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iTRAINING MULTIFUNCTIONALS Introduction to Konica Minolta multifunctionals



iTRAINING MULTIFUNCTIONALS ONLINE, INDEPENDENT, EFFICIENT After purchasing one or more productive Konica Minolta multifunctionals, opting for a Konica Minolta iTraining Multifunctionals license helps customers improve their time management and efficiency. By taking advantage of the online training sessions, everyone in the team can get to know the new device(s) quickly and explore the entire range of functionalities in their own time. Guided by comprehen­sive explanations, easy and efficient operation is thus guaranteed.

– Konica Minolta’s iTraining Multifunctionals provides an online introduction to and overview of the new multifunctionals, explaining the basic features and functions in easy-to-understand video sequences.

Contents These are just some of the topics presented in the easy-to-understand video sequences:

– Each user can take the training course independently on his computer at whatever time suits him best. The chosen online training program is always avail­able* – all users need to do is log in and get started.

– Copying explains copy operations such as duplex copying, enlarging/reducing.

– Short video sequences provide clear-cut explanations of the copying, printing, scan, fax and user box func­ tionality of the chosen Konica Minolta multifunctionals. The product introduction is clearly structured and yet fully flexi­ble. Users can follow the proposed order or switch between different topics, reviewing chapters as often* as they like.

– Finishing explains how to produce booklets and use the other functions of the finisher.

– iTraining Multifunctionals provides a comprehensive overview of the chosen multifunctional product’s capabilities. Without the assistance of any trainer or instructor, users can call up this information at their convenience. In-depth knowledge of all installed Konica Minolta multi­ functionals helps employees take maximum advantage of all equipment, enhance system operation and in­ crease their overall efficiency.

– Printing explains how to change printer driver settings.

– User boxes explains the setup of a user box and its functionality. – Scanning/faxing explains how to scan documents and send them to email or fax destinations.

Attractive benefits – – – – – –

Quick overview for inexperienced users Available at any time and as long as needed* No dependency on hotlines No external instructor required No unproductive waiting time Maximized use of all system capabilities

* For the duration of the license contract

Technical requirements Adobe Flash Player

Version 10.0.0 or higher


1 GHz


512 MB


JavaScript supported browser

Internet connection

DSL 4000 access (4 Mbit/s) (6 Mbit/s recommended)

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH Europaallee 17 30855 Langenhagen Germany


Itraining multifunctional brochure en

Itraining multifunctional brochure en