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JUSTIN KONICEK Architecture Work Samples: 2010-2012 Pennsylvania State University

William & Mary Center for Entrepreneurial Integration Williamsburg, Virginia 2012 - 2013 Williamsburg’s permanent population of 14,000 locals and students is a historical statistic that does not represent the potential for innovation in the small town. Instead, the four million visitors that pass through the college town anually represent a sectional demographic of the world’s connected population—a sample of people who can potentially connect a small town to a major information and innovation network: the perpetual tourist.

goal: expand on the existing flexible social infrastructure to benefit both temporary and permanent inhabitants.

computer scientist supermarket manager (tourist) (local)

(tourist) (tourist)

factory auto manager mechanic professional swimmer hotel nutritionist doctor stationery designer

german student

(tourist) (tourist) (tourist) (tourist)



actor (local)


writer (tourist)


speech therapist

biology student





business network


motivational speaker


kinesiology german student student physicist visiting transportation network

baker bus mechanical driver engineer

(student) (student) (tourist) (tourist)

(local) (local) (student)

(tourist) (tourist)

ecologist industrial designer

goal: establish a network of information accessibility to connect students and visitors.

Justin Konicek — Architecture Design Samples — 2010 - 2013

Curtis Institute of Music Rittenhouse Square Auditoria & Rehersal Philadelphia, P Pennsylvania 2011

Adding to the classical musical arts school, the Curtis Institute, this annex focuses on programmatic expansion as well as emphasizing community engagement through acoustical indeterminacy. Outside of the closed auditoria, unrehearsed sounds of the city mix with developing sounds of students’ practice. Inspired by John Cage’s musical works of blending white noise with practiced music, this extension aims to merge the city and the institution—socially and acoustically.

goal: connect visitors (city) and students (school) by breaking down acoustic standards for concert halls.

Justin Konicek — Architecture Design Samples — 2010 - 2013

Erie Shipyard & Maritime Museum Presque-Isle Bay, Erie, Pennsylvania 2010

goal: explore the function of contemporary museums and their potential for contextual engagement in situ. overlook

green roof

frosted glass curtain wall/ 3’ air-service gap/ curtain wall support - 5’ o.c./ polycarbonate glazing.

museum levels

An unusual mixed-use building, the Erie Shipyard & Maritime Museum merges an industry and an institution to create a one-way dependet relationship. Like the marine-based city of Erie, attractions for this museum center around the need for observation to fuel the contemplative behavior of visiting museums. A clouded mass obscures views from the outside, the Maritime Museum is an serves to both direct views to the waterfront and direct views deeper within the building.

frosted glass curtain wall/ 3’ air-service gap/ curtain wall support - 5’ o.c./ insulation/ light steel framing/ plaster-finished drywall.

entrance / shipyard

wood veneer/ insulation/ vapor barrier/ post-tensioned concrete/ steel grating walkay.

Justin Konicek — Architecture Design Samples — 2010 - 2013

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