Transformation World markets - finding your niche(s) New Methodologies: -Internet -Radio Frequency ID -More complex J.I.T. logistics -Quality & Green Standards Reducing costs – collaborative automation and continuous process improvement key Big wins in client satisfaction possible –interactive transfer of information – knowledge has value! Knowledge comes thru collaboration


Cultivating your Fives Find out your 5’s and engage They can become your market intelligence, salesforce, researchers and promoters Remember it’s about meeting needs… Key Question: Why should someone engage? (quality, reliability, convenience, quick turnaround, great results, customization, excellent relationship)


The Ultimate Regional Alliance: Forming Regional Clusters Centres of Excellence are mostly associated with research only Clusters focus on area of leadedge need, with collaborative public and private sector partners conducting research, commercialization and serving to promote regional economic growth


Potential Clusters? Match with regional strengths On-Trend – world-wide demand themes Connect to lead-edge research and/or application/testing of the better benefit solutions Private & Public Partnerships Putting the puzzle pieces together


Many Productivity Network Cluster Opportunities in West Energy, Mining & Forestry -new ways & new products (alternatives) Biotech – agriculture & health Information Communications Technology Specialized manufacturing Nanotechnology Research Information Communications Technology Specialized manufacturing Western Transport Corridors (logistics) New Hi-tech App’s (value-added niches)


Columbia Basin: YOU ARE‌



COLUMBIA BASIN You Have World Class Clusters: Energy/Power - SOLAR - Supports/supply Metals and metallurgical – slag can score – also, new materials (think nano) Skiing Lifestyle – Para-alpine Training Centre – what about world best in para-alpine design? Specialty Construction – Log / Dream Mt Homes Waste Mgt & Environment – see above Software development – 3D to Geomatics Cogeneration – Biomass / Agriculture Carbon Offsets? – Forestry to Diesel trucks


Regional Innovation & Clusters: Ultimate Goals Develop new products and services which could be exported – creating high paying jobs & economic growth for the area Synergies for Cluster Partners Branding the region to attract investment, skilled labour and additional Cluster partners





3) 4) 5)

Identify future needs that are growing worldwide that could be pursued – the mountain to climb What roles/assets could Cluster Partners provide to pursue? (current partnerships and synergies – future synergies?) Could these Partners develop a better benefit in solving this need Missing puzzle pieces to recruit? Projects? Supports/Foundations?


Developing Vision Rather than focus on the “how’s,” better to define future growing needs and better benefit goals Breaking down silos leads to innovation breakthroughs Jim


Possible Collaborative Vision

1. Vision: micro soil and weather conditions could determine depth planted for each seed with goal to increase yields 2.Capabilities: Soil Science, Agri-Knowledge, Advanced Manufacturing, IT tools and interfaces 3.Could we make smart farm equipment for the world? Help solve world hunger!


Promoting a Region Increasingly, not only infrastructure and business conditions, but social/quality of life factors are important In future, companies will locate where people want to live Community health and positive lifestyle offerings will increasingly be important to economic health


WHY live in the Basin? Easy access to outdoor LIFESTYLE Uncrowded authentic adventure (Fernie’s tourism pitch) Small-town sense of community Lower commute time – More quality time in sunshine Others?



Aging Population Baby boomers currently 47-67 with peak year at age 52 Single parent & blended families are biggest growing family type – also more often extended families Highly skilled people in their earlier years want action, vibrancy & diversity Emerging trend? Baby Boomers & immigrants moving to small towns/rural – seeking nature, friendliness, safety & health care (ambulance response time) The future of crime is fraud (identity theft and title fraud)


Customer Perception: “I’m Not Aging like everyone else.” Recent research has shown: Boomers generally perceive themselves as 14 years younger than their actual age An example: Gap launched a line of clothing for women over 35 – actually over 50 Lifestyles now more important than age


Demographic Trends Attracting skilled labour will be a bigger and bigger challenge Immigration will grow - and diversity stokes innovation Many workplaces now have 4 generations working together – in many places it’s skewed to older and youth


Communication By Generation Gen X’s – born ‘65 to ‘80 (33 to 48) - less in this group – up against boomer power - weaker job market following the boomers, who also bid asset values up (x’s often realists) Gen Y’s - born ‘81 to ‘99 (14 to 32) - grew up in homes with absentee parents - expect feedback and involvement - Employers must coach not boss Both groups are members of the Creative Class – less structured, seeking creative stimulation, want to be involved in decisions & embrace new technologies


Leadership is Changing

Old Management is Control & setting rules COP - Monitor Coercion; Top Down, Leader Directed Total Authority Focus on the present

New Leadership is Motivational & guiding values COACH -Inspire Respect, Selfmanagement, Teams Share Authority Focus on the future


Social Trends Environmental sustainability; connecting with nature Stress relief; seeking life balance Cocooning: safety & security Return to family values - Inter-family experiences sought The “creative class� seeks vitality stimulation & is time-challenged Caring capitalism Remote technology - Alternative work styles possible


Most Important Social/Cultural Trend

The Rise of Individual Power Through Knowledge


Result More demanding, knowledgeable users / customers / constituents Focused need satisfaction strategies are the key to success in the new economy Suppliers increasingly are “partnering” with buyers/client organizations to achieve need satisfaction – integrating supply chains and more robust services Effective communication and leadership strategies are changing



From Mass Markets to Niche Markets to a Target Market of One


The 5th Economy Is Coming… The Age of Innovation A combination of… ¤ DNA ¤ Computerization ¤ Robotics & Process Automation ¤ Nanotechnology

Driven by Customization & New levels of Customer Collaboration Big Opportunity 4 Advanced Manufacturing! Jim


The Life Science Revolution A whole new language – ATCG Leukemia is actually 500 diseases Future multiplication of seed varieties & food types BIG POTENTIAL for new product breakthroughs (From 1991 to 1996 – 4,000 to 500,000 genetic patent requests) Advice: BIG IMPACT EXPECTED The HOW’S will dramatically change in future !


The Information Beast Has Escaped the Zoo Microsoft Data predicts the world’s information data base will double every 7 days by 2020 24/7 communication access Info attacks us everywhere and anywhere +4,000 ad messages / day We’re Good at Tuning Stuff Out… All communications must be clearer and focus on stakeholder needs…


Developing a Compelling Vision Key is to identify the end goals of collaboration, specifically the need satisfaction potential – what is the better benefit impact ? Urban and rural together? -For smaller regions, need focus; not broad Cluster themes but niches, often linked to other larger Clusters


Information Made Intelligent

1. 2. 3.

The key to collaboration is the transfer of knowledge based on the needs of the players – tied to better benefit goals (may have several) Key results of collaboration: Customer lessons learned New technologies / methodologies Better Processes - improved efficiencies & intelligence


Innovation & Success Customer Focused Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantages Continuous Improvement Dynamic Leadership Strong Partnerships Process Driven Creating Learning Organizations...


In The Future… We’ll All Be… Learning A Living


Here’s to your Future Success!


Rallying Regional Innovation: Forging future success in the Columbia Basin  
Rallying Regional Innovation: Forging future success in the Columbia Basin  

This is the slide deck from the keynote at the Basin Business Blender, held June 6, 2013 at the College of the Rockies. Thanks to presenter...