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AUG 2012

Months ago, when Jessica Biel came to town to shoot a movie, my friend said, “She’ll fit in perfectly. All the women are beautiful in Nelson.” Looking around, I have to admit that my friend is right. Never before have I lived in a town with so many strong, inspiring, capable women, goddesses inside and out. From artists to athletes to single mothers and students, this is a town where the sisters are doing it for themselves! Breast feeding is openly celebrated. Roller derby girls rock out. Trans-gender friends, or “gender pirates” as I like to call them, teach us all a little more about creating reality on our own terms. We don’t do it all alone. Rumi wrote, “A woman is a mystery that can guide a wise and open man.” The sacred feminine belongs to all of us who are wise enough to be open to its mystery. Insteditor, Deirdre McLaughlin


August 2012


Jaymie Johnson grew up on the east shore with a logger dad and hippy mom enjoying Deirdre the best of both worlds cooking dhal and feeding the wood stove and love love loving painting. Perfectly at home splitting wood, Jamie was enlightened by the split-up of her parents and sees it’s positive affects

BLUE MOON ISSUE = BACK TO SCHOOL eta August 31 An Overview of Education... submissions deadline Aug 21

of dichotomy. And wood heat. Moving to Nelson at age 11 years old Jaymie enrolled in Waldorf and loved it having just moved from the, now famous, Crawford Bay Elementary school. Jamie’s most influential person award goes to her mentor, Ted Wallace who she describes as “a fantastic art teacher“ who introduced her to intuitive painting and spiritual effervescence. First Europe @ 17 then on to Nepal where along with her honourable enlightenment came her first dishonourable disenchantment… the really bad guy who owned the orphanage! Then at 17 in mystical Himalayas the truth chakra was officially opened. Peaks and valleys. I caught up with Jaymie at the future Kootenay Co-oP painting the windows and talking about the past. Presently Jamie is at farm-bhala with the crew getting’ it ready for the freaks. In the fall she will reluctantly amble to Emily Carr on the west coat to further study art. Although torn she is 51% committed as of today and IS registered. And she says she is happy to be on her way to a new tomorrow. Michael

NELSON nel·son [nel-sun]: 1. A town thankfully run by women. 2. Historic in stature and anomalous by nature Nelson BC unanimously defies definition encompassing an ever evolving embodiment of enigmatic eclecticism brought about by a burgeoning bailiwick whose bisected bilaterally and mounting views range from baccanalistic booze-bibery to bonneted bucolic biblicism all the way to non-neffarious bikinied Brahmanism. 3. Simply put, no matter which way you look at it, the light that shines through the prism that is Nelson becomes rainbow edged mountain town magic. 5. A wrestling maneuver.

Nelson British Columbia defines the term Girl Power for one reason and one reason only… because it is Girl Powered! Statistically Nelson boasts a two to one ratio, women to men. But on the front lines of almost every facet of the Queen City are the fine females. The Women who wake it up. Who shape it, who organize it, who beautify it, who electrify and who dignify and sim-

plify it. And not to overshadow news on the Higgs Bosson the God Particle, but having taken the passed month to actually note just how much of the load is being Mothered, I now see my research has unearthed an even more exciting discovery, and I call it the Hergs Bosson … the Godess Particle.  With women happily handling the incredible range of aspects throughout Nelson

and the Kootenays in general, it happens so seamlessly and naturally, that it is easy and common to overlook just how many awesome women make the machine that we all live in operate. Hopefully one day the whole world will be like Nelson and run by the ladies. It seems the guys have been driving long enough………. Only girls can save the world!  Michael

vv Olive oil, love/gratitude charged clean water, beeswax, lye and essential oils. No synthetics. It is very gentle to your skin, creamy, (good for shaving), and lasts a long time if dried between use on a slatted soap tray. Infused with love and healing for all. Inspired by black manx cat BC, who graced this planet for 23 years! Sold at EcoSociety farmers markets in Nelson on Wednesdays & Saturdays, and Gaia Rising on Baker St. Nelson.




LOCAL HEROES he·ro [heer-oh]: 1. a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities. 2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal: He was a local hero when he saved the drowning child; 3. Mark Emory; 4. Tupac Shakur; 5. You tell us!

Born in 1879, in Whitby, England, the daughter of a train engineer and his wife, Gertie had to make sure her father actually made it for his shifts and accompanied him on his routes to Kaslo, helping him shovel coal. She learned to run the engine herself to enable her constantly drunken father to keep his job so they would not starve. Stranded in Kaslo, she found what honest work she could get as a woman paid only starveling wages. She cut her hair off short, disguised herself as a young man and hired on as a coal hand on the sternwheelers. Gertie was finally discovered after an explosion in the engine room blinded her in her right eye and knocked her unconscious. She was taken to the hospital where the attending doctor realized she was a woman. Without even compensation for her injury she was fired, nor would any other steam company hire her on nobody hired women. Furious that she was not allowed to do the work she was good at merely because she was not a man, Gertrude Imogene Stubbs swore vengeance on the steamlines and Gunpowder Gertie, was born. The law could never catch her. The sleek and speedy Tyrant Queen could outrun anything else in the water at the time and Gertie knew every little twist and turn, isle and inlet on the lake system. She was betrayed by one of her own men, an engine man dissatisfied with his share of the booty. No one has yet discovered the resting place of Gunpowder Gertie’s gold. “Gunpowder Gertie – Pirate Queen of the Kootenays” by Carolyn McTaggart Read more @

GIRL POWER girl pow·er [gurl pou-er] 1. A movement to recognize and work to end the oppression of women in any form. 2. A term originally coined by the Riot Grrrl movement of the early 1990s, then hijacked by British pop group the Spice Girls, who famously used it as their motto.

Rapex tm Rape has become endemic in South Africa, so a medical technician named Sonette Ehlers developed a product for women to fight back. She never forgot a rape victim telling her forlornly, “If only I had teeth down there.” Ehlers created a product she called Rapex, a tube with barbs inside. The woman inserts it like a tampon and any man who tries to rape the woman impales his penis on the barbs and must go to an emergency room to have the Rapex removed. I am unclear why Rapex cannot be removed from a flaccid penis, but perhaps by then the damage is done and manipulating the device causes further damage. Would you buy and use this product? Might this further enrage a rapist, leading to more serious assault? Do you worry about sexual assault/rape? What about date rape drugs? How do you keep yourself safe? Pega Ren Pega

Lis Trisnawati (20) from West Java won her first Surfing Championship last year, the Quiksilver Best Java 2011. She also traveled to an ISC Comp in the Mentawai Islands to compete in the Rip Curl Pro in May. She has been surfing for four years and is married (no children yet). Tim Hain Bali

Lee Reid is Commandeering a Greenhouse! Correction, Lee Reid is commandeering an idea. The idea is called SEED and the dream is to share the magic of gardening with elders who are interested in getting out of the house and into some good old fashion Food Producing. Seniors Economic Environmental Development have been given green thumbs up from Council and Mayor Dooleyis giving it a major green light… a portion f the funds have been raised but there is plenty cabbage still required. SEED is always accepting donations of seeds… not to mention computers, cameras an any thing you think might be useful. The metamorphosis of two forgotten greenhouses in Lakeside Park will be complete in time for a fall planting and an entire winter of local s gathering to share their passion for garden in. In the future the plan calls for further sharing when Seniors become mentors in to interested youth both in matters greenhouse related and in turn… life. And like a greenhouse the idea has many compartments and is multi-tiered. If you are interested in planting or simply helping with a little seed money, Lee Reid, like her future corn plantation, is all ears. It’s all about teamwork! Michael

Afeni Shakur, mother of Tupac, is an African American political activist, ex-Black Panther, music businesswoman, philanthropist and all round AWESOME woman. Ibu Kartini was a prominent Javanese and an Indonesian national heroine. Kartini was a pioneer in the area of women’s rights for Indonesians.

LAW law [law]: The principles and regulations established in a community by some authority and applicable to its people, whether in the form of legislation or of custom and policies recognized and enforced by judicial decision.

Sonia & Jolene

No smoking on Baker Street

Apologies to the ladies but I think you may agree,a woman in a power position is extremely erotic. From the time we are kids we see beautiful women carrying handcuffs, sidearms and authority. We all had the fantasies and we’ve all encountered them in real time versions. I would like to present tonight’s Oscar for hotness to the Police Women of Indonesia. Michael


Red meat portion size // Street pretzel salt count // Super-sized soy lattes // Ice cream toppings // Swear words

FIGHT CLUB Call it a schism or call it a sin-drome or call it Canada Man Power… because these sentinels of society keep getting a one way ticket with pay to Super Natural British Columbia every time they drop their drawers. And the minute a woman complains? Slut. See compendium beside for more............................................................

The book written by former RCMP officer Sherry-Lee Benson-Podolchuk is particularly apt in the light of the latest harassment controversy that has engulfed the force. Wayne Glowacki/The Canadian Press

PEOPLE peo·ple [pee-puhl]: 1.Tffhe entire body of persons who constitute a community, tribe, nation, or other group by virtue of a common culture, history, religion, or the like: the people of Australia; the Jewish people; the awesome people of the Kootenays.

My name is Kathryn McCooeye and I am a member of the Four Nations Coalition of Indigenous Medicines. I have come to experience a wonderful resource as both a ceremonial facilitator and community member in establishing good relations with the Sinixt nation; the indigenous people of this landscape. Any trained ceremonial leader calls in helpful spirits to the ceremony to protect the ritual space as well as to bring healing to the participants and /or community. The Sinixt ancestors of this land are very powerful spirits and can be helpful in the support of ceremonies and community endeavours. Their descendants, of course, represent the ancestors of this particular landscape and are a supportive and helpful community. The Sinixt, being a matrilineal culture,

honour the sacred feminine in their ancient laws of ‘smamiim,’which translates to ‘everything belongs to the women.’ Theirs is a beautiful example of the relationship between human beings, our Mother Earth and Her governing laws. Anyone interested in being educated in the cultural and/or ceremonial protocols regarding the Sinixt are invited to contact me at: 250-226-6702 Kathryn McCooeye Originating from various parts of Russia as far back as the 1700s, the Doukhobors came together in a shared belief of living in peace with their brethren. The over 7500 migrants diverged into three distinct groups.The main group was the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood (CCUB) thatmoved to BC to live the communal way of life. Later renamed the Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ (USCC) this group no longer lives the communal

way but, remains a strong body of Doukhobors in the West Kootenay today. The Independent Doukhobors stayed in Saskatchewan and bought individual land titles. Although not communal, the Independents still assisted each other which was extended mutually with BC Doukhobors by exchanging grain and fruit. The Sons of Freedom, which also moved to BC, believed that man cannot own the land, as it belongs to God, so they struggled to live simply. When signs of materialism began to creep in, a few of the most radical of the group would purge their material possessions by burning. It is unfortunate that media sensationalized this one small fraction putting all Doukhobors under one spotlight. Lisa Poznikoff,

pride [prahyd]: 1. That lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people should be proud of their sexual orientation and gender identity.


I was six, and cartoons were parading degradation of the feminine in front of me. My disgust was interrupted by my parents laughter. I bitterly scolded them, and they sat shocked, unable to comprehend the depth of depravity I had borne witness to. From that day on, I hated the repressive force of the masculine, and pitied the willing victim in the feminine. I cursed my body and prayed endlessly to be turned into a girl in order to right the wrongs, rebalance the order. Fast forward, I find myself amid a sea of hormones and peers that assure me dominance and manipulation of the softer sex are key to happiness, success and respect. For a time I repress the rebellious child and become the Man I hate. I am no more than a shell.



I find myself staring at women’s clothes, wondering which I can get away with wearing, then regretfully grabbing a masculine style. I watch myself move like a damsel alone, only to stiffen up straight as I am observed. Connections of the heart are quickly perverted into sex in order that I should be seen as a strong, virile man. The river cannot be held back, the dam breaks. My first skirt, make-up kit, up-do, fake boobs… it’s only been two months since I have let my dream manifest through the practice of being a transvestite, and yet it seems I’ve lived a whole new life. A new faith is born that we as men have the choice to embrace our feminine as an equal. As long as the male denies the female, only girls will be able to save the world. I’ll be waiting for you on the winning side. Eve

KOOTENAYS koo路te路nays [koot-n-ey, -n-ees]: 1. Having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind. 2. Strains of marijuana that come from the Kootenays of British Columbia. 3. Kootenay Time - the process in which it takes an extra hour to do anything.

Lani Maeglin Imre

TECHNOLOGY tech·nol·o·gy [tek-nol-uh-jee]: 1. The branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science. 2. The terminology of an art, science, etc.; technical nomenclature. 3. A technological process, invention, method, or the like. 4. The sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with the material objects of their civilization. 5. Spell check is taking over the word.

With the growing concern about online privacy a company called Surf Easy has created a device for private browsing. For $ 60.00   US you can get a USB dongle that fits in your wallet to maintain your privacy.  Think of a dongle as a USB key, in other words this software only works when you have the USB key inserted. This key is so small that it attaches to a card that fits in your wallet.  There is an added benefit to Canadian users,   you can surf the web with a US IP Address.  Some users in Canada have experienced issues with this.  However, now you can stream shows and music from American sites.  For more information visit: Jono.

Women in technology... “We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, as human truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains.” Ursula LeGuin


Annual Retina (tentative) High tech can make for a high tolerance of electronic stimuli. These stimuli break-in new patterns and re-establish old neurological pathways as humans learn and develop comfortable alternatives to a ‘normal life’ where the elements exist organically. Researchers have watched test consumers’ eye movements for clues to their thinking since the early 1900s. But vastly improved technology in the past few years has helped them actually track retinas to get a true fix on where people are looking, for how long and how often. That information has helped dispel myths about what really matters in design.

Retina Display is designed to smooth the jagged edges of pixels are provide a higher-quality image than previously available on mobile devices. Apple claims that it’s resolution is so good that it makes it impossible to distinguish individual pixels. The effects of the display technology are noticeable in many uses, but especially in text, where font edges are curves are substantially smoother than on previous display technologies.

A Revolutionary new set of plugins has arrived for Google Chrome, allowing developers to bridge the gap between developing native applications and Web sites. With Montage, developers can create rich mobile (or “stationary”) applications using many of the foundations in existing native application frameworks. The crossover of content from the wireless world to the computer world has taken a quantum leap in design, using vectors, timeline editing and grid structuring for a new breed of web application.

the fellerbuncher is to trees what the cottonginny was to cotton what the Trim Pro is to sensemellia. Bunching with it’s giant mandables, felling via massive circular saw and stacking a bunch o trees at once makes light work of lumber, in turn putting a bunch o fellers out of work... see it on youtube.

MULTIMEDIA mul·ti·me·dia: 1.A combination of devices utilized independently or in concert for the purpose of communication.

Social media is a way of life. Whether emailing, blogging, facebooking or tweeting, however you’re connecting to your friends, family, clients or customers, communicating has never been easier. Chances are you’ve tried it; chances are you’ve enjoyed it. Information that is wrapped in a good story has become online currency. Whether you’re a facecrack junkie or a blogger, nothing lights us on fire like a comment or a “like” or a retweet. I specialize in helping women entrepreneurs grow communication strategies that connect people to information they care about; information that gets shared. Good stories. But what makes a good story? A person’s journey to lose 60 lbs and a tip for a truly effective weight loss technique, a market gardener has a bumper kale crop and offers an amazing recipe, or an outdoor adventurer uncovers a lesser-known hiking trail or secret powder stash. Consider what you know that others don’t and craft your story around it.


We all have gazed at the night sky, the beauty and our own curiosity have left us all intoxicated with wonder. We are very lucky to live in a area of the world where light pollution is negligible and we can take advantage of this by communing with nature on a grand scale.  Perhaps that is why we have a street named observatory street. Almost every month brings new discoveries for the back yard astronomer. This July and August will be out of this world (OK I’m done)  July 28: South delta aquarids meteors peak. Look to the south in late evening after the moon sets from midnight to dawn.  My Favorite Meteor shower, Perseids~Aug 9-13 peak will take place Aug  11th  with a warning crescent moon (moonless sky) so we aren’t competing with the moonlight.   The metro show radiates from the constellation Perseus but will be visible across the night sky.  Also  on Aug 13 warning crescent moon and 4degrees from Venus; double shadow transit from jupiter 3:48to 5:08 in the koots. Mars 2deg and Sarurn 4degrees above Spica.  For those interested in learning more or who are keen to peer through a telescope, the Taghum Hall is hosting the Starry Nights Program! (Weather permitting) The goal is Friday evening unless cloud cover then we will try Saturday. Bring warm clothes & lawn chair to have an enjoyable evening under a blanket of stars. David Hall A u g .1 0 , 2 4 /2 5 , S e p t . 7 , 2 1 . / 2 2 Oct.12/1 3 , 1 9 /2 0 , N o v. 9/ 10, 16/ 17


13 GRANDMOTHERS grand·moth·er [gran-muhth-er]: 1. The mother of one’s father or mother. 2.( often plural ) A female ancestor. 3.( often capital ) A familiar term of address for an old woman. 4.(verb) To cheat at on-line poker by having more than one account. It originated when a cheater confessed and said he had originally set up the second account for his “grandma.” 5. Every grandkid’s favourite woman.

In 2004 thirteen indigenous Grandmothers from Alaska, North, South, and Central America; Africa; and Asia came together at the Tibet House Menla Mountain Retreat center in upstate New York. Within three days they formed a Global Alliance for the good of all beings. They wished to help restore the connection between indigenous tribes and the earth, believing indigenous tribes had been granted the role of Earth’s caretakers, for respect for and care of the planet. In 2008, they brought attention to the stillstanding 1500’s decree (lookup: Papal Bull Pope Alexander VI), which authorised Portugal to “invade, search out, capture, vanquish and subdue all Saracens and pagans”.This sanction relates to the invasion of the west coast of Africa and the conquest of the Americas. The Grandmothers wished merely to close the door on past policy and set the stage for a new climate of acceptance of indig-

enous people. The Grandmothers received no reply from the Pope after this request, nor after delivering their petition to the Vatican City by hand in 2008. “It is in sharing the dream that you keep the dream…The way that we preserve our ceremonies, our culture, is by sharing the knowledge with those who would take the time to listen.” Grandmother Mona Polacca, Arizona Recently the Eleventh International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers entitled “Grattitude Brings Freedom” was held between July 26-29th. Traveling August 25th to Oregon, in September they will then be attending festivals in Sweden, Holland, New Mexico and Spain.

Along with their ongoing ceremonies and prayers, the group has produced a film (For the Next 7 Generations, Beyond Words) and meditation videos (Jyoti @ Wisdom Films), a song and blessings music album, books (Grandmothers Counsel the World) and I bet their hugs aren’t bad either! These elders are devoted and delighted cocreators with vision for the simple life. ROCK ON GRANDMA!

SPIRIT spir·it  [spir-it] noun 1. the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul. 2. the incorporeal part of humans: present in spirit though absent in body.

Time nor dates matter here / At Bannock Point everything melts away / Ancient peoples make up the surrounding hillsides / Proud to be a part of the earth / Warriors and Mothers/The lake is glass / Letting go / Releasing it all back to the earth / The fish leap up and eat it / The birds sing me a song reminding me who I am / The roaring creek across the lake / Echoes back at me / Shouting of freedom / The earth opens up here and pours forth life / It fills me , cleanses me, empowers me / I am always connected / That’s all I ever need. - Leah Brown

FREESTYLE free·style [free-stahyl]: 1. A competition or race, as in swimming, in which each participant may use a style of his or her choice instead of a specified style. 2. Music first developed in the early 80’s primarily in the Eastern USA. A fusion of 70’s disco and 80’s breakdancing music, with sampling found in Hip-Hop. 3. A highly experimental method of approaching problems (similar to the notion of “winging it” in many Western cultures). 4. When gentlemen urinate without holding on to their penis.

I am writing this article from the shores of Kootenay Bay as I spend the week here facilitating a rhythmic dance camp with a group of amazing girls. In my own life I have experienced many different movement styles and ways of teaching them and have seen the positive and negative influences this has had on myself and others. I reflect on what kind of experience the girls in my camp may be having... It is my hope that they leave class feeling happy, inspired and positive about themselves and I ask “how can movement accomplish this?” In my personal experience I find any kind of movement to be more fulfilling and to have lasting positive effects when it starts from the inner experience first and is then brought outward into expression. I have seen the most shy and body conscious girls transform into confident movers and performers when we take the focus off of “how do I look?” and into “what am I trying to express?” and “am I having fun?”. Movement can then become a joyful, freeing and empowering experience. Giselle

I always loved to dance, I’m pretty sure I was doing the running man while in the womb. I took a highland dance class when I was 12 and all of high-school I took Rhonda Michallik’s hip hop class at Steps Dance Centre and then stopped once I graduated highschool and only focused on my career

Why do I dance? Because when I do, I feel freedom… liberation and empowerment. Absolute free will. To be able to have the choice to do whatever I wanna do, however I wanna do it. Dancing has given me an outlet to express, experience and evolve my masculine energy, helping me to find balance in my life. For me, I see dancing as a reflection of spirituality… A mind state. A release of mental inhibitions. What people might think of you, what you think of yourself. Can we live our lives like a dance? In the moment… without doubt… feeling confident in each step we take… and willing to accept the next. This is the feeling that inspires me to keep dancing. The infinite possibilities… No limits… Taking chances… Just going with the flow. And not getting caught up in the little thoughts that hold us back from experiencing our true selves. Being able to live and dance with this perspective has given me great strength and selfconfidence as a female hip-hop dancer it can be hard to be taken seriously. I strive to empower and enlighten the women around me help bring equality to the dance floor.

as an artist while attending new digital arts and media at Selkirk. After College I moved to Calgary and stumbled upon a talented, uplifting dance community at a bloc party and the next day I was battling Caroline “Lady C” Fraser, one of Calgary’s fiercest. ‘House of Dangerkat’ a successfull vogueing and waacking crew hooked me up with my first gig for their ‘Addicted’ show. I remember posing upside down on the glass floor in the Calgary Tower and getting a kick out of all the different reactions from people getting off the elevator that’s when I realized this is way to fun for me not to keep doing this. After a year performing and training I moved back home to Rossland B.C. to be with family. My mother, a significant dancer and inspiration in my life passed from cancer. I began teaching hip hop and other urban styles at Steps dance Centre and found that sharing my bit of knowledge to the energetic youth was healing. Experiencing this deeper purpose through dance has been the most meaningful and it is proof that you should following your heart simply because you love to do it. Nicole Bruce

The Kootenay Kinetic Arts Theatre held their first meeting at Kootenay Time with great success. We have a strong core of skilled performers and teachers with really impressive abilities to develop and share in a variety of mediums: Fire dancing, martial arts, contact & traditional juggling, contact & traditional dance, yoga & contortionism. We meet to train & practice 3 times a week for the purpose of producing a show for the fall. Ultimately we are also seeking a venue for classes in kinetic (ie. physical motion) performing arts and fitness. We are interested in auditioning additional performer-teachers with exceptional skills as well as choreographers, costume designers, writers & thespians. This is an open collaborative project of interested & committed individuals to share & celebrate human expression. The vision is a multi-media composite circus – theatre show style so that we may scale a show for a variety of audiences. If you are interested in joining our troupe or assisting at all, email or message me on Facebook. Keith Quinlan

SOUND sound [myoo-syk]: 1. The sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibrations transmitted through the air or other medium. 2. Mechanical vibrations transmitted through an elastic medium, traveling in air at a speed of approximately 1087 feet (331 meters) per second at sea level. 3. The particular auditory effect produced by a given cause: the sound of music. 4. Any auditory effect; any audible vibrational disturbance: all kinds of sounds. 5. A noise, vocal utterance, musical tone, or the like: the sounds from the next room. Sara Zacks


Mogli Talis



Starbelly Jam for me was a multigenerational playground with musical accompaniment. Painting faces was inspirational, dancing to Gaudi was Soul-Stirring. Eve

I always knew Snoop-a-Loop had a shaggy mane, but I never thought that shizzle would take my Dogfather out of the game - Well, it’s all the same to me, keeping his mind on his money living and chronically breathing to “change the game” his colourful language is only going to get more ‘real’. I’m pretty sure the tax breaks on cannabis have something to do with his new found faith in a higher power. Snoop says, “I could never become Snoop Lion if I was never Snoop-Dogg.” Josh

LIBIDO li·bi·do [li-bee-doh]: 1. Psychoanalysis . all of the instinctual energies and desires derived from the id. 2. sexual instinct or sexual drive. Linda




There are Two Major Orgasms involved in Lovemaking, Not One! I was presented with this question this morning - Is energy depleted by the male during orgasmic release? When the male ejaculates, he often sends an enormous amount of energy into the female. What is my favorite thing to do with this energy? It is an opportunity to have even more powerrful, intense, ecstatic heartgasms exploding from my heart chakra (center of my chest) into the male as he pulls that energy from my heart, back into him after sex! One of the most glorious experiences I have had recently involved a lover intentionally pulling that heart energy back into him by rubbing and hugging my upper back extensively right after his orgasmic release into me. The pleasure was mind-boggling for me. He experienced it, too! Kari Star I had arrived to a new, mysterious and magical place, the Kootenay Mountain range, in a town hidden away for the soul to reconcile. Soon enough, one evening, I was sitting on the street out to make friends with the local passers-by. I began to introduce myself with a classic line, “I just moved to town, do you know of anything exciting going on tonight?” One couple, throwback ravers or something, invited me to see a DJ show at Spiritbar. We kept talking, walking downhill. The woman kept touching my chest. She had a cute rear, I followed. They offered me a drink, the woman with the cute ass whispers “we like to share.” I smile and

Lingerie Cheryl Says “ Honey, if you have “been blessed with big breasts, show you beauty off… embrace them! And others will want do the same.” Touche.

nod. “Sharing is nice...” We danced. Everyone danced. And then I left, sweaty. The couple walked up to me again, this time I was decorated with a lap dance and told to behave myself. If I didn’t, they would bring me home, or her boyfriend was gonna sock me one, either way I was on my best behavior, getting a lap dance on Baker. Welcome home. Yoshra Kissing Like a Woman - “Dip me in honey and feed me to the lesbians!” - pin me against the feminine and I’m a total lesbian. Especially when it comes to foreplay, who doesn’t love the kiss of a woman?

Hybristophilia “is a paraphilia of the predatory type in which sexual arousal, facilitation, and attainment of orgasm are responsive to and contingent upon being with a partner known to have committed an outrage, or crime, such as rape, murder, or armed robbery.” The term is derived from the Greek word “hybridzein,” meaning “to commit an outrage against someone,” and “philo,” meaning “having a strong affinity preference for.” In popular culture, this phenomenon is also known as “Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome”. Many high-profile criminals, particularly those who have committed atrocious crimes, receive “fan mail” in prison which is sometimes amorous or sexual, presumably as a result of this phenomenon. In some cases, admirers of these criminals have gone on to marry the object of their affections in prison.

COFFEE cof·fee [kaw-fee, kof-ee]: 1. A beverage consisting of a decoction or infusion of the roasted ground or crushed seeds (coffee beans) of the two-seeded fruit (coffee berry) of certain coffee trees. 2. The seeds or fruit themselves. 3. A cup of coffee: We ordered four coffees and three doughnuts. 4. A social gathering at which coffee and other refreshments are served.

Kootenay Time




A cafe raider is person, male of female, who stays in a coffeeshop too long and takes up too much space. A cafe raider generally orders only one item which officiates their lingering making it very difficult for the coffeeshop owners and managers to politely extricate them. A raider often comes with baggage, hobbies, board games, art and dogs. They need lots of space for their “stuff” and often times ask that the coffee9/10 shop accommodate their dogs with a water KT’s bowl and somewhere to tie the pet up and leave their stuff on the table while they go outside to burn a fat one.The raider is more demanding than normal customers and have even been known to receive phone calls on the house line. Ironically they have a habit of arriving just at closing timeand not ordering their libations and vitals to go… Every coffeeshop world wide deals with the RAIDER in their own manner… subtly generally doesn’t work… vacuuming is a good start. Michael


As the grateful owner/operator of Bean Here Now Consciousness Cafe, I wish to extend all praise and respect to Daija Currie, the first and only person to import Capulin Coffee to Nelson, the Kootenays and Canada! Upon meeting the owner of Capulin over 12 years ago, Daija was deeply impressed by this company dedicated to restoring dignity, socio-economic and environmental sustainability to the lives of indigenous women and their children. Today the village thrives with families intact as Nelson continues to enjoy this 100% natural wildcrafted jungle coffee! Mitch

FOOD food [food]: 1. Any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life, provide energy, promote growth, etc. 2. More or less solid nourishment, as distinguished from liquids. 3. A particular kind of solid nourishment: a breakfast food; dog food. 4. Whatever supplies nourishment to organisms: plant food. 5. Anything serving for consumption or use: food for thought.






The variety of amazing food in the Kootenay’s is as diversified as the women that transform that bounty into happiness. Once again whopping 80% of the food pie chart is eaten up by females. As we look closely at the various dimensions that are seen to



just in the food industry alone it becomes apparent that the lovely ladies not only bring home the bacon, they slice the bacon, cook the bacon, they serve the bacon and even clean up after in the majority of cases. And as evidenced with a pass through the Nelson food court, they do it smiling. Michael

One of the greatest italian Food experiences of my life... The ceasar salad with croutons was superb as was the house red. The veal parmagiana was perfection. Greg Amantea was a classic host. mama Anita a classic italian cook. daughters Alan and Monica serve. reservations recommended. Amore.


Jennifer & Rania

HIGH STREET can路na路bis [kan-uh-bis]: 1. The hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. 2. The flowering tops of the plant. 3. Any of the various parts of the plant from which hashish, marijuana, bhang, and similar mildly euphorogenic and hallucinogenic drugs are prepared. 4. Ganja.



The government of Belize is spearheading an initiative to decriminalize marijuana. Chaired by former police minister Douglas Singh, proposals are being investigated to make marijuana legal for personal use in Belize. Marijuana grows wild in Belize and it is used widely, but penalties are stiff. Possession of under 60 grams is a criminal offence and is punishable by a fine of up to $50,000 and/or up to three years imprisonment. Belize is proposing to decriminalize the possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana which will then be subject to smaller fines, mandatory drug education and no imprisonment. This initiative is driven by increasing evidence that the current legislation clutters the courts and prison system. Permanent criminal records further disadvantage a particulately marginalized group of marijuana users, preventing them from finding employment after prison. The committee emphasizes that the proposal is not to legalize the offence thereby purging it of all its penalties; it is merely to reduce and regulate. This is further supported by international trends towards decriminalization.

TOBACCO to·bac·co [tuh-bak-oh]: 1. Medicine. 2. Direct line to Creator. 3. Any of several plants belonging to the genus Nicotiana, of the nightshade family, especially one of those species, as N. tabacum, whose leaves are prepared for smoking or chewing or as snuff. 4. the prepared leaves, as used in cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. 4. any product or products made from such leaves. 5. any of various similar plants of other genera.

REVOLUTIONIZING SMOKING In 1925, inventor Boris Aivaz patented the process of making a cigarette filter from crepe paper, with some variants including cellulose wadding. Uptake was low due to a lack of the machinery required to produce cigarettes with the filtered tip. From 1935, a British company began to develop a machine that made cigarettes incorporating the tipped filter. It was considered a speciality item until 1954, when a spate of speculative announcements from doctors and researchers concerning a possible link between lung diseases and smoking. Filtered cigarettes have since dominated the market. With classic filter cigarettes, the filter is covered with a corkcolored mouthpiece. A white mouthpiece is especially marketed to a predominantly female target group. White mouthpieces are also used to signify a menthol cigarette in the United Kingdom and a “light” cigarette in the United States.

Cigarette filter.

As good guerrilla journalists we took a measuring tape and tested the theory that because of

Two orangutans at Taru Jurug Zoo, Surakarta, Central Java, have been forced to give up smoking after being relocated to an isolated area within the zoo. “At first they looked anxious and drained, but after two days they looked better and have started to play in the trees,” the zoo’s director, Lilik said. “They smoked only when people gave them cigarettes. They are not yet addicted to smoking. We have supervised the visitors, but how can we control and warn them every time” Lilik said.

the closeness of one doorway to the next , Baker Street in Nelson has nowhere to legally light up! Time for electric cigarettes.

Aristotle Onasis made a fortune introducing smoking to the women of America, who, until Mr. O, smoked very little. The rest is herstory....

STRUCTURES struc·ture [struhk-cher]: 1. The arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex. 2. Mode of building, construction, or organization; arrangement of parts, elements, or constituents: a pyramidal structure.

Blind Faith


Jenny Chix can Fix gets women super comfie with creating and building. If you understand the rules, use the right tools – anything is possible. Projects can be as small as a shelf to as large as a suite, whether it is creating something new; renovating something old, creating gorgeous spaces that reflect your personality is the name of the game. So with quirky quotes, coaching lessons, new skills and connecting with other women. Chix can Fix is having lots of fun.



Have you had it with long commutes? The quality of life and abundant Cultural Centre Nelson offers is an anomaly for a population hovering around 10,000. Anyone who chooses to make Nelson their home has to figure out a creative way to provide themselves with employment. So why do people choose to make Nelson their home? Lifestyle, Political Views, and Affordability (compared to the housing market of the Lower Mainland, and Calgary) have been my observations. The geographical constraints of Nelson’s landscape, & the hard work & visionary efforts to restore the city’s architectural beauty, have been its savior. Thus, avoiding the common place demise of many small towns across Canada, with the highways by-passing the original town sites and the building of fast food/ box store strip malls that have wiped out the individually owned, unique family run businesses. We have managed to hold onto our Community in Nelson. Living in Nelson provides a relaxing lifestyle, where one can walk to restaurants, cafes, groceries, bakeries, butcher shop, fish market, wine stores, local shops, art galleries, live theatre & entertainment, markets, & festivals, not to mention the many parks, and Nelson District Community Complex. We also have access to the back country at our doorstep on the Rails to Trails, for back-country skiing, hiking and biking, a 20 minute drive to the world renowned White Water Ski Hill, and close proximity to Kokanee Creek Provincial Park, as well as the Valhalla & Selkirk mountain ranges. Other Recreational activities include world class fishing as well as golfing and tennis facilities, plus many routes for road biking trips.


Christine Pearson There seems to be a general consensus amongst people I talk to, that we are looking to simplify our lives, get rid of long commutes, walk our kids to school & have more time to spend with them, getting out more and driving less, & Nelson offers all of this. If this lifestyle appeals to you; consider making Nelson your home. If you would like me to set up a personal tour for you, please contact me: Christine Pearson, Sales Associate e: p: (250) 505-8015

HEALING heal·ing [hee-ling]: 1. Curing or curative; prescribed or helping to heal. 2. Growing sound; getting well; mending.

Kathryn and baby Tia







I have been raised in an age where the majority of females I know are, or have been, on hormonal birth control, often started during their youth. This can mean that they have yet to experience and learn their bodies natural moony cycle. While taking time to learn my body’s own biorhythms I have been able to better understand everything from moods, sex and food cravings - to pheromones and behaviors of myself and others. Knowing peak eustrus time can help one plan for important meetings and interviews, to maximize the boosted charisma and charm at this time. Embrace the being you are and seek to understand more through each moment. While I could go on - I will rest for now. I encourage you all to know and love yourselves. You are beautiful.. Robyn

I recently had a friend with serious health problems go to have his pot license signed at the local community health center and was horrified to learn that when he asked to have his medical marijuana form signed, for cronic pain and arthritis, it was suggested to him that Oxycontin might be appropriate. I wonder how much of this is going on in our community? In my opinion, this is a breech of trust between doctor and patient . It was also suggested that the vaccinations “do a lot of good” on my one and only visit  to the community health center in nelson I was  subjucted to what I would call a “interrogation” as to the last time  I had  been vaccinated and which vaccinations I had received and then a scolding for never having

been vaccinated. It is frightening to think that there is such a push to vaccinate not only the people with addiction problems but there kids as well with no acknowledgement of the vaccine damage that is documented every were! In my opinion low income families people with no family doctor  and the people with addiction problems are  being targeted in the form of bias medical assistance with a touch of influence pedaling for profit. I have to say, most of the doctor offices in the Kootenai region that I have attended  have been  very respectable and understanding establishments but I have to give nelson community health center  2 thumbs down. Chris Mason!/2012/05/bill-gates-oralpolio-vaccine-cripples.html

Growing up, I would say I had more male friends than female - not because I was young and boy crazy, which I was, but because I couldn’t stand the competitiveness and jealousy that came with having girlfriends. However in the last year I have met the most beautiful and inspiring group of young women that I am proud to call my best friends and life support system. In the short time we have known each other, we’ve experienced everything from hook ups and bang overs to break ups and death and the strength exuding from these ladies is empowering. It is very easy to let jealousy creep in, however when you have a group of girls around, that all have individual passions, from dance to music to art and photography, the want to show each other off and brag about each other is so much more fulfilling. We inspire each other, care for each other during intense moments and crawl with each other down the sidewalks in fits of laughter. We support each other, laugh, cry and overthink with each other and I couldn’t imagine a life now without them. It is comforting to know I have such strong female energy around me, and has made my life so much more full of love and gratitude. It can take years to find girls you can truly be your real self with, when you do...hang on to them. So much love to all my homies. Jemini Sky

JAMBALAYA jam·ba·laya [jəm-bə-ˈlī-ə]: 1. Rice cooked usually with ham, sausage, chicken, shrimp, or oysters and seasoned with herbs. 2. A mixture of diverse elements < curious jambalayas of competing elements. 3. A party in your mouth.

Canadian strip club owners are going local. Immigration Canada has changed the rules regarding “exotic dancers”.   Jason Kenney, immigration minister has announced,” no more work visas for foreign strippers. ‘So this is forcing strip mall owners to shop locally for their dancers and the obvious place to look? High School. Tim Labrinos,   exec dir. of the Adult Entertainment Ass. of Canada quotes his mandate,”If you are visually appealing and comfortable with your naked body you can be working right now as an exotic dancer and earn money for tuition for university or college.” 800 strippers from outside Canada do not find the new law appealing. 37,200 do. Michael.

Have you ever noticed yourself worrying about the future or maybe the things you’ve done in the past? Have you ever noticed that this moment right now, is actually pretty good? How do we train ourselves to be aware of our thoughts and live in the moment? Mindfulness, the ability to watch ones thoughts and receive the moments that are in front of us through acceptance and appreciation. Instead of dwelling on the past or future, embrace the feelings of uncertainty and trust your intuition to guide you. Candace Cadence & Jemini Sky A: NELSON MANDALA, STEPHEN MCHARPER

INDOOR | OUTDOOR out·door [out-dawr, -dohr]: Characteristic of, located, occurring, or belonging outdoors: an outdoor barbecue; outdoor sports. in.door [in-dawr, -dohr]: Occurring, used, etc., in a house or building, rather than out of doors: indoor games.

Jeanie & Neeva Trish@Mainjet=Betties

Rebeckah & Anne

A little bit of horsepower goes a long way for this group of Adventurous Women. The Betties Powersports Network is all about empowering, and encouraging women who love Powersports such as Sledding, ATVing and Dirt Biking.  When learning, we as women, tend to approach the situation differently than men, so for those who are just learning, having a Bettie By their side makes all the difference in the world.  It could be imparting skill, or maybe just an encouraging, “you can do it”  The Betties exist to inspire.  They have a yearly video production which showcases incredible skill, spills, and and thrills.  For more information, To Purchase the Betties Adventures or if you’d like to participate in some of  the


Nelson Chrysler / Fair Realty / Kootenay Time

Mia Fujibayashi

many Bettie Rides and events throughout the year, contact Trish Drinkle at Main Jet Motorsports. She not only a director for the Betties Powersports Network, but she’s also the proud mom of one of the newest JR Betties, Brook Evans.  It’s Awesome to be a woman in Motorsports!  Making a difference, one Brrapp at a time!

WEIRD WORLD weird |wi(ə)rd|: suggesting something supernatural; uncanny: the weird crying of a seal. • informal very strange; bizarre: a weird coincidence | all sorts of weird and wonderful chanting

China’s State Council announced that it will begin prohibiting shark fin soup from official government banquets and functions. “This marks a watershed moment for the global movement to protect sharks and pushes China onto the world’s stage as an emerging leader in shark conservation.”Humane Society International “Just because they stopped serving shark fin soup at functions does not change their status as the largest consumer of shark... Please don’t set up the ribbon cutting ceremony yet... sixty million dead a year... only one reason... China.” - Michael

Punk band plays criticized Putin in Russia’s largest church. The case also grabbed the attention of RHCP and STING jumped on the bandwagon of these brazen, Russian, awesomanauts. These three female artists could face up to ten years in prison for puttin’ down Putin. Josh

The month of Ramadhan traditionally begins with a new moon sighting, marking the start of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar (starting July 19 this year). Many Muslims (except children, the sick and the elderly) abstain from food, drink, and certain other activities during daylight hours in Ramadhan. This is considered as the holiest season in the Islamic year and commemorates the time when the Qu’ran (Islamic holy book) is said to have been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. During the Ramadhan season, Indonesia blocks over 1 million porn sites with an ongoing crackdown on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and overseas providers of ‘bumping fuzzies’. This, along with the constant regulation and confiscation of web access, has shaped Indonesia into one of the world’s most populous Islamic counties known for being intolerant of pornography, a $14 billion per year industry they would rather ignore. JAKARTA POST

An american business man is suing Lady Gaga inc. for breach of contract... A doll has been designed in Gaga’s likeness complete w voice chip and removable head but the Lady wants it released coinciding with the release of her next album which will coincide with the release of her new perfume which will co-incide with the release of her genetically modified apple - the Gaga. He is looking for 10 000 000 from LG.

ART art [ahrt]: 1. The quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. 2. Any field using the skills or techniques of art: advertising art; industrial art. 3. Making something out of nothing then selling it. 4. Allowing yourself to dream (Spongebob Squarepants)

Alannah Art Philibert


My images aim to invoke a sense of wonder and gratitude for the human experience. The relationship between body, mind, and spirit is my main source of inspiration as I delightfully combine personal and spiritual growth with artistic development. Thank you for sharing in my exploration. For more, visit www.jaymiejohnson. ca or find JaymieJohnsonsArt on facebook. Lovely cards available at Gaia Rising, Otter Books, and Yasodhara Ashram. Jaymie Johnson Facebook - Jaymie Johnsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Art


BOOZE booze [boo-ze]: 1. A limpid, volatile, flammable, water-miscible liquid, having an etherlike odor and pungent, burning taste. The intoxicating principle of fermented liquors, produced by yeast fermentation of certain carbohydrates. 2. The cause of, and solution to all life’s problems. 3. Social lubricant. Olivia



Fallen Leaf - 8 / 10 purple basil leaves - 2 oz white rum - 1 1/2 oz Honey-Lemon Mix (2:1:1 - fresh lemon juice : honey : water) - Extra purple basil leaves, for garnish - Crushed ice Muddle basil leaves with crushed ice. Add white rum and Honey-Lemon Mix (to taste) and shake until well chilled. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a purple basil leaf. Rosyberry - 1 oz strawberries - 1/2 oz honey - 1/2 tbsp rosewater - Champagne or Prosecco Blitz strawberries, honey and rosewater in a blender to form a purée. Add a spoon or two to each glass, then top up with your choice of chilled fizzy wine.

The Queen of six mile offers an eastern block party on the north shore. New owner of Duhamel Market Monika, aside from being really friendly and excited about taking over this classic old country store, offers every thing under the sun for sale. But she also has a freezer full of perogies, borscht, chicken and barley soup, potato and leak and split pea and ham. And to go with your fresh sandwiches a choice selection of ice cold Polish beers, Including, you guessed it, ZYWIEK… much easier to say after drinking a few. Welcome to the Kootenays Monica.

COMMUNITY DOLLARS com·mu·ni·ty dol·lar [kuh-myoo-ni-tee - dol-er]: 1. Something that is used as a medium of exchange between a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality and often have a common cultural and historical heritage. 2. Economic survival.

Columbia Community Dollars have hit the streets and the colourful new bills are showing up in wallets and cash registers all over town. “We have a system that we believe really works, that really helps the people and the community, and that doesn’t create insurmountable debt and interest payments for future generations,” said Michael Sheely, coordinator for the local currency. Is it legal? Yes, says the Canadian Revenue agency, as long as you pay your taxes, it doesn’t matter if you used shells, beads, barter, or complementary currencies. Does it work? That remains to be seen, but if the successful complementary currencies of communities, and even countries, around the world are any indication, this could be a growing trend that mitigates the effects of the global financial crises we have, and will continue to see. The popularity of the Occupy movement showed the world that people are losing

faith in the current economic system. But despite large scale dissatisfaction, most people still don’t understand how the mechanisms of inequality function. “Most money that is created today comes when you get a loan from the bank,” explained Sheely. “The bank creates the principal, but not the interest. This results in a whole lot of people fighting over a supply of money that will never be enough for everyone to pay back their loans plus their interest. This leads to inevitable bankruptcies, foreclosures, recessions, and more loans with more interest. Hardship is an unavoidable part of this system, except for the few who own the majority” Columbia Community Dollars is a money system that works differently. The businesses who agree to accept the currency give it value by making it spendable. The money is introduced into circulation by giving it to local community groups who provide services that help make Nelson a better place. Those community groups then use that money to assist their fundraising efforts by exchanging it for Canadian currency with community members. The result is that non-profits have national currency to run their programs, and community members have local money they can spend at local businesses. “I know it’s a lot to understand all at once,” said Sheely. “I’ve been telling people to do their

own research into complementary currencies and the current monetary system. When they do, they find it hard to believe what they find. And the fact is, it is hard to believe.” With the Canadian government paying $30-40 billion a year of tax payer money for interest payments on loans from banks and other debt instruments, it’s no wonder that people find it hard to believe. Rationale is hard to find for such substantial interest payments for a government that has the right to print this same money without interest. Especially when government money is used to bail out banks whose CEOs earn millions. “Our goal isn’t to take on Goliath,” said Sheely. “We’re offering a complementary system that helps the community. By creating a healthy local currency we will have a more resilient local economy when the national economy struggles. “One of our main intentions is to support re-localization, especially in food production. By supporting local businesses and keeping money local we are encouraging more and more local production. With rising oil prices and climate catastrophes here and abroad, we need to look at ways that encourage production of our basic needs closer to home. Eventually, I hope we can make 0% interest loans to local businesses that help create the health and resilience that Nelson needs to continue thriving as the amazing community it is.” Michael Sheely



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Nelson Artwalk Ongoing from July 27 - August 31st

8.00pm The Royal - Gabriel Palatchi Band Kaslo Jazz Fest AUG 3 - 5 6.00pm The Royal - Mostly Swing 10.00pm Spirit Bar - DJ Czech w/ Breakfluid 8.00pm The Royal - Brian Rosen & WhatNow 10pm Spirit Bar - Val Kilmer & The New Coke ALL DAY Lakeside Park - Cyswog’n Fun Triathlon 7pm Back Alley Studio, Nelson - Storytelling Guild Monthly

B.C. DAY 7.30pm The Royal - An Evening w/ Bruce Cockburn 9.00pm The Royal - DJ Sturdy 6.30pm The Royal - An Evening w/ Bruce Cockburn 8.30pm The Royal - Variety Shows with Estevan Slocan River Ranch - SHAMBHALA MUSIC FESTIVAL

Slocan River Ranch - SHAMBHALA MUSIC FESTIVAL Annual Pirate Day, SS Moyie 324 Front St. Kaslo Selkirk Campus - Selkirk International Film Festival SHAMBHALA MUSIC FESTIVAL SHAMBHALA MUSIC FESTIVAL



Nelson Library - Crafts for Teens (grade 7 and up) 10pm Spirit Bar - El Papachango & Erica Dee 7 - 8:30 pm The Seed - Your Child’s Future & Health 10pm Spirit Bar - SLYNK

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10pm Spirit Bar- DJ Hoola Hoop Birthday Bash 10pm Spirit Bar- Sweet Pickle & Perching Crow (no cover) 11 am Gryro Park - 5th Annual Give the Gift of Life Walk 11am Granite Point Golf Club - Legacy Gold Event & Dinner

10pm Spirit Bar - Elliott Brood

6 - 10pm Baker St. - Market Fest 10pm Spirit Bar - Knight Ryders & Moontricks Live 5 pm Rossland Arena 2000 2 Ave - ROLLER DERBY Semi Final Double Header 9 am Gryro Park - 5th Annual Give the Gift of Life Kidney Walk

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10pm Spirit Bar - Ryan Wells & Guests

Upcoming September: Sept 1st - PRIDE WEEKEND Sept 5th - DUB FX (Spirit Bar)

DO WE HAVE BURGERS ON OUR MENU? AAA Organic Beef Burgers Organic Portobello Burgers What your investment includes:

Come to Kootenay Time and try

• Your choice of the following:

Nelson’s best burgers. We are en-

The best certified organic AAA beef burger

tering the First Annual Nelson Star



The juiciest organic portobello mushroom

rightfully win the bragging rights

burger you’ve ever consciously eaten

and happy customers.

... grilled and served on a whole wheat bun

Our burgers are made fresh

• Good tunes

with fried red onion, lettuce,

• Great coffee

tomato and pickles for $5 + add

• Service that leaves you smiling

any of our additional toppings for a dollar.

Hunger is imminent! Enter today!



KTM Issue 2  
KTM Issue 2  

Kootenay Times Moonly Magazine Published Auguest 2nd 2012