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Have all eyes on you wih the latest trends for women from day to night

Freshen up you look with tips from Kontrol’s own expert Hope Book report

Board the emotional rollercoster of lies, love, and sex with Mike Warren’s A Private Affair LIVE FAMOUSLY OR DIE

Enter the world of conversational furniture and whimsical fabrics known as StageAge crÉme de la crÉme

Changing the way American eats sweets, one “delectable delight” at a time PRETTY IN PINK

O’so Krispie speaks on life after R U The Girl and the upcoming album

One Wicked Fever

One-on-one with the man behind the vision, Julian Lark.

Julian Lark Stephanie Perry


Creative Director Shari Reese

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Chantaye McLaughlin, Ty Xavier Weldon Photography , Hope Danley, Latay Mays, Nick Landrum, Karin Smith, WDR Photography, PhotoChic High-end Retouching, DX photography, Sheryl Taylor Photography, Shari Blades, Ben Freeman Photography, Collen Stubbins You may ask “How is Kontrol Magazine different than the rest?” Embarking on a new business venture can be a bit daunting, but exciting nonetheless… As you open this magazine and flip through the pages you will share in our humble beginnings. I ran across a quote the other night while surfing the net that motivated me, and I thought I should share it “If people are not laughing at your goals and dreams, then that means you are not aiming high enough.” The fact that you are reading this magazine represents a dream coming true. You see I wanted to be able to give independent artist a voice. Somewhere, they could shine and be recognized for their work and their dreams. This beginning has not come easy and over night; we did a lot of structuring and restructuring. And we came with something more than just your same old magazine that is on the shelf right now that promotes models and artists. We’re giving you High Fashion, Glamour, Entertainment, Trendy, and Edgy news. You may ask “How is Kontrol Magazine different than the rest?” Well the answer rests in the satisfaction

of its readers. I want to once again thank you for being a part of our humble beginnings and we hope that you will be here throughout the journey. In this first issue of Kontrol we wanted to give you a new outlook on spring; Something different from the usual floral prints, neon colors, and pretty dresses, so we introduce to you our version of spring. It’s a little darker, more edgy but its glamour at its best! In this April issue you will find a wicked new collection from the new trend setters of 2009 “House of Fever”, A hot new album from the girl that caused so much ruckus in UPNs reality show on R U the Girl “O’So Krispie”, A chance to hear what everyone’s talking about in private finale brought to the forefront and one of the worlds hot new destination for travel and so much more. We finally welcome you to take KONTROL. Julian Lark Editor-in-Chief


its a jungle out there FEMALETRENDS


Women can “go wild” with this season’s trend of Safari. Earth tones, animal prints, big jewelry pieces, and block prints invade stores and make a bold statement. Have all eyes on you by mixing it up as well! Try a block print skirt with snakeskin sandals or mix strong elements with a basic layering such as a safari brown jacket. This summer go ‘head women, let them hear you roar!










1) Coach Snakeskin Sandals $218 // 2) Rebecca Taylor Cheetah Top $150 // 3) French Connection Stripe Skirt $118 // 4) Ann Taylor Safari jacket $149 // 5) Max Mara Khaki shorts $460 and leather belt $320 // 6) GAP Leather hobo $198 // 7) Banana Republic Butterfly necklace $44 // 8) Old Navy Roll up capris $29.50 // 9) Chinese Laundry Tribal sandal $80 // 10) Guess Safari pump $98 // 11) MZ Wallace Satchel $395 // 12) Eric Beamom for Target Cuff // 13) J Crew Zebra tee $32.50 //



Dior Homme Spring 2009









Metro-sexual makes a comeback in 2009 showcasing that women are not the only ones who can wear gold. Gold trends such as scarves, shoes, jackets, t-shirts, and bags help to give men a chance to sample some variety in their closet, without looking too feminine. Men should try wearing thin leather gold sneakers with a basic white dress shirt, black tie, and black/indigo skinny jeans, or maybe even a white tee, with a simple print (i.e. NOT Ed Hardy) for a more indie rock star feel. Alternatively, try tucking in your skinny/straight leg jeans into a pair of gold hi-top sneakers with your favorite limited edition, street wear t-shirt. 1) D&G Sebastiano Ricci Graffiti T $227.59 2) DOLCE&GABBANA Gold Cut Tie Dye Shirt $457.47 // D&G shirts found at 3) Fossil Chronograph Champagne $135.00 // 4) Garret sunglasses $49.99 // 5) Louis Vuitton Laced Up Shoes - White Black Gold $85.00 // Louis Vuitton shoes 6) Versace black long-sleeve track jacket $89.99 // Jacket 7) Maison Martin Margiela Shiny Corduroy Pants $357.00 // 8) Fi-Hi Master G Stereo Bag $78.95 // 9) Dior Homme Gold trench // 10) Dior Homme Gold Blazer //

The Hottest Gadgets of ‘09 By: Tyrique Johnson

HP Mini 1000 Netbook

Price: $400+ Available: Now The HP 2133 Mini Note was about as exciting as being sat next to Alistair Darling for the duration of a bus trip across Belgium. However, HP’s latest offering looks set to be a whole lot more enticing. Its hardware offerings are nothing out of the ordinary, but a new Linux MIE operating system looks swish, as does the netbook’s polished design.

The Napkin PC

Price: $T.B.D. Available: Late 2009 This touch interface concept allows multiple users to collaborate on brainstorming projects, make notes or play noughts and crosses or, as it will henceforth be known, Futuristic Noughts and iCrosses. It uses “E-paper” which doesn’t require power to retain an image. Microsoft is behind it.

3D Wearable TV

Price: $90 Available: Now Vuzix makes optical devices that help the military shoot people more efficiently, but it also builds big-screen tellies you wear. The range includes the iWear AV230XL and the AV310 Widescreen, placing the equivalent of a 44-inch or 52-inch screen respectively right in front of your eyes. They’re ideally suited to 3D video, without the need for red and green cellophane specs (although admittedly with the need for Jordi-from-Star-Trek-TNG-style specs).


Palm PRE Smartphone

Price: $299-$399 (approx.) Available: Summer 2009 At CES 2009, Palm unveiled their revolutionary new Palm Pre smartphone. The Palm Pre goes well beyond updating the stale Palm OS platform, and brings an entirely new interface and hardware paradigm in the form of the Palm WebOS. The WebOS is a jewel of a touchscreen interface, and it includes some interesting synchronization options to allow users to seamlessly navigate between corporate mail, personal e-mail on Google as well as social networking on Facebook.The Palm Pre hardware packs all the high-end features you’d expect from a modern smartphone, all in a slim, rounded design. The Palm Pre is indeed a full-touch device, with a touch sensitive area that extends well beyond the 3.1-inch, 480 by 320 pixel display. Beneath the screen is a single home button, but both sides of the phone next to the button are also touch sensitive and react to gestures. We’ve seen a similar idea on the original HTC Touch, but Palm has included more gesture control from the start. In addition to the nice screen, Palm includes a 3.5mm headphone jack and packs in 8GB of internal storage, which should help make this a better multimedia player than any previous Palm device. The Palm Pre will be available in the first half of 2009, so June 30 is my best guess, though I’d like to see it much earlier. Sprint will have the exclusive at launch, but Palm usually launches their phones on every network but T-Mobile, so we expect that exclusivity won’t last through the holidays. Pricing has yet to be determined, but I usually see new, high-end Palm smartphones launch in the $300 range. A $200 price tag would attack the iPhone more directly, but I doubt it will be that low at launch. I definitely will be in line the first day it comes out!


Go from a day look to an evening look: Note: It is not necessary to cleanse the face but wipe off the lipstick or lip gloss that you had on earlier and moisturize your lips. If you prefer to cleanse then make sure you do it as soon as you walk in your house so you can give your face a good moisturizer and allow it to regulate into your skin to protect.

“...pull out some bolder colors to work. Make sure they will complement your style and color of the outfit you are wearing!” Once you have made your final wardrobe selec- be used on your entire eye. If you are wearing tion, it’s time for the transformation. black, pick 3 good colors. *Step out of the box and pull out some bolder colors to work. Make sure they will complement your style and color(s) of the outfit you are wearing!

*Using the high lift color, place it boldly under the arch of the eye brow and blend it throughout your eye lid but keeping it bold under the arch. (example: yellows, peach, beige, high lift shimmer color)

*For one of your eyeshadow colors pick one that you will be wearing for an ACCENT color not to *Next choose a medium tone that is not too light



...BEFORE or too dark and place this color to the inside corner of the eye closest to the nose but keep in mind, blending is essential but don’t blend too much into your high lift because it may become a new color. (example: oranges, coppers, dark pinks)

“...blending is essential but don’t blend too much into your high lift because it may become a new color.”

*Pick a darker tone and place it to the outer corner edge of your eye for a deeper majestic look and blend. This will also assist in giving you a smokey eye effect. (example: Browns, greens, blacks, deep reds) *Once you have completed your shadows, make your eyeliner bold. The best eyeliner to use would be a black liquid liner and a bold black mascara. Be careful not to clump your mascara, use about 2-3 coats. Hint: Get a professional to add some lashes to make your eyes pop without dealing with the mascara. *Blush is not necessary but it enhances your sexy cheeks and accentuates your face. Only dust a small amount just for an accent to your face. (example: soft red/browns or a shimmer tone)


Models: Amy,Valeriem, Jillian Hair & Make-up by Hope

wild weekends By: Shari Reese

A Private Affair by Mike Warren is a new rollercoaster ride of a novel. Filled with lots of emotion, sex and swagger, Mike takes us on a fantasy ride that was once his life. As you read on, you will find out how Mike dealt with coming out to his wife, lover and eventually his self. The fifty-three year old Baltimore, Maryland native has been married twice divorced twice and has 5 kids ranging from ages 17-31. Warren wrote the book 4 years ago. It took him about a year and a half to complete his work and another year and a half to find a publisher that was bold enough to print it. In this time, he found Tressa Smallwood, owner of the publishing company Life Changing Books. As the owner of the company, she took a chance on Warren and wanted to bring his story to the forefront. The book is a semi-autobiography. Mike Warren and character Sean Matthews are one in the same. Meeting his first wife at age eighteen, Warren and his wife had their first son when Warren was nineteen going on age twenty. He then decided the best, stable way to raise his family was to enlist in the military. While in the military, Warren was introduced to the gay lifestyle by a group of men he befriended. About 4 years ago Warren went through very hard time in his life. Unemployed and single, he

went through a very depressing time. A few friends kept telling him that he should write a book, but being the father of 5 kids he had to decide if that’s how he wanted to come out to his family. The book was a way for him to figure out the how and why it all went wrong, and where he is as a man. Not interested in a male partner, only the sex, it seemed as

he was, and he finally gets his swagger by the sequel. The experiences and characters you read about in the book taught Warren how to deal with all types of gay men whether they are a feminine man, a feminine bottom man, as well as a maculate versatile brother, like character Thomas. Where most men don’t really know, Warren has an understanding for seemed as though being with one gender enhanced the arousal in being with the other. though being with one gender enhanced the arousal in being with the other. If he went out with a female and had intercourse with her, it seemed to heighten the arousal to then have sex with a man. Then after having sex with a man, he went to have sex with a female again and it kept going back and forth like a ping pong game. Warren was, in a way, that true bisexual. Lead character Sean knows he has it going on with the women, but later finds out he has it going on the men as well. In this current novel, he was coming to terms with whom and what

all men. Warren wants women to read Private Affair and say “Ok, now I have a better understanding. I’m not saying that I would have done it, but I understand it.” Mike Warren is a single, black gay man trying to make things happened. His first official novel has its readers intrigued and wanting more. He is creating a fan base and many followers of his work. When asked what advice he would give to up and coming writers, Warren responds, “Own your craft. Spend time with what you do.” Mike Warren is the E. Lynne Harris of our new generation.


StaceAge famously or die

By: Jonathan Reynolds


Everyone wants to know where to get the hottest, most reasonably priced furniture. Well I found the perfect spot. Located in the city of Atlanta, I had the honor to interview Stace with StaceAge Furniture. When I stepped in the store, there were elaborate variations of fabrics, leathers, fur, trim, and furniture. It’s an interior decorators dream.Whether you’re a do- it- yourself mom and want to buy or build your own furniture, this is where you want to be.The furniture is funky, fresh, new, and brings you the future. My favorite, “The Karate Kid,” is a chair with a matching ottoman that is on fire! The décor and trimmings of this piece is chic and eccentric. Being an avid animal lover, Stace also designs an animal- free, fur spread which has a very sexy look. I had a chance to sit down and have a chat with the creator of it all and here is what she had to say: Jonathan: “How did you come up with the name StaceAge?” Stace: “StaceAge has been in the works for years and years. The name came from a friend of mine. I had the nickname Stage in college and he was sitting there playing with all the names and came up with StaceAge and I was like ‘that’s it.’” Jonathan:“What motivated you to start the business?” Stace: “It chose me. I never made a conscious decision. I’ve been on this path for way longer than I could ever remember and it is because

of who I am.” Jonathan: “Well you turned out great!” Stace: “Thank you. I think I’ve learned that it has to be a part of your DNA because it’s the hardest thing you could ever do. I’m sure your learning as well. You really just have to want it so bad.” Jonathan: “Cool! What was the transition from where you were, to where you are now?” Stace: “I certainly would have not have predicted that I would be a fabric designer. I have my de-

“...the more I worked, the connections I made and the way the chips fell, I just ended up designing products and working with them.”



13 09

gree in interior design. I guess the more I worked, the connections I made and the way the chips fell, I just ended up designing products and working with them.”

pieces that are one of a kind and people with vision. We have a lot of that here in Atlanta which is great. I think Atlanta is much more creative city than people give it credit for.”

Jonathan: “I bet you had your mom there with you. Mom is al- Jonathan: “Well I see you have ways good there.” beds, chairs, and sofas. What other products/service do you Stace: “Yes moms are the best.” offer?” Jonathan: “So what type of cus- Stace: “We do custom furniture. tomer might you be looking to Well, I do custom because that is reel in?” where I’m at now. We definitely have one –of-a-kind pieces. AnyStace:”Obviously we are look- thing you do can be overwhelming for people who like special ing; designers help the customer


design what’s best.” Jonathan: “Are you planning on expanding in the future?” Stace: “Yes, even though Atlanta has been a wonderful city to my surprise, I would love to hit other cities like Miami and I do have my eyes on some cities that might be better suited.” Jonathan: “I definitely see your stuff on display in Miami.” Stace: “Miami is definitely my next move.”

Jonathan: “So where did you get the ‘live or die’ idea from?”

self world” so it is a time to get rid of some of the small competitors but good luck to everyone.”

Stace: “It’s actually lived famously as our motto. It was another brainstorming thing kind of cooking, and we actually came of that. It’s like everyone needs to be their own superstar. That’s kind of what we are trying to express with that.” (Laughing)

Jonathan: “What are some of the design principles that you implement when putting your creative stamp on a project?”

Jonathan: “Cool. So what do you think sets you apart from other designers?”

Stace: “Interesting. That was a tough question. I use informal elements. When I went to school, it was like a creative block but I had to get away from that.” Jonathan: “How do you compare some of the traditional elements of style with the elements that you have created?”

...the main thing is that I design all the products. We actually make everything that we sale.”

Stace: “I love things from every era. I also use things from other centuries.”

Stace: “Again, the main thing is that I design all the products. We actually make everything that we sale.”

Stace: “I love silk! My bestsellers are my animal free furs. We sale a lot of that and our animals love it.” (Laughing)

Jonathan: “So what might a customer expect to spend when supporting StaceAge?”

Jonathan: “I bet they do.” (Laughing)

Stace: “There is a big variety. We have many doit- yourself customers that come in, pick their own fabrics and make their own beautiful things without spending a lot. We can make you furniture one of kind. I think my prices are excellent. They are as reasonable as they can possibly be. I guess the smallest things would be $995 to the largest which could be $10, 000.” Jonathan: “I actually love the chair I’m sitting in.” Stace: “Thanks, that’s actually the first chair I ever made.” Jonathan: “Right now a lot of companies are trying to “go green” and change their carbon footprint. What is StaceAge’s take on this, and how do you integrate this environmental change in your company?” Stace: “The green concept is not new. I recycle and re -use products and pieces.” Jonathan: “How do you think the current state of the economy will affect the Interior Design market?”

Jonathan: “What are some examples of materials that you use regularly in your designs and are they eco friendly?”

Jonathan: “Any advice that you may have for upcoming Interior Designers?” Stace: “Don’t give up. It’s hard but don’t give up.” Jonathan: “Well it was an honor talking with you and I wish you and your company the best of success. You will definitely see me again as a future customer.” Stace: “Well I thank you and I wish you the best as well.” Ladies and gentleman, you’ve heard it all! This store is no joke. If you are in the middle or redecorating, coming up with new ideas, or even just in the area, don’t hesitate to drop by and check out my girl at StaceAge Furniture located at 912 Huff Rd. Atl, Ga. 30318. Check out StaceAge onine at:

Stace: “It definitely has affected the market. It is a time to pair down and the world is a “do it your-


By: James L Jackson When you think of luxury and posh living, think of Dubai. Located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai ranks among the best when it comes to real estate and hospitality. With endless choices of 4 and 5 star hotels, you will find yourself overwhelmed with culture, history and outstanding service. If ever in conversation with one of the locals about hotel accommodations, there is only one hotel that will wave like its country’s flag. Known to some as the “sailboat hotel,” the Burj Al Arab is equipped with every elegant amenity imaginable.The Burj Al Arab features helicopter and Rolls Royce transfers, $1105- $2250 a night suites, exclusive beaches, a personalized dining menu with the chef and dining manager in tote, 42inch plasma televisions and much more that meets the eye. If shopping is your cup of tea,The Mall of Emirates often referred to as “The Mall Resort,” is the biggest mall in the United Arab Emirates. It features over 450 retailers, the largest family entertainment center in the country, 14 screen Cinestar Cinemas, a community arts theater that seats 500, as well as over 70 restaurants and coffee shops. Less we mention it even features its own indoor ski slopes, the first indoor skiing area ever in the Middle East.With over 66 outlets,


top designers such as Marc Jacobs, Aizone, Bois and Chiffon, and Reiss have all made their home in the Mall of Emirates. Amongst other places to shop are the ever so unique Souk; a market where street vendors and local merchants come together to sale there items. My stay in Dubai, led me to occupy a room at the exceedingly plush Swiss hotel Movenpick, which is one of over 60, 4 to 5 star chain hotels. The Movenpick Hotel is located in the center of town. It is within walking distance to Lamcy Plaza, which is a prestigious group of retailers covering over 400,000 sq. ft. The Movenpick has 5 magnificent floors of the most comfortable and relaxing suites imaginable. The Movenpick also features eloquent restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and much, much, more. The hospitable staff will cater to your every need, putting you in touch with every tourist experience known in the city. For the adventurous tourist, I recommend the sand dune. experience with an exciting camel ride. For the entertainment seeking adult, a native belly dance party will definitely bring this trip to a complete close. If you are looking for the bold, daring, undertaking experience of a lifetime, visit Dubai, you’ll be glad you did.

The Hottest Gadgets of 2009 Written By, Tyrique Johnson

HP Mini 1000 Netbook Price: $400+ By Stephanie Perry Available: Now Drive, determination, and dedication. These words can The HP 2133 Mini Note was aboutofas Kontrol exciting best describe designer/editor-n-chief as being next Alistair forfabthe Magazine, Juliansat Lark. AstoI sat downDarling with the duration a bus tripa better across vision Belgium. ulous rebel I wasofable to get of However, latest offering looks his dreams with HP’s his magazine, his House setline to be whole lot more of Fever anda his fashion show.enticing. Its hardware offerings are nothing out of the ordinary, but a new Linux MIE operating system looks swish, as does the netbook’s polished design. 3D Wearable TV Price: $90 Available: Now Vuzix makes optical devices that help the military shoot people more efficiently, but it also builds big-screen tellies you wear. The range includes the iWear AV230XL and the AV310 Widescreen, placing the equivalent of a 44-inch or 52-inch screen respectively right in front of your eyes. They’re ideally suited to 3D video, without the need for red and green cellophane specs (although admittedly with the need for Jordi-from-Star-Trek-TNGstyle specs). The Napkin PC Price: $T.B.D. Available: Late 2009 This touch interface concept allows multiple users to collaborate on brainstorming projects, make notes or play noughts and crosses or, as it will henceforth be known, Futuristic Noughts and iCrosses. It uses “E-paper” which doesn’t require power to retain an image. Microsoft is behind it.


The designer, originally from Lakewales, Florida and Statesboro, GA graduated from American InterContinental University in Atlanta (where he and I met) with a BA in Fashion Design and Marketing. Originally called J Fever Designs and Production Company, he began House of Fever in 2002, but changed the name in 2004. He says “ I wanted to go back to the old days when companies were houses and meant brand and lifestyle”. For those of us who had no idea, House of Fever consists of four lines: F.E.M, P.U.N.C (pronounced ‘punk’), St. Rashard, and Boi Couture. “House of Fever is back on the scene this year with its spring fashion show, Wicked: The Evolution of Fever, in April”, Julian says with a huge smile. The spring line is the “darker side of the line, even though it will be springtime,” said the designer. The collection, which will be a sexy collaboration of urban rock glam, will feature men, women and all lines except the Boi Couture line. “Boi Couture is going in a different direction right now” Julian adds. Naturally, I asked where the name stemmed from.

“I don’t look towards the future anymore. I live in the now because the future’s not promised.” “I’m stepping up the game”, says the designer, “I’m going out of the norm and pushing my talents to a different horizon”. Stepping out of the box? Yes. Still giving off the glam and sex appeal of House of Fever? Hell yes. I asked Julian what would we be seeing different in this show. “The Old House of Fever- more risqué, sexier, and more revealing”, says Julian (with a wicked smile on his face, no doubt). “I wanted to get back to the essence of where House of Fever came from to where we are now”. “What can we expect in the near future?” I asked. “Ha! I haven’t even thought that far ahead!” he responds. “I don’t look towards the future anymore. I live in the now because the future’s not promised. I dress people one day at a time” replied Julian matter-of-factly. “Will there be any celebrities at the show?” I asked. Julian said he was hoping to have some appear, but the show is “more about the consumer than celebrities”.You gotta love this guy! You can definitely learn a lot from this on- the -rise talent. Julian thrives off of people underestimating him. When asked how he got to the point he is now he simply said, “Not being told I can do something, or my idea(s) are too big. I’ve even been told not to express an idea that I had because I didn’t have enough funds”. Take that all you non-believers. “Do you have any last words Mr. Lark?” I ask. “House of Fever not only makes trends, but breaks trends” says Julian with a smirk and a wink. Well spoken.


Fashions by : house of fever F.E.M. line



chatting with

Fashions by House of Fever



Meet Kfir Moyal from Tel Aviv, Israel. The 26- year old “shy and simple” hottie has been modeling for three years and loves it. The bombshell says the vibe, creativity, and crew of the set’s atmosphere at shoots makes modeling interesting to him. He’s modeled in beautiful, historic places such as Greece, Turkey, Israel, and (of course) the United States. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family (especially his nieces) and friends, traveling, and reading. He’s a massage therapist and private gym trainer by day and bartending by night. He’s also into traveling, pool parties, and escaping under a blanket on his bed with a good book…he may be looking for company ladies cause he’s single!



Crème de la Crème By: Rashard Lark Delectable Delights is looking to radically change the way America looks at eating sweets in 2009 with the use of mostly organic products. Owner Lisa Lussier is a ray of sunshine with her perky, girl next door demeanor. By living life with a positive attitude, Lisa is what baking is all about. Reflecting on her past while catching a glimpse of her future, Delectable Delights reminds you of the way young girls would get when sitting in the kitchen baking and cooking with their Mothers and Grandmothers. She is sugar and spice, and everything nice. Lisa not only delivers in the kitchen, but in this intimate moment, she will also give you the utensils to be successful. Tell me how you came up with the name “Delectable Delights”? Well, that is a tough one. Everything that I thought of like, sweet treats, was already taken, so I used to make up these little gourmet balls and I would call them; my little delights. My Dad was actually the one who came up with the name and said that my catering company should be called: Delectable Delights. What was the force behind creating Delectable Delights?

Originally I decided to go to school for baking. So I attended the Art Institute of Atlanta and while growing in the areas of cooking, I decided to make that my main goal in life. I wanted to make delicious baked goods that would allow everyone be a part of my dream through cooking. What propelled your passion for cooking and entertaining? My passion comes from growing up in a really big family where my Mom cooked and entertained a lot. So watching her and how she handled

Continued on page 26 24

Crazy Coconut Carrot Cake

Yield: 3 layer 10 inch cake serves: 16-20 cake ingredients: 2 cups Vegetable oil 2 ¼.cups Granulated Sugar 4 Large Eggs 6 cups Shredded carrots 20 oz Can of Crushed pineapples drained(reserve juice) ½ cup Pineapples juice (use reserved juice) 1 tbl Vanilla extract 2 tsp Baking soda 1 ½ tsp Baking powder 2 tbl Ground cinnamon 1 tsp Nutmeg 1 tsp Cloves ½ tsp Allspice 2 tsp Ginger 1 tsp Salt 4 cups Cake four 2 cups Shredded coconut 2 cups Pecan pieces instructions: First blend oil in sugar in a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment.Add eggs one at a time until just combined. Blend in carrots, pineapples, pineapple juice, and vanilla extract. Sift together all dry ingredients. Add to the batter in small increments being cautious not to over mix the ingredients. Stir in coconut and pecans. Butter and flour your cake pans.(You may use 9 or 10 inch pans whatever you have on hand) Bake at 325 F for 1 hour or until golden brown and when a toothpick is inserted into the center of the cake it comes out clean. Let cool for at least one hour. Prepare cream cheese icing. Let cool for at least one hour. Prepare cream cheese icing, see recipe below. Frost the cake with the cream cheese icing be generous in between each layer. Garnish with toasted coconut and toasted pecans. frosting Ingredients: 16 oz Cream cheese (2 pkgs at room temp) 1 lb Unsalted Butter (4 sticks at room temp) 2 lb Confectioners powered sugar 1 tsp Vanilla extract Instructions: Blend cream cheese and butter in a mixer fitted with a paddled attachment until light and fully. (Will take a few minutes and should increase in size when well blended) add vanilla; in small increments add the powdered sugar. (Make sure the mixer is on low speed when incorporation the powdered sugar) mix well before adding more sugar. Frosting should be light and creamy and easy to spread.


Continued from page 24 everything made me imitate that and take on that roll. I like the feeling of seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces and making them all happy. What separates you from every other caterer in the business? With the business that I have, I like to cater to everyone individually. I’m about finding personal connections with my clients and making their events personal and memorable for every occasion. What type of events do you service? What ever you can dream up! From anniversaries to birthdays, or even the holiday treats that you love to have on standby, I’m there to service your every need. Having the opportunity to connect with my clients, one on one, also makes for a distinctive product.

of homemade goodness. I really enjoy using all fresh and organic ingredients; it really allows the natural flavors to seep through. When you think about yourself as an artist and what you have to offer, what are you most proud of?

What is one of your favorite dishes to preTo be honest I’m very hard on myself and I don’t pare? always see it. I mean, I try to be uplifting and posiI would have to say anything that represents a tive but I always feel that society is very hard on high level of freshness, while keeping the taste you. People are always judging you and finding


When did you start to take ownership of your life? When I left Hollywood, Florida and moved to Georgia that was a wake up call for me. I got a chance to become independent, and really see what life had to offer. If you were to look back where women were over 25 years ago, and where women are now, when it comes to baking what would you say you have learned from women in the past and what part has that played in who you are today? Well, I would have to say that when I look back at the women of the past when it comes to baking, they were remarkable. Being able to make everything from scratch took lots of time, a love for what they were doing and passion. Nowadays we have all of this machinery and technology. People are buying things pre made, which kind of takes away from the essence of baking which I believe is so important. It is my opinion, that in order to be a successful baker, you need to be able to put your heart and soul into everything you bake and what you put into it will come out in the end something wrong with what you do, so I feel I product. have to keep trying and working harder. Do you plan for your company to be just about baking or are there plans for you to So, you’re a perfectionist? become the next Martha Stewart? (Laughing) Yes I am! I like everything to be perfect before it leaves my kitchen. My eyes are the last Wow, now that’s a thought! I mean we all want to be successful and who is more successful than to see it before it goes to the client. Martha Stewart. She has everything, her own Do you have a vision for what you want to show, magazine, radio show, etc. I’m happy with what I have now, but I am constantly striving to accomplish with your company? do better. Martha is one of my role models. She I would like to one day maintain my very own really exemplifies what it means to be the best. bakery where I can cater the best desserts in the business. I would like to offer desserts from all Looking ahead 5 years from now, where do you hope to be? walks of life, covering every nationality. What is your formula for success? My goal is to have my own bakery and an array In order to be successful you must be smart, a of clients to cater to. Not to mention owning my team player, willing to work hard, willing to learn own internet business. new things, and know that success doesn’t happen overnight.With success comes trial and error and What do you want to leave people with when they take a bite into your, “Delecyou have to be able to deal with that. table Delights?” What do you attribute to your success? I would have to say that comes from a lot of hard work and support from my family and friends.


Pure pleasure! (Laughing)

By: Heather Watkins

Moda 404 is a concept boutique in Atlanta’s affluent town of Buckhead located at 254 Pharr Rd. Atlanta, GA 30305. Moda, which means fashion in Italian, and 404, which represents the ATL, brings together the diverse name for the boutique. Three individuals known as Kwassi,Wole, and Lee, who gained their fashion influence for Moda 404 by traveling to LA, Italy, New York, and London, run the boutique. Competitive to mall hours, clients are able to come between the hours of 12noon-10pm to shop. How was this business idea created? Kwassi: “Traveling all over the world and seeing a need for a concept boutique here in Atlanta was how this idea was created.” What designers are carried in your men’s boutique? Kwassi: “ Dolce and Gabbana, Robyn’s jeans, Alessandro Dell’ Acqua, Savor couture, JC de Castelbajac, Gucci, Roberto Guerrini, Alpinas, and Christian Dior to name a few.” “We push the envelope, we’re edgy!” How did you go about choosing these designers? Kwassi:“We try to get pieces that aren’t easily duplicated. When we first started, we were following the trend of the clothing being heavily embellished with bling bling, but then quickly realized that it was just that…a trend. So for the long haul, we wanted to focus on the fit, cut and intricate detailing of the pieces.”

“...we were following the trend of the clothing being heavily embellished with bling bling, but then quickly realized that it was just that…a trend.” 28

“Tailoring clothing is in; it’s all about how you carry and present yourself” What would you consider your target market to be, and who are your clients? Kwassi: “ Our target market is the modern man who understands art; not the typical guy. Our clientele includes athletes, entertainers, and men who know about real fashion in Atlanta. Celebrity clientele includes Baby from Cash Money, Usher, No ID (the father of hip hop), and Kenny Burns. “Fashion is Art; think outside the box.” “How did you build your reputation, and what do you feel your reputation is?

“We are known for our individual pieces; nobody else will have what you have.” Kwassi: “My partners and I did market research on concept boutiques four years ago, and studied our targeted market. We are known for our individual pieces; nobody else will have what you have. Having personal relationships with certain buyers and buying clothing directly from the source in other cases means that we have pieces that other stores will not have.” Are there any special services that you offer to your clients? Kwassi: “As soon as a new shipment comes in, I will send the new clothing items to my exclusive client. They keep what they want, and then send back the rest. Also we offer valet services, and when clients spend a certain amount, they are offered a bottle of champagne.” “I remember once we went to a clients home and reorganized his entire closet, got rid of the looks that were out of style, and brought in new and fresh looks.” What are some of your marketing strategies? Kwassi: “The boutique has Angela Watts as our publicist, and we host trunk shows and events at different


venues throughout the year. Ex- market to every lifestyle. Also, amples include Pure Nightclub, I gain inspiration from my favorand Opera.” ite movie, which is “The Great Gatsby.” Have you hosted or attended any other special events Tell me about a time in your for the boutique? life when you just wanted to give up. Kwassi: “ Sure, we did a few trunk shows with a lot of ma- Kwassi: “Of course everyone jor companies last yea; one has those times when they feel event with rapper Fabulous, and like they want to give up, but another with Savor Couture, through the support of friends which is a clothing line for the and family, I was able to make bigger man going up to a 4x in it through the hard times. Still size.” today, I call on my close friends in the fashion industry to help You have definitely been me, like Leonard Gresham who extremely successful, what supports me to the fullest.” role did your family play in this? Was your family sup- “Atlanta is the city of many opportive or unsupportive? portunities.” Kwassi: “Well, my father was very supportive and worked for the United Nations. I am a West African native, and I grew up in New York in the 80’s. Being that my father was with the United Nations, I grew up in a multicultural environment traveling all over Europe and many places in Africa; with this insight I was able to gain ample knowledge of different cultures and fashions. Working for North Face, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren for 9 years, and being fluent in French has also helped me on my journey.”

“Look out for our Fall Collection and shop online at! We went all the way to Italy to get our merchandise.” Do you have any positive or inspiring words for young entrepreneurs, or for people trying to open their own boutique? Kwassi: “ Always have an open mind, and work in retail to learn about boutique ownership. Also, you will not make your money in your first couple years, so be persistent and there should be a positive outcome.” Is there anything or anyone additional that you would like to have mentioned?

Has anyone just been dedicated to telling you that you Kwassi: “ I would like to give can’t and won’t make it? You a few shout outs…definitely know, a hater? to Angela Watts (publicist), Deon Grant that plays for the Kwassi: “All I can say is Hate is Seahawks, and Marcus Stroud the new love.” (Athletes with individual style), Kenny Burns, Middleman, all of So, what are your plans for which have had a tremendous the immediate future? impact on the fashion industry.”

Kwassi: “We’re just focusing on Moda 404 right now since it is still a new venture, and we are awaiting the completion of the new construction in the Buckhead area. Also, we’re excited about our upcoming events in “Most people don’t understand the summer and fall.” how important it is in the fashion industry to have a second You’ve just mentioned uplanguage as a background.” coming events. What does Atlanta have to look forWho is your inspiration and ward to? mentor? Kwassi: “ We have an AppreciaKwassi: “Ralph Lauren, because tion Show around June or July, he touched every lifestyle and as well as a Dolce and Gabbana every clothing genre; From show in the fall, followed by a Ralph Laurens Purple label suits fall Philip Klein show at The to bed linens, he was able to Mansion.”

Moda 404 has been in Atlanta for four years, and has taken the men’s fashion game to a new level. The upscale men’s boutique focuses again on the client’s individual style and the intricate detailing of the garments themselves. With this outlook of “think outside the box” Moda 404 will be around for ages! Visit Moda 404 online at, call Kwassi, Wole, or Lee at 404-8693398, or visit them at their Buckhead location at 254 Pharr RD. Eclipse Buckhead Atlanta, GA. 30305.





ne w

-O e-on ulian

By: J




so K h O’

It’s a crisp, December afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia. I sit in the lobby of the W Hotel and wait for the adorable, bubbly Bliss Entertainment recording artist O’ so Krispie. She walks up sporting a black leather jacket over a vibrant Victoria’s Secret Pink hoodie, finishing with a pair of Fresh pink and grey Nike boots. Days after celebrating her 24th birthday, Kontrol Editor-In-Chief Julian Lark and I spend time with the artist to discuss her journey and her anticipated album entitled “The Pink Album” set to hit stores in April. As we meet and greet, we get a chance to know the artist first hand and find out why she’s O’ so hot.

“ said T-boz and Chill want to know r u that girl, so joking I’m like “yes.” So we started singing TLC songs and jumping on the bed acting a hot mess, and then went on the show and I claimed it...” Okay I want you to tell the world who O’so Krispie really is, the girl behind all the spunk and laughter. O’so Krispie is Tiffany Baker times ten. Tiffany is of course my real name, my government name. Tiffany is very athletic, she very driven, she very intelligent, she loves to read and write. O’so krispie is Tiffany more extreme, so instead of just writing O’so writing music. I don’t know really what behind me because other then kind of what you see cause I’am just myself given away. How old are you now? 24 Everyone got to know you as the winner of UPN’s “R U The Girl” with T Boz & Chilli. Tell me how that experience was for you? It was a really good experience, I don’t really watch television, so one day I was in school with my roommate and the Missy Elliott show came on and it said

if it was, but I did not loss anything. I just benefited. Tell me how you hooked up with Bliss Entertainment? One day I was just chillin and I got an email on my MySpace that was asking if I would record 2 tracks. I recorded the tracks, Russ loved it and from then on we have been close. Tell me about the new album. What inspired the name of this project? Well Black and pink are some of my favorite colors and I was thinking when I listen to the odd because I come up with the name of album first.. I wrote all the titles down on a piece of paper and then I wrote according to the titles that I wanted to see when I looked at the back of my CD. I chose Pink because there are a lot of love songs and happy songs.

T-boz and Chill want to know r u that girl, so joking I’m like “yes.” So we started singing TLC songs and jumping on the bed acting a hot mess, and then went on the show and I claimed it, and won. It was a really good experi- What producers did you work ence because you can’t get that with on this album? much exposure unless it’s in a Russ is the only Producer on negative light. the album by choice because if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. You got a chance to record a song called “I Bet” with the two Did you write all the tracks on remaining members of TLC, tell the album or did you work with me how that experience helped other writers? shape you as an artist? I’m too much of a writer. I write People already knew that was all of my own music. me, it just gave me the ability to do it on a bigger level. What’s your ultimate goal for the album? The single didn’t get much promotion, as an artist, how did that I want my album to go Diamond. help/hurt your career? Everyone should be able to get something out of this album I really did not have a lot of expectation for the single. I don’t Okay I got the chance to see the think it hindered my career bevideo “Slumber Party”, it’s very cause after the show I just went colorful and overall, it’s a great back to school. It was a blessing song. What was the vibe like on to have that. It was great for my the set? resume. Yes it could have been a success, would have been happy


“I’m a very fun person and I was thinking the people needed good music that is fun that was not Disney. I just wanted everyone to be able to enjoy it. I’m only 24. I do not need to be singing about let’s just make love tonight.” I picked all the clothes for the video. Everyone in I’m an infinite threat because I do a lot more than the video was my friend and it was really like a that; so triple threat would be an understateslumber party. ment. Will the track “Slumber Party” be featured on the O’so, so many people have compared you to Left album? Eye because of your spirit, style, and voice. How does that make you feel? Yes A lot people say “you sound like her.” I’m not tryI thought “Slumber Party” was a great song for ing to be like her, but it is a nice comparison. I’m young girls, but what was the overall message that definitely O’so Krispy you were trying to convey? Speaking of style, explain what drives your sense Something Fun and exciting for children to sing of style? along too. My style has changed. Most of the time you will Yellow is the second single, how was it recording see my in pink and black. I have to always be ready that song? to dance, just comfortable. I work it by myself with no stylist. I wrote the song in a couple minutes and maybe in like 4 hours we were done. Tell me about O’so Krispie Studios, what is the What’s the meaning behind Yellow?

meaning and the concept behind it?

It is a private dance studio. So what I try to do is When you are unhappy in a situation wishing ev- take dancers and treat them like they don’t know erything was yellow like the sun, so it could shine anything.Then we drill them. We are building betaway my pain. ter performers. What is your favorite track on the album and Who are some of your musical influences? why? Lauren Hill is the best performer I have ever seen Other than all of them, one of them is “Simple.” in my whole life. If there was ever someone I It’s about looking at yourself and correcting your wanted to be like, it would be Lauren Hill. flaws. And because it is like me. I’m simple What was the driving force behind you choosing The album is filled with a lot of up tempo tracks a career in Entertainment? that are playful, and in a sense, very youthful. What are you really trying to express through My Dad was a singer and he was really good. My the album? mom, even though she is not a dancer, has a really sick rhythm about her. OSK: I’m a very fun person and I was thinking the people needed good music that is fun that was What do you think you would be doing if you not Disney. I just wanted everyone to be able to weren’t performing? enjoy it. I’m only 24. I do not need to be singing about let’s just make love tonight. I would be a teacher. There is a lot of information out there and I think everyone should know how You show that you’re more than a singer on the to get it. album by rapping, but you’re also a dancer. Would you say that you’re a triple threat? Was Entertainment always a goal or dream that you had as a child?


Styled by JRashard Clothing Accessories by BeBe jewlwery Fashion by house of Fever Hair by Latay Mays Make-up by Karin Smith


Yes, I feel like my steps where order by God. Where do you see O’so Krispie in the next 5 to 10 years? Retired, sitting on beach sipping something real nice. What do you want to let people know about you that they don’t already know? I would say that I’m a go getter. I don’t depend on other people. My drive in life is to continue to be happy and move forward. What advice would you offer to other artist trying to break into this cut-throat industry? Depend on yourself. Do it on your own. Do everything yourself. Anything that someone else does, you can learn. Study your craft. What artists if any would you like to work with? Ne-yo, Keri Hilson and of course Lauren Hill.Anyone who is a writer and doing their own thing Is there anything else that you would like to add? Shout out to my publish, Russ Castella who has held me down for the longest, my man cause he builds with me. To all my dancers everyone who supported me and stayed with me and anyone who is supportive of good music, all my fans, Anthony who does all my design work.

Bry’nt PornStar

By: Chantaye McLaughlin Bry’nt is the definition of edge. With his mixtape Porn Star he more than pushes the envelope within the realms of risqué. Bry’nt is a brilliant lyricist while simultaneously being the male version of Lil Kim. I had mixed feelings being a heterosexual female listening to this man rapping about all of the down low brothers. I doubt that Bry’nt will cross over into mainstream hip-hop because he is so truthful and forthcoming in his verses; however that will not stop him. With tracks like Porn Star it is next to near impossible to not dance or want to move while listening to Bry’nt. If you want to learn how to use a condom properly, the Condom Song is a must listen to. This album is very diverse and contains tracks to ride to and tracks to dance to. Due to the energy that Bry’nt gives on his tracks, I would be interested in seeing him perform live. Overall this was a very enjoyable mix-tape. Bry’nt has a large enough niche market to have a lasting and sustaining career. This album is set to be released in the summer of 2009. For additional information, visit

David Homyk True Story By: Chantaye McLaughlin

This was an interesting CD. The production was very tranquil, with some of the tracks sounding very similar. True Story was a pop, rock album with a jazzy medley. Knock, Knock, was one of the better tracks; however I would not listen to this album more than once. The artists seems to be a strong writer, however he seems as if he should be accompanied by a boy band. This album has adult content however the feel of an early N’Sync. I loved the instrumental on Addicted to Love. If there was any track that seemed to pop the most, it would certainly be Addicted to Love. For additional information



By: Julian and Penny

TERRY DEXTER Behind The Music Terry Dexter was raised in Detroit, Michigan where in high school she found occasional session work singing backup for the 80’s R&B group Simply Red. After graduation she attended the University of Michigan for a year, but left when she was signed to a recording contract by University Music Entertainment. She released he debut, Self-Entitled album in 1999 through Warner Bros. She got the opportunity to record with her label mate, Eric Benet on his hit Spend My Life track and says Eric is like a big brother to her.” He understands and challenges me like no one else does.” Says Dexter. “It’s one of those Epic Records” she likes to call it. Dexter also worked with Benet on his new album entitled Love & Life. After leaving Warner Bros. Dexter took some time out to get to know herself better by doing music that fit her more as a person, while working on multiple projects she could add to her resume. In 2003 Dexter started recording house music and made her acting debut in the film Deliver Us from Eva in which she performed a chilling rendition of Amazing Grace. “It was a learning process, but a blessing. The Director was from Detroit and it helped my love for acting when I was more focused on my music,” says Dexter. In 2007. Dexter landed the lead role of Tyme Prentice in David E. Talbert’s stage play Love in the Nick of Time. Getting the opportunity to work beside such actors and musicians as Morris Chestnut, Avant, Andre Pitre

and American Idol Trenyce Cobbins, Dexter experienced the difference between a movie and a stage play. She felt she learned something new about her character each night while doing theater. “You get a chance to learn and evolve with your character. Theater also allows you to become more comfortable min your skin and it’s a personal evolution.” Now residing in Los Angeles, California. Dexter has joined with Penny McCoy at Penny Gang Records to produce music with a little more depth and soul. Finally like she was finally given the respect to be herself, she has stepped back into the spotlight with her sophomore album entitled Listen. Dexter says” Penny … (read Article) “Terry says she always wanted to do a record that modeled the Marvin Gaye song what’s Going On.” I always wanted that reached out and touched people, but I was afraid to until late 2007, and I found my voice.” If you take the time to get to know the lady behind the amazing voice, you will find a little tomboy at heart. Yet a simple woman with a big heart open, mind and a positive attitude, Dexter is just one of the guys. As Dexter takes time to promote her new project, she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her idol, Bette Midler by acting and continuing making music she loves for many years. If you have not yet picked up listen, please go out and add it to your collection.

Although PGR was founded about 2 years ago in September, it has been a vision of Penny’s for 19 years. Being a good listener to her God guided her to the right place at the right time, and now she spreads her joy through the record label. PGR currently has 7 artists on the label from all different genres of the music. Penny feels through hard work, good ethics and sacrifice her artists are groomed and ready for the music industry. On September 30th 2008 Listen was released by the PRG artist Terry Dexter. Penny’s plans to take it one step at a time with Terry as she spreads hope, freedom and love in her message, which Penny hopes will be Terry’s reward in the long run. “The Message that Terry gives in her music is what sets the album apart from others out there.” To the many inspiring talents in the world today, Penny’s advice is to “Ensure that what you do is because God tells you to, and never stop. Keep a Pure Heart and don’t manipulate the vision.”

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