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Secure printing Flexible job submission Support of BYOD corporate policy Accounting & charging Support of file formats & output settings

FREE MOBILE PRINTING APP USING ANDROID AND iOS PageScope Mobile is the perfect solution for anyone working in an environment with Konica Minolta multifunctionals as output devices, and looking for convenient mobile printing and scanning. Completely free of charge, it connects mobile devices with bizhub output systems using Android and iOS operating systems. Printing from and scanning to a handheld device are the two main functionalities of this application, which ensures that business users have their important documents ready to hand at any time.

With PageScope Mobile, users can easily store and individually organise frequently needed documents on their smartphone or mobile device. This way, they are always prepared in case a hardcopy document is needed, even when not at their workplace. Using “My documents� to store, manage and preview documents and photos on mobile devices, allows instant printing and scanning. Web browsing and direct printing of web pages is also available with PageScope Mobile. Furthermore, an integrated connection to various cloud service gives easy access to and

* Bring your own device

printing of documents stored in the cloud. In addition, auto discovery or even QR-code discovery of Konica Minolta multifunctional printers (MFPs) is available by choice, and makes connecting the mobile device fast, simple and convenient. Although free of charge, PageScope Mobile offers its users an attractive and comprehensive functionality that includes secure printing, flexible job submission, essential BYOD* support, and even extensive support of file formats and available output settings. Even allocating print jobs to user accounts is possible.

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KEY FEATURES Secure printing – Authentication via user name and password: Application settings can be activated requiring users to first authenticate with their user name and password before they can print from their mobile device.

Flexible job submission – Direct Wi-Fi printing from app: Via a Wi-Fi connection, documents, e-mail bodies and attachments can be sent directly from the app to the bizhub (if the handheld device and printer share the same network). iOS and Android devices are supported. – Printing from cloud document platform: The app integrates a connection to cloud service providers (Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox, Evernote, Office365), which lets users either print documents and files from the cloud or scan documents into the cloud.

BYOD* support – Printing from mobile device: E-mails and other documents stored on mobile devices can be conveniently printed on most Konica Minolta output systems. – Scanning to mobile device: It is possible to scan documents on most networked Konica Minolta systems, and transmit the scans directly to the application on the mobile device via a Wi-Fi connection. – Easy usability: PS Mobile has been designed as a selfservice solution for easy installation and configuration, so that no special IT know-how is needed. – Automatic discovery of Konica Minolta devices: Konica Minolta MFPs are automatically discovered via Wi-Fi. – Discovery of Konica Minolta devices by QR code: Konica Minolta MFPs can be equipped with QR codes, which can then be scanned with the PageScope Mobile app for instant connection to the MFP.

The PageScope Mobile app can be downloaded free of charge from App Store and on Google play.

Support of file formats & output settings – File format support: Printing of all common file formats is supported. – Website printing: Websites can be printed by entering the URL address on a defined web portal, or directly while browsing.

Accounting & charging – Accounting and tracking with app printing: Print jobs sent from the app can be allocated to the respective users and accounted.

DATASHEET PageScope Mobile


Scan Search Konica Minolta MFPs Wireless Lan


Smartphone/ Tablet



PRINT DOCUMENT FROM SMARTPHONE/TABLET – Supports PDF, JPEG, etc. – Various finishing settings: duplex, punch, staple, etc.


Smartphone/ Tablet Smartphone/ Tablet

Smartphone/ Tablet

Download documents from Cloud services to Smartphone/Tablet * for iOS: Google Drive, Evernote, iCloud, Dropbox, Office 365 * for Android: Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint, Evernote All brand and product names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.



Operating systems iOS (5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0) Android (2.2, 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, 4.0, 4.1, 4.2) Network environment To use PageScope Mobile, access the network of the selected output device with your iOS or Android Supported Konica For details, please visit this Web page: Minolta devices products/applications/product-pages-applications/ pagescope-mobile/supported-devices.html Additional information To generate the QR codes, visit Supported languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (simplified, traditional), Korean

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH Europaallee 17 30855 Langenhagen Germany


The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on operating systems, applications and network protocols as well as network and system configurations.

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