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I could only dip my smallest toe in the boiling water.

18 / Iceland Review / vol. #03 2012

Hveravellir On the Kjölur route, the central west highlands.

Brimketill pool On Reykjanes peninsula.

Fourteen Reasons to Take a Bath There is nothing better than bathing outside in a natural geothermal pool. text and Photos: Páll Stefánsson


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fter a long walk, I came to Strútslaug pool ( no. 1, GPS: 63.52504-18.56677), in the middle of nowhere, north of Mývatnsjöll glacier, to take a dip. I had been there before, and it had always been the greatest experience to enjoy sitting in the natural hot pot, enjoying nature in perfectly warm natural water. Now it was so warm, that I could only dip my smallest toe in the boiling water for a second. Disappointed, no; this is pure nature.  Not long after, I met a friend on their way from Strútslaug pool, praising the perfect temperature.  Most of the time, these fourteen natural pools, the best ones in the Republic, have the perfect temperature, around 37°C /100°F.  The most popular, Landmannalaugar pool (no. 2, GPS: 63.5951619.03713), the south central highlands, is a great pool to relax after walking in the area. Another nice, and very popular, pool is Hveravellir (no. 3, GPS: 645.1974-19.33228) on the Kjölur route, the central west highlands. There are also two small but good pools on Snæfellsness peninsula, West Iceland, not far from each other in Hnappadalur area: Sturlungalaug pool (n0. 4, GPS: 64.52174-22.17024) and Landbrotalaug pool (no. 5, GPS: 64.4993322.19110).  Further west, on Barðaströnd, in the West Fjords, you have Hellulaug pool  (no. 6, GPS: 65.34629-23.29571), small but great, with the perfect view over

I could only dip my smallest toe in the boiling water.

Klambragil A warm stream close to the town of Hveragerði, South Iceland.

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Hellulaug pool On Barðaströnd, in the West Fjords, small but great.

Landmannalaugar Iceland's most popular and famous natural pool.

Vatnsfjörður fjord. Another pool worth a visit in the West Fjords, is the hard to find and private Gjögur pool (no. 7, GPS: 66.0127-21.19424), which can sometimes be hotter than hot. Further west, in Skagafjörður, you have Grettislaug pool (no. 8, GPS: 65.52869-19.44206), named after Grettir, an outlaw, who swam from the nearby island of Drangey to Grettislaug, to do two things: get fire and take a warm bath. One of my favorites, also in the region, is Laugafellslaug pool (no. 9, GPS: 65.01669-18.19912) in the highlands, on the way to Sprengisandur. At Sprengisandur, you have a warm brook, Vonarskarð (no. 10, GPS: 64.41451-17.52887), the most remote natural hot pool in the country.  In North Iceland, you have Grjótagjá pool (no. 11, GPS: 65.3758116.52974) by Lake Mývatn, a very popular and charming pool cave, but Grjótagjá can be very warm. Further east, close to Kárahnjúkar dam, you have Lagavellir (no. 12, GPS: 65.0405-15.45576). In the warm brook there is a small waterfall with which to take a natural hot shower. Close to the capital area, there are two hot spots in which to take a dip. You will find a warm brook in Klambragil (no. 13, GPS: 64.02897-21.13346), close to the town of Hveragerði, a 40-minute drive from Reykjavík, plus a half-hour walk. The last one on the list is Brimketill pool  (no. 14, GPS 65.0058-22.42813) on Reykjanes peninsula, only twenty minutes from Keflavík airport. It’s a great place to feel and see the power of Icelandic nature—and be warm.

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