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IC-413 – Easy and affordable colour printing Versatile colour management, allround security, affordability and ease of use: The IC-413 internal EFI Fiery controller perfectly complements the professional colour printing capabilities of Konica Minolta’s digital colour presses bizhub PRO C6000L, bizhub PRO C6000/C7000 and bizhub PRESS C6000/C7000. Low investment costs make the IC-413 the ideal controller choice for entry-level colour production, while its comprehensive range of security features confines data, files and information strictly to where they belong. Simple and affordable colour management as well as the streamlined processing of print files enhance the productivity of novice users and creative professionals alike.



The IC-413 internal Fiery controller adds easy usability, simplified workflows and versatile colour management to the bizhub PRO C6000L, bizhub PRO C6000/C7000 and bizhub PRESS C6000/C7000. In combination with EFI’s affordable integrated Fiery, Konica Minolta’s digital colour presses deliver professional print results, making any of these configurations an ideal business solution for a company’s printing facilities.

More colour The IC-413 includes EFI’s efficient in-RIP colour management system. With its generous range of standard-setting colour tools, Fiery ColorWise offers highest user flexibility to both skilled and novice users. Fiery ColorWise delivers excellent “out of the box” colour that is consistent across applications, computer platforms, colour spaces and colour file formats.

The IC-413 colour print controller is comprehensively equipped to sail through the challenges of modern business applications.

Enhanced security The IC-413 embedded controller incorporates an extensive set of strong utilities ensuring complete data security control, including access to the controller itself. The administrator is able to determine a wide range of security functions and settings including authentications and allocating individual privileges such as access-to-colour, disabling network ports and services and implementing antivirus software support.

Supported devices

Controller IC-413

IC-413, controller



Fiery Command WorkStation for total workflow control of local and remote clients n Fiery ColorWise Pro Tools enable in-RIP total colour management n Colour Editor and Profile Manager allow downloading and managing ICC profiles, simulations, and device profiles as well as customising ICC profiles and colour curves n The Fiery Print Calibrator provides a simple interface to basic and advanced calibration methods n Fiery Spot-On to automatically match PANTONE, RGB, CMYK, lab, and spot colour, even when they are mixed on the same page








EFI Color Profiler Suite successfully creates, visualises, tests and edits colour profiles with a single profiling solution EFI Impose offers unlimited imposition capabilities and includes raster preview, sample proof printing and Control Strip for minimised waste Hot folders for PC allow for automated job submission for all users Auto trapping automatically corrects mis-registration of Fiery driven printers for composite or separated documents Secure erase automatically removes all traces of deleted print files on the Fiery hard drive Productivity Pack for faster turnaround times, more control over print queues and advanced colour options – to always get the colour just right!

Individual privilege workflow

IC-413 Output device User

Colour printing B/W printing

bizhub PRESS C6000


Colour printing B/W printing

Specifications Hardware n Intel® Dual Core @ 2.6 GHz n 160 GB SATA hard drive n 2 GB high-speed memory n Ethernet (10/100/1000-Base-T) n Fiery System 9e

File Formats n Adobe® PostScript® Level 1, 2, 3 n Adobe® PDF 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7; PDF/X-1a, 3 n PCL n Fiery® FreeForm™ v1/Fiery® FreeForm™ v2.1

Client Environments n Windows® 7/2000/XP/Vista™ n Windows® Server 2003/2008 n Macintosh® OSX (10.3.9 or later n Intel Macintosh OSX (10.4 or later)

The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on operating systems, applications, network protocols as well as network and system configurations. Specifications and accessories are based on the information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice. Konica Minolta does not warrant that any prices or specifications mentioned will be error-free. n Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks, of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. n All other brand and product names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged. n n

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