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Press release Standard duplex printing saves paper and CO2 Langenhagen, November 2011 With duplex printing as default setting, Konica Minolta print systems support users and protect the environment. From the beginning of next year, many of Konica Minolta’s duplex-capable print systems will feature duplex printing by default in their printer drivers. Konica Minolta has implemented this standard setting into many of its products as part of the voluntary commitment agreed on by the European printing manufacturers, which comes into effect on 01 January 2012. In 2009, the EU passed the Energy-related Products Directive (2009/125/EC) with the objective to save energy and other resources in the production, operation and disposal of the concerned products. Following the EU initiative, the printer industry formulated a voluntary commitment to implement various measures in their products to achieve the goals of the directive. Participating manufacturers are obliged to meet the criteria of this voluntary commitment with at least 90 percent of products sold. Duplex printing represents important advantages over single-sided document production with regard to both environmental protection and economy in office communication. Printing a document on both sides of the sheet halves paper consumption and saves energy, thus reducing the CO2 emissions generated in the paper production process. As an example, a company with a monthly print volume of 10,000 pages can save up to 60,000 sheets of paper per year if documents are exclusively duplex printed. Besides the considerable benefit for the environment, there is also an obvious cost advantage in this. For a number of years, most of Konica Minolta’s printers and multifunctional systems have included a standard duplex capability. While in the past, automatic double-sided document creation was a setting option in Konica Minolta devices this is now being changed to the default setting as defined by the criteria. Users with straightforward print jobs will


automatically receive double-sided prints and will have to consciously select simplex where this is specifically required. In the printing industry’s voluntary commitment, duplex printing by default is a new requirement for colour systems between 40 and 50 ppm as well as black & white products of 45 to 65 ppm. Lot 4 of the EU directive refers to the product-specific eco-design of imaging devices (copiers, multifunctional systems, printers, fax units) and lists various requirements, which the products of participating manufacturers have to meet. Some of these have been Konica Minolta standard for years, such as power consumption values within the limits of the Energy Star. “Sustainability is a key goal for Konica Minolta.”, says Christina Degener, Product Manager Office Group at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH, “Our whole strategy is focused on this topic. It was therefore beyond question that Konica Minolta would participate in this voluntary commitment. For further information on Konica Minolta’s environmental activities, please visit:


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