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Optimized Print Services Success Story Company Profile: Kaven Orbico, Bulgaria Kaven Orbico is the biggest logistics service provider in Bulgaria and provides high quality sales and logistics services. Its expertise builds on almost a decade of experience. The company has locations throughout South East Europe and is the official distributor for clients such as Procter & Gamble, Shell Lubricants or Mars. With an annual turnover of more than EUR 250 million, Kaven Orbico has managed to win recognition as one of the biggest and most successful trading partners for fast moving consumer goods.

Customer’s current situation/challenge The nature of Kaven Orbico’s business requires a huge document workflow and a continuous transfer of documents between the company’s different locations as well as its headquarter in Sofia. Konica Minolta’s client has a monthly print volume of about 140,000 printouts and copies. Swift handling of the documents is crucial for Kaven Orbico’s successful operations. Its old fleet in the Bulgarian subsidiaries consisted of 30 devices for 100 PC workstations. Device management like maintenance and consumable handling was done in the traditional way with system administrators replenishing consumables and keeping track of them and reordering. Thus they were also dealing with device issues or calling suppliers for repair and service.

Success summary Kaven Orbico’s new solution now is easily scalable and very flexible. Administrative costs and requirements were reduced dramatically as Konica Minolta now provides automatic and proactive service and consumables delivery based on PrintFleet for remote monitoring of device status and SafeQ for accounting. Integration of new multifunctional peripherals (MFPs) in the modernised infrastructure reduced two thirds of the time needed to send documents from the regional offices to Kaven Orbico’s headquarters. This allows faster processing and issuing of accounting documents, contributing in turn to an improvement in the company’s financial operations.

Success Story Optimized Print Services

Konica Minolta, Optimized Print Services

Optimized Print Services OPS combines consultancy, hardware and software implementation and operation to develop improvement strategies based on precise facts and figures. It guarantees cost reductions and trouble-free processes.

OPS Consult As a first step, Konica Minolta provided test device and software licenses for one month at Kaven Orbico’s headquarter in Sofia. Based on the data collected from SafeQ terminals and the SafeQ software, an analysis was conducted and the print volumes and locations of each device were captured. The exact TCO of a printout was calculated for each device and the current method of maintenance was identified and assessed. The customer had 21 devices and a total monthly print volume of around 40,000 pages at its headquarter. The optimisation concept was based on replacing the printers, copiers, scanners and faxes with a unified set of MFPs that now optimally fulfil the location’s requirements.

OPS Implement Konica Minolta replaced the old devices and installed the PrintFleet and SafeQ software solutions at Kaven Orbico’s head office. Konica Minolta also provided extensive training for key users to show them how to operate the new pre-configured MFPs optimally. A one-device-per-department approach was implemented and device numbers were reduced from 21 to seven. Integration of the SafeQ print accounting and control solution additionally allows pull printing. This option enhances control over print volume and personalised access to printers. Overall costs for document creation were reduced due to duplex printing that led to a notable reduction of paper and power consumption. System administrators have a lot more time now and are thus able to focus on other core activities that contribute to the company’s success. Accounting of all expenses associated with printing is done with only one invoice per month. Cost control is guaranteed by calculating an all-in-one price per page.

OPS Manage The PrintFleet monitoring software guarantees automatic consumables delivery and proactive service maintenance. Furthermore the SafeQ system provides transparency and more control due to constant reporting, a general print policy implementation and secure print options. The multifunctional printing environment perfectly fits the needs of the customer and allows continuous improvement and monitoring to achieve further workprocess optimisation.

OPS Customer’s comment

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“With the integration of the complex OPS solution from Konica Minolta we achieved easy and quick service support when needed and a unified platform for full monitoring and management of printing,” says Kaven Orbico’s IT manager.

Ops success story kaven orbico bulgaria

Ops success story kaven orbico bulgaria