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Check out Our YouTube Channel! Here at Koo Restaurant we’re always looking for ways to please and entertain our guests! We are happy to provide a great experience for you in our restaurant, but we want to keep in touch outside too! Have you checked out our YouTube channel? Check out the great videos about sushi we found!

If you really want to try to make sushi on your own, or you’re just curious how we do it at your favorite restaurant, Koo, we hope you enjoy our videos! If you’re in the Marlboro area, come stop in for some delicious Japanese cuisine! We have a huge menu to satisfy all of your cravings! Want to keep in touch? “Like” us on Facebook and we’ll keep you in the know!

Check Out Our YouTube Channel  
Check Out Our YouTube Channel  

This is a blog post from Koo Restaurant's news site informing their customers about their YouTube chanell