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Sock Monsters Invade Earth Poem

Sock Monsters Invade Earth Publishing & Distribution June15, 2013

Sock Monsters Invade Earth Poem Sock Monsters invade Earth, to torment little children. They eat one sock, leaving one, laugh out loud when the children are blamed, they giggle to hear the parents fuss about. The Sock Monsters lurk about, waiting, to swipe that sock from humans devouring it for their food. Human boys and girls discover this when one sock vanishes into thin air and their parents throw up arms in despair and lecture the offspring to take more care. Sock Monsters watch and wait, patiently about to strike when the washer is full, to swipe one sock and leave the other. Sock Monsters are mischievous creatures, who love to torment children. They love the socks, and puzzles too, and have even taken a shoe or two. Sock-land is found underground, under the house, tunnels are formed from socks and puzzles making it a strange world, indeed. Children have seen the Sock Monster appear, looking just like their twin. When the parents hear, they laugh

or scold, about the fairy stories told. Looking back, some adults might find within their soul, a flicker of a memory, of times when as a child, they remember their Sock Monster appear, and grin at them with great delight when they were scolded and reprimanded just as they scold now. Kooky Stories P&D creation June15,2013 Š6152013- Dalene Davies

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Sock Monsters Invade Earth Poem  

Ever wondered what happens to those missing socks? Read this funny poem to get a glimpse into where those socks go! What happens to your chi...