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Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net

Welcome to Canada We are delighted to showcase our Travel Highlights of Canada publication. Discover Canada’s vibrant cities, breathtaking natural attractions, awe-inspiring vistas and warm hospitality. Whether you are looking to return to Canada after a previous visit, or are planning to travel to this fascinating part of the world for the first time, rest assured that this portfolio will both inspire and inform. Browse the following pages of carefully selected products and explore our favourite Canadian regions, activities and accommodations. Take the time to peruse our meticulously constructed itineraries and dream of your next escape. As part of the global tourism and travel partner network World-Travel.net and the eest Tourism Group has been successfully servicing travel agents and international travellers for more than 30 years. Our award-winning Canada specialists boast a high level of local knowledge and expertise and indepth destination experience and know-how. We look forward hearing your unique travel aspirations and helping you create your very own comprehensive Canadian experience. Happy travels!

Walter Langenberger President, CEO

Contents 01 WELCOME Contents


Using the Brochure ............................................... Car Hire......................................................................... Motorhome Rentals............................................... Airlines.......................................................................... Escourted Coach Tours......................................... Escorted Coach and Cruise................................ Rail Packages............................................................. Self-Drives..................................................................


02 04 09 11 12 14 20 22 28


OKANAGAN 60 THOMPSON Thompson Okanagan Touring

.......................... 61 Clearwater and Kamloops Accommodation....................................................... 62 Sun Peaks Accommodation................................ 63 Vernon and Penticton Accommodation...... 64 Kelowna Accommodation................................... 65

Canada Map, Weather and Information ..... 34

36 VANCOUVER Vancouver Touring

................................................ 37 Vancouver Accommodation.............................. 39 Vancouver and Airport Accommodation.... 41








VICTORIA AND VANCOUVER ISLAND Victoria and Beyond Touring............................. 43 Vancouver Island Touring................................... 44 Victoria Accommodation.................................... 45 Tofino Accommodation......................................... 46 Vancouver Island and Beyond Accommodation...................................... 48

50 WHISTLER Whistler Touring

..................................................... 51 Whistler Accommodation .................................. 53

NORTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA 56 Northern British Columbia Touring and Accommodation ............................................ 57

CHILCOTIN COAST 58 CARIBOO Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Touring and Accommodation............................................. 59

Revelstoke Touring and Accommodation... 67 Kicking Horse Touring and Accommodation............................................. 68 Field, Panorama and Fernie Accommodation........................................................ 69

Calgary Touring......................................................... 71 Waterton and Medicine Hat Touring............. 73 Calgary and Airport Accommodation............ 74 Waterton and Medicine Hat Accommodation........................................................ 75

Edmonton and Beyond Touring........................ 77 Edmonton Accommodation............................... 78

ROCKIES 80 CANADIAN Canadian Rockies Touring

................................... 81

Banff and Canmore Accommodation............ 85 Lake Louise and Kananaskis Accommodation....................................................... 86 Jasper and Beyond Accommodation............. 87

AND MANITOBA 88 SASKATCHEWAN Saskatchewan Touring and Accommodation............................................. 89 Winnipeg and Airport Accommodation...... 90 Churchill Touring and Accommodation....... 91

92 YUKON AND NORTHWEST TERRITORIES Yukon Touring and Accommodation............. 93 Northwest Territories Touring and Accommodation............................................. 94


TORONTO AND NIAGARA FALLS Toronto and Niagara Touring............................. 96 Niagara Touring........................................................ 97 Toronto Accommodation..................................... 98 Toronto and Airport Accommodation........ 100 Niagara and Beyond Accommodation....... 101

SOUTH EASTERN ONTARIO 102Ottawa Touring and Accommodation

.. ...... 103 Ottawa and Kingston Touring and Accommodation ......................................... 104

LUE MOUNTAIN 105.BBlue Mountain Touring and Accommodation ......................................... 106 Manitoulin Island Accommodation ........... 107

COTTAGE COUNTRY 108Algonquin and Beyond Touring and Accommodation.......................................... 109

110 QUEBEC Montreal Touring and Accommodation

. . .. 111 Quebec City Touring and Accommodation.......................................... 112

AND MONTEBELLO 113MONT-TREMBLANT Mont-Tremblant and Montebello Accommodation......................... 114

AND MAURICIE 115 LANAUDIERE Lanaudiere and Mauricie Accommodation.................................................... 116

AND QUEBEC MARITIME 117 CHARLEVOIX Charlevoix and Quebec Maritime Touring and Accommodation ....................... 118

BRUNSWICK 119 NEW Moncton and Beyond Touring and Accomodation............................. 120 Saint John, Fredericton and St. Andrews by-the-Sea Accommodation.......................... 121

RINCE EDWARD ISLAND 122 PPrince Edward Island Touring and Accommodation.......................................... 123

OVA SCOTIA 124 NNova Scotia Touring and Accommodation ......................................... 125

AND LABRADOR 126NEWFOUNDLAND St. John’s and Beyond Touring and Accommodation.......................... 127


USING THE BROCHURE / Planning Your Dream Holiday

Planning your dream holiday We like to think that, along with the itinerary planning and booking services we provide, this brochure contains everything you need to plan your dream holiday. We believe in offering a selection of choices and specialist advice to fulfil your itinerary needs. Our brochure has been designed to offer an uncomplicated yet comprehensive tool to begin planning and securing an exceptional itinerary for your journey. We understand that your holiday may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and through careful organization with our destination experts, we are committed to exceeding your expectations even before you start to travel.

The following is a simple step-by-step guide to tailor-making your holiday: Step 1 – Choosing where and when to go You may like to see pages 34-35 to pin-point the areas you wish to visit, check weather trends, and even find out distances between key cities. Then, using the contents on pages 2-3 for reference, turn to the destination pages matching your preferences. Our experts are happy to recount first-hand experiences, provide suggestions and answer your questions, as well as check availability of touring and accommodation in your chosen destinations.

Step 2 – Getting there by air Our destination experts will provide you with a range of fares, routes and seat class options, all at competitive prices, to prepare your flight itinerary. You may also wish to enquire about stopover destinations en route. See pages 12-13.

Step 3 – Getting around in Canada There are numerous ways of getting around in Canada for those in the know. See across the page for a summary of the transport services we are pleased to offer and chat with our destination experts to discuss your holiday preferences and itinerary options.

Step 4 – Booking your accommodation We offer an extensive range of accommodation options including hotels, suites and hotel apartments throughout Canada, from budget to

high-end properties. See pages 6-7 for details of how your accommodation options are showcased in this brochure and chat with our destination experts to discuss your preferences.

Step 5 – Booking your touring and activities Canada is home to a wealth of touring and activity options that can be enjoyed in a day or over a number of days. Your chosen experiences are key to gaining the most from your holiday and we strongly recommend you pre-book to avoid disappointment. See pages 6-7 for details of how your touring and activity options are showcased in this brochure.

Step 6 – Finalising your booking Before making your final decision, contact one of our experienced destination experts who can advise you on anything you may have missed and finalise details of your booking.

Honeymoon & Special Occasions If you are planning your honeymoon or celebrating another special occasion, allow us to help make the experience extra special. We would be delighted to arrange anything from sparkling wine and flowers in your hotel room on arrival to room upgrades, private touring and secluded picnics.

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net

Transportation Services & Helpful Information / USING THE BROCHURE


Transportation services We are able to arrange a variety of transportation services to assist you during your stay in Canada. Below is an overview of the services we offer. Please ask for further details. Meet and Greet Services

Scheduled Transfers

You will be met at the airport by a host or hostess holding a sign with your name. Meet and Greet is available at Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax airports.

Scheduled transfers are available between as well as within cities. Please ask for further details on scheduled routes from Vancouver, Seattle, Victoria, Tofino, Whistler, Kelowna, Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Montreal and Quebec City.

Meet and Assist Services

Private Transfers

You will be met at the airport by a host or hostess holding a sign with your name, transferred to your hotel (private transfer) and assisted with your hotel check-in. Available from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal airports.

Private transfers are available between as well as within cities. Please ask for further details on private transfers from Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria, Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper, Calgary, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Buffalo, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax.


Other Transportation

Allow us to arrange your travel along the southern routes between the lush coastlines of Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland (see page 38). Ferries depart from 11 ferry terminals between Port Hardy, Powell River and Victoria. We also book the Victoria Clipper and Black Ball Ferry Line.

We are also able to arrange any additional transportation you may require, including car hire (see page 9), or rail travel along any of the Rocky Mountaineer and VIA Rail routes, as well as travel aboard the Charlevoix Touring Train. Please ask for further details.

Helpful information Passport and Visas

Provincial Sales Tax

A passport is essential to travel to any of the destinations featured in this brochure and it must be valid for six months after travel is complete. Citizens of some countries and territories need a visa to visit or transit Canada and our destination experts can assist with any applications.

Purchases and services are subject to applicable provincial taxes ranging from 5% - 10%, GST (Goods and Services Tax) at 5% or HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) ranging from 12% - 15%.

Travel Documents

Spirits and Wine

Your travel documents will be sent to you or your travel agent approximately two weeks prior to departure. Please ensure that you check all your documents carefully as flight and check-in times are subject to change. It is your responsibility to ensure your travel documents are in order.

Generally alcohol is sold only in ‘Liqour Control Board Stores’ and ‘The Beer Store‘ with some exceptions in British Columbia and Alberta. Local Canadian wines are also sold at ‘Wine Rack’ stores in Ontario. Bars in most provinces close at 2am, in Québec at 3pm, and the drinking age in most provinces is 18 or 19 years.


Limited Mobility Travellers

In most Canadian cities, banks are generally open from 10am to 4pm. Travellers cheques denoted in Canadian currency can be cashed at many hotel front desks and can be used as cash at many stores and restaurants. Most banks are closed weekends, although in cities ATMs and currency exchanges are usually available daily.

We are able to give advice to limited mobility passengers to assist in choosing a holiday that meets your requirements. Please provide us with your exact requirements at the time of booking so that we can recommend suitable accommodation and activities for your holiday.



In most major centres dial 011. In other places dial ‘0’ and the operator will assist you. Do not hesitate to contact front desk staff incase of an emergency. For queries regarding your Jonview travel arrangements, contact our 24-hour customer service assistance line at 1-888-566-8439.

Tipping, relative to satisfaction with services, is customary in Canada. At hotels, it is standard practice to tip bellhops about $1 to $2 per bag whilst leaving a 15% tip on the pretax bill in restaurants and tipping for bar service is also commonplace. Taxi drivers also appreciate 10%15% tip.

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net


USING THE BROCHURE / Accommodation and Touring

Understanding accommodation options Understanding tour & activity options D







PEAK 2 PEAK, Hiking and Bear-Viewing

Emerald Lake Lodge

Operated by Whistler Blackcomb

Few places in the world can match the endless adventure that Whistler Blackcomb squeezes into summer. Spanning the distance between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola is a breathtaking, 11-minute, four-kilometre (two-mile) journey connecting the incredible high alpine terrain of both mountains and giving you access to 20 hiking trails of varying difficulty. Whistler and Blackcomb mountains are home to 50 black bears and cubs that have adapted to feed, mate and hibernate within the ski area. Travel in a comfortable 4WD vehicle and view wild bears!

Cradled in the midst of the Canadian Rockies, Emerald Lake Lodge is located just past the town of Field. Built in 1902 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, the lodge sits on a five-hectare (13 acre) peninsula overlooking glorious Emerald Lake. From cross-country skiing in winter to canoeing on the lake in summer, there are plenty of activities to choose from all yearround. Emerald Lake Lodge has two restaurants featuring signature Rocky Mountain cuisine. This historic property includes 85 charming units situated in 24 chalet-style cabins.




Accommodation name

A. Tour or attraction name


Accommodation images

B. Tour or attraction images


Accommodation standard – See table below for classifications

C. Tour or attraction types – See page 7 for descriptions


Accommodation style – See page 7 for classifications

D. Tour or attraction’s operator’s name

E. Added offers. These are often restricted by dates and circumstance. Please enquire with your travel consultant of the validity for your travel – See page 7 for descriptions

Accommodation standards 5 Star Deluxe International standard with a high degree of facilities: outstanding appointments, furnishings and décor and an extensive range of first-class guest services. A number and variety of room styles and/or suites, choice of dining facilities, 24-hour room service, housekeeping, valet parking, porterage and concierge services often provided.

4.5 Star Superior First Class International standard with a high degree of facilities: outstanding appointments, furnishings and décor and a limited range of first-class guest services. A number and variety of room styles and/or suites, dining facilities, housekeeping, and reception.

4 Star First Class Deluxe Well appointed with a high level of facilities: quality furnishings and a high degree of comfort, presentation and guest services including housekeeping, reception and restaurants.

3.5 Star Superior Tourist Class Well appointed with an appealing and comfortable standard of accommodation: modern furnishings, a range of services including housekeeping and reception.

3 Star Tourist Class Deluxe Well appointed with a comfortable standard of accommodation: above average furnishings and floor coverings. A range of services including housekeeping and reception.

2.5 Star Budget Class Well maintained with an average standard: average furnishings, bedding and floor coverings. Limited services.

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net

Accommodation and Touring / USING THE BROCHURE


At-a-glance icons There are many different styles of accommodation and types of touring and activities showcased through this brochure. For ease of use, we have indicated the style and type of experience presented as follows: Accommodation styles

Tour & activity types



Hotel rooms offering full levels of service and facilities.

Tour or activity includes river, harbor, lake or reef cruise.



Small and intimate often with an emphasis on superb food, wine and service combined with luxury accommodation in keeping with the lodge’s style and surrounding environment.

Tour or activity includes a flight element. The distances in Canada are surprisingly long. Guided Tour Small and personalised tour or activity with an expert guide.

Unique and Boutique

Distinctly small and usually family run hotel style or unique accommodation often in special settings.

Rail Journey

Tour or activity includes a rail journey component. Hotel Apartment Hotel standards in an apartment style accommodation providing self-catering facilities.

Coach Touring

Tour or activity includes escorted seat-in-coach touring. often indicating maximum value.


Units with kitchen facilities and often living areas but usually without the service and facilities you might find in a hotel or resort.


Tour or activity includes camping accommodation in tents or under the stars. Adventure Adventure tour or activity for the young and young at heart, includes active elements.

Meals Many extended (overnight) touring options and packages include some or all meals. Where we have shown full itineraries for these options, we have also indicated where meals are included as follows: Breakfast (B), Feature Breakfast (FB), Lunch (L), Dinner (D), Feature Dinner (FD), Specialty Dinner (SD)

Added offers Look out for added offer icons for excellent valueadds that we have sourced for you, and be rewarded with bonuses from free transfers to upgrades. Transport/Touring Complimentary hotel transfers or even a complimentary tour or activity could be included in your booking. These offers often have restricted validity, limited to certain times of the year. Enquire for details.

Honeymoon Offer

Honeymoon offer available. To find out more speak to our destination experts.

Upgrade Offer

A complimentary room category upgrade could be available with your booking. These offers often have restricted validity, limited to certain times of the year. Enquire for details.

Bonus Meals

A complimentary meal or complimentary meals could be included in your booking. These offers often have restricted validity, limited to certain times of the year. Enquire for details.

Snowmobile, Canada

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net



Our reliable global tourism partners Airline We select the best connection with reliable Airline Partners for you. Please choose your preferred flight Class. Our Travel Experts will be happy to assist you.

PURE insider program We proudly offer you tailor made individual travel programs worldwide. Your individual Pure Tour will be carefully planned by best Tourism- and Travel Experts to provide you an unforgettable holiday. Our Travel Experts will be happy to assist you.

Car rental We select the best Car Rental Partners for you in each country. Our Travel Experts will be happy to assist you.

Our special customer service worldwide All your Travel Arrangements will be planned by local Travel Insiders (Experts). In each Country we provide you a reliable planning- and Service Team. You are always in good hands within our very carefully selected appointed global TourismPartner Network of „World–Travel.net“. Our Travel Experts will be happy to assist you. (For example our Cook Island Team will welcome you!) Cook Island Tourism

A fine selection of accommodation We proudly offer you a fine selection of accommodations worldwide. You can choose from carefully selected Hotels, Resorts, Villas, Studios, Apartments, Nature Retreats, Romantic Inns and small B&B`s. Our Travel Experts will be happy to assist you.

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net

Preferred Car Hire / CAR HIRE


Explore Canada Explore Canada with our choice of the selected quality Cars. In every Region we offer carefully selected Car Rental Partners. World Travel.net guarantee our Traveler the “All Inclusive Carefree Tarif”.

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net



Motorhomes Discover the Canadian wilderness from the comfort of your own luxury motorhome, where you can explore this vast country at your own pace. Speak to one of our advisors today to plan your journey around Canada, taking in everything you wish to see for that holiday packed full of excitement, stunning views, wildlife experiences and unforgettable memories. We have a wide selection of motorhomes available to hire for almost any holiday duration. Explore the Canadian Rockies or discover the sparkling Atlantic coast, or anywhere in between, the choice is yours. You can choose to collect your motorhome from five locations across Canada: Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Whitehorse or Halifax.







DVC – DELUXE CAMPER VAN Sleeps 2 adults, 2 burner gas stove.


MHB – MIDI MOTORHOME Sleeps 4 adults & 2 children, stove, oven, microwave.

SVC – SUPER VAN Sleeps 2 adults & 2 children, stove, oven, sofa, slide-out.


MHA – MAXI MOTORHOME Sleeps 4 adults & 2 children, cab-over design, stove, oven, microwave.

Explore Canada Explore Canada with our choice of the selected Motorhomes. In every Region we offer you our carefully selected Motorhome Rental Partners.

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net


AIRLINES / Preferred Airline

Air Canada




With Air Canada Economy Class you will enjoy:

(selected routes only)

• Up to a generous 33” seat pitch

Experience a larger seat and extra leg room:

Travel in style by upgrading to Air Canada’s Executive First (Business Class)

• Complimentary hot meal with a selection of wines and spirits

• 38” seat pitch

• Hours of entertainment with your very own seat-back touch-screen TV. With on demands video at every seat you can choose fro over 600 hours of entertainment on your next flight

• A larger seat with 20” between armrests, and 8” recline • State-of-the-art entertainment system with touch-screen TV • Complimentary wines, spirits and premium cuisine

• Relax in the privacy of the Executive First Suite, with the added comfort of a fully flat bed, 6’3” long in lie-flat mode and 31” wide at the shoulders • Enjoy exclusive access to Maple Leaf Lounges across Canada and the London Lounge at Heathrow • Individual touch-screen video monitors • Restaurant style meals which showcase the very best in Canadian cuisine

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net

Preferred / AIRLINE

British Airways





• Fly World Traveller and you can relax in the knowledge that everything will be taken care of, simply sit back and enjoy the flight

• For an affordable premium, enjoy the luxury of more personal space than World Traveller, with an additional 7” of leg room and a wider seat

• Your ergonomically designed seat has lumbar support, headrest and recline

• Your armchair-style seat comes with adjustable head, foot and leg-rest

• Choosing Club World means travelling in comfort and freedom. Dedicated departure lounges and Elemis Travel Spa (London Heathrow) are designed to give you the choice of relaxing, dining or a little pampering before you fly

• Complimentary bar service throughout your flight as well as tasty meals

• With a maximum of six rows, take advantage of quieter surroundings in the smaller more private cabin

• Club World seats are bigger, wider and more comfortable than ever, to guarantee comfort in any position

• Enjoy a complimentary three course meal with a choice of entrée from the Club World menu

• T he very best in international cuisine is served, along with a dedicated wine cellar

• Two USB ports and a RCA port allow you to use personal electronic devices with the in-flight entertainment system

• If you are still peckish you are free to help yourself to healthy snacks and tasty treats from the Club Kitchen

• A USB port and an RCA port allow you to use personal electronic devices with the in-flight entertainment system

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net



11 Nights, 12 Days - Toronto • Montreal • Quebec City • Ottawa • Midland • Niagara Falls • Toronto

Eastern Explorer Escorted Tour

trails. This immense wildlife and forest preserve is a favourite destination for camping expeditions during the summer months, and your walk will give you the opportunity to experience a little of it for yourself. Overnight in Midland. (B)

Sightseeing highlights: • Explore Toronto’s colourful neighbourhoods • Cruise in the Thousand Islands region • Discover Old Montreal and Quebec City • Stay in Canada’s capital, Ottawa • Experience Niagara Falls on a Hornblower Niagara Cruise (seasonal) This fully escorted classic holidays tour showcases New World settlements, frontier trails, Niagara Falls, and the modern excitement of lively, multi-cultural cities. Day 1: Toronto Arrive at Toronto’s International Airport, transfer independently to your downtown hotel and check in with your tour director. Overnight in Toronto. Day 2: Toronto Meet your travelling companions at breakfast before exploring Toronto on a morning city tour. Highlights include the Eaton Centre, old and new City Halls, Casa Loma, Yorkville and the University of Toronto. Overnight in Toronto. (B) Day 3: Toronto – Montreal Today’s first destination en route to Montreal is the beautiful Thousand Islands resort region, where the group embarks on a relaxing cruise. Overnight in Montreal. (B)

Day 10: Midland – Niagara Falls After breakfast and a visit at the historic SainteMarie among the Hurons site, travel to Niagara and thrill to a boat ride on the Hornblower Niagara Cruises VIP Boat Tour will bring you to the foot of the thundering Niagara Falls. Ride to the top of the Skylon Tower for a spectacular view of the falls and the surrounding district of Niagara. Overnight in Niagara Falls. (B) Day 11: Niagara Falls – Toronto Today’s drive follows the scenic Niagara Parkway through the historic village of Niagara-on-the-Lake, home of the Shaw Festival. Back in Toronto, the evening features a special dinner at the CN Tower. Overnight in Toronto. (B, D) Day 12: Tour concludes (B) Included: 11 nights’ first-class (or best available) accommodation • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner • Tours and attractions as shown • Transportation by modern tour coach • Experienced tour driver • Tour director throughout • Baggage handling (one piece per person). Not included: Pre- and post-tour accommodation (please ask for details to pre-book) • Optional activities (please book locally with your tour director) • Airport transfers • Airport improvement fee.

Day 4: Montreal Enjoy a tour of the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. The dynamic city of Montreal encapsulates the two founding cultures of Canada and boasts a curious blend of history and modernity. Touring the downtown area we view the Olympic Complex, charming Old Montreal, McGill University, the residential streets of Mount Royal and the bustling shopping streets. Overnight in Montreal. (B)


YUKON Days 5-6: Montreal – Quebec City Wind through typical French-Canadian villages and towns en route to Quebec City and explore within the walls of the old city. View Lower Town, the Citadel, Battlefields Park and the ornate city gates. Day six is at leisure or enjoy an optiontal full day Tadoussac whale-watching excursion. Overnight in Quebec City (two nights). (B, B) Day 7: Quebec City – Ottawa Travel west past Montreal, across the Ontario border, and on to Ottawa — the nation’s capital. Stop for lunch along the way at the Sucrerie de la Montagne — an authentic sugar shack and pioneer-style restaurant. Upon arrival to Ottawa, enjoy a tour of Ottawa including the Parliament Buildings, residences of the Prime Minister and the Governor General and the Rideau Canal — designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Overnight in Ottawa. (B, L)

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.






Day 8: Ottawa Enjoy the Turtle Island aboriginal experience breakfast on Victoria Island. The rest of the day is at leisure. Overnight in Ottawa. (B) Day 9: Ottawa – Midland The journey west from Ottawa features sparkling lakes, rushing streams, deep forests and characteristic northern towns. Visit Algonquin Provincial Park where the group will take a walk along the scenic

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net

United States


Quebec City Ottawa Midland Montreal Toronto Niagara Falls


9 Nights, 10 Days - Calgary • Banff • Jasper • Sun Peaks • Whistler • Victoria • Vancouver

Rockies Trail Escorted Tour


Day 8: Victoria Proud of her maritime heritage, Victoria has retained a quaint, colonial demeanour evident in the many 19th century landmarks throughout the city. Today enjoy a tour of the world-famous Butchart Gardens, one of the world’s great floral displays set in a reclaimed stone quarry. Time will be allocated here for browsing through the regal gardens. The remainder of the day is at leisure with optional touring (including whale watching at additional cost). Overnight in Victoria. (B)

Sightseeing highlights: • Discover breathtaking Banff and Jasper National Parks • Marvel at famous Lake Louise • Ride in an Ice Explorer at the Columbia Icefield • Sightseeing in Victoria • Sightseeing in Vancouver

Experience snow-capped mountains, hot springs, glacial icefields, spectacular Pacific coastlines and frontier adventures on this fully escorted classic holiday tour. Day 1: Calgary Arrive at Calgary’s International Airport, transfer independently to your downtown hotel and check in with your tour director. Overnight in Calgary. Day 2: Calgary – Banff National Park Meet your travelling companions at breakfast before a morning tour of Calgary and commencing your journey into the rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The majestic peaks of the Canadian Rockies soon fill the horizon as the tour approaches Banff National Park. Overnight in Banff. (B) Day 3: Banff National Park Enjoy a tour of the region around Banff. The area became Canada’s first national park in 1885 to protect its natural hot springs. The rest of the day is at leisure with optional touring (additional cost). Explore the surroundings of Banff, stroll along Banff Avenue, or relax and enjoy the scenery. Overnight in Banff. (B) Day 4: Banff National Park – Jasper National Park Today’s journey through Banff and Jasper National Parks promises to be a highlight of the tour. Witness the famous scenery of Lake Louise, one of the most photographed lakes in Canada, and travel north on the famed Icefields Parkway through a rugged wilderness flanked by dramatic mountain ranges. At the Columbia Icefield, board a specially constructed Ice Explorer to ride on the surface of the ancient Athabasca Glacier. optional tour of Spirit Island Cruise on Maligne Lake (additional cost) is offered. Overnight in Jasper. (B)

Day 9: Victoria – Vancouver Continue with your fellow travellers through the resort region of the Gulf Islands to the ocean-side city of Vancouver. Upon arrival in Vancouver, enjoy an interesting tour of the city, including Stanley Park, English Bay, Gastown, Chinatown, and much more. This evening features a farewell dinner party at the Capilano Suspension Bridge with a welcome from First Nations carvers. Overnight in Vancouver. (B, D) Day 10: Tour concludes (B) Included: 9 nights’ first-class (or best available) accommodation • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (D) Dinner • Tours and attractions as shown • Transportation by modern tour coach • Experienced tour driver • Tour director throughout • Baggage handling (one piece per person). Not included: Pre- and post-tour accommodation (please ask for details to pre-book) • Optional activities (please book locally with your tour director) • Airport transfers • Airport improvement fee.

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.


Day 5: Jasper National Park – Sun Peaks The tour travels west along the Yellowhead Highway and into the heartland of British Columbia. Breathtaking, unspoiled vistas await visitors in every season of the year. Optional touring (additional cost) is offered. Overnight in Sun Peaks. (B)

Jasper Jasper National Park

Day 6: Sun Peaks – Whistler Expect a day of dramatic scenery changes as you travel through the ranch lands and head for the coastal mountains. A journey along the Duffey Lake Road exposes new vistas at every turn. Optional touring (additional cost) is offered. Overnight in Whistler. (B) Day 7: Whistler – Victoria The Sea-to-Sky Highway leads your tour group south through spectacular coastal scenery today. From Horseshoe Bay, cruise by ferry across the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver Island and continue by coach to Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city. Arriving in Victoria, you will embark on a city tour of this former British enclave. Overnight in Victoria. (B)


Canada Sun Peaks



Banff National Park Calgary

Whistler Vancouver Victoria

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net

United States



14 Nights, 15 Days - Toronto • Ottawa • Quebec City • Montreal • Toronto • Calgary • Banff National Park • Kamloops • Whistler • Vancouver

Canadian Contrasts Escorted Tour

Day 9: Calgary – Banff National Park / Canmore The group sets out early this morning to tour the sights of Calgary before setting off to the Rocky Mountains. Experience the majesty of the mountains as you first travel through the foothills and then enter Banff National Park. Overnight in Canmore. (B)

Sightseeing highlights: • Enjoy a Toronto and Niagara Falls sightseeing tour • Explore the nation’s capital on an Ottawa tour

Day 10: Banff National Park / Canmore Enjoy a day at leisure or take an optional tour of the Columbia Icefield (additioal cost). (B)

• Sightsee in Quebec City and Montreal • Discover Banff National Park

Day 11: Banff National Park / Canmore – Kamloops A spectacular drive today. Overnight in Kamloops. (B)

• Sightseeing in Vancouver A fully escorted economy holidays tour journeying to vibrant cities through snow-fringed mountains, rolling ranchland and dramatic fjords. Day 1: Toronto Arrive at Toronto’s International Airport, transfer independently to your downtown hotel and check in with your tour director. Overnight in Toronto. Day 2: Toronto – Niagara Falls – Toronto Meet your travelling companions at breakfast before a tour of Toronto and a trip to Niagara Falls. The tour passes through the enchanting Victorian town of Niagara-on-the-Lake and along the scenic Niagara Parkway before reaching the spectacular falls. Overnight in Toronto. (B) Day 3: Toronto – Ottawa Leave the Toronto skyline behind and travel east towards Ottawa. The route winds through rolling farmland, following the rivers and lakes of the Rideau Waterway. Upon arrival in Ottawa, enjoy a sightseeing tour of the national capital. Defined by the Rideau Canal – designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site – and the government buildings on Parliament Hill, the city offers many great sights including the public gardens, the Byward Market and City Hall. Overnight in Ottawa. (B)

Day 12: Kamloops – Whistler Expect a day of dramatic scenery changes travelling through the ranch lands to the coastal mountains. Optional touring (additional cost) is offered. Overnight in Whistler. (B) Day 13: Whistler – Vancouver Leave the countryside behind and explore the metropolis of Vancouver on a sightseeing tour. Highlights include Stanley Park, Prospect Point, English Bay, historic Gastown, bustling Chinatown and much more. Overnight in Vancouver. (B) Day 14: Vancouver The Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains form the backdrop to your day at leisure in Vancouver. Optional tour to Vancouver Island and Victoria (additional cost) is offered. (B) Day 15: Tour concludes (B) Included: 14 nights’ moderate accommodation • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner • Tours, transfers and attractions as shown • Air travel from Toronto to Calgary on day 8 • Transportation by modern tour coach • Experienced tour driver • Tour director throughout • Baggage handling (one piece per person). Not included: Pre- and post-tour accommodation (please ask for details to pre-book) • Optional activities (please book locally with your tour director) • Airport transfers • Airport improvement fee.

Day 4: Ottawa – Quebec City This morning travel along the scenic Ottawa River to the French-speaking province of Quebec. Tour within the walls of the old city and view the ornate city gates, Lower Town, the Citadel and Battlefields Park. Overnight in Quebec City. (B)


All prices and departure dates are on individual request

Day 5: Quebec City Enjoy a day at your leisure with optional touring leisure or an YUKON optional Tadoussac whalewatching tour (additional cost). (B)

Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

Day 6: Quebec City – Montreal Departing from Quebec City your tour takes you along the St.‑Lawrence River in the footsteps of the early settlers. Upon arrival in Montreal, tour the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. This evening BRITISH optional touring (additional cost) is offered. Overnight in Montreal. (B)



Day 7: Montreal – Toronto Today’s route takes you and your fellow travellers back to Toronto, where you will have time to explore colourful neighbourhoods and to sample some of the city’s great restaurants and wonderful entertainment. Optional 1000 Islands tour (additional cost) is offered. Overnight in Toronto. (B)



Day 8: Toronto – Calgary A transfer (included in air-inclusive option) takes you Banff Whistler to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport for a flight (included in air-inclusive Vancouver option) over the prairie grainfields of central Canada to Calgary. Upon arrival in Calgary, transfer (included in air-inclusive option) to your downtown hotel. Overnight in Calgary. (B)



QUEBEC Quebec City Ottawa

United States

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Niagara Falls

Montreal Toronto

Eastern & Western Journey / ESCORTED COACH TOURING

7 Nights, 8 Days - Toronto • Ottawa • Quebec City • Montreal • Toronto

Eastern Journey Escorted Tour


Explore Eastern Canada on this fully escorted economy holidays tour. Scenic wonders, romantic discoveries and vibrant cities await.

Sightseeing highlights

Day 1: Toronto Arrive at Toronto’s International Airport, transfer independently to your downtown hotel and check in with your tour director. Overnight in Toronto.

• Enjoy a Toronto and Niagara Falls sightseeing tour • Explore the nation’s capital on an Ottawa tour

Day 2: Toronto – Niagara Falls – Toronto Meet your travelling companions at breakfast before a tour of Toronto and a trip to Niagara Falls. Overnight in Toronto. (B)

• Sightsee in Quebec City and Montreal

Day 3: Toronto – Ottawa Travel through rolling farmland, following the rivers and lakes of the Rideau Waterway and enjoy a sightseeing tour of the national capital. Overnight in Ottawa. (B) Day 4: Ottawa – Quebec City Journey past rustic Quebecois villages and historic shrines en route to Quebec City. Enjoy a tour within the walls of the old city. Overnight in Quebec City. (B) Day 5: Quebec City Enjoy a day at leisure with optional Tadoussac whale-watching tour (additional cost). Overnight in Quebec City.(B) Day 6: Quebec City – Montreal Upon arrival in Montreal, your group will tour this dynamic city, a curious blend of history and modernity. You may wish to also enjoy additional optional touring (additional cost). Overnight in Montreal. (B)


Day 7: Montreal – Toronto Explore Toronto on arrival, with optional 1000 Islands tour (additional cost) offered. Overnight in Toronto. (B) Day 8: Tour concludes (B)


Included: 7 nights’ moderate accommodation • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast • Tours and


NEWFOUNDLAND attractions as shown • Transportation by modern tour coach • Experienced tour driver • Tour director throughout • Baggage handling (one piece per person). AND LABRADOR


Not included: Pre- and post-tour accommodation (please ask for details to pre-book) • Optional activities (please book locally with your tour director) • Airport transfers • Airport improvement fee.

QUEBEC Quebec City Ottawa

United States


Toronto Niagara Falls

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

7 Nights, 8 Days - Calgary • Banff National Park • Kamloops • Whistler • Vancouver

Western Journey Escorted Tour

A fully escorted economy holidays tour through Western Canada. Discover unspoiled wilderness, spectacular beauty and bustling cities.

Sightseeing highlights:

Day 1: Calgary Arrive at Calgary’s International Airport, transfer independently to your downtown hotel and check in with your tour director. Overnight in Calgary.

• Journey through the Rocky Mountains • Explore breathtaking Banff National Park

Day 2: Calgary – Banff National Park / Canmore Meet your travelling companions at breakfast before a tour of Calgary then a journey to the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park. Overnight in Canmore. (B)

• Sightsee in Calgary, Banff and Vancouver

Day 3: Banff National Park / Canmore Enjoy a day at leisure or an optional Columbia Icefield tour (additional cost) if you wish. Overnight in Canmore. (B) Day 4: Banff National Park / Canmore – Kamloops Enjoy a dazzling display of vast icefields, deep canyons, dense forests and glacier-fed streams on today’s route. Overnight in Kamloops. (B) Day 5: Kamloops – Whistler A day of dramatic scenery changes as you travel through the ranch lands and head for the coastal mountains. Optional touring (additional cost) is also offered. Overnight in Whistler. (B) Day 6: Whistler – Vancouver Explore the metropolis of Vancouver on a sightseeing tour. Overnight in Vancouver. (B) Day 7: Vancouver Enjoy a day at leisure or an optional tour of Vancouver Island and Victoria (additional cost). Overnight in Vancouver. (B)




Jasper National Park Kamloops


Banff National Park Canmore


Day 8: Tour concludes (B) Included: 7 nights’ moderate accommodation • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast • Tours and attractions as shown • Transportation by modern tour coach • Experienced tour driver • Tour director throughout • Baggage handling (one piece per person). Not included: Pre- and post-tour accommodation (please ask for details to pre-book) • Optional activities (please book locally with your tour director) • Airport transfers • Airport improvement fee.


United States All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

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13 Nights, 14 Days - Vancouver • Vernon • Banff • Jasper • Prince George • Smithers • Prince Rupert • Port Hardy • Victoria • Vancouver

Day 8: Prince George – Smithers Enjoy a visit to Fort St. James National Historic Park to re-live the days of the fur trade. At the end of the day, settle into Smithers, a characteristic frontier town and enjoy an evening at leisure. Overnight in Smithers. (B) Day 9: Smithers – Prince Rupert Follow the beautiful Skeena River Valley to Prince Rupert. Along the way, stop for a tour of ‘Ksan Indian Village – a recreation of an ancient traditional community of the Gitxsan First Nation peoples. Arriving at today’s destination, enjoy an orientation tour of Prince Rupert, located on Kaien Island. Overnight in Prince Rupert. (B) Day 10: Prince Rupert – Port Hardy Cameras at the ready! This morning jump aboard for a spectacular full-day cruise south along the coast of British Columbia to Vancouver Island. The famous Inside Passage is one of the most spectacular waterways in Canada. Overnight in Port Hardy.

Rocky Roundup Escorted Tour Package inclusions: • Sightsee in Vancouver and Victoria

Day 11: Port Hardy – Victoria Pass through lively but unhurried little towns and villages, most of which serve as local centres for nearby logging and fishing activities, before arrival in Victoria for a sightseeing tour. Overnight in Victoria. (B)

• Cross the Capilano Suspension Bridge • Ride in an Ice Explorer at the Columbia Icefield • Enjoy a visit to ‘Ksan Indian Village • Take the Prince Rupert to Port Hardy Inside Passage cruise Snow-capped mountains, ocean shorelines, wilderness adventures and western hospitality beckon on this fully escorted economy holidays tour. Day 1: Vancouver Arrive at Vancouver’s International Airport, transfer independently to your downtown hotel and check in with your tour director. Overnight in Vancouver. Day 2: Vancouver Meet your travelling companions at breakfast before exploring Vancouver on a morning city tour. Highlights include Stanley Park, English Bay, Gastown, Chinatown and the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Overnight in Vancouver. (B) Day 3: Vancouver – Vernon Today the group travels east to the Okanagan Valley, famous for its fruit orchards and vineyards. Enjoy a picture stop at scenic Kalamalka Lake before continuing to Vernon. Overnight in Vernon. (B)

Day 12: Victoria Enjoy a day at leisure with ‘Ksan (additional cost). Overnight in Victoria. (B) Day 13: Victoria – Vancouver Visit Butchart Gardens, one of the world’s great floral displays. Ample time is allocated for browsing through these regal gardens. The trip includes a pleasant cruise through the Gulf Islands resort region, a summer retreat for residents of both British Columbia and Washington State. An optional ‘farewell dinner’ (additional cost) takes place tonight on the waters of Vancouver Harbour. Overnight in Vancouver. (B) Day 14: Tour concludes (B) Included: 11 nights’ first-class (or best available) accommodation • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast • Tours and attractions as shown • Transportation by modern tour coach • Experienced tour driver • Tour director throughout • Baggage handling (one piece per person). Not included: Pre- and post-tour accommodation (please ask for details to pre-book) • Optional activities (please book locally with your tour director) • Airport transfers • Airport improvement fee.

Day 4: Vernon – Banff National Park Cross the mighty Rogers Pass and the narrow Kicking Horse Canyon en route to the bustling town of Banff. Overnight in Banff. (B) Day 5: Banff National Park Today the group enjoys a comprehensive tour of the region around Banff. The area became Canada’s first national park in 1885 to protect its natural hot springs. Optional touring (additional cost) is also offered. Overnight in Banff. (B) Day 6: Banff National Park – Jasper National Park Today’s journey through Banff and Jasper National Parks promises to be a highlight of the tour. Witness the famous scenery of Lake Louise, one of the most photographed lakes in Canada, and travel north on the famed Icefields Parkway through a rugged wilderness flanked by dramatic mountain ranges. At the Columbia Icefield, board a specially constructed Ice Explorer to ride on the surface of the ancient Athabasca Glacier. You may wish to also enjoy additional optional touring (additional cost). Overnight in Jasper. (B) Day 7: Jasper National Park – Prince George An optional Spirit Island cruise on Maligne Lake (additional cost) is offered before the group travels westward back to the coast. At the Mount Robson Viewpoint, you may be lucky and see the highest. With luck, you may even see the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, its summit often shrouded by mist. Leave the mountains behind as you journey toward Prince George, located at the tip of British Columbia’s Cariboo Region. Overnight in Prince George. (B)

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure. BRITISH COLUMBIA Prince Rupert


Prince George



Port Hardy

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Vancouver Victoria

Canada United States


12 Nights, 13 Days - Halifax • Moncton • Saint John • Annapolis Valley • Halifax • Oak Island • Charlottetown • Baddeck • Halifax

Atlantic Maritimes Escorted Tour


green fields en route to Prince Edward Island National Park. Visit Green Gables Heritage Site, the alluring inspiration of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic ‘Anne of Green Gables’ books. Overnight in Charlottetown. (B, L)

Package inclusions: • Travel through New Brunswick and Nova Scotia

Day 10: Charlottetown – Baddeck After breakfast board a ferry to cross over the Northumberland Strait back to Nova Scotia and proceed to ‘the Scotland of North America’, Cape Breton Island via the Canso Causeway. Visit the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site in Baddeck before checking in to your hotel. Overnight in Baddeck. (B, D)

• Enjoy a whale-watching tour • Visit the World Heritage-listed town of Lunenburg • Explore picturesque Prince Edward Island • Journey along The Cabot Trail This fully escorted classic holidays tour has been designed around magnificent coastlines and maritime wonders. Experience the energy of Canada’s Atlantic coast. Day 1: Halifax Arrive at Halifax’s International Airport, transfer independently to your downtown hotel and meet your tour director and travelling companions at a welcome reception. Overnight in Halifax. Day 2: Halifax – Moncton Explore the Bay of Fundy and learn about the world’s highest tides as you travel its colourful coastline to New Brunswick’s bilingual city of Moncton. An unforgettable culinary experience awaits as you cruise the warm waters of Shediac Bay aboard a lobster boat. Learn about the fishing industry and savour a delicious lobster supper. Overnight in Moncton. (B, L, D) Day 3: Moncton – Saint John Experience a true natural wonder this morning as the group visits the Hopewell Rocks on the coast of the Bay of Fundy. Enjoy a city tour of Saint John. Overnight in Saint John. (B, L, D)

Day 11: Baddeck and The Cabot Trail Today’s journey takes you along one of the most stunningly picturesque drives in North America. The Cabot Trail winds around the rocky splendor of Cape Breton’s northern shore, ascending to the incredible plateaus of Cape Breton Highlands National Park. Travel to the coast where you will enjoy a whale-watching boat tour (weather permitting) before returning to Baddeck. Overnight in Baddeck. (B, L, D) Day 12: Baddeck – Halifax In the Maritimes, visit the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site. Continuing on to Halifax for one last night in the Maritimes. Overnight in Halifax. (B) Day 13: Tour concludes (B) Included: 12 nights’ first-class (or best available) accommodation • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner • Tours and attractions as shown • Transportation by modern tour coach • Experienced tour driver • Tour director throughout • Baggage handling (one piece per person). Not included: Pre- and post-tour accommodation (please ask for details to pre-book) • Optional activities (please book locally with your tour director) • Airport transfers • Airport improvement fee.


Day 4: Saint John – St. Andrews by-the-Sea – Saint John Today enjoy a day trip to picturesque St. Andrews by-the Sea where the quaint charm of this coastal town captivates every visitor. Next, a whale-watching boat tour (weather permitting). Overnight in Saint John. (B, L)

Day 5: Saint John – Annapolis Valley Ferry back to Nova Scotia and arrive in Digby, the scallop capital of the world, where the fresh sea air and passionate Acadian culture combine to form an enchanting and historically rich town. Overnight in Annapolis Valley. (B, D)

All prices and departure dates are on individual request

Day 6: Annapolis Valley – Halifax Visit Grand Pre National Historic Site where fact and fiction blend to reveal the romance of the ‘Land of Evangeline’, enjoy a winery tour and tasting, and arrive in Halifax for the evening. Overnight in Halifax. (B) Day 7: Halifax – Oak Island Discover the rustic charm of the renowned fishing village of Peggy’s Cove where the group enjoys breakfast, then journey along Nova Scotia’s South Shore to the UNESCO World Heritage Town of Lunenburg, home to fleets of Grand Banks fishing schooners. Overnight on Oak Island. (B, D)

Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.



Charlottetown Moncton



Day 8: Oak Island – Charlottetown Once only accessible by ferry, now you will arrive on Prince Edward Island via the Confederation Bridge – the world’s longest continuous multi-span bridge. En route, learn about Mi’kmaq culture at the Glooscap Heritage Centre & Mi’kmaq Museum. This evening you will be treated to true Maritime hospitality at a traditional hall-style lobster supper before checking into your hotel for the evening. Overnight in Charlottetown. (B, D)


Day 9: Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island Enjoy a free morning in Charlottetown or join a complimentary walking tour of the city. This afternoon, tour the island passing red cliffs, white beaches, gently sloping sand dunes and

Saint John Annapolis Valley Oak Island


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ESCORTED COACH & CRUISE / Rockies Trail and Cruise to the Glaciers

16 Nights, 17 Days

- Calgary • Banff • Jasper • Sun Peaks • Whistler • Victoria • Vancouver •Seattle • Ketchikan • Sawyer Glacier • Skagway rtn.

Rockies Trail and Cruise to the Glaciers Escorted Tour & Cruise Sightseeing Highlights

Day 12: Ketchikan The first port of the cruise is the small village of Ketchikan. Taken from the aboriginal Tlingit Iname, Kach Khanna (spread wings of the eagle), the area is known for its high concentration of nesting eagles. Spend some time on deck and chances are you will see one of these magnificent birds perched atop a Sitka tree. Thanks to its abundant rainfall, Ketchikan is surrounded by some of the world’s most lush wilderness. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D)

• Discover breathtaking Banff and Jasper National Parks • Marvel at famous Lake Louise • Ride in an Ice Explorer at the Columbia Icefield • Sightseeing in Victoria and Vancouver • Cruise from Vancouver to Alaska return, on board the Norwegian Cruise Line The majestic vistas, expansive protected parklands and western Canadian culture combine with an unforgettable Alaskan Cruise up the Inside Passage on this captivating coach and cruising experience. Day 1: Calgary Arrive at Calgary’s International Airport, transfer independently to your downtown hotel and check in with your tour director. Overnight in Calgary. Day 2: Calgary – Banff National Park Meet your travelling companions at breakfast before a morning tour of Calgary and commencing your journey to Banff National Park. Overnight in Banff. (B) Day 3: Banff National Park Enjoy a tour of the region around Banff. The rest of the day is at leisure with optional touring (additional cost). Explore the surroundings of Banff, stroll along Banff Avenue, or relax and enjoy the scenery. Overnight in Banff. (B) Day 4: Banff National Park – Jasper National Park Today’s journey through Banff and Jasper National Parks promises to be a highlight of the tour. At the Columbia Icefield, board a specially constructed Ice Explorer to ride on the surface of the ancient Athabasca Glacier. You may wish to also enjoy additional optional touring (additional cost). Overnight in Jasper. (B) Day 5: Jasper National Park – Sun Peaks The tour travels west along the Yellowhead Highway and into the heartland of British Columbia. Breathtaking, unspoiled vistas await visitors in every season of the year. Optional Spirit Island cruise on Maligne Lake (additional cost) is offered. Overnight in Sun Peaks. (B)

Day 13: Sawyer Glacier/Juneau Cruise to the cliffs of the Sawyer Glacier towering above the icy waters. The adjacent Hubbard Glacier dominates the landscape, and in season the humpback whales can be seen feeding and playing in the waters of Icy Strait Point. Arrive in Juneau, a hub for outdoor adventure and marine wildlife. The areas around town offer spectacular glacier viewing from such places as Tracy Arm Fjord, the Juneau Icefields and Glacier Bay National Park. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D) Day 14: Skagway During the Klondike Gold Rush of the late Skagway grew to a city of 20,000 gold seekers. Echoes of those days can be heard along Skagway’s charming boardwalk lined with buildings that replicate the style and purpose of their historic inspirations. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D) Day 15: Cruising the Inside Passage Take some time to relax on deck, or enjoy some of the ship’s many facilities. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D) Day 16: Victoria Step ashore to enjoy the fresh food markets, restaurants and art galleries of Victoria. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D) Day 17: Seattle – Vancouver Disembark the ship in Seattle and transfer (included to Vancouver. Tour concludes (B) Included: 9 nights’ first-class (or best available) accommodation • 7 nights’ cruise accommodation (inside cabin, ocean view, balcony) • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner • Tours and attractions as shown • Transportation by modern tour coach and Norwegian Cruise Line • Experienced tour driver • Tour director coach component • Baggage handling (one piece per person). Not included: Pre- and post-tour accommodation (please ask for details to pre-book) • Optional activities coach component (please book locally with your tour director) • Optional activities cruise component (please pre-book with the Norwegian Cruise Line directly • Airport transfers • Airport improvement fee Special note: As this tour travels into Alaska, a U.S. visa is required.

Day 6: Sun Peaks –Whistler Expect a day of dramatic scenery changes as you travel through the ranch lands and head for the coastal mountains. Optional touring (additional cost) is offered. Overnight in Whistler. (B)


Day 7: Whistler – Victoria The Sea-to-Sky Highway leads your tour group south through spectacular coastal scenery today. From Horseshoe Bay, cruise by ferry across the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver Island and continue by coach to Victoria, British Columbia’s capital city. Arriving in Victoria, you will embark on a city tour of this former British enclave. Overnight in Victoria. (B) Day 8: Victoria Enjoy a tour of the world-famous Butchart Gardens then the remainder of the day is at leisure with optional touring (additional cost). Overnight in Victoria. (B) Day 9: Victoria – Vancouver Upon arrival in Vancouver, enjoy an interesting tour of the city. This evening features a dinner party at the Capilano Suspension Bridge with a welcome from First Nations carvers. Overnight in Vancouver. (B, D) Day 10: Vancouver – Seattle Today after breakfast cross the Canada/United States border into Washington state and its bustling capital, Seattle, and check in for your cruise. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the ship this evening. Overnight on board ship (B, D) Day 11: Cruising the Inside Passage As the ship sets sail, watch the subtle changes in the shoreline. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D)


All prices and departure dates are on individual request

Hubbard Glacier Skagway Icy Straight Point


Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.







Banff Whistler Sun Peaks Calgary Inside Passage Vancouver Victoria Seattle

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Western Journey & Inside Passage / ESCORTED COACH & CRUISE


15 Nights, 16 Days – Calgary • Banff • Kamloops • Whistler • Vancouver • Inside Passage • Icy Strait Point • Hubbard Glacier • Juneau • Ketchikan rtn.

Western Journey & Inside Passage Escorted Tour & Cruise Sightseeing Highlights • Journey through the Rocky Mountains • Explore breathtaking Banff National Park • Sightsee in Calgary, Banff and Vancouver • Cruise from Vancouver to Alaska return, on board the Celebrity Century

Day 13: Port of Juneau Here the pioneering spirit lives on in an interesting mix of cosmopolitan chic and frontier ruggedness. There are many places to visit in port including Alaska State Museum and its exquisite collection of Russian Orthodox and Gold Rush relics. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D) Day 14: Port of Ketchikan Today you cruise down the coast to arrive in the town of Ketchikan - the ancestral home of the Tlingit tribe. This community boasts the world’s largest collection of totem poles, and you may also like to visit the Saxman Native Village, Totem Bight and Totem Heritage Center. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D)

Discover unspoiled wilderness, spectacular beauty and bustling cities before boarding a fabulous vessel to cruise the stunning Inside Passage on this coach and cruising itinerary.

Day 15: Inside Passage Today the ship slowly retraces its voyage along the Alaskan and British Columbia coastlines. Watch how the landscape slowly and subtly changes as you descend into the more southern and warmer climate of the Pacific Northwest temperate area. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D)

Day 1: Calgary Arrive at Calgary’s International Airport, transfer independently to your downtown hotel and check in with your tour director. Overnight in Calgary.

Day 16: Inside Passage – Vancouver Disembark the ship in Vancouver. Tour concludes (B)

Day 2: Calgary – Banff National Park / Canmore Meet your travelling companions at breakfast before a tour of Calgary then a journey to the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park. Overnight in Canmore. (B)

Included: 7 nights’ moderate accommodation • 7 nights’ cruise accommodation (inside cabin, outside cabin, balcony) • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner • Tours and attractions as shown • Transportation by modern tour coach and Celebrity Cruises • Experienced tour driver • Tour director coach component • Baggage handling (one piece per person).

Day 3: Banff National Park / Canmore Enjoy a day at leisure with or take an optional Columbia Icefield tour (additional cost) if you wish. Overnight in Canmore. (B) Day 4: Banff National Park / Canmore – Kamloops Enjoy a dazzling display of vast icefields, deep canyons, dense forests and glacier-fed streams on today’s route. Overnight in Kamloops. (B)

Not included: Pre- and post-tour accommodation (please ask for details to pre-book) • Optional activities coach component (please book locally with your tour director) • Optional activities cruise component (please book locally with Celebrity Cruises directly • Airport transfers • Airport improvement fee Special note: As this tour travels into Alaska, a U.S. visa is required.

Day 5: Kamloops – Whistler A day of dramatic scenery changes as you travel through the ranch lands and head for the coastal mountains. Optional touring (additional cost) is also offered. Overnight in Whistler. (B) Day 6: Whistler – Vancouver Explore the metropolis of Vancouver on a sightseeing tour. Overnight in Vancouver. (B) Day 7: Vancouver Enjoy a day at leisure with optional touring (additional cost). Overnight in Vancouver. (B) Day 8: Vancouver Enjoy a second day at leisure in Vancouver or take an optional Vancouver Island and Victoria tour (additional cost). Overnight in Vancouver. Day 9: Vancover – Alaskan Cruise Transfer (included) to the Vancouver cruise terminal where you board the Celebrity Century and are welcomed by the crew who will be your hosts for the next 7 nights. Familiarise yourself with amenities of the ship and watch the sun set over the water from the wide decks of this magnificent craft. The ship weighs anchor and sets sail this afternoon for one of the most famously beautiful passages in all the world. Overnight on board ship (D)


Day 10: Inside Passage Enjoy the fantastic scenery as you continue to cruise through the inside passage. Just beyond the deck rails, the gems of Alaska are laid open in a spellbinding vista, including rain forests, glaciers, fjords and whitecapped peaks. Along the way it is common to view whales and sea lions at play along the coastlines as well as a near countless assortment of marine bird life. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D) Day 11: Icy Point Strait Eighty kilometers (Fifty miles) west of Juneau and at the mouth of Glacier Bay, lies historic Icy Strait Point. Watch the sun set against the dramatic landscape as the ship anchors off the point for the night. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D) Day 12: Hubbard Glacier Hubbard Glacier is the one glacier in the world that does not move at a glacial pace. In 1986, Hubbard Glacier - the largest tidewater glacier on the North American continent - moved an average of just under 2 metres (6 feet) per hour. Keep a watchful eye as the ship sails through the Yakutat Bay as geological history unfolds before you. Overnight on board ship (B, L, D)


All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.


Hubbard Glacier Icy Straight Point






SASKATCHEWAN Whistler Banff/Canmore Calgary Inside Passage Kamloops Vancouver

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United States


RAIL PACKAGES / Trans Canada By Rail

14 Nights, 15 Days - Toronto • Niagara Falls • Jasper • Lake Louise • Banff • Kamloops • Vancouver

Trans Canada By Rail Sightseeing highlights: • Experience VIA Rail’s The Canadian from Toronto to Jasper • Ride the Rocky Mountaineer from Banff to Vancouver • Sightseeing in Toronto • Experience Niagara Falls including the Hornblower Niagara Cruises VIP Boat Tour (seasonal)

freshwater lakes. By evening, the train crosses the border into the province of Manitoba and stops briefly in its capital, Winnipeg. Overnight on board VIA Rail’s The Canadian. (B, L, D, B, L, D). Day 6: VIA Rail’s The Canadian – Jasper By early morning, you will have crossed the vast expanses of prairie flatland in Saskatchewan and Alberta, and will be approaching the imposing silhouette of the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy the spectacle of nature as the train enters Jasper National Park. Overnight in Jasper. (B, L). Day 7: Jasper Enjoy a day at leisure in Jasper. Take in the breathtaking panorama of Jasper National Park’s serene lakes and gentle meadows standing in stark contrast to its jagged peaks and spectacular glaciers. Overnight in Jasper.

• Ride in an Ice Explorer at the Columbia Icefield • Sightseeing in Vancouver Travel in luxury from Toronto’s urban excitement, through a spellbinding diversity of landscapes to Vancouver, metropolitan gem on the Pacific coast. Explore cosmopolitan Toronto before travelling to the magnificent Niagara Falls. Board VIA Rail’s famous The Canadian travelling west through the lake regions of Manitoba and the grain fields of Saskatchewan, and once in Alberta embark on a tour of the Canadian Rockies. The Rocky Mountaineer then takes you on a journey-of-a-lifetime. Enjoy daylight train travel through some of the most spectacular areas in Western Canada en route to Vancouver. Day 1: Toronto Arrive at Toronto’s International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your information kit at the front desk upon checkin. Overnight in Toronto. Day 2: Toronto Discover the many identities of this cosmopolitan city on a twohour sightseeing tour. Highlights include the provincial Parliament Buildings, City Hall, the financial district, Chinatown, the waterfront and the CN Tower. Overnight in Toronto. Day 3: Niagara Falls and VIA Rail’s The Canadian Enjoy a full-day excursion to Niagara Falls. Board the Hornblower Niagara Cruises VIP Boat Tour for a spectacular boat trip to the foot of the Horseshoe Falls (mid-May to mid-October only, and substituted by ‘Journey behind the falls’ tour in off-season). Ample time will be spent at the falls to give you every opportunity to take pictures and admire the thundering waters. Highlights include a lunch and a trip along the beautiful Niagara Parkway. Pass through the historic community of Niagara-onthe-Lake before returning to Toronto. Transfer independently to Union station to board VIA Rail’s The Canadian en route to western Canada. Overnight on board VIA Rail’s The Canadian. (L). Days 4-5: VIA Rail’s The Canadian Travelling north of the Great Lakes, view the rugged terrain of the Canadian Shield, some of North America’s oldest rock formations. Rich in minerals and forests, the region is dotted with thousands of

Day 8: Jasper – Lake Louise Depart Jasper on your full-day sightseeing transfer (included) along the Icefields Parkway, one of the most scenic roads in all of Canada. Every turn unveils spectacular vistas of magnificent peaks, outstretched valleys, cascading waterfalls and mountain meadows. At the Columbia Icefield, ride in an Ice Explorer to explore the Athabasca Glacier (included). Continuing just beyond the edge of the glacial shelf, you arrive at Lake Louise – a verdant shimmering lake reflecting the majesty of the Victoria Glacier. Overnight in Lake Louise. Day 9: Lake Louise – Banff Take some time in the morning to explore the village of Lake Louise – a picturesque gateway to the mountain areas of Banff National Park. Transfer (included) through the winding roads of Banff National Park to arrive at the picturesque alpine town of Banff. Wildlife meander through the green spaces creating truly unique photo opportunities. Boutiques, confectioners and eateries line the quaint boulevards, adding to the charm of this picturesque alpine town. Overnight in Banff. Day 10: Banff National Park This morning enjoy a three-hour sightseeing tour of Banff National Park’s many highlights, including the Hoodoos, Surprise Corner and Tunnel Mountain Drive. Overnight in Banff. Day 11: Rocky Mountaineer Banff – Kamloops Board the Rocky Mountaineer heading west to the Pacific Coast. This unique daylight service allows you to view some of the most spectacular sights in western Canada. The route departs the Rockies through Kicking Horse Pass, then climbs into the Selkirk Mountains following Rogers Pass. Transfer (included) to your accommodation. Overnight in Kamloops. (B, L) Day 12: Rocky Mountaineer Kamloops – Vancouver Today your spectacular daylight rail excursion to Vancouver continues. Transfer (included) to the train station and travel through the ‘cowboy country’ ranchland of the British Columbia interior, and along the mighty Thompson and Fraser rivers. Rugged mountain peaks and rolling wind-swept hills will define the horizon as you traverse the interior and approach the Coastal Mountains surrounding Vancouver. Upon arrival in Vancouver, transfer independently to your hotel. Overnight in Vancouver. (B, L)

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Trans Canada By Rail / RAIL PACKAGES


Day 13: Vancouver Discover Vancouver on a hop-on-hop-off trolley tour, taking in the sights of historic Gastown, English Bay, Granville Island, the colourful totem poles of scenic Stanley Park and much more. Overnight in Vancouver. Day 14: Victoria Enjoy a full-day trip to Victoria. The trip begins with a cruise through the scenic Gulf Islands and includes a visit to the acclaimed Butchart Gardens. Continue to Victoria for a city sightseeing tour that encompasses Victoria’s stately homes and gardens as well as historic landmarks. You will see the University of Victoria and Beacon Hill Park and pass the Royal British Columbia Museum, Thunderbird Park, the Parliament buildings and the exclusive homes of the Uplands and Oak Bay. You will return to Vancouver by early evening. Overnight in Vancouver. Day 15: Tour concludes. Included: 14 nights’ accommodation (standard or deluxe) including 3 nights on board The Canadian • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner • Tours, transfers and attractions as shown • Travel and information kit. Not included: Transfers to and from airport and or train stations in Toronto, Jasper, Banff and Vancouver • Optional upgrade to Sleeper Class aboard VIA Rail’s The Canadian (please ask for details to upgrade) • Optional upgrade to SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf services aboard the Rocky Mountaineer (please ask for details to upgrade) • Airport improvement fee • National park entrance fees.

Alaska YUKON


Lake Louise Kamloops Banff Vancouver Victoria



ONTARIO Winnipeg

All prices and departure dates are on individual request

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QUEBEC Quebec City

United States Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.



Niagara Falls

Montreal Ottawa Toronto


RAIL PACKAGES / Journey Through the Rockies

11 Nights, 12 Days - Vancouver • Kamloops • Banff • Lake Louise • Jasper • Quesnel • Whistler • Vancouver

Journey Through the Rockies Sightseeing highlights: • E  njoy the Vancouver Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge Tour • Ride the Rocky Mountaineer through spectacular scenery • Take to the skies on a helicopter tour of Three Sisters Peaks • Relax on a gondola ride in Banff • Experience the Ice Explorer on a Lake Louise to Jasper scenic tour The majesty of the Rocky Mountains are revealed on this spectacular rail and road journey through British Columbia and Alberta. Days 1-2: Vancouver Arrive at Vancouver’s International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your information kit at the front desk upon check-in. On day two, embark on a fascinating tour featuring some of Vancouver’s most famous attractions. An experienced guide will take you over the majestic Lion’s Gate Bridge to the Capilano Fish Hatchery, where you will learn about salmon spawning before visiting the Rain Forest Park. Enjoy the Skyride to Grouse Mountain where you will see lumber jack shows, grizzly bears and birds of prey. Afterwards, continue on to the Capilano Suspension Bridge suspended high above a magnificent canyon. See traditional totem carvers, a nature park, visit a historic interpretation centre and take a short discovery walk through the old-growth forest on suspended walkways on the unique Tree Top Adventure. Overnight in Vancouver (two nights).

Days 9-10: Rocky Mountaineer Quesnel – Whistler Travel through the deep clefts and hidden passages of the Rocky Mountains en route to Whistler. Explore the natural outdoor playground, hike along endless trails and high alpine meadows, or just relax in the enchanting setting of the pedestrian village and enjoy the boutiques, restaurants and cafes. Overnight in Whistler (two nights). Day 11: Rocky Mountaineer Whistler – Vancouver Transfer (included) to the station to return to Vancouver. Overnight in Vancouver. Day 12: Tour concludes. Included: 11 nights’ accommodation (standard, superior) • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch • Tours, transfers and attractions as shown • Travel and information kit. Not included: Optional upgrade to SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf services aboard the Rocky Mountaineer (please ask for details to upgrade) • Airport improvement fee • National park entrance fees.

Day 3: Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver – Kamloops Transfer (included) to the Rocky Mountaineer for the start of a spectacular journey. Travel on the pioneer trail and listen to the history and legends of the West. The train crosses the Coastal Mountains into the rugged beauty of the interior and follows the rushing torrents of the Fraser and Thompson Rivers. Overnight in Kamloops. (B, L) Days 4-5: Rocky Mountaineer Kamloops – Banff Pass glistening glaciers and alpine meadows en route to the charming resort town of Banff. On day five, you are transferred to the helipad to embark on a thrilling helicopter ride. Get close to the world-famous Three Sisters. You will want to reach out and touch them as you whisk by them before escaping into the Spray Valley where you will explore the extraordinary hues of the Spray Lakes. Overnight in Banff (two nights). (B, L) Day 6: Banff – Lake Louise Marvel at the scenery on today’s transfer. The tour travels along the Bow Valley Parkway to Johnston Canyon. Other places of interest along the route are the Moraine Lake in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, the Great Divide into Yoho National Park, scenic Kicking Horse Pass, Takakkaw Falls and the magnificent Yoho Valley. Overnight Lake Louise.

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.




Day 7: Lake Louise – Japser Travel along one of the world’s most spectacular mountain roads and enjoy a glacier adventure en route. Overnight Lake Louise.


Lake Louise Banff

Day 8: Rocky Mountaineer Jasper – Quesnel Transfer (included) to board the train to the small town of Quesnel. Overnight in Quesnel.

Whistler Vancouver


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Capital Experience / RAIL PACKAGES

9 Nights, 10 Days - Toronto • Ottawa • Quebec • Montreal • Toronto

Capital Experience


shore of the St. Lawrence River passing charming little towns and villages in the beautiful French-Canadian countryside. Explore historic and modern Quebec City on a morning sightseeing tour. Quebec City is the only city in North America with city walls and gates earning it a United Nations World Heritage Site distinction in 1985. Discover the historical treasures and wonderful ‘joie de vivre’ atmosphere of Quebec. Your guide provides narration while you see the Latin Quarter, the Plains of Abraham, the Fortifications, the National Assembly, Place Royale, the Basilica and many more points of interest. Overnight in Quebec City (two nights).

Sightseeing highlights: • Take to the rails with VIA Rail’s The Corridor • CN Tower admission in Toronto • Sightseeing in Toronto • E  xperience Niagara Falls including the Hornblower Niagara Cruises VIP Boat Tour (seasonal) • Sightseeing in Ottawa • Sightseeing in Quebec • Sightseeing in Montreal See the key cities in Eastern Canada and experience the different lifestyles in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. VIA Rail’s train system connects Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. Days 1-3: Toronto – Niagara Falls – Toronto Arrive at Toronto’s International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your information kit at the front desk upon check-in. Discover the many identities of this cosmopolitan city on a sightseeing tour including the provincial Parliament Buildings, City Hall, the financial district, Chinatown, residential areas, and the waterfront. Admission (included) to the CN Tower, standing 335-metres (540-feet) tall allows you to ride the glass-fronted elevators to the top of this icon and take in unforgettable views of Toronto and Lake Ontario.

Days 8-9: VIA Rail’s The Corridor Quebec City – Montreal It’s a short ride to Montreal, the world’s second-largest French-speaking city after Paris. Walk down lively St. Catherine Street with its numerous shops and cafés, sample the fine cuisine and exuberant nightlife (own expense). Enjoy a three-hour sightseeing tour of Montreal and see Notre Dame Basilica, the financial and residential districts, historic Old Montreal, the charming Latin Quarter and much more. Overnight in Montreal (two nights). Day 10: VIA Rail’s The Corridor Montreal – Toronto Tour concludes. Included: 9 nights’ accommodation (standard, superior, deluxe) • Meals as shown (L) Lunch • Tours, transfers and attractions as shown • Travel and information kit. Not included: Optional upgrade to Business Class aboard VIA Rail (please ask for details to upgrade) • Airport improvement fee.

On day three, enjoy a full-day excursion to Niagara Falls. Board the Hornblower Niagara Cruises VIP Boat Tour for a spectacular boat trip to the foot of the Horseshoe Falls (mid-May to mid-October only, and substituted by ‘Journey behind the falls’ tour in off-season). Ample time will be spent at the falls to give you every opportunity to take pictures and admire the thundering waters. Highlights include a lunch and a trip along the beautiful Niagara Parkway. Pass through the historic community of Niagara-on-the-Lake before returning to Toronto. Overnight in Toronto (three nights). (L) Days 4-5: VIA Rail’s The Corridor Toronto – Ottawa This morning, transfer independently to Union Station to board VIA Rail’s The Corridor train to Ottawa. Pass quaint little towns along Lake Ontario, the historic city of Kingston and the Thousand Islands region. In Ottawa, see the Parliament Buildings, Embassy Row, the Royal Canadian Mint, the National Gallery of Canada, the National Aviation Museum, the residence of the Prime Minister and Governor-General, the RCMP Museum and Stables and the National Arts Centre on a hop-on-hop-off tour (substituted by admission to the National War Museum and the Canada Museum of Civilization for departures between October 16 and April 23). Overnight in Ottawa (two nights).

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.


Toronto Niagara Falls

Days 6-7: VIA Rail’s The Corridor Ottawa – Quebec City Ride along the southern

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Quebec City





RAIL PACKAGES / Charlevoix & Twin Cultures

13 Nights, 14 Days - Vancouver • Kamloops • Banff • Jasper • Prince George • Prince Rupert • Port Hardy • Victoria • Vancouver

Rail and Sail Sightseeing highlights: • Board the Rocky Mountaineer for an unforgettable train ride through the Rocky Mountains • Take VIA Rail’s Jasper to Prince Rupert train to traverse Northern British Columbia • Enjoy an enchanting cruise through the Inside Passage to Vancouver Island • Sightseeing in Vancouver • Ride in an Ice Explorer at the Columbia Icefield A journey that will capture the imagination! Combining the romance of train travel with the delights of cruising, this itinerary offers a truly unique view of Canada’s dazzling scenery.

Day 11: Port Hardy – Victoria Today, travel the Island Highway through the forestclad mountains of the interior and along a spectacular coastline dotted with charming fishing villages. Overnight in Victoria.

Day 1: Vancouver Arrive at Vancouver’s International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your information kit at the front desk upon check-in. Overnight in Vancouver.

Day 12: Victoria Enjoy a day at leisure in Victoria. Overnight in Victoria.

Day 2: Vancouver Vancouver offers a world of entertainment, culture and adventure. Discover the city on a hop-on-hop-off tour taking in the sights of historic Gastown, English Bay, Granville Island and the colourful totem poles of scenic Stanley Park. Overnight in Vancouver. Day 3: Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver – Kamloops Private transfer to the train station (included) and embark on an unforgettable journey onboard the Rocky Mountaineer through the majestic landscape of Western Canada. The train crosses the Coastal Mountains into the rugged beauty of the interior and follows the rushing torrents of the Fraser and Thompson Rivers. Overnight in Kamploops. (B, L)

Day 13: Victoria – Vancouver Experience the exhilaration of travelling by floatplane across the Strait of Georgia to Vancouver. Enjoy the breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the city’s skyline as you approach for a thrilling landing on water. Overnight in Vancouver. Day 14: Tour concludes. Included: 13 nights’ accommodation (standard, superior, deluxe) • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner • Tours, transfers and attractions as shown • Travel and information kit. Not included: Optional upgrade to SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf services aboard the Rocky Mountaineer (please ask for details to upgrade) • Airport improvement fee • National park entrance fees.

Days 4-5: Rocky Mountaineer Kamloops – Banff National Park Today, relish the spectacle of snow-capped peaks, vividly coloured lakes, glistening glaciers and alpine meadows as the train traverses the national parks of Glacier, Yoho and Banff. The majestic mountain ridges of the Canadian Rockies tower high above the meandering railroad en route to the charming resort town of Banff. Relax in the shadow of Mount Norquay, or explore the park along its vast network of hiking and horseback riding trails. The area’s highlights include the Cave and Basin, Bow Falls and the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Overnight in Banff (two nights). (B, L) Days 6-7: Banff to Jasper Leave Banff and travel north along the famous Icefields Parkway into the untamed wilderness of Jasper National Park. At the Columbia Icefield, tour onto the surface of the Athabasca Glacier onboard an Ice Explorer (included). Enjoy a day at leisure in Jasper, which still boasts an intriguing frontier identity. Overnight in Jasper (two nights). Day 8: VIA Rail Jasper – Prince George Embark on the rail journey across British Columbia’s northern region to the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Pass the cloudveiled peak of Mount Robson and watch the horizons widen as the train descends from the Rockies onto the rugged interior plateau. The northern arm of the Fraser River leads to Prince George. Overnight in Prince George. (L, D)

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

Prince Rupert

Day 9: VIA Rail Prince George – Prince Rupert Continuing west, enjoy the rugged beauty and pioneering character of a landscape once solely travelled by First Nation people and fur traders. Overnight in Prince Rupert. (B, L, D) Day 10: Inside Passage Cruise Prince Rupert – Port Hardy Welcome to the glorious Inside Passage, a paradise for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. Sail to Vancouver Island through a maze of enchanting islands, relishing the everchanging vistas of deep fjords, densely forested shorelines, massive ice-flows and jagged inlets. Watch bald eagles soaring overhead, sea lions slumbering on the rocks and whales traversing the offshore waters. Overnight in Port Hardy.


Canada Jasper

Prince George


Columbia Icefield Banff Kamloops

Port Hardy

Vancouver Victoria

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United States

Toronto and Montreal Experience & Mountain Rails / RAIL PACKAGES

4 Nights, 5 Days - Toronto • Montreal

Toronto and Montreal Experience


This itinerary offers you an excellent opportunity to experience the best of Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City (seasonal).

Sightseeing highlights

Days 1-2: Toronto Arrive at Toronto’s International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your information kit at the front desk upon check-in. On day two take a full-day tour to Niagara Falls. Included is a thrilling boat ride for a unique view of the spectacular Horseshoe Falls (mid-May to mid-October only, and substituted by ‘Journey behind the falls’ tour in off-season). Overnight in Toronto (two nights).

• Experience Niagara Falls including cruise (seasonal) • Travel VIA Rail’s The Corridor train from Toronto to Montreal • Tour to Quebec City including cruise (seasonal)

Days 3-4: Toronto – Montreal Depart for Montreal on board VIA Rail’s Corridor train and the next morning enjoy a tour to Quebec City. Highlights include the Upper and Lower Towns, the Parliament Buildings, the Plains of Abraham, the Citadel, Chateau Frontenac, Place d’Armes, Quebec National Assembly, the Notre Dame Basilica and Montmorency Falls (substituted by a three-hour Montreal tour for departures October 18 2014 to April 27 2015). Overnight in Montreal (two nights). Day 5: Tour concludes. Included: 4 nights’ accommodation (economy, standard, superior, deluxe) • Tours, transfers and attractions as shown • Travel and information kit. Not included: Optional upgrade to Business Class aboard VIA Rail (please ask for details to upgrade) • Airport improvement fee.



ONTARIO Montreal

Toronto Niagara Falls

United States

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

7 Nights, 8 Days - Calgary • Banff • Kamloops • Vancouver

Mountain Rails

Explore the neighbouring provinces of Alberta and British Columbia, and enjoy Calgary as well as Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Sightseeing highlights:

Day 1: Calgary Arrive at Calgary’s International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your information kit at the front desk upon checkin. Overnight in Calgary.

• Marvel at spectacular scenery from the Rocky Mountaineer • Enjoy a gondola ride in Banff • Ride in an Ice Explorer at the Columbia Icefield

Days 2-3: Calgary – Banff – Columbia Icefield – Banff Enjoy a gondola ride and an Ice Explorer ride onto Athabasca Glacier. Overnight in Banff (two nights).

• Sightseeing in Vancouver

Day 4: Rocky Mountaineer Banff – Kamloops Overnight in Kamloops. (B, L) Day 5: Rocky Mountaineer Kamloops – Vancouver Travel through ‘cowboy country’ en route to Vancouver. Overnight in Vancouver. (B, L) Day 6: Vancouver Hop-on-hop-off tour of Vancouver. Overnight in Vancouver. Day 7: Vancouver – Victoria – Vancouver A full day of sightseeing including the acclaimed Butchart Gardens. Overnight in Vancouver. Day 8: Tour concludes. Included: 7 nights’ accommodation (standard, superior, deluxe) • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch • Tours, transfers and attractions as shown • Travel and information kit. Not included: Optional upgrade to SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf services aboard the Rocky Mountaineer (please ask for details to upgrade) • Airport improvement fee • National park entrance fees. Note: Also available ‘in reverse’.




Columbia Icefield Banff Kamloops


Vancouver Victoria

United States

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

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SELF-DRIVES / Great Parks of the West and Whales, Bears & Vancouver Island

13 Nights, 14 Days - Vancouver • Penticton • Revelstoke • Banff • Jasper • 100 Mile House • Whistler • Vancouver

Great Parks of the West Self-Drive

Beautiful Vancouver is the starting point for this two-week circular self-drive that showcases the national parks of the Canadian Rockies.

Sightseeing highlights • Enjoy a hop-on-hop-off city tour in Vancouver • Visit the Okanagan Valley, renowned for its beaches and hot, dry climate • Scenic drive through Glacier National Park

Day 1-2: Vancouver Arrive at Vancouver International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your Canada Roadbook at the front dest at check-in. Explore Vancouver. Overnight in Vancouver (two nights). Day 3: Vancouver – Penticton (395 kilometres) Travel through the Coastal Mountains and Manning Provincial Park. Overnight in Penticton.

• Explore Banff and Jasper National Parks

Day 4: Penticton – Revelstoke (260 kilometres) Drive past spectacular waterfalls, towering peaks and beautiful lakes. Overnight near Revelstoke. Days 5-6: Revelstoke – Banff (280 kilometres) Scenic drive through Glacier National Park and Rogers Pass. Overnight in Banff (two nights). Days 7-8: Banff – Jasper National Park (285 kilometres) Drive to Jasper via the spectacular Icefields Parkway. Overnight in Jasper (two nights). Days 9-10: Jasper – 100 Mile House (465 kilometres) Drive past the highest peak in the Rockies. Overnight in 100 Mile House (two nights). Days 11-12: 100 Mile House – Whistler (100 kilometres) Scenic drive to Whistler. Overnight in Whistler (two nights). Day 13: Whistler – Vancouver Scenic two-hour drive to Vancouver. Overnight near Vancouver airport. Day 14: Tour Concludes.



Included: 13 nights’ accommodation (economy, standard or deluxe) • Tours as shown • Canada Roadbook including routing maps and area information tailored to your journey.


Not included: Car rental • Airport transfers • National park entrance fees • GyPSy Guide optional add-on (please ask for details to add on) Note: This itinerary is part of the ‘flexi programme’ and may be modified at time of booking.


100 Mile House Banff

Revelstoke Whistler



United States

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

8 Nights, 9 Days - Vancouver • Victoria • Tofino • Campbell River • Knight Inlet • Vancouver

Whales, Bears, Vancouver Island Self-Drive Sightseeing highlights: • Visit Victoria and discover its marine heritage and colonial charm • Enjoy whale-watching and seek out a variety of marine life • Stop to see native rock carvings at Sproat Lake

This drive visits lively urban centres, remote wilderness destinations, and Vancouver Island. Day 1: Vancouver Arrive at Vancouver International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your Canada Roadbook at the front desk at check-in. Overnight in Vancouver. Days 2-3: Vancouver – Victoria (70 kilometres land only) Ferry to Vancouver Island, and whale watching. Overnight in Victoria (two nights).

• Experience Knight Inlet Lodge and its abundance of wildlife

Days 4-5: Victoria – Tofino (320 kilometres) Scenic beauty, and a second whalewatching tour. Overnight in Tofino (two nights). Day 6: Tofino to Campbell River (290 kilometres) This morning, the spectacular winding road takes you back to the eastern coast of Vancouver Island. Overnight in Campbell River. Day 7: Campbell River to Knight Inlet Knight Inlet Lodge, is not accessible by road, so you’ll fly in by floatplane. Enjoy a remarkable bear watching and wildlife viewing tour today! Overnight in Knight Inlet. (L, D) Day 8: Knight Inlet to Vancouver (160 kilometres land only) Floatplane to Campbell River and return to Vancouver. Overnight in Vancouver. (B) Day 9: Tour concludes. Included: 8 nights’ accommodation (standard or superior) • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (L) Lunch, (D) Dinner • Tours and transfers as shown • Canada Roadbook including routing maps and area information tailored to your journey. Not included: Car rental • Airport transfers • National park entrance fees • GyPSy Guide optional add-on (please ask for details to add on) • Gratuities recommended at Knight Inlet.

Canada Knight Inlet


Note: This itinerary is part of the ‘flexi programme’ and may be modified at time of booking. 


Campbell River Vancouver

Tofino Victoria

United States

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

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Western Wonders & Yukon and Alaska Explorer / SELF-DRIVES

13 Nights, 14 Days - Calgary • Kananaskis • Banff • Jasper • Sun Peaks • Harrison Hot Springs • Victoria • Vancouver

Western Wonders Self-Drive


Experience the ‘best of the West’ on this magnificent Canadian Rockies self-drive.

Sightseeing highlights: • Drive through some of the world’s most photographed landscapes • Explore Banff and Jasper National Parks

Day 1: Calgary Arrive at Calgary International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your Canada Roadbook at the front desk at checkin. Overnight in Calgary.

• Stay at the landmark Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa

Days 2-3: Calgary – Kananaskis (90 kilometres) Drive to Kananaskis Country for activities aplenty. Overnight in Kananaskis (two nights).

• Ride in an Ice Explorer at the Columbia Icefield (additional cost)

Days 4-5: Kananaskis - Banff (55 kilometres) Overnight in Banff (two nights). Days 6-7: Banff - Jasper Banff - Jasper (285 kilometres) Overnight in Jasper (two nights). Day 8: Jasper – Sun Peaks (440 kilometres) Overnight in Sun Peaks. Days 9-10: Sun Peaks – Harrison Hot Springs (400 kilometres) Journey via Kamloops and Fraser Canyon. Overnight in Harrison Hot Springs (two nights). Day 11: Harrison Hot Springs – Victoria (290 kilometres land only) Drive and ferry to Vancouver Island. Overnight in Victoria. Days 12-14: Victoria – Vancouver (70 kilometres land only) Cross to the bustling city of Vancouver. Overnight in Vancouver (two nights). Tour Concludes. Included: 13 nights’ accommodation (standard, superior or family) • Tours and transfers as shown • Canada Roadbook including routing maps and area information tailored to your journey. Not included: Car rental • Airport transfers • GyPSy Guide optional add-on (please ask for details to add on). Note: This itinerary is part of the ‘flexi programme’ and may be modified at time of booking. Also available ‘in reverse’.




Canada Banff

Sun Peaks

Vancouver Victoria

Kananaskis Valley


Harrison Hot Springs

United States

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

13 Nights, 14 Days - Whitehorse • Dawson City • Fairbanks • Denali National Park • Anchorage • Tok • Whitehorse

Yukon and Alaska Explorer Self-Drive Sightseeing highlights: • Adventure in magnificent Yukon and Alaska (4WD recommended) • Take a wildlife-viewing tour in Denali National Park • Enjoy a guided hike to Matanuska Glacier

Journey through rugged Yukon and the dramatic state of Alaska, two environments that challenge the limits of human endurance. Days 1-2: Whitehorse Arrive at Whitehorse Airport and transfer independently to your hotel. Pick up your Canada Roadbook at the front desk at check-in. Overnight in Whitehorse (two nights). Days 3-4: Whitehorse – Dawson City (535 kilometres) Access the Yukon, and look out for bears, wolves, lynx and moose, which roam in abundance. Overnight in Dawson City (two nights).

• Immerse yourself in the culture of the Inuit people

Days 5-6: Dawson City – Fairbanks (570 kilometres) Cross into Alaska and drive through startling landscapes. Overnight in Fairbanks (two nights). Days 7-8: Fairbanks – Denali National Park (265 kilometres) Enjoy a full-day wildlife-watching tour of Denali National Park. Overnight Denali National Park (two nights). Days 9-11: Denali National Park – Anchorage (380 kilometres) Adventure south, explore Anchorage and Chugach National Forest. Overnight in Anchorage (three nights). Day 12: Anchorage – Tok (520 kilometres) Depart early to join a three-hour glacier hike (suitable for beginners) to Matanuska Glacier and discover picture-perfect scenery. Overnight in Tok. Day 13: Tok – Whitehorse (640 kilometres) Follow the Alaska Highway via the Kluane National Park. Overnight in Whitehorse.

Alaska YUKON


Denali National Park



Day 14: Tour Concludes.


Not included: Car rental • Airport transfers • National park entrance fees • GyPSy Guide optional add-on (please ask for details to add on). Note: This itinerary is part of the ‘flexi programme’ and may be modified at time of booking. Also available ‘ex Anchorage’.

Dawson City

Special note: As this tour travels into Alaska, a U.S. visa is required.

Canada Whitehorse


All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net ALBERTA SASKATCHEWAN


SELF-DRIVES / Heritage Trail & A Journey Beyond Nature

12 Nights, 13 Days - Toronto • Kingston • Montreal • Quebec City • Ottawa • Huntsville • Niagara Falls • Toronto

Heritage Trail Self-Drive

Explore the provinces of Ontario and Quebec and make memories-of-a-lifetime at Niagara Falls on this circular route.

Sightseeing highlights • Enjoy the sights of Toronto • Take to the water to explore the Thousand Islands by boat • Discover Montreal’s attractions Dame Basilica and the Olympic site • Explore Ottawa historic sites including Parliament Buildings and the National Gallery

Days 1-2: Toronto Arrive at Toronto International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your Canada Roadbook at the front desk at checkin. Enjoy a day at leisure in Toronto. Overnight in Toronto (two nights). Day 3: Toronto – Kingston (260 kilometres) Drive east and tour Fort Henry en route to Kingston. Overnight in Kingston. Days 4-5: Kingston – Montreal (290 kilometres) Drive via the beautiful Thousand Islands region where a one-hour cruise is included. Overnight in Montreal (two nights). Days 6-7: Montreal – Quebec City (250 kilometres) Drive via Cap-de-la-Madeleine to Canada’s oldest city. Overnight in Quebec City (two nights). Days 8-9: Quebec City – Ottawa (460 kilometres) Drive one of several routes to Ottawa, the nation’s capital. Day at leisure. Overnight in Ottawa (two nights). Days 10-11: Ottawa – Huntsville (350 kilometres) Scenic drive to Algonquin Park and the beautiful Muskoka region. Overnight near Huntsville (two nights). Day 12: Huntsville – Niagara Falls (330 kilometres) Journey to the spectacular Niagara Falls. Overnight in Niagara Falls.



Quebec City

Canada Roadbook including routing maps and area information tailored to your journey.

Not included: Car rental • Airport transfers • GyPSy Guide optional add-on (please ask for details to add on). Ottawa


Day 13: Niagara Falls – Toronto (130 kilometres) Tour Concludes. NEW BRUNSWICK Included: 12 nights’ accommodation (economy, standard, superior) • Tours as shown •

Note: This itinerary is part of the ‘flexi programme’ and may be modified at time of booking.  Montreal

Kingston Toronto

United States

Niagara Falls

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

14 Nights, 15 Days - Toronto • Huntsville • Killarney • Timmins • Wawa • Sault Ste.Marie • Manitoulin Island • Tobermory • Niagara Falls • Toronto

A Journey Beyond Nature Self-Drive Sightseeing highlights: • Enjoy the active lifestyle at Killarney Mountain Lodge • E xperience the Hornblower Niagara Cruises VIP Boat Tour

Explore urban areas and wilderness retreats on this brand new self-drive. Days 1-2: Toronto Arrive at Toronto International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your Canada Roadbook at the front desk at checkin. Enjoy a day at leisure in Toronto. Overnight in Toronto (two nights). Day 3: Toronto – Huntsville (215 kilometres) Travel to Algonquin Provincial Park and enjoy its natural beauty and activities. Overnight in Huntsville.

• S  tay at an aboriginal-operated wilderness retreat on remote Manitoulin Island

Days 4-5: Huntsville – Killarney (400 kilometres) Journey through small towns en route. Overnight at Killarney Mountain Lodge (two nights). (D, B, D) Days 6-7: Killarney – Timmins (413 kilometres) Overnight in Timmins (two nights). (B)


Day 8: Timmins – Wawa (330 kilometres) Overnight in Wawa. Days 9-10: Wawa – Sault Ste. Marie (230 kilometres) Drive along the scenic, rocky coast of Lake Superior. Overnight in Sault Ste. Marie (two nights). Days 11-12: Sault Ste. Marie – Manitoulin Island (349 kilometres) Arrive at the home to five Canadian First Nation reserves. Overnight on Manitoulin Island. Day 13: Manitoulin Island – Tobermory (24 kilometres land only) Ferry to Tobermory (additional cost). Overnight in Tobermory. Day 14: Tobermorey – Niagara Falls (297 kilometres) Board a Hornblower Niagara Cruises VIP Boat Tour at the falls. Overnight in Niagara Falls. Day 15: Niagara Falls – Toronto (130 kilometres) Tour Concludes.


QUEBEC Timmins

Sault Ste. Marie


Manitoulin Island Tobermory

Algonquin Provincial Park Hunstville Killamey


Included: 14 nights’ accommodation (economy, standard) • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast, (D) Dinner • Tours as shown • Canada Roadbook including routing maps and area information tailored to your journey. Not included: Car rental • Airport transfers • Ferry charges • GyPSy Guide optional add-on (please ask for details to add on) . Note: This itinerary is part of the ‘flexi programme’ and may be modified at time of booking.

Toronto Niagara Falls

United States

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

Destination Canada | www.World-Travel.net

Route des Voyageurs & Maritime Magic Treasures / SELF-DRIVES


17 Nights, 18 Days - Toronto • Ottawa • Tremblant • Quebec City • Charlevoix Region • Tadoussac • Rimouski •Paspébiac / Bonaventure • Percé • Rivère-du-Loup • Montreal • Toronto

Route des Voyageurs Self-Drive

Discover the cosmopolitan delights of Toronto, the thunder of Niagara Falls, Ottawa and French Canada, cradle of Canada’s beginnings.

Sightseeing highlights

Day 1: Toronto Arrive at Toronto International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your Canada Roadbook at the front desk at checkin. Overnight in Toronto.

• Marvel at the mighty Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls • Cruise on Lake Ontario • Explore the cobblestone streets of Quebec City

Day 2: Toronto – Niagara Falls - Toronto (260 kilometres) Explore the Niagara Peninsula and see the mighty Niagara Falls. Overnight in Toronto.

• Indulge in the French cafés and nightlife of Montreal

Day 3: Toronto – Ottawa (400 kilometres) Enjoy a one-hour cruise on Lake Ontario en route. Overnight in Ottawa. Days 4-7: Ottawa – Tremblant (200 kilometres) Tremblant – Quebec City (360 kilometres) Overnight in Tremblant (two nights), Quebec City (two nights). Day 8: Quebec City – Charlevoix Region (140 kilometres) Travel to the beautiful Charlevoix region. Overnight in Charlevoix Region. Day 9: Charlevoix Region – Tadoussac (75 kilometres) Overnight in Tadoussac. Day 10: Tadoussac – Rimouski (105 kilometres) Overnight in Rimouski. Day 11: Rimouski – Paspébiac / Bonaventure (345 kilometres) Overnight in Paspébiac / Bonaventure.

Rimouski Percé




Bonaventure Riviére-du-Loup

Charlevoix Region Quebec City




Day 18: Tour Concludes. Included: 17 nights’ accommodation (economy, standard) • Tours and transfers as shown • Canada Roadbook including routing maps and area information tailored to your journey. Not included: Car rental • Airport transfers • Ferry charges • GyPSy Guide optional add-on (please ask for details to add on).

Tremblant Ottawa

Days 12-17: Paspébiac / Bonaventure – Percé (200 kilometres), Percé – Rivièredu-Loup (615 kilometres), Rivière-du-Loup – Montreal (435 kilometres), Montreal – Toronto (550 kilometres). Overnight in Percé (two nights), Rivière-du-Loop, Montreal (two nights), and Toronto.

Note: This itinerary is part of the ‘flexi programme’ and may be modified at time of booking.


United States

Toronto Niagara Falls

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

13 Nights, 14 Days - Halifax • Western Shore • Digby • Truro • Charlottetown • Antigonish / New Glasgow • Cape Breton Highlands • West Bay • Liscombe Mills • Halifax

Maritime Magic Treasures Self-Drive Sightseeing highlights: • Sightsee Halifax on a tour of this bustling city • Drive through the pristine wilderness of Nova Scotia • Visit Prince Edward Island, known for its attractive and peaceful charm • Take the Cabot Trail past lochs and glensscenic coastlines through Nova Scotia

Experience the very best of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Days 1-2: Halifax Arrive at Halifax International Airport and transfer independently to your downtown hotel. Pick up your Canada Roadbook at the front desk at checkin. Enjoy a sightseeing tour in Halifax. Overnight in Halifax (two nights). Days 3-4: Halifax – Western Shore (79 kilometres) A picturesque drive and destination. Overnight in Western Shore (two nights). Day 5: Western Shore – Digby (193 kilometres) Overnight in Digby. Day 6: Digby – Truro (300 kilometres) Overnight in Truro . Days 7-8: Truro – Charlottetown (130 kilometres land only) Ferry to Prince Edward Island (additional cost). Overnight in Charlottetown (two nights). Day 9: Charlottetown – Antigonish (160 kilometres and only) Return to Nova Scotia. Overnight in Antigonish.


Days 10-11: Antigonish – Cape Breton Highlands National Park (280 kilometres) Overnight in Cape Breton Highlands area (two nights). Day 12: Cape Breton Highlands National Park – West Bay (89 kilometres) Journey past charming communities to West Bay. Overnight in West Bay. Day 13: West Bay – Liscombe Mills (226 kilometres) Continue to Liscombe Mills. Overnight in Liscombe Mills . Cape Breton Highlands

Canada Charlottetown

Day 14: Liscombe Mills – Halifax (175 kilometres) Tour Concludes. Included: 13 nights’ accommodation (standard, superior, family) • Meals as shown (B) Breakfast • Tours as shown • Canada Roadbook including routing maps and area information tailored to your journey. Not included: Car rental • Airport transfers • National park entrance fees • Ferry charges • GyPSy Guide optional add-on (please ask for details to add on).



Note: This itinerary is part of the ‘flexi programme’ and may be modified at time of booking.



Truro Halifax

Liscombe Mills

Digby Western Shore

All prices and departure dates are on individual request Please contact our Travel Experts see last pages of the brochure.

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Welcome to Canada Stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, and north to the Arctic, the world's second-largest country offers travellers a staggeringly diverse range of holiday choices: snow-capped mountains and salty seashores, glittering skyscrapers and sweeping ranches, beluga whales and tiny hummingbirds, charming fishing villages and award-winning wineries. Your biggest challenge will not be finding something to do; it will be deciding what to leave out. Consider starting your adventure in one of Canada’s major cities. Enjoy the ocean and the mountains in breathtaking Vancouver. Sample cowboy culture in the shadow of the Rockies in Calgary. Taste cuisines from around the world in multicultural Toronto. Succumb to Montreal’s peerless joie de vivre. And leave time for the delights of smaller cities: kayaking in Victoria's Inner Harbour, taking in a free concert at the Forks in Winnipeg, skating on Ottawa's Rideau Canal, revelling at Quebec City's famed winter carnival or simply enjoying a pint in a St. John's pub. Beyond the cities, half a continent of wilderness adventure awaits. Cast your line for glistening salmon. Plunge through a frothing river in a rubber raft, or dip your canoe paddle in a secluded cove. Hike gorgeous trails through pine-scented woods and alpine meadows. Ski some of the world’s most challenging slopes – then come back in the summer and tackle them on a mountain bike. Keep your camera ready for encounters with awe-inspiring wildlife: grizzly bears and orcas, caribou and eagles, polar bears and moose. And be there for the drama of nature at the beginning and end of each spectacular day: the mist rising from a glassy lake, sunset staining a rolling vineyard in shades of crimson and gold, or the northern lights shimmering in a velvety night sky.


British Columbia From the scenic Gulf Islands to the lofty Rockies, British Columbia encompasses some of the most stunning scenery in Canada. Bring your outdoor gear so you can ski pristine powder, kayak in quiet coves, hike unspoiled trails and golf spectacular courses. Then in a chic urban restaurant, reward yourself with a glass of crisp B.C. Chardonnay.

Glimmering lakes framed by towering pines. The roar of Niagara Falls and the pageantry of the nation's capital. The energy of Canada's largest city and the charm of small towns. From worldclass theatre and award-winning wines to luxurious resorts and delightful country inns, Ontario offers something appealing for just about every traveller.


Alberta Three four-season Rocky Mountain resort towns – Banff, Lake Louise and Jasper – are Alberta’s calling cards to the world, but they are just the beginning of what this diverse province has to offer. Dude ranches, rowdy rodeos, dinosaur fossils, vibrant cities, big-sky vistas, juicy local steaks, fascinating museums – Alberta has it all.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Stroll along the walls of historic Quebec City and imagine life as a colonist 400 years ago. Visit a cutting-edge gallery in Montreal and discover the avant-garde of the 21st century. Savour traditional French-Canadian treats like tourtière and sugar pie. And explore vast wilderness spaces: go whalewatching, dog sledding, fishing and more.

New Brunswick

Rippling fields of golden wheat stretching as far as the eye can see, punctuated by colourful grain elevators. Aboriginal dancers and Ukrainian Easter eggs. Polar bears stalking along the shore of Hudson Bay. The unspoiled beauty and friendly charm of these two Prairie provinces entice visitors with the promise of escape from the everyday.

Yukon and Northwest Territories

Thrill to the spray of some of the world's highest tides along the breathtaking Fundy Trail. Kayak among spectacular sandstone formations sculpted by the sea. Dig into fresh-caught lobster drizzled with sweet local butter. And revel in the captivating blend of French and English cultures, mixed with inimitable Maritime hospitality.

Prince Edward Island

The north holds a special place in the imagination of visitors from far and near. This stunning land is where stoic Inuit and lonely gold prospectors have carved out a living for centuries. Marvel at thundering herds of caribou. Canoe foaming rivers far from the nearest village. And see it all under the unforgettable shimmer of the aurora borealis. World-Travel.net

Build a sandcastle on an endless sandy beach. Swim in some of Canada's warmest ocean waters. Visit the farmhouse that inspired the iconic novel, Anne of Green Gables. Shop for hand-made quilts and jams. Or golf undulating courses overlooking the sea, edged with the red earth that gives Prince Edward Island such a distinctive look.



Inspiring Rocky Mountain scenery - Moraine Lake, Banff National Park

Nova Scotia

Newfoundland and Labrador

Treat yourself to one of the world's most spectacular scenic drives: the jaw-dropping Cabot Trail, which hugs the coastal cliffs of Cape Breton Island. Here and elsewhere in Nova Scotia, the skirl of bagpipes and the lilt of fiddles are never far away. And lighthouses, apple orchards and historic sites make the province a photographer's dream.

Morning reflection in the water of the North West Arm in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Newfoundland and Labrador is not only unlike any other Canadian province; it may well be unlike anywhere else in the world. From the rich accents and side-splitting humour of the locals to the ethereal rocky landscape and laid-back vibe, it is a truly a place apart. It even has its own time zone, shared with no other jurisdiction in the world.



Weather and Where To Go Canada welcomes visitors year-round, truly offering exciting indoor and outdoor activities for every season. In winter temperatures drop below freezing through much of Canada, but 30 degree Celsius temperatures are not uncommon in the summer months. Choose the season best suited to your tastes and temperament.






Fort Nelson













By late December through to at least February, much of Canada is a winter wonderland of crisp white snow. The west coast is less cold, but freezing temperatures are the norm elsewhere. Ski, skate, dogsled, ride the rails aboard VIA Rail, or enjoy one of Canada’s many winter light festivals.






Average Temperatures





min 1� max 8�

min 1� max 9�

min 3� min 5� min 9� max 11� max 14� max 17�

min 12� max 20�

min 14� min 14� min 11� min 7� min 3� min 1� max 23� max 23� max 20� max 14� max 10� max 7�


min 2� max 7�

min 3� max 9�

min 5� min 6� min 8� max 11� max 14� max 17�

min 10� max 19�

min 12� min 12� min 11� min 8� min 6� min 3� max 21� max 21� max 20� max 15� max 10� max 7�


min -4� max 3�

min -3� max 6�

min 0� min 4� min 8� max 12� max 18� max 22�

min 12� max 26�

min 15� min 14� min 10� min 5� min 0� max 30� max 30� max 25� max 15� max 7�

min -4� max 3�


min -14� max -1�

min -12� min -9� max 2� max 5�

min -2� min 2� max 13� max 17�

min 7� max 21�

min 10� min 8� min 4� min -2� min -8� max 25� max 24� max 20� max 13� max 5�

min -12� max 1�


min -6� max 1�

min -6� max 1�

min 3� min 8� max 11� max 17�

min 14� max 23�

min 17� min 17� min 13� min 7� min 2� max 25� max 25� max 22� max 14� max 8�

min -4� max 3�

Quebec City

min -16� max -6�

min -16� min -9� max -5� max 1�

min -1� max 9�

min 11� max 24�

min 14� min 13� min 8� min 2� min -4� max 26� max 25� max 20� max 12� max 4�

min -12� max -3�



min -3� max 5�



In fall (autumn), between September and November in Canada, the weather becomes less humid and temperatures drop, but the transition to winter is spectacular. Reds, yellows and oranges light up the fall foliage, and most outdoor activities can still be enjoyed.

Fort McMurray


Canadian summers bring the heat to many parts of the country, especially in the central and mid-western provinces. Between June and August, enjoy longer days, summer festivals and great outdoor weather for hiking, swimming and even lazing on the beach.



Spring parades, tulips and cherry blossom mark the arrival of warmer weather, starting on the west coast and moving east. Between February and May, visitors are still able to enjoy winter sports in high altitudes, but expect temperatures to start rising elsewhere.



min 5� max 19�









January Prime Ski Season - Whistler, British Columbia

February Winter Carnival - Quebec City, Quebec

March Canadian Music Week - Toronto, Ontario


April Iqaluit

Maple Sugaring Off Parties - Sugar Shacks, Quebec

May Tulip Festival - Ottawa, Ontario


Iceberg Viewing - Newfoundland and Labrador




Calgary Stampede - Calgary, Alberta

August Folk Harbour Festival - Lunenburg, Nova Scotia






Quebec City Charlottetown Fredericton Montreal




Aurora Borealis - Yukon Territory


St. John’s

Polar Bear Viewing - Churchill, Manitoba




Niagara Falls

Winter Storm Watching - Tofino, British Columbia

December A Canadian Christmas - Rocky Mountains, Alberta







Travelling Distances Guide


Calgary Edmonton Halifax

Montreal Ottawa


Toronto Vancouver Victoria Whitehorse




































































































These distances are based on kilometres and are approximate, they should be used as a guide only.


Beautiful Niagara Falls in the Ontario region



Vancouver The largest city on Canada's West Coast revels in a dramatic setting: framed by the Pacific Ocean, with the North Shore Mountains as a gorgeous backdrop. Stroll along the seawall, shop for crafts on Granville Island, hike up Grouse Mountain or sip a glass of B.C. wine on a Kitsilano patio. And, as Vancouverites like to boast, you can ski in the morning and sail in the afternoon.

British Columbia


Vancouver VICTORIA



British Columbia / VANCOUVER TOURING

Vancouver Foodie Tours

Granville Island Market Tour


Operated by Vancouver Foodie Tours

Operated by Edible Canada

Vancouver Foodie Tours offers tasting and educational experiences that introduce you to foods that make up Vancouver's cultural mosaic. You will also meet Vancouver's culinary talents, and learn about the city's multicultural society and architecture, as you meander along lively sidewalks. This is one of the best ways to taste Vancouver! On the World's Best Food Truck Tour, enjoy your first bite of succulent Japanese fried chicken. On the Guilty Pleasures Gourmet Tour, savour gourmet delights paired with optional local wines and beers.

With more than 12 million visitors a year, Granville Island can be a very busy place. The centrepiece of the island is the Granville Island Public Market, which houses a diverse array of vendors – including greengrocers, butchers, bakers, fishmongers and cheese specialists – along with sweets stands and casual eateries. Just outside the market you will find local artists, as well as a wine shop, a coffee roaster, the Netloft and Canada’s only artisanal sake distillery. The two-hour tour includes tastings of regional foods, as well as tips on food selection and preparation.

Gastown and Chinatown Walking Tour

Grouse Mountain Sunset Tour

Operated by West Coast Sightseeing

Operated by The Vancouver Trolley Company

Explore Gastown and Chinatown, two of Vancouver’s most distinctive and diverse districts, on foot. During this walking tour, you will have the chance to enjoy stunning views from Waterfront Station. Visit historic Gastown with its cobblestone roadway, steam clock and heritage buildings. Sample some ciders and ales at a local Irish bar. North America’s secondlargest Chinatown offers cultural enlightenment, delectable dishes and Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park.

View the sunset from high above the city on the peak of Grouse Mountain. You will have abundant time to explore the mountain, savour a fine meal, visit the wildlife sanctuary, watch a movie at the theatre in the sky or simply enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery. After two glorious hours, return to the base of the mountain to board the shuttle back to Vancouver, which will drop you off at your downtown hotel. Your ticket includes admission to Grouse Mountain. Departures start at 6.10pm from all major downtown hotels.

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Operated by Capilano Group of Companies

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is one of Vancouver's most popular tourist attractions. The reason is simple: there are so many things to see and do. Just minutes from the bustle of downtown, the park offers a captivating mix of adventure, history and culture, making it a complete British Columbia experience and an essential item on your list of things to do in Vancouver. Originally built in 1889, Capilano Suspension Bridge stretches 137 metres across and 70 metres above the Capilano River. Since the Victorian era, much has been added to the ten-hectare park. CLIFFWALK is the park’s newest attraction: a cantilevered walkway clinging to the granite cliff high above Capilano Canyon. Treetops Adventure – seven suspension bridges through the evergreens that take you high above the forest floor – offers a unique squirrel’s-eye perspective on the woods.

Sewell's Sea Safari Operated by Sewell's Marina

Step aboard the Sea Safari for a two-hour tour. Grab a seat on the custom-designed, highspeed, nine-metre rigid-hull inflatable boat; with an experienced guide at the helm, you will not miss a thing. On an unforgettable adventure, race along steep cliffs, observe seals at play, explore sea caves, watch majestic bald eagles and take in the sights of the Vancouver skyline. Tours depart daily at 10am, 1pm and 4pm from April to October.


Whale-Watching Tours Operated by Vancouver Whale Watch

Travel through the spectacular Gulf and San Juan Islands on a three- to five-hour whale-watching tour to discover orcas, bow-riding Dall’s porpoises, sea lions, seals, eagles and more. A professional naturalist is on-board to discuss the marine ecosystem and answer your questions. The tour has a whale-sighting success rate of over 90 per cent; however, should you not see a whale, you can come again for free until you do. Enjoy complimentary water and snacks on-board, as well as hydrophones that allow you to hear the whales communicating.


VANCOUVER TOURING / British Columbia

Discover British Columbia with BC Ferries

BC Ferries is your connection to spectacular scenery, destinations and people. As one of the largest and most sophisticated ferry systems in the world, BC Ferries currently serves over 20 million guests annually, providing marine transportation throughout coastal British Columbia. From linking people with family and friends, to providing passage to many of British Columbia’s unique and beautiful destinations, BC Ferries has played a vital role in life on the coast for over 50 years. BC Ferries connects you with British Columbia’s shoreline, where you will discover stunning scenery, a wealth of diverse landscapes, magnificent wildlife, and cosmopolitan cities, such as Vancouver and Victoria. BC Ferries' southern routes include connections between Vancouver and aweinspiring Vancouver Island; the Gulf Islands, known for their natural beauty and rich artistic culture; and the Sunshine Coast, a 180-kilometre stretch of seaside villages and protected coastal waters.

Operated by British Colombia Ferry Services Inc.

BC Ferries' northern routes include sailings to Haida Gwaii, which means 'Islands of the People' in the Haida native tongue. On this route between Prince Rupert and Skidegate aboard the Northern Adventure, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in First Nations culture and pristine wilderness. The Inside Passage route covers 500 kilometres between Port Hardy and Prince Rupert, and is a Canadian Tourism Commission 'Canadian Signature Experience'. This trip offers awe-inspiring geography and the opportunity to view a variety of wildlife, including whales and dolphins. The Discovery Coast Passage route threads through the waters of British Columbia’s central coast and takes travellers on a spectacular adventure between Port Hardy and Bella Coola. Photographers will delight in soaring fiords and unforgettable opportunities to spot wildlife, including the elusive spirit bear.



Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver


Shangri-La is one of Vancouver’s leading hotel properties. Set in the heart of the city, it is strategically located only five blocks from the cruise ship terminal, and near some of Vancouver’s best shopping and restaurants. Shangri-La’s 119 guestrooms are among the largest in Canada, incorporating three distinct components to deliver a suite-type concept: comfortable living and working areas, luxurious bedrooms and spa-like bathrooms. Each room at Shangri-La includes a flat-screen LCD TV with DVD player, MP3 connections, and LCD TVs embedded in the bathroom mirrors or mounted on the wall. In addition, Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver is pleased to help valued guests stay connected free of charge. All guestrooms feature complimentary high-speed Internet access and local calls! For dining, internationally acclaimed three-star Michelin chef and entrepreneur Jean-Georges Vongerichten made his Canadian debut at Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver. MARKET by Jean-Georges is the hotel's signature restaurant, offering four distinct dining atmospheres: the main dining room; three distinct private rooms that can each seat from ten to 40 guests; the outdoor terrace; and the 29-seat bar. The culinary focus of this Jean-Georges restaurant is on seasonal, regional ingredients, with particular emphasis on fresh, local seafood. CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La made its North American debut at Shangri-La Hotel, Vancouver in 2009, creating a 'spa within a spa' environment with five 42-square-metre individual treatment suites and one 79-square-metre couple's suite, each with its own fireplace, private bath, shower, relaxation lounge, and changing and vanity areas. Guests remain in their suite for the duration of all treatments.

Rosewood Hotel Georgia Following its debut in the roaring 1920s, the Hotel Georgia became known as an elegant retreat. The hotel was the heart of Vancouver, with Hollywood celebrities, musical stars and British royalty all adding to the mystique of this irreplaceable piece of history. The opening of Rosewood Hotel Georgia in 2011 returned the legendary hotel to its place as one of the world's select properties. Designed with a residential atmosphere, the 156 rooms and suites layer modern sophistication against an historical backdrop. Amenities include Sense Spa; Hawksworth, recently named Canada's Restaurant of the Year; and the outdoor rooftop bar Reflections. Enjoy a plethora of easily accessible urban and outdoor activities: the property is within walking distance of Stanley Park, the seawall and many of Vancouver’s premier restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, museums and theatres.

The Fairmont Waterfront Immerse yourself in relaxed West Coast luxury at The Fairmont Waterfront hotel. Nestled on Vancouver’s waterfront and adjacent to the Canada Place cruise ship terminal, this urban retreat features elegant accommodations and breathtaking harbour, mountain and city skyline views. Enjoy local flavours in Herons West Coast Kitchen, visit the rooftop garden and apiary to discover where the restaurant's fresh herbs and honey are sourced, then take advantage of the free health club and outdoor heated pool. The Fairmont Gold floor is an exclusive ‘hotel within a hotel’ offering modern upscale design, complimentary breakfast and canapés, a private concierge, and an exclusive lounge. Enjoy shopping, trendy restaurants, Gastown, Chinatown and Stanley Park, all within steps of the lobby. The Fairmont Waterfront hotel is world-renowned for its warm service and truly showcases the best of Vancouver.




Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel Pan Pacific Vancouver Hotel is located at iconic Canada Place on downtown Vancouver’s waterfront, just steps away from shopping, attractions, restaurants, public transit and the Canada Line to Vancouver International Airport. Sharing this privileged location with the cruise ship terminal, this hotel is ideally suited to preor post-cruise stays. The hotel’s sleek, contemporary design, beautifully complemented throughout by birdseye maple, creates a warm, inviting environment. The lobby’s four-storey atrium provides a constant stream of light and breathtaking views of the harbour and mountains. All guestrooms and suites feature pillow-top beds, luxurious linens, well-appointed bathrooms, and views of the harbour, mountains or city. Guest services include 24-hour in-room dining, a concierge, restaurants, a fitness centre, a spa, and a rooftop, outdoor, salt-water swimming pool and hot tub – all providing a perfect ending to a busy day.

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre

A Vancouver icon since 1888, The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is a castle in the heart of the city. The hotel is well situated and within walking distance of arts venues, cultural attractions and world-class shopping. A longtime favourite for events and dining, Griffins Restaurant offers superb West Coast fare, while 900 West Lounge is the perfect meeting place for afternoon tea and classic cocktails. The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver's service stands the test of time.

This award-winning hotel – one of the largest hotels and tallest buildings in Vancouver – offers 733 guestrooms and suites in the heart of downtown, within walking distance of international dining and popular attractions. The floor-to-ceiling-windowed guestrooms feature panoramic views, Sheraton Sweet Sleeper™ beds, individual heating and airconditioning, voicemail, ironing facilities, data ports, in-room safes and free Wi-Fi. Enjoy complimentary use of the health club, which includes a gym, pool, Jacuzzi and sauna.

Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver

The Listel Hotel

This hotel’s convenient downtown Vancouver location puts you in the heart of many of the pleasures that one of Canada’s most exciting cities has to offer. Make yourself at home in one of the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver's 197 luxurious, elegantly appointed hotel rooms and suites, complete with spacious marble bathrooms, separate glass showers and soaker tubs. And few restaurants will satiate your appetite better than Diva at the Met, featuring some of Vancouver's finest cuisine, a celebrated chef's table and a distinguished wine cellar.

Dubbed 'Vancouver’s most art-full hotel', The Listel Hotel is a cultural tourist’s dream and a showcase for eco-friendly practices. Packed with original art, this 129 room boutique hotel boasts comfortable, contemporary furnishings and a wonderful location in the West End, one of the city’s most eclectic shopping and dining neighbourhoods. The hotel is also home to Forage, a pioneer in sustainable restaurant operations and home to award-winning farmto-table fare. Forage is known for its small plate dining, and British Columbia wines and craft beers on tap.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver Let the luxurious Hyatt Regency Vancouver be your ideal starting point to explore everything this dynamic city offers. Freshly updated to reflect the excitement and vibrancy of Vancouver, the hotel is surrounded by the bustling business centre and is close to the unique shops of Robson Street, the greenery of Stanley Park, the Vancouver Convention Centre and Rogers Arena, home of the National Hockey League's Vancouver Canucks. Reward yourself with a stay at this superb property. Gaze through floor-to-ceiling windows while relaxing in some of the largest hotel accommodations in Vancouver. Sleek, contemporary furnishings include a generous work desk with enhanced lighting, a wall-mounted flat-screen TV and a safe for valuables. Hyatt Regency Vancouver offers balconies in many rooms for guests to take in stunning mountain, skyline or Stanley Park scenery.



Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel


Setting the standard for Vancouver downtown luxury hotels, Renaissance Vancouver Harbourside Hotel has been uniquely transformed. Overlooking the waterfront, the property is only minutes away from the Alaska cruise ship terminal, the Vancouver Convention Centre, historic Gastown and Stanley Park. The stylishly redesigned guestrooms and suites reflect the city's spirit and feature luxurious amenities ranging from new bedding to innovative technology. The on-site restaurant, p2b bistro & bar, delights diners with fresh, simply prepared dishes in a casual upscale ambiance. Close to many of the city's top attractions and businesses, this luxury hotel in downtown Vancouver is a wonderful place for a getaway.

The Best Western PLUS Sands Are you looking for a superb hotel with a prime location in downtown Vancouver? Then look no further than the Best Western PLUS Sands. You will be just steps away from the enchanting beauty of English Bay Beach, as well as the charm and serenity of world-famous Stanley Park. At the Best Western PLUS Sands, you can relax in one of 120 deluxe air-conditioned rooms, featuring premium high-definition TV channels, fridges, and complimentary, high-speed wireless Internet. Enjoy the convenience of laundry service, room service, a coin laundry, a fitness centre and a sauna. You will love the quality of the on-site restaurant and two vibrant bars, one with an amazing view of English Bay. And on top of all that, the Best Western PLUS Sands is a zero-waste establishment.

The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport The Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport is located in the centre of the bustling city of Richmond. It is just four kilometres from Vancouver International Airport, making it convenient for you to travel with ease. Westin takes care of you with complimentary transportation to and from the airport. Richmond’s lively shopping and business sectors will keep you entertained locally, but you may also wish to travel to downtown Vancouver. It is just a quick ride away on the Canada Line rapid transit system, which has a station minutes from the hotel's front door. After a long day of exploring Richmond or places beyond, re-energise in the Westin WORKOUT® Gym or swim a few laps in the indoor heated pool. Then unwind in one of the 180 modern guestrooms or suites featuring the Westin Heavenly Bed® and signature bedding.

Hilton Vancouver Airport

Best Western PLUS Abercorn Inn

Conveniently located in downtown Richmond, the Hilton Vancouver Airport hotel is just 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, and offers a complimentary shuttle to and from Vancouver International Airport. It is just a short walk from two major shopping centres, a variety of restaurants, the Richmond Olympic Oval and vibrant nightlife. Relax in the heated rooftop pool or work out in the fully equipped fitness centre with its indoor whirlpool. Enjoy a choice of dining options, with West Coast cuisine at Carmichael's, and casual food and a delicious martini menu at Sax on Minoru.


The Best Western PLUS Abercorn Inn is a top choice among travellers landing at Vancouver International Airport, just over three kilometres away. Enjoy the convenience of the complimentary shuttle to and from the airport. The historic area around this Richmond hotel also boasts a variety of attractions and things to do, such as the Richmond Night Market and the River Rock Casino just around the corner. This full-service facility has recently been renovated and now features 98 guestrooms, flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and a well-equipped exercise facility.


INTRODUCTION / Victoria and Vancouver Island

Victoria and Vancouver Island From fascinating museums and superb restaurants in friendly Victoria to the pounding surf along the untamed Pacific coast in Tofino, Vancouver Island offers myriad diversions for adventurous visitors. Hike the spectacular West Coast Trail. Cycle rugged trails through verdant forests scented with fir and salt spray. And reward yourself with an indulgent spa treatment at a luxurious resort.

British Columbia

Port Hardy

Vancouver Island Tofino Ucluelet

Kamloops Vancouver Kelowna



Victoria British Columbia's capital charms all who are lucky enough to visit. Some say Victoria has a British flavour, and while it is true you can enjoy afternoon tea or ride in a double-decker bus, the city has its own West Coast flair. Kayak the scenic harbour, photograph the totem poles in Thunderbird Park and visit the world-famous Butchart Gardens.

Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Some of the world's most interesting people make their home on its edges. Such is the case in eclectic Tofino, a one-time fishing village now renowned for its lodges and restaurants. Artists, First Nations people and storm-watchers make it a dynamic destination. Nearby Clayoquot Sound, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, is famed for its grey whales.

Campbell River

Sip a mug of fragrant coffee on a cedar deck as the mist slowly lifts from a primal landscape of sea, sand and forest. Thrill to the crash of waves on an endless, driftwood-decorated beach. Hike scenic trails ranging from gentle to formidable. Drift to sleep as the breeze sighs in the boughs of centuryold trees in a verdant temperate rainforest.

Totem Poles, Thunderbird Park, Victoria, British Columbia


For over eight millennia, people have called the Campbell River area home, drawn by the rich abundance of seafood. The seas and rivers provide endless opportunities to fish for steelhead trout and Chinook salmon. And humans are not the only visitors attracted by this bounty; the land and skies are alive with bears, seals, kingfishers and eagles.

Victoria and Vancouver Island / VICTORIA AND BEYOND TOURING


Victoria Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour


Operated by CVS Sightseeing

Operated by Great Pacific Adventures

Take in the 'must-see' sights of Victoria on a 90-minute city tour or seasonal hop-on-hopoff tour. All tours are fully narrated and take in Chinatown, Craigdarroch Castle (admission extra), Oak Bay, Uplands and Beach Drive, Beacon Hill Park and much more! The hop-onhop-off tour is available May to September and lets you get out and explore Victoria. Take a ride on the open-top double-decker bus, one of the newest sightseeing bus models in Victoria! City tours run year-round and depart from the front of the Fairmont Empress Hotel. Charter services also available.

Southern Vancouver Island offers some of the most spectacular scenery on the West Coast of Canada, and there is no better way to see it, smell it and feel it than on two wheels. CycleTreks offers a variety of full-service bike tours, using top-quality equipment, for cycling enthusiasts at all levels of riding ability. Experience everything from single-day bike rentals in Victoria to exhilarating, fully inclusive, multi-day guided adventures on Vancouver Island and the Southern Gulf Islands. Many of the tours let you explore Victoria, the 'Cycling Capital of Canada'.

The Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens Express Shuttle Operated by CVS Sightseeing

Operated by The Butchart Gardens

CVS Sightseeing offers return trips to Butchart and Butterfly Gardens, year-round. In summer, up to 11 return trips are available daily, with an open return so you can enjoy the gardens at your own pace. Trips include return transportation, admission to the gardens, and your driver's stories of Victoria's past, present and future! Saturday night tours in July and August feature spectacular fireworks. Tours depart from the Fairmont Empress Hotel. Pickups are also available from Harbour Towers, Royal Scot, Grand Pacific Hotel, Victoria Marriott and other selected hotels.

The Butchart Gardens began in 1904, when Jennie Butchart started to beautify a workedout limestone quarry. Now a National Historic Site of Canada, still maintained by the family, the Gardens are open every day of the year and comprise several major gardens, covering 22 hectaresadmin@powertx.com. au. Delight in the Sunken Garden, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, Italian Garden, Concert Lawn and Ross Fountain. Marvel at the hand-carved rose carousel. Enjoy evening enter tainment and Saturday fireworks in summer, and the Christmas light display and outdoor ice rink in winter.

Adrena LINE Zip-line Adventure Tours

Victoria Urban Kayak Tour Operated by Ocean River Adventures

Operated by Adrena LINE Zip-line Adventure Tours

During this relaxing tour, you will get a chance to see the city up close. See seaplanes, ferries large and small, whale-watching boats, private yachts, fishing vessels of all sizes, tugboats and barges – and, in the background, the B.C. Legislative Building and the historic Fairmont Empress hotel. You may also encounter eagles, herons, cormorants, river otters, seals and seagulls – this tour has it all. From this unique perspective, your guides describe Victoria’s historic waterways, and point out notable locations and buildings downtown and in the working harbour.

Experience an exhilarating ride up to 60 kilometres per hour as you soar up to 45 metres off the ground on eight scenic zip-lines ranging from 45 metres to an unforgettable 304 metres . Professionally trained guides emphasise safety and comfort, ensuring a ride full of thrills, awesome beauty and fond memories. As you descend through the forest and over the beautiful Sooke Hills, your guides will provide you with interesting facts and stories about the ecology and wildlife of Vancouver Island.

Whale-Watching Tours from Victoria Operated by Great Pacific Adventures

Choose your whale-watching adventure in a 13-metre ocean cruiser, which offers both inside and outside seating, or in an exhilarating ridged-hulled zodiac. Either boat offers an exceptional whale-watching experience. Each tour is three hours long and has a certified naturalist or biologist on-board, who provides educational commentary on all members of this unique marine community off the beautiful coast of Vancouver Island. Each boat is outfitted with a hydrophone to hear the whales vocalise. Daily departures start from the Inner Harbour in downtown Victoria.

Sea Lion basking in the sun near Vancouver Island



VANCOUVER ISLAND TOURING / Victoria and Vancouver Island

Tofino on the West Coast of Vancouver Island

Jamie's Whaling Station

Fishing Charters on The Seeker

Operated by Jamie’s Whaling Station

Operated by Pedder Bay RV Resort & Marina

Located in the pristine coastal environments of Tofino and Ucluelet, Jamie's has been connecting people with nature and wildlife since 1982. Delight in whale-watching, bearwatching, excursions to Hot Springs Cove and Meares Island, cultural canoe tours, kayaking and more. The West Coast offers incredible opportunities to interact with grey whales, humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, sea otters and many other wild inhabitants. Guests can easily enjoy great value on an entire adventure holiday package that includes Jamie's Rainforest Inn and Jamie's Restaurant & Lounge.

Located on Juan de Fuca Strait, 'The Salmon Freeway', Pedder Bay RV Resort offers worldclass fishing for halibut, bottom fish and all five salmon species. Enjoy a guided charter on 'The Seeker' – a fully equipped, six-metre Boston whaler. Fully certified professional guides lead the trips on this fast and comfortable vessel, which features all the equipment necessary to help you land a big one. The charter price includes all gear, bait, fuel, and fish-cleaning services, with box lunches available upon request.

Orca breaches in the Strait of Georgia near Vancouver, British Columbia


Victoria and Vancouver Island / VICTORIA ACCOMMODATION

The Fairmont Empress

Hotel Grand Pacific

Located in British Columbia’s capital city, The Fairmont Empress sits majestically at the cornerstone of Victoria’s sparkling Inner Harbour. Built in 1908 and surrounded by art, entertainment and cultural attractions, The Fairmont Empress features turn-of-the-century architecture, warm personalised service, awardwinning restaurants, an unforgettable afternoon tea and the luxurious Willow Stream Spa. Crowned one of the 'Best Places in the World to Stay' by Condé Nast Traveller, The Fairmont Empress offers world-class luxury accommodation and service.


Hotel Grand Pacific is situated on Victoria's famously beautiful Inner Harbour and offers a variety of personalised services, from memorable dining options to fitness programs at the on-site Victoria Athletic Club. The hotel's 304 guestrooms and suites are classically appointed, featuring individual air-conditioning and heat controls, complimentary high-speed wireless Internet, TVs, and hairdryers. The SORA Spa offers an Asian-inspired menu of luxurious spa treatments, including body treatments, nail services, waxing and hair styling.

The Magnolia Hotel & Spa Enjoy this hotel's outstanding location, just two blocks from Victoria’s picturesque Inner Harbour, in the heart of some of the city’s best shopping, dining and entertainment. The Inner Harbour offers so much to see and do. Go whale-watching or kayaking from the harbour, or take a horse-drawn carriage ride past the Parliament Buildings and through Beacon Hill Park. Offering a blend of traditional and contemporary furnishings, luxurious amenities, and modern conveniences, The Magnolia Hotel & Spa’s beautifully refreshed 64 guestrooms are sure to delight. Large floor-to-ceiling windows, double poster beds and marble bathrooms with deep soaker tubs add to the timeless elegance. Find calm and balance at Spa Magnolia, adjacent to the lobby of The Magnolia Hotel & Spa. The seven treatment rooms and spacious lounge are among downtown’s most alluring places for a spa retreat during your Victoria stay.

Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa Situated on Victoria's breathtaking Inner Harbour, the newly renovated Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa is just steps from downtown shopping, restaurants and attractions. This beautiful hotel offers a modern waterfront setting for unsurpassed guest service, exceptional dining and full resort amenities, including an award-winning spa, complimentary health club, indoor swimming pool and tennis and racquet courts. Take pleasure in the fully renovated guestrooms, where each element has been chosen to embody comfort, convenience and thoughtfulness for all guests.

Abigail's Hotel

Inn at Laurel Point Locally owned, Inn at Laurel Point is situated on a park-like peninsula, only steps from all that downtown Victoria has to offer. Enjoy harbour views from every room. Museum-quality art graces the hallways, and wide-open spaces give you room to breathe. Just relax, take in the view, and contemplate the sweeping architecture, superb design and gorgeous oceanfront. Enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, an indoor heated pool, a fitness studio and some of the best local cuisine on Vancouver Island. Recently listed in Condé Nast Traveller as one of the 'Top 20 Hotels in Western Canada'.

Best Western PLUS Carlton Plaza Hotel

Abigail’s Hotel is a distinctive accommodation experience that blurs the lines between a small luxury hotel and a heritage bed and breakfast inn. Abigail's is an adult-oriented, intimate, 23 room property housed in a 1930s Tudor mansion. Located in romantic Victoria, Abigail’s is quietly situated on the edge of the bustling downtown core and is three short blocks from Victoria’s Inner Harbour, within walking distance of many major downtown attractions and restaurants.


The downtown location of this Victoria hotel is ideal for guests visiting the Royal British Columbia Museum, Craigdarroch Castle or Victoria's IMAX® Theatre, and it is a short drive from the Butchart Gardens. The hotel features spaciously appointed guestrooms and suites, each equipped with complimentary wireless high-speed Internet and flat-screen TVs. The on-site restaurant, Stone's Throw, is a great place to enjoy a delicious meal before sightseeing. Additional amenities include a fitness centre, guest laundry and business centre.


TOFINO ACCOMMODATION / Victoria and Vancouver Island

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort

Near the village of Tofino, and accessible by a scenic 45-minute private seaplane transfer from Vancouver or a 30-minute boat ride from Tofino, you will find this exclusive eco-safari destination. Open annually from mid-May until the end of September, it provides three-, four- and seven-night all-inclusive adventures that are great for the entire family. With only 20 luxury guest tents, the resort offers an exclusive and personalised environment for all visitors. The 12 luxury tents are furnished with a king-size bed, a queen-size day bed, and a full ensuite bathroom with in-floor heating, a flush toilet and beautiful indoor and outdoor showers. These ensuite tents will sleep up to a family of five. The outpost deluxe guest tents are roomy and built on discreetly situated raised wooden platforms. They are connected by cedar boardwalks, and are hidden under a canopy of the rainforest along the water’s edge or perched among hillside trees. All eight deluxe tents offer a choice of one queen or two single Adirondack-style beds with lush down duvets; the deluxe family tents offer one queen-size bed, plus a queen-size day bed.

Daily wilderness activities are highly personalised and customised based on each guest’s experience level, willingness and desires. This means no 'signing up' for particular activities in advance and the ability to choose what you want to do each day. As Clayoquot specialises in remote experiences, guests may choose to be taken to a pristine and secluded beach to learn how to surf, have a First Nations guide escort them on a day-long hike to the Wild Side Interpretive Trail and Flores Island, take on a mountain-fed rushing river in a kayak, or experience a gentler ocean kayak cruise to private inlets and hidden coves. Horsemanship and riding are signatures of the resort, with a range of talented horses for riders from beginners to experts. Wildlife viewing is also part of daily life, whether guests go in search of black bears and whales, or see the wildlife on the outskirts of camp, kept there by a team of welltrained and well-loved dogs.


Victoria and Vancouver Island / TOFINO ACCOMMODATION

Wickaninnish Inn


Best Western Tin Wis Resort Lodge

Wickaninnish Inn, a Relais & Châteaux property, overlooks the Pacific Ocean on Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast, near the eclectic town of Tofino and Pacific Rim National Park. The two contemporary cedar buildings are set against a backdrop of ancient forest. All rooms and suites offer ocean or beach views, gas fireplace, soaker tub and individual balcony. Uncompromising service, including a Clefs d’Or concierge team, is a standard. Tofino’s McDiarmid family welcomes you to this locally owned, world-renowned sanctuary offering rustic elegance on nature’s edge.

Located on peaceful and scenic Mackenzie Beach, the Best Western Tin Wis Resort Lodge offers delightful accommodations. Outdoors lovers are in their element here, with worldclass hiking, deep-sea fishing, paddle-boarding, surfing, canoeing and kayaking, along with relaxing hot springs. This full-service Tofino hotel is owned and operated by First Nations people and features well-appointed guestrooms, each fully equipped with satellite TV, high-speed Internet access and a gorgeous view of the ocean. Be sure to enjoy a delicious meal at the Beachfront Bistro restaurant.

Pacific Sands Beach Resort Delight in a beachfront location on spectacular Cox Bay on Vancouver Island. This resort is on the edge of Pacific Rim National Park, a short scenic drive from Long Beach and the charming seaside village of Tofino – famous for culture and artisans. Breathe in the intoxicating ocean air as you relax on your private deck. Enjoy home-cooked meals from your fully equipped kitchen or venture out to varied restaurants for local flavours. In a place renowned for yearround fun, go fishing, whale-watching and golfing in summer, storm-watching in winter, and beach-combing anytime.

Long Beach near Tofino on Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Marina West Motel Located on the water's edge in beautiful Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island, the Marina West Motel features a superb marine setting that gives you easy access to a large array of land and water activities throughout the year. Marina West is located near Pacific Rim National Park, Long Beach and Ucluelet. It offers a variety of room types, ranging from standard rooms to one-bedroom kitchenette suites that can accommodate up to four guests. The spacious rooms feature modern appointments that will make your stay in Clayoquot Sound both comfortable and relaxed. Jack's Waterfront Pub, nestled alongside the motel's marina, has the ambience of a neighbourhood pub. It is a great spot to relax after a long day of boating, hiking, swimming or exploring the town. The Greenroom Diner provides an outstanding view of Browning Passage and Meares Island, framed by wall-to-wall windows. Sunsets are a romantic's delight, and the ever-changing waterfront landscape will make it difficult to concentrate on making your menu selections. Whether it is salt-water fishing in the protected waters of Clayoquot Sound, a game of golf at Long Beach Golf Club, whale-watching, kayaking, bird-watching, romantic strolls or beach-combing in Pacific Rim National Park, Tofino and the surrounding area has something for everyone. Marina West offers full marina facilities, including showers and laundry. The marina is located in the calm, quiet waters of Browning Passage and is sheltered from the wind and surf of the open Pacific Ocean. With access to the channels and inlets of Clayoquot Sound, this is an excellent place to start a memorable fishing trip or boating excursion to explore the many kilometres of untouched shoreline in the area.




Black Rock Oceanfront Resort Escape to the natural tranquillity, beauty and comfort of Black Rock Oceanfront Resort – an extraordinary retreat on Vancouver Island’s rugged west coast. This magnificent oceanfront resort in Ucluelet combines contemporary comfort and quality service with the organic energy of Canada’s western frontier, for an enchanting holiday experience. In a picturesque setting, the resort offers 133 comfortable and contemporary studios, one- and two-bedroom suites, including the Wild Pacific Trail suites. With floor-to-ceiling windows showcasing outstanding views of nature, the exquisite suites feature fine décor. Wood and stone accents surround you in natural elegance, enhanced by the drama of the wild seascape. The spaces are designed to offer maximum comfort, from plush king beds to state-of-the-art kitchens. In your spacious living area, relax in front of the fireplace on a stylish sofa, or watch a DVD on TV.

Eagle Nook Resort & Spa

Water's Edge Resort at Pacific Rim

This delightful resort and spa is a secluded hideaway for those who want to explore the beauty of British Columbia. Even the trip to the resort is an experience, as Eagle Nook is accessible only by air or boat. Here, you will find a peaceful haven for a romantic getaway or a spectacular environment for exhilarating outdoor adventures. The spa will leave you rejuvenated and the gourmet meals will leave you satisfied. Superb ocean fishing, kayaking, diving, whale-watching, hiking in old-growth forest and helicopter touring will impress even the most experienced adventurers.

Water's Edge Resort on the Ucluelet harbour is ideally situated for discovering wild, rugged coastal wilderness. Enjoy long stretches of sandy beaches, ancient rainforests and spectacular panoramic views guaranteed to leave you breathless. Inviting suites feature West Coast décor, and offer superb functionality and lots of space. Each suite is comfortably furnished with a fireplace and complete kitchen equipped with a full-size fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave and toaster.

Sonora Resort Nestled between Vancouver Island and the mainland are the Discovery Islands, a rainforest-capped archipelago of raw, unspoiled natural beauty. This is home to Sonora Resort, an all-inclusive, Relais & Châteaux secluded retreat that overlooks the rushing ocean rapids. Surrounded by lush woods and the Pacific Coast, you can enjoy ocean excursions among the islands, where dolphins play in the currents and eagles soar. Delight in world-class salmon fishing in sheltered coves and guided ocean kayaking in calm waters. The dining experience at Sonora is the perfect way to refuel after a day outdoors. Take in a panoramic ocean view while savouring exquisite Pacific coastal cuisine. For rest and rejuvenation, Island Currents Spa uses local elements that stimulate natural renewal and restoration. For every guest, there is a Sonora experience, and the staff is eager to make every aspect of your stay memorable.

Hastings House Country House Hotel Hastings House Country House Hotel is a small waterfront luxury resort, spa and restaurant. It sits on nine hectares of land on the waterfront of Ganges Harbour, Salt Spring Island. Enjoy sophisticated lodging, fine dining, wellness and relaxation in a casually elegant atmosphere. Delight in British Columbia’s natural beauty, Salt Spring’s mild climate, and the warmth and creativity of its people.

Near Parksville, Englishman’s Falls on Vancouver Island, British Columbia



Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre

Located in beautiful Parksville, Vancouver Island, this all-season destination resort offers charming accommodations, unique dining and a full-service spa. Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort & Conference Centre features charming rustic log cottages and lodges, set in eight hectares of forest beside the ocean. The log cabins, nestled in the Douglas fir and arbutus forest, are ideal for families, the ocean-view lodges are a picturesque retreat for weekend romance seekers, and the spa bungalows are perfect for groups, girlfriends and couples seeking a one-of-a kind spa getaway. The resort is home to the Grotto Spa, one of Western Canada's leading spas, which offers signature treatments and services with a focus on West Coast ingredients. The 232-square-metre Mineral Pool – a warm-water pool infused with natural minerals and trace elements – is heavenly. This luxurious spa offers 18 massage and aesthetic treatment rooms, a manicure and pedicure room featuring European pedicure thrones, and a full-service hair salon. The three private day suites for


couples feature hand-crafted copper soaker tubs and oversize treatment tables. The third floor of the Grotto Spa is home to the Relaxation Lounge, where spa goers unwind and relax by the fire in their robes and sandals as they enjoy complimentary tea, water and fresh fruit. For a unique dining experience, 'endless tapas' at the Treetop Tapas & Grill are offered exclusively to robed spa guests. The Cedars Restaurant and Lounge offers delicious and rustic dishes with a contemporary spin. The property's gorgeous oceanside location allows guests to enjoy a wide variety of activities. The resort sits above three kilometres of sandy beach and some of the warmest ocean swimming in Canada. Forest, ocean and riverside hiking and mountain-biking trails are accessible from the resort, and the mild Vancouver Island climate allows for year-round golfing at the six golf courses in the area.




Whistler Whether you ski and snowboard in the winter, hike and golf in the summer, or simply dine, shop and relax, Whistler is able to entertain you at any time of year. The resort’s two iconic mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, offer 16 alpine bowls, three glaciers, over 3,275 hectares of slopes, more than 200 marked trails, and jaw-dropping half pipes and terrain parks.

British Columbia

Prince George



Kamloops Vancouver Kelowna




Discover Whistler


Operated by Tourism Whistler

Embark on a short but breathtakingly scenic trip from Vancouver up the Sea to Sky Highway to arrive in Whistler. The natural beauty of the Coast Mountain landscape and the welcoming atmosphere make Whistler a truly special destination. Wintertime in Whistler is spectacular, with abundant snow blanketing the landscape, facilitating adventures both on the slopes and off. Whistler is a mecca for downhill skiing and snowboarding, thanks to 3,307 hectares of skiable terrain, innovative parks and pipes, and easy access to the back-country. Whistler and Blackcomb mountains receive an average of 11.9 metres of snow each season. Consistent and reliable snow, combined with one of the largest areas of skiable terrain in North America, make Whistler a world-class destination for snow sports. However, the huge variety of activities in this winter wonderland means there is something for everyone. Opportunities for family time include ice skating, zip-lining, Nordic sports, sleigh rides and more. Summertime means warm weather and long days that beg to be filled with adventures – Whistler is yours to explore from peak to valley. Summer sightseeing allows you to discover why Whistler is unique, from the stunning mountain landscape to the venues and stories that are the legacies of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. The slopes, rivers, forests, lakes and trails provide an amazing range of outdoor activities to suit all ages and interests, from the solo traveller to the family group. The vast and varied terrain makes Whistler an outstanding destination for active pursuits, including mountain-biking, hiking and golf, while also providing ample opportunities to slow down, relax and connect with nature. Experience Whistler’s genuine, down-toearth mountain culture and connect with amazing people in an incredible place.

Whistler Blackcomb Resort Operated by Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler Blackcomb, the official alpine skiing venue for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, is one of North America’s premier four-season mountain resorts. Whistler and Blackcomb are side-by-side mountains that together offer more than 200 marked runs, 3,306 hectares of terrain, 16 alpine bowls, three glaciers and one of the longest ski seasons in North America. On average, the resort receives 1,192 centimetres of snow annually. Want to take your experience to the next level? With exclusive rights to 174,824 hectares of big mountain terrain that includes 173 glaciers and 475 runs, Whistler Heli-Skiing has what it takes to go the extra distance. Various packages are available for everyone from strong intermediates to seasoned experts. Make this the year!

PEAK 2 PEAK, Hiking and Bear-Viewing

Catskiing and Catboarding

Operated by Whistler Blackcomb

Operated by Powder Mountain Catskiing

Few places in the world can match the endless adventure that Whistler Blackcomb squeezes into summer. Spanning the distance between Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, the PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola is a breathtaking, 11-minute, four-kilometre journey connecting the incredible high alpine terrain of both mountains and giving you access to 20 hiking trails of varying difficulty. Whistler and Blackcomb mountains are home to 50 black bears and cubs that have adapted to feed, mate and hibernate within the ski area. Travel in a comfortable 4WD vehicle and view wild bears!

When it snows at Whistler Blackcomb, it snows even harder at Powder Mountain Catskiing, which traditionally gets double to triple the snow from a storm cycle. So if you want to ski or ride powder on your trip to Whistler, you want to go skiing with Powder Mountain Catskiing. Since a maximum of 24 people ski 1,740 hectares and five peaks here, you will run out of legs before you run out of fresh powder. Catskiing is like the best day ever on Whistler Blackcomb – just without the crowds and the hardpack.




Scandinave Spa Whistler

Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre

Operated by Scandinave Spa Whistler

Operated by Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre

Escape to the Scandinave Spa Whistler, the perfect destination to relax in the heart of nature in British Columbia. Rejuvenate after a long hike or day on Whistler and Blackcomb's slopes at the 1,858-square-metre outdoor spa, which is only two minutes away from Whistler Village. Retreat to this Nordic-inspired oasis of calm enveloped in a peaceful spruce and cedar forest on the edge of Lost Lake. Soak in the calming hot water while drinking in the incredible mountain vistas.

The award-winning Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre in Whistler showcases the art and heritage of the Squamish and Lil’wat aboriginal people. The spectacular centre offers tours through the exhibit halls and art galleries, a captivating film, and craft activities. Each guide has a unique story to tell. Learn the meaning behind traditional regalia, legends, carvings, art, songs and ceremonies. Save time for the native art gift shop and Thunderbird café.

Whistler Tasting Tours

Ziptrek Eco Adventures

Operated by Whistler Tasting Tours

Operated by Ziptrek Ecotours

Not sure which restaurants in Whistler to choose? On a short stay, it used to be difficult to fully explore the Whistler dining scene and try all the fantastic restaurants. But now you can savour some of the best Whistler restaurants in one night! During guided walking tours, enjoy a fantastic progressive lunch, dinner or dessert menu, where each delicious course is provided by a different restaurant. Truly a fabulous experience of flavour and fun! Officially designated as part of the 'Canadian Signature Experience' collection by the Canadian Tourism Commission.

Experience the exhilaration of flying as you glide across Ziptrek’s network of zip-lines suspended high above Fitzsimmons Creek, which divides Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Ziptrek offers an entertaining combination of high-wire adventure and ecological exploration on a choice of four guided zip-line tours. For those who like light adventure, TreeTrek Canopy Walk offers a guided interpretive adventure across a stunning network of suspension bridges, suspended stairways, boardwalks and groundbased trails, with no zipping required. Ziptrek is open year-round.

River of Golden Dreams Tour Operated by Backroads Whistler

The River of Golden Dreams Tour is a classic Whistler adventure. This flat-water (no rapids), oxbow river winds its way through the Whistler Valley wetlands, passes through old-growth forests and offers majestic views of snow-capped mountains. The river is more like a shallow creek with many turns – you will not know what is around the next corner, whether it be a blue heron guiding your boat down the river, a beaver diving under your boat, the rustle of a black bear eating berries on the shore or eagles flying overhead. The certified guides are well versed in teaching paddling strokes and knowledgeable about the Whistler area. They can be in the boat with you or nearby in their own boat. Transportation to and from your hotel is included on the morning departures. Paddling the River of Golden Dreams is an annual event for many families and an authentic Canadian experience.

A skier coming in for a landing in Whistler, British Columbia




Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler

Nestled at the foot of the Blackcomb side of Whistler’s twin giants, Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler deftly marries rustic mountain charm with modern European elegance. Under peaked roofs, find impeccable Four Seasons comfort and intuitive care. Savour a singular setting at a property recently ranked number two among the 'Top 20 Resorts in Canada' and rated among the 'Top 100 Hotels and Resorts in the World' in Condé Nast Traveller’s Readers’ Choice Awards. Grand in scale, intimate by nature, Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler epitomises the mountain spirit. Inside, find 273 luxury lodge guestrooms, hotel suites and townhouses with open-sky spaciousness and European-style refinement. Room features include an in-room safe, alarm clock, telephone with voice mail, minibar, and ironing facilities. An expansive timber, glass and stone lobby provides a delightful transition from the great outdoors to the cosy interiors of your private space in Whistler. Enjoy lively conversation and live evening entertainment as you sip mountain mojitos on an outdoor restaurant terrace heated by a wood-burning fire pit. Impeccable, modern steakhouse cuisine is available in the fire-lit alpine setting of Sidecut restaurant or through 24-hour in-room dining. Named after the vertical drop of Whistler’s Blackcomb Mountain, Fifty Two 80 Eatery + Bar welcomes you with a glowing ambience of fire and ice, as well as a menu of creative cocktails and wines by the glass. Recognised as the number three spa resort in Canada in the Condé Nast Traveller’s Readers’ Choice Awards, Four Seasons Resort and Residences Whistler invites you to indulge in the spa's quiet sanctuary, which includes elegant locker rooms and a soothing eucalyptus steam room.

The Fairmont Chateau Whistler

The Westin Resort & Spa, Whistler

Whistler’s landmark resort, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, sets the stage for incomparable West Coast luxury and comfort. Nestled at the base of the famed Whistler Blackcomb ski resort, the Fairmont Chateau Whistler is a mountain oasis of fine dining, spa and wellness facilities, perfectly complemented by unsurpassed guest service. Offering the convenience of on-site championship golf and enviable ski-in-ski-out access, this awardwinning, family-friendly resort is the ideal yearround Canadian mountain destination.

The Westin Whistler Resort & Spa is located in one of Canada's greatest year-round recreation destinations. It was the host resort for the Alpine, Nordic and sliding events during the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Just steps from both mountain gondolas, it is in the centre of the excitement of pedestrianfriendly Whistler Village. All of the 419 suites emphasise comfort and convenience, with features that include a welcoming fireplace, flat-screen TV, inviting soaker tub, wellappointed kitchen and windows that open to the fresh mountain air.

Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa Relax and unwind at the luxurious, award-winning Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa. The hotel is ideally located in the heart of Whistler Village, host mountain resort of the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Ranked among Canada's top ten resort hotels by Condé Nast Traveller, the property is steps from the chairlifts of legendary Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. An array of world-class restaurants, stylish boutiques and buzzing nightlife is available at its doorstep. Hilton Whistler Resort & Spa's guestrooms offer mountain-style elegance and incorporate many natural and local elements, including indigenous art from the Sea-to-Sky corridor. The hotel boasts some of the largest and most comfortable guestrooms in Whistler. Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa, one of the only authentic Javanese spas in North America, is a spectacular spot for relaxation and pampering.




Crystal Lodge & Suites

Whistler Cascade Lodge Hotel

The Crystal Lodge & Suites offers an excellent location in Whistler village, with a wide variety of hotel rooms, lofts, suites and amenities to suit your every need. Just steps away from both Whistler and Blackcomb gondolas, it has one of the widest ranges of on-site retail shops and restaurants – including Starbucks, Roots, Lululemon, Ric’s Grill, Citta' and CanSki – of any hotel in Whistler. Enjoy the heated outdoor pool, hot tub, sauna, fitness room, complimentary wireless Internet, heated underground parking, and free ski and bike valet.

Whistler Cascade Lodge Hotel is located at the gateway to Whistler village. Guests enjoy easy access to many of the village's most popular bars, distinctive shops and amazing restaurants. This six-storey all-suite hotel offers studios, and one- and two-bedroom suites. Rooms feature flat-screen TVs, DVD players, pillow-top mattresses, luxurious linens and complimentary wireless Internet. The lovely landscaped inner courtyard features a huge heated outdoor pool and two hot tubs, all with spectacular, panoramic views of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.

The Listel Hotel Whistler Located in the Coastal Mountains of southern British Columbia, Whistler is a fourseason playground offering great mountain-biking trails, river-rafting, zip-trekking, hiking, kayaking, fishing, golfing, world-class alpine skiing at both Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, and Nordic skiing. The Listel Hotel Whistler is ideally located in the heart of Whistler village, just a walk from the main ski lifts of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, as well as from the Village Stroll, with its world-class restaurants, shops and nightlife. The 98 deluxe hotel rooms and suites feature two queen beds, in-room safes, fridges, and complimentary Wi-Fi. Facilities include a ski valet, a whirlpool, a sauna and, for the ultimate in dining and après-ski, chef Melissa Craig’s acclaimed Bearfoot Bistro and Champagne Lounge. Enjoy the self-serve complimentary continental breakfast with your stay.

Spectacular view from chairlift on Whistler Mountain, British Columbia


First Nations Dancer, British Columbia



INTRODUCTION / Northern British Columbia

Northern British Columbia Lush forests stretching as far as the eye can see. A grizzly bear splashing through a crystalline river, extending a giant paw to spear a glistening salmon. Lofty mountains piercing a huge cloudless sky. The scent of cedar drifting on the fresh breeze. When visitors dream of Canada, this is often the unspoiled landscape they picture. Put yourself in the dream in northern British Columbia.

British Columbia Prince Rupert Smithers Haida Gwaii

Prince George

Whistler Vancouver


Prince Rupert Escape to a small city on the edge of the wilderness. Despite its modest size, Prince Rupert offers museums and services typical of much larger places. But it is the city's spectacular natural setting that draws visitors from around the world. Indulge in superb sportfishing, play a round of golf or simply admire the pretty, sheltered harbour.

Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) Meet members of Canada’s First Nations in the idyllic archipelago they have called home for centuries, on the far western edge of northern B.C.. Kayak serene inlets and hike through old-growth rainforests in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve. Set off on a whale-watching expedition or sportfishing cruise, or browse for native artworks.

Grizzly Bear eating Salmon




Cassiar Highway through Northern British Columbia

Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Tour Operated by Prince Rupert Adventure Tours

The Khutzeymateen 'Valley of the Grizzly' is one of the greatest treasures of British Columbia's North Coast. Step aboard a well-appointed vessel and cruise north through Chatham Sound, watching for porpoises, seals, sea lions, bald eagles and blue herons as you learn first hand about this diverse marine environment. Prepare to be fascinated by the rugged coastal mountains and pristine wilderness of the Khutzeymateen Valley, home to one of the highest concentrations of grizzly bears in North America. You will have a chance to see these legendary giants in their natural environment. Prince Rupert Adventure Tours' goal is to provide you with a safe, pleasurable and unique wilderness experience without intruding on the bears' natural habitat. This is truly a photographer's paradise and may well be the highlight of your holiday. The tour goes for six to seven hours and the viewing season lasts from mid-May until July.

Great Bear Rainforest

Haida Gwaii: The Canadian Galapagos

Operated by Bluewater Adventures

Operated by Bluewater Adventures

The Great Bear Rainforest, a Canadian Tourism Commission 'Canadian Signature Experience', is home to grizzlies, black bears and all-white spirit bears. Cruise the Inside Passage aboard comfortable 20-metre motor-sailors for eight days, searching for sea birds, and feeding humpback whales, porpoises and Pacific whitesided dolphins. Spend a day with local Gitga’at guides at their favourite bear-viewing areas, which few outsiders have ever seen. This experiential trip tours British Columbia's remote northern coast, with direct flights to Bella Bella from Vancouver.

Haida Gwaii, also called 'Canada’s Galapagos,' is located in one of North America’s leading National Parks, Gwaii Haanas. Take an eight- or nine-day cruise to explore ancient Haida villages, old-growth forests and rich intertidal areas. Watch for whales, seabirds and marine mammals on an epic natural and cultural history expedition aboard a 20-metre motor sailer. Guests travel with a skilled crew and learn from renowned naturalists and Haida Elders. Sail remote waters just a quick flight away from Vancouver International Airport.

Prince Rupert's Crest Hotel

Prince Rupert Hotel

Experience breathtaking views of Prince Rupert’s magnificent harbour, pristine mountains and soaring eagles from the comfort of your traditionally designed guestroom. Enjoy smoke-free guestrooms featuring Heavenly Sleep mattresses by Serta®, Aveda® bath products, complimentary wireless Internet, and access to the fitness centre and outdoor hot tub. Sample fresh local seafood and mouth-watering steaks from the Waterfront restaurant, or visit Charley’s lounge to observe a Prince Rupert sunset from the heated deck.


This contemporary six-storey hotel is located in the heart of downtown Prince Rupert, close to shopping and local restaurants. Partnered with the hotel are the nearby Chance's Casino and Lush Lounge. Prince Rupert Hotel features 88 restful guestrooms, ranging from economy to premium, with high-speed Wi-Fi available in all rooms and throughout the hotel. Enjoy daily complimentary deluxe continental breakfast served in the breakfast room, located off the lobby. On-site facilities include a beer and wine store, and Johnny B's Sports Bar.


INTRODUCTION / Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Soaring mountains and deep fjords. Gold rush history and dude ranches. The Fishing Highway – an angler's dream – and the Bowron Lake Canoe Circuit. From the wild Pacific surf to the rugged Cariboo Mountains, the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast offers unspoiled adventures. Go white-water rafting or mountain-biking. Visit a restored frontier town. Or explore British Columbia's largest provincial park.

British Columbia

Bella Coola

Prince George

100 Mile House Clinton Lillooet Powell River Vancouver



Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park

You will not find any traffic jams or mega-malls in Clinton, an unspoiled town of 600 residents that serves as the gateway to the stunning Cariboo region. What you will find is genuine hospitality and spectacular scenery. Gold prospectors and ranchers forged this region's soul; today's visitors come to fish, hike and cross-country ski.

In 1937 Lord Tweedsmuir, Canada's governor general, visited a breathtaking expanse of central British Columbia. To his delight, the province created a park there and named it for him. Today, B.C.'s largest provincial park is a rugged back-country escape for outdoors lovers, who hike mountain trails, ride horses and watch for grizzly bears.

Bella Coola Cast your line into a rushing river as the morning mist rises to the encircling mountains. Hunt for ancient petroglyphs and photograph wildlife. Snorkel with salmon or go heli-skiing. Stretching 80 kilometres from the Pacific to the unspoiled B.C. interior, the Bella Coola Valley offers wilderness seemingly untouched by time.

Landscape around Chilcotin River



Bella Coola Heli Sports


Operated by Bella Coola Heli Sports

Bella Coola Heli Sports is dedicated to creating a superior heli-skiing experience. Private helicopters fly small groups of four people, plus a guide. Ample amounts of fresh snow blanket the peaks and slopes in a permit area the size of the Swiss Alps. This is among the best, most exclusive ski experiences in the world. Special programs include private heli weeks, exclusive lodge buyouts, tailored steep skiing for experts only, heli-assisted ski touring, summer skiing and salmon fishing, and standard heli-skiing programs ideal for both intermediate and advanced skiers. All participants, regardless of the program, will ski among the towering rugged peaks, dramatic glaciers, gladed tree runs and giant alpine bowls of the Bella Coola Mountains: an area stretching from one of the largest fjord networks in the Americas to one of the highest peaks in B.C. It is all about skiing pristine powder in stunning terrain.

Spirit Bear Lodge

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa

In the remote coastal village of Klemtu, in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, revel in the experience of a lifetime. Along with an abundance of wildlife – such as spirit bears, grizzly and black bears, wolves, whales, and dolphins – the ancestral lands of the Kitasoo and Xai’xais are home to ancient village sites and architecture. Spirit Bear Lodge guides weave a compelling historical narrative that highlights the unique ecological and cultural knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is a world-class destination, discreetly hidden in the mountains of the Cariboo. From the moment you arrive, you will feel you belong in this secret luxury oasis. Immerse yourself in ranch activities such as horseback-riding, gold panning, exploring the vast Fraser Canyon or indulging in the world-class spa. All meals are delicately prepared by the executive chef using as many local, homegrown products as possible. To get here from Vancouver, drive through canyons or alongside the ocean, or take a scenic flight.

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge Tweedsmuir Park Lodge is a luxurious base from which guests can explore the remote Bella Coola Valley: a place where majestic mountains, old-growth forests, wild rivers, the Chilcotin Plateau and Pacific fjords intersect, creating a biodiverse and spectacular wilderness. Situated inside one of British Columbia's largest protected parks, with 500 metres of frontage on the Atnarko River, the lodge is in the heart of one of the healthiest grizzly bear habitats in the world. Using private drift boats and a riverside wildlife-viewing stand, the lodge offers some of the most natural bear-viewing opportunities in Canada. Additional experiences at Tweedsmuir Park Lodge include heli-fishing, scenic river drifts, heli-hiking, paddle-boarding, summer heli-skiing and old-growth forest wilderness exploration. Accommodation is in one of 11 private timber-frame chalets surrounding a large central lawn with stunning mountain views.

Cabin in Cariboo Country, British Columbia



INTRODUCTION / Thompson Okanagan

Thompson Okanagan Whether you like your outdoor adventures to be tame, sophisticated, rugged or wild, the Thompson Okanagan region has something for you. As well as mountains, waterfalls, lakes, beaches, orchards, ski resorts and even a desert, it also has some of the country's most celebrated wineries. Lively small cities offer excellent hotels and shopping. And all of this is drenched with bountiful sunshine.

British Columbia

Prince George

Clearwater Sun Peaks Kamloops Vancouver Vernon Kelowna Penticton


Vernon and Penticton

Clearwater and Kamloops Hike across mountain meadows blooming with wildflowers, through sandstone canyons and evergreen forests, and behind a towering waterfall. Bring your bathing suit – the multiple rivers and more than 100 lakes entice you to swim, sail, fish, kayak or canoe. Pack your binoculars to take advantage of the fantastic bird-watching.

Sun Peaks

Enjoy the great outdoors in new and unusual ways. Rock climbers come from the four corners of the world to test their talents on the Skaha Bluffs, while the Kettle Valley Railtrail takes cyclists along decommissioned railway trestles spanning yawning canyons. Not far from Vernon, champagne powder lures skiers to Silver Star Mountain Resort.


A 45-minute drive from the city of Kamloops, Sun Peaks provides affordable fun for the whole family in every season. Ski and snowboard on three mountains. Delight the kids with a horse-drawn sleigh ride or tubing party. In summer, hurtle down trails on a mountain bike, swing a golf club amid jaw-dropping scenery, or kick back at a festival. World-Travel.net

On the shore of Okanagan Lake, Kelowna offers superb urban pleasures. Visit a Japanese garden or the B.C. Wine Museum. Savour local honey, goat cheese, fruit and more in the plentiful restaurants. Beyond the city, ski some of the 118 marked runs at Big White Resort, or tour a few of the region's two dozen wineries.


Roderick Haig-Brown Provincial Park Segway Tour


Operated by Unique Adventure Tours

You will marvel at this very special British Columbia provincial park while exploring it on a Segway PT. This national treasure surrounds the Adams River, home to a world-famous sockeye salmon run. After orientation, you will explore trails through the exquisite riparian zone (the land alongside the river), where you may encounter ducks or mergansers in the channels. If you are lucky, you may see deer and bears – they are very shy in the park. A highlight of the tour is a hidden beach with fabulous lake views. This tour is operated under a park use permit issued by B.C. Parks. Unique Adventures are true advocates for the preservation of this remarkable area, striving to 'leave no trace', and take pride in providing interesting facts about the salmon run and the history of the area. Stop for photo opportunities and informative breaks along the way. Why not bring a picnic to enjoy after the trip at your leisure?

Guided Horseback-Riding

B.C. Wildlife Park

Operated by Helmcken Falls Lodge

Operated by B.C. Wildlife Park

Take in the splendour that is Wells Gray Provincial Park. You are lucky to be one of the few who can take an informative guided trail ride into the park with the knowledgeable, friendly and helpful guides from Helmcken Falls Lodge. Make sure you have your camera at the ready, as you never know what you may see – animals in the park include mountain goats, deer and bears. As you are guided through the park, the wranglers will inform you about the natural history of this beautiful place. Whether you want a short or long trip, these trail rides are suitable for all.

Welcome to the B.C. Wildlife Park, one of the most interactive wildlife experiences in British Columbia. Enjoy the encounters you dreamt of when you decided to visit super, natural British Columbia. Each day, through interactive displays, wildlife encounters, and interpretive talks, you can learn about eagles, cougars, wolves and more – in all, 65 species live in spacious exhibits on the beautiful grounds of the 50-hectare park. Conveniently located along the Trans-Canada Highway, just 15 minutes east of Kamloops, the park also offers complimentary parking.

Born to Run Dog Sled Tours

Canada Snowmobiling: Two-Hour Tour

Operated by Tourism Sun Peaks & Adventure Centre

Operated by Tourism Sun Peaks & Adventure Centre

Learn everything you need to know about dog sled tours before heading out on an exhilarating adventure at Sun Peaks Resort. The 12-kilometre Born to Run tour is a guided experience. Feel your heart race as the barking team leaps across the snow! You are welcome to drive the sled, either standing beside the guide or alone, with the guide sitting up front. Children must be at least four years old to participate. Wear warm winter clothing with good winter boots (no ski boots, please), gloves or mittens, and a warm hat or helmet. Hand warmers are also recommended.

Canada Snowmobiling tours at Sun Peaks in British Columbia include a wide variety of choices appealing to both individual thrill seekers and families. Head into the Sun Peaks back-country, where you will ride on a variety of trails, wide-open frozen lakes and clear meadows. Along the way, enjoy gorgeous views of the Thompson Nicola region. Both the twoand four-hour tours are offered seven days a week. The two-hour Canada Snowmobiling tour runs daily at 8.30am, 11.30am and 2.30pm. To operate one of the snowmobiles, you will need a valid driver’s licence.

Dutch Lake on an Autumn Morning, Clearwater, British Columbia




The Plaza Hotel The Plaza Hotel has proudly reopened after a multi-million-dollar renovation, which added style and modern conveniences throughout the hotel while preserving its treasured heritage charm. All 67 guestrooms received floor-to-ceiling refits, and hallways were given a fresh look with new carpet and wallpaper. The newly renovated Fireside Steakhouse and Bar offers a full range of locally raised Black Angus steaks. The centrepiece of the menu is a wide variety of steaks from the Haughton family, who have been ranching in the Kamloops area for over 100 years. Complimentary breakfast for two, unlimited worldwide phone calls, in-room bottled water replenished daily, Wi-Fi throughout the hotel, access to the YMCA indoor pool and fitness facilities, business services and business centre access are all included. Other on-site amenities include a liquor store and a barbershop.

Comfort Inn & Suites Kamloops

Hotel 540 Hotel 540 is one of Kamloops’ premier downtown hotels. It is conveniently located within walking distance of shops and galleries, while Thompson Rivers University, tournament venues and golf courses are a short drive away. The award-winning Sun Peaks Resort is 60 minutes from the hotel. The 145 guestrooms and suites have been updated to give you a feeling of natural comfort. Enjoy a meal and a cocktail at the blue. Dining + Lounge restaurant, relax in the rooftop pool and hot tub, work out in the 24-hour fitness room, or simply unwind on the Mountview Terrace.

The Comfort Inn & Suites Kamloops, which overlooks the Thompson River Valley, is easily accessible from the Trans-Canada Highway in the Aberdeen area of South Kamloops. This 89-room hotel offers clean and affordable accommodation. Each room features a fridge, microwave, air-conditioning, ironing facilities, cable TV, telephone, hairdryer and wireless high-speed Internet. Enjoy the pool, fitness room, whirlpool tub, laundry facilities, complimentary hot buffet breakfast, free parking and on-site Vittorio’s Italian Restaurant.

Coast Kamloops Hotel and Conference Centre The Coast Kamloops Hotel and Conference Centre is ideally situated for all of your adventures in the Thompson-Nicola Region. It is close to golf, hiking and biking at Kenna Cartwright Park, and if you are looking to hit the slopes, Sun Peaks Resort is less than an hour away. The hotel's 202 modern, spacious rooms offer a welcome respite in your travels, complete with complimentary Wi-Fi and local calls, along with a microwave, minibar, iron and ironing board, alarm clock with iPod docking station, luxurious linens, and a large desk. Beyond your room, unwind in the indoor pool, children’s wading pool, sauna, hot tub and fitness facility. The hotel restaurant, Prestons, features a range of local and international fare, and you can pick-up supplies for a nightcap at the on-site beer, wine and spirits store. Complimentary parking and a pet-friendly environment make you feel even more at home.

Helmcken Falls Lodge

South Thompson Inn & Conference Centre

Experience true wilderness accommodation and campgrounds at the entrance to beautiful Wells Gray Provincial Park. Helmcken Falls Lodge is located 35 kilometres from the town of Clearwater, B.C. This small, family run wilderness lodge is rustic, intimate, friendly and warm. Helmcken Falls Lodge provides the perfect ambiance for experiencing nature at its best, in summer or winter. Well-informed staffers help you enjoy your stay and explore everything this magnificent park has to offer. Activities at the lodge include horsebackriding, hiking, canoeing and more.


Quietly nestled on 22 hectares stretching along the banks of the South Thompson River, adjacent to Rivershore Golf Links, the inn is known for its fusion of relaxation, romance and privacy. Boasting 57 uniquely decorated guestrooms with spacious decks, complimentary Wi-Fi, parking and recent renovations, the South Thompson Inn Guest Ranch and Conference Centre is perfect for getaways, weddings and retreats, and regularly ranks highly on TripAdvisor. Enjoy a fabulous meal in the restaurant and lounge, or relax in the outdoor pool and hot tub.


Delta Sun Peaks Resort


Nestled in British Columbia’s striking Thompson Okanagan region, the Delta Sun Peaks Resort makes it easy to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Located in the middle of Sun Peaks, the resort offers something for every guest in every season, from award-winning ski slopes and rugged hiking trails to relaxing spas and boutique shopping. There is a warm, welcoming atmosphere in all of the restaurants that is the true essence of Sun Peaks dining. From the all-day-dining menu at Mantles to the evening pub fare at Morrisey’s Public House, you will receive a warm, local welcome at all of the Kamloops restaurants. Relax with a session in the hotel’s sauna and outdoor hot tubs after spending a day on the slopes or on the trails of Sun Peaks. The hotel also has a fitness centre and a heated year-round pool. And good news for your furry friends: the Delta Sun Peaks Resort is a pet-friendly hotel.

Nancy Greene's Cahilty Lodge Whether you are snowboarding or skiing on one of the breathtaking mountain trails at Sun Peaks Resort, Nancy Greene’s Cahilty Lodge has what you need to make your stay in the mountains comfortable and memorable. The lodge is a family-friendly condominium-style hotel with 175 recently renovated rooms ranging from traditional lodge rooms to spacious three-bedroom suites. All rooms have a TV, DVD player, alarm clock, full bathroom with heated tile floor, hairdryer and daily housekeeping. Kitchens are available in most rooms, and there is a secure storage room for your sports gear. The lodge clearly understands what it takes to make your stay in Sun Peaks pleasurable. It helps to have a ski-in-ski-out location, only steps away from the delightful ambiance, shops and restaurants of Sun Peaks Village, and just 45 minutes from the airport in Kamloops.

Tod Mountain Ranch

Snow Creek Village

Hidden in the Louis Creek Valley, surrounded by mountains, this British Columbia guest ranch is small and exclusive, offering you a relaxing, tranquil environment to enjoy your horsebackriding holiday in the natural beauty of British Columbia's interior. Whether you are travelling alone, with your partner or with a group of friends, you are invited to visit for delicious food, responsive horses and comfortable lodging with like-minded company in the peaceful, serene setting of Tod Mountain Ranch.

Clearwater lake with canoe, British Columbia


Snow Creek Village is an ideally located complex offering one-, two- and threebedroom condominiums just a three-minute walk from the Sun Peaks village core. Amenities include fully equipped kitchens, TV, a DVD player, a gas fireplace, complimentary wireless Internet access, and a private hot tub on your deck or balcony. There is designated parking in either private garages or outdoor parking stalls. Ski-in-ski-out access to the main lift area is also available.



Sparkling Hill Resort Over three-and-a-half million Swarovski crystals are infused within this modern oasis – a most remarkable hotel and wellness centre with an elegant, Europeaninspired design. Perched high atop a granite ridge overlooking Okanagan Lake to the west and the white-capped mountain peaks of the Monashees to the east, Sparkling Hill is a premier property in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. The stunning beauty of the Okanagan surrounds you as you bask in light and luxury, with floor-to-ceiling glass and a sliding window wall to let in fresh outdoor air – nature is always close by. Each of the 149 beautifully appointed lake- and mountainview guestrooms is an unforgettable place to connect with yourself and nature. All guestrooms feature a crystal glass fireplace, starry crystal sky over the two-person tub, walk-through shower with outside view, minibar, in-room safe, ironing facilities, and ultra comfy queen and king beds.

Predator Ridge Resort Located in the sunny Okanagan Valley, Predator Ridge Resort is the place to indulge your lifelong passion for golf or to begin a new love affair with the sport. The golf courses are a natural extension of the historic and communal grasslands known as the Commonage and are sculpted in harmony with the ancient mountains and crystal-blue lakes that carved out this playground millennia ago. Predator Ridge is much more than a golf resort. It is one of Canada's top resort communities, offering homeowners and resort guests the best of the Okanagan lifestyle: fine dining, a state-of-the-art fitness centre with a 25-metre lap pool, over 14 kilometres of hiking and walking trails, a general store, access to one of North America's best spas, and more. With a range of accommodation options to suit your style, Predator Ridge Resort features little touches that make you feel like you have found your own special place.

Penticton Lakeside Resort, Convention Centre and Casino The Penticton Lakeside Resort, Convention Centre and Casino puts you on the southern shore of Lake Okanagan in the heart of British Columbia's wine country. With 203 deluxe air-conditioned rooms featuring private balconies and complimentary wireless Internet, this luxury hotel is designed to meet your every need. The Penticton Lakeside Resort offers a casino, private licensed beach, marina with watersport rentals, indoor pool, whirlpool, sauna, health club, hair salon, gift shop and business centre. There are lounges, bars, and three on-site restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating, all with a view of the lake. A new farm was developed specifically to grow all the produce served at the hotel from May through October. Wineries, golf courses, boating, hiking and skiing are all close to the hotel, which is a 45-minute flight or just over four hours' drive from Vancouver.

Best Western PLUS Vernon Lodge

Sandman Inn and Suites Vernon

A resort for all seasons located in the centre of Vernon, the Best Western PLUS Vernon Lodge and Conference Centre features a three-storey tropical garden atrium with a natural creek. The hotel offers 124 stylishly appointed guestrooms and suites, an exercise centre with cardio equipment and free weights, an elevator, complimentary wireless high-speed Internet, and flat-screen TVs with HD channels. Restaurants, a pub and a liquor store are all within the resort for your convenience, and the hotel is close to major shops.


Perfectly situated between Kelowna and Kamloops, and surrounded by natural mountain splendour, Vernon is a great location for roadtrip stopovers and scenic interior sightseeing. The Sandman Inn and Suites Vernon is centrally located and features everything from highspeed Internet to a relaxing indoor pool. Whether you are looking to visit the nearby Kalamalka and Okanagan lakes, the Silver Star Ski Resort, or surrounding wineries, conveniences like an on-site Denny’s 24-hour restaurant make this an ideal setting for all your needs.



Delta Grand Okanagan Resort and Conference Centre

Ideally located on the shores of majestic Okanagan Lake, this destination resort and conference centre was recently ranked among the top waterfront hotels in Canada by Canoe.ca. Nestled in the heart of Canada's wine country, this Kelowna hotel boasts 390 guestrooms, villas and suites, offering city, lake or mountain views. Visit the nearby vineyards and wineries for exclusive tastings or, depending on the season, enjoy a day of skiing, golfing, boating or cycling with spectacular views of Okanagan Lake and the surrounding mountains. Linger over breakfast, lunch or dinner on the waterfront at Grand Bay CafĂŠ; enjoy light fare and libations at Vines Lounge; or savour your favourite coffee drink and a snack at Grand Coffee Company. Within easy walking distance of the hotel are some of Kelowna's finest restaurants, including Bouchons, Waterfront Wines, RauDZ, La Bussola and many more.

Ramada Kelowna Hotel

Lake Okanagan Resort Experience 121 hectares of mountainside parkland along the west shore of Okanagan Lake, a superb holiday destination for families, retreats, weddings and romantic getaways. Lake Okanagan Resort, a four-season holiday experience, is just 20 minutes from downtown Kelowna. The property boasts outstanding views, 125 guestrooms (all with kitchen facilities), a nine-hole executive par-three golf course, two lighted tennis courts, hot tubs, seasonal outdoor pools, barbecue areas, the Vantage Pointe Restaurant and Patio, and the Beyond Wrapture Spa.

The Ramada Kelowna Hotel and Conference Centre is located in the heart of the city, directly across the street from one of the largest shopping malls in the Okanagan. The hotel is close to many of Kelowna's best attractions, including world-famous wineries, golf courses, hiking and biking trails, and two ski resorts. Features of its 135 deluxe air-conditioned rooms include complimentary wireless Internet, pay-per-view movies, fridges and room service. The property also boasts a fitness centre, pool, hot tub, restaurant, pub, and liquor, beer and wine store.

Stonebridge Lodge

Chateau Big White The Chateau Big White is ideally situated in the heart of the resort with wonderful views of the village. The hotel features an outdoor hot tub, the Black Diamond Bar and Grill, complimentary underground parking and the Beyond Wrapture Day Spa. Each unit is beautifully decorated with standard features, including a gas fireplace, microwave, minibar and in-room safe. You can choose from kitchenette, loft, one-bedroom and one-bedroom-plus suites. (Plus suites have a den, creating an extra sleeping area.)

Stonebridge Lodge is a well-appointed development featuring 88 fully equipped executive suites in three buildings. Amenities include an outdoor mineral pool, fitness facilities, heated underground parking, indoor ski and snowboard storage, and stunning views of Big White village, the Monashee Mountains and the ski slopes. Also, in building two, you will find Six Degrees Bistro, known for its cosy atmosphere. Located beside the Bullet Express chairlift, the Stonebridge Lodge provides guests with incomparable ski-in-ski-out access in the heart of Big White village.

White Crystal Inn

Inn at Big White In the heart of the village, the Inn at Big White features excellent access to resort amenities. Set amid the spectacular Monashee Mountains, this 100-unit property offers a relaxing, smalltown atmosphere. After a hard day on the slopes, skiers and boarders can relax and enjoy the breathtaking views from the outdoor pool and hot tub. The hotel also features a games room, fitness centre, heated underground parking and ski storage. Adjacent to the lobby is the Blarney Stone Irish Tavern, serving tasty, home-style Irish and English fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The White Crystal Inn at Big White offers excellent ski-in-ski-out convenience and is ideally located next to Lara's Gondola and the Bullet Express chairlift. Hotel amenities include an outdoor hot tub, sauna, ski storage, the Sante Grille Restaurant and Lounge, and free underground parking. Spacious standard, kitchenette and loft rooms are available. As well as Internet, the White Crystal Inn has TELUS Optik TV, which gives you access to thousands of movies on demand, pay-per-view movies, Galaxie commercial-free music and digital radio stations.


INTRODUCTION / Kootenay Rockies

Kootenay Rockies If the outdoor life is your dream, the Kootenay Rockies in southeastern British Columbia is your place. Home to four of B.C.'s seven national parks, it is a land of rippling waterfalls and steamy mineral springs, mountain meadows and crystalline rivers. Jump on a mountain bike, grab your skis or put on your hiking gear. There are endless landscapes to explore – and idyllic towns to relax in later.

British Columbia

Prince George

Kamloops Golden Vancouver Revelstoke Kelowna



Panorama Mountain Village


Panorama Mountain Village is a self-contained recreational oasis. Choose from nine chairlifts to access 1,152 hectares of skiable terrain. Enjoy one of the biggest terrain parks in the Kootenays, or practise in the large beginners' area. Come summer, try your luck on the Greywolf golf course, or go hiking, rafting or mountain-biking.

The Revelstoke Mountain Resort boasts one of the longest lift-accessed verticals in North America – stretching 1,713 metres – but that is just the start of this city's appeal. It is a real working Canadian Pacific Railway town, so you will enjoy an authentic mountain welcome. In summer, visit the farmers' market and outdoor concerts.

Kicking Horse Country


Leaping off a mountain sounds – and feels – utterly crazy. But then a thermal fills your paraglider and you are soaring like an eagle in total silence – except for the thumping of your heart. Come discover why people from all over the world come to Kicking Horse Country to paraglide – as well as to go skiing, snowboarding and white-water rafting. World-Travel.net

Founded as a mining town, Fernie has evolved into a four-season destination. Skiers, snowboarders and snowmobilers are drawn by the powder – in an average winter, almost nine metres of snow falls on Fernie Alpine Resort. A February film festival celebrates mountain-themed movies. And summer fun includes fly-fishing and mountain-biking.


Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing


Operated by Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing

For 37 years, Selkirk Tangiers Heli Skiing and its exclusive 202,342 hectares of terrain have lured skiers and snowboarders to Revelstoke for the ultimate heli-skiing holiday. With impressive wide-open glaciers, alpine meadows and massive old-growth forests, this heli tenure is one of the most famous in the world. Choose from a wide range of heli-skiing packages, from all-inclusive to heli-only packages, with trips lasting from one to seven days. Options featuring private helicopters are also available.

Lush meadow with colorful alpine flowers on Mt Revelstoke, British Columbia

Revelstoke Mountain Resort

The Sutton Place Hotel Revelstoke

Minutes from town, Revelstoke Mountain Resort features some of the greatest vertical in North America – 1,713 metres – and up to 13 metres of annual snowfall. Explore 1,263 hectares of terrain with incredible fall-line skiing, alpine bowls, tree-skiing, flowing groomed runs, a village-based beginner area and a tube park. Enjoy luxury slope-side condominiums at the year-round Sutton Place Hotel. And 202,342 hectares of heli-skiing with Selkirk Tangiers, cat-skiing, and other back-country experiences provide limitless adventure.

Mount Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia


Nestled at the base of Revelstoke Mountain Resort is the sleek, luxurious Sutton Place Hotel. This ski-in-ski-out condominium hotel, featuring accommodations from studios to three-bedroom penthouses, emphasises exceptional service. Amenities include a superb year-round outdoor pool and hot tubs, fitness facilities, and yoga space. The village offers modern dining, an organic bakery-café and retail, and is the hub for heli-skiing, backcountry programs, cat-skiing and lessons. Parents can use the child care facilities, or enrol their children in programs for ages four and up.



Alpine Rafting Operated by Alpine Rafting

The Kicking Horse River, renowned as a white-water gem of the Canadian Rockies, boasts some of British Columbia and Alberta's biggest white-water rafting thrills. Alpine Rafting is located in Golden, near six of the most stunning National Parks Canada has to offer: Banff, Glacier, Jasper, Kootenay, Mount Revelstoke and Yoho. The company has been guiding white-water rafting trips on British Columbia's Kicking Horse River since 1984 and operates seven days a week. The Kicking Horse River offers a wide variety of rapid classes, from the family-friendly upper canyon rapids to Class IV and higher rapids in the lower canyon. Tours range from short afternoon trips to overnight rustic camping on the banks of the Kicking Horse. Alpine caters to friends, families, team-building groups, stags and hen parties. You are sure to find a white-water rafting experience that is right for you. Come and get wet with Alpine!

The Kicking Horse River flows into the Natural Bridge at Yoho

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Palliser Lodge

Recently named Warren Miller’s best ski destination, Kicking Horse has seriously impressed the world since opening in 2000. Winter at Kicking Horse offers an integrated mountain resort experience with some of the most progressive in-bounds skiing in North America. The mountain consists of 1,260 metres of vertical, with 128 runs, four alpine bowls and 85 in-bound chutes spread over 1,143 hectares of skiable terrain. Tubing, skating, world-class dining and ski-in-ski-out accommodations make your winter getaway complete.

Glacier Mountaineer Lodge

Palliser Lodge at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort is a fantastic place to relax and unwind, just a few swooshes away from Gondola Plaza. After challenging one of the largest vertical descents in North America, enjoy the comfort of your spacious, fully appointed condominium suite; take a quick stroll to one of the resort’s excellent restaurants and pubs; or unwind in an inviting hot tub. Get out and enjoy incredible skiing and snowboarding, world-class rafting, epic mountain-biking, hiking, wildlife tours, superb dining and challenging alpine golf.

Copper Horse Lodge

Glacier Mountaineer Lodge sits in the heart of the village at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, surrounded by the peaks of the Canadian Rockies and the Selkirk Mountains. Choose from a range of accommodations, from guestrooms for two through to three-bedroom plus den units that can sleep up to ten. Amenities include cosy fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens, balconies that showcase the breathtaking scenery, in-suite washers and dryers, ski and bike storage, a steam room, a sauna, a fitness centre, an outdoor hot tub and 24-hour frontdesk service.


Located in a spectacular on-mountain setting at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, just 100 paces from the gondola, this lodge offers stylish, modern accommodations, contemporary dining and ski-in luxury. Nestled between the Selkirk, Rocky and Purcell mountains, winter and summer travellers can enjoy year-round activities, such as skiing, hiking, mountain-biking, sightseeing, golfing and fly-fishing. The lodge's Corks Restaurant + Bar offers a casual ambiance, with warm décor and a cosy, candlelit atmosphere.


Emerald Lake Lodge

Cathedral Mountain Lodge

Cradled in the midst of the Canadian Rockies, Emerald Lake Lodge is located just past the town of Field. Built in 1902 by the Canadian Pacific Railway, the lodge sits on a five-hectare peninsula overlooking glorious Emerald Lake. From cross-country skiing in winter to canoeing on the lake in summer, there are plenty of activities to choose from all year-round. Emerald Lake Lodge has two restaurants featuring signature Rocky Mountain cuisine. This historic property includes 85 charming units situated in 24 chalet-style cabins.


Find divine seclusion among the tall trees lining the shores of the glacier-fed Kicking Horse River. The timber-frame lodge and its 29 log cabins are centrally located for sightseeing and recreational activities near the town of Field. This replenishing escape from city life offers well-appointed cabins with fireplaces, private decks and deep soaker bathtubs, all with classic Canadian Rocky Mountain views. Service is attentive and includes the expertise of an adventure specialist. The Riverside Dining Room features dishes showcasing fresh, local, organic ingredients, and a fine wine selection.

Panorama Mountain Village One of the most appealing attributes of the Panorama Mountain Village is that it is, in fact, a village. So you can just park underground and head to your room, where you are only steps away from everything: restaurants, hot pools, shops and, of course, the chairlift. Life in the village is extra fun for kids, who love the free Village Gondola and the fresh pizza at Mile High. Parents, meanwhile, can pick-up all the essentials at the General Store. Everything is right here, within reach. Whatever your budget, the village offers something that fits. The studio, one- to three-bedroom condominiums and townhouses have all the amenities of home. The Pine Inn is a great set-up for budget-oriented visitors. It is so close to everything, you could toss a snowball to the chairlift (not recommended). Pure Massage, centrally located in the village, offers a wide variety of services, including massage, wraps, and hot-stone and body treatments.

Fernie Alpine Resort

Snow Creek Lodge

Fernie, located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, was named Best Ski Resort in North America by the World Snow Awards. The resort boasts an average annual natural snowfall of over 11 metres. With its gorgeous, panoramic views, mild weather, five legendary bowls and more terrain than you know what to do with, Fernie is quickly becoming a favourite around the globe. Experience endless adventures: shred legendary powder, soak in a private hot tub in your cabin hideaway, and revel in aprèsski fun in the ski-in-ski-out village at the base of the mountain.

Snow Creek Lodge in Fernie is a ski-in-ski-out property right at the base of the mountain, with a heated outdoor swimming pool, two whirlpools and a fitness room. These condominiums offer one- and two-bedroom suites featuring architecture that evokes Canada's early days with stone, logs and wood. Enjoy your deck or balcony, full kitchen facilities, gas fireplace and cable TV. Common areas include a nurturing centre for massages, ski lockers, elevators, and heated, securitypatrolled underground parking.

Lizard Creek Lodge This luxurious ski-in-ski-out lodge is situated among the Canadian Rockies and located at the base of the Elk quad chair at Fernie Alpine Resort. The 99 rooms feature in-room temperature control, TV and DVD player, telephone, Internet access, clock radio, kitchen, fireplace, balcony, ironing facilities, hairdryer and a roll-away bed. This non-smoking lodge also includes a restaurant, dining room, bar, heated outdoor pool, fitness centre, hot tub, steam room, sauna, spa, guest laundry, shops, gift shop and complimentary parking. Ski storage and rental are also available.

Hiking through an Alpine Meadow, Purcell Mountains, British Columbia



INTRODUCTION / Calgary and Southern Alberta

Calgary and Southern Alberta Come see the rolling foothills and 'big-sky' landscapes that served as backdrops for Hollywood movies like 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Unforgiven.' Learn about aboriginal history or canter through the vast expanse of a dude ranch. Take in a rodeo – including one of the world's biggest – or an arts festival. Paddle on an alpine lake or explore the eerie, dramatic Badlands.



Calgary Lethbridge

Medicine Hat


Medicine Hat


Medicine Hat is a wonderful base for touring southeastern Alberta. Travel back in time at Echo Dale Regional Park. Go bird-watching in the grasslands. Look for many species of orchids in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. Explore lands rich with dinosaur fossils. And see petroglyphs and pictographs at Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park.

Alberta's biggest city has the 'swagger' of a town rich with oil money – but it has not lost its genuine Western warmth. Wander into a chic bistro or art gallery and you may just meet a Stetson-wearing cowboy – especially during Stampede in July. Visit the excellent zoo, get a bird's-eye view from the Calgary Tower or take in a pro sports game.

Waterton Lakes National Park Small but mighty, Waterton Lakes National Park offers guided horseback rides, shoreline cruises, golfing, cycling trails and interpretive walks, as well as varied wildlife. Gardeners, take note: over half of Alberta's wildflower species can be found here – more than in any other Rocky Mountain national park – and 30 of them are found nowhere else.

Prairie and farmlands in the foothills of southern Alberta


Calgary and Southern Alberta / CALGARY TOURING

Calgary Stampede


Operated by Calgary Stampede

Attracting an average of 1.2 million visitors annually, the Calgary Stampede is one of the largest events in Calgary, Alberta. Each July, this ten-day, city-wide celebration commemorates the history, culture and heritage of the Canadian West. True western hospitality and that special Stampede spirit are in big supply almost everywhere you go, from the high-steppin', two-hour kickoff parade downtown to the streets filled with western musicians, dances, activities and free pancake breakfasts. Every afternoon, competitors saddle up for a ground-shaking showcase of world-class rodeo action, including bull riding, saddle bronc, bareback, tie-down roping, steer wrestling and ladies’ barrel-racing competitions. Each evening, the GMC Rangeland Derby features chuckwagon races, a Stampede original, with 36 teams of horses and drivers competing. The nine heart-stopping chuckwagon races explode in an all-out dash for the finish line. It is all capped off with the nightly 90-minute Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show Spectacular on a

gigantic outdoor stage, when hundreds of singers, dancers and musicians dazzle a crowd of all ages. The show concludes with TransAlta ‘Lights Up The Night’, a huge fireworks finale. The Calgary Stampede is one of Canada’s largest music festivals, with five stages and 300 performers, including a slate of international country music headliners. Visitors of all ages can enjoy a western art show and auction, lifestyle exhibits, agricultural events and displays, the First Nations of Treaty 7 at Indian Village (where band members set up their teepees and demonstrate the history and culture of Canada's First Nations), a giant midway, live entertainment, and the Stampede Casino.



CALGARY TOURING / Calgary and Southern Alberta

Heritage Park Historical Village Operated by Heritage Park Historical Village

Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary, Alberta, is one of Canada’s largest living history experiences and offers visitors year-round edutainment. It celebrates the people, events and achievements that define Western Canada today. The Gasoline Alley Museum, shops and restaurants are open daily. The 1910 Historical Village – complete with an authentic steam locomotive, paddle-wheel boat, antique midway rides and horse drawnwagons – is open seasonally, as is the settlement area (circa 18601880), which includes the Hudson Bay fur trading fort and prerailway town. Discover why Heritage Park Historical Village has been recognised as a Canadian Tourism Commission 'Canadian Signature Experience' as you explore 51 hectares of authentic and interactive history. Take a ride on a thundering steam train, become an intrepid voyageur or fill a paper bag full of treats at the candy store. Cruise the Glenmore Reservoir on board the SS Moyie paddle-wheeler while enjoying a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains. Chat with a Plains Indian at the aboriginal encampment, or visit the impressive collection of antique vehicles and colourful gasoline pumps at the Gasoline Alley Museum. New in 2014 is the Famous Five Interpretive Centre, which shares the story of five Albertan women who fought for the right to be recognised as 'persons' under the law. The award-winning Heritage Park Historical Village is located only 15 minutes from downtown and is easily accessible by public transit. Parking is abundant and complimentary, and varied dining options are available.

Calgary Tower Operated by Calgary Tower

Soaring 191 metres above the downtown core, the Calgary Tower offers one of the best views in the city and is a 'must-see' on any visitor's itinerary. On the Observation Deck, be mesmerised by a spectacular, 360-degree view of the bustling city, the majestic Rocky Mountains, the foothills and the Prairies. Stand on the amazing glass floor for a bird's-eye view of the city streets below. Enjoy a complimentary guided tour and learn about Calgary's history, landmarks and plans. In addition to all of this, guests of the Tower can dine in one of two restaurants. Sky 360 is 155 metres above the ground and completes a full rotation every 45 minutes during lunch and every 60 minutes during dinner. On the second level of the Tower, you will find Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, which features New Orleans-style cuisine and an inviting atmosphere.

Autumn colours along the Bow River, Calgary, Alberta


Calgary and Southern Alberta / WATERTON AND MEDICINE HAT TOURING

Waterton Lake Scenic Cruise


Operated by Waterton Shoreline Cruise Co.

Jump aboard for a scenic cruise from Canada to the United States. Enjoy some of the most spectacular mountain scenery the Rocky Mountains have to offer. View majestic towering cliffs, unique geological formations, beautiful waterfalls, snowclad mountain peaks and the international border. Bring your camera; tour boats make photographic and wildlife stops. Passengers often see bald eagles, bears, moose, deer, mountain sheep and mountain goats. The shoreline cruise vessels feature indoor and outdoor seating, and twin-powered motors for safety; the Coast Guard certifies the vessels each year. The flagship is the historic M.V. International, which has been in service since 1927. Experienced local tour guides provide informative and entertaining commentary on each cruise. The trip lasts just over two hours, which includes a 30-minute stop at Goat Haunt, the northern gateway to Glacier National Park.

Royal Tyrrell Museum Operated by Royal Tyrrell Museum

The Royal Tyrrell Museum is a popular tourist attraction and a leading centre of palaeontological research noted for its collection of more than 130,000 fossils. Located six kilometres from Drumheller, Alberta, and 135 kilometres from Calgary, it is situated in the middle of the fossil-bearing strata of the Late Cretaceous Horseshoe Canyon Formation. The museum holds numerous specimens from Dinosaur Provincial Park and the Devil's Coulee historic dinosaur egg site. More than 4,400 square metres of the museum is dedicated to a series of chronological galleries celebrating the 3.9-billion-year history of life on Earth. One of the most popular is the Dinosaur Hall, with almost 40 mounted dinosaur skeletons, including specimens of Tyrannosaurus Rex and Albertosaurus. Additional offerings include tours of the Badlands, the hands-on Nexen Science Hall, simulated fossil digs and fossil casting.

The Canyon Tour Operated by Mountain View Helicopters

The Canadian Badlands are home to one of the largest dinosaur fossil sites in the world. Dinosaurs found in the Horseshoe Canyon Formation include Albertosaurus, Anchiceratops, Anodontosaurus, Arrhinoceratops, Atrociraptor, Chirostenotes, Daspletosaurus, Edmontonia and Edmontosaurus among others. Additional finds have included mammal, non-dinosaur reptile, amphibian, fish, marine and terrestrial invertebrate, and plant fossils. Horseshoe Canyon itself is located 17 kilometres southwest of Drumheller, on Highway 9. The Canyon Tour takes you 304 metres over the Canyon at the Horseshoe Canyon Viewpoint and gives you a spectacular view. The Robinson R44 helicopter gives every passenger a window seat with excellent visibility and sensational photo opportunities. Tours require a minimum of two passengers; however, tours can accommodate up to three passengers at a time.

Calgary, A panorama Alberta, of Lake Canada. Louise, autumn Alberta colours




The Fairmont Palliser

The Westin Calgary

One of Calgary's premier hotels since 1914, the Fairmont Palliser is centrally located and conveniently situated within walking distance of some of the city's most exciting shopping, arts, cultural and entertainment venues. In addition, the hotel is only 90 minutes away from Banff National Park. The 407 guestrooms in three categories, the selection of suites and the newly renovated Fairmont Gold floors are equipped with the latest business amenities and entertainment features. All accommodations are luxuriously decorated and elegantly appointed.

Ideally situated in downtown Calgary, The Westin Calgary hotel offers some of the best of the city at your doorstep. Packed with exciting attractions, activities, museums, parks, entertainment and sport venues, Calgary ensures you never face a shortage of things to do. After a day of exploring, retreat to this downtown property, where you can relax in the rooftop pool and sauna, or take advantage of the Westin WORKOUT®, with its state-of-theart equipment. Enjoy dinner at one of the hotel's three great restaurants, which offer modern North American cuisine.

International Hotel Suites Calgary The International Hotel Suites Calgary has been part of the bustling downtown city landscape since 1970. Calgary’s original all-suite hotel is prominently located in the heart of the business, theatre and entertainment districts, providing easy access to a number of notable area attractions. Guests will enjoy the proximity to Prince's Island Park, Eau Claire Market, Chinatown, shopping and restaurants. At the International Hotel Suites Calgary, guests are treated to relaxed accommodations in a contemporary urban oasis. Modern conveniences, spacious suite layouts, and simple, elegant design inspire relaxation and rejuvenation in a private guest sanctuary. The hotel offers a casual and family-friendly restaurant, the 4th Avenue Café, as well as the tri-level 4th Avenue Lounge. Guests can also enjoy 24-hour in-room dining, an indoor pool, an exercise centre and a complimentary, 24-hour business centre.

Sandman Hotel Calgary City Centre Sandman Hotel Calgary City Centre offers travellers a superb downtown location. The hotel is situated directly on the light rail transit (LRT) line, the high-speed public transit system that connects the entire city. The LRT has stations at almost all of the major tourist attractions, including the Calgary Zoo, the Calgary Stampede Grounds, the Calgary Tower and the convention centres. Sandman Hotel Calgary City Centre has a wide range of amenities to help you unwind, including an indoor pool, a whirlpool, Moxie’s Grill and Bar, and Mbar Lounge.

Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre Just ten minutes from Calgary International Airport and the city centre, this property is close to several popular attractions, including Fort Calgary, the TELUS Spark science centre, the Calgary Zoo, Casino Calgary and the Calgary Stampede. Guests enjoy convenient amenities, such as complimentary 24-hour airport transportation and a recreation centre featuring an indoor pool, whirlpool and fitness centre. The on-site restaurant, Fontanella, offers a fresh and fun dining experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including Canadian cuisine and Starbucks coffee.


Acclaim Hotel Calgary Airport The Acclaim Hotel Calgary Airport is situated just two kilometres from Calgary International Airport. Complimentary 24-hour shuttle service is available from the hotel to the airport, every 30 minutes. When staying with Acclaim, you can expect mature, rich surroundings offering comforts that will make your stay both relaxing and memorable. Enjoy warm, fluffy duvets, 300-thread-count sheets, Euro Spa towels and Aurora Sleep mattresses. Free high-speed Internet is available throughout the property.

Sandman Hotel Calgary Airport An easy ten-minute drive from Calgary International Airport, Sandman Hotel and Suites Calgary Airport offers a great combination of location and comfort. Whether you are in town for the night or the week, this hotel is truly travelling made easy. It is conveniently located near major tourist attractions, including the Calgary Zoo, the CrossIron Mills Mall, the TELUS Spark science centre and the Aero Space Museum of Calgary. For your convenience, the hotel provides a 24-hour airport shuttle service.


Bayshore Inn


On the shore of beautiful Waterton Lake, the Bayshore Inn provides everything you need for a sensational mountain getaway. This rustic, family owned and operated hotel offers spacious rooms, amazing dining experiences, boutique shopping, a spa and gorgeous lakeside views – just a few of the reasons to stay. The property provides all of the amenities you have dreamed of in a mountain retreat. With 70 spacious, comfortable rooms, you will find a welcoming space that suits you to a T. Also available are family suites, as well as three honeymoon suites complete with Jacuzzi tubs. All guestrooms have their own private balcony. Lakeside rooms offer a stunning view of Waterton Lake, while the other rooms look out over charming Waterton village. Services include complimentary Wi-Fi, free parking and a laundry service. For the ultimate indulgence, try a treatment at the Serenity Spa.

Crandell Mountain Lodge The Crandell Mountain Lodge, a member of Charming Inns of Alberta, is a cosy country lodge ideal for travellers seeking a quaint experience. Among Waterton's most distinctive hotels, the Crandell has rooms with fireplaces, country décor and lots of character. Relax on the peaceful patio, which is perfect for savouring the incredible mountain views and fresh air of southern Alberta. Offering the feeling of a country bed and breakfast and the comfort of a lodge, the Crandell Mountain Lodge provides an accommodation experience to remember. All of the property's cosy and comfortable rooms are non-smoking and pet free. All one- to three-bedroom accommodations include a private bathroom, TV, and queen- or king-size beds. Many of the larger rooms feature a dining table, gas fireplace, microwave and minibar.

Aspen Village Inn In the heart of the Waterton townsite, the Aspen Village Inn provides a wide variety of simple, comfortable and sparkling clean hotel accommodations. The property is just steps away from many of Waterton’s amenities, including golf, shopping, dining, tennis, a playground and spray park, trailheads to Waterton’s epic hiking routes and, of course, the beaches of Waterton Lake. Each comfy room at the Aspen Village Inn features complimentary Wi-Fi access, a hairdryer, a heating unit, a phone, a TV with eight stations, a private three-piece bath and luxurious duvets. Kitchen units are fully equipped to meet all your cooking needs and include a fridge, stovetop, microwave, and kitchen table and chairs. All guests receive complimentary pass codes to the local recreation centre, which houses a five-metre pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, games room and fitness centre.

Best Western PLUS Sun Country Best Western PLUS Sun Country is just minutes from historic downtown Medicine Hat, where guests can catch a hockey game at the Medicine Hat Arena or visit one of many performing arts venues, some of which are home to the annual Medicine Hat Jazz Fest. Saamis Teepee, the world's tallest teepee, is three kilometres away, while the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede presents a range of live entertainment options throughout the year. This pet-friendly hotel offers 122 spacious, well-appointed guestrooms, each with cable satellite TV and a LodgeNet Entertainment Centre. Enjoy a complimentary full hot breakfast each morning. Additional amenities include a fitness centre and two indoor heated swimming pools with whirlpools.



INTRODUCTION / Northern Alberta

Northern Alberta From one of the world's largest dark-sky preserves to huge tracts of unspoiled boreal forest, northern Alberta gives you endless opportunities to play outdoors. Take a thrilling float-plane trip to a fly-in fishing camp. Admire herds of free-roaming bison. When you have had your fill of the wilderness, Alberta's capital city of Edmonton offers a symphony orchestra, world-class shopping and more.

Alberta Fort McMurray



Edmonton You may have heard of the gigantic West Edmonton Mall, with its indoor water park, full-size skating rink and 800 stores. But that is just the beginning of this city's attractions, which also include a stunning conservatory, a recently expanded art gallery and a dizzying array of festivals focusing on everything from folk music to fringe theatre.

Fort McMurray Golf until midnight in Fort McMurray, where the light in the sky lingers long on summer nights. Those long twilights also give you lots of time to bike and hike at Gregoire Lake Provincial Park, check out the Athabaska sand dunes, or fish in some of the Wood Buffalo region's countless lakes. In winter, succumb to the dazzle of the northern lights.

Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton, Alberta



Fort Edmonton Park

Segway Guided Tours


Operated by Fort Edmonton Park

Operated by River Valley Adventure Co.

Fort Edmonton Park is a place where time has stopped. It is waiting for you to experience life as it was through four historical periods between 1846 and 1929. Go back in time more than 150 years. Walk through the days of the fur trade and the pioneers. Costumed interpreters bring the past to life and invite you to experience the best of each time period. Take a ride on a steam train or hit the midway for rides, games and more fun. Do not forget to get your old-timey picture taken at Ernest Brown, and stay for lunch at the Hotel Selkirk.

River Valley Adventure Co. is located downtown along the North Saskatchewan River and the spectacular Trans Canada Trail, in one of North America's largest urban parkland areas. Glide effortlessly through the beautiful Edmonton River Valley on an eco-friendly Segway. Tours run all year long, giving you the opportunity to enjoy blooming spring buds, lush summer greenery, colourful fall foliage or a snowy winter wonderland. All tours are led by a park expert, who will enlighten you with facts and trivia about the park and the city of Edmonton.

Art Gallery of Alberta

Devonian Botanic Garden

Operated by Art Gallery of Alberta

Operated by University of Alberta

Founded in 1924, the Art Gallery of Alberta is one of the province's oldest cultural institutions. But it is not resting on its laurels: its latest eyecatching building was designed by Los Angeles architect Randall Stout, and the on-site Zinc restaurant serves fine cuisine in a spectacular setting. The gallery develops and presents original exhibitions of contemporary and historical art. Its collection of more than 6,000 works represents the evolution of Canadian art from the late 1800s to the present, with a particular emphasis on work by western Canadian artists.

The University of Alberta Devonian Botanic Garden is a stunning 76-hectare property 15 minutes southwest of Edmonton, featuring cultivated gardens and plant collections, indoor show houses, and an extensive nature trail system. Highlights of the garden, which was established in 1959, include the beautiful Kurimoto Japanese Garden; a tropical show house housing exotic butterflies; temperate and arid show houses; alpine, herb, rose, peony, lilac and lily collections; a heritage garden; the Native People's garden; and trial beds.

Wild Bull Elk, Banff National Park Alberta




Fantasyland Hotel and West Edmonton Mall

Fantasyland Hotel is located inside West Edmonton Mall, one of Canada’s foremost luxury shopping and entertainment destinations. It is home to more than 800 stores and services, including ten world-class attractions, two hotels, and more than 100 dining venues. Enjoy an afternoon at the Canada’s largest indoor water park and amusement park, or shop at one of the many exclusive and one-of-a-kind retailers, before winding down at Fantasyland Hotel. Other exciting attractions include Marine Life and Sea Life Caverns, Ed’s Rec Room and bowling, Ice Palace, Professor Wem’s Adventure Golf, the replica Santa Maria ship, Ropes Quest, black-light mini-golf, and Galaxy Quest 7D Experience.

and regional specialities ranging from grilled Alberta beef to a variety of fresh seafood. Items on the menus are carefully created by our award-winning culinary team. Or escape and unwind with flavourful food and a signature cocktail at Fantasyland Hotel’s upscale L1 Lounge. All hotel rooms feature an LCD TV with HDTV, high-speed Wi-Fi, pillow-top mattress, minibar, in-room safe, hairdryer, voice mail, clock radio and air-conditioning. Theme rooms offer a Jacuzzi and the option of bunk beds for children. Fantasyland Hotel and West Edmonton Mall are located in Edmonton, Alberta.

At Fantasyland Hotel, you can escape to the Polynesian Islands, go on an African safari or live like a movie star in one of 120 fantasy-themed rooms, all designed to recreate a specific place or era. You can also relax in one of 235 superior or executive rooms. A night at Fantasyland Hotel promises to be a unique, fun and unforgettable experience for both couples and families. Treat your palate to a mouth-watering array of delicious dishes at Fantasyland Hotel’s L2 Grill, serving international favourites



The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald


Standing high on a riverbank overlooking the largest urban parkway in North America, the North Saskatchewan River Valley, is the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald. Its charm and classic elegance have made it Edmonton's place for every special occasion or trip since 1915. The hotel’s distinctive guestrooms are well-appointed with state-of-the-art amenities. The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald in Edmonton offers exquisite dining opportunities in The Harvest Room and The Confederation Lounge, which will tempt your palate with Canadian-style dishes that boast many regional influences. Stroll through the splendid gardens or visit the well-equipped Macdonald Health Club for a workout.

Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel If it is an amazing location you are looking for, this one is pretty tough to beat. Right in the heart of Edmonton, this property is walking distance from an array of arts, dining and entertainment venues. The Coast Edmonton Plaza Hotel is a full-service hotel. That begins with the 299 well-appointed rooms and extends to a great restaurant and, if you feel like relaxing away from it all, exceptional room service. Work out in the extensive fitness centre, swim in the indoor salt-water pool, relax in the whirlpool and steam room, and then pamper yourself in the Ahava Day Spa. Getting around Edmonton is easy with a complimentary downtown shuttle service, along with airport shuttle and taxi bookings. And if you are travelling with your pet, the hotel has you covered with pet-friendly floors and amenities.

Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel Dynamic downtown Edmonton is this hotel's playground. The Delta Edmonton Centre Suite Hotel is located in the Edmonton City Centre shopping mall. You can take advantage of more than 170 stores – including Club Monaco, BCBG, Aldo Shoes, The Bay and Urban Planet – or take in a movie at the Empire Theatres. In addition, you can access downtown Edmonton through a network of pedway connections. The hotel's guestrooms feature amenities such as two phones, TV, air-conditioning, complimentary high-speed Internet access, a hairdryer, ironing facilities, MP3 clock radio, June Jacobs amenities, a make-up mirror, a minibar and a Sanctuary bed. Morning, noon and night, Cocoa’s – the hotel's restaurant – offers everything from a quick bite to a filling meal.

The Sutton Place Hotel, Edmonton Delicate crystal chandeliers, warmly coloured Italian marble and granite, soft Persian carpets, distinctive French Provincial-style furnishings, and specially trained hotel service professionals all welcome you at the end of your journey into the comfort of the all-new Sutton Place Hotel, Edmonton. A variety of city buses can take you from the front doors of the hotel to the West Edmonton Mall, Grant MacEwan College, several city golf courses, and the shops and antiques malls of Old Strathcona. Scheduled Sky Shuttle bus service will deliver you to and from Edmonton International Airport. The 313 guestrooms and suites range in size from spacious traditional accommodations to the two-storey luxurious royal suite. The utmost in comfort awaits you with silk-patterned walls, deep olive carpets, plush chairs, delicate artwork, mahogany furnishings and executive workstations.



INTRODUCTION / Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies Skiers schussing through pristine powder. Aquamarine lakes and snow-capped mountains. Castle-like hotels and rustic log buildings. The dramatic, world-famous Icefields Parkway. When it comes to Canadian images, there are few more iconic than the Canadian Rockies – and with good reason. Since the Victorian era, travellers have flocked here to enjoy hot springs, dog sledding and crisp mountain air.

Alberta Fort McMurray


Lake Louise Banff Canmore Calgary


Banff Banff National Park, a beloved enclave just 90 minutes from Calgary, draws nature lovers from around the world to enjoy an alluring blend of craggy mountains, opulent hotels and captivating wildlife. Choose from 1,600 kilometres of unspoiled hiking trails. Ski some of Canada's leading runs. Or golf in an unforgettable alpine setting.

Lake Louise

Hike to spectacular waterfalls, tee off on an awardwinning golf course or tackle one of Canada's highest ski hills, then soothe your body in one of the Rockies' warmest hot springs. Tour Maligne Lake by boat or glide above sensational alpine tundra on the Jasper Tramway. Jasper National Park provides outdoor adventures of every description.


It is like a scene from a too-good-to-be-true postcard: an ethereal blue-green lake, soaring mountain peaks and an ancient glacier. But Lake Louise is truly as spectacular in real life as it is in photographs – with the added delights of pinescented breezes and birdsong. Go skiing, skating or mountaineering, or just soak up that fabulous view. World-Travel.net

Come play where Canadian athletes have trained for glory. In this back-country paradise – just an hour from Calgary – unforgettable experiences await. Shout as your white-water raft dips and plunges into the Kananaskis River. Capture bighorn sheep with your camera. Sleep in a teepee. And test your mettle on the Olympic ski runs at Nakiska.


Discover Banff and Lake Louise


Operated by Banff Lake Louise Tourism

Nestled among the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, Banff is known as a mecca for travellers and outdoor enthusiasts for good reason. In Banff National Park, you can enjoy year-round discovery of a 6,641-square-kilometre mountainous landscape and a full spectrum of outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, cycling, skiing and snowboarding. As the first National Park established in Canada and a coveted UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, Banff National Park is so special due to its combination of vast, unspoiled wilderness and the gateway to it all: the town of Banff. The allure of Banff is its proximity to the park’s incredible attractions and best-kept wilderness secrets. With 1,600 kilometres of trails, two gondolas, three ski areas, an exciting heritage, world-class accommodations, and more dining options and activities than you have time for, Banff is a premier destination for authentic hospitality and outdoor exploration. With colder temperatures, Banff and Lake Louise become a giant playground, with a backyard full of fresh snow and impressive peaks! Whether you are taking the day off from skiing or looking for something to do après-ski, you can choose from a number of activities that celebrate the awesome snowfall and mountain scenery of this winter wonderland. And once the snow melts in Banff National Park, glaciers ooze through gaps between rocky peaks, clear mountain air blows across turquoise-blue lakes, wildflowers bloom and animals roam in expansive alpine meadows. No matter the size of your adventurous spirit – even if you are keen to simply relax and enjoy the scenery – Banff National Park boasts plenty of year-round activities to choose from! Though it is stunningly beautiful, Banff National Park is not a place just to see. It is a place to explore.

Glacier Skywalk Operated by Brewster Travel Canada

One of the Canadian Rockies' newest iconic attractions, Glacier Skywalk, is located just minutes from the Columbia Icefield Glacier Discovery Centre on the Icefields Parkway. Opened in 2014, it is one hour from Jasper and just over two hours from Banff. The Icefields Parkway has been recognised as one of the top ten drives in the world, with more 100 visible glaciers and scenic mountain vistas around every corner. The Glacier Discovery Centre is a destination in itself. The recently renovated facility features the world-famous Glacier Adventure, accommodations, restaurants, shopping and the Glacier Gallery interpretive exhibit. The centre also offers ample parking and is the departure point for complimentary shuttles that take visitors to and from the Glacier Skywalk. Go beyond nature’s edge and immerse yourself in an aweinspiring interpretive journey. The Glacier Skywalk experience begins with a five-minute scenic shuttle from the Glacier Discovery Centre. Take your time to journey along the Discovery Trail, a fully accessible, cliff-edge walkway that extends along the Sunwapta Valley. Look down and you will see hints of life thousands of years ago. Look up and you will see the most stunning mountain and glacial vistas. Look around and you will discover one of the most unusual ecosystems in the world – a place in which it is so hard to survive that adaptation never ends. The grand finale to this experience is a glass-floored observation platform 280 metres over the Sunwapta Valley. A bird’s-eye view provides a spectacular perspective on this natural wonder. The entire journey is presented in an interpretive story-telling format that will leave you with a special bond with the natural world that few people have the opportunity to experience.




Sundance Loop Ride

Kananaskis Family White-Water Rafting

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For 52 years, Warner Guiding and Outfitting has been taking guests deep into the back-country of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park. Depart from Warner Stables on the Sundance Loop Ride. Cowboys lead you past the natural sulphur hot springs flowing from the Cave and Basin and along the Bow River. Fantastic scenery surrounds you as you climb up Sulphur Mountain around the Windy Knoll viewpoint. The ride loops along the marsh, following the Bow River, before bringing you back to Warner Stables. This ride departs at 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm daily.

Join an exciting white-water paddle raft adventure on the scenic Kananaskis River, which runs along the front ranges of the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. This river tour is rated as Grade Two to Three and is an excellent experience for adventurous families and groups of friends. The Kananaskis River offers wonderful vistas, excitement and natural history. This half-day tour is very popular with people looking for an introduction to whitewater rafting or a river experience the whole family and group can enjoy.

Evening Wildlife Safari

Discover Grizzly Bears

Operated by Discover Banff Tours

Operated by Discover Banff Tours

Discover the challenges of protecting animals and their habitat in Banff National Park. On this evening journey, travel through a variety of landscapes and learn about wildlife, their needs and their inter-relationships. Leave the safari with a greater understanding of the national park and the animals that live within it. The Evening Wildlife Safari is a bus tour, with little to no walking involved, and takes you to a number of habitats. Routes vary, depending on wildlife activity. Warm clothes are recommended, and do not forget your camera!

Visit the grizzly bear Boo as he romps and plays in a natural bear habitat. Your guided sightseeing tour of the Grizzly Bear Refuge also features stops at Lake Louise and Takakkaw Falls, a ride on the gondola at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort for an eagle’s-eye view of grizzly country, and a gourmet lunch at one of Canada’s highest restaurants. The tour also includes the services of a friendly certified guide, use of binoculars and hands-on interpretive tools. Warm clothes are a must (dress for the weather). Remember your camera!

Water flowing through valley in Canadian Rockies, Alberta



Discover Jasper

Jasper Motorcycle Tours


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You can smell it as the crisp alpine air floods your nostrils with the tangy scent of evergreens. Hear it under a glowing canopy of stars. The elk grazing outside your door as you awoke this morning, the hanging glacier you reached on foot and the turquoise lake that reflected your gaze; sometimes a little recharge and reconnection with the simple things is just what you need. Jasper is that place where the locals welcome you as a long-lost friend and where you are free to let the rhythm of nature guide your day.

Experience the thrill of riding in the Canadian Rockies in a sidecar of a Harley Davidson motorcycle driven by professional riders. Carrying a maximum of two guests per motorcycle, your personal guide and driver will stop for photo opportunities, allowing you to switch positions from the back of the bike to the sidecar. Options of one-, two- and three-hour tours are available, so that you can explore as many famous alpine destinations in Jasper National Park as you like.

Jasper Skytram Operated by Jasper Skytram

Jasper Skytram is one of the only aerial sightseeing tourist attractions in Jasper National Park. It offers an eagle's-eye view of the park from 2,300 metres above sea level. Enhance your adventure with a hike of just over one kilometre to the summit of Whistlers Mountain, 2,500 metres above sea level. On the tram, your operator provides educational narration on the seven-minute journey up Whistlers Mountain. Both cabins have a carrying capacity of 26 passengers, and trams depart every nine minutes from opening until closing time. This is ideal for large families and groups, as it gives everyone the opportunity to experience the ascent together. Jasper Skytram is located eight kilometres south of the town of Jasper via the Icefields Parkway.

Wildlife Discovery Tour

Miette Hot Springs Tour

Operated by SunDog Transportation and Tours

Operated by SunDog Transportation and Tours

If you want to see wildlife when visiting the Rockies, one of your best opportunities is in Jasper. The area the town occupies is the largest inhabitable valley in the Canadian Rockies, which means more food for all creatures great and small. Put on your safari hat as you set out into the park with your own wildlife interpreter in search of bears, elk, sheep, goats, coyotes, wolves, moose and many of Mother Nature’s other mountain creatures. This is a chance to enjoy spectacular scenery and learn more about Jasper’s original inhabitants. Bring your camera!

Join this wildlife safari east of Jasper through some of the best wildlife habitats Jasper has to offer. Herds of elk, mountain sheep, deer, coyotes, loons, eagles and ospreys are regularly seen. There is a chance to spot bears, beavers, muskrats and more. Your destination is the Miette Hot Springs, among the warmest springs in the Canadian Rockies. Enjoy an optional walk to the source of the springs or go right into the pool facility. The return trip offers a second and better opportunity to see mountain goats and moose.

Maligne Valley Sightseeing & Boat Cruise

Maligne Canyon Icewalk

Operated by SunDog Transportation and Tours

Operated by SunDog Transportation and Tours

A century after Mary Schaeffer’s remarkable adventure, discover world-renowned Maligne Lake for yourself. A stop at Maligne Canyon offers staggering views of the river thundering through a series of magnificent waterfalls in a gorge 10,000 years in the making. Farther up the valley, stop to solve the mystery of disappearing Medicine Lake. Carry on to Maligne Lake, where you can enjoy an interpretative boat cruise bound for Spirit Island – truly another of Canada’s iconic images – or a nice guided walk along the shoreline of this unimaginable beauty.

Descend beneath the Maligne Canyon ice in this unusual tour. Your interpretive guide will safely take you down beneath the frozen surface of the Maligne Canyon ice river (do not worry; the water levels have dropped with the freeze), through a magical world of ice formations and shelves. Along the way, you will learn interesting facts about the Maligne Canyon ice, while taking in the amazing scenery of the frozen canyon. Tours depart daily at 10am, 2pm and 7pm.




Spirit Island Cruise

Athabasca River Rafting Operated by Maligne Tours Ltd

Operated by Jasper Raft Tours

World-famous Spirit Island on Maligne Lake is the heart and soul of Jasper National Park. Accessible only by boat, this diminutive icon of the Canadian Rockies is the destination point of the scenic Maligne Lake Cruise. The interpretive tour aboard glass-enclosed, heated vessels has been declared The Best Boat Cruise in Canada by Reader’s Digest subscribers. Maligne Lake is among the largest glacially formed and fed lakes in the Canadian Rockies. Remnants of the last ice age are responsible for the spectacular azure blue of the water.

Relax and enjoy an easy raft or float trip down the Athabasca River, designated a Canadian Heritage River. Sit back and explore the scenery while your Jasper Raft Tours guide does all the rowing for you. Several small, easy sets of rapids and calm stretches allow the National Park-licensed guide to point out the natural and human history of Jasper. The specially designed seven-metre oar-powered rafts offer a safe, comfortable ride that any first-time rafter will enjoy. A round trip takes about two to three hours, with transportation included.

Snowshoeing Tours

Boundary Ranch Trail Rides

Operated by Lake Louise Ski Area Ltd.

Operated by Boundary Ranch

Tour the Ptarmigan Ridge by snowshoe and experience the sights of Lake Louise in an unforgettable way. This affordable sightseeing tour is designed to take anyone aged 13 or older to an elevation of over 2,918 metres to explore some of the most breathtaking scenic vantage points in the Canadian Rockies. With the easyto-use snowshoes and friendly instructors, almost anyone can journey to see thrilling panoramic winter views formerly available only to skiers and riders. Tours are approximately one and a half hours long and start at 10.30am, 1pm and 2.30pm.

Located amid the spectacular natural beauty of the Kananaskis Valley, Boundary Ranch is a wonderful place to discover the adventure and serenity of a Canadian tradition: a trail ride in the Rockies. Pristine views, flowered alpine meadows and abundant wildlife are just a few of the scenic wonders you will experience. From the Lodgepole Loop (a scenic one-hour ride) to the Adventure Ride (a full-day ride with trail lunch), there is something for everyone. You can combine a ride with a great barbecue lunch – a great way to experience Kananaskis Country.

Aerial view of Upper and Lower Waterfowl Lakes, Jasper National Park, Alberta



The Rimrock Resort Hotel

The Fairmont Banff Springs

The Rimrock Resort Hotel is a renowned luxury property located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park. The hotel's 346 guestrooms offer a comfortable, smokefree environment. The warm contrasting earth tones and dark wood accents in all of the guestrooms are complemented by the natural beauty surrounding the resort. The Rimrock Resort Hotel has something for everyone with two restaurants (Primrose Dining Room and Eden), two lounges (Larkspur and Divas) and a coffee shop (The Rimrock Cafe). Guests can also enjoy 24-hour in-room dining.

Buffalo Mountain Lodge


Discover iconic beauty amid snow-capped peaks, enchanting lakes and pristine wilderness at the Fairmont Banff Springs. Canada’s majestic 'Castle in the Rockies' is located in the heart of Banff National Park just steps away from the mountain town of Banff, and has been providing superb hospitality and luxurious accommodation for 125 years. Summer and winter activities include on-site championship golf, exhilarating hikes and world-renowned skiing. Unwind in the award-winning Willow Stream Spa and enjoy distinctive dining with fresh mountain flavour.

Fox Hotel and Suites

Located on Tunnel Mountain, minutes away from downtown Banff, Buffalo Mountain Lodge is a wonderful mountain getaway. Its open post-and-beam architecture is simple, elegant and in harmony with its surroundings. While the views in any direction are expansive, guests often remember the lodge for its rustic and charming details. The main lodge features a massive fieldstone fireplace and high pine ceilings, and the décor in each room is warm and inviting, with down duvets, wood-burning fireplaces and balconies.

The Rundlestone Lodge

The Fox Hotel and Suites immerses you in the mountain experience from the moment you enter the stunning lobby, with its waterfalls and crackling fire. The hotel offers all the mus t- have am eni t ies , in cluding complimentary Wi-Fi and breakfast. The centrepiece of the hotel is a spectacular hot pool area that evokes the Cave and Basin historic site. T he one- and two-bedroom suites are beautifully decorated to embrace their mountain location. With great staff and warm comfortable surroundings, this is a superb base for exploring Banff's stunning beauty.

Hidden Ridge Resort

The Rundlestone Lodge is conveniently located on Banff Avenue, a short stroll from downtown Banff’s shopping and dining. The friendly staff and large open fireplace in the lobby provide guests with a warm welcome. Amenities include a fitness centre, whirlpool and indoor heated swimming pool. The new Bumpers Beef House, a Banff dining institution for 40 years, is now located in the hotel. Varied activities are available in the area, such as eco and soft adventure excursions, downhill skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing, hiking, and biking.

Radisson Hotel Canmore

Tucked away on Tunnel Mountain, Hidden Ridge Resort is quiet and secluded, with some of the most spectacular views in the town of Banff. The large outdoor hot pools are set on the edge of the ridge with stunning views of the surrounding peaks. Each self-catered unit has a full kitchen with dishwasher and wood-burning fireplace. Some of the larger family units include a separate games room, complete with video games and table-top games like foosball or bubble hockey. The honeymoon suites have jaw-dropping views of the Bow Valley, as well as their own private outdoor hot tub.

Holiday Inn Canmore

Treat yourself to a relaxing getaway in the Canadian Rockies at the Radisson Hotel Canmore. This upscale property is just 15 minutes from the resort town of Banff and 45 minutes from Calgary, offering convenience for travellers of all types. Here, you can enjoy excellent amenities that include complimentary Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, a fitness centre and a business centre. After an exciting day full of activities, relax in one of 164 spacious hotel rooms, each offering all the comforts of home.


Situated off the Trans-Canada Highway amid the rugged beauty of the Canadian Rockies, this hotel provides quality accommodations in gorgeous Canmore. From horseback-riding and kayaking to ice climbing and snowkiting, 'Alberta's Playground' offers unforgettable outdoor adventures. After an exciting day in Canmore, return to your hotel room, which features a microwave, minibar, TV, hairdryer and private bathroom with whirlpool, along with air-conditioning, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and stunning mountain views.



The Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise

Moraine Lake Lodge

Enveloped by soaring mountain peaks in the heart of Banff National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, is the magnificent Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. Immerse yourself in the historic elegance of this iconic resort and experience luxurious comfort, remarkable service and award-winning cuisine. From worldclass downhill and cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and ice skating in the winter, to hiking, canoeing, fishing, mountain-biking and white-water rafting in the summer, your adventure awaits you right outside the hotel doors.

A 'must-see' for visitors to the Canadian Rockies is Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. The lucky ones stay at the only accommodation on the lake. This timber-beam lodge is structurally imposing and yet blends into its surroundings. Massive glass windows invite the outdoors in, while inside, guests relax in the comforts of the dining room, library, and lodge rooms or cabins. Guided hikes, naturalist presentations and canoeing are complimentary. The Wilcox Dining Room showcases regional cuisine; signature dishes include buffalo carpaccio and deer tenderloin.

Deer Lodge With soaring mountain peaks and a hanging glacier perched above its blue-green waters, few landscapes in Canada are as memorable as Lake Louise. Located moments away from the northern shore of Lake Louise, Deer Lodge has been renowned for its warm, inviting hospitality since it opened in the 1920s. Today, Deer Lodge has 71 guestrooms furnished with Victorian-era antiques, each room with private bath. It is a quiet, peaceful retreat praised as much for its breathtaking scenery as for its excellent Rocky Mountain cuisine and attentive staff.

Morning view of Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise Inn Nestled in a picturesque wilderness setting in the heart of Banff National Park, Lake Louise Inn is the ideal resort hotel from which to enjoy world-class outdoor adventure, hearty mountain dining and unforgettable views of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. After a long day in the fresh mountain air, get cosy in one of five mountain lodges set on over three hectares of forest. You can choose from 247 rooms in nine different layouts, including standard hotel rooms, romantic suites, and two-bedroom condominium-style suites with spacious lofts, balconies, fireplaces, and full kitchens. Share stories of the day’s adventures in one of three on-site restaurants. Timberwolf Pizza and Pasta CafÊ is a favourite among families. At Explorers Pub, you can sit at the bar or warm up around the fireplace. And do not miss the prime rib buffet at Legends Restaurant!

Delta Lodge at Kananaskis Nestled in the majestic Canadian Rockies at an elevation of 1,522 metres, the Delta Lodge at Kananaskis offers a true combination of world-class, year-round activities with distinguished comfort and hospitality. Adjacent to Nakiska ski hill and 36-holes of premium golf at the Kananaskis Country Golf Course, the resort is home to 412 guestrooms and suites, multiple dining and entertaining options, and the Summit Spa and Fitness Centre. Located one hour from Calgary International Airport, the Delta Lodge is also known for its extensive hiking, mountain-biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing trails. In the heart of Kananaskis Country, the Delta Lodge is a sought-after destination for couples young and old, outdoors enthusiasts, and travellers eager to explore the Canadian Rockies.



The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge


Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre

Over 260 hectares of pristine forest surround the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge. With beautifully appointed rooms, suites and signature cabins, the Lodge offers accommodations perfect for any guest. The new Fairmont Spa boasts 930 square metres of luxury inspired by the natural elements of Jasper National Park. Play 18-holes on a spectacular resort course, enjoy gourmet and casual dining, explore chic boutiques and peruse Canadian art on the Beauvert Shopping Promenade. Seasonal activities include horseback-riding, white-water rafting and more.

Sawridge Inn and Conference Centre Jasper offers a true Rocky Mountain experience with cosy accommodations. From the warm hospitality to the authentic Canadian cuisine, Sawridge is your natural choice for your next Jasper adventure. Located at the east end of the town's main street, this resort-style property can accommodate all of your needs. Sawridge Inn offers 153 well-appointed guestrooms and suites featuring complimentary high-speed wireless Internet, cable TV, free local calls, minibar, hairdryer, ironing facilities and more.

Chateau Jasper The Chateau Jasper is an exceptional hotel with an excellent variety of accommodations and facilities. This conveniently located hotel offers 119 luxury guestrooms and suites, pleasantly furnished with mountain dĂŠcor. All Chateau Jasper guestrooms have private baths and air-conditioning, and feature large flatscreen TVs, in-room safes, hairdryers, ironing facilities and electric kettles. Other features of this intimate hotel include an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, fitness centre, lounge and award-winning fine dining room. The Mountain Wellness Day Spa on the second floor offers a full range of spa treatments for every body. Let the qualified aestheticians, spa therapists and RMTs assist you with relaxing, rejuvenating and stress-relieving treatments.

Pyramid Lake Resort Pyramid Lake Resort gives you access to tranquil Pyramid Lake, a picturesque setting on a terraced hillside surrounded by the Canadian Rockies. In the summer, the resort provides on-site boat and bike rentals. Inquire at the front desk for assistance with a variety of add-on activities, such as white-water rafting, horseback-riding, golfing and spa services. This chalet-style alpine resort features 62 guestrooms, each with a gas fireplace and views of both Pyramid Lake and the Canadian Rockies. Choose from a wide range of accommodations, from rooms with kitchens and private bedrooms to loft suites. The services and facilities you will enjoy during your stay include complimentary wireless high-speed Internet, fitness facilities, an outdoor hot tub, a barbecue patio area, the Pines Restaurant and free outdoor parking. Pyramid Lake Resort is one of only a few pet-friendly hotels in Jasper.

Lobstick Lodge

Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge

The Lobstick Lodge in Jasper is an ideal setting for your next family, group or individual holiday adventure. Recently renovated and conveniently located in the town of Jasper, the property boasts a serene atmosphere in a majestic mountain setting. It offers 139 spacious accommodation units, including 43 kitchen suites, along with one indoor and three outdoor Jacuzzis, and a heated indoor pool. Featuring the Country Inn Restaurant, Season's Cafe and Skyline Lounge, this hotel is a great place to relax and enjoy fine cuisine while taking in the stunning mountain views.


Located in the heart of Jasper National Park, 53 kilometres south of downtown Jasper, Sunwapta Falls Rocky Mountain Lodge is the ideal place to connect with nature and create holiday memories. All rooms feature a TV with satellite channels, complimentary wireless satellite Internet, a minibar, a full private bath, and duvets. Guests can enjoy the full-service on-site restaurant – be sure to drop in for a coffee, lunch or an unforgettable evening meal.


INTRODUCTION / Saskatchewan and Manitoba

Saskatchewan and Manitoba On Canada's wide-open prairie, it is easy to feel as though life has no limits. Discover First Nations' traditions or go on a dinosaur dig. Join crowds of devoted local fans at a curling bonspiel or Canadian football game. Bask on a lakeside beach or spot polar bears on an ice floe. Explore hundreds of parks or applaud world-famous ballerinas. All this space leaves lots of room for diversity.


Manitoba Saskatoon

Saskatchewan REGINA Moose Jaw



Saskatoon and Regina Saskatchewan’s two largest cities offer big-city fun and small-town friendliness. In Regina, the capital, check out the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre (do not miss the Sunset Retreat Ceremony). In Saskatoon, the province's largest city, great restaurants, trendy shopping and a 21-kilometre riverside trail beckon visitors.

Waskesiu Lake & Saskatchewan River Valley Just 200 kilometres north of Saskatoon, a breathtaking boreal forest awaits your discovery. In Prince Albert National Park, keep your eyes open for white pelicans, bison and black bears. At the heart of the park is Waskesiu Lake, a laid-back summer paradise. And the Saskatchewan River Valley offers water fun for the whole family.

Inviting rolling hills of the fertile Qu’Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan


Manitoba's largest city serves up an irresistible combination of urban verve and Prairie charm. Tour the Royal Canadian Mint or take the kids to the Assiniboine Park Zoo. Try your luck at two casinos or take in a Jets hockey game. Finish the day with dinner, drinks and a concert at the Forks National Historic Site, a vibrant riverfront oasis.

Churchill Just south of the Arctic Circle, on the shore of Hudson Bay, Churchill is a dream destination for nature lovers. Swim with beluga whales in summer, and photograph magnificent polar bears in the late autumn. In winter, the velvet skies above this authentic frontier community shimmer with the green, blue and pink glow of the aurora borealis.


Zip-Line Canopy Tours and Treetop Adventure Park


Operated by Cypress Hills Eco-Adventures Ltd.

Challenge your fears on one of the only zip-line canopy tours in Saskatchewan with Cypress Hills Eco-Adventures, the recipient of three Tourism Saskatchewan Awards of Excellence. Trained guides will take you on an epic adventure through a lodgepole pine forest. Hold onto your sunglasses, folks: this tour is an eye-opener. Once you have conquered the zip-line canopy tour, monkey around in the Treetop Adventure Park for a while. After you learn how to climb using a self-belay device, this giant playground is your oyster. Climb across a suspended cargo net, conquer the pipe dreams, navigate the swinging logs, and pass over the wobbly bridges – all way up in the trees. It is all about having fun, pushing your boundaries and finding your happy dance. Included with your package are photos of your zip-line canopy tour.

Fort Walsh National Historic Site

RCMP Heritage Centre

Operated by Parks Canada

Operated by RCMP Heritage Centre

Experience a living 1870s fort and discover how Canadian law was brought to the West. Tour with guides in period costume, discover the MĂŠtis cabin and trading post, witness trials, taste delicious items from the food tent, walk the new trail, relax with a picnic, enjoy fishing, check out the Xplorers for Kids program or hike the backcountry loop. Fort Walsh National Historic Site is located 55 kilometres southwest of Maple Creek, off the Trans-Canada Highway, halfway between Calgary and Regina.

See one of Canada's best-loved and mostrecognised icons, the Mountie, first hand. Appropriately located on the doorstep of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Academy 'Depot' Division in Regina, where cadets have been training for over 130 years, the centre offers visitors a chance to experience the RCMP of the past and present through stateof-the-art exhibits, multimedia presentations, live events and Depot tours. The RCMP Historical Collections Unit cares for an extensive collection of artefacts, art, archival materials and library resources.

Elk Ridge Resort

Delta Bessborough

Elk Ridge Resort is a first-class destination and lifestyle resort in Saskatchewan, north of the prairie flat lands and deep in the heart of the boreal forest. Founded in 1993 by legendary local entrepreneur Arne Petersen as a nine-hole golf course, Elk Ridge Resort has grown to a full four-season resort in a friendly, natural setting. The resort features 34 luxurious guestrooms and suites, as well as 12 rustic chalet-style cabins, and fairway townhouses. Fresh, local ingredients are served with flair at the Copper Ridge Dining Room.

Sandman Hotel, Suites and Spa Regina Sandman Hotel, Suites and Spa Regina offers an appealing combination of comfort and convenience. Modern essentials like high-speed Internet and a business centre are available. In addition, amenities like a pool, a whirlpool and the famed Damara Day Spa allow you to unwind and relax to perfection. Close to world-class golf courses, popular shopping centres and major highways, you can experience many of the attractions that this one-of-a-kind city has to offer, just steps from the hotel's doors.


Wander the gardens, walk along the South Saskatchewan River or simply soak in the architectural charm of this historic Saskatoon property. Originally built as a grand railway hotel, it opened as The Bessborough in 1935. Set on the banks of the river, it is surrounded by two hectares of luxuriant gardens. The hotel, which boasts 225 rooms, is as elegant as ever and still provides an ideal place for your next romantic getaway or family holiday.

La Reata Ranch Experience the cowboy way of life under the endless sky of the Canadian Prairies. Ride where the Blackfoot and Crow once camped as they hunted buffalo across the vast plains. La Reata Ranch, an authentic working cattle guest ranch in the river hills of Lake Diefenbaker, operates from mid-May to mid-October each year. Stay in western-style log cabins that will make any cowboy feel at home. There are six comfortable cabins, each with two twin beds or one queensize bed. Each cabin has a private bathroom with toilet and shower.



The Fairmont Winnipeg Located in the heart of vibrant downtown Winnipeg – at the historic corner of Portage and Main – the Fairmont Winnipeg luxury hotel extends the naturally warm reception of the Prairies. Just step outside and the city is at your feet: world-class ballet, symphony, baseball, hockey, the Forks Market and the architecturally inspiring Exchange District. The Fairmont Winnipeg features 340 well-appointed guestrooms and suites, each of which greets guests with elegant décor and comfortable accommodations. All guestrooms and suites feature high-speed Internet access, flat-screen TVs, cordless phones, ironing facilities, fluffy robes, and comfortable duvets and feather pillows. Unwind with a stunning view of the city from the rooftop salt-water pool and health club facility, and dine at the nationally acclaimed restaurant, The Velvet Glove.

Delta Winnipeg Hotel The Delta Winnipeg is a wonderful choice for families on holiday. Linked to the city's convention centre and the MTS Centre by skywalk, the hotel offers convenient accommodation for guests in town for a concert, sports game or special event. Keep your energy up and your stress level low by sticking with your regular workout routine at the on-site Odyssey Health Club. One of the top fitness centres among Winnipeg hotels, the health club is complimentary for all Delta Winnipeg guests. Sample prairie specialities served in an upscale setting at Blaze Bistro and Lounge. For pub fare with flair, enjoy an ale and a light bite or the full menu at Elephant and Castle. Warm bakery treats coupled with your favourite brew can be found at the Urban Bean. And when private dining is your preference, you can call upon the in-room dining staff.

Hilton Suites Winnipeg Airport Enjoy spacious accommodations and a convenient location at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. Save time and use the complimentary hotel airport shuttle service. Unwind in the temperature-controlled indoor pool; re-energise in the 24-hour fitness centre with modern cardio equipment; relax with a leisurely drink in Bistro 1800 Lounge; and enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere of Bistro 1800 restaurant, where you can reserve the Chef’s Table for your special occasion. The rooms at Hilton Suites Winnipeg Airport are designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Room features include Hilton's own 'Serenity Collection' pillow-top mattress, individual climate control, on-demand movies, wet bar (including minibar, microwave, work area, flat-screen TV, alarm clock with radio, and complimentary high-speed wireless Internet.

Sandman Hotel and Suites Winnipeg Airport Set against sweeping prairie skies, Winnipeg is one of Canada's most culturally vibrant urban centres. Just minutes away from Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, Polo Park and Assiniboine Park, and a ten-minute drive from Winnipeg's bustling downtown core, this property is ideally located. Enjoy modern design, expansive suites, an indoor pool and whirlpool, and conveniences like complimentary high-speed Internet and an airport shuttle (upon request). Guestroom services and facilities include air-conditioning, hairdryer, ironing facilities, alarm clock radio, pillow-top mattress, free toiletries and free local calls. For those looking to relax, there are great on-site dining options, including a Denny’s 24-hour restaurant with room service, and Chop Steakhouse and Bar.



Great Ice Bear Adventure


Operated by Churchill Wild

The Great Ice Bear Adventure takes place in prime polar bear season: October and November. This is when polar bears congregate in large numbers on the coast of Hudson Bay as they wait for the bay to freeze so they can begin their annual hunt. This adventure is a diverse and holistic fall wildlife viewing package. It combines four days at a wilderness eco-lodge, where you can see and photograph many of the Arctic’s most famous residents, with one day in Churchill on a buggy tour. On this all-inclusive safari, enjoy incredible opportunities for close encounters with polar bears, beluga whales, caribou, wolves and other Arctic wildlife, as well as the glowing aurora borealis. Specialising in small group adventures, the four eco-lodges are accessible only by air and provide exceptional hospitality.

Birds, Bears and Belugas

Churchill Polar Bear Adventure

Operated by Churchill Wild

Operated by Frontiers North Adventures

The Birds, Bears and Belugas itinerary in July and August combines the thrill of swimming with beluga whales with a signature Churchill Wild polar bear safari. Unfolding against a backdrop of tundra alive with flora and fauna, this is a diverse and unusual program. Churchill Wild’s all-inclusive safaris take place on the coast of Hudson Bay. Guests enjoy incredible opportunities for close encounters with polar bears, beluga whales, caribou, wolves and other Arctic wildlife, along with the chance to see the aurora borealis.

Experience a one-day, all-inclusive adventure to see polar bears in Churchill. Flying out of Winnipeg, you will arrive in Churchill early in the morning and be whisked away to enjoy a full-day Tundra Buggy® excursion in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. Lunch and refreshments will be served on the buggy while you view and photograph polar bears and other incredible wildlife. At the end of the day, you will be transferred back to the Churchill airport for a return flight to Winnipeg. Do not miss out on this incredible adventure in Canada's North.

Tundra Buggy Lodge at Polar Bear Point You will be in awe of the beautiful sunsets, incredible northern lights and majestic polar bear sightings at the cosy and warm Tundra Buggy Lodge at Polar Bear Point. Located in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, home to one of the largest concentrations of polar bears in Churchill, the Tundra Buggy Lodge is a truly immersive experience. Photograph and view Arctic wildlife as you explore the area beyond the lodge on daily tundra buggy safaris. In the evening, experts from Polar Bears International give talks in the lounge about polar bears and other Arctic wildlife. And, on clear nights, you can easily see the magical dance of the northern lights from the outdoor decks. The lodge consists of two accommodation units (recently upgraded for added comfort and efficiency) equipped with washrooms and hot showers, a lounge for socialising with fellow guests, and a dining unit where you will enjoy delicious regional cuisine.

Seal River Heritage Lodge

Lazy Bear Lodge

A 60-kilometre, 30-minute flight from Churchill, Seal River Heritage Lodge was strategically built on the shore of Hudson Bay, near the Seal River estuary. The lodge maximises viewing potential by giving you the opportunity to see bears from a variety of locations: from one of the nature trails, the lodge’s viewing tower or just outside the window as you dine. A trip to Seal River Heritage Lodge means you will see polar bears and other wildlife from a completely different perspective than adventurers on a Churchill town-only package do.


Hand hewn from logs pulled from the nearby boreal forest, the Lazy Bear Lodge is as distinctive and memorable as Churchill itself. The friendly staff will make you feel right at home in the heart of polar bear country. Stay in one of the 33 rooms, which feature two double beds, private bath and shower, cable TV with movie channels and wireless high-speed Internet. Enjoy home-style northern cuisine in the pleasant dining hall. The Lazy Bear Lodge is a smoke-free facility.


INTRODUCTION / Yukon and Northwest Territories

Yukon and Northwest Territories Fringed by the Arctic Ocean and illuminated by the midnight sun, the Northwest Territories and Yukon are worlds away from modern stress. Raft a roiling river as an almost endless flock of birds soars and wheels above you. Taste muskox or Arctic char. Race across the snow behind a team of leaping huskies. Spend all day on a wild mountain trail and never encounter another human. Escape the ordinary.

Dawson City


Nahanni National Park

Northwest Terrritories





Whitehorse A small city of 24,000 people, Whitehorse has a heart as big as the great outdoors. Join the fans at a music or storytelling festival. Browse for First Nations artworks. Unwind at a charming inn. Most important, do as the locals do: get on a bike, lace up your hiking boots, climb onto a snowmobile or grab your paddle, and escape to the wilderness.

Dawson City

First, dreamers came for gold. Now, they come for diamonds. Whatever the riches, Yellowknife has long drawn adventurers to the shore of Great Slave Lake. Today, this small city is home to immigrants from more than 90 countries. Enjoy spectacular water and winter sports, a packed entertainment calendar, and superbly appointed lodges.

Nahanni National Park

One of the world's greatest gold rushes started in Dawson City, and while today the town offers all the comforts of home – Internet access, music festivals, you name it – there are still echoes of the wild past. Catch a can-can show or join a poker game at Diamond Tooth Gerties, or pan for gold in the very creek where the 19th century fun began.

Fall colours blanket the rippling Richardson Mountains, Yukon Territory


Recognising the spectacular grandeur of the Mackenzie Mountains and the canyons of the Naha Dehé, UNESCO designated Nahanni National Park Reserve a World Heritage-listed site since 1978. White-water enthusiasts, wildlife photographers and hardy campers revel in vast sweeps of alpine tundra and dense spruce forests.

Yukon and Northwest Territories / YUKON TOURING AND ACCOMMODATION

Yukon River – The Classic


S.S. Klondike National Historic Site

Operated by Ruby Range Adventures

Operated by Parks Canada

This classic canoe trip down the Yukon from Whitehorse to Dawson City is specially tailored for visitors who like to travel far away from tourist routes, following the trail of history. The tour starts in Whitehorse on the Yukon River with the compass needle set north and passes many relics of the historic gold rush of 1898. The expedition travels over 700 kilometres on this mighty river, exploring several abandoned settlements – such as Fort Selkirk, Hootalinqua and Big Salmon Village – on the way to Dawson City. Special canoeing skills are not required.

Steam-powered river transportation was central to the development of the Yukon and the territory's connection to the outside world for almost a century after the first vessel reached Fort Selkirk in 1866. Stand in the wheelhouse at the ship’s mighty wheel. Gaze into the cold Yukon River and imagine the chug of the steam-powered engines, the splash of the paddlewheel and the blast of the steam whistle. Feel the romance and adventure of a bygone era, when the river was the territory’s highway and a lifeline for First Nations, Gold Rush explorers and growing Yukon communities.

Coast High Country Inn

Inn on the Lake As featured in Martha Stewart Living, Inn on the Lake is among the Yukon's top-rated accommodations. The location is ideal for daily excursions, as it is close to many attractions. The resort has a number of room categories and cottage options. Room features include complimentary toiletries, plush bathrobes, hairdryers and daily housekeeping. During the summer, your stay includes mountain bikes, canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, and a fitness centre, hot tub and sauna. In the winter, snowshoes are included, and this area is well known for its views of the aurora borealis.

Located next to Jim Light Park and within walking distance of the restaurants, bars and boutiques of Main Street, the Coast High Country Inn is also just a block away from the famous Yukon River. Choose from a range of well-appointed, recently renovated rooms, including Jacuzzi, kitchenette and pet-friendly options. When it is time to unwind, take a look at the property's fabulous restaurants: Morels, with fine wines and an emphasis on local northwest cuisine; and The Deck, serving up rustic fare on one of the most impressive patios in Whitehorse.

Aurora Inn

Best Western Gold Rush Inn When heading to the Land of the Midnight Sun, make the Best Western Gold Rush Inn your home for your Yukon adventure. Located in the heart of historic downtown Whitehorse, the Best Western Gold Rush Inn offers some of the finest accommodations in the Yukon. The lobby is full of artefacts from the Klondike Gold Rush era, while the guestrooms offer both luxury and convenience. The on-site Gold Pan Saloon restaurant serves up dishes full of flavour for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and showcases live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

Established in 1998, The Aurora Inn offers the cosmopolitan feel of a major hotel in a quiet comfortable setting, all year-round. Conveniently located at the corner of 5th Avenue and Harper Street, the inn is within walking distance of historic attractions, galleries and the Dawson City Museum. The rooms are spacious, bright, and individually designed and furnished. All rooms feature a private bathroom, direct-access telephone, wireless Internet and TV. The smoke-free inn offers a leisure area with a flat-screen TV and DVD in the lobby.

Westmark Whitehorse Hotel

Westmark Inn Dawson City The Westmark Inn Dawson City is open mid-May through mid-September and provides summer visitors with spacious and comfortable accommodations in the heart of this lively Gold Rush community. The inn features 177 rooms for the enjoyment of any party, large or small. Amenities include complimentary Internet access in the lobby, a coin-operated guest laundry, free parking and a gift shop, all within walking distance of popular tourist attractions. Enjoy delicious meals in Belinda's Restaurant or find some of the best martinis in town at the Gold Rush-themed Keno Lounge.


The Westmark Whitehorse Hotel and Conference Centre is one of the Yukon's premier hotels. Located in the centre of downtown Whitehorse, the hotel is within blocks of area restaurants, nightspots and shopping. The Westmark Whitehorse offers 180 first-class guestrooms and suites, along with a fitness centre and a complimentary airport shuttle. The Steele Street Restaurant and Lounge serves up a fabulous menu featuring daily lunch and dinner specials. With seven microbrew beers on tap and a great selection of wines, you are sure to find the perfect complement for your meal.



Aurora Borealis Tours

Wood Bison Viewing

Operated by Northwest Territories Tourism

Operated by Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures

The aurora borealis is one of the world’s most spectacular natural light shows and the Northwest Territories is a fantastic place to view it. For approximately 250 days a year, or when the night sky is not lit up by the summer midnight sun, you are likely to see the aurora dancing. Enjoy an adrenaline-packed activity to stay warm and exhilarated – dogsled through the boreal forest, snowshoe on one of Canada’s largest lakes or relax in an outdoor hot tub while enjoying the spectacular view.

Enjoy a guided tour to the Mackenzie sanctuary to visit one of the north’s largest residents, the wood bison. This excursion takes you into the heart of the boreal forest along the shore of Great Slave Lake’s North Arm to witness these magnificent animals. A northern gourmet outdoor lunch is provided as part of the trip. This tour operates with a minimum of four guests. Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures takes pride in the level of service given to all guests, the professional certified guides will provide you with a safe and most memorable northern experience.

Nahanni National Park and Virginia Falls Package Operated by Yellowknife Outdoor Adventures

Nahanni National Park and spectacular Virginia Falls are 'must-see' destinations in Canada’s Northwest Territories. This two-day trip starts in Yellowknife and includes an overnight stay in Fort Simpson, gateway to the park, as well as a guided air and ground tour of the park and Virginia Falls, which are twice as high as Niagara Falls. Start your tour on a float plane and take off from the shore of the Mackenzie River in Fort Simpson. En route, your pilot will share legends associated with the stunning landscape. Land at the top of Virginia Falls and journey to the Sluice Box for photo opportunities, or follow the portage trail to the bottom to experience the power of the falls. On the return trip, stop briefly at Little Doctor Lake and the Nahanni Mountain Lodge to relax on the sand beach or swim in the quiet lake. Your package includes return airfares, one night at a Fort Simpson bed and breakfast, and a sixhour flightseeing tour.

The Explorer Hotel

Coast Fraser Tower

Located at the entrance to Yellowknife, the Explorer Hotel is a natural starting point for your travel adventure. The hotel offers 187 non-smoking rooms, all of which feature complimentary Wi-Fi, three-fixture bathrooms, hairdryers, clock radios, telephones and remote control colour TVs. Room service, laundry service and a complimentary airport shuttle bus service are available to make your stay as convenient as possible. After a busy day, relax in the Trapline Lounge or Trader's Grill with a cold drink or satisfying meal.

Make the Coast Fraser Tower your home away from home as you take in majestic Great Slave Lake and the northern lights. You will be perfectly situated to enjoy the region’s natural beauty, as well as plenty of shopping, arts and entertainment. The newly renovated one- and two-bedroom suites come with full kitchens and are incredibly spacious – starting at 55 square metres. Guests can enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast at the Fireside Lounge, as well as the 24-hour, fully equipped fitness centre and steam room. Petfriendly options are available.

Days Inn and Suites Yellowknife Days Inn and Suites Yellowknife, in the heart of this scenic city, is an ideal choice for a holiday in Canada’s north. Enjoy outstanding hotel service, a choice of rooms and large suites, complimentary airport shuttle service and high-speed Internet, comfy robes, a sauna, a fitness centre, the on-site Trek fine dining restaurant and more. Other amenities include laundry and dry cleaning services, safe deposit boxes, and luggage storage. It is an excellent choice for either an overnight or an extended stay in Yellowknife.

Cow moose in the forest, Northwest Territories


Toronto and Niagara Falls / INTRODUCTION


Toronto and Niagara Falls Canada's largest city and one of its most famed natural treasures lie just 90 minutes away from each other. Enjoy a sophisticated getaway in Toronto: opulent shops along Bloor Street, worldclass theatre and superb restaurants everywhere. Then head to Niagara Falls to be enthralled by the clouds of rainbow-pierced mist rising from the thundering blue torrent.


Ottawa Kingston


Niagara Falls


Greater Toronto Area Six million people call the Greater Toronto Area home, and together created a city of incredible diversity. Half of them were born abroad, so you can savour authentic vindaloo, souvlaki and caipirinhas. Sail Lake Ontario, spot celebrities at the world-famous film festival, take the kids to Centre Island, and admire it all from the CN Tower.

Niagara Falls

Niagara-on-the-Lake may well be the prettiest town in Canada. Quiet streets are lined with Victorian cottages blooming with vibrant gardens. Stroll bustling Queen Street to shop for locally made jams and hand-painted scarves in charming boutiques. The Shaw Festival attracts theatre lovers, and luxurious hotels coddle guests in comfort.

Wine Country

'A vast and prodigious cadence of water' was the way missionary Louis Hennepin described Niagara Falls in the late 1600s. Much has changed in the intervening centuries – a wealth of entertaining amusements has sprung up around the falls, from shops to casinos to museums and Marineland – but the dramatic cataract remains a 'must-see'. World-Travel.net

Just an hour's drive from Toronto, more than 70 wineries await your discovery. Cradled by Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment, the region has a unique microclimate ideal for making wine. Sip merlot, pinot gris and rich icewine, Canada's calling card to the wine world. Dine in awardwinning vineyard restaurants.


TORONTO AND NIAGARA TOURING / Toronto and Niagara Falls

Toronto Double-Decker City Tour Operated by City Sightseeing Toronto

Explore Toronto at your own pace as you hop-on-hop-off at more than 20 stops around the city. Indulge in endless photo opportunities while you travel in classic double-deckers and trolleys. Enjoy the fun and friendly commentary delivered by talented guides, and find out everything there is to know about this rapidly growing world-class city. Buses stop at all major downtown attractions, and you can purchase discounted tickets to many of these attractions on board. During the summer, your bus ticket also gets you a complimentary guided boat tour that takes you through both the Toronto Inner Harbour and the canals and lagoons of the Toronto Islands. Tickets are valid for as many as three consecutive days, and buses run at 15-minute intervals or more often during peak season. Tours depart daily from Yonge-Dundas Square in the heart of downtown, and a complimentary pick-up can be arranged at your downtown hotel.

Helicopter Tours of Toronto Operated by Toronto Heli Tours

Operating since 1998, Toronto Heli Tours has safely flown thousands of people over Canada's largest city, providing them with an amazing experience and incredible views. Flying year-round out of Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, just minutes from most major hotels in downtown Toronto, this tour will take you up 610 metres to experience the thrill of helicopter flight. Everyone gets a window seat, so you will want to bring a camera to capture all the sights. Fly around Toronto's tall office towers and get a close-up view of the world-famous CN Tower. Travelling at just over 200 kilometres per hour, the standard tour covers a 15-kilometre route around the downtown core and is in the air approximately seven minutes. The extended tour flies a 35-kilometre route that showcases all that Toronto has to offer and is in the air approximately 14 minutes.

Niagara Region Winery Tours Operated by Niagara Airbus

Welcome to an enjoyable, comfortable bus tour through the beautiful Niagara wine region. Experienced driver and guides will make your day memorable while ensuring you travel safely and arrive on time. You will be picked up at your hotel in Toronto or Niagara Falls to embark on this deluxe winery tour. The first destination is the elegant Queen’s Landing restaurant in the pretty town of Niagara-on-the-Lake for a delicious lunch. Enjoy the panoramic view of the harbour while you savour appetisers and a luncheon main course served with coffee or tea; a glass of local wine or beer is also included. After lunch, visit the stately Château des Charmes Winery for a tour and tastings. The next stop is Inniskillin, one of Niagara’s founding wineries, where you will sample red and white wines, as well as their featured ice wine. At the end of the tour, you will have time to browse and shop in Niagara-on-the-Lake before returning to your hotel.

Niagara Region FIT Transportation Services Operated by Niagara Airbus

Niagara Airbus offers a wide range of clean, air-conditioned, well-equipped, newer model vehicles and can accommodate all sizes of groups for any occasion. Experienced driver and guides get you safely to your destination. The company offers frequent daily connections between Toronto hotels, Niagara hotels and Pearson International Airport in Toronto with an on-time guarantee. Niagara Airbus monitors all flights 24-hours daily and will provide a ‘meet and greet’ service on request for incoming guests. As an expert in transportation, the company also provides convenient door-to-door pick-up at your hotel for personally guided tours of the city of Toronto and Niagara Falls. Enjoy a special custom winery tour of the Niagara wine region, as well as a sightseeing tour of Niagara Falls, the historic Niagara Parkway and Niagara-on-theLake, where you will have time to browse in unique stores and quaint boutiques.


Toronto and Niagara Falls / NIAGARA TOURING

Niagara Helicopter Tours

It is clear why Niagara Helicopters tours are so popular among Niagara Falls visitors – they combine adventure and spectacular views to create family holiday memories that will last a lifetime. As the helicopter gently lifts off from the company's Victoria Avenue location, awe-inspiring views of the Niagara Region begin to appear below. You will not want to miss any picture-taking opportunities, so you should have your camera ready to go right from the start. From the sensation of lift-off, to the excitement of soaring above the turbulent rapids and cascading waterfalls, a Niagara Helicopters ride gives you a breathtaking experience. Beginning with the Sir Adam Beck Generating Station and the Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture, the tour follows the Niagara River from the Whirlpool area (look for the Spanish Aero Car crossing the gorge), and goes over the Whirlpool Rapids and the Rainbow Bridge. The green grass and floral beauty of Queen Victoria Park stretch below as the helicopter passes by the American Falls and the Skylon Tower. Just as you reach the upper rapids, your tour begins to change direction, following the curve of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Rainbows appear and


Operated by Niagara Helicopters Ltd

disappear from all directions. The helicopter levels off and continues along the route back to base. With huge panoramic windows on each of the six-passenger, customised Bell 407 helicopters, you will have a sensational view of world-famous Niagara Falls. In-flight commentaries are available in 12 different languages through headsets. Flights depart at 9am daily year-round (weather permitting), except on Christmas Day. Your 12-minute experience includes nine minutes in the air (plus time for boarding and taking pictures), and you will receive a certificate of flight. Additional facilities at the tour base include complimentary on-site parking, a gift shop featuring exclusive Niagara Helicopters collectibles, and a state-of-the-art photography lab producing personalised, high-quality photos of you and your loved ones.



TORONTO ACCOMMODATION / Toronto and Niagara Falls

The Fairmont Royal York The Fairmont Royal York has everything you need for a memorable stay: opulent surroundings, a knowledgeable concierge team, fine dining, state-of-the-art exercise facilities and so much more. This luxury Toronto hotel is right in the heart of it all, steps away from excellent nightlife, dining, shopping and other attractions. It is conveniently located across from Union Station at 100 Front Street West, within the financial and entertainment districts. The hotel is connected by the underground PATH walkway to approximately 1,200 shops, services and attractions, including the Hockey Hall of Fame, Air Canada Centre, Eaton Centre and Union Station. If you are in Toronto to relax and take in the sights, this landmark hotel has everything you need. Each of the 1,365 guestrooms is luxuriously decorated and elegantly appointed. All guestrooms are equipped with high-speed Internet access, in-room movies, air-conditioning, TV, ironing facilities, hairdryer and minibar. Guests seeking the ultimate in service and luxury accommodations will relish the Fairmont Gold floor. Award-winning cuisine awaits in the hotel's restaurants. Prepare your palate for a sensory treat, whether you choose to dine at EPIC, Piper’s Gastropub, Benihana Japanese Steakhouse or the classic Library Bar. At the Fairmont Royal York, fine dining features local, organic ingredients, wild-caught fish and seafood, awardwinning cocktails and the hotel's very own Mill Street Royal Stinger beer on tap (available only at the Fairmont Royal York, this beer was a medal-winner at the 2011 Canadian Brewery Awards).

The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

The Omni King Edward Hotel

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the 267-room Ritz-Carlton offers spectacular views of Lake Ontario and the CN Tower. The hotel features refined amenities, such as floor-toceiling windows, Italian bed linens and heated marble floors. TOCA restaurant offers a memorable Canadian culinary experience and is home to one of Canada's first cheese caves. For supreme urban relaxation, Spa My Blend by Clarins offers treatments inspired by the beauty of Canada's great outdoors, as well as an indoor pool, fitness centre and yoga studio.

The Omni King Edward Hotel is conveniently located in the financial, entertainment and shopping districts. The Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Sony Centre, Distillery District, Eaton Centre and St. Lawrence Market are all nearby. The 301 spacious guestrooms and suites offer regal elegance and comfort, each featuring comfortable beds and spacious bathrooms with luxurious showers to massage away stresses. Relax in one of the three on-site dining venues, experience Sunday brunch in the historic Sovereign Ballroom or enjoy 24-hour in-room dining.

The Westin Harbour Castle Toronto Hotel Indulge in the best of both of worlds at the Westin Harbour Castle Toronto Hotel, where deluxe accommodation on Lake Ontario is only steps away from the excitement of downtown Toronto. The hotel is located on the vibrant waterfront of Lake Ontario and is easy to reach by highway. You are only five minutes away from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, and steps away from the Air Canada Centre, the CN Tower and the theatre district. Enjoy spectacular lake views from your guestroom, and play in the indoor swimming pool. Rooftop tennis and squash courts are available in the WestinWORKOUT® Fitness Studio. Renew yourself at the European Spa or take part in a RunWESTIN® program before indulging in a decadent meal and panoramic views at the Italian restaurant, Toula.


Toronto and Niagara Falls / TORONTO ACCOMMODATION

Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel


Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel is one of the world's only hotels located in a major league sports and entertainment venue – in this case, the Rogers Centre. This distinctive hotel has 348 spacious rooms, each with a flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi. Be part of the action in one of the 70 field-view rooms, with floor-to-ceiling windows that open into the stadium. Dine at Arriba Restaurant or cheer on your team while enjoying a drink at Arriba Lounge. You also have access to the fitness centre, which features state-of-theart cardio equipment, a pool and a hot tub.

Ontario Parliament Building Toronto, Ontario

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel is near many of Toronto's leading attractions. It is connected to the financial and entertainment districts via the PATH, a 25-kilometre underground network of shops and services. Shopping, Mirvish theatres, world-class dining at downtown restaurants and a range of museums are steps away. Each of the hotel's 1,377 rooms offer the plush comfort of a Sheraton Sweet Sleeper™ Bed. Sheraton Club Rooms offer another level of service, with an array of upgraded amenities and access to the stylish 43rd-floor Club Lounge. Enjoy one of the largest indoor-outdoor heated pools in Toronto, and stay cool with a drink and some snacks from the Splash Bar. Relax with the kids and enjoy the weekend poolside.

Eaton Chelsea, Toronto Often called one of the most diverse cities in the world, Toronto offers an abundance of attractions and events. The Eaton Chelsea, Toronto provides comfort in the heart of downtown Toronto and places you within walking distance of the prime retail district, colourful local neighbourhoods and major tourist attractions. Outstanding service and an ongoing commitment to sustainability – coupled with an excellent range of facilities – provide you with convenience, essential amenities, comfortable accommodations and exceptional value. The Eaton Chelsea, Toronto is one of Canada’s largest hotels with 1,590 guestrooms, most of which feature balconies offering stunning views of the downtown core. From comfortable deluxe rooms to spacious kitchenette rooms and suites, the hotel’s guestrooms are well-appointed and include complimentary basic Wi-Fi. The Eaton Chelsea, Toronto offers four in-house dining options that feature innovative dishes prepared with fresh Canadian produce. Relax in the lobby bar – T|Bar – with a Signature Caesar cocktail, or enjoy the buffet breakfast in Bb33 Bistro and Brasserie. The newly renovated Market Garden and express|o Coffee Bar is the solution for diners with little time to spare, while Monarchs Pub is the ideal place to socialise while listening to some of the best live music in the city. Relax and rejuvenate on Deck 27. This adult-only urban retreat includes Exert, a well-equipped, state-of-the-art fitness centre, as well as saunas, an indoor heated swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and a seasonal sundeck to revitalise the mind, body and soul. Coming with the family? We offer services that parents will appreciate! The Family Fun Zone, located on the second floor, includes a family pool featuring a 40-metre indoor 'corkscrew' waterslide, the Kid Centre and the Club 33 teen lounge.




DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Toronto Downtown Stay at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Toronto Downtown and enjoy modern amenities, impeccable service from the friendly staff and a warm chocolate chip cookie upon arrival. Located in a peaceful area of downtown Toronto, the hotel is only a short walk from the heart of the city and Yonge-Dundas Square. It offers easy access to a wealth of Toronto businesses, attractions, entertainment and shopping. The hotel is also close to Union Station, easily accessible from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and only 40 minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Every stylish guestroom features thoughtful amenities to make you feel at home. Refresh yourself in the spacious bathroom, watch cable on the flat-screen TV and stay connected at the spacious desk with high-speed Internet access. Upgrade to a luxurious suite for additional space and amenities.

Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Toronto This full-service property is conveniently located in the centre of Toronto, steps from the Eaton Centre and Bloor-Yorkville shopping, entertainment, restaurants and top attractions. You will appreciate its fusion of high tech and high style, and bask in a warm and inviting atmosphere, from the moment you enter the hotel. Choose from 575 spacious guestrooms, including 229 rooms with two queen-size beds. Complimentary wireless Internet is available in guestrooms and public areas, and computers for guests are available in the lobby. The full-service Yonge Street Grille restaurant offers views of vibrant Yonge Street, and is popular for its fullbuffet breakfast and delicious dinner menu. The lobby Bistro proudly serves Starbucks coffees, quick and healthy food and beverage options, and wine, beer and cocktails. Other conveniences include a concierge, lap pool, whirlpool, 24-hour fitness centre, room service and 24-hour market.

Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre Bordered by Yonge, Carlton, Church and Wood streets, Holiday Inn Toronto Downtown Centre is in the centre of it all. Some of the finest shopping venues in Canada – such as the Toronto Eaton Centre, the shops at Yorkville, Holt Renfrew, The Bay, Winners, Marshall's, and Bed, Bath and Beyond – are minutes from the doorstep. The modern and exceptionally wellappointed guestrooms feature either a king bed or two double beds. All rooms offer an in-room safe, minibar, cordless phone, complimentary fibre-optic Wi-Fi, Bath and Body Works toiletries, and a flat-screen TV.

Sheraton Gateway Hotel

Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel and Conference Centre is located minutes from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Explore neighbourhood restaurants or play a round of golf adjacent to the hotel. Close to Toronto’s major highways, the hotel gives you easy access to attractions such as downtown Toronto, Niagara Falls, Vaughan Mills and Yorkdale shopping centres, Canada’s Wonderland and more. Connect on a computer with Wi-Fi at The Link, swim in the atrium-enclosed pool, enjoy a meal at Olio Restaurant or rest in a modern guestroom on a Signature Sweet Sleeper Bed.

Delta Toronto Airport West

Incomparably convenient, the Sheraton Gateway Hotel is located in Toronto Pearson International Airport, with direct indoor access from Terminal 3 and easy access from Terminal 1. Enjoy whisper-quiet accommodation in luxurious rooms. Take advantage of the Internet hub, Link@Sheraton, or work out in the 24-hour fitness centre and pool. Enjoy casual dining in the Mahogany Restaurant and Bar.


Conveniently near Toronto Pearson International Airport, Delta Toronto Airport West is close to the Mississauga Hershey Centre, Iceland Arena and Hershey Sport Zone. The hotel features a fullservice spa, an indoor pool and a health club. Complimentary wireless and wired high-speed Internet access is available in public areas, and there is a free 24-hour airport shuttle. The 297 air-conditioned guestrooms all include a safe, free newspaper, TV, pillow-top mattress and premium bedding, hairdryers, and bathrobes.


Sheraton on the Falls Hotel


Hilton Hotel and Suites Niagara Falls

Since the early 19th century, guests from around the world have travelled to Niagara Falls to experience its wonder and majesty. Sheraton on the Falls Hotel is one of the largest resort properties in Niagara and is home to thrilling attractions, award-winning theme restaurants and one-of-a-kind stores. The hotel boasts 669 first-class accommodations, varying from traditional guestrooms to beautiful Fallsview suites featuring floor-to ceiling windows providing you with a stunning view of Niagara Falls.

Soaring 53 storeys above the awe-inspiring American Falls and Horseshoe Falls, Hilton Hotel and Suites Niagara Falls/Fallsview is one of the premier choices for accommodation in Niagara. It puts you in the centre of the action every season of the year, with a heated and airconditioned indoor glass walkway leading directly to the Fallsview Casino Resort, which offers a 9,290-square-metre gaming floor, a 1,500-seat theatre and galleria-style shopping. Whether you are looking for a romantic night away or family fun, Hilton has you covered.

Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls – Fallsview

The Oakes Hotel Overlooking the Falls

Built in the late 1920s, the Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls – Fallsview is one of the most majestic and celebrated hotels in Ontario. It has a rich history and is known as the 'grand dame' of Niagara Falls hotels. Just steps from the falls, it features direct indoor connections to the Fallsview Indoor Waterpark, Casino Niagara, restaurants and attractions. The hotel offers well-appointed rooms with Deep Sleeper Beds, newly renovated marble-andtile bathrooms, and wireless Internet access.

The Oakes Hotel Overlooking the Falls is one of the closest hotels to spectacular Niagara Falls. In the heart of the city's tourist area, it is right next door to the Fallsview Casino and Resort. You cannot miss this sleek, modern, glass-andsteel structure, featuring a new 21-storey tower with three high-speed glass-enclosed elevators. Enjoy the indoor heated pool, whirlpool and sauna, as well as exclusive access to the hotel's 14th-floor Fallsview Observation Lounge. Applebee's Neighbourhood Grill and Bar is located on-site and offers a wide range of favourites.

Days Inn Clifton Hill Casino

Great Wolf Lodge

An oasis in the heart of the bustling Niagara Falls tourist district, the Days Inn Clifton Hill Casino has undergone a remarkable renewal. It is now a warm, 142-room boutique hotel with a distinctively Canadian ambience. Two restaurants are part of the complex: a new Applebee's Grill and Bar, and the award-winning Remington's of Niagara Steak and Seafood House, which offers an enlarged seating area and the fabulous Martini Bar.

Prince of Wales

Your Great Wolf Lodge adventure begins in this massive indoor water park, maintained at a constant 29 degrees Celsius. Splash in over 9,290 square metres of water-packed excitement, including jaw-dropping slides for thrill seekers and zero-depth entry areas for little ones. Get an ice cream-themed manicure in Scoops Kid Spa before gathering your family in the Grand Lobby for nightly fireside story time, the perfect ending to a Great Wolf day. Choose from a variety of Northwoods theme suites for an unforgettable experience.

Best Western Colonel Butler Inn

Established in 1864, the Prince of Wales is one of Niagara-on-the-Lake’s most historic and beautiful landmarks. Conveniently situated on the town’s main street, the hotel is steps from bustling shops, galleries and Shaw Festival theatres. The Prince of Wales’ 110 elegant guestrooms are individually decorated to reflect the charm of their Victorian origins. The hotel offers authentic wine country cuisine at Escabèche, casual pub fare in the Churchill Lounge, traditional afternoon tea in the Drawing Room and luxurious spa treatments in the Secret Garden Spa.


Located near Niagara-on-the-Lake's main street, the inn is within walking distance of outstanding restaurants, wonderful shopping and the renowned Shaw Festival Theatre. Enjoy world-class golf at several nearby courses, including the Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Course, one of North America's oldest courses. This 26-room, non-smoking hotel offers guests comfort and friendly service at affordable rates. The king- and queen-bedded suites feature fireplaces and jetted tubs. The hotel offers complimentary breakfast, parking, high-speed Internet access and an exercise facility.


INTRODUCTION / South Eastern Ontario

South Eastern Ontario The 19th century Rideau Canal – a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site – winds for 202 kilometres through the rolling farmlands and limestone outcrops, connecting the nation's capital on the Ottawa River to historic Kingston on Lake Ontario. South Eastern Ontario is rich with history, pageantry and opportunities for outdoor adventure, from cycling and cross-country skiing to white-water rafting.


Ottawa Brockville Kingston


Ottawa In Canada's capital, thrill to the Changing of the Guard ceremony on Parliament Hill, shop for distinctive gifts in the ByWard Market and visit captivating national museums. Skate the Rideau Canal in winter and kayak the Rideau River in summer. Join revellers at one of Canada's largest music festivals or theatre fans at a fringe festival.

Kingston Kingston – known as the Limestone City for its wealth of historic stone buildings – is a vibrant university community on the shore of Lake Ontario. Indulge in some retail therapy on busy Princess Street, take in a show at the Grand Theatre or the Rogers K-Rock Centre, or enjoy a re-enactment of life in a 19th century garrison at Fort Henry.

An iconic Indian Summer scene in Ontario



Canadian History and War Museums


Discover the Capital Hop-On-Hop-Off

Operated by Museum of Civilization and War

Operated by Gray Line Sightseeing

Located within ten minutes of each other on opposite sides of the Ottawa River in Canada's capital, the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian War Museum are 'must-see' attractions. Discover Canada’s cultural heritage – from totem poles to oil derricks – at the Canadian Museum of History, one of the mostvisited museums in Canada. The Canadian War Museum showcases Canada's rich military history through artefacts, personal stories, artwork, photos and interactive presentations. Experience more for less with packages for the two museums and the IMAX® Theatre.

Step aboard one of Gray Line's authentic London-style double-deckers or a turn-of-thecentury trolley for a bilingual guided city tour. Visit more than 75 sites in Ottawa and Gatineau. This tour permits you to hop-off at many sites to explore them at your own pace and then hop back on to continue the loop tour. Sites featured on the tour include museums, parks, embassies, Parliament Hill, the prime minister's residence, Rideau Hall, the ByWard Market, the National Gallery of Canada and many more.

National Gallery of Canada Operated by National Gallery of Canada

The National Gallery of Canada is a 'must-see' destination housing one of the world’s most comprehensive collections of Canadian art, with a large number of works by the Group of Seven, along with rich collections of European, contemporary, aboriginal and Inuit art. Special exhibitions feature additional works from around the world, making every visit unique. The gallery is located in Ottawa’s historic ByWard Market. Its award-winning architecture – featuring the luminous Great Hall, spacious galleries, and interior gardens and courtyards – is in itself worth a visit.

The Westin Ottawa

Fairmont Château Laurier Nestled between the majestic Parliament Buildings and the lively ByWard Market, the Fairmont Château Laurier marries modern-day amenities and old-world charm. The hotel features 429 guestrooms, including 33 luxury suites. Linger over afternoon tea or frosty martinis in Zoe’s, overlooking Confederation Square, or relish the bountiful Sunday brunch or a fine steak at Wilfrid’s. Work off your indulgence in the fitness centre or the Art Decostyle pool. On the Fairmont Gold floor, enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast, as well as afternoon canapés and an honour bar.

Hotel Indigo Ottawa

In the heart of the city, The Westin Ottawa is your destination for revitalising comfort. Treat yourself to spectacular views of Parliament Hill and the Rideau Canal or the historic ByWard Market. When staying at this elegant downtown property, take a dip in the naturally refreshing salt-water pool, or power up in the recently renovated fitness centre. No matter how long or short your stay, let the stellar concierge service help you plan an experience that is different, better and special.

Lord Elgin Hotel

In a century-old red brick building just a few blocks away from Parliament Hill, the intimate 106-room Hotel Indigo Ottawa is refreshingly local. All rooms feature a flat-screen TV, alarm clock, Aveda bathroom products, room service and complimentary high-speed Internet. Here you become part of the neighbourhood and experience Canada’s capital city like a longtime resident. After a day of shopping or sightseeing, grab a snack at the gourmet bistro and bar, or swim laps in the indoor pool.

Delta Ottawa City Centre

One of Ottawa’s finest hotels, the Lord Elgin Hotel is ideally located in the heart of downtown Ottawa, directly across from Confederation Park and the National Arts Centre. It is steps away from the Rideau Canal, the Ottawa Convention Centre, the Parliament Buildings and the Rideau Centre shopping mall. The hotel's guestrooms reflect Ottawa’s elegance. From the tall picture windows and the bold tulip-inspired artwork to the Biedermeier-style luxury furnishings, you cannot help but feel pampered. Enjoy the lap pool with its adjoining whirlpool, sauna and fitness equipment.


Recently redesigned and redefined, Delta Ottawa City Centre offers a first-class experience with a modern twist. The multimillion-dollar renovation to all public areas, meeting space and guestrooms resulted in an incredible transformation – the newest reason to visit Ottawa. The hotel has an ideal prime downtown location within walking distance of many major attractions, including the Parliament Buildings, ByWard Market, museums and the Rideau Canal. The new ModeRoom combines the comfort and convenience of home with the services and amenities of a truly modern hotel.



Rideau Canal Cruise

Fort Henry National Historic Site Operated by Paul's Boat Lines

Operated by Parks of the St. Lawrence

The Rideau Canal cruise departs daily from the Rideau Canal Dock, located alongside the Government Conference Centre, five minutes from Parliament Hill. On this 75-minute tour, you will enjoy the best view possible of one of the engineering marvels of the 19th century, the Rideau Canal. Engaging guides will illuminate this major part of Canadian history. Along the way, you will see many of the major sites that led to the development and rise of Ottawa as a city and a seat of government. The cruise features live commentary and a bilingual guide.

Situated on Point Henry, the fort protected the naval dockyard at Point Frederick, the entrance to the Rideau Canal and the town of Kingston, which was the major transhipment point along the supply route between Montreal and Ottawa and all points west. Years later, Fort Henry is now a museum and historic site. Once inside the wooden gates, you will enter the realm of 19th-century military life. Experience guided tours, scenic views, heart-pounding musical performances and precision military demonstrations by the Fort Henry Guard.

1000 Islands Rockport Cruises Operated by Rockport Boat Line

Discover the Heart of the 1000 Islands. Experience majestic castles and the whispers of a thousand legends as you cruise the breathtaking 1000 Islands with Rockport Cruises. This wonderfully lush landscape is dotted with luxurious cottages and vast estates. The sightseeing cruises showcase all the major features of the islands, including Zavikon Island, Boldt Castle and Millionaire’s Row. Enjoy casual dining in picture-perfect settings on a lunch or dinner cruise. Explore magnificent Boldt Castle as the cruise takes you to the most famous of the 1000 Islands, Heart Island. Visitors from all over the world can enjoy the cruise in a language of their choice, with 13 to choose from. Rockport Cruises is one of Canadian Tourism Commission’s prestigious 'Canadian Signature Experience' collection. Cruises depart from the historic village of Rockport, Ontario, mid-way between Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa.

Residence Inn Kingston Water's Edge

Delta Kingston Waterfront Hotel The Delta Kingston Waterfront Hotel invites you to lose yourself along the shores of the shimmering waters of Lake Ontario. Beside beautiful Confederation Harbour, in the heart of historic downtown Kingston, you will find endless diversions and sights to see. Indulge in award-winning culinary creations at the on-site restaurant, AquaTerra by Clark. Stroll downtown for a day of shopping or bask in bliss beside the sparkling indoor rooftop pool. Every room offers a water view, and complimentary Internet keeps you connected.

Four Points by Sheraton Kingston

The Residence Inn by Marriott Kingston Water's Edge features guest suites with at least 50 per cent more space than standard hotel rooms to allow you to spread out and live. Each suite offers a full contemporary kitchen, free grocery service and complimentary high-speed Internet access. The fitness centre and indoor pool allow you to stay strong and in routine while away from home. For nature lovers, the hotel is adjacent to the waterfront Battery Park and Compass Rose. Enjoy the deluxe hot-and-cold breakfast buffet and the restaurant's waterfront patio.

Courtyard by Marriott Kingston Hotel

Located just steps from many historic sites and scenic wonders, this hotel provides easy access to the world-famous 1000 Islands, Confederation Trolley Tours, live theatre and more. The Four Points by Sheraton Kingston features 169 well-appointed guestrooms and suites, each offering picturesque views of Kingston or Lake Ontario. Enjoy on-site dining at King Street Sizzle Restaurant and Bar, or in the fun atmosphere of The Sidewalk at Sizzle. Swim laps in the pool, enjoy a steam in the sauna and maintain your workout routine in the fitness centre.


Conveniently located off Highway 401 between Montreal and Toronto, the Courtyard offers ideal facilities for travellers looking to unwind and re-energise. Savour breakfast, dinner and refreshments at the Bistro Lounge and Restaurant, and enjoy the hotel's indoor pool, slide, fitness facilities and interactive lobby. Benefit from the fabulous Marriott Rewards program each and every stay, and make sure to visit the GoBoard for directions and information on all of Kingston's events and attractions. When the day is over, enjoy the comfort of a beautifully designed guestroom.

Blue Mountain / INTRODUCTION


Blue Mountain On the edge of Lake Huron, vast Georgian Bay is a haven of quaint cottages and quiet coves. And on its south shore, you will discover a playground of beaches, ski slopes and laid-back holiday towns. Spend a night roasting marshmallows. Spend a day sleeping until noon. Bring your bathing suit or your ski goggles, but do not worry about formal wear or a laptop. It is not that kind of place.


Manitoulin Island




Blue Mountain in Ontario, Canada

Collingwood & Blue Mountain Village

Georgian Bay

The Blue Mountain Resort is a four-season playground. In the winter, ski, snowshoe or try the mountain coaster. In warmer weather, go zip-lining or take a Segway tour. Year-round, splash in the waterpark. And in Collingwood, check out one of Ontario's most unusual events: the Collingwood Elvis Festival. Pick your favourite Elvis impersonator!

Apple Pie Trail

With 2,000 kilometres of shoreline and over 30,000 islands, Georgian Bay has the room to offer a waterfront holiday for just about every taste and budget. Rocky cliffs and towering pines, sandy beaches and glowing lighthouses combine to create the quintessential lake destination. Climb into a boat and set sail for adventure.

Manitoulin Island

Is there any aroma more appealing than the blend of cinnamon, sugar, apples and warm, golden pastry? Follow your nose along the Apple Pie Trail. Quiet country roads – shaded with blooming apple trees in spring – bring you to lovely bakeries and cosy restaurants, as well as art galleries, museums, a cooking school, wineries and apple orchards. World-Travel.net

Manitoulin Island – whose name means 'spirit island' in Ojibwe – is a wilderness paradise for anyone who loves to camp, fish, hunt, swim or hike. It also offers countless opportunities to meet First Nations people and immerse yourself in their ancient, fascinating culture. Attend a pow-wow or take an introductory lesson in a traditional craft.



Blue Mountain Festivals and Activities Operated by Blue Mountain Village Association

Blue Mountain Village is home to award-winning and free festivals, events and activities year-round. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, fitness fanatic or music lover, or just want to relax and enjoy all that a charming pedestrian village has to offer, this is the place for you. Festivals include the Adventure Races, Latin Salsa Festival, Jazz Festival, Famarama Festival and Collingwood Elvis Festival. When the leaves turn colour in the fall, the fun continues with the Centurion Cycling, Yoga and Apple Harvest festivals. With free activities abound, you can enjoy every day of the summer. Join a guided hike up the mountain to see panoramic views of Georgian Bay, then descend by gondola. Relax by the fountain and enjoy some of Canada’s finest musicians. Take a yoga class on the Docks or pull up a chair for Movies Under the Stars. And do not forget to leave time to explore the region along the Apple Pie Trail.

Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

Operated by Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Operated by Scenic Caves Nature Adventures

The award-winning Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain offers a renowned Scandinavian baths experience. Nestled in a forest minutes from downtown Collingwood and Blue Mountain Resort, it is open all year. Guests enjoy the serenity of a peaceful outdoor environment. The baths include a Finnish sauna, eucalyptus steam room, thermal and Nordic waterfalls, hot baths, cold plunges, and relaxation areas. Also available are registered massage treatments, relaxing getaway packages and an on-site bistro serving healthy local fare.

Take a self-guided cave tour. Enjoy breathtaking views from one of Southern Ontario's longest suspension bridges at a high point of the Niagara Escarpment in a UNESCO biosphere reserve. Walk and glide by zip-line on the guided Eco Adventure Tour of the treetop canopy. Ride the Thunderbird, one of Canada's longest twin zip-lines. Mine for gems, ride Rocky the train, play mini-golf, visit the children's adventure playground, fish for trout or enjoy a picnic. In winter, the Nordic Centre offers professionally groomed cross-country ski and snowshoe trails.

Blue Mountain Adventure Park

The Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain

Discover a natural high at Blue Mountain with the Summer Active Pack. Choose your own adventure and save on a wide range of activities and experiences, including the new Wind Rider Triple Zips, Ridge Runner Alpine Mountain Coaster, Timber Challenge High Ropes and Woodlot Low Ropes, Cascade Putting Course, and more. The Active Pack also offers more relaxing options, including bike rentals, gondola rides, mill pond and beach activities – perfect for all ages. All activities and attractions are located at the Blue Mountain Village at the base of the mountain.

Blue Mountain Inn

Just two hours northwest of Toronto, the Westin Trillium House, Blue Mountain is a relaxing retreat in a breathtaking setting. Located next to both Georgian Bay and the majestic Niagara Escarpment, the property is an ideal haven for renewal. You will find endless recreational options, from skiing and snowboarding to golf and the Plunge! Aquatic Centre, plus great events and festivals. Or just relax on the beach, visit a spa or hike along the beautiful escarpment.

Cranberry Golf Resort

The Blue Mountain Inn is located steps away from one of Ontario's only four-season mountain villages. It offers 98 refurbished rooms with double and suite options, as well as exclusive access to an indoor pool, dining room and après-ski bar, fitness facilities, and outdoor landscaped courtyard with hot tubs. Experience the natural high of Blue Mountain with seasonal attractions, and on-site and area spas. The pedestrian village features more than 35 outlets for shopping, live entertainment and dining. Blue Mountain is conveniently situated two hours' drive from Toronto.


Cranberry Golf Resort is strategically located in a year-round recreation and holiday paradise, just 90 minutes northwest of Toronto Pearson International Airport. The comfortable 28-square-metre units include rooms with two double beds, two queen beds, or one king bed with a pull-out sofa. Room amenities include Simmons Beauty Rest Felicity mattresses, cable TV with on-demand movies, a hairdryer and complimentary access to wireless Internet.


Manitoulin Hotel and Conference Centre

The Manitoulin Hotel and Conference Centre is a new and unique hotel located on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, overlooking one of Canada's largest Great Lakes, Lake Huron. The hotel features 59 rooms with designs and décor inspired by the beauty and history of the First Nations people of the Manitoulin Island region. Visitors can find cultural significance throughout the entire property, including a large teepeestructured lobby with a central fireplace featuring magnificent pillars to represent the lifelong teachings of the Seven Grandfathers of the Anishnabek people. Enjoy the relaxing outdoor pool and explore the hotel's original artwork, created by some of the region’s best-known artists. Savour the tastes of the Anishnabek in the on-site dining room or on the outdoor patio – a perfect place to dine while enjoying the view of Manitoulin Island’s busy boating community.


and wilderness. Experience history as you retrace ancient canoe routes. Learn the skills of preparing traditional Anishinabek cuisine and taste the results of your efforts. Or discover the art and spirituality of making a traditional hand drum. Embark on an overnight horse-riding adventure where you will not only ride but also swim with the horses. After a five-hour ride along a hillside, rest at your campsite, enjoy a traditional aboriginal feast and listen to the guides telling stories before you fall asleep inside a teepee. The Great Spirit Circle Trail is a 'Canadian Signature Experience'. Truly blessed by the Creator, this region is one of the most beautiful and serene areas of Northeastern Ontario.

The Great Spirit Circle Trail offers an exceptional opportunity to experience authentic aboriginal culture and heritage. Learn survival skills, such as traditional torch-making and fire-building, or take a medicine walk that offers stunning views of the mountains



COTTAGE COUNTRY / Cottage Country

Cottage Country It is one of Canada's iconic summer pleasures: enjoying the incomparable quiet of an early morning on a mirror-like lake fringed with towering pines, as the scents of bacon and coffee drift in the fresh air. Then the day unfolds with myriad simple pleasures: canoeing, hiking, swimming or just lazing on the dock. As the sun goes down, the haunting cry of a loon echoes in the gathering dusk.


Algonquin Provincial Park OTTAWA Parry Sound Huntsville Keene


Rice Lake

Algonquin Algonquin Park holds a special place in the hearts of Ontarians, as this vast territory of sweeping forests and rocky lakes was made famous by the beloved paintings of the Group of Seven. Cast your line for trout, keep your camera at the ready for sightings of elusive moose and bears, and unwind each night in a rustic, full-service lodge.

Kawartha Lakes

Halfway between Toronto and Kingston, the Rice Lake region is an affordable, family-friendly destination. At 29 kilometres long, the lake offers a huge range of water activities. Nearby, you can take a spirit walk with a First Nations guide, see caves and petroglyphs, visit a canoe museum, or check out an art or jazz festival.


Whether you hike, cycle, fish or ski, Kawartha – meaning ‘bright waters and happy lands’ – makes for a thrilling day trip just an hour-and-a-half’s drive from Toronto. The region boasts more than 250 picturesque lakes and rivers, four provincial parks and an extensive trail network, attracting nature-lovers and adventurers alike.

Lazing away the summer on one of the many Muskoka lakes in Ontario


Muskoka is the gorgeous lake land where Toronto's glitterati – and, increasingly, celebrities from further afield – come to play. Feel your cares melt away as you surrender to a soothing massage in an opulent spa. Golf spectacular courses. Delight in award-winning cuisine. And, of course, enjoy just about any lake-based water sport imaginable.



Killarney Lodge in Algonquin Park

Killarney Lodge offers warm, well-maintained, private and spacious waterfront log and knotty pine cabins. Guests come to the lodge to enjoy the best of both worlds – comfort in the wilderness. As a small, family-run establishment since 1935, the lodge offers a most civilised retreat in the heart of a magnificent nature preserve. Accommodations consist entirely of private lakeside cabins tastefully furnished in a charming, Canadian country style. Each cabin has a deck overlooking the lake and includes the use of a canoe, which waits outside each cabin's door. The lodge provides Aveda amenities in all cabin bathrooms. And, in keeping with the quiet nature of the lodge, there are no telephones, TVs or radios in the cabins. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available on-site. There is a cosy wood stove in the guest lounge, where coffee, tea, fresh fruit and homemade cookies are always available. Killarney Lodge operates on the Full American Plan: three delicious meals daily are included in the cabin rate. Meals are served in the lodge's historic log dining lodge, highlighted by the original stone fireplace, which casts a glow over guests as they enjoy their meals. Guests also have the choice of taking a packed picnic lunch with them if they choose to explore the park, so they do not have to return to the lodge for lunch. The lodge is not licensed to serve or sell alcohol, but guests are welcome to bring their own wine, beer and spirits to enjoy during their stay. Activities include 14 nearby hiking trails, biking trails, and canoeing and swimming at the sandy beach or right in front of each cabin. Wildlife viewing is wonderful; guests may see moose, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks, geese, loons, beavers, foxes and much more. It is also a great location for bird-watchers.

Canoe and Log Cabin Adventure Operated by Voyageur Quest

Explore Algonquin Park’s northwest corner on a five-day canoe and log cabin adventure. Search for moose, stay overnight at stunning lakeside campsites, taste back-country cuisine and learn from talented wilderness guides. Finish the adventure in tranquil log cabin comfort, with the opportunity to hike beautiful trails, enjoy the sauna, swim in blue water and sip delicious cocktails on the dock over looking the lake or in front of the massive stone fireplace. Superb active experiences take you off the beaten track.

Deerhurst Resort

Arowhon Pines Arowhon Pines is located off the beaten track in the middle of the Algonquin Park woods, three hours from Toronto or Ottawa. All-inclusive rates include charming rooms with ensuite bathrooms in log cabins along Little Joe Lake; fresh local food served in a heritage log dining room with wraparound veranda overlooking the lake; and full use of all recreational facilities. Canoe or kayak a chain of lakes. Swim, sail or play tennis. Hike trails to see moose, beaver, fox and other wildlife. Or simply relax and savour peace and quiet in the wilderness.

Elmhirst’s Resort

Embracing Peninsula Lake, Deerhurst Resort is your year-round retreat in Muskoka – Ontario's famous 'cottage country'. Choose from 400 well-appointed guestrooms. Delight in locally inspired cuisine, including maple syrup and honey harvested on-site. Enjoy skiing, skating, snowmobiling and dog-sledding in winter, or hiking, zip-lining, golf and horseback-riding in summer. The sandy beach offers extensive waterfront activities, including boating and swimming. At any time of year, try indoor rock climbing, work out in the fitness centre or unwind with a spa treatment.


Just 90 minutes from Toronto, in the small township of Keene, you will find Elmhirst's Resort. This family owned and operated resort is open year-round and offers one- to fivebedroom self-catering lakeside cottages with private dock, large living area, TV, DVD, stereo, Wi-Fi, fireplace and access to outdoor deck. The restaurant and pub are open daily. Enjoy various sites and activities, such as The SPA@Elmhirst's, golf, seaplane flights, horseback-riding, swimming pools, a working farm, walking/ski trails, canoes, boat rentals, kiteboarding and wagon/sleighrides.



Quebec The two biggest cities in the province of Quebec offer distinctly appealing experiences for visitors, from metropolitan glamour in Montreal to historical charm in Quebec City. In both places, you can immerse yourself in Quebec's unique culture: an inimitable blend of French joie de vivre, Canadian openness and multicultural elements contributed by new residents from around the globe.


QUEBEC CITY Mont-Tremblant Gatineau

Montreal From world-famous jazz and comedy festivals to hidden bistros only the locals know, Montreal offers countless amusements for urbane travellers. Shop for raw-milk cheeses in bustling markets. Cycle along the Lachine Canal. Catch a cutting-edge exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts or browse for sleek housewares in Plateau Mont-Royal.

Quebec City In North America's only remaining walled cities, history is as close as a horse-drawn caleche clopping down a cobblestone street, or uniformed schoolgirls spilling from a centuries-old convent school each afternoon. Stay in an unforgettable historic hotel. Sample traditional fare like sugar pie. And sip a cafĂŠ au lait on a scenic terrace.

Parliament Building and fountain at night in Quebec City




Sucrerie de la Montagne

St. Lawrence River Rafting


Operated by Sucrerie de la Montagne

Operated by Rafting Montreal

Sucrerie de la Montagne is an authentic 'sugar shack' with a major difference: it is open yearround. This official Quebec Heritage-listed site – located in a 50-hectare forest of century-old maples atop Mont Rigaud, west of Montreal – transports you back in time, providing you with a momentary glimpse of life as it truly was for Québécois pioneers. Enjoy an authentic, delicious meal and bring home an iconic souvenir: a bottle of maple syrup.

Delight in river rafting on the St. Lawrence River, 15 minutes from downtown Montreal, on one of two types of excursions. The first option is a leisurely excursion on the tranquil waters of the river, giving you time to view the scenery around you and to traverse a few rapids. The second option is for those who want to experience faster-flowing currents. A descent through the main channel of the river offers a thrilling roller-coaster ride. Each trip includes guide, life jacket, helmet and paddle.

Hotel Le Crystal Montreal

Ritz-Carlton Montreal After an extensive multi-million-dollar restoration, the Ritz-Carlton Montreal now offers its guests a sublime mixture of old and new. The hotel has 98 guestrooms and 31 suites, all of which offer the utmost in comfort. A range of luxurious amenities is available in the rooms, including complimentary Wi-Fi, 24-hour room service and concierge service. The hotel has received accolades from the CAA/ AAA, Condé Nast Traveller and Robb Report, among many others.

This shimmering palace of crystalline beauty is one of downtown Montreal’s premier addresses. Hotel Le Crystal Montreal is the flagship skyscraper kitty-corner from the Bell Centre in the heart of the financial district. Within walking distance, you will discover historic Ste. Catherine Street, haute couture shopping, fine dining, bars and lively cafés. During your stay, make time for the pool, Jacuzzi and Swedish sauna on the 12th floor. The spa and fitness facilities overlook the city skyline, offering just the inspiration you need when working out.

Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel

Le Place d’Armes Hôtel and Suites Set in a superb location in the heart of Old Montreal, Le Place d’Armes Hôtel and Suites is an exclusive getaway that expertly blends urban sophistication with luxurious comforts – and just a touch of sinful decadence. The hotel’s 133 richly appointed rooms feature elegant, lavish interiors with century-old brick walls. Its chic brasserie-lounge, Suite 701, is a local favourite for its convivial urban vibe and stunning rooftop terrace, while its new Japanese tavern, Kyo Bar Japonais, offers an eclectic izakaya-inspired menu and more than 25 labels of sake.

Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel offers excellent Montreal accommodations and boasts a prime location steps from world-class shopping, exquisite dining and the entertainment district. Return from a day of discovery to the serene comfort of one of the 825 guestrooms and suites, designed with your well-being in mind. Rest easy on the Sheraton Sweet Sleeper™ bed. Enjoy high-speed Internet access. And linger over an exquisitely prepared meal at Bistro le Boulevard.

Delta Montreal

Hyatt Regency Montreal Long known as the 'hotel of the festivals', this conveniently located downtown property puts you in the heart of le Quartier des Spectacles, where many of Montreal's numerous special events take place. Savour a meal at SIX Resto Lounge or relax with in-room dining in one of the 605 stylish guestrooms. Additional hotel features and services include the 24-hour Stay Fit™ Fitness Centre, indoor pool and sun deck, sauna and steam room, massage services, parking facilities, laundry and dry cleaning services, and high-speed wireless Internet access.


Located in the heart of downtown Montreal in the vibrant entertainment district known as le Quartier des Spectacles, this property is also just steps away from McGill University. Only one street north of the hotel, Sherbrooke Street awaits with its chic high-end retailers and numerous museums. The hotel's 456 fresh and modern guestrooms, called ModeRooms, have SmartDesks, MP3 docking stations, complimentary high-speed Internet and flatscreen TVs. Guests amenities include the Cordial Restaurant/Bar, 24-hour room service, an indoor pool, squash courts and a spa.



Quebec City Tour

Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine Operated by GoHelico

Operated by Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine

A 360-degree panoramic view of Quebec City – simply breathtaking. Fly over this UNESCO World Heritage-listed city, the cradle of French civilisation in North America. You will see Old Quebec and its fortifications, the Plains of Abraham and the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, then fly over Cap Diamant and follow the broad sweep of the magnificent St. Lawrence River as you head over to Ile d’Orleans and the impressive Montmorency Falls. GoHelico gives you the sightseeing getaway of a lifetime with this 12- to 15-minute helicopter tour of Quebec City.

Just beyond Old Quebec, explore the rich landscapes of the Côte-de-Beaupré region along the shore of the St. Lawrence River, including Montmorency Falls, Mont-SainteAnne and Cap Tourmente. In addition to adventure in every season, you can discover heritage and culture on the Route de la Nouvelle-France and at the Sainte-Anne-deBeaupré Shrine. Paintings, mosaics, stainedglass windows, and stone and wooden sculptures are part of the extraordinary beauty and history of the shrine, and illuminate the important role it continues to play in the faith of the Quebec people.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

Hilton Quebec

With the mighty St. Lawrence River as its backdrop, the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac is not merely a hotel in the heart of Old Quebec – it is the heart of Old Quebec. Your experience at this heritage urban resort will guarantee you a memorable and inspiring stay in one of the most European cities in North America, a United Nations World Heritage-listed site. Choose from 611 beautifully furnished guestrooms and suites offering breathtaking views of the St. Lawrence River or Old Quebec City. Indulge at the spa, work out in the health club and savour gourmet cuisine.

Located on Parliament Hill, the Hilton Quebec hotel is only a 20-minute drive from the airport, and five minutes from the train and bus stations. The hotel is steps away from many major tourist attractions and festivals. Retire to a spacious guestroom and enjoy striking views of the St. Lawrence River and Old Quebec. All guestrooms feature a TV, pillow-top bedding, a luxurious bathroom with deluxe bath products, and highspeed Internet access. Additional hotel features include a fitness centre, a heated outdoor pool, and the Allegro bar and restaurant.

Hotel 71 Hotel 71 is an urban hotel in the heart of Quebec City’s Old Port. Housed in a prestigious building once home to Canada's first national bank office, Hotel 71 boasts a warm and modern atmosphere within its 19th-century neoclassical façade. Take advantage of an ideal location and enjoy amazing views of the St. Lawrence River and Cap Diamant from one of the hotel's 60 rooms and suites. Dine at a branch of Restaurant Il Matto, a local favourite, where you will find the same friendliness and great Italian comfort food for which the original restaurant in Ste-Foy is famous.

Colourful heritage homes with distinctive cast iron staircases, Quebec

Hôtel Champlain

Hôtel Clarendon Hôtel Clarendon stands elegantly in a beautiful area of Old Quebec City, surrounded by leading attractions and steps from boutiques. The hotel also offers a wide choice of restaurants, museums and unexpected discoveries within a short walking distance. The 1870 property features 143 cosy rooms, unique and authentic décor, and impeccable service. The hotel's renowned Charles Baillairgé restaurant will delight you with its fresh and trendy cuisine, and a relaxing evening awaits you in the property's Lounge-Bar.


Hôtel Champlain is your hotel in the heart of Old Quebec. Located near the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Grande Allée, Centre des congrès de Quebec, Old Port of Quebec City and Parliament, the hotel allows you to walk to many attractions of interest in the old city and downtown. Enjoy superb comfort in your guestroom and convenient complimentary services, including high-speed wireless Internet, an espresso and hot beverage bar open 24-hours daily, and a deluxe continental breakfast that includes fruit, yogurt, cheese and hot dishes.

Mont-Tremblant and Montebello / INTRODUCTION

Mont-Tremblant and Montebello A short drive from Ottawa and Montreal, a wonderland of ski slopes, waterfront and luxury hotels awaits. Mont-Tremblant is centred on a bustling resort village. Ski in the winter, golf in the summer and try your luck at the casino all year-round. At Montebello on the Ottawa River, attractions include a drive-through wildlife preserve and one of the world's largest log structures.


QUEBEC CITY Mont-Tremblant Montebello Gatineau






Hôtel Quintessence Hôtel Quintessence is a pre-eminent Tremblant boutique hotel, offering beauty, comfort, luxury and service in the heart of the Laurentians. Inspired by old-world estates, Hôtel Quintessence features 30 luxury suites on picturesque Lake Tremblant and is your exclusive waterfront retreat for a memorable stay. In all suites, you will enjoy a king-size bed, fireplace, air-conditioning, private balcony or large terrace, complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access, Aveda amenities, hairdryer, minibar, ironing facilities, safe deposit box and spacious, well-equipped bathroom. The Restaurant La Quintessence and Wine Bar provides an outstanding dining experience in an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere. The hotel's Spa Sans Sabots offers an ambience of sumptuous relaxation, its sophisticated décor providing the perfect foil for the breathtaking views of Lake Tremblant from the oversize whirlpool or the infinity pool.

Le Westin Resort and Spa, Tremblant Le Westin Resort and Spa, Tremblant provides comfort, urban-style luxury embraced by nature, and excellent service in the heart of the pedestrian village. The resort’s 122 rooms and suites have been thoroughly updated – including new furniture and amenities – to make it easier for you to relax. For added comfort, sink into the all-white bedding of the plush Heavenly® Bed. To make your stay truly unforgettable, the hotel offers slope-side access to the ski lifts and hiking trails, fine cuisine at Yamada, and delightful cocktails.

Residence Inn Manoir Labelle

Fairmont Tremblant Fairmont Tremblant puts you right in the middle of the action and fun. Complemented by a charming pedestrian village and the warmth of the beautiful Laurentian region, this fullservice hotel features ski-in-ski-out direct access to the slopes. It also offers 314 tastefully decorated guestrooms, the Windigo restaurant and an Amerispa with 15 treatment rooms. The indoor/outdoor pools and hot tub are open year-round. All you could wish for is here and under one roof.

Homewood Suites Mont-Tremblant Resort

The Residence Inn Mont-Tremblant Manoir Labelle is located in the pedestrian village at the base of Mont-Tremblant, one of eastern North America's leading ski and four-season destination resorts. The property is close to six golf courses, two beaches and plenty of other activities. Enjoy luxurious slope-side accommodation in a variety of rooms or suites equipped with full, renovated kitchens. All units also have flat-screen TVs and comfortable beds. Start your day with a complimentary hot and cold breakfast buffet.

Côté Nord Tremblant

This resort community in the mountain village of Mont-Tremblant is only 500 metres from the ski gondola, with excellent access to the mountain. Enjoy a range of complimentary amenities, including a full hot breakfast daily and Wi-Fi throughout the hotel. Take the family snowboarding and skiing, or glide through the warm water of the resort’s outdoor pool. Explore Mont-Tremblant’s pedestrian village from the hotel’s central location, or rent a bicycle and explore the dramatic surroundings.

Fairmont Le Château Montebello

Côté Nord Tremblant provides luxurious, fully equipped log home rentals and waterfront suites, only minutes from the action and ski slopes at Tremblant resort. Discover this yearround playground and enjoy all the on-site activities, including swimming in the lake or pool, kayaking, biking, tennis, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and excellent dining. Côté Nord Tremblant is a wonderful destination for a family holiday, romantic weekend, friendly meet-up or reception.


Conveniently located halfway between Montreal and Ottawa, one of the world's largest log structures offers a 'true Canadian lodge experience'. This architectural marvel has 211 rustic yet elegant guestrooms, while an exquisite menu featuring regional products is available at two restaurants. Fairmont Le Château Montebello distinguishes itself through the myriad of activities available on-site, including championship golf, a Land Rover off-road experience, curling, bearwatching and a Fairmont Spa, to name a few.

Lanaudiere and Maurice / INTRODUCTION


Lanaudiere and Mauricie Extending from the St. Lawrence River deep into the northern woods between Montreal and Quebec City, these twin regions provide a window into the province's natural and cultural heritage. Go fishing, boating or snowmobiling. Explore a wildlife preserve. Visit a 17th century shrine or take in a classical music festival. And enjoy something utterly unexpected, like a Quebecois rodeo.



Trois-Rivières Saint-Alexis-des Mont Montreal





Auberge du Lac Taureau Just 15 kilometres from St-Michel-des-Saints village and two and a half hours from Montreal, this elegant and intimate log-built lodge offers a spectacular view of Taureau Lake. The waterfront property's 150 rooms are surrounded by majestic Taureau Lake Regional Park. In any season, activities for couples and families abound. Relax in the indoor pool, whirlpool and sauna. In the spa, unwind with a rainshower massage, cocoa maple body wrap or balneotherapy treatment. Take a flightseeing tour by floatplane or try your hand at archery. Go hiking, fishing, dogsledding or skating, depending on the time of year. After your adventures, culinary rewards await at two on-site restaurants. Le Grand Pic offers fine dining – even a seven-course meal for those very special occasions – while Bistro Le Boréal serves more casual but still delicious fare. All the menus highlight fresh local ingredients.

Hôtel Sacacomie

La Seigneurie du Triton

Situated between Montreal and Quebec City, Hôtel Sacacomie is a gateway to nature. Located in the heart of the forest near the Mastigouche Wildlife Sanctuary, the hotel overlooks the majestic Sacacomie Lake and its 42-kilometre coastline. The log cabin-style hotel blends beautifully into the enchanting landscape, where nature prevails. The establishment's international reputation is based on the warm hospitality of its staff, its gourmet cuisine highlighting local products, and the diversity and authenticity of its year-round activities.

Lake Sacacomie during foliage season, Mauricie, Quebec


In 1893, Alexander Luders Light, a renowned railroad engineer, made a territory of more than 200 Quebec lakes accessible to American sportsmen. It was the beginning of the Triton Fish and Game Club. Today, the Seigneurie du Triton is a family company supported by a passionate, motivated and experienced team. Enjoy peace and discover several warm, hospitable and comfortable inns, including the Club House, which is over 100 years old. A convivial dining room awaits gourmands. The Seigneurie team always pampers guests and makes sure they enjoy their voyage back in time.

Charlevoix and Québec Maritime / INTRODUCTION


Charlevoix and Québec Maritime Northeast of Quebec City, a stunning wilderness spreads along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River and beyond. Explore it by train, by car or by boat. Watch for whales or shop for antiques. Ski one of the highest vertical drops in eastern North America. Cycle past windmills or snowshoe through tundra. See famed Percé Rock and explore the untrammelled Magdalen Islands.

Quebec Gaspé

La Marbaie Baie-Saint-Paul

QUEBEC CITY Mont-Tremblant





'Must-See' Attractions in Gaspésie Operated by Bioparc, Reford Gardens, Exploramer

'Must-See' Attractions in Gaspésie is a group of three museum organisations with living collections, whose shared mission is to promote and showcase the fauna and flora of the Gaspé and elsewhere. First, the Bioparc in Bonaventure features more than 40 animal species native to Gaspésie, along with 70 plant species, the Little Farm and the Insectarium. The Bioparc also offers quality seaside accommodation. Second, Les Jardins de Métis/ Reford Gardens is home to some 3,000 varieties of exotic and native plants. Interactive contemporary garden installations are also on display during the International Garden Festival. Other amenities include a museum and a restaurant featuring edible flowers on the menu. Finally, Exploramer offers visitors plenty of ways to discover the rich marine environment of the St. Lawrence: an aquarium park and tactile pools, sea excursions, fish-harvesting activities, interactive exhibitions on the sea, and more.

Discover Le Québec Maritime

Village historique de Val-Jalbert

Operated by Le Québec Maritime

Operated by Village historique de Val-Jalbert

Eastern Quebec is made up of five regions united by the sea and a common maritime tradition: Bas-Saint-Laurent, Gaspésie, CôteNord–Manicouagan, Côte-Nord–Duplessis and the Îles de la Madeleine. This vast destination offers 3,000 kilometres of coastline, 13 whale species, 15 parks and wildlife reserves, over 40 lighthouses and more. In these regions, ferries are an extension of the road network. They allow visitors to explore both shores of the majestic St. Lawrence without retracing their steps and offer unique opportunities to observe marine wildlife.

North of Quebec City, travel back in time to an authentic single-industry village of the 1920s with some 40 charming original buildings. The majestic Ouiatchouan Falls, higher than Niagara Falls, will leave you awestruck. Enjoy unforgettable accommodation in the general store or one of several period homes, all conveniently located in the village centre. Many captivating, uncommon experiences await you and your family.

Le Massif de Charlevoix Train

Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu

Operated by Le Massif de Charlevoix

Board the scenic Charlevoix touring train in Quebec City and set off on one of two journeys to the Massif de Charlevoix region: 83 kilometres to Baie St. Paul or 136 kilometres to La Malbaie. You will enjoy a breathtaking view along the coastline while learning about the landscape and its people. The coach cars are equipped with ultra-modern interactive kiosks allowing you to discover a wealth of cultural, historical and tourist information while enjoying a gourmet menu featuring local dishes from Charlevoix.

This 'Castle on the Cliff', 90 minutes northeast of Quebec City, is a vision of historical splendour nestled majestically between sea and mountain. Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu blends the quiet charm of a countryside retreat with the sophistication of an elegant resort. Golf, whalewatching cruises on the St. Lawrence River, downhill and cross-country skiing in the Laurentian Mountains, and tennis are but a few of the many activities available. The excitement of a world-class casino and the exquisite cuisine of the Charlevoix region await discerning guests.

Hôtel Tadoussac With its whitewashed walls, red roof, maritime colours, dormer windows and cupola, Hôtel Tadoussac calls to mind an earlier era. Overlooking Tadoussac Bay and the St. Lawrence River, the hotel is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, families on holiday or couples on a romantic getaway. Besides whale-watching, golf and ecotourism, many other activities are offered on-site, including swimming and tennis. Enjoy the health club and spa, and introduce your little ones to the Kids’ Club. Wander the magnificent sand dunes, take one of the many scenic hikes, or just sit in your room and enjoy the everchanging landscape. Savour the elaborate cuisine inspired by local food products in Le Coverdale dining room. Be charmed by the fine cuisine and exceptional service in Le William restaurant. Come explore everything Hôtel Tadoussac has to offer.


New Brunswick / INTRODUCTION


New Brunswick For a small province, New Brunswick offers enviable diversity: deep forests, splendid seacoasts, charming small cities, and a blend of French and English cultures. Discover the unique music, art and stories of the francophone Acadians. Marvel at some of the world's highest tides in the Bay of Fundy. Hike Appalachian trails. And savour some of the richest seafood chowder you will ever taste.

New Brunswick



Saint John



New Brunswick's capital punches far above its size in terms of cultural attractions. For instance, it claims to have more artisans per capita than any other Canadian city. Many of them share their talents through edVentures, a huge holiday learning program. Another bonus: the pretty riverfront and compact downtown are very walkable.

Thoroughly bilingual Moncton – once named Canada's most courteous city by Reader's Digest – is also home to the Frye Festival, one of the country's largest literary festivals. Kids will love Magnetic Hill (an optical illusion) and Magic Mountain Waterpark, and the whole family can spend a leisurely Saturday morning exploring the Moncton Market.

Saint John Stand awestruck before nature's power in the heart of the city, as you watch the huge tides of the Bay of Fundy turn part of the Saint John River into the Reversing Rapids – only to change direction again a few hours later. Then shop and dine at Market Square, or take in a theatre, opera or symphony performance at the restored Imperial Theatre.

Potato field with the Confederation Bridge in the background., Prince Edward Island




Walk the Ocean Floor Operated by The Hopewell Rocks

The Hopewell Rocks are among New Brunswick’s top attractions. Open seasonally from mid-May to mid-October, they are located along the coast of the Bay of Fundy, which is home to the world’s highest tides. Delight in a unique natural experience of both high and low tides. Enjoy the multimedia exhibit in the Interpretive Centre, scenic walking trails and lookouts. Part of the Hopewell Rocks experience is a beach walk along the ocean’s floor among the flowerpot-like formations. Access the beach from a set of stairs off the main viewing deck and stairs/ramp beside the lower parking lot. Allow at least two hours to explore the entire length of the beach. It is a relatively easy walk until you reach The Ledges, a limestone ridge on the southern end of the beach. The more adventurous may clamber over these rocks to reach Demoiselle Beach on the other side.

Kayak the Rocks – Coastal Tour

Reversing Falls Thrill Ride

Operated by Baymount Outdoor Adventures

Operated by Reversing Falls Jet Boat Rides

The Hopewell Rocks – dramatic sandstone formations in the scenic Bay of Fundy – are among New Brunswick's most popular tourist attractions. Join this one-and-a-half-hour guided sea-kayaking tour and discover, first hand, the awesome might and beauty of the bay’s giant tides. Paddle by spectacular sea stacks at the Flowerpot Rocks of Hopewell Cape. You also have a special opportunity to navigate through the ‘ledges’ and up the massive mud-lined Demoiselle Creek. Return at low tide to stroll among the exquisite formations you paddled by a few hours before.

Come challenge, surf and ride the famous rapids of the Reversing Falls aboard specially designed jet boats. Truly experience the power of this famous Saint John phenomenon! You will climb the falls, jump them, cross them – 20 minutes of excitement and sensational thrills are guaranteed. It is a 'must-do' ride you will not soon forget. Your tour with an experienced guide includes use of a life jacket and rain gear (used as a windbreaker). All participants must be at least 106 centimetres tall and wear appropriate clothing.

Whale-Watching and Nature Tours

Crowne Plaza Moncton Downtown

Operated by Fundy Tider Runners

Jump aboard a seven-metre Zodiac Hurricane™ and speed out to the Bay of Fundy in a matter of minutes. Dressed warmly in your provided Mustang™ Survival Suit, you will cruise through the passages between the many islands of the West Isles archipelago on your way to the whale feeding grounds. Tour guests regularly encounter finback, minke and humpback whales, as well as porpoises, dolphins and seals. Fundy Tide Runners takes pride in providing a safe, stable, dry and, most of all, exciting twohour marine tour.

Delta Beausejour Hotel

Exceptional service, casual and fine dining, and superior accommodations are what you can expect at the Crowne Plaza Moncton Downtown. The upscale hotel is located in the heart of beautiful Moncton, just steps away from downtown festivals and events, unique retail shops, and trendy outdoor cafés. Relax in style while enjoying some of the city’s finest steaks and seafood at t-bone's Restaurant. Choose from standard rooms, executive rooms and family suites, all with comfortable new beds, seven-layer bedding and complimentary highspeed Internet.

Rodd Moncton

A part of the city's steadily growing skyline, Delta Beausejour Hotel is located in downtown Moncton, at the geographic centre of the Maritimes in the Petitcodiac River Valley. As one of Moncton's leading hotels, the property is renowned for its cuisine and boundless opportunities for family fun. Enjoy the indoor mineral-water pool and one of the largest indoor hotel water slides in New Brunswick. A fun room offering the latest gaming consoles and Internet access adds to the entertainment.


Rodd Moncton is a newly renovated hotel in the heart of downtown Moncton. It overlooks the famous Tidal Bore and is adjacent to Tidal Bore Park. Choose from 97 tastefully decorated guestrooms furnished with modern amenities. To suit just about every budget, many room types are available, from drive-up motel guestrooms to execut ive -st yle accommodations, all including complimentary continental breakfast. Rodd Moncton is one of the only hotels in the downtown core where you can relax on an outdoor patio or in a heated pool on those hot summer days.


Delta Brunswick


Saint John offers a wealth of natural and historical delights, and the Delta Brunswick waits to wow you with wonderful service. Located in the heart of Uptown Saint John, the hotel is above the Brunswick Square shopping complex and is connected by an indoor walkway to Market Square, the Saint John Trade and Convention Centre, and the Saint John City Market, which is a National Historic Site. The 254 air-conditioned guestrooms include complimentary newspapers, directdial phones, and TVs with satellite channels and pay-per-view movies. Bathrooms offer shower/tub combinations, hairdryers and complimentary toiletries. Additional amenities include ironing facilities and clock radios. Whether you are enjoying the sights, participating in an important event or both, this Saint John accommodation offers you the location, comfort and amenities you seek.

Crowne Plaza Fredericton-Lord Beaverbrook The Crowne Plaza Fredericton-Lord Beaverbrook hotel is centrally located in downtown Fredericton, only 13 kilometres from Greater Fredericton International Airport. From the variety of on-site restaurants to the array of room amenities, including complimentary highspeed Internet access and stunning views of Fredericton, the hotel aims to meet your travel needs. With new features like Oasis – a heated salt-water pool, hot tub and steam room – you can expect a refreshing stay.

Ramada Fredericton

Delta Fredericton Adorned with tree-lined streets, impressive Victorian homes, more than 70 kilometres of trails and rolling green space, Fredericton is one of the most beautiful cities in North America. The Delta Fredericton provides a gracious place to call home, overlooking the majestic Saint John River. Stay in shape and bring the family, as the hotel offers indoor and outdoor pools. Work out in the 24-hour fitness centre, or borrow equipment to exercise in your room. Children 17 and under stay free in a parent's room, and you can borrow playpens, high chairs and more.

Rossmount Inn Hotel

The recently renovated Ramada Fredericton hotel is minutes from downtown and popular destinations. Studios, executive rooms and inside courtyard rooms are available, all with complimentary Wi-Fi. The 929-square-metre Mediterranean indoor courtyard houses a heated pool, hot tub and poolside bar for your enjoyment. Try the steak, seafood, pasta or Sunday brunch at the on-site restaurant, or order room service. This pet-friendly hotel also offers a nine-hole golf course, a complimentary airport shuttle and free parking for large vehicles.

Puffin, New Brunswick


This three-storey manor house located in St. Andrews-by-the-Sea is part of a 35-hectare estate set between the forest and the sea. It includes Chamcook Mountain, the highest point in the Passamaquoddy Bay area, and offers breathtaking vistas over the bay, Chamcook Lake, the St. Croix River and the coast of Maine. The inn's 18 rooms all feature fine antiques. Choose a room with a king bed, a queen bed or two double beds, depending on your needs. Amenities in all rooms include a private bathroom, hairdryer, flat-screen TV and DVD, air-conditioning and complimentary wireless high-speed Internet.


INTRODUCTION / Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island Longing to connect with genial people in an unspoiled place? Look no further than Prince Edward Island. Savour a classic country lobster supper. Visit Green Gables Heritage Site, the farmhouse that inspired the novel Anne of Green Gables. The capital, Charlottetown, is home to just 65,000 people – small enough to be friendly but large enough to offer big-city amenities.

Prince Edward Island Cavendish






City Highlights - Charlottetown Tour

Island Drive and Anne of Green Gables

Operated by Prince Edward Tours

Operated by Prince Edward Tours

Jump aboard the big blue sightseeing doubledecker and explore the historic downtown, the waterfront, lovely residential areas and more. Enjoy fun and informative commentary from local guides on a relaxing, 75-minute tour. Discover the history and charm of Canada’s birthplace as you ride through the streets of Charlottetown. Drive past Province House, Beaconsfield, Historic Great George Street, the Charlottetown Driving Park, the Lieutenant Governor’s House, Victoria Park, the University of Prince Edward Island and much more.

View rolling farmlands, stunning seascapes and bustling harbours along the scenic Green Gables Shore as you get ready to tour the North Shore area. Enjoy brief photo stops at quaint little fishing villages, lighthouses and world-class Cavendish Beach. Tour Green Gables, the old farm that inspired L.M. Montgomery’s first novel, Anne of Green Gables, published in 1908. A popular stop is the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company, located in one of Canada’s prettiest villages. The company uses locally grown fruit to make delicious jams and marmalades.

Delta Prince Edward

The Great George The Great George is a distinctive collection of 15 heritage buildings featuring 60 richly renovated suites, each with its own character and story. Inside, you will discover modern amenities seamlessly integrated with charming, award-winning surroundings. Your room may have a fireplace, a Jacuzzi or a clawfoot tub. Beyond the front door, step into one of Canada's most historic neighbourhoods. Visit Province House – a National Historic Site – stroll the waterfront and Charlottetown boardwalk, browse in pretty boutiques, enjoy fine dining, and take in the local arts and theatre scene.

Overlooking the waterfront, Delta Prince Edward is located in the heart of historic Charlottetown, steps away from charming stores, restaurants and nightlife. Wander the waterfront boardwalk enjoying the many shops of Peake's Wharf, including delicious COWS Ice Cream. The 211 guestrooms feature beds with pillow-top mattresses, complimentary wireless Internet access and refrigerators. Bathrooms come with shower/tub combinations and makeup/shaving mirrors. The Water's Edge Resto Bar and Grill serves fresh, locally inspired cuisine created by an award-winning culinary team.

The Hotel on Pownal

Best Western Charlottetown Nestled in the heart of downtown, the fully renovated Best Western Charlottetown is ideally located. It gives you easy access to shopping, historical landmarks, the waterfront and all that the city has to offer. This 144-room property's amenities and benefits include a complimentary hot breakfast buffet, parking, high-speed Internet and free local calls. Most rooms are equipped with new comfortable pillow-top beds and flat-screen TVs. Unwind in the fitness centre or relax in the heated indoor swimming pool.

With a marked fresh, urban style, The Hotel on Pownal is a modern boutique hotel ideal for those who shy away from conventionality. Located in the heart of downtown Charlottetown, on historic Pownal Street, the hotel is within easy reach of shopping, fabulous dining, and the beautiful Charlottetown waterfront and boardwalk. During your stay at this recently renovated hotel, distinctive 'Urban Experiences' will keep you active and entertained. The hotel offers 45 guestrooms and suites, which all feature flat-screen TVs and iPod docking stations.

Rodd Brudenell River Resort

Rodd Charlottetown Hotel From the moment you step into the grand lobby of this luxury hotel, with its marble floors and barrel-vaulted ceilings, you will be surrounded by the historic elegance that sets Rodd Charlottetown Hotel apart from all other island hotels. The 155 guestrooms and suites at the hotel are tastefully decorated with impeccable replicas of period furnishings, draperies and linens. In the middle of the 'old world' charm, guests will enjoy the convenient amenities of an indoor pool, fitness room, sauna and whirlpool.


With its luxury facilities, tranquil setting within Brudenell River Provincial Park and wide variety of on-site activities, Rodd Brudenell River Resort is an appealing destination only 30 minutes from Charlottetown. The main hotel features 99 guestrooms and suites. The resort also includes 16 Echelon Gold Cottages, which are ideal for large parties or families travelling together. Resort amenities include two 18-hole golf courses, indoor and outdoor pools, a whirlpool and sauna, a fitness centre, complimentary wireless high-speed Internet, and much more.



Nova Scotia With its beguiling blend of Scottish heritage and seaside traditions, Nova Scotia weaves a unique spell. Stroll streets of pretty Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site. Listen to the lilt of a fiddle as dusk steals over Cape Breton Island. Meander along a coastal driving route, stopping at fruit stands and art galleries. Leave time for lively Halifax, the biggest city in the Maritimes.

Cape Breton Island

Sydney Baddeck

Nova Scotia

HALIFAX Peggy’s Cove Lunenburg Yarmouth

Halifax With six universities and 14 private colleges, Halifax has a dynamic, youthful vibe – just stroll down Spring Garden Road on a Saturday night to discover it. If history is more your style, visit the 19th century Citadel and the Pier 21 immigration museum. And for fine dining and shopping on the waterfront, head to the Historic Properties district.

Baddeck At the beginning or end of your drive along the jawdropping Cabot Trail, leave time to visit the village of Baddeck. See the summer home of inventor Alexander Graham Bell, now a National Historic Site. Sample delectable seafood, step lively at a ceilidh, unwind with a decadent spa treatment and let the friendly staff at a luxury resort pamper you.

Humpback whale in the Bay of Fundy



Nature and Whale-Watching

Tall Ship Sailing Cruise


Operated by Murphy's - The Cable Wharf

Operated by Murphy's - The Cable Wharf

Enjoy informative commentary aboard the daily Nature and Whale-Watching tours of Halifax Harbour. Take in the wonderful sights and wildlife along the coastlines of George’s and McNab’s islands before entering the Great North Atlantic to revel in majestic views of the world’s largest mammals. Discover the authentic maritime experience of bringing in live lobster traps, while the on-board naturalist answers all of your questions. Feed the birds and take in the on-board touch tank, featuring examples of local marine life. Due to the nature of wildlife, whalesightings cannot be guaranteed.

Step back in time aboard the Mar – a famous wooden tall ship – and relive the days when buccaneers and privateers ruled the seas, as you explore Halifax’s waterfront on a one-anda-half-hour sail. Be ready to help the crew hoist the sails and steer the boat. The Mar is a 22-metre wooden ketch built in Denmark by world-renowned author Ernest K. Gann. This tall ship was the subject of a documentary film produced by her next owner, Charles Tobias of the Pusser’s Rum Company, and has twice circumnavigated the world.

Atlantica Hotel Halifax

The Westin Nova Scotian The Westin Nova Scotian boasts an ideal location near the harbour. Steps from worldclass Halifax attractions, the hotel is an excellent place to savour the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. Enjoy stunning views of Halifax Harbour or Cornwallis Park from your guestroom. Slip into a plush terrycloth robe and sink back into the bliss of your Heavenly Bed®. Renew your senses and find balance in your home away from home. Nourish your soul at elements on hollis restaurant, featuring locally inspired cuisine and wines.

Located in the heart of Halifax, this familyfriendly hotel is within walking distance of the Halifax Central Common Park, Emera Oval and Halifax North Common Park. Also nearby are the Clay Cafe Paint Your Own Pottery Studio and the Halifax Public Gardens. In addition to a restaurant, the hotel's facilities include an indoor pool, a bar/lounge and a 24-hour business centre. The 230 guestrooms feature flat-screen TVs with premium cable channels, pillow-top mattresses, MP3 docking stations and complimentary wireless Internet.

Delta Halifax

The Lord Nelson Hotel and Suites The Lord Nelson Hotel and Suites is an unforgettable downtown Halifax landmark, overlooking the famed Victorian-era Halifax Public Gardens. Surround yourself with the warm and rich ambience of the property's historic architecture and beautifully appointed guestrooms and suites. Located on the vibrant corner of Spring Garden Road and South Park Street, the hotel puts you steps away from some of Halifax's finest shopping, dining and entertainment venues. Citadel Hill, universities, hospitals and the waterfront are all within easy walking distance of the hotel.

Lured by the call of the sea, guests return again and again to picturesque Halifax. This downtown hotel's location is ideal for exploring the idyllic neighbourhoods, quaint shops, lively pubs and charming harbour. Connected to the Delta Barrington, its sister hotel, by the Downtown Halifax Link walkway system, the Delta Halifax offers guests climate-controlled access to Casino Nova Scotia and the World Trade and Convention Centre. The 296 guestrooms feature complimentary high-speed Internet access, TVs and air-conditioning.

Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa

Inverary Resort The Inverary Resort offers accommodations and cottages right on the waterfront of Baddeck, Alexander Graham Bell's beloved Cape Breton home, and the starting point of the worldfamous Cabot Trail. Originally built in 1850, this four-hectare Nova Scotia holiday resort sits on the shores of the glorious Bras d'Or Lake. It provides breathtaking views of a beautiful landscape, along with a variety of accommodations, including hotel rooms and cottages. Bask in the sun on the expansive waterfront boardwalk, spend a day at the spa or relax by the indoor pool.


The moment you arrive, you will begin to feel at ease. From the refreshing coastal air and warm hospitality, to the exquisite dining and renowned spa, Keltic Lodge Resort and Spa will exceed all your expectations. Spectacularly perched high on a headland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this majestic Cape Breton resort offers the perfect escape, whether you are seeking a quiet retreat to restore your spirits, an invigorating setting to perfect your golf swing, a secluded getaway to rekindle romance or an adventure destination to reconnect with your a family.


INTRODUCTION / Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador On North America's eastern edge lie the rugged mainland region of Labrador and the unspoiled island of Newfoundland. Join Inuit elders and scientific researchers at Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station, kayak the glittering fjords of Gros Morne National Park, photograph candycoloured wooden houses in St. John's, or just shoot the breeze with gregarious Newfoundlanders.

Happy Valley Goose Bay

Newfoundland and Labrador

Gros Morne National Park

Gander Corner Brook



St. John's

Now more accessible than ever with its new road link and the extension of the ferry service from Newfoundland, Labrador retains its remote character and appeal. This is a wild land home to ancient Inuit and Innu communities and dotted with traditional fishing settlements along the picturesque Labrador Coastal Drive.

Just a three-hour flight from Toronto, St. John's – capital of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador – is perhaps the oldest and certainly the most easterly city in North America. Rich with heritage, and full of character, this charming harbour destination is also the starting point for your Newfoundland and Labrador adventure.

Gros Morne National Park The second largest national park in eastern Canada, Gros Morne National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site renowned for its complex and rare geology. Two hour’s drive from north to south, the park boasts staggering views from hiking lookouts, ample opportunities for boating and kayaking, and a number of dining venues.

Gros Morne, Newfoundland and Labrador



Iceberg Quest Boat Tour

Western Brook Pond Tour


Operated by Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours

Operated by BonTours

This two-hour tour departs four times daily between May and September, entertaining passengers as they sail in search of icebergs and whales. Your adventure departs from downtown St. John’s and journeys through The Narrows and past Cabot Tower en route to Cape Spear. Cruise through pristine waters that are home to the world’s largest concentration of humpback whales, sail past 12,000-year-old icebergs and watch as Atlantic puffins frolic along the coastlines.

Offering multiple departures daily between June and September from the Ocean View Hotel, this tour takes passengers to the dramatic Western Brook Pond fjord in Gros Morne National Park. The 16-kilometre lake is home to Atlantic Salmon, Brook Trout, and Arctic Char, as well as an unusual colony of cliff nesting gulls. On board, behold the spectacular glacier-carved land-locked fjord, waterfalls cascading from 600 metres that can turn to mist before reaching the pond, and frequent wildlife sightings.

Delta St. John's Hotel

Murray Premises Hotel

The Delta St. John’s Hotel is located in the heart of downtown, just steps from the business and entertainment districts. The hotel’s location also affords guests easy access to the best local attractions, including world-famous George Street. Take a hike along the East Coast Trail where the rugged coastline and 10,000 year old icebergs provide stunning scenery. Guests can dine at Mickey Quinn's restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Or enjoy private in-room dining.

Enjoy all the comfort you would expect from a modern designer hotel, complemented by the history and charm from the city of St. John's. Murray Premises Hotel is located in a National Historic Site on the St. John's waterfront, with rooms radiating character through exposed 19th century wooden beams, contemporary furnishings and luxurious touches. Atmosphere is paired with a prime location: minutes' walk from restaurants, quaint shops, Mile One Centre and St. John's Convention Centre. Experience modern comfort, uncompromising service, and value at the Murray Premises Hotel.

Ocean View Hotel Nestled in the charming small town of Rocky Harbour, the Ocean View Hotel is located a stone's throw from Gros Morne National Park's many cultural, adventure and outdoor exploits. The hotel offers 53 modern waterfront rooms featuring amenities such as air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, hairdryer and telephone. Ocean View Hotel boasts a dining and nightlife experience like no other in the province. Feast on fresh seafood in the dining room, before an evening spent listening to the traditional music of Anchors Aweigh, the hotel's signature house band.

The Mad Rocks near Bay Williams in Newfoundland

Lighthouse at sunrise, Newfoundland


Puffins on a rock overlooking the sea


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Destination Canada 2014-16 by Eest Reisen  

Destination Canada 2014-16 by Eest Reisen  

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