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Optimized Print Services Success Story Company Profile: Flamant NV, Geraardsbergen, Belgium Flamant is an international manufacturing company. Its portfolio includes furniture, paints, home textiles, floor coverings and accessories. The company’s headquarters are in Belgium. Flamant’s collections offer a multitude of styles, encompassing a broad design spectrum that has come to represent a distinct lifestyle. The interior fabrics and textiles are suitable for both private homes and professional use in hotels, restaurants and offices. The products are available at Flamant concept stores (9 in Belgium, 5 in France, 4 in Germany and 1 in Italy) and at more than 500 selected partner stores worldwide.

Customer’s current situation/challenge An analysis revealed that Flamant had more than 30 devices and another 30 PC work stations in use in its stores as well as at the group’s headquarters. The company’s monthly print volume amounted to approximately 40,000 monochrome and a further 17,000 colour prints. All prints were billed on the basis of a costly pay-per-page contract. Flamant was looking for an adequate, one-piece solution that met its printing requirements at both the head office and the concept stores.

Success summary Since implementing OPS, Flamant’s workflow has benefited from central monitoring of all print and copy systems. Its stores have been equipped with compact, all-in-one colour printers that enable employees to handle commercial print work themselves. The new devices also allow for high-quality print-on-demand. Moreover, a local service provision for each country guarantees on-time and professional help in the event of maintenance or IT problems. Flamant benefits from a single point of contact at Konica Minolta and a flexible, transparent pricing system.

Success Story Optimized Print Services

Konica Minolta, Optimized Print Services

Optimized Print Services OPS has three implementation phases. The first is OPS Consult, in which Konica Minolta analyses and identifies the customer’s environment and can then propose the best solution. OPS Consult is followed by OPS Implement and OPS Manage.

OPS Consult Together with Flamant, Konica Minolta evaluated the company’s printing habits and listed the printing devices and their use. Users at the concept stores and head office specified their document workflows and individual needs. At the shops, employees usually print for administrative purposes but also in support of sales, i.e sales staff have to be able to produce a high-quality flyer or an attractive brochure for a client to take home. So a compact yet powerful solution in both colour and monochrome for mainly A4 printing was required. At Flamant headquarters the focus is on colour quality and ease of use. Mini-posters, larger brochures and flyers are daily business; so are invoices and other administrative documents. Konica Minolta used these findings to design a tailor-made OPS solution for Flamant.

OPS Implement All the stores were equipped with Konica Minolta all-in-one devices, Konica Minolta’s magicolor systems. At the head office in Geraardsbergen, Flamant employees can now rely on a print fleet consisting of various monochrome all-in-one devices, several bizhub systems for black and white printing as well as bizhub systems for colour printing, both up to A3. Flamant appreciated the control processes for managing the new printing environment. Working with it, the company considers the devices very suitably placed.

OPS Manage Flamant definitely benefits from the monitoring services that are part of Konica Minolta OPS Manage. While Flamant found it difficult to monitor all equipment – in the concept stores abroad and in the head office – Konica Minolta provides continuous supervision of all networked and locally attached devices. This includes utilisation, status and alerts of all its devices, no matter where they may be located. Local and prompt service provision is delivered by the Konica Minolta service organisation in the country in question.

OPS Customer’s comment “We print one million copies per year,” says Ivan Leus, CFO of Flamant Home Interiors. “This is a substantial volume that requires a transparent payment system. Pay-per-page, which Konica Minolta provides in our OPS scheme, gives us simple budget management. We even get a financial comfort zone.”

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH Europaallee 17 • 30855 Langenhagen • Germany • Tel.: +49 (0) 511 74 04-0 • Fax: +49 (0) 511 74 10 50 •


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