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CONFLICT RESOLUTION @ THE WORKPLACE Helena Demuynck Conflict Coach Systemic Team Coach Executive Leadership Coach

Below are 10 tips for managing conflict in the working environment 1. Do not avoid the conflict. It will not go away of its own accord, face it head on, and gainfully,as it will worsen if not addressed. Although tricky to address, it is preferable to study all the issues dispassionately, and therefore face the situation as it is. If disapproval is employed, it must be constructive to the people involved in the conflict. 2.

Be objective and impartial. Do not personally become involved with the team members involved in the conflict and avoid talking on a one to one basis with the persons involved.

3. Also try to avoid gossip. This will only exacerbate the situation. 4.

Enlist the services of a neutral manager or middleman to resolve the conflict by utilizing active and effective listening skills to understand the problem and identify the issues. An impartial middleman can help bring the parties to compromise.


Implement team building days, either at work or ideally away from the workplace. Why not introduce 'Dress down Fridays' by not adhering to a strict dress code one day a week? The employees feel more relaxed and look forward to the weekend!

6. A plan of action should be devised and adhered to strictly. The parties involved in the conflict need to be aware that they are adults and should take accountability and be pro active in resolving the conflict. 7. Don't hold grudges. A readiness to forgive and forget is imperative if the employees are going to move past the conflict without holding on to rage or resentments.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Helena Demuynck is Founding Partner of Konsensus Leadership Coaching & Development and of oxygen41eadership. Both platforms offer international expertise in developing Leadership Development Trails for Senior Leadership Teams and Executives. She is a dedicated, visionary Leadership Coach with a proven record of facilitating Senior Leadership Teams and driving groundbreaking advancements in leadership performance and transformation. She installs sustainable Leadership tracks through advanced facilitation processes and simulation tools for clients such as Microsoft, Swift, Aleris, J&J and G4S. Helena is a recognized mediator and conflict coach, helping individuals, teams and organizations to prevent and resolve conflicts. She's always happy to develop new connections - contact her via


Š Conflict Resolution in The Workplace - All Rights Reserved


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Conflict is associated to the central processes of people and their association with the surroundings and is, therefore, an unavoidable part...

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