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In the year 2000, we will have all round buildings. We will have a robot teacher, a robot maid, and all workers will be robots, too. We will have a pocket computer that has everything you can name. We will even be able to push a button to get anything you want!

In the year 2000, I think there won't be any crimes of any kind. Shorter school days and lower taxes. I hope there will be lower taxes and no crimes because I'll be 33 years old and I am sick of crimes and high taxes. I hope woman can be astronauts. I also hope there won't be any pollution. And I also hope there will be town in space, where people live in space capsules.

I think the future will be better than it is now. The pollution problem will be solved and there will be cars that float on air. I will be 34 in the year 2000. I will have a good job designing modern houses with push-button controls for everything to make it easier on everyone. You could push a button and a bed would unfold from the wall. Everything would run on solar energy so you wouldn't have to worry about the fuel shortage. You wouldn't have to go to school. It would be on TV and living would be much easier for everyone.

I think it is going to be an all-new world. People are going to be able to live on the moon and on Mars. Man is going to have computers to do the work for him. It is going to be a computer run world.

My view of the future is that we will find more gas and oil. No one will be poor and we all will live in peace! Also in the future, I think they will find some mechanical device that could make kitchens, dining rooms and etc. You'd just push a button and WHAM!! An instant living room or WHAM!! an instant milkshake. And that's my view of the future!

The year 2000 might have everybody walking instead of riding in their cars because there might be a gas shortage by then, and the cars give out a lot of pollution. Or there might even be electric cars instead of gas cars. The year 2000 may send ladies to the moon to explore and look and see if there are people living on the moon. And when you work you will push buttons and robots will come out and do the work for you. And there will be lower prices and taxes, I hope.

I think that by the year 2000 we will be in a great depression. People are saying that we are running out of fuel. People will be using machines to do everything. And machines run on fuel. If we run out of fuel we won't be able to run the machines and people will be out of jobs. So we can save fuel. Everybody should try to save by turning their heat to 68 degrees.

I think that everything by the year 2000 will be different. I hope the violence will all be stopped. I hope that the computers don't take over people's jobs. I hope by then things will get better.


The Space Shuttle Challenger (mission STS51-L) disaster occurred on January 28, 1986, when Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, leading to the deaths of its seven crew members. The spacecraft disintegrated over the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of central Florida at 11:38 EST.


Final version of the book  
Final version of the book  

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