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Print Automation

AUTOMATIC UPDATING FOR MANUALS & DOCUMENTATION With JT Compile the repeated time-consuming imposition and print preparation of user manuals and similar documentation becomes a thing of the past.

Manufacturers of technical equipment, training divisions and documentation departments, but also corporate management, have specific requirements for their docu足 mentation. Whether this concerns extensive operator manuals, technical handbooks, comprehensive training materials or monthly reports, documents like these should always be up to date and consequently need frequent alterations. But as the content of such documentation is almost always supplied by various sources from different departments, this can turn into a complex and time-consuming task.

Not so with JT Compile! The application completely does away with the repeated time-consuming imposition and print preparation of user manuals and similar documenta足 tion. Working with templates and job tickets, and offering the automatic setup of devices and inline finishing, JT Compile helps print providers as well as documentation departments create the latest versions of documents fully automatically. Operators only need to do the setup for each manual or technical document once, and save considerable time avoiding repetitive imposition work after that.

DATASHEET Printgroove JT Compile


Job ticket

– User interface: The completely revised and streamlined user interface makes operation simple and straightforward. – Tree structure: The folder content is organised in a tree structure and can be expanded or contracted as desired. – Comprehensive customisation: The application offers a high level of customisation due to new technology based on Web standards.

Templates – Drag-and-drop operation: Dragging elements with the mouse conveniently works for everything, whether it is folders themselves or folder content such as docu­ ments, slip­sheets and tab sheets. – Multiple selection: This convenient feature is available for folders and folder contents, including documents, slip­sheets and tab sheets, as well as cross­folders. – Copy, paste, cut and duplicate: These operations can be applied to both folders and folder contents (docu­ ments, slip­sheets and tab sheets) by editing, with a right mouse click, or using a keyboard shortcut.

– Easy relaying of job settings: All details for printing the job, such as page size, printing in colour or black & white, single­ or double­sided, punched, etc., are compiled in a job ticket, which is relayed to the output device together with the print file.

Automatic setup & inline finishing – Automatic interpretation: The job ticket is automati­ cally interpreted by the output device, doing away with the need to manually configure the printer driver. – Flexible configurations: Users can flexibly configure the following parameters within Printgroove JT Compile: printers, paper formats, services, products, tab sheets.




Printgroove JT Compile

Cover sheet

Installation instructions

Digital output device

Printgroove JT Compile: – Definition of settings once per project – Easy implementation of any change – Automatic application of correct settings

Definition of:

Legal department

Liability/ warranty

Human resources



– – – –


Digital output device

Quantity Finishing Impositioning Media (per chapter)

Digital output device

DATASHEET Printgroove JT Compile

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Operating systems Memory Hard disk space CPU Recommended hardware Supported languages

Windows XP Professional SP3 (32) Windows Vista SP2 (32) Windows 7 (32/64) 1 GB 200 MB 1.5 GHz 2 GHz processor or higher 2 GB memory Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH Europaallee 17 30855 Langenhagen Germany


The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on operating systems, applications and network protocols as well as network and system configurations.


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