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CENTRAL MANAGING OF THE WHOLE FLEET Net Care Device Manager streamlines the complete management of all output devices in the corporate network. It is the core element of the PageScope Enterprise Suite, which comprises another four modules dedicated to advanced output management, follow-me printing, user management, cost reporting and scan management. In combination with one or more of these modules, the Net Care Device Manager capabilities can be attractively enhanced and extended. The broad scope of Net Care Device Manager covers a central device database and monitoring functionality, and provides a welcome feature set to any company’s IT administrator. Fast deployment of settings and a cloning feature make this the perfect tool for any print administrator in charge of a fleet of output devices. The capabilities of Net Care Device Manager are available in full for Konica Minolta output devices. To a certain extent, printers and multifunctional devices from other manufacturers can also be accessed and monitored with this tool.

DATASHEET PageScope Net Care Device Manager

KEY FEATURES Monitoring – Comprehensive monitoring: This includes a detailed overview of the status of supplies, as well as warnings and error messages for all output devices within the network. – Customisable status reporting: The IT administrator has full control and can automate status messages, including customisation of who should receive which type of message for specific devices or device groups. – Web-based interface: At any time, the intuitive web-based user interface provides comprehensive information and an overview of all settings.

Centralisation – One tool for all: Instead of managing each device separately, Net Care Device Manager allows to access, set up and monitor all devices remotely, as device groups and if required automatically. It combines both bizhub devices and non-Konica Minolta devices in a single interface for simple management. – Central counter-reading and basic analysis: This tool enables fast and simple counter checks. The administrator can instantly see the counter status for individual devices or for the whole fleet at once. It is also possible to display output trends over a specified period of time.

– Automatic device discovery: The automatic discovery of devices facilitates the quick registration of all devices matching certain parameters. – Automatic device grouping: Net Care Device Manager automatically groups devices by its own criteria such as device location, device model or manufacturer.

Device settings – Clone setting: Settings can be transmitted centrally from one device to an unlimited number of other devices. – Scheduling: Settings can be deployed at selected times to avoid interference with working hours. A scheduling service also facilitates the “reset” to desired settings at chosen intervals, for example during weekends. – Templates: For maximum efficiency, templates allow cloning of only those settings that should be transferred.

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Optional: Connectivity to the Konica Minolta Service Center

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DATASHEET PageScope Net Care Device Manager

Central device monitoring and deployment of settings Advanced output reporting and cost analysis Centralised remote management of user and access rights Personal secure print management (follow-me printing)

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