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Automotive Service Technicians Oral Communications

Course Overview This course is designed to provide an opportunity for students in the AST program to gain a broad perspective of the varied communication experiences that exist in an technical learning environment as well as that related to the workplace. Interpersonal communication, small group discussion and public speaking will be some of the areas covered. Active listening tasks will focus on developing note taking skills required in a technical educational setting. This course also focuses on Canadian English pronunciation and articulation with the emphasis being on those features that have the greatest effect on intelligibility. Course Objectives Speaking: • Use appropriate vocabulary, idioms and grammar to clearly express information or opinions • Be able to distinguish and use language and expressions for various situations • Speak with clearer pronunciation using improved syllable stress and rhythm • Take active and successful part in discussions in pairs, small groups, and large groups • Give short clear academically-oriented presentations in front of class *Effective use and understand technical expressions related to the auto technician industry Listening: • Identify the main ideas and important details as you listen to an informative talk • Listen for key terms • Take notes on informative listening tasks • Answer clearly in response to questions regarding what you have listened to Course Requirements and Evaluation Participation: 10% Listening Tests (3): 20% Speaking Tests (3): 20% Presentation: 15% Final Listening Test: 10% Final Speaking Test: 10% Course Materials * Instructor Handouts * Auto Fundamentals by M.W. Stockel, M.T. Stockel, J. E. Duffy, C. Johanson. 2005 * Highly Recommended: English-English dictionary (preferably Oxford or Cambridge Advanced Learner’s)

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