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Assure Good Marks in CBSE Exams Using NCERT Books NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training, which develops and distributes textbooks for primary and secondary levels. These books are highly useful in understanding complex subjects and topics and are ideally suited for the preparation of CBSE exams as most questions are picked from these books. The CBSE conducts exams for class X and XII and the key to doing well in these exams is regular study. It is not only important to grasp the important and relevant points in the various chapters but also remember them to put them on paper when asked. Adhering strictly to the CBSE curriculum, the NCERT books prove to be highly beneficial if students wish to score good marks. These books provide not just an in-depth knowledge of the topic or subject but also provide important questions at the end of the chapter. Solving these end-of-the-chapter questions is important as most questions in CBSE exams are based on these questions with different numeric values and slight changes in the language. Studying the NCERT books in addition to the regular school textbooks can help in understanding the topics well. These books are ideal for thorough and comprehensive reading to develop a clear concept. This should be followed by jotting down the important points so that it becomes easy to revise and recollect during examinations. This type of comprehensive study would not only assure good marks in the exams but also give a better understanding of the concepts to the students. NCERT books are easily available on the internet for various classes and subjects. Students should concentrate on each subject simultaneously so that by the time the exams near, they are ready with their preparation. It is also advisable to study based on the expected question paper pattern, which includes short answer questions and long answer questions as well. Preparation using the NCERT textbook will definitely give the students an advantage over others and help them score good marks. Therefore, it is recommended that students wishing to do well in the forthcoming CBSE exams should start preparing using the NCERT books right away. offers NCERT books for students of all classes and various subjects online. Find the best NCERT books on Mathematics, Science, and Political Science for senior secondary students as well, only on KOOLSKOOL. Learn more on NCERT textbook and CBSE NCERT books. Visit:

Assure Good Marks in CBSE Exams Using NCERT Books  

NCERT books have always been the favourite choice among students helping them to score more marks in exams.

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